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Oral Sex Secrets – How To Seduce Him With Amazing Oral Sex more advanced tips at Do you want a guy that will fall head over heals for you? Do you want a guy that will appreciate you more and respect you for all the pleasure you give him? Do you want a guy who will do anything for you? Do you want a guy who won’t cheat on you and brake your heart into tiny little pieces? If the answer to any of the above question is yes, then keep on reading. There’s only one thing you need to get all the stuff from above – oral sex skills. If you’re great at giving your man oral sex, he’ll love you and adore you more than you can even imagine. I’ll give you 3 simple secret tips/techniques that will get you better at the fine art of fellatio. Secret Technique 1 – While giving him head and maintaining eye contact – smile, suck on it a few times, then come up and give him a little smile, do it slowly, passionately. A smile is incredibly powerful during a blow job and it conveys so many good things about you. Secret Technique 2 – Say the magic words – believe it or not, a big part of oral sex is not just sucking – it’s talking. If you can use words and the tone of your voice in a nice, seductive, erotic way – you can make wonders. There are plenty of “magic words” – but just try this one out and see for yourself. As you’re giving him head – slowly, look up, smile, then say “I love sucking your cXck” Secret Technique 3 – This is very powerful. While giving him head, slowly tickle his balls on the back side, near his anus – this will be a very interesting feeling for him and he’ll love it. Just slowly massage his balls – don’t neglect them like 90% of women do, it’s a big plus if you know how to take care of the balls. If you want more info, you can learn how to give head on my website. Jack

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