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MAY 7-9, 2012 javits center, manhattan Monday, May 7th: 9am – 6pm | Tuesday, May 8th: 9am – 6pm | Wednesday, May 9th: 9am – 4pm

Complimentary Amenities For Your Indulgence Breakfast | Cappuccino/Coffee/Tea | Lunch | Smoothies | Bottled Water | Wifi Lounge | Beauty Spa | Fashion Totes (First come/first served) Massage: Enjoy a 15 minute session with accredited massage therapist Tobie Schuerfeld (First come/first served)

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Shuttle Buses Take advantage of the complimentary shuttle service to key points in the market. Dates and Hours of Service Monday, May 7th: 8am – 7pm | Tuesday, May 8th: 8am – 7pm | Wednesday, May 9th: 8am – 4:30pm Shuttles run every 20-30 minutes

Route 1: 1st stop: Penn Station, on 8th Avenue, Between 30th & 31st Street 2nd stop: Doubletree by Hilton Times Square South, on 8th Avenue @ 36th Street (Northwest corner) – Servicing: The New Yorker Hotel 3rd stop: Element New York Times Square, 311 West 39th Street, between 8th & 9th Avenues Route 2: Marriott Marquis, on 45th St. @ Broadway – Servicing: Paramount Hotel, Intercontinental NY Route 3: (starts @ 9am) The Piers to the Javits, SE Corner of 54th & 12th Avenue

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What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this upcoming season? I’m very excited about the new fabric we’ve introduced to our scarf line – French Terry Bamboo. It’s just crazy soft and luxurious; not quite as large as a blanket but very substantial. The perfect travel companion!

If you could dress a celebrity who you feel fits your product image, who would it be and why? What is one of your key items for this upcoming Fall/Winter 2012 season? Our characteristic hand dyed scarves are always a signature piece for every season. No two are the same; their uniqueness really adds that extra something to any outfit.

From where do you draw inspiration? I personally thrive from the collaborative process at Brightly Twisted. I am creatively stimulated by my interaction with the talented artists I work alongside. Also, watching the excess dye swirl about in the sink provides unexpected inspiration throughout the day.

We recently found a photo of Teri Hatcher wearing a Brightly Twisted scarf while travelling and felt very proud to see our work worn so well – big hoop earrings, a great hat and sweater, but most of all a smile. She looked comfortable and chic. The whole outfit seemed put together as if we had styled it. It was a great moment for us as relative newcomers to the fashion industry. I’d also love to see our designs on a politically influential woman; this would be an awesome representation of our work. The chameleon-like quality of Brightly Twisted encourages diversity and personal autonomy found in women such as Michelle Obama, Gloria Steinem, and Rachel Maddow.

What is your personal fashion philosophy? I prefer staying under the radar for the most part. I never want to be overdressed. Comfort and simplicity are important to me as a working woman. But I do love fashion, and adding a little something extra – that’s where Brightly Twisted comes in!

What three items are essential to you during market week? My Hilltribe bag made from women’s tribal robes in Thailand is my favorite material possession in the world. Comfortable shoes are key. And of course, a Brightly Twisted scarf!

How do you start the design process when creating a new collection? For us, everything starts and ends with color – color and contrast. As colors of the season change, we know where to begin in designing a fresh collection.

How do you start the design process when creating a new collection?

What is one of your key items for this upcoming Fall/Winter 2012 season? The LouLou clutch with brass antler detail is my signature piece.

From where do you draw inspiration? Nature! Living in the Irish countryside on a large farm surrounded by lakes, hills, and forests has a huge influence on me; I am always inspired by being outside in these beautiful surroundings. My collection features brass antlers on two of my bag styles and was inspired by a set of deer antlers that I received for decorating the house. Unfortunately, my husband didn’t want them in the house, but I loved the aesthetic quality of them so I transferred them to my design. My rustic surroundings also inspired the earthy tones in the leathers I used for the A/W collection.

I always start by looking at the shapes I want to include in the collection. I like to have a variety, whether it’s a completely new shape or a reduced/larger size of a style that has been popular but is in need of a little restyling. There are some styles that have been in the collection since I started because when I took them out, people wanted them back! I have learned not to mess with the classics. After choosing the shapes, comes the fun of playing with different colours and adding interesting details and my signature brass hardware.

What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this upcoming season? I’m relatively new to the US market and have already received attention from press/fashion blogs, so I think the freshness of my label will be key for retailers looking for that “next big thing.” All of my bags are made from the highest quality leather and hardware in Italy, and along with my statement of making brass antlers, retailers will find that this season’s bold colorways will be a great selling point in green, grey, blue, tan, and purple.

If you could dress a celebrity who you feel fits your product image, who would it be and why? I would have to choose the Olsen twins. They have a great mix of classic and quirky style; which I think is really relatable to my bags because I tend to see my designs as classic with just that little bit of quirk making them different. The Olsens have confidence in their fashion choices, and while not everyone agrees with their look, you have to admire their sense of style as something truly original.

What is your personal fashion philosophy? If you have the confidence, you can pretty much get away with anything. If you think you’re rocking it, then go for it! At the end of the day, fashion should make you happy.

If you could dress a celebrity who you feel fits your product image, who would it be and why? I would love to dress Nicole Richie. She is always dressed in amazing silhouettes and is never shy when it comes to wearing bold prints. Her sense of style is very feminine and well-thought-out with a Boho ease that never looks over the top.

What is your brand doing to address the growing importance of social media? Describe your Immediate Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. Hello Miss is a junior and young contemporary collection focused on dresses with bold prints and colors. The line also features tops, sweaters, jackets, and blazers.

We have our own website ( where customers can shop our newest arrivals without having to come to our showroom and new items are updated daily. We also keep in touch with email blasts and postings.

What is your personal fashion philosophy? I believe in making trends work for you and not letting the trends rule your personal style. I think it’s best to figure out what your must-have key pieces are and then find the best silhouette that you feel confident in.

What three items are essential to you during market week? Three essential items for me would be a sharp blazer, ponte leggings with zipper detail at the hem, and a novelty lace cocktail dress.

What is your “must-have” item this season? The “must-have” item for this season is the lace dress with contrast colored lining. We love the royal blue lace with kelly green lining and the magenta lace with fuchsia lining.

What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this season? Our prints have always been one of the main reasons our customers have been loyal to our brand. We like to follow the trends while bringing different and interesting color variations to our prints.

If you could dress a celebrity who you feel fits your product image, who would it be and why? I would love to dress Jessica Alba because she is versatile. Her style is chic and she is mature enough to understand classic beauty. It’s great to see her style evolve along with the changes in her life.

What is your brand doing to address the growing importance of social media and how do you feel it will impact your business? Describe your Immediate Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. For Fall/Winter 2012, the semi-casual collection consists of chic and modern styling with trendy silhouettes. This not only brings out the beauty of the item, but also the confidence of the woman wearing it.

What is your “must-have” item this season? Our “must-haves” for the season are the saturated color blazer and the leather contrast items. Both can be paired with any basic piece you have in the closet and turn it into something current to make a bold statement.

What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this season? Retailers will be drawn to our Day to Night dresses and outerwear. Each piece is brought to life by its bright colorway, embellishments, or precise detailing.

We are embracing Facebook, Twitter, and e-commerce through our website by interacting directly with our consumers and fans. This allows us to hear their direct wants and needs enabling us to provide new and exciting pieces based on their feedback.

What is your personal fashion philosophy? Simplicity makes for the most sophisticated fashion for women. Effortless style leaves a lasting impression.

What three items are essential to you during market week? Three essentials during market week are faux leather jackets, sequined dresses and jewel-toned shells. All three pieces can be used strategically for layering and can be ideal for a day-to-night transition, such as work to a night out with the girls.

Describe the type of woman that wears your designs.

If you could dress a celebrity, who would it be and why?

The Isle woman is someone who is not afraid of color and stepping outside her comfort zone. She is a fun, sexy woman who takes fashionable risks without looking like she is trying. She’s a woman who wants to be noticed for her style and desires a great fit that is easy to wear.

I would love to dress Charlize Theron because she is beautiful and very elegant. She carries everything so perfectly.

What is the best advice you have ever received? Describe your Fall/Transition 2012 collection and the trends you have focused on. When designing for Fall, we wanted to maintain the airiness of our collection with the seasonal shift. Isle incorporates luxurious textures of animal print, suede, leather looks and snakeskin into our signature pieces such as our “Cha-Cha” dress. I am also really excited to bring an unexpected twist of oranges and reds, pinks and lavenders, faux furs, sweater dresses, and foil fabrics into our collection while still maintaining our vibrant and energetic line with our unique prints from Europe. We are continuing to grow our pants, skirts and tops from our previous collection and embracing the Fall hues.

“Dream big and believe in your dream.” My husband motivates me to dream bigger. Dreams are not achievable without the support of your loved ones.

What direction do you see women’s fashion moving in for the upcoming seasons? Women’s fashion will move toward easy to wear styles, but still with unique detail and more textured fabrics and prints. As the economy improves, people will not be as price conscious and fine fabrics as well as good tailoring will become important again.

From where do you draw inspiration? Traveling is really inspirational. I grew up in Istanbul where there is an infusion of old and new world. It’s so amazing to walk the streets and see people’s takes on what is fashionable. Also, my recent trip to Spain inspired me to create vibrant shades of azure and cobalt into our collections.

What is the best advice you have ever received? “Diligence is man’s precious possession.” This is a proverb in the Bible that has helped me build thousands of boutiques worldwide - in over 45 countries.

What direction do you see women’s fashion moving in for the upcoming seasons?

Describe your Fall/Transition 2012 collection and the trends you have focused on. The focus of this collection is Day to Dinner dresses that transition into Fall. Some of the trends include Windowpane plaids, soft laces, 1940s fitted dress suits with peplum, and the Jackie “O” inspired sheath dress with matching jacket.

I see beautiful feminine dresses that enhance the female figure. All women want to feel beautiful and are empowered with confidence when wearing a pretty dress.

If you could dress a celebrity, who would it be and why? I would love to dress Gwen Stefani because she is just about the only celebrity who has not worn my dresses to date.

From where do you draw inspiration? This collection was inspired by 1940s Film Noir and the beautiful starlets of those movies such as Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth, and Delores del Rio.

Describe the type of woman that wears your designs. Entrepreneurs, teachers, executives, and just about any woman who is on the go wears Stop Staring! Our dresses are perfect for day-to-dinner and the look is timeless and classic.

What would people be surprised to know about you? For the first few years of business, I was a one man operation. I did everything from sewing the dresses to making patterns to marketing and sales.

What would people be surprised to know about you? I think most people would be surprised by how much we did with a pair of scissors and my denim jacket. Eight years ago while working as a brand manager with the Italian denim company, Diesel, I came up with the idea of cropping my denim jacket to make it look cuter with dresses. Years later this became one of our most popular styles at Isle.

By Janet Racy and Company |


Designers focused on a strong return to daywear with an emphasis

Peplums, sharp tailoring, high collars, turtlenecks, oversized pockets, couture touches and ornate embellishments from day to evening.

on sportswear and tailored looks that center on four distinct trends. Chic sportsmanship ranges from sharp menswear influences that range from military and motorcycle looks to equestrians and the great outdoors. Ladylike looks continue with a retro mix of fabrics giving the trend an eclectic Park Avenue look. The new opulence is dark and rich, full of luxe embellishments and fabrics that are taken from Baroque references plus faraway places with the polish of old elegance. And it’s back to the future with a combination of innovative colors, fabrics and shapes that conjure up space aliens, the Matrix and Barbarella.

COLOR The beauty of color is everywhere and tonal dressing returns.  he new colors are darkly romantic and rich: dark grey, midnight navy, sapphire, T purple, ruby, oxblood and all shades of green from emerald to bottle green, making the green family the lead story. •  Look for shades of red from burgundy to oxblood to strong accents of real red. •  Strong pops of orange and red look great with burgundy for a fresh approach to color •  Black returns, often worn from head to toe and new when combined with midnight navy •  White continues from head to toe for both AM and PM •  Icy pales go forward looking newest when combined with camel or pale grey •

FABRIC The most important trend in fabrics was the use of “mixed media.” It is morphing of last season’s color blocks and print mixing trends. Find it in splicing these elements together to make one garment or use the concept in building mixes in layering. Luxe deluxe is the major statement this season. Leather was worn head to toe. It was newest spliced, woven, as mixed media or with glossy finishes. Fur: Newest color blocked, in color or novelty furs were pieced and patched in unusual fabric juxtapositions. New furs include sheared looks, updated mink, shearling and astrakhan. Fur and leather trims on everything continue to be strong. Ultrashine: All that glitters is not gold, add neo disco lurex in color, tweeds shot with lurex, decorative brocades with metallic threads, high shine patent and lacquered finishes. Look for new wovens from printed motifs to cable knit leathers. Laces, sheers, velvets and brocades were key in the new Baroque looks. Innovative looks included holograms to extra terrestrial luminescence.

PRINT/PATTERN The mixing of color, print and pattern continue. Combine all of the above for a multimedia or patchwork effect. New looks include:  hinoiserie/Eastern inspired prints C Artistic prints •  Prints and motifs from the 60s and 70s •  New updates on menswear patterns-look for colorblind houndstooth! •  Updated Baroque prints and patterns • •

SILHOUETTE Sharp tailoring and oversized shapes, particularly in outerwear are the leading stories. High necklines, turtlenecks, defined waists; long sleeves and longer hemlines are key.

COATS/JACKETS A plethora of new looks and strong shapes. Size matters as slouchy and oversized rules.  ilitary coats and jackets M 3/4 length coats-an all important fashion statement •  Cocoon coats •  New blazers and updated riding jackets •  Puffer jackets and coats •  Long coats, newest in chalk stripes •  Capes of all types •  Jeweled outerwear •  Jackets worn over a day or evening dress •  Continuation of fur and leather, all over, as trims or as a mixed media look • •

BOTTOMS Important updates continue to make the bottom line new and exciting.  ew: The slim pant: tailored and slightly cropped N The 70s inspired slim cut boot pant •  Lean slit skirts both short and long •  Pencil skirts with twist-new updates include peplum details or the waist defined with a bow belt •  Full skirts continue •  Denim looks continue in the new color story and have coated finishes •  Jumpsuits still strong • •

TOPS Turtlenecks, high necklines, ornate embellishments and mixed media looks add to the mix. Add a sweatshirt silhouette in a variety of fabrics to make news.

SUITS The tailored pantsuit is on the rise and a must for the classic customer. The new “leisure” suit is boldly patterned and for the fashion customer. Use the “leisure” suit as separates for new looks.

DRESSES Straight sheath dresses prevailed as the shining star, newest with long sleeves. The news…  resses over pants continue D Outerwear jackets are worn over dresses •  Coatdresses-newest sleeveless or worn over pant - PM Looks with cut out shoulder lines •  PM gowns with strategic placed embellishment, leaving little to the imagination • •

KNITS An explosive category for the season...  amiliar updates on American heritage brands F Key: Cashmere, cable knits, Fair Isles, Fisherman looks •  Witty intarsias, novelty knits, multimedia looks that Dr. Huxtable would love •  New sweatshirt looks and 3-D knitwear •  Fuzzy sweaters, loopy crochet shawls and new knobby tweeds lend a new twist as items • •

Deborah Gasper

Anne-Marie Chagnon

Blue Pacific Fashion


Betmar New York


Anuschka Leather


Elliott Lucca


Bloomsberry Chocolates



Fashion Expressions

Brightly Twisted


Christa Louise

Art Wear Reading Glasses

Chateau Anne USA

Escape from Paris




Amy Kathryn

Beth Bingham & Co.

by/ natalie frigo


Charlene K

Elizabeth Gillett b.ella nouvella & E.G. Smith Legwear

Dream Mullick


C. Pak & Co.

Diva Hats

Flipout Sandals


Caroline Kramer 

Iris Tyler - Leather Impressions, Inc.

Jeanne Simmons Accessories/ Hatstack

LAUNDRY by Shelli Segal Fashion Jewelry

In Things

Landau Sacamoto

Modital Bijoux

Lisa Leonard


Lotus Jewelry Studio


Kaylah Designs Inc.


LAUNDRY by Shelli Segal Fashion Accessories


Know Apparel

Marcia Leichter




Marvel Novelty & Jewelry

Jennifer Dahl Design

Leg Luxury

LouLouBelle Bags

John Wind/ Maximal Art

Haute Latitude

Fratelli Orsini

Makowsky Millinery

Knit Bon Bons

KC Malhan

Henry Ferrera


Made It

Jan Michaels - San Francisco

Look At Me Designs

Mary Frances

Mina Mann

Manouk Bijoux


Tickled Pink

Otazu for Additionals

Zhangs Designs

the sak


Teresa Goodall

Urban Expressions

Ziva Accessories

Tiger Mountain

Peter M

Pink House Imports

Sweet Turns

Not Just Any Old Day

Sondra Roberts

SFI Accessories

Terry Stack

Rivka Friedman

Murano Artisans



Rioni Moda Italia

Top It Off


Wimberly, Inc.

Weberline Couture

Pink Pewter

V. Fraas



Veneto Handbags


Socksmith Design

Vatican Library Collection


Sylvia Alexander Accessories

Ricki Designs



1928 Distinct designs in hematite, yellow and rosegold. Crystals in clear and rich jewel tones for the Fall season are key.

Amy Kathryn Wear your passion for beauty and original design on your shoulder with Amy Kathryn animal-friendly, organic cotton canvas bags!

Anne-Marie Chagnon The new OVE Collection has a mixture of acute angles, soft round shapes and Anne-Marie Chagnon’s signature bold designs.

Antiquities Classic pearl with touches of coral and Swarovski crystal. Whimsical brooches, coral and turquoise.

Anuschka Leather Anuschka launches an eclectic and contemporary Spring/Summer 2012 collection encompassing vibrant florals, animal prints, tribal designs and mystical fairies.

Art Wear Reading Glasses Sun readers are the fastest growing category in our reading glasses division.

b.ella nouvella & E.G. Smith Legwear Great cashmere blend and extra fine merino wool patterns and solids in crews, knee highs and OTK.

B-Collective Floral print, mixed media, animal, pop colors.

Beadles The finely made beads with Swarovski crystals are being adorned by all fashion lovers.

Belgo Lux Fashion Accessories Juicy colors, Moroccan influence, crochet elastic and stretch metal styles.

Beth Bingham & Co. Trendy, fresh and fashionable. Visit this multi-line rep group at booth 2435 to see all that is fabulous!

Betmar New York Couture lifestyle, fashion electronics - the first of its kind! Speakers, earbuds, Swarovski crystals: experience glam a whole new way!

Bloomsberry Chocolates

Christa Louise Rich, luscious, chocolate with whimsical sayings that will put a smile on your face! Chocolate so good, you’ll need more!

Blue Pacific Fashion Lightweight floral and animal print.

Brightly Twisted We hand dye each scarf with season appropriate colors that accent every line you have on your floor.

Bruges Focus on 20s glamour using glitter, sequins and feathers. Another trend focuses on a casual heritage country vibe.

Butik Trend savvy, fashion jewelry in bright neon colors and woven, studded friendship bracelets.

by/ natalie frigo This season, jewelry is big and fabulous, with a focus on true statement pieces.

C. Pak & Co. Vibrant colors and playful pieces are what you can find at C. Pak & Co. this season!

Caroline Kramer

My colorful, stunning dichroic glass jewelry is very contemporary and artistic, a unique handcrafted gift that will amaze and delight.

Chainging Times

Scarves made with passion, love and integrity.

cicciabella Slippers you will want to dance in! Chee-Cha’ Bell-Ah - an Italian term of endearment for “pretty little one.”

Cobalt Adding the perfect leather skinny belt will make your outfit!

Corina Collections Introducing Liquid Metal’s newest collection of women’s and men’s jewelry. Together - the look of fine jewelry.

Cou Cou Accessories

Pendant scarves and shawl attachments for a stylish fashionable look! Fabulous fur trims at fantastic prices!

dandy Dandy is the must-have bold and sexy ceramic accessory line this season.

Deborah Gasper For fall, my collection features mother of pearl bangles, mixed metal chains, and colorful natural stone jewelry and belts.

Dena Products The best in fur fashion!

Dilemma Inc. Dilemma - where art meets fashion. Our clothes are unique, art inspired, colorful and luxuriously elegant for the modern woman. Representing women’s accessory lines from around the world. Come see what’s hot!

Diva Hats

Charlene K In stock, priced right, shipped today! Beverly Hills based celebrity favorite collection featuring druzy, agate quartz, gold initial pendants, earrings, cuffs, necklaces and more.

Chateau Anne USA


chicBuds Fall 2012 brings a vibrant and rich color palette with luxurious fabrications and novel trims. Focus on feminine silhouettes. Rioni produces the finest in Italian leather handbags, wallets, luggage, and accessories and will last for years to come. Pragmatism and elegance.

Dorfman Pacific

Dream Mullick Fair trade diamond initial charms and neon silk wrap bracelets with pops of color in silver and gold plate.

DuePunti Vivid, soft neutrals and pastel color palettes with bold, bright and happy colors with different shades of the hue.

East Cloud Sequins, laser cut, rhinestones, frayed edges, leather edges, geo, ethnic, animal and floral prints, tie dye, linen, laces and more.

Eco Opulence Pearls with leather, rubber and other materials are hot items!

Elizabeth Gillett Watercolor stripes, over-sized florals, new graphics and prints, bright and interesting color combinations for fall and day-to-evening ruanas.

Elliott Lucca Sophisticated handbags emphasizing fabrications and fashion trends.

Erik & Mike Handmade jewelry and accessories. Blending fun, fashionable design with traditional techniques. Fair trade + style = a beautiful statement!

Escape from Paris Brights fade into a neutral dusty palette - chains and chords are accented with metals, wood, resin and plastic.

Fanfii Artistic scarves for men and women.

Fashion Expressions Featuring a warmer palette of colors for an ultra-feminine feel. We have added gold accents to our collection.

FashionistaRx Your fashion solution specialist!

Feldur The designs of Icelandic workshop Feldur have taken the Nordic countries by storm with fashion-forward yet practical fur accessories.

Flipout Sandals Sandals with interchangeable shoe jewelry that go with any outfit and fit every style and occasion!

Floga Stretchable fur headbands, fashionable finger-less sheepskin gloves, earmuffs, knitted stretchable fur neck warmers, reversible fox vests, cashmere vests with fox and aviator fur hats.

Fratelli Orsini Not just for evening wear, above the elbow gloves are sleek, sexy and a big hit this year.

Fumi Fashion with a purpose! Accessories for the everyday woman with a zing of flair - Fumi!

GOGO / Preggers by Therafirm Gradient Compression takes on a bright, patterned look, delivering playful fashion with healthy benefits.

Haute Latitude Eco friendly collections. Our collections use natural fibers and resources that are renewable and friendly to our planet.

HEADDRESS NY Vintage inspired head pieces. Feathers with 50s-60s flair. Braided suede/flower head wraps. Romantic hair pins. Crown yourself with Headdress NY.

Henry Ferrera Fall in love with this high fashion footwear line that offers comfort and high margins! Henry Ferrera Footwear!

In Things

Jeanne Simmons Accessories/Hatstack Bold vibrant fall colors in new styles for men, women and children.

Jennifer Dahl Design Tell the story of who you are, what you stand for, and what inspires you with Jennifer Dahl Designs!

Jessica McClintock High quality sinamay, rafia and nylon. Classic colors and shapes.

John Wind/Maximal Art Matte and polished metal designs with brilliant crystal and jewel toned stones. Collars and statement earrings are key elements.

Leg Luxury

Kaylah Designs Inc.

Levante USA This jewelry season is all about micro-pave, long earrings, rosegold, bold rings, large pendants, and commanding colors!

KC Malhan Clean minimal shapes and silhouettes. Over sized clutches with heavy embellishment in beads, sequins and stones. Levante fine quality Italian Legwear. Superior yarns, great style!

L’INDOCHINEUR For the Spring collection, L’Indochineur will exhibit its collection, Deep Orange Lacquer and Light Horn, featuring bracelets, necklaces, brooches and earrings.

KGB Studio

Liquid Metal by Sergio Guitierrez


Lisa Leonard Inspired by the runways of the world, KGB Studio captures the handbags of today’s woman at an amazing value. Glitter, neon, neutrals, tie die, print and more!

Iris Tyler - Leather Impressions, Inc.

Know Apparel Marled wool, space-dye chunky knit eternity scarves, hand knit fingerless gloves, hats, legwarmers. Affordable fashion forward leather handbags and accessories. Fashion with a conscience: Looking great, sharing knowledge, respecting our planet - Know Jewelry and Clothing!


Koralia Every day express yourself fashionably and always wear a lot of jewelry.

LAUNDRY by Shelli Segal Fashion Jewelry Leg Luxury - Hot Tights. Cool Sheers™. Feature our ‘wow’ designs with styles not seen elsewhere. Make a statement in your store!

Knit Bon Bons

Jan Michaels San Francisco Laundry by Shelli Segal is feminine and contemporary with an energetic, free-spirited attitude, always craving the next fashion statement. Convertible necklaces, chunky chains, layered looks, updated vintage style, narrative charm stories. We have exquisite handmade and detailed scarves and shawls. Expect great designs and colors for the upcoming season. A must have fashion “fix-it”; a thin, strong, clear elastic belt that virtually disappears when worn! The original Invisible Belt!

LAUNDRY by Shelli Segal Fashion Accessories Trends for 2012 include thick collar necklaces, chunky bracelets and oversized earrings.

Landau Sacamoto Amid Hilary Radley and KGB Studio collections the selections are countless. Debuting the newest collection of women’s and men’s jewelry by merging trademark technology. This hand-stamped, fine pewter jewelry line will speak directly to your heart - Lisa Leonard Designs!

Look At Me Designs Unique, one-of-a-kind accessories - handmade in the USA from recycled wool sweaters: Look At Me Designs!

Lotus Jewelry Studio Handmade, fashion forward sterling silver, 14k gold fill and vermeil jewelry. Natural colorful stones and lots of new designs!

Lou Lou Belle Bags Beautiful handmade Italian leather bags created and designed in Ireland in vibrant colors with unique brass antler hardware.

Lua ‘Scarflace’ and fine accessories.

Luxlegs Luxurious fabrics mixed with vibrant colors. All are reversible so you choose how to make them your own!

Made It Made It has introduced a new collection of stackable bracelets with tassels. Made It is fashion forward and cutting edge.

Makowsky Millinery

Hats, hats, hats were featured by major fashion houses and designers for Fall 2012. Don’t be left out!

Manouk Bijoux Manouk provides a very colorful collection inspired by the elements this season. A must see collection!

Marcia Leichter All new flasks, t-shirts, fashion rings and pins make their debut to Marcia Leichter’s Fall line.

Marvel Novelty & Jewelry Cufflinks and rings in quality enamel and stainless allow you to wear your favorite Marvel character in style.

Mary Frances This Fall at Mary Frances you will find unique, ornate, luxurious accessories to add sparkle to any look!

Me Moi’ Tights, boot toppers, luxury yarns and crochets in the most up to date colors and textures, we’ve got ‘em!

Merci Marie Italian Leather Handbags What’s in now: fruit and vegetable colors such as lemon, raspberry, lime, tomato and tangerine. Merci Marie has them!

Mindy Gold Designs Mindy Gold combines druzzies, leather, and chain in unique and super hip designs. Her bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are best-sellers in boutiques across the country.

Mina Mann Evening wraps with dramatic collars; faux fur/velvet combinations; burgundy, purple, magenta, royal, red; from fun to elegant; day to evening. 15

Modital Bijoux

Color, color and more color! Modital Bijoux presents a collection of Summer jewelry filled with color.

Murano Artisans Aquamarine colored, diamond drilled murano glass pendants, with Swarovski elements and gold plated sterling silver pendants and earrings.

Ms. V Designs Do the Hookster™! Get arrested™!

Nakamol Designs, LLC Fun, flirty pieces with natural stones, woods, metals, and crystals.

Nicole & Co. This season we will present recycled fur to our beautiful accessories and elegant fascinators.

Ricki Designs Woven fabric, leather, long fringe in suede and Aztec patterns are hot for this fall winter season.

Rioni Moda Italia Quality leathers, fine craftsmanship, ultimate durability. These are the notorious traits of a Rioni branded product. We Guarantee It.

Rivka Friedman Earrings and bracelets in bold colors. Necklaces, as always, are a fun way to complete an outfit.

S. Fielding Accessories Representing: Chez by Cheryl, Co-Lab/Zenith, Mary Francis, Sydney Love, Timmy Woods

SFI Accessories Our 2012 collection consists of: floral, glitter, jewels and lace detailing. SFI Accessories has the best in handcrafted statement jewelry at unbelievable prices that are sure to make your customers happy.

Not Just Any Old Day


Nina Handbags Special moments, important anniversaries, new arrivals - memories we cherish during our lives! Celebrate with custom calendar jewelry!

Nusantara Color! Color! Color!

Onigo Imports The Shelley Line - beautiful designer jewelry - a luxury line that everyone can afford.

Shihreen Contemporary wear for everyday life!

Slim Me Shapewear The wide brim sun hat in 350+ colors/patterns and some great bags as well. All in latest fashion colors. Killer Figure, the fabulous new shapewear tight by SlimMe. We have a new Fashion Color Collection and are introducing our new Sports Collection!

Otazu for Additionals

Socksmith Design Different is beautiful.

Peter M Necklaces, bracelets and earring in mixed metal colors such as gold, silver, gunmetal, rose and oxidized copper.

Pink House Imports Towers of bangles and batik sarongs, scarves, totes and bags in bright summer colors!

Pink Pewter Step out of your box, show contrasts with mixed patterns.

16 Fun, color, whimsy.

Sondra Roberts

T.R.U. Matte gold with burnished silver and semi-precious stones. Universal symbols of harmony and natural designs blend to create wearable jewelry.

Teresa Goodall Statement pieces that sit at the collar are stronger than ever. There is a resurgence of heavily embellished pendants.

Terry Stack Introducing totes and handbags!

the sak Handbags and footwear with a free spirited attitude.

Tickled Pink Our customers are loving lots of color and fringe!

Tiger Mountain Small sterling gemstone earrings, pearls with copper and burnished bronze.

Top It Off Stylish versatility taking women from the beach/pool to the street. Pops of bling and wide brimmed hats Top It Off.

Triple C Designs (Glam/Glam Noir/Glam Naturale) Glam and Glam Naturale’s affordable unisex tech accessories collections have expanded even more - come see for yourself!

Urban Expressions Ditch the leather...vegan is better!

V. Fraas “Classic elegance” to “whimsical and flirty” best describes Fall 2012. We have a variety of color blocks, bold stripes and plaids in a multitude of brilliant fun colors!

Sweet Turns

Vatican Library Collection Take a Sweet Turn into the Fall season with the hottest headwear and fingerless glove line on the market!

Sylvia Alexander Accessories Sylvia Alexander provides you with the latest and trendiest options in cutting edge jewelry and scarves! Rose gold accents with silver create a rich addition to traditional design.

Veneto Handbags Veneto handbags gears its fashion designs at the women who want style and function.

Vermillion Focus on 20s glamour using glitter, sequins and feathers. Another trend is focused on a casual heritage country vibe.

Vieta Fall 2012 is here at Vieta Fashion Handbags!

Weberline Couture

Cashmere Tech Gloves, Fingerless Gloves, Scarves, Hats, and Sparkling Handmade Hair Accessories.

Whats-In-Store Neon and bright, Art Deco, Pretty Pastels, Geometrics, the Native West, and Sport Color block.

Wimberly, Inc. Wimberly includes enamel and gemstone jewelry, handbags, belts, sandals and custom charms. New monograms, color blocking, and acrylics!

Winky Combining fun, form and function for women who wish to express their individual style in an unique way!

Y & S Handbags Fascinators, headbands, hats and straws - we’ve got the latest styles.

Yochi A must see collection for Fall 2012.

ZENZii Colorful resin links!

Zhangs Designs Modern meets classic.

Ziva Accessories Exclusive designs at reasonable price. From clutches to hobos colored by nature.



Donna Morgan

Janska Clothing that Comforts

Barbara Gerwit

Art of Cloth

Andria Lieu

Dale Cotton Sales


Before & Again

Eva Varro

Effie’s Heart


Coobie Seamless Bras

Clara S. / Clara Sunwoo

Hugging Kisses


G9C for United Knitwear

Asian eye

Diana Rosh

Color Me Cotton/Click

Elana Kattan

Gretchen Scott

Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Furs

Dick & Jayne

JudyP Apparel



LIBRA by ASM Fashions


Suzi Chin / Maggy Boutique

LV Style



Muse/ Anthracite

Sno Skins, Inc.

Maggy London / London Times


Wind River

Veeca Pure & Co- Pure Handknit/neon buddha

Salaam Clothing

Walker & Florio


Linea Domani

Stella Carakasi

Luii Jackets

Tangerine Jill

rapps new york

Lundstrom Collection



M. Miller

Steel Pony

Petit Pois

Lisa Todd

Two Star Dog by Stella Carakasi

Sisters Sweaters

Peruvian Link



Modern, trend-conscious, updated apparel in stylish vests, jackets, tops, and dresses for the chic woman!

Andria Lieu Andria Lieu Collection for Fall 2012. Dress and accessorize with color, texture, and style. Made in the U.S.A.

Art of Cloth Artful clothing with rich sophisticated colors, textures and patterns.

Asian eye Asian Eye Fall 12 collection showcases more whisper-weight fine-wools, exotic hand-crafted silks and even brighter colors. Watch for birds!

Barbara Gerwit America’s top brand in Resort Wear! Exclusive print tunics, tops, and accessories…all designed by Barbara!

Color Me Cotton/Click Endless lifestyle wardrobe possibilities in styling, print, color and most importantly… comfort!

Coobie Seamless Bras A must have! One size, ultra comfortable, Coobie Seamless Bra. Several styles, 30+ colors, fantastic seller.

Flair LLC Stylish crinkled jackets, pleated skirts, cardigans and vests.

Furseller Fun colorful exotic fur vests, capes and knits!

G9C for United Knitwear Ruffle dresses, tops, printed coordinates. Our collection is handcrafted in the highlands of Peru of natural yarns, employing unique design techniques so that each piece is one-of-a-kind, wearable art.

Dale Cotton Sales

Gretchen Scott

Cubism Textured sweater knits, hip soft dressing, crotchet sweater treatments, colorful boiled wool, bamboo, French terry.

Glima A burst of energy! Yummy cotton and cashmere sweaters with novelty yarns, color blocking and patterns will create a comfy and carefree Fall 2012 for your customers!

Lundstrom Collection If half of the female population is size 12 and under, the other half is size 12 and over. We offer plus.

Luii Jackets

High quality jackets, where classic style meets fun!

LV Style We are a multi-line showroom striving to meet the fashion needs of the modern woman. Tops, tees, dresses, etc. in great colors and prints! Stylish, modern, unique furs that exemplify fashion for the chic woman. Made in USA. Contemporary tees trending modern stripes, artistic washes and sophisticated prints.

M. Miller

Unique high contrast color combinations in autumnal colors, abstract brush stroke prints, lots of movement with petal layers, ruching/draping.

Dick & Jayne

Hugging Kisses

Maggy London / London Times

Before & Again

Donna Morgan

BClark Designs LLC B+A’s Banded V - the ‘it top’ of 2012 gets rave reviews. Made in the USA, in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Diana Rosh Lots of beautiful new prints and colors in feminine and classically shaped dresses and tops.

Lisa Todd Knits, sweaters, dresses, great colors and prints. Check out our new selection of great leather belts. Work the look - dresses to take you from day to evening.


Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Furs


Effie’s Heart Fall trends are quilted leathers, soft metallic finishes, luxurious tweeds, laces and tribal influences. Fashionable lifestyle clothing for everyday wear.

Chaudry Our Fall 2012 Collection goes beyond the typical neutrals and introduces vivid colors for the perfect Fall palette.

Christy Fisher The World’s Finest Faux Fur Collection in a vast array of styles for the discriminating fashion woman today! Fashion for the modern woman who yearns for the true glamour of yesterday.

Elana Kattan Modern contemporary collection of dresses, tops and separates for the fashion conscious woman. Jewel tones with black accents, patchwork, hand printed fabric.

Eliza J

Clara S. / Clara Sunwoo

Eva Varro Clara S. / Clara Sunwoo has expanded the collection with more selection and colors! Yes... even more colors!


Fall into fashion with our new colors and prints! Create elegance without sacrificing comfort by bridging the gap between European haute couture and American mainstream fashion. Faux and real fur novelty knit jackets, eyelash knits tops that make you want to cuddle up!

Iridium The fusion of fashion, luxury and technology…made in the USA. Peplums, scuba stretch, and color blocking trends in dresses for Fall/Holiday 2012. Comfortable clothing for a casual lifestyle.


Janska Clothing that Comforts

Muse/Anthracite Warm colors with bright accents. Elegant silhouettes with playful details. Comfy fleece. Glamorous faux fur. Fabulous, functional all-weather wear.

JudyP Apparel Fur, fur, fur! Vests, jackets and novelty. Holiday dresses and jackets in lace, jacquard, sequins, exclusive prints, tweeds, chiffon and novelty fabrics in fresh new silhouettes.

Necessitees JudyP Apparel...your immediate resource for fabulous Spring and Summer colors! Cute, contemporary clothing line that fits real women. Our tee shirts, tanks, skirts and pants hide what women need to hide but are still updated and hip.


Peruvian Link A style treasury of vivid graphics and signature designs on plush tees. With an emphasis on feel and flow, Leelah is wearable inspiration. Made in USA.

LIBRA by ASM Fashions Tunics are tops!

Linea Domani Laser cut cardigans, tops, and vests in solids and prints! Alpaca is used to make many of our gorgeous high-quality Alpaca garments and accessories.

Petit Pois Contemporary designs using our signature mesh fabrics in vibrant colors and mosaic “art-like” prints with a soft, sexy flair.

Pure & Co- Pure Handknit/neon buddha Hot new color block jackets, vintage inspired knits, hybrid knits with slub cotton fabrics and must have wraps.

rapps - new york

Always innovative...always new! Fabulous fresh styling and bursting with color for Fall 2012!

Ravel Inspired by basic patterns and simple colors with elegant European styling at an affordable price.

Rosner Fun details like laced ankles, leather trims and buckles are present on the collection this season.

Salaam Clothing Bold beautiful prints in styles for every body.

SAMUEL DONG Black Label Our signature look... black and white blouses are in high demand!

Sandra Ingrish A casual, contemporary collection of blouses and shirtings for the updated woman. Available in plaids, prints and solid fabric blocking.

Sisters Sweaters Sweater collection that celebrates and embraces the lifestyle of today’s woman with beautiful and timeless design.

Sno Skins, Inc. Exciting new textures, patterns and prints in great selling item driven knitwear tops!

Steel Pony The perfect fusion of art and fashion. Steel Pony Fall 2012 unique silhouettes, interesting sweaters constructed of machine washable fabrications.

Stella Carakasi Sculptural shapes, cocoon silhouettes, and dramatic curves define luxury and evoke effortless style.

Two Star Dog by Stella Carakasi Retail and wholesale apparel sourcing, production, and design services.



Suzi Chin / Maggy Boutique

Vintage Highway Fashion forward confidence with an urban girlie attitude. She is cool, fresh, unique, artistic and tastefully sexy. A printed t-shirt collection that works great with jeans or workout gear. Bold prints and colors and new fashionable silhouettes.

Tangerine Jill

Walker & Florio Contemporary skirts, dresses and tops made in the USA. Update your wardrobe - new jacket silhouettes, rushing and tucking - flirty skirts, petal layers in unique autumnal color combinations.

Dramatically different for Fall 2012. Fresh, feminine and fabulous in item jackets, dresses and tops! Limited editions of gorgeous silks and coloring block tops & tunics.

Wind River Classic, casual lifestyle clothing for the contemporary women.

Available April 20th - You can download the BJI Fashion Mobile application for iPhone, Android or Blackberry. Go to There you will have access, in the palm of your hand, to AccessoriesTheShow, Moda and FAME. Searchable exhibitor lists, floor plans, GPS to help navigate the show floor, important news updates and general information is all there. It also gives you tools to organize your favorite exhibitors and plan an agenda. Be the first to have full access to this event and enhance your shopping experience at AccessoriesTheShow,


Dylan & Rose

Hello Miss


Nine West

Yellow Box Corp.

Santa Fe Apparel

ARK & Co.

Hot & Delicious




Funky Junque

DownEast Basics


Free Bird/Tresics

Charles Albert, Inc.


Nutty Rice Showroom


India Gems of NY Hourglass Lilly




Restricted Shoes


YMI Jeans

Sugar Lips



Alternative Apparel

A lifestyle apparel brand at the forefront of the fashion industry, Alternative offers a complete collection of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories for men, women, babies and toddlers.

Ariella Stylish, affordable, and unique clothing for the young and contemporary woman. The high quality clothing of Ariella and affordable pricing allows us to take in a broad range of customers. Casual clothing to special occasion dresses.

ARK & Co. Sophistication with a playful sensibility, cool and striking colors merge with subtle skin tones in sleek, sexy and modern silhouettes.


Handcrafted silver jewelry.

Blu Pepper Don’t miss our fun collection and our new plus line, PERCH by Blu Pepper!

Bozkurt,Inc. Handmade fashion jewelry. Our collections consist of sterling silver items, semi precious accented items, gold and silver plated items. We design and manufacture our products to follow the latest trends. Made in USA.

Cecico Cecico Inc.’s prestigious designs are fashion forward and flirty at a competitive price made for the everyday person.

Charles Albert, Inc. Unique handcrafted jewelry in sterling silver and “Zero Karat Gold” designed by Charles Albert.

Classico Inc.

Bohemian glass beads jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins.

DownEast Basics Nautical themes of neutral stripes, popped with bold colors. Fanciful florals trimmed out with ethereal lace.


Dylan & Rose Dylan & Rose - she’s smitten, modern, a vixen, she’s cool! She’s you at work, she’s you at play…she’s you - fashionable always!

Flying Tomato Flying Tomato is a young woman’s, bohemian inspired clothing line founded in 2004. At Flying Tomato we pay attention to the details, so our customers can get the most unique designs for the best price and quality.

Free Bird/Tresics Freebird is a junior woven line based line for the free spirited and independent girl.

Funky Junque Orange, neons, skulls, crosses.

Groove Footwear Cool fashion at a great price!

Hello Miss Must have novelty lace cocktail dresses, fitted blazers, and ponte leggings with zipper details.

Hot & Delicious Junior and young contemporary. Flirty, fun, fashionable, unique apparel working toward trend and fashion conscious young women who are always one step ahead.

Hourglass Lilly

Fun, cute print dresses, tops and skirts.

Hollywood Mirror Bright colorful and unique items for Summer and Fall/Winter.

India Gems of NY Designer sterling silver jewelry studded with semi-precious stones, fossils, beaded items and stone beads.

Lani Bold prints and color blocking.

Mikarose We offer the modest dress for any woman’s body! Carrying sizes XS - XXL we can find your fit!

MTNG EUROPE EXPERIENCE, S.L MTNG is 80s inspired, using vibrant colors such as fuchsia, green, orange, and yellow paired with glitter and snake skins.

Nine West Glitter, material mixing, brights.

Nutty Rice Showroom Verbiage, vintage, nautical, rock and comic inspired fashion tees and retro bags.

Restricted Shoes Whether you’re in need of cute wedges, comfortable pumps, fun flats, or trendy boots, Restricted Shoes has it!

Rosamariposa Bollywood bejeweled bangles from India in assorted designs and over 20 colors to choose from. Well crafted, fashion forward stylish trends.

RYU Breezy linen, sorbet-colored stripes, color blocked light chiffon, embellished with embroidery and beading, and a lot of lace.

Santa Fe Apparel Bright and colorful wools - novelty faux leather/faux fur styles!

Staccato American heritage blended with girlish charm with sophistication. Sweater dress, tunics, pull-overs, and knit jackets.

Sugar Lips With styles for every season, Sugarlips Apparel has perfected the formula of blending high quality fabrics with the latest trends making the most versatile and comfortable apparel on the market.

Synergy Synergy Clothing now has a new Organic Yoga Collection!

T.U.K. Creepers, Creepers, Creepers! We have lots of fun colors and materials this season for ladies and men.

Treasure of Tibet The jewelry from the roof of the world.

Tresics Tresics is an on-trend junior knitwear line with luxurious fabrications. Femme by Tresics is geared towards the more fashion forward.

Vocal Authentic vintage look tops with crystal rhinestone accents in bright summer colors and super light soft high quality fabrics.

Yellow Box Corp. When bling meets comfort, you know you have found Yellow Box Footwear.

YMI Jeans Fashion is in denim this Fall and Spring. Complete your line with colors, animal prints, and fashion bottoms.

Zad Huge selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Today’s hottest styles at affordable prices. The newest looks in trend driven jewelry at exceptional prices!

Alythea is a young contemporary line representing the truth. We are inspired for young women to reveal their true feelings, emotions and beauty from day to evening wear. Look true to yourself!

dee&ray is a young contemporary collection for the girl who loves to dress up, but is never overdressed. Designed out of a loft studio in Downtown LA, the Collection is as effortlessly cool as the girl who wears it.

Just Funky – We lead, not follow. We are committed to creating a unique fashion environment that gives our clientele individuality. “Just Funky” compliments the wardrobe of the new millennium and encompasses the trends of the world market at very affordable prices. We are constantly traveling and updating our look to stay in step with fashion trends, yet keeping the needs of the individual in mind. Be you, be funky - Just Funky!

Mikarose specializes in modest women’s dresses, skirts and tops! We carry sizes XS - XXL and can help every woman find that perfect little dress for their body shape!

Nico LA Inc. is a wholesale brand based in sunny Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in chic and sophisticated high end fashion. We create contemporary styles at a affordable price. Nico LA is designed and crafted to fit a wide array of the fashion market. Women in their 20s to women in their 50s can all wear our pieces and feel effortless. We strive to produce the best quality of styles for our clients. Take a look and explore the exquisiteness of Nico LA... you won’t stop shopping!


Kathmandu Jewelry


La Fina Design, Inc.

BSS Jewelry

Machu Picchu Jewelry

Charles Albert, Inc.

Mikala’s Design, Inc.

Citi Jewels

Modern Tibet

Classico Inc.



Silver Star

Gallery Gallery

Starborn Creations

India Gems of NY

Treasure of Tibet

Instyle Trading Inc.

Vera Wolf

Jack E.Ohs NYC 27

50 Day Street Norwalk, CT 06854


May 2012 Style Preview  
May 2012 Style Preview  

ATS MODA & FAME May 2012 Exhibitor Style Preview