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How to Turn a Guy on With Great Oral Sex more advanced tips at Oral sex is a powerful tool for a successful relationship. If you don't know how to give oral properly, then you're in a huge disadvantage compared to any girl that's good at it. Why? Well, to be honest, men are simple pigs. We don't think with our head, but most often with our genitalia :), so - when a girl that's better than you comes along, and gives us such an amazing bj that we almost faint - we can easily for who you are - and be ready to marry the new girl. Yes, it's not that simple of course - but you get the picture. But, there is a good thing in the whole story. What is it? Well - the good thing is, that, most girls give crappy oral sex. Most of you are actually clueless when it comes to giving head. So your competition isn't that high. One or two out of 10 girls gives good oral, the rest - are either very average, or below average. Most are below average - if they even give oral. The problem is that most of you are so terrified with giving oral that you completely ignore the whole thing out of your relationship - so you don't do it at all, you don't even attempt on getting better at it. And that is a sure way to make your relationship go downhill. Slowly, but surely. Yeah - he might think you're nice and all - but it will never be "it" - if you know what I mean. He'll be watching all that porn and wondering why his girlfriend is scared shitless to do something about it. Then you'll turn it around and say that it's "yukeee" or whatever, instead of facing your fear, conquering it - and becoming the best he's ever had. He'd never forget you, and give his best to keep you happy with him. Anyway - once you arm yourself with the right knowledge, you can always give him head as foreplay, before having sex, to turn him on and make him go nuts - or, get him to cum, and then 10 minutes later have sex. This way he'll also last longer, and have a more powerful orgasm the second time. Always involve oral sex into sex always. Sex is completely incomplete without good oral sex - actually, it can't be good. It's like driving a Porsche 20 miles per hour when it can go 200mph. If you want to learn more about giving great oral, with actual, step by step information on doing it right, read below and check out my site. Have fun, Jack

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How to Turn a Guy on With Great Oral Sex