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How to Turn Him on and Make Him Want You With Great Head more advanced tips at

Girls, you need to learn how to be more seductive and make him love you more than anything. Here's a little guide for you. The best way to turn on a guy is to act naughty - some guys maybe don't want to admit it - but it's true. If you talk, walk and act in a naughty way - he'll be a lot more attracted to you, just make it playful. Looks are very important when it comes to turning on a guy - that's why you should work out and make sure your body is tight - the best thing you can do is swimming, running and eating healthily. Women that work out are naturally more attractive, and sex is much better with them. You have to wake up his senses - good food, especially fruit, a nice cocktail or wine and some nice music is something that can get him relaxed and ready for a hot night with you. It's also important that you smell nice, but be natural - no one likes a girl with too much make-up, easy going girls are 10 times more attractive then the one's that act superficial, high maintenance and are always worried about their looks. Relax, and enjoy the moment. Don't ask him stupid questions - that's a turn off, be open minded and honest, say what you think. Guys hate it when girls keep quiet - they can see that you're hiding something or acting. Once you start making out at your place, grab his fingers, lick them - and look into his eyes, this is a major turn on to get him ready for what is coming. If you want to give him the best night of his life - then you absolutely have to know how to give him amazing head. Oral sex is a major turn on and almost every guys wants it. It shows ultimate submissivenes - it is the moment when you have completel control - you can either deliver him ultimate pleasure or pain (by biting his shaft off). Unfortunately most women don't know how to give head, but it's possbile to learn if you decide to invest some time and effort. Once you start going crazy at his or your place, or wherever, be sure to wake up his senses. It's all about the emotions. Don't forget that men are visual, put up a show for him, it's a performance, capture his emagination and become his fantasy. Your blow job instructor, Jack

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How to Turn Him on and Make Him Want You