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Hey Key Clubbers! I hope you all did well on your SATs or any other test/exam you might be taking or have taken in the past few weeks! With that all said and done, summer is right around the corner and I’m as excited as the rest of you might be . With summer’s arrival, Key Club brings us so much to do while we are off school. Expect fun service projects, funraisers, and fundraisers to make this upcoming year of service a truly unforgettable one. Put on your sunglasses, grab your favorite tanning oil, and get ready to kick off the summer of 2013! Don’t forget to continue to serve others and live up to your expectations and beyond. Enjoy the newsletter! -Romulo Dinsay, Bulletin Editor

SRB Festival Every May the St. Robert Bellarmine Parish holds its annual festival. Key Clubbers from Bell-Jeff signed up to help set up, work, and clean up throughout the weekend. It is a popular event in the Burbank area and it brings the community together with fun and games. People of all ages attended with friends and family for the delicious festival food. While the parents were talking amongst each

other, the kids were having confetti egg battles all day. Volunteers helped serve food and work at game booths. Some even worked for an entire day! These events are things that people remember for the rest of their lives, and volunteers said that they were proud to help the community they live in and support the St. Robert Bellarmine Parish. -Romulo Dinsay, Bulletin Editor

Mother’s Day Tea SRB Festival This pas Mother’s Day, some Key Clubbers visited a local community center to serve tea (and other goodies!) to the mothers who resided there. They took time out of their own mother’s day weekend to serve these mothers and they definitely brought some joy into their day. It was something that they haven’t had in a long time and they

June OTC SRB Festival

One June 1st, a couple of officers were able to attend the first Officer Training Conference of the new term and learn more about what our roles as a Key Club officer really is. We each met with other officers with the same position and we discussed our duties and of course, submissions! We discussed PTP and project eliminate amongst

showed gratitude to our Key Clubbers. It was their day and we were glad to make them smile. -Andrew Adriatico, Vice President

ourselves, too. We also couldn’t have a Key Club gathering without some icebreakers! It was nice to meet other officers from schools within our division; we all shared many laughs with each other. This OTC really helped me learn some new things about my job as an officer and I met some great people! -Elizabeth Fundora, Secretary

Year in Recap What a year of service it has been! During this 2012-13 Key Club term, we have seen an array of service projects and fundraisers. From AIDS Walk to the Relay for Life and of course, DCON, this year has been quite a success for Key Club and its members at Bell Jeff! Although we didn’t have as much members as we would’ve liked, our

tight-knit group of members came together to make this year an unforgettable. We want to thank everybody who attended events with us and showed off your White Tiger Pride! We hope to have an even larger turnout at meetings this upcoming school year and even at DCON 2014! Go White Tigers! -Natalie Kalpakyan, Vice President -

President’s Note SRB Festival As the president of Key Club for Bell Jeff I am very excited for this summer. The officers and I have discussed about having many service opportunities and fundraisers for the summer to keep our Key Clubbers active! I am happy to say that we have more members coming in for the next year and everybody is so excited to get start-

ed. The officers are working very hard just to think of ideas for the next year! I am excited for our club to be cooperating with other clubs and working in service! Thank you! -Briana Hillo, President

Bell Jeff Key Club Newsletter  

Volume: June 2013