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The Spring/Summer season is brimming with all that excites the senses and drives your customers to buy! They want to be inspired, romanced and indulged. The resources this season do it all. Brights across accessories and ready-to-wear celebrate the summer, while luxurious textures of leather, metal and gold punctuate every look. Want more?! Want it now?! Look through these pages and start shopping the Spring/Summer season TODAY – Designer Spotlights, Product Images and Trend Highlights lead the way. . . See you in January!

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What inspired you to create La Mer Collections? This collection began because I could not find a simple, stylish, feminine watch. I also had traveled overseas and studied design and wanted to create a watch collection that was more artistic and contemporary in the marketplace; in 2001 there was not a lot to choose from besides Swatch watches. My intention was for the watches to express visually some of the international locations I had been to and act like souvenirs.

From where in the world do you draw inspiration? All over the world! The main intention of La Mer is to capture the colors seen and experienced when traveling. ‘Unique Timepieces Inspired by the Color of Travel’ is printed on all of our packaging and is what the company is founded on. Most recently the inspiration has been drawn from Thailand, Iceland and Paris.

Explain your creative process in designing this collection. I begin by creating designs that are most unusual and unique - the brightest colors, the craziest jewelry designs and the most expensive to create. I also choose the top colors I want to focus on based on my most recent trips. I then create the top line collection (the most expensive and unique) and from there I pair down the styles to make them more wearable and more affordable to our customers.

Where is your product made? La Mer Collections is handmade in the USA. Every leather wrap watch is hand assembled out of our Venice Beach design and production studio. We have a team who makes the watches from scratch. Our pre-made pieces and also all of our watch cases (the actual movements of the watches) are imported from Asia.

How do you personally stay up-to-date with fashion? I am constantly checking out what others are wearing all day every day. I love social media; specifically Instagram. It is the quickest insight into other’s daily lives. Since a watch is such a personal accessory, I want to make sure that its color and design makes sense with the full picture. It has to be seamless and comfortable with our customer’s clothing.

What do you consider to be the world’s best fashion city? New York City is a top choice; however, ultimately I love Los Angeles’ fashion as it is casual and obviously influenced by the sun and the ocean surroundings.

How do you ideally want a woman to feel when wearing Sasha’s State of Mind?

What is one of your key items for this upcoming season?

When a woman sets out for the day ahead, she faces a maze of constraints, limitations and pressures; as a woman, as a professional, as a mother. Her clothes, hair, makeup and jewelry - these are under her control and here she makes her statement. A woman in Sasha’s pieces should feel comfortable or alluring, mysterious or energetic, playful or spiritual - whatever her state of mind is.

This season we have introduced special imprinted leather designs in the language of Sasha and inspired by current fashion trends. Using unique imprinting technology, we are able to express the graphical aesthetic of Sasha’s philosophy and brand.

How does the brand express its unique language?

Clothing is not a disguise; it is a language and has ambivalence. On one hand, it covers us up; on the other hand, it exposes and expresses our inner world and our moods. The clothes we choose to wear are an inseparable part of the ongoing dialog we have with the environment.

Sasha’s unique voice and philosophy of playful, dreamy fun are reflected in the brand’s every detail. From engraved fanciful sayings sure to make you smile to the packaging to the giveaways and shop displays, Sasha’s imagination runs wild with whimsy and thrills. Each piece is held together brilliantly with an O-ring; a beautiful clasp that makes Sasha’s collection modular and lets customers take part in designing their own jewelry by selecting charms and chains to suit their mood as well as daydream-inspired collectible gift box sets, making Sasha’s a complete brand experience. Life is a carnival and we choose which rides to go on – it is all about our state of mind!

What is your personal fashion philosophy?

If you were not a designer of this brand, what would you be doing? I spent 18 years as an interior designer and I managed a business for soft furnishings. If I hadn’t gone into fashion accessories, I would probably still be doing interior design. I am a creator and a designer by nature and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.


Describe the Bel Kazan Spring/Summer 14 collection. The Spring 2014 collection is all about bold original graphics and flowy fabrics with easy bodies for a day to night wear. The textile designs are very abstract and have a natural flow to them.

Where are you from and how has your background influenced you as a designer? I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey and both sides of my family were in the textile business. Growing up, my grandmothers always had beautiful Turkish textiles around the house when sewing. I think my love for traditional textiles and travel, especially to Bali, has really influenced my work today.

Tell us about the role Bali plays in your design process. I travel to Bali quite often, which is where our garments are made. Going into villages, watching Hindu ceremonies, and seeing the beautiful sarongs worn by Balienese woman has given me a completely different perspective on color combinations and textures. I would say the heart of my line lies in Bali.

How does the brand focus on recycling materials to create a minimal amount of waste? We always find new ways to recycle our fabric. We donate a lot of scraps to our sewers and they will usually make clothing for their families with them. We have also taken left over fabric to create a new baby line of cute little kimono onesies. We even make little purses; anything we can do to make sure nothing is going into the dumpster.

What do you consider to be the world’s best fashion city? New York! Even though I live in Los Angeles, I still feel the fashion in New York is unlike any where else because it is much more about the individual and expressing oneself. New Yorkers are great at combining different elements in their style. Vintage mixed with high-end mixed with basics; anything goes. They are not about what is trendy and more about capturing their own unique style and expressing who they are through fashion.

What would people be surprised to know about you? I am also a singer and songwriter and have a synth-pop band called Echocell. We have recently been getting tons of radio play and just released our new EP titled “Babylon.” We will be going on tour soon so it looks like I’ll be designing on the road this year!

What inspired you to create the Katherine Way collection? I saw the need to create a line of feminine dresses for women who want to look stylish in clothing that fits well and flatters their body. This is an underserved market as too many designers focus on trendy, revealing clothing that doesn’t work for all ages and body types. I wanted to design fun, flirty, colorful dresses for women that can be worn for many different occasions from church to parties to work. The fabrics are bright and bold, but also feel great and travel exceptionally well.

Describe the Katherine Way woman. The Katherine Way woman is social and has a terrific sense of style. She wants to look and feel pretty but also be confident in what she is wearing. She wants something that fits correctly, keeps her cool and comfortable, and hides little imperfections – all while making her look great.

What are some elements that help distinguish the brand’s signature look? Our fabrics are really at the core of our designs. Fabrics are carefully selected to complement the style of the dress or top, while providing flattering lines to keep you cool and comfortable too! Our boutique customers also love the fact that they can select any dress or top and their own fabric pattern.

Tell us a little about what made you decide to leave corporate America to start your own women’s clothing line? I spent my entire career developing and launching new products. I’ve always been very cognizant of looking professional, yet feminine. As I got older, I realized that it was much more difficult to find clothing that was appropriate for my age, my style, and my lifestyle. I felt that it was time to give these women the perfect line of clothing. I also wanted to build a quality product and brand that was 100% made in the USA.

What has this journey taught you about yourself? It taught me to treat others as you want to be treated, supply exceptional customer service and a quality product, and have an uncanny sense of humor.

What is one “must-have” from your upcoming Spring/Summer 14 collection? I would think the “must-have” is our NOLA dress. It makes every body style look great and simply makes you feel confident when you wear it! It’s a great dress to accessorize, too. But you have to try it on to understand how great you will feel!


Describe the Kling brand. Kling is a pop-ironic clothing brand with a hearty dose of girlish, vintage, and cartoonish style. Our unique collections are full of beribboned and flowered dresses, cute shorts, and princess-like coats. There is a mash-up of references with a romantic Frenchy streak, bubblegum colors, dots, and a very personal look. Based on two fundamental premises, ‘dress for yourself’ and ‘dress for fun’, Kling has a knack for keeping it young and witty.

What do you think will draw retailers to your Immediate Spring/Summer 14 collection? Retailers will find a Harajuku street style trend with future kimonos and sushi tops, cocktail party dresses with a brightly colored splash, and a 90s waterfall sport look. A refreshing selection of Summer styles for special girls!

How has the company developed over time? The very first Kling collections were focused on dresses. From the 60s babydoll dress to the skater dress, the evolution of the brand is close to the must-have item in every girl’s closet. Season by season, the collections increase the variety of clothes and styles, always looking for a girly but rookie personal look.

What is your brand doing to address the growing importance of social media and how has it impacted your business? Kling has a very active presence in social networks and uses new media to communicate constantly with its fans. Through social media, our art team and designers draw on the references of what our fans themselves want. The strategy is to follow those who follow and to achieve a strong identification by our clients, generate an approachable personality, and be cool but accessible to the general public. The brand is now on Tumblr, Instragram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook (where we have reached more than 50,000 fans).

In your opinion, what is the distinction between style and fashion? Style speaks of one’s personality, creativity and the desire to show ourselves in a unique and different way. Fashion speaks of a collective behavior about what is trendy right now.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? I have always wanted to start a men’s line; that is how the boyfriend line of Kling came about.

Describe your Immediate Spring/Summer 14 collection.

What is a key factor in producing high-quality fashion at an affordable price point?

Our Spring/Summer 2014 collection consists of a seasonal Bohemian vibe meaning there will be loads of cheerful, bright and colorful prints. We always try to maintain a Bohemian look in our collections while still trying to be trendy and fashion forward.

Keeping our price point in mind, we do extensive fabric, trim, and print sourcing in order to achieve the best quality possible. We source from mills in both domestic markets and abroad.

If you could dress a celebrity who you feel fits your product image, who would it be? I would love to dress Selena Gomez in our looks. She not only fits the age range of our young customer base, but always manages to look fabulous both on the red carpet and out and about. She is sophisticated and has that effortlessly chic look, which is what En Crème is all about!

Embroidered and embellished sweatshirts! Sweatshirts can be extremely bland and generic, but that’s what is so easy about the style. We tried to retain that easiness while also adding some young, jovial embellishments and embroidery, but kept it at a minimalistic level in order to keep some balance.

What are some of your favorite retailers in the United States that currently carry En Crème?

How do you personally stay up-to-date with fashion?

Nordstrom BP.! The department is widely accessible in that it carries a lot of different kinds of brands. Having En Crème be a part of that is amazing because it introduces our brand and label to a wider audience.

Current issues of InStyle, People’s Style Watch, W and Vogue are always on my coffee table. I love to stay up-to-date with current trends and street fashion by dipping into fashion blogs like Street Peeper, The Coveteur, and The Sartorialist.

Which three items are essential to you during market week?

What is one “must-have” item from this collection?

The holy trinity for all market weeks: flats, iPad, and business cards.




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January 2014 ATS, Moda & Fame Style Preview  

January 2014 ATS, Moda & Fame Style Preview

January 2014 ATS, Moda & Fame Style Preview  

January 2014 ATS, Moda & Fame Style Preview