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february 21 - 23, 2012 javits center, manhattan Tuesday, February 21: 9am – 6pm | Wednesday, February 22: 9am – 6pm | Thursday, February 23: 9am – 4pm

Complimentary Amenities For Your Indulgence Breakfast | Cappuccino/Coffee/Tea | Lunch | Smoothies | Bottled Water | Wifi Lounge | Beauty Spa | Fashion Totes (First come/first served) Massage: Enjoy a 15 minute session with accredited massage therapist Tobie Schuerfeld (First come/first served)

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Route 1: 1st Stop: Penn Station, on 8th Avenue, between 30th & 31st Streets 2nd Stop: Wyndham Garden Hotel, on 8th Ave @ 36th Street (NE Corner) – Servicing: The New Yorker Hotel Route 2: Marriott Marquis, on 45th Street, off Broadway Servicing: Paramount Hotel NY, Intercontinental New York, W Hotel

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Describe your Fall/Winter 2012 collection and the trends you have focused on. The Fall/Winter 2012 collection consists of splashes of color over muted backgrounds and placed prints for a true custom look. It is sophisticated but easy to wear.

From where do you draw inspiration?

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

I draw inspiration from such things as paintings I’ve seen in galleries around the world; nature - mostly floral and colorful arrangements; and events anywhere from the Brazilian Carnival to Hungarian Folklore Festivals.

“The more you know, the more you realize how much you still have to learn.”

Describe the type of woman that wears your designs. The type of woman that wears Eva Varro is confident and on the move. She is not afraid to wear unique prints and is very appreciative of the mobility these garments offer.

What direction do you see women’s fashion moving in for the upcoming seasons? I see women’s fashion moving back to quality with an emphasis on MADE IN USA. For example, handmade small production lines “with soul” as opposed to bulk, overproduced garments.

If I could dress a celebrity, it would be Adele because I feel it would be the most challenging and rewarding experience. A typical “Barbie” model can get away wearing a paper bag with not much credit to the designer.

What would people be surprised to know about you? People may be surprised to know that I refused an offer at Cavalli so I can open my own shop.

Describe your Fall/Winter 2012 collection and the trends you have focused on. In our quest to offer retailers a more focused lifestyle-driven collection, we will transition our women’s label TSD/ Two Star Dog into the Stella Carakasi signature label beginning Fall 2012. Stella Carakasi is a collection of refined pieces that combine European architectural influences with the casual California lifestyle. I’ve focused on texture, hand, fabric manipulation and surprise details to make each piece special. I want to give our customer the opportunity to create a very personal style blending new shapes and bold lines, the intricate with the unpredictable.

From where do you draw inspiration? Inspiration comes from everywhere and it’s impossible to pinpoint. For me it is a combination of the sober feedback I get from my customers and the global influences in fashion and art. Clothing has to be unique but understandable and more importantly it needs to be wearable and easy to take care of. What matters most is to make my customers feel fabulous when wearing my designs.

Describe the type of woman that wears your designs. My clothes are designed for women that value quality, practicality, and are not afraid to be unique and a bit eclectic. They are confident, bohemian at times, and they like to make personal statements with their style. My clothes are not about age or shape but rather about lifestyle.

If you could dress a celebrity, who would it be and why?

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? “Follow your heart” has been my guiding mantra in life. Recently I read an interesting bumper sticker that said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same type of thinking that created it!” - I think this is fabulous advice!

What direction do you see women’s fashion moving in for the upcoming seasons? I see fashion moving towards a more modern, architectural look where mixing of styles and layering of interesting silhouettes and fabrics become key. Also, considering the clothing/fabric industry is the second largest industry in the world, designers and manufacturers should try to integrate more eco-friendly fabrics and practices for a brighter future. I intend to start incorporating this into my collection beginning Spring 2013.

If you could dress a celebrity, who would it be and why? I’ve dressed several well-known people in the past. However, as exciting as it might be to see a celebrity wear my creations, I find it even more exciting to have regular women love my designs and make them their own because I am designing for them.

What would people be surprised to know about you? I’ve been behind the scenes at Two Star Dog Inc. for 20 years designing and producing a huge variety of looks in an even wider variety of fabrics for many different customers. I am excited to have the opportunity to focus my design on the boutique customer and I want to make a stronger fashion statement.

What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this upcoming season? Retailers know that they can always count on Echo for great color and pattern and this upcoming season is no exception. We think they will be particularly excited about our great line of scarves, wraps, swimwear, cover-ups, hats and totes that all merchandise well together in an exciting and modern way.

If you could dress a celebrity who you feel fits your product image, who would it be and why?

What is one of your key items for this upcoming Spring/Summer-Fall Preview 2012 season? This season is all about ease; simple carryalls (which we are currently introducing), one shouldered beach dresses, crinkled sheer cover-ups, woven fedoras and gauzy oversized wrappings.

From where do you draw inspiration? Nature is always a big source of inspiration. Our “Super Nature” group exaggerates the beautiful designs and colors of nature. Our prints range from overblown pythons, magnified butterfly wings, and colorful spider webs to a kaleidoscope of bugs and a patchwork of flowers.

How do you start the design process when creating a new collection? It’s an organic process and a combination of everything that’s going on in the world – in fashion, home design, art, theater, music, journalism and politics. Our creative team then sets the trends based on their gut instinct of what is right for the season.

What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this season? Retailers will be drawn to the quality of the garment for the price and the opportunity for a great margin. The look of ‘Lost for Her’ is everything that a girl wants to have in her closet but at a price she can afford.

If you could dress a celebrity who you feel fits your product image, who would it be and why? Describe your Immediate Fall/Winter Preview 2012 Collection. The current Fall collection is a playful and edgy spin on the vintage 70s mod look. It is not complicated or overplayed but full of multifunction and ease. There is everything from 70s inspired bright color blocking in knit tops and dresses to classic A-line pea coats and faux fur jackets. The vintage inspired lace dresses and tops as well as the geometrical knits are all reminiscent of the mod look. The Fall collection is all about detail; whether it’s horn toggles, corduroy welt pockets and zipper closures, fur necklines, or lace up sleeves.

What is your “must-have” item this season? The must-haves this season are the wubby knit bomber jacket, printed featherweight tops, geometric knit leggings, and the vegetarian fur bomber.

If I could dress a celebrity, it would have to be Mary-Kate Olsen. She is exactly what I envision the Lost girl to be like - edgy but classic. She is a leader when it comes to fashion and puts her own spin on both new and old trends. She is an individual and doesn’t seem to care what people think.

Rachel Weisz. She is beautiful and radiates an easy stylishness, but what makes her an Echo woman is that she is interesting. She is a woman of substance intelligent, engaged, warm, and approachable with a sense of humor.

What is your personal fashion philosophy? I like simple, clean-lined clothing with a twist, usually in black or neutrals. However, this Spring/Summer season, I plan on wearing bright jeans with white silk blouses, oversized bright wraps and my new Echo “Sundial” tote.

What three items are essential to you during market week? Three essential items during market week are comfortable shoes, a lot of energy and of course, I’m always wearing a scarf!

What is your personal fashion philosophy? My personal fashion philosophy is that fashion is a way to speak and communicate with the world without having to say one word. I love to be able to empower women with a strong, clear message of who they are through fashion.

What three items are essential to you during market week? The three items that are essential to me during market week are a camera, a big bag and a cup of strong coffee.

What is your brand doing to address the growing importance of social media and how do you feel it will impact your business? Our brand is doing a lot at the moment to address the growing importance of social media by having a Facebook page, Twitter account and an Instagram photo feed. I feel that social media is very important when it comes to connecting with our customers; I love inspiring people with the things that inspire me as I design. It is a fun way to keep people in the loop with what we are doing in a more personal way, which in turn helps to spread the word about the company.


Double D Ranch

ART / Heart


Cenia NY

D’Vercity NYC


Before & Again


Donna Morgan

Dale Cotton Sales


Bali Corp


Blue Willi’s

Barbara Gerwit


Analili Effie’s Heart

Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Furs


DCG Design Carina Glaversjo

Andria Lieu

Elana Kattan

Diane Fries

Coobie Seamless Bras/Total Stockroom LLC

Julian Chang

Nomadic Traders

I.D.O Pret A Porter

Maggy London / London Times

Lundstrom Collection Linea Domani


FDJ French Dressing

Joey Yadgard

LIBRA by ASM Fashions



Jane & John

M. Miller

Mitchie’s Matchings Inc. JudyP Apparel

Gretchen Scott

Penn Centrall fever clothing

Essay Collections

Lee Andersen


Isle Apparel

Flair LLC

Katherine Barclay

Eva Varro



The Gorski Group

Wind River, Inc.

Suzi Chin / Maggy Boutique

Tribal Sportswear Inc.

Unaluna Inc.


SAMUEL DONG Black Label Tuck

sharagano noir

Tangerine Jill


Petrunia LLC



Puli Salaam Clothing

Vitrin Design

rapps new york



Stella Carakasi

Sno Skins, Inc.

Petit Pois

Pure & Co - Pure Handknit/neon buddha

Vanity Couture


Koret Handbags

Pearl Couture, Denmark


Levante USA Landes

Grand Bazaar

TKO Orlogi

In Things

A.J. Morgan All That Glitters

Vivienne Kelly

Pin & Tube, Inc. All The Rage

East Cloud Gypsy



Ms. V Designs

Ann Hepler Jewelry

Zephyr Couture

Sterling Styles

Jitni Accessories

Sondra Roberts

Blue Pacific Fashion Nakamol Designs, LLC

Modital Bijoux Nusantara


angel court jewels

Fashion Bella

Sweet Evie Joanel

Echo Design

Bee Charming

Lizi Marinus



Monoreno by Mur

See You Monday

Restricted Shoes

ARK & Co.

GO Max/Envy Footwear Int’l

Funky Junque

RD International USA

Kavio Tulle



Gracia Fashion

Judith March


Groove Footwear


Dirty Laundry

Sugar Lips

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FAME Angie · A’reve · ARK & Co. · Big Buddah Shoes · BLQ MKT · Dirty Laundry · DV By Dolce Vita · Freeway · Funky Junque · Glam · GO Max/Envy Footwear Int’l · Gracia Fashion · Groove Footwear · Judith March · Kavio · Lost · M. Rena · Madden Girl · Monoreno by Mur · Mystree · Ocean Drive Clothing Co./Vintage Havana · Poong Jang · RD International USA · Restricted Shoes · RYU · See You Monday · Staccato · Sugar Lips · Tulle · Umgee USA · YA Los Angeles · Yellow Box Corp. *Company names listed are accurate as of printing, but do not reflect our final list of exhibitors.


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