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Oral Sex 101 - How to Give The Perfect Head Job more advanced tips at You absolutely have to learn how to give good head in this time and age. Men are getting more and more frustrated since women are giving less and less quality oral to their man. They've been watching all these men-hating women out there trying to be dominant and repelling against their natural sexuality and think it's cool. Now, 8 out of 10 women don't know how to give good head. It's a disaster. I set myself on a mission to improve the skills women out there have and expose them to the benefits of giving their boyfriends and husbands better oral sex. First of all let me tell you that not only will your man be happier, more satisfied and more succesful in life - but YOU will feel the effects on your skin, you'll see major improvements in your relationship, and therefore you'll contribute to whole societies well being. Believe it or not - a "little" thing as oral sex can make a huge difference if you view this problem on a bigger scale. Enough of my rant - let's continue with some more practical tips. Oral Sex 101 - Tip 1 Involve his testicles in the game. It's not a one man mission, there's more to it than just "sucking". You have to use everything you've got, from A to Z and back and forth. You're not only giving him head with your mouth, use your hands, voice, eyes and everything else. It has to be a complete experience. Oral Sex 101 - Tip 2 Pump slower, pump faster. Keep eye contact and look for feedback in his eyes. Adjust your technique as you go along, follow his reactions. It's all about emotions and capturing his senses. After some time you'll see that oral sex is a lot more psychological than physical. Oral Sex 101 - Tip 3 Swallow. It's not polite to spit :) Your blow job instructor, Jack

Jack has been teaching women how to master the art of giving amazing head to their man. You can learn more from him in his step by step guide - Jacks Blowjob Lessons - just don't get angry if men start falling in love with you and being ready to "kill" just to stay with you :)

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Oral Sex 101 - How to Give Head