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When it comes to the Las Vegas Market week, it is clear that the buyers are overwhelmed when all of the shows run the exact same three days. Of late, we have been able to solve this issue by opening a day earlier than the other industry events. However, for August of 2012, a mega corporate event takes place right before us and this will preclude us from being the first major show to open this season. Even so, we are going to offer you the best shopping experience in Las Vegas. AccessoriesTheShow’s Las Vegas edition will provide you with the advantage of saving time by finding everything you want and need on one floor. The show’s progressive dedication remains in providing the finest selection of juried accessory resources to be found during the Las Vegas market weeks. Holiday/Resort comes to you with 300+ lines consisting of the must-haves and necessities for the season as well as an increase of many new exhibitors on the show floor. The show will highlight the best accessories of the season including animal prints, stackable bracelets, bright colors, jewelry with raw stones and more. Bags will range from in demand styles of totes, patchwork bags, real and faux crocodile, alligator and ostrich. AccessoriesTheShow’s focus on trend-right pieces will result in sales opportunities and profits for your store. Moda Las Vegas will house the most focused and refined group of Womenswear this season. With over 250 designers and 65 International collections all under one roof, this market extends from Contemporary Lifestyle to European goods to Fur as well as Better women’s RTW. Our commitment to a tightly juried and carefully merchandised show floor will ensure your access to some of the most well-known names in the industry. At Moda Las Vegas, tight jurying means that you will find the right resources that will not only intrigue your customers, but drive your sales – and that’s the bottom line! Make the most of your time in Las Vegas by taking advantage of AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Las Vegas’ productive and profitable one-stop shopping experience… Start planning your travels today!

Complimentary Amenities For Your Indulgence Breakfast | Bottled Water | Lunch | Coffee/Tea | Beauty Spa | Complimentary Bag (First come/first served)

cocktail reception Tuesday, August 21st: 5:30pm – 7pm The celebration will begin with a reception with an extensive selection of hors d’oeuvres. All buyers will be invited to network and continue to shop into the evening.

Exclusive Travel Offers Delta Airline Meeting Travel Receive 2% – 7% discount by calling 800.328.1111 Valid Cities: United States/Canada to and from Las Vegas Travel Dates: 8/17/12 – 8/27/12 Use Discount Code: NM8EX

The Venetian Hotel Friday, August 17 – Sunday, August 26 Cut-off date to receive group rate is July 31st or until rooms are sold out!

win by booking with us! It’s all about winning in Las Vegas and BJI has created a lottery for those who book rooms through our exclusive housing agent, Par Avion. You will automatically be entered in a sweepstakes: A total of $5,000 to 37 lucky winners with a grand prize of $1,000 to one lucky winner. Reserve Online: l (under travel conveniences) Reserve by Calling: 800.826.3079 (US/Canada) or 310.590.4706 (International)

EXCLUSIVe AMENITIES FOR VENETIAN GUESTS Café Presse: 15% off | First food & Bar: 20% off food bill | Grand Lux: 10% off | Lavo Lounge: Buy 1 drink get 1 drink between 5pm – 7pm Coupons will be distributed upon check-in to the hotel.

TAXI REIMBURSEMENT Let us pick up the cost of your taxi ride to the Venetian. Present a receipt at the registration counter and we’ll reimburse your fare up to $10 (For retailers, show days only).

show updates exhibitor preview Visit the Shows’ websites two weeks prior to the show for a detailed preview of participating exhibitors!

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BJI Fashion Mobile las vegas august Edition - Available for download in the coming weeks The BJI Fashion Mobile LV August edition will be available for download on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

With BJI Fashion Mobile, you will have all of the shows at your finger tips, including: Searchable exhibitor lists • Floor plans • GPS to help navigate the show floor • Important news updates • Tools to organize your favorite exhibitors and plan an agenda. •

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What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a new design? The best part of creating a design is seeing something new and exciting come alive. It’s about using our design expertise and making our products relevant for today.

How do you personally stay up-to-date with fashion? For me, it’s effortless and so easy to keep up with fashion because I truly love it. I have tons of energy and must see every new movie, show, art exhibit, store, restaurant, and I read every fashion magazine. Being on the go at all times and in the know is so much a part of me.

What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this upcoming season? This season retailers will love our festive brights as well as our Retro Riviera group, which is a modern take on summer seaside living. Retailers know that they can always count on Echo for great color and pattern.

What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a new design? That moment when you are inspired by something and a light bulb goes off in your head like a cartoon. The switch is flipped, it turns on, and you know you’ve hit the nail on the head!

How do you personally stay up-to-date with fashion? I look at blogs, magazines, and watch movies. Although many times I start to see styles that are played out and have been done before, I ask myself what am I into at the moment and how can that influence what I do. I ask myself, “What is next?”

What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this upcoming season? Retailers will be drawn to my collection because it has a strong impact and it is bold. It is not shy; doesn’t play it safe and hide among the masses. It is timely. An example is my necklace “Brass Monkey” in honor of the passing of one of my heroes, Adam Yauch (MCA) of the Beastie Boys.

What’s your favorite part about conceptualizing a new design?

From where do you draw inspiration?

Turning a sketch into a sample is so exciting! At that instant, the sample product is still so new and yet to be seen by others; it is the moment when you can envision others wearing it and loving it.

My biggest source of inspiration comes from traveling. Seeing new places, cultures and lifestyles in different countries really motivates me to create unique products. I spend a lot of time people watching, reading and learning about the latest trends and figuring out how we can integrate them into our scarves without being literal.

From where do you draw inspiration? I love to travel and planning what I would wear in a certain locale is a fun daydream-turned-reality exercise for me.

Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence? My greatest influences are the women who come into our stores or attend our events as I get to see them in action. They often tell me what they want to see from me coming up and I get to see how they translate my pieces into their accessories wardrobe. It is helpful to be this close to the consumer!

What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this upcoming season? I think having a really unique line of scarves that are digitally printed will be a real draw. Scarves are a perfect gift for the holiday season and we have created 12 scarves each representing a sign of the zodiac incorporating colors and images from each sign.

Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence?

My mom has been the greatest influence in my life. She has always had a keen sense of style. Growing up I noticed that she always saw the potential in things and even if something didn’t look great, she would whip out her sewing machine and add some lace or buttons to make the item brilliant!

Describe your Transition/Spring 2013 collection and the trends you have focused on. My Spring 2013 collection is fresh and lively. I combine neutral colors with matching prints and use special textural fabrics, laces and hand painted stripes in colors that all work together. Basic black anchors my collection from season to season. I think of my collection as timeless. You can easily combine “new collection” pieces with items from previous seasons.

From where do you draw inspiration? For inspiration, I travel around the world and draw from many things. I like Japanese designers who use a lot of black, as I do, and are very creative without adding more and more to their garments. I like refined simplicity with imaginative styling.

What is your personal fashion philosophy? When designing my collection, I imagine an independent, strong woman who knows herself and wants her clothing to underline her character. She does not want to be extravagant but still wants to make a statement in a subtle way. My clothing gives her a better feeling, which gives her an even more positive vision of herself.

Describe your Transition/Spring 2013 collection and the trends you have focused on. Always staying within our core values, our new collection is full of easy, drapey pieces consisting of lightweight woven rayons and modal knits, which piece together sheer fabrics and jerseys; all with a focus on hemlines, pops of bright color, stripes and sophisticated tie dyes. Boho-chic for today!

From where do you draw inspiration? Travelling the world and living in California, I am inspired by the idea of beauty and comfort without compromising our environment.

When a woman is shopping your collection, how should they go about choosing an outfit most fitting for them? A woman should choose the silhouette they will feel most confident in. Our customers tell us that our pieces become their favorites, worn time after time.

Describe your Transition/Spring 2013 collection and the trends you have focused on.

Describe your Transition/Spring 2013 collection and the trends you have focused on.

The sensuality of the fabric makes this collection very feminine. It is casual chic, item driven with lots of color and edgy pieces. We also have many casual, cocktail and evening chic dresses.

A few key items in Sao Paulo’s Spring ‘13 collection are tops and shirts in different prints with great draped necklines and pleating on the waist. Also, pants in many colours are back! We offer all sorts of shapes but all with high-front and back rise and always with enough elastane for a comfortable fit.

When a woman is shopping your collection, how should they go about choosing an outfit most fitting for them? In order to take advantage of the silhouette, a woman needs to focus on choosing the right size and length for her. The color also needs to be in harmony with the tone of her skin and hair.

How would you define your city’s fashion? Montreal is a fashion city. We are very much influenced by Europe. We love mixing fabrics and have edgy styles yet classic in cuts and colors.

What is your personal fashion philosophy? I always pursue an elegant feminine look with a comfortable fitting.

How would you define your city’s fashion? Our head office is located in the Rotterdam area (The Netherlands). At the moment, colours are all around. After a long period of tunica and leggings, now people are into pants again; you see all colours of pants combined with nice printed tops.

Bamboo Style/Jumari

ADA Collection

Anna Pellissari

Echo Design

Due Fratelli

Carolina Amato Colleen Toland, Inc.

Escape from paris

Chelsey Henry

Beth Bingham & Co. Flipout Sandals

Corina Collections

H&V Leathergoods


French Kande 

Diamond Veneer

Beach Handbags



Coobie Seamless Bras/ Total Stockroom LLC

Blue Pacific Fashion

b.ella nouvella & E.G. Smith Legwear

a.v. max




Henry Ferrera

Anju Jewelry

Christa Louise Scarves

Bloomsberry chocolates


Lotta Jewellery

Marvel Novelty & Jewelry

Keely Smith


Latico Leathers

Look At Me Designs

LisaBerck MooMoo Designs

Jennifer Dahl Design

Lionette Designs by Noa Sade

Lisa Leonard

Inge Christopher

LAUNDRY by Shelli Segal Fashion Jewelry 

Know Apparel

Hollywood Fashion Secrets


Heys USA

Marcia Leichter

Modital Bijoux

Marcia Moran

Lauren G. Adams

Mary Frances

Knit Bon Bons

Miss Oops

Merci Marie Italian Leather Handbags

Le Twist

Levante USA Heyltje Rose LLC



Sergio Feretti



Tree by Billgren


Uptown Girls

Onigo Imports


Rocco e Dante

Taylor and Tessier


Sylvia Alexander Accessories

Viva Time Corp 10

Whiting & Davis


Tan Towels

Nature Bijoux

Sweet Romance Jewelry

Shantti Jewels

Wool You Be Mine

ViVi Designs, Inc

Slim Me Shapewear


RUSH by Denis & Charles

Pretty Persuasions

Sigalie Jewelry Urban Natures Corp.

Roberto Mantellassi


Vatican Library Collection

Whatever It Takes 11

1928 Laundry by Shelli Segal Fashion Jewelry, Marvel Comics, T.R.U and Vatican Collection. a.v. max Mixed metals, exotic leathers and skins, layered necklaces, bangles and cuffs. Fashion forward, affordable jewelry collection. ADA Collection Handcrafted Argentinean leather belts, accessories, and modern jewelry. Rich and buttery leather with functional detail, vibrant color and great shapes. Additionals Wearing OTAZU will make you sparkle, shine and glow. It will show the world your true beauty! ALMASoul A celebration of color, craft, culture and life. Anju Jewelry Stunningly beautiful, yet affordable jewelry. Anna Pellissari Inspired by the rich landscapes of Brazil, Anna Pellissari mixes organic shapes with exotic textures to create a bold statement. B-Collective by Buxton Well recognized by consumers for quality leather and the 112 year old Buxton name, we now offer both synthetic and leather! b.ella nouvella & E.G. Smith Legwear Great, new Italian merino wool textured tights in fashion colors, nouvella new prints in trousers, tights and footless tights. Bamboo Style/Jumari Unique handmade natural handbags by Japanese Artisans. Beach Handbags Beach Handbags and accessories are known for their unique designs and vibrant prints! Beth Bingham & Co. Have fun with our multi-line rep group! Bling-A-GoGo Are you a true bling girl? If so we will make you dazzle! Bloomsberry Chocolates Choxcard: the sweet art of gift card giving includes a greeting card, gift card, and chocolate bar! Blue Pacific Fashion Blue Pacific rocks! Amazing scarves! From basics to bling, for every age, attitude and price range.


Bootights New colors and styles including our Sports Shaper, perfect for day, night, or base layer. BORA Beautiful, handcrafted jewelry. Carolina Amato We now carry Touch Tech Gloves for use with all hand held devices. Charlene K Genuine stones are still the hottest accessories this season. Everyone wants to own Druzy and we have the best selection! Charles Albert, Inc. Bold, trend-setting accessories. Chelsey Henry iPhone and iPad cases are going upscale and more integrated with your handbag. chicBuds Couture lifestyle brand leading the way into fashion electronics. Christa Louise Scarves The frame collection will feature black, brown, olive, pale grey, royal blue and violet. Luxurious scarves and wraps. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. cicciabella After a long day’s journey through city or seaside, our slippers are the good friends we come home to! Colleen Toland, Inc. Romantic jewelry and hair accessories exclusively designed by Colleen Toland. Coobie Seamless Bras/Total Stockroom LLC Coobie Seamless Bras - an ultra comfortable, seamless, one size cami/bra. Available in 40+ fashion colors and patterns. Corina Collections The usage of handcrafted techniques, layered multi-colored chain, handwoven materials incorporated with silk, gemstones, crystals, leather and spiritual pendants. Derek Alexander Attention to detail and unrelenting support of quality. Diamond Veneer Diamond veneer jewelry collection. DODOcase DODOcase is a premier designer and manufacturer of cases for Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle. Using traditional bookbinding techniques in our San Francisco facility, DODOcase is a 2 time iPad Case of the Year winner.

Due Fratelli Introducing gator printed leather available in several colors, on new and fashion forward shapes with bamboo details, metal finishes and more. East Cloud Chic and out of the ordinary! Echo Design Echo believes there is a pattern for every moment and a color for every mood. Espiritu Encouraged to be layered. Influenced by styles of both cultures of Mexico and the US. Mixed metals with charms, stones and pearls. Flipout Sandals Flipout over fabulous interchangeable flip flops for women and children, great for any style or occasion! French Kande Tassels and vintage jewelry incorporating rustic pearls will be strong through Spring 2013. French Kande has it all! Fumi Fumi’s mission is to provide solutions to everyday problems with fashionable, unique, multipurpose, and innovative products! H & V Leathergoods Impeccable quality with lines, including Due Fratelli and Miss MAK Designs, H & V remains a proud North American manufacturer. Henry Ferrera From feminine flats to rainboots, Henry Ferrera has the hottest trends in footwear at exceptional prices! Heyltje Rose LLC Circus of hard knocks! Bold, cast, heavy metal, ammo, arsenal, kung fu, barrel of monkeys, throwing stars, and fistacuff. Heys USA Fashion, lightweight, hard-side luggage. Hollywood Fashion Secrets Come check out our new men’s line of fashion solutions! The decent man’s grooming tools. Inge Christopher Printed leather minaudiere in black/gold with stunning Swarovski Elements crystals. Jennifer Dahl Design Jennifer Dahl Designs is proud to introduce new pieces all hand-made in Minnesota!

Joy Accessories Hot trends, great prices! Keely Smith Bold and electric a mix of dainty feminine and boyish pieces together. Knit Bon Bons One-stop-shop knit accessories with great variety and proven value for the ladies and youth market! Know Apparel Introducing new designs by Know Apparel...Know yourself. Wear the message. Live the emotion. Lancaster Amazing leather handbags designed in France with leather imported from Italy. Latico Leathers Classic leather bags with a modern edge. LAUNDRY by Shelli Segal Fashion Jewelry Contemporary and dramatic collection of fashion jewelry. Lauren G. Adams Bright colors and graceful prints brought to life in high quality enamel and metal. Le Twist Le twist “sculptable jewelry” offers new, fresh, and bold colors to vamp up your accessory wardrobe this season! Leighelena Luxurious exotic skins, rich hues, supple Italian leathers. Levante USA Sheers, opaque tights, thigh highs, fish nets and stockings make our Levante line the perfect choice for anyone looking for the best legwear. Lionette Designs by Noa Sade Fashion forward jewelry with pop colors, tribal influence and rocker chic. Lisa Leonard Introducing the ‘Faith Collection’, refresh your heart with this hand-molded jewelry, filled with meaning. LisaBerck The hottest fannie pak/crossbody/clutch/ shoulder bag ever! The Garrett Bag by LisaBerck handcrafted in leather, metals and Swarovski Elements! Look At Me Designs Classy and fabulous accessories made from recycled wool sweaters - every piece tells the story of a season!

Lotta Jewellery Wide two tone brass cuffs with wild nature motifs and large two tone brass rings with magic critters and foliage.

Miss Oops Your answer to everyday fashion faux pas, Miss Oops has everything you need to alleviate your beauty dilemmas!

Lua Fine accessories of scarves, scarflace, hand dyed silk tote bags. Mairs Hair Not only fashionable, practical and fun, but we promise to always bring you the newest and freshest trends in accessories. Try our unique products and you are sure to turn heads! Marcia Leichter Now introducing the iFlask, an iPod shaped flask with funky and fun sayings and designs! Marcia Moran Warm colors in agate stones and iridescent colored druzys. Organic shapes and pendants with beaded chains. Mare Sole Amore Mare Sole Amore creates women’s accessories inspired by the love of the ocean’s rich colors, textures, and shapes. Marjorie Baer Accessories Inc. Modern jewelry formed by hand. Marvel Novelty & Jewelry Novelty, fashion jewelry. Mary Frances Metallics, animal prints, raw stones, pearls, bows, pops of red and orange, luxury, texture, mixed elements, embellished, holiday themes, novelty. Me Moi’ Me Moi’ - fashion is our Passion! New for Fall 2012, SlimMe Shapewear Tights and Killer Figure Tights! The ultimate shaping tight period! Merci Marie Italian Leather Handbags Briefcase-style satchels for Fall 12. Travel bags for Spring 13. Black is back for Fall 12. Berry and tangerine still strong for Spring 13. Michel Le Brun Savoir-Faire - French flair and international reputation. Michelle Marie Bring out your inner Diva. Mishky Mishky Designs are inspired in ethnic motifs and new color waves include: coral, turquoise, cobalt, gold. Miss MAK DESIGNS Soft, pebble grained clutches, frame bags and oversized weekenders, available in a multitude of colors!

Modital Bijoux High-end Italian fashion jewelry. MooMoo Designs No Mass Production here...instead, handbags and accessories of distinction. Ms. V Designs Versatile accessories that take you from the boardroom to the dance floor! Mywalit introduces several new handbag collections which feature high-fashion exterior color blocking, clean lines, and premium leather. Nature Bijoux Environmentally friendly jewelry created with natural components and integrity. Nusantara Color! Color! Color! Onigo Imports Wide brim sun hats and oversize totes are still big. Color in all areas of fashion is still going strong. Osgoode Marley Handbags in styles and colors for the discerning consumer. Pin & Tube, Inc. Metallic lace hair accessories inspired by vintage style. Pretty Persuasions Scarves, shawls, stoles and more. Rebecca Organic wanderlust designs, whimsical charms and handbags. Roberto Mantellassi Handmade in Italy. Fabulous, glitter eel skin bracelets, belts, and bags for Holiday. Luxurious wine PonyHair Calf accessories for Winter. Rocco e Dante Fine textured Italian leathers, with distinctive hardware. Rosselini Designed in Germany by Carola Hiersemann-Eckrodt. RUSH by Denis & Charles Leather wrap bracelets, pave buckle and handmade silk crochet! Serefina Serefina Fall/Winter 12 Vivid crystals, exotic leather and beautifully crafted bracelets in pop colors.

Sergio Feretti Sergio Feretti presents luxurious and exquisite designs and style focusing on the latest fashion trends crafted in rich color palettes. SFI Accessories Exquisite, handcrafted fashion accessories made with natural renewable materials. Shantti Jewels Featuring elegantly textured, Italian brass adorned with an eye-catching array of colorful gemstones. Sigalie Jewelry Worn by the soul, created by hand and made from the heart. Featuring layering necks in purple, brown and green. Skemo Designs from around the world for any occasion. Slim Me Shapewear Slim Me now comes in a wide range of fashion colors. New for Fall 12, Killer Figure Shaping Tights! STRUT L.A. Representing Sweet Romance and Ollipop. Sweet Romance Jewelry Wonderment and nostalgia - convincing the eye of old treasure rediscovered. Sylvia Alexander Accessories Fun and fresh scarves of varying styles, patterns and colors. Unique jewelry, and fashion sunglasses. T.R.U. TRU...Timeless. Rare. Unique. Tammy Spice Jewelry Tammy Spice Jewelry Fall/Winter 12 is all about multi chains, large semi-precious stones and crystals! Tan Towels TanTowel is guaranteed to make you look good naked by providing that natural sun-kissed glow in a simple towelette! Tano, Inc Tano bags - slouchy, colorful, and loaded with attitude. Taylor and Tessier Bold, rough, stones paired with sexy classic, Italian neutral leathers and beautiful fall pantones for fall. Tezari Stunning leather handbag/accessories and apparel collection includes Tribal styles featuring “Molas” and woven fabrics handcrafted by finest artisans and Indian tribes.

Tickled Pink We believe accessories should be fun and affordable. Tiger Mountain Beautiful designs set with genuine stones from all ends of the world. Tree by Billgren Wide leather cuffs with metal and feather embellishments. Super cool, fun leather/chain/crystal mix necklaces and new quirky ring styles. Uptown Girl Lots of natural stones includes agate necklaces starting at $12. Urban Natures Corp. Our focus this season is on stronger, urban style and more recycled materials. Vatican Library Collection Exquisite jewelry created for the Vatican Library in Rome. Viva Time Corp TKO ORLOGI’s Brand New Rubber Mechanical Watches. ViVi Designs, Inc A rainbow of color and styles for everyone. From wool to silk we’ve got it all. Volpino Elegantly stylish, hypo-allergenic, perfectly priced high quality jewels for ALL ages. Whatever It Takes Celebrities doing whatever it takes to make a difference. Whats-In-Store Eye-catching exotics, tassels, and iridescent metallic finishes. Innovative art-deco, architectural, and byzantine influences. Whiting & Davis The shimmer of gold metal mesh combines with glittering crystals to create this fabulous wristlet. Wool You Be Mine New for 2012: expanded product line and pricing! We offer over 300 products and endless design possibilities for the modern woman. ZENZii Be the women you want to be with ZENZii. Zsa Zsa Jewels Fine Jewelry made from silver with precious and semi-precious stones. 13


Avivit Yizhar


4 Love and Liberty


2026 Paris

Alberto Makali

3 J Workshop

Caty Lesca

Blanque 14

Beija-Flor Jeans

ART Holland


Caribbean Joe Women’s Apparel

Bird & Vine

Allen Allen


Bryn Walker

Adrianna Papell LLC

Blue Willi’s

Before & Again


CAZ Knits


Avant Garde Styles




Emil Rutenberg


Donna Morgan Dress to Kill

Cynthia Ashby

Diana Rosh

Dana Stein Everyday Furs

Emagine / Peter Mark

Dolce Vita

Fred Sabatier

Courtney Washington

Essay Collections

Colleen Eitzen 16


Club Voltaire

Eva Kayan


fever clothing

D Element Style

Else Where

Equestrian Designs

D Celli


Double D Ranch

Filomena Fernandez


Kinross Cashmere

Leigh Schubert

Karen Klein

Julia Jordan

Julianea Outerwear

Lilla P

Heart Collection

Johnstons of Elgin

Irit Noy




Julian Chang

Kedem Sasson

Iris Setlakwe

Kay Celine



Haute Latitude / Finch

Leota New York




Green Dragon

Johnny Was Collection

Ilse Jacobsen

JudyP Apparel


Olsen Europe

Ronen Chen

Mos Mosh

Raffi Cashmere

Love Token Max Jenny

People Like Frank

Linda Segal

Neesh… by DAR


Loco Lindo Mitchie’s Matchings Inc.



R. Browning

Muche & Muchette

Pete & Greta

rapps new york

Peace of Cloth

NY 77

Peter O’Mahler

Passport By Desentino

Roja Ann Tobias

Peruvian Link

Maria Grazia Panizzi

Pink Lotus




Stella Carakasi

Saint James USA

Saniya Khan


Studio Rundholz / Black Label

Suzi Chin / Maggy Boutique

Tommy Bahama Women’s

Terrence Bray


Second Yoga Jeans



Sophie Finzi / Pashoot

Tees by Tina

Sao Paulo

Stella + Lorenzo

Steel Pony

Tommy Bahama Women’s Swim

Tori Richard Ltd

Tata Jolie

Tyler Boe

Zuza Bart

Russ Berens

Two Old Hippies


Skovhuus Fine Knits

Sue Wong Collection


2026 Paris A fanciful French collection of dresses and sportswear. Sized 0 - 12. 209WST Fun and playful stretch wovens and knits are all about looking sporty for Spring 2013. 3 J Workshop 3 J style…a unique look enhanced by beautiful, modern femininity and must-have classic items with a flair and bold colors. 4 Love and Liberty These designs are embellished with hints of transparency, lace and rhinestones… an understated yet alluring image of sophisticated femininity.

ART Holland Introducing more exclusive styles of pants in the fantastic stretch fabrics.

Cannisse Soft, flirty, feminine, new shapes with lots of movement.

Atelier Five Whimsical artist’s paintings sublimated on tee shirts in vibrant colors to wear with everything.

Caribbean Joe Women’s Apparel Comfortable and cool silhouettes that give off easy feminine appeal. Vibrant prints, color, and exclusive washes.

Avant Garde Styles Avant Garde Styles is a collection of beautiful and unique clothing that is sometimes hard to find. All made from the latest and trendiest types of fabrics from Germany and Italy. Avec Silk flowing body skimming tops. A must have... Avec.

Carol Herzog Novelty tops in multiple prints and solids... related separates Caty Lesca Lifestyle Showroom’s 4th season with the best selling French collection, Caty Lesca. Sized 4 - 16. CAZ Knits Funky original designer sweaters in novelty Italian yarns.

Adrianna Papell LLC Romantic whimsical neutrals and bright fun pops of color are our two color palettes for Spring 2013.

Avivit Yizhar Avivit’s casual lifestyle collection is designed for women of all body shapes, using special fabrics and body flattering patterns.

Alberto Makali Feminine and chic is in fashion. Fur and leather, bright colors and details. Snakeskin and animal prints.

Before & Again Being unique means your ability to choose what inspires you and it’s all about your choice.

Chaudry This season, we’re embracing vibrant prints in tropical colors and open weave metallics that bring some glitz to Spring.

Allen Allen New fabrics/body styles! Polka dots, burn outs, thermals, animal prints, neons, rich colors, cozy fabrics, sweaters, cardigans, linen, stripes, fleece.

Beija-Flor Jeans Beija-Flor’s premium denim collection offers all women the best fitting jean with a twist of new textures, colors, and lengths.

Ciao- Milano Colorful, water resistant jackets to wear for every occasion.

AMB Designs Novelty tops in multiple prints and solids... related separates, we call them “sleeves”. Amy Brill Great webwork in asymmetrical styles. Colors are black, oyster, indigo and olive. Anac Kimi’s signature trademark is a mixed-media combination of illusion netting with specialized graphics, often with a detachable scarf or hoodie.

Bird & Vine Sexy silhouettes, comfortable, easy to wear, luscious fabrics in vibrant colors and tie dyes. Biya Imagine the modern woman’s uniform that can cross over from day into night, elegant yet chic. Blanque Art and nature provide the inspiration for prints, textiles and innovative styling and unexpected plays on proportion.

Analili Analili’s upcoming Spring season makes use of soft silk chiffons and body conscious silhouettes with creative necklines and large geometric sleeves to complement the illusion of movement. Spring truly promises to be one of the best collections that Analili has ever offered.

Blue Willi’s Maritime themes are strong once again and the Blue Willi’s lifestyle fits perfectly.

Anatomie The Anatomie trends for this season include beautiful lace layering, pops of color, and a blend of rich neutrals.

Bracha Tops Tops and more for every occasion.

Argenti Argenti silk is back! In addition to our better dress line, Argenti now carries silk dresses and tunics!


Bodil Soft dressing collection that you can’t resist.

Bryn Walker Bryn Walker clothing reflects purity and simplicity through its clean lines and timeless beauty.

Cece’s NY Spring 2013 features timeless dress styles in bright colors and cheery prints; shrugs also available in an array of colors!

Cino Cino has simply the best casual shirts in the market! Classic with an edgy twist. New - Cino shirt dresses! Club Voltaire Club Voltaire offers all styles in a variety of colors: lime green, blue, red and black and white. Coline Color and design, European inspired. Colleen Eitzen Contemporary knit dresses, sophisticated prints and fresh summer colors. Layering items with mix and match pieces creating an individual look. Colombas Cheerful colors, textures and patterns brighten up wardrobes and homes. Hand crafted items bring a distinct and modern influence. Courtney Washington The women who wear Courtney Washington set the trend in both style and evolution.

Cullen Cullen does color! Argyles, nautical, and clean color-blocking perfect for work and leisure! Cynthia Ashby Holiday and Spring are full of soft fabrics and exciting colors. D Celli A knitwear collection using materials like viscose, cotton, acrylic and polyester. Wholesale pricing from $120 and up. D Element Style Spring/Summer 2013 is about beautiful color and print. Dana Stein Everyday Furs Fur continues to dominate Fall/Winter. Our collection is versatile and fun with rich colors in chic styles you will wear everyday! Diana Rosh This fur can be worn all day long, for day into occasion and the prices are amazing! Discovering From the cobblestone streets of Europe to the metropolis’ of the Americas, discover Discovering - a timeless contemporary seasonless collection. Dolce Vita The Dutch fashion brand Dolce Vita has been active since 2002, with agents in 15 countries. A truly global brand. Donna Morgan Updated and modern dresses for day to dinner! Sumptuous colors, unique prints and solids in easy to wear silhouettes. Donna Ricco Color, novelty fabrics, embellishments, sleeves. Double D Ranch Call of the Wild Fall 2012. Dress to Kill Novelty European fabrics in fab Euro styling. Due+2 Novelty item jackets in print and solid textured fabrics. Wonderful color palette will enhance any wardrobe. Else Where An exceptional collection from Holland. Beautifully designed and sized 4 - 18. Emagine / Peter Mark Launching exclusively at Moda Las Vegas this season and offering the perfect holiday buy with great mark-up ability.

Emil Rutenberg This season is all about color and texture in edgy, unique styling.

Ilse Jacobsen Clean, architectural lines and simplicity. Scandinavian lifestyle at its finest.

Enjoy from Paris Fashion from Paris - enjoy!

Iris Setlakwe This season we are using artistic paint brushing on some of our silks. Vibrant colors mixed with metal.

Equestrian Designs Its all in the fit! Pants and leggings in multiple fabrications. Escaladya A knitwear collection that is made from the latest and trendiest type of fabric from Germany and Italy. They use materials like Viscose, Cotton, Acrylic, and Polyester. Wholesale price ranges from $120 and up. Escape from Paris Metals using multi colors of silver, yellow and rose gold, gunmetal and copper tones. Assorted shimmering chains with leather combinations. Essay Collections Unique separates that offer an endless combination to suit the individual taste of the discerning woman. Eva Kayan Eva Kayan is making its American debut with their Spring 2013 Collection.

Irit Noy Irit Noy is designed for active, career minded, charismatic women; enabling them to feel stylish and feminine while maintaining maximum comfort.

Kareena’s This season, Kareena’s beautiful collection is on trend featuring hand tie dyes and ombres, kaleidoscope, nautical and safari prints. Karen Klein A sophisticated collection of women’s separates with style, versatility, and comfort.

M2 Bright earth tone colors in cotton knits and crepe. Ma Belle Showroom Casual life style in black and white and more color options. Special fabrics and fits, sizes XS-XXXL.

Kay Celine The emerging trend of blue and black can be found in our Fall 2012 Collection.

Maggy London / London Times Spring is bright colors in daytime to cocktail! Maggy and London Times has it all.

Itemz Special European fabrics and soft colors make the new collection a must see.

Kedem Sasson Simple, timeless, powerful, in black and white.

Maria Grazia Panizzi Designed for the woman who is completely a part of her times. Exclusively made in Italy and sized 0 - 16.

IVKOVIC D.O.O. Ivko, a colorful fashion collection from Serbia.

Kinross Cashmere Colorful, contemporary collection of cashmere knits and accessories including our first 100% cashmere bathrobe.

Max Jenny Max Jenny, rain and wind-proof jackets made of recycled plastic bottles. Prints from artist Astrid Sylwan.

Knithouse Knithouse by Maria Dahlhoff is a ready-to-wear clothing brand from Germany that are dedicated to plus-size women. Price ranges from $129-$149.

Mitchie’s Matchings Inc. Fun, fabulous, holiday, candy-colored ox slap cuffs with matching fox collars and runway-inspired fluffy, neon, fox-trimmed hats.

Komarov Our print palette is diverse and colorful, with abstracts and florals with touches of lace. Feminine and beautiful.

Mos Mosh Look for raw and edgy with a feminine twist.

Jax Dresses Sophisticated dresses priced for margin building. Johnny Was Collection Fun colors and silhouettes adorn the new Spring 2013 line.

fever clothing Our customer is trend conscious but never a slave to fashion. Color and versatility are key.

Johnstons of Elgin A simple, modern colour palette offers clear pastels and translucent pinks and peaches, with intense saturated colours for customers seeking a bolder statement.

Filomena Fernandez A labor of love between East and West. A collection emphasizing modernism, perfectionism and Oriental sensibilities.

Jude Fishnet is on fire. Jude has fishnet in many fashion colors. They are a trend that is reordering like crazy!

Fred Sabatier Lifestyle Showroom’s 6th season with the very successful Fred Sabatier collection. Sized 2 - 16. Plus sizes 18 -26

Judy Pfister Sales / Completo Completo: artfully-designed European linens and cotton knits at excellent price points!

Green Dragon Easy, drapey styling - piecing sheer fabrics and jerseys with a focus on hemlines, pops of bright color, stripes, washes.

JudyP Apparel Nine new, fabulous, fall colors, plus a new long sleeved jewel neck top! Comfort, quality and made in the USA!

Harubella A collection of hand dye garments and silkscreen graphic item jackets, all combined with unique textures and colors.

Julia Jordan It’s all about the dress.

Leigh Schubert It’s all about combining key trending pieces, with Leigh Schubert’s edgy signature style. Unusual, clever, soft and feminine. Leota New York Perfect dresses made in NYC. Lilla P A balance of brights and new sophisticated muted hues in texture and print make easy Spring dressing anything but basic. LIMACO The top Spring colors of peony, lemon, green calcite, ink, olive, coppertone and trending digital chiffon prints, fresh and elegant summer lace.

Haute Latitude / Finch Fresh ‘happy’ prints and bold colors.

Julian Chang Our jumpsuits and reversible dresses are key pieces for this season.

Linda Segal Through a modern lens we reinvent inspirations from the past to capture sexiness and sensuality.

Heart Collection Come see our Spring/Summer 2013 collection: chic styles at sensible prices.

Julianea Outerwear Julianea Outerwear from Spain: exciting colors, shapes and all year round weights

Loco Lindo Prints! Prints! Prints! Printed pants are huge, and Loco Lindo offers immediates!

Heydari While wearing Heydari, you set your own trend as a leader in fashion.

JWLA With its signature embroidered t-shirt, JWLA has introduced colorful feminine dresses, cozy hoodies, wraps and knit tunics.

Love Token Beautiful silks and lightweight fabric. Colorblocking, and prints along with bright solids.

Muche & Muchette It’s all about the glitz! Metallic and ostrich bags in classic shapes, sequined striped sweaters that brighten the night. Muse/Anthracite Exotic nautical, mixed textures, uptown gypsy, bold punchy colors in sheers and shimmer in fresh, updated silhouettes. Neesh…by DAR Signature details like layered fabrics, grosgrain ribbons, 2-way zippers, and exposed seams meet comfortable knits and wovens, giving Neesh a vintage yet modern look. Neetu Malik A multibrand sales agency in LA representing fresh and talented fashion designers. Nina Perez Cheerful colors, textures and patterns brighten up wardrobes and homes. Handcrafted items bring a distinct and modern influence. NY 77 Classic collection with a twist. 25

Olsen Europe Modern graphical/geometric, color blocking, global tribal meets modern casual, modern nautical, spring vitality meets floral art, tropical sporty mix. Passport By Desentino Colorful holiday collection. Peace of Cloth The trend of color continues. People Like Frank Color, textured knits and comfort are this season’s mantra. Pepito Pepito’s resort collection is always classic, yet unique in fabrics and colors. Peruvian Link Alpaca: the world’s finest fiber. Collections of warm, natural and comfortable cardigans and accessories available in natural or vibrant colors. Pete & Greta Pete & Greta: a utilitarian-chic line with versatility, color and ease. A line which offers clean, simple silhouettes. Peter O’Mahler Modern, comfortable, texture, stretch, mix it up! Petit Pois Luxury knits in a contemporary approach, ageless, timeless with flavor yet funky classic. Pink Lotus Clothing for the relaxed, casual California lifestyle. Planet Our timeless, Asian inspired knits that are Pima cotton with the feel of cashmere. Our nylon jackets are great! R. Browning There is a collection of soft muted and also a collection of brights in cross dyed knits. Raffi Cashmere Our pop vibrant colors, pigment prints, and reversible pieces are some of our wardrobe must-haves this season. rapps - new york Always innovative...always new! Renee Cohen Sales This season is about color, texture and comfort and we have it all.


Roja - Ann Tobias Expressive colors, embroideries, and embellishments creating a unique garment expression. Ronen Chen Spring/Summer 2013 is all about color, texture and fabulous styling. Rosner The world’s only pant collection with a GPS system. Russ Berens Cashmere jersey, linen, stripes, cardigans, cowl necks, ponchos, dresses, bright and rich colors, new and repeat best selling bodies. Saint James USA What’s spring without the fashion... iconic stripes, a new twist, the Hibiscus flower! Get the island feel at Saint James.

Stella + Lorenzo Bright colors, color blocking and bold prints. Stella Carakasi Spring 2013 offerings create an impeccable combination of femininity and sophistication that make every piece feel simultaneously casual and dressy. Studio Rundholz / Black Label People who wear Rundholz can only be classified as individuals who are ready to argue with society and the space they live in. Sue Wong Collection Sue Wong lives for one thing: to spread glamour and beauty! Suzi Chin / Maggy Boutique Lace, textured fabric, silk, sequins.

Saniya Khan White and acru have been used with black with vibrant colors. Embellished, painted and layered, a very artistic interpretation.

Tata Jolie Exclusive prints designed and registered just for Tata Jolie with bright colors and combinations to make every piece unique.

Sao Paulo A passion for fashion, courage and imagination are important ingredients in the brand’s policy.

Tees by Tina This season, Tees By Tina introduces the Tunic Slip Dress Collection; versatile products that can be worn multiple ways!

Second Yoga Jeans Cool, trendy and utterly feminine. Second Clothing has always been a trendsetter, season after season, and its Spring/Summer 2013 collection is no exception. Contemporary romantic for Spring and light weight denims for summer strolls.

Terrence Bray A blend of art and fashion…unique prints, in collaboration with a celebrated South African Artist, creating true wearable art!

Simpli-U Be Simpli-U. Skovhuus Fine Knits Great novelty European inspired knitwear. Solo Moda Each season, our goal is to create distinctly unique, yet timelessly beautiful and luxurious pieces. Sophie Finzi / Pashoot Fun fabric, colors and shapes for that chic yet comfortable look. Prices range $48-$130. SST America Leading west coast sales agency representing fine European collections. Steel Pony The perfect fusion of art and fashion.

The Downtown Showroom The Downtown Showroom represents a unique selection of bridge and modern contemporary apparel and accessories. Tommy Bahama Women’s Tommy Bahama Women’s sportswear, footwear and accessory collections define the concept of well-dressed, island style. Tommy Bahama Women’s Swim Sexy and sophisticated, our swimwear collection offers flattering one and two piece silhouettes. Tori Richard Ltd Tori Richard collection is inspired by the beauty that beams through Hawaii. Transparente Transparente is a German brand that caters to strong and full-figured women who love to stay classy and stylish at the same time. Wholesale Price ranges from $100 and up.

Two Old Hippies Born from an era of free speech and love, 2OH Threads is about a lifestyle of contemporary expression influenced by one of the most fascinating times in our history – the 60s. 2OH Threads brings you classic creations that are inspired by our own closet of collectible pieces that are timeless. Tyler Boe We are committed to the mantra “attention to detail” in our complete lifestyle collection. Veeca A new vision with Veeca. Fabulous and feminine. Dresses and items are always innovative...always new! Zina Classic style is always in fashion. Zuza Bart Zuza Bart is a women’s ready-to-wear clothing brand from Poland. They offer a wide variety of unique and funky clothing that are absolutely hard to find. Materials used are 100% Italian linen, and cotton blends. Price ranges from $159 and up. ZuZu Apparel European sportswear from Istanbul.

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Las Vegas August 2012 - Style Preview  

A preview of exhibitors particpating in AccessoriesTheShow & Moda Las Vegas.

Las Vegas August 2012 - Style Preview  

A preview of exhibitors particpating in AccessoriesTheShow & Moda Las Vegas.