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Frosty the Snowbot Written and Illustrated by Bear James

Ursa Major Company — Austin, Texas

To Pearl, Wren, and Carrie Thanks to Will Guy

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data James, Bear. Frosty the Snowbot SUMMARY: Thanks to a jolly old repairman, a broken down ice machine leaves his town and goes on a wonderful journey creating snow cones inspired by his travels. [I. Playツュ窶認iction] I. Title. P21-V246Fr ] 80-23631 ISBN 0-494-20418-8 Copyright ツゥ 2011, Bear James

All Rights Reserved. For information about permission to reproduce selections from the book, contact us online via the Ursa Major Company. Printed in the United States of America HOR 20 19

Frosty the Snowbot

Along a lonely stretch of highway sat a tiny little gas station. On the side of the building a small group of children had gathered near an ice machine that had been sitting there for many, many years. A handwritten note was attached to the door with the saddest message anyone could read on a hot day...

“ICE MACHINE BROKEN” One of the kids said to his friends, “How can we cool off if we don’t have any ice?” and that was a good question. As they sat thinking, they heard a faint rattling sound way off in the distance. CLICKity CLACK ... CLICKity CLACK ... CLICKity CLACK It grew louder as a shiny red truck came toward them on the highway.

As the truck approached the gas station, the rattling of the engine went silent as it rolled up and parked in the shade. On the door were the words “Nick’s Ice Machine Repair Service.” The door flung open and out jumped a jolly old man with red overalls, a white beard, and the shiniest red tool box you have ever seen! “Howdy, kids, I’m Nick! I hear you’ve got an ice machine problem.”

Nick walked over to the ice machine, set down his toolbox and took a close look. He opened the doors, he looked underneath, and then inspected the back of the machine,. “Ahhh, yes ... I know this model very well. They do tend to act up on occasion.” Nick chuckled knowingly. “But don’t worry kids, I’ll have it up and running in no time.” And with that, the old man set his red hat down on the top of the ice machine, wiped his forehead, and got to work.

And then... something strange happened.

There was a loud rumbling, some furious shaking, and then... BOOM! The door on the ice machine burst open and spilling out of it was cold... fluffy... frosty... white... SNOW! It was everywhere. There was so much snow, that it had covered Nick, the kids, and the entire gas station! The kids were so happy they jumped with joy! The ice machine jumped up, too! It spun around and yelled “I’m frosty, I’m freezy, making snow cones is easy!” and quick as a flash had gathered up some of the snow, made a snowcone, and handed it to one of the kids. “Thanks!” said the kid, with a huge smile on his face. The ice machine’s engine fan whirred and clicked happily.

“Did he say his name was Frosty?” one of the other kids asked. The ice machine engines clicked as he quickly made more snowcones and handed them out. “Snow cones are happy, and tasty and fun. Don’t you think everyone needs at least one!?” And with that the ice machine waved his arms wildly and set off towards the middle of town.

Frosty gave snow cones to everyone he met. He gave one to a librarian, a fireman, and a TV reporter. The reporter was speaking into her microphone: “They’re saying this snowcone robot goes by the name Frosty, and he’s making snowcones for everyone. Frosty the Snowbot has come to town!” Frosty gave one snowcone to the bus driver, two to the coffee shop owner, and three to the pizza delivery guy. He gave them to all the teachers and kids down at the school. He gave one to each of the birds in the trees, and even gave one to each of the dogs at the park. And in a very short amount of time, Frosty had given a snowcone to everyone in the town. He enjoyed making new shapes and colors and he wanted to make more.

“I’ll search low and high and far, far away, .. and I’ll be back again someday!” And with that, Frosty the Snowbot headed down the road to share his delicious snow cones with the world. Where do you think he went first?

Frosty joins a baseball team where he hands out snow cones that look like baseballs. And then he travels north and goes ice fishing with some eskimos. He gives them snow cones that look like polar bears and igloos. He visits the savana runs free in Africa where the snow cones had zebra stripes. He goes to San Francisco where the snowcones looked like fluffy clouds and had all the colors of the rainbow.

He goes to Texas and joins the rodeo, and gives out snow cones with cowboy hats. Frosty manages to get a few bruises while riding a bull at the rodeo. You gotta be tough to be in the rodeo.

He joins a rock band and gives out black licorice snow cones to all their fans. Everybody knows that black licorice is the coolest flavor ever.

And guess what? Frosty goes surfing in Hawaii and gives out snowcones that look like blue waves with little mango-flavored surfboards in them. He thoughtfully gives seaweed flavored snowcones to the fish.

He goes to the jungle in South America and hands out bananaflavored snow cones to the monkeys. The monkeys loved them and they screamed with excitement! But something unfortunate happened next. Frosty had given away so many snow cones that he wore out one of his arms. Can you guess what happened? His arm fell right off onto the jungle floor. The silly monkeys played a trick on Frosty by hiding his arm deep in the jungle and Frosty waited patiently for the monkeys to return. But monkeys sometimes have a short memory, and they forgot to bring it back. Frosty sits down to think think about what to do next.

As he’s thinking, a butterfly flutters and lands on Frosty’s metal shoulder. Frosty is inspired by the butterfly’s beauty. Frosty’s internal mechanisms whir quietly as he gives the butterfly a tiny, blue, double-decker snow cone with a cherry on top. The butterfly tastes the snowcone with his tiny little proboscis and says ‘Yum, this is delicious. Thank you, Frosty!” After a minute, the buttefly says “You might need to get a new arm, where will you go to get one?” Frosty’s engine whirrs as he thinks about his little gas station, and all of his friends. Frosty stands up and decides to head make the journey home to see his friends.

“There he is, there’s Frosty!” shouts one of the kids, spotting Frosty from a distance. The kids almost don’t recognize him. He’s got travel stickers all over him, some rusty dents and of course is missing an arm. “We’re so happy to see you!” says Nick the repairman as he brings out and attaches a shiny new arm on Frosty’s side. “I’m sure you have some colorful stories to share with us.” “Not only stories” said Frosty curiously.

<FULL SPREAD> <Later that afternoon we see Frosty outside on the gas station wall, with a banner and balloons. Things are more colorful and exciting. “Come try all 100 flavors of Frosty’s around the world snow cones”>

Frosty’s gears puttered and hummed as he handed out colorful and interesting snow cones. “I created this one while I was in France, inspired by a couple that loved to dance!” holding up a red and white striped snow cone. “And this one tastes like rootbeer” Nick leaned over to Frosty and said “Thank you, Frosty, for bringing us these wonderful creations.” Frosty’s mechanism clicked and whirred quietly, as he handed his friend a (blue morpho-inspired) snow cone.

Frosty the Snowbot / v4 (Still in Progress  

This book is still in progress.

Frosty the Snowbot / v4 (Still in Progress  

This book is still in progress.