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Moda’s focus on Ready-To-Wear continues to thrive for the Modern Contemporary customer. The show’s fresh approach to feminine dressing will be the driving force for creating an unparalleled market experience during the February New York market week. Moda brings you well-merchandised upscale lines in a refined, elegant and progressive show setting.

AccessoriesTheShow Pavilion has become an integral part of the buying cycle by filling the void in the February New York market. This all-accessories presentation consists of a tightly-edited group of accessory resources and is staged in an inviting setting. FAME continues to answer the needs of Junior and Young Contemporary retailers during the February market week. The show presents a selection of resources that will inspire your customers and invigorate store profits. Spend your days indulging in the trademark amenities offered exclusively at Moda, AccessoriesTheShow, and FAME – ultimately creating the season’s most inviting environment.

*Opening Night Reception Sunday, February 23: 5PM – 6:30PM All buyers are invited to network and continue shopping into the evening. (Serving beer and wine) Show Amenities Breakfast | Bottled Water | Lunch | Smoothies | Cappuccino/Coffee/Tea WiFi Lounge | Beauty Spa | Complimentary Gift Totes (First come/first served)

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Myrrhia Resneck · Founder · · Booth 725 What does the term “self actualization” mean to Myrrhia Fine Knitwear? Clothing is self-expression. Clothing can become uniforms or costumes, but each person has something unique and special to offer. We design clothes to show a glimpse of that unique power in people to help them self-actualize; to become the very best that they can be. The same goes for our fiber producers, mills, and our retailers. We want to work with them in a way that helps them flourish. Explain your focus on using sustainable materials in a local supply chain. It seemed nonsensical that wool raised in Australia would be shipped to one country to be spun, another country to be dyed and then finally a third country to be knit before reaching us and then the customer. We are so grateful that we can use cotton yarn grown less than 100 miles from Oakland, CA. Much of the merino yarn comes from a mill in Maine that has been making traditional woolen yarns since the 1860s. No matter how large we grow, garment making can be done in California. Our carbon footprint is smaller and we are more deeply connected with our supply chain. We can get immediate feedback, are confident in delivery times and can respond quickly to changes. How does the company ensure material is never wasted during the production of its garments? We manufacture garments using state of the art fully fashion knitting technology. Garment panels come out of our textile equipment with the armholes and necklines shaped and finished. This means we are never cutting into material and throwing pieces away. We do end up trimming some ends of yarn, but there is virtually zero waste. In your opinion, what makes this brand so unique? We believe that by sticking to our philosophy of self-actualization - creating fulfilling jobs for our workers, sustaining fiber producers and yarn mills, delivering on promises to retailers, helping our customers look and feel amazing - we will become indispensable to our communities. By doing one thing fully, you can accomplish everything.

What has been the main source of inspiration behind Nurce? Fashion and beauty have always inspired me to create these chic, elegant styles as well as everyday ready-to-wear dress clothes. Fabric, texture and colors bring me the first vibe; my inspiration also stems from country folklore costumes - especially those from my country, Albania. How has your background as a stylist helped in creating your collection? I followed in my mother’s footsteps as she was a designer in my hometown and a role model for me. I started by helping her finish her projects and sometimes I would create something different; the clients liked that! Shortly after, I started to design prom dresses for my friends. Which design characteristics do you feel help define the brand’s signature style? You will find a combination of folklore costume inspiration combined with military dress elements. The Nurce style is modern, chic, elegant, practical and so fashionable that it makes everyone look like a model! What would people be surprised to know about you? I never attended school to become a designer, it just came from inside. It is me and the things that I love the most; it is my soul. I am totally dedicated in pursuing my dreams to continue creating beautiful and modern dresses for women to make them feel great.

Mirela Nurce · Designer & Co-Founder · · Booth 721 3

Angela Burgess · Owner · · Booth 214 What is one of your key items for this upcoming season? Our hand cast Dagger - a symbol of power, justice, and valor. With this collection, we hope to inspire people to “Take a Chance, Make a Wish, Make a Change, and Live Positive.” Where is your product made? Angel Court jewelry is and always has been proudly crafted by hand in the U.S.A. using recycled and repurposed materials. Explain how Angel Court Jewels is a collaboration of artistic expression. Angel Court is a partnership/friendship between Angela Burgess and Courtney Taylor. This dynamic duo draws from their personal experiences, views on expression and their own style. Put all that in a pressure cooker of creativity and by exercising patience, Angela and Courtney carefully extract each design! What is your brand doing to address the growing importance of social media? Angel Court is very active with social media. Updates, pictures, and our inspirations are posted everyday on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. These social media sites also serve as a look behind the curtain as we travel near and far. Social media is a daily dance… wallflowers not allowed. The impact has been astounding! We are not only motivated to interact via social media, but we find it to be a great source of inspiration.

Tell us briefly how Giovannio got its start. Founded in the first half of the 20th century, Giovannio was conceived as an importer of fine Italian women’s accessories for the American market. Company owner Giovanni, however, always had one dream – to design hats that women would love to wear every day. With emphasis on manufacturing, Giovanni surrounded himself with those who had spent their lives in the millinery business; doing so permitted Giovanni to appreciate the craft, importance of quality, and attention to detail. How has the brand developed over time? In 2000, the original company was acquired by F&M Hat Company Inc. – a fourth generation vertical manufacturer of felt bodies and men’s headwear. Since then, the company has stayed true to its core values and origins with headwear handcrafted from innovative designs and high quality textiles. Does the company try to keep with the trends or create its own? We travel the world observing the people, cultures, and shops to combine those experiences and intuitions with knowledge gained from our trend forecasting services. We often find that we are a season or two ahead of many. Because we have so many different and unique segments to our hat business, we also try to match the concept to the appropriate customer base. We will never create product just to be “on trend” if we do not feel it is a look that will be appreciated or understood by our customers. What should a woman’s choice in headwear say about her? Our forte is to provide for the woman who wants that final piece to complete her outfit. Our customer is most often confident in her body and her fashion. She knows that a hat can either subtly pull a whole outfit together or on special occasions can be the focal point and is confident in saying “Look at me! Don’t I look great!?” She knows that a special occasion can be any day she wants it to be and does not necessarily need to be a wedding or graduation.

Donna Turner · Senior Vice President · · Booth 220

Lily Silva Aldana · Designer · Booth 1150 Describe the inLUV girl. The inLUV girl is one who is young, stylish, fun, flirty and girly. She has a dazzling sense of fashion and knows how to flirt with it. Does the brand try to keep with the trends or create its own? The inLUV brand keeps up with the current trends and is a trendsetter. We like to create our own unique trends by adding a twist of our own taste to make it trendy and modern. We are constantly inspired by our surroundings and as a result are not afraid to try new things. Name one “must-have” item for Immediate Fall/Winter Preview '14. One must-have item from our Immediate Fall/Winter Preview ‘14 collection is an embroidered or beaded kimono. These kimonos are very detail-oriented yet simple and unique to their own look and feel. inLUV kimonos are playful and so easy to wear! What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this upcoming season? This upcoming season retailers will be draw to the inLUV collection because it is fresh, edgy, urban, fashion savvy and beautiful. They can find a broad array of styles in the collection from tops to bottoms, dresses, and of course, our “must-have” kimonos. Our affordable price points combined with amazing quality will draw retailers in and keep them coming back for more. What is your personal fashion philosophy? My personal fashion philosophy is that fashion should be fun and not a chore. I believe that everyone has their own style and fashion; some have discovered it and some have not.

How does Surf Gypsy differ from the other Vintage Havana lines? Each season we will bring our buyers the best styles possible, but the vibe of the line will not change. Our Surf Gypsy look is “always on vacation.” This collection has a consistent look and feeling season after season. Whereas, the Vintage Havana line translates each trend into a wearable style making each season look completely different depending on what’s happening in the market.

What is one “must-have” item from this collection? Our crochet shorts are always a favorite; the fit and feel are wonderful! They are available in solid and tie-dye. Also, all of our cover-ups. We have so many different types but each of them has a special detail.

If you could dress a celebrity who you feel fits your product image, who would it be? We know our styles would look amazing on Vanessa Hudgens! She always dresses bohemian chic and has such a great look that fits our product perfectly.

What are some of your favorite retailers in the United States that currently carry Surf Gypsy by Vintage Havana? Some of our favorites are Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, Cusp by Neiman Marcus, Fred Segal and Lesters.

Joseph Shiloach · Vice President · · Booth 1120 5



Arctic North Industries Inc. TwIA

Dino Gaspari

LIBRA by ASM Fashions


Samuel Dong


Mitchie’s Matchings Inc.

Creations Georgianni Katherine Barclay


Arctic North Industries Inc. Corrando Creations Georgianni Dino Gaspari Katherine Barclay Kollontai LIBRA by ASM Fashions Lisette-L

Mitchie’s Matchings Inc. Nuage Samuel Dong Touché Tricot Exclusive TwIA Vex



ats Lotta Jewellery

Lotta Jewellery appeals to a worldwide clientele and its concept stores have won numerous, prestigious design awards. The jewellery can be found in 20 countries and in the cosmopolitan centers of Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Milano, Stockholm and Tokyo.

moda Dale of Norway

Dale of Norway is named the official Nordic sweater for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games in Russia continuing a long tradition of Olympic sweaters. This sporty design is named after Elbrus, the highest mountain the Sochi area.

moda Krimson Klover

Krimson Klover takes their commitment to environmental and social responsibility very seriously by using Merino and Pima cotton yarns from sources that respect their animals, employees and Mother Earth.

fame The Classic

The Classic is an official license holder of Coca Cola. They have begun to and are continuing to launch their Coca Cola collection.

ats MooMoo Designs

A fusion of nature’s beauty and casual elegance, MooMoo’s collection brings the exoticism of African wild to the urban lifestyle. MooMoo was developed by Juan Hernandez out of a lifelong passion for the uniqueness and beauty of the African, Asian and Latin American continents, including their cultures, colors, materials and peoples. Juan’s passion is sharing his eye for natural beauty and design that reflects his appreciation for a woman’s unique personality.

ats Julio Designs

Julio Designs creates handmade fashion jewelry in Frisco, Texas. The handmade jewelry is a modern fusion of vintage components and contemporary materials, resulting in a unique, yet current look. In addition to the unique design elements, Julio Designs is distinguished from other jewelry companies by utilizing ‘soccer mom labor’ providing an ideal work/life balance environment for women.


Sondra Roberts

Samuel Dong

Arctic North Industries Inc.

Restricted Shoes


Anna Sukardi

Hot & Delicious

By Billgren


Lucy Paris

Blue Pacific Fashion

Julian Chang

Mitchie’s Matchings Inc.

HabitatClothes To Live In

Janska Clothing that Comforts

Salaam Clothing

Pink Pineapple

Nomadic Traders Co*op Showroom En Creme

Monoreno by Mur Before & Again Vipavadee



February 2014 Moda, ATS, and Fame Style Preview  
February 2014 Moda, ATS, and Fame Style Preview  

February 2014 Moda, ATS, and Fame Style Preview