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How to Deep Throat -- Guide for Women more advanced tips at

Ladies get ready for an adventure in how to give top of the line expert head. If you learn how to deep throat you're putting yourself into the highest possible category of blow job queens. Most women just don't take the time, but for those with the resolve to persevere, you'll be blessed with a skill that gives your man a whole new world of pleasure.

Deep throating is extraordinarily exciting for a guy both visually and with regards to the sensations in his penis. You're forcing the head and some of the upper shaft into a very tight space, which his penis will love and you're also showing him that you care enough to suck his entire cock down your throat. Now that's love.

Practice indeed makes perfect and this endeavor is no different. You're going to need to practice so grab a banana and lock your bedroom door, you need some alone time. Now, peel that banana, you need one that's nice and soft. You're going to be sliding it into your throat so it pays to be very gentle at first. Once you gain some skill you can move on to bigger and harder objects like a nice big penis. Yummy.

Lay back on your bed and relax yourself. In fact you should relax your entire body not just your throat muscles. Do some deep breathing for at least ten minutes or so and consciously scan your body for any muscles that are tight. Tell them to loosen and relax. Do this a few times and to your surprise you'll find that they do in fact relax nicely. Having a really relaxed body helps immensely.

Take that peeled banana and push it towards the back of your mouth and down into your throat. Yes, you're going to want to gag, fight that reflex. If it comes to strong then slowly remove the banana. Take a deep breath and relax again.

Now, force that sucker into your throat again nice and easy. After a while you'll notice that the gag reflex becomes less and less pronounced, you're training your muscles to relax. Keep at it and you'll really get good at it.

The dark art of deep throating is something, that once you have, you'll have for the rest of your life. It makes your blow job special and it sets you apart from your prudish peers. You'll be able to bring any man to his knees with ecstasy. You'll be the girl that guys day dream about and desire all day long. Be aware that just because you can take it deep into your throat doesn't mean that you know how to give a great blow job, there's a lot more to it than just deep throating. If you're armed with the right information, there's no limits to how much your man will love you.

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How to Deep Throat - Guide for Women