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PHOTO CREDITS: Page 11: “Diffusion Confusion”, By Thomas F. Denove, Video Systems Magazine, 1993.

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56 Rosco is not responsible for errors or omissions. and specifications are subject to change without notice.

range of colour filters and diffusion materials


Supergel, the premier

for entertainment lighting

Rosco has been a leading producer and innovator of colour filter products since early in the 20th century. Its premier range, Supergel, is manufactured using a unique technology to ensure the longest possible life under hot theatrical lights. Three discrete layers are combined in a tri-extrusion process, the finished film being composed of 3 mils of colour sealed between two clear protective layers for a total thickness of 4 mils (4 thousandths of an inch). The excellent performance on a light of this filter is a function of both the higher temperature resistance of the base polymer combined with the unique assembly of sealing the colour core between clear layers. For the colour to fade by subliminating, the dye molecules must migrate out of the body-coloured internal layer and then through the clear sealing layer. One other advantage of Rosco’s extrusion process is that the filter is not oriented during manufacturing. Typically, large plastic manufacturing plants will extrude a thicker gauge of plastic than the desired finished thickness. As it is extruded, the thicker film is pulled and stretched down to its final thickness. The stretching orients the plastic, and under the heat of a spotlight, the film will try to shrink back to its original shape. Polyester is an oriented film and these stress distortions are quite apparent on colour frames of hot lights and will create significant problems when used in colour scrollers. Because Supergel is extruded to its finished gauge without orienting, these problems do not occur. In any colour filter the dye eventually migrates away from the hottest area. The rate at which the filter fades is

a function of the stability of the dye employed and the process used to add the dye to the base plastic. Obviously, when simply coated on the surface, a dye will sublimate from the base in to the air as a gas more easily than a dye which is sealed into a colour core. Durability is an important consideration to the filter user for several reasons. A filter which lasts longer must be replaced less often and, therefore, is more economical. Longer lasting filters can also be relied upon to perform longer on lights in inaccessible positions. There are over 130 colours in the Supergel range and nearly 30 diffusion materials. Each colour is available at professional lighting dealers everywhere in sheets that are 50cm x 61cm or in rolls that are 61cm x 7.62m. Supergel complies with European non-flammability tests: UK France Spain Austrial Germany Italy

BS3944 Part 1 M1 M2 MA39 B1 (DIN 4102-01) C1

Be sure to have on hand a current edition of the Supergel swatchbook available free at most dealers.




SUPERGEL Supergel Colours No. 00 01 02 03 04 304 05 305 06 07 09 10 11 312 13 14 15 317 318 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 30 31 32 332 33 35 36 336 337 39 339 40 342 43 343 344

Colour Clear Light Bastard Amber Bastard Amber Dark Bastard Amber Medium Bastard Amber Pale Apricot Rose Tint Rose Gold No Color Straw Pale Yellow Pale Amber Gold Medium Yellow Light Straw Canary Straw Tint Medium Straw Deep Straw Apricot Mayan Sun Fire Medium Amber Golden Amber Deep Amber Orange Scarlet Orange Red Light Red Medium Red Light Salmon Pink Salmon Pink Medium Salmon Pink Cherry Rose No Color Pink Light Pink Medium Pink Billington Pink True Pink Skelton Exotic Sangria Broadway Pink Light Salmon Rose Pink Deep Pink Neon Pink Follies Pink

No. 45 46 346 47 48 49 349 50 351 52 53 54 55 355 56 356 57 357 58 358 59 359 61 62 63 363 64 65 66 67 367 68 69 70 370 71 72 73 371 372 373 74 76 78 79 80

Colour Rose Magenta Tropical Magenta Light Rose Purple Rose Purple Medium Purple Fisher Fuchsia Mauve Lavender Mist Light Lavender Pale Lavender Special Lavender Lilac Pale Violet Gypsy Lavender Middle Lavender Lavender Royal Lavender Deep Lavender Rose Indigo Indigo Medium Violet Mist Blue Booster Blue Pale Blue Aquamarine Light Steel Blue Daylight Blue Cool Blue Light Sky Blue Slate Blue Sky Blue Brilliant Blue Nile Blue Italian Blue Sea Blue Azure Blue Peacock Blue Theatre Booster 1 Theatre Booster 2 Theatre Booster 3 Night Blue Light Green Blue Trudy Blue Bright Blue Primary Blue

No. 81 82 382 83 383 84 85 385 86 386 388 89 389 90 91 93 94 95 395 96 398

Colour Urban Blue Surprise Blue Congo Blue Medium Blue Sapphire Blue Zephyr Blue Deep Blue Royal Blue Pea Green Leaf Green Gaslight Green Moss Green Chroma Green Dark Yellow Green Primary Green Blue Green Kelly Green Medium Blue Green Teal Green Lime Neutral Grey

Supergel Diffusion A range of filters in the stable Supergel base, designed to alter the shadow characteristics or the beam shape of light.

No. 100 101 104 113 114 119 120 121


Name Frost Light Frost Tough Silk Matte Silk Hamburg Frost Light Hamburg Frost Red Diffusion Blue Diffusion

No. 122 124 125 126 127 132 160

Name Green Diffusion Red Cyc Silk Blue Cyc Silk Green Cyc Silk Amber Cyc Silk 1 â „4 Hamburg Frost Light Tough Silk

Sheets: 50 x 61 cm Rolls: 61 cm x 7.62 m

E-colour + is Rosco’s comprehensive system of European colour filters for theatre, live entertainment, television and film production. E-colour+ is a collection of filters for all world markets especially those familiar with the traditional colour effects, diffusion, reflection and correction names and numbering system. E-colour+ is manufactured by simply coating a plastic film base. Polyester film (PET) is widely used as a base material for colouring since it is relatively inexpensive and will accept coatings of solvent based colouring agents. Since no heat is involved in the process, dyes used do not necessarily need to be heat resistant. Coated polyester filters begin as a roll of clear film which is then “painted” with a dye solution on one or both sides. The coated surface may be identified by simply applying a solvent, like nail polish remover, and the dye and lacquer carrier will dissolve. The filters are manufactured under an advanced colour management system, giving high consistency and


E-colour+ is Rosco’s comprehensive system of European colour filters for all production

quality control. E-colour+filters, which now includes the new 5000 series of 25 additional colours, are available in 1.22m x 7.62m rolls as well as 61cm x 53cm and 1.22m x 53cm sheets. 216 and 480 are also available in wide width rolls 1.52m x 7.62m. E-colour+ complies with non-flamability test; BS 3944 part 1.

Surface Coated



E-COLOUR+ E-Colour+


Rosco’s comprehensive system of European colour filters. E-Colour+ includes different filters and materials for colour correction, colour effects, diffusion and reflection. They’re manufactured with the latest dye formulations and bonding technology to assure the highest levels of reliability and performance. E-Colour+ filters are available in 1.22m x 7.62m rolls, as well as 61cm x 53cm and 1.22m x 53cm sheets. COLOUR CORRECTION FILTER 201 281 202 203 218 200 204 285 205 206 223 207 208 298 209 210 211 299 212 213

Full CT Blue Three Quarter CT Blue Half CT Blue Quarter CT Blue Eighth CT Blue Double CT Blue Full CT Orange Three Quarter CT Orange Half CT Orange Quarter CT Orange Eighth CT Orange CT Orange +.3 Neutral Density CT Orange +.6 Neutral Density .15 Neutral Density (1⁄2 stop) .3 Neutral Density (1 stop) .6 Neutral Density (2 stops) .9 Neutral Density (3 stops) 1.2 Neutral Density (4 stops) L.C.T. Yellow WF Green

236 219 241 242 243 244 245 246 278 247 248 249 279 226 130 441 442 443 444

HMI to Tungsten Fluorescent Green Fluorescent 5700°K Fluorescent 4300°K Fluorescent 3600°K Plus Green Half Plus Green Quarter Plus Green Eighth Plus Green Minus Green Half Minus Green Quarter Minus Green Eighth Minus Green U.V. Filter Clear Full CT Straw Half CT Straw Quarter CT Straw Eighth CT Straw

257 * 480 * 481 * 482 217 224 225 228 129 220 221

Quarter Hanover Frost Full Atlantic Frost Half Atlantic Frost Quarter Atlantic Frost Blue Diffusion Daylight Blue Frost Neutral Density Frost Brushed Silk Heavy Frost White Frost Blue Frost

DIFFUSION MATERIALS 214 215 229 216 416 250 450 251 252 452 253 256

Full Tough Spun Half Tough Spun Quarter Spun White Diffusion Three Quarter White Half White Diffusion Three Eighths White Quarter White Diffusion Eighth White Diffusion One Sixteenth White Hanover Frost Half Hanover Frost


Scrim Mirror Silver Soft Gold Reflector Soft Silver Reflector

COLOUR EFFECTS FILTERS 002 003 004 007 008 009 010 013 015 017 019 020 021


Rose Pink Lavender Tint Medium Bastard Amber Pale Yellow Dark Salmon Pale Amber Gold Medium Yellow Straw Tint Deep Straw Surprise Peach Fire Medium Amber Gold Amber

022 024 025 026 027 * 029 035 036 039

Dark Amber Scarlet Sunset Red Bright Red Medium Red Plasa Red Light Pink Medium Pink Pink Carnation

046 052 058 061 063 *068 071 075 079 * 085 088 089 090 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 113 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 124 126 127 128 131 132 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 147 148 151 152 153 154 156 157 158 159 161 162 164 165 166 169 170 172 174 176 179 180 181

Dark Magenta Light Lavender Lavender Mist Blue Pale Blue Sky Blue Tokyo Blue Evening Blue Just Blue Deeper Blue Lime Green Moss Green Dark Yellow Green Spring Yellow Yellow Light Amber Straw Deep Amber Orange Primary Red Light Rose English Rose Light Salmon Middle Rose Dark Pink Magenta Peacock Blue Medium Blue Green Steel Blue Light Blue Dark Blue Deep Blue Leaf Green Fern Green Dark Green Mauve Smokey Pink Bright Pink Marine Blue Medium Blue Golden Amber Deep Golden Amber Pale Lavender Special Lavender Pale Green Primary Green Summer Blue Bright Blue Pale Violet Pale Navy Blue No Color Blue Apricot Bright Rose Gold Tint Pale Gold Pale Salmon Pale Rose Chocolate Pink Deep Orange No Color Straw Slate Blue Bastard Amber Flame Red Daylight Blue Pale Red Lilac Tint Deep Lavender Lagoon Blue Dark Steel Blue Loving Amber Chrome Orange Dark Lavender Congo Blue

182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 322 323 325 327 328 332 341 343 344 345 352 353 354 363 366 *5017 *5018 *5041 *5042 *5047 *5059 *5077 *5201 *5202 *5205 *5207 *5209 *5318 *5321 *5376 *5378 *5423 *5426 *5429 *5431 *5433 *5436 *5439 *5489 *5499

Light Red Moonlight Blue Cosmetic Peach Cosmetic Burgundy Cosmetic Silver Rose Cosmetic Rouge Cosmetic Highlight Cosmetic Silver Moss Cosmetic Emerald Cosmetic Aqua Blue Flesh Pink Rosy Amber Surprise Pink Zenith Blue True Blue Alice Blue Palace Blue Soft Green Jade Mallard Green Forest Green Follies Pink Special Rose Pink Plum Special Medium Lavender Violet Fuchsia Pink Glacier Blue Lighter Blue Special Steel Blue Special Medium Blue Cornflower Light Flame Flame Salmon Deep Salmon Light Rose Purple Indigo Green Blue New Schubert Pink Max Blue Turquoise Lyric Blue Dewberry Mayan Sun Soft Golden Amber Bermuda Blue Twilight Blue Barely Blue Blueberry Lapis Blue White Cap Surf Blue Capri Blue Riviera Blue Sunset Pink Hyacinth


COLOUR FILTERS Four Swatchbooks. One Cover. Hundreds of Choices for the Film or Video Professional. Rosco’s Cinegel swatchbook has changed. It now includes four of the ranges described in the pages that follow. Cinegel, the original Academy Award winning collection of such basic light control filters as CTBs, CTOs, Straws, Diffusions, etc. But we’ve added CalColor, the system of33 filters geared to the spectral sensitivity of colour film. And the Storaro Selection, ten saturated colours created by master cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, as well as Cinelux - colours that are available in rolls that are 1.22m wide and 7.62m long. The result is a big selection for filmmakers, photographers and video or television professionals, all organised in a single swatchbook.

But even that doesn’t include all the products in the pages that follow. You’ll find here the new Rosco Cookies to create patterned light for filmmakers, Cinefoil to absorb or hide light, and much, much more. Rosco Cinegel is a deep dyed polyester filter.




COLOUR CORRECTION Daylight Conversion Filters AMBER–RoscoSun Daylight Conversion Filters are a range of amber filters that lower colour temperature as needed. Although typically used on daylight 5500°K sources to balance with tungsten, the range offers a multitude of technical and aesthetic colour correction possibilities. The material is deep-dyed for heat stability and superior colour transmission. All materials are 1.22m x 7.62m. No. No. No. No. No. No.

3407 34112 3408 3409 3410 3420

RoscoSun RoscoSun RoscoSun RoscoSun RoscoSun RoscoSun

CTO ⁄4 CTO 1 ⁄2 CTO 1 ⁄4 CTO 1 ⁄8 CTO Double CTO 3

Converts Converts Converts Converts Converts Converts

5500°K daylight to a 5500°K daylight to a 5500°K daylight to a 5500°K daylight to a 5500°K daylight to a 10,000°K daylight to

nominal 2900°K nominal 3200°K nominal 3800°K nominal 4500°K nominal 4900°K a nominal 2400°K

STRAW–RoscoStraw Daylight Conversion Filters are a series of yellowish amber filters that lower colour temperature as needed. The series is offered as a yellower version of the traditional CTO series and is calibrated to the same colour correction and transmission properties. The material is deep-dyed for heat stability and superior colour transmission. All materials are 122 cm x 7.6 m. No. No. No. No.

3441 3442 3443 3444

Full Straw (CTS) Half Straw (1⁄2 CTS) Quarter Straw (1⁄4 CTS) Eighth Straw (1⁄8 CTS)

Converts Converts Converts Converts

5500°K 5500°K 5500°K 5500°K


daylight daylight daylight daylight

to to to to

a a a a

nominal nominal nominal nominal

2900°K 3800°K 4500°K 4900°K


Tungsten Conversion Filters Tungsten Conversion Filters are a range of blue filters that raise colour temperature as needed. Although typically used on tungsten-halogen sources to balance with daylight, the range offers a multitude of technical and aesthetic colour correction possibilities. The material is deep-dyed for heat stability and superior colour transmission. Rolls are 1.22m x 7.62 m. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.


3202 3203 3204 3206 3208 3216 3220

Full Blue (CTB) Three Quarter Blue (3⁄4 CTB) Half Blue (1⁄2 CTB) Third Blue (1⁄3 CTB) Quarter Blue (1⁄4 CTB) Eighth Blue (1⁄8 CTB) Double Blue (2X CTB)

Boosts Boosts Boosts Boosts Boosts Boosts Boosts

3200°K 3200°K 3200°K 3200°K 3200°K 3200°K 2800°K

to to to to to to to

nominal nominal nominal nominal nominal nominal nominal

5500°K daylight 4700°K daylight 4100°K daylight 3800°K daylight 3500°K daylight 3300°K daylight 10,000°K daylight

Fluorescent Light Filters Standard U.S. Cool White fluorescent bulbs offer a good approximation of daylight except for their distinct green cast. When Cool White fluorescents are encountered in film or video, two colour correction techniques are available: either balance all other sources to the fluorescents, or balance the fluorescents to the reference source. All rolls are 1.22m x 7.62 m. No. 3304 Tough Plusgreen

Adds green to natural and artificial daylight sources to balance with US Cool White or Daylight type fluorescents. To be used with overall correction at the lens or in the lab Deep dyed base. Equivalent to CC30 Green.

No. 3315 Tough 1⁄2 Plusgreen

Adds partial green to Daylight and 3200°K sources for balancing with fluorescents and discharge lamps. Equivalent to CC15 Green

No. 3316 Tough 1⁄4 Plusgreen

Adds partial green to daylight and 3200°K sources for balancing with fluorescents and discharge lamps. Equivalent to CC075 Green.

No. 3317 Tough ⁄8 Plusgreen

Adds partial green to daylight and 3200°K sources for balancing with fluorescents and discharge lamps. Equivalent to CC035 Green.

No. 3308 Tough Minusgreen

Converts White or Daylight type fluorescent lamps to 5500°K photographic daylight by removing the excess green. Deep dyed base. Equivalent to CC30 Magenta.


No. 3313 Tough 1⁄2 Minusgreen

Reduces the green output from fluorescents and other discharge sources. Deep-dyed base. Equivalent to CC15 Magenta.

No. 3314 Tough 1⁄4 Minusgreen

Reduces the green output from fluorescents and other discharge sources. Deep dyed base. Equivalent to CC075 Magenta.

No. 3318 Tough 1⁄8 Minusgreen

Reduces green output from fluorescents and other discharge sources. Equivalent to CC035 Magenta.

No. 3310 Fluorofilter

Converts U.S. Cool White to Daylight type fluorescent lamps to 3200°K photographic tungsten and removes the excess green. Deep dyed base.

No. 3311 Fluorofilter Sleeves

Same as 3310 in 1.21m sleeves for covering lamps.

Filters for Controlling Carbon Arc and HMI Lighinng A traditional range of filters is also available for Carbon Arc and HMI correction. These filters are all designed to reduce colour temperature in discrete steps. Rolls are 1.22m x 7.62 m.



No. 3107 Tough Y1 Pale straw filter standard in US for use on HMI or white flame arcs to absorb UV and reduce Kelvin for daylight balance. Deep dyed base. No. 3106 Tough MTY A single filter combining MT2 and Y-1 for correcting 5500°K white flame arcs and HMI to 3200°K. Deep dyed base No. 3102 Tough MT2 Used in combination with Y1 for correcting 5500°K white flame arcs and HMI to 3200°K. Also used as an amber conversion filter for arcs and HMI. Deep dyed base. No. 3134 Tough MT54 A straw correction for white flame arcs and HMI Deep dyed base. No. 3114 Tough UV Filter A virtually clear filter that absorbs 90% of UV wavelengths below 390nm. Absorbs excess UV output of arcs and HMI with minimal colour temperature shift. Deep dyed base.

Most Cinegel Products Are Available in Sheets 50cm x 61cm



COLOUR CORRECTION Sun 85 and Neutral Density Filters These filters are usually applied to windows for colour correction and/or light intensity reduction. RoscoSun 85 is an amber filter that lowers the colour temperature of daylight to balance with 3200°K sources. Rosco Neutral Density Filters reduce the level of exterior light and bring it within the exposure range of interior light levels. Two additional RoscoSun materials combine Sun 85 conversion with Neutral Density reduction. All materials are deep-dyed for optical clarity. Except as noted, all materials are extra wide 1.52m x 6.10m. No. 3401

Cinedichro™ Cinedichro™ filters are extremely durable, heat resistant dichroic filters. Cinedichro™ has been engineered to provide true, accurate colour correction, precisely matching industry standards for colour balancing daylight and tungsten light sources. Cinedichro™ filters can be used on most motion picture lighting fixtures - even 6K pars - and have a maximum diameter of 34.2cm. Please contact Rosco for more information on using Cinedichro™ filters with specific fixtures. Price according to size. Call for details. No. 05329210 No. 05329410 No. 05329810 No. 05349710 No. 05349810 No. 05349910 No. 05343026 No. 0580008

Cinedichro™ Full Blue CTB Cinedichro™ 1⁄2 Blue CTB Cinedichro™ 1⁄4 Blue CTB Cinedichro™ Full CTO Cinedichro™ 1⁄2 CTO Cinedichro™ 1⁄4 CTO Cinedichro™ White Diffusion IR/UV Filter

Acrylic Panels

No. 3415

No. 3402

No. 3403

No. 3404

No. 3405

No. 3406

Daylight Control are available in 1.22m x 2.44m and 1.52m x 3m acrylic sheets for daylight correction or light intensity reduction. They offer quick set-up, easy handling and multiple re-use. No. 3421 No. 3761 Roscolex 85

Optically clear acrylic panel. Converts 5500°K to a nominal 3200°K. No. 3751 Roscolex 1⁄2 CTO Optically clear acrylic panel. Converts 5500°K to a nominal 3800°K. No. 3762 Roscolex N.3 Optically clear acrylic panel. Reduces light intensity one stop. No. 3763 Roscolex N.6 Optically clear acrylic panel. Reduces light intensity two stops. No. 3764 Roscolex N.9 Optically clear acrylic panel. Reduces light intensity three stops. 3761 and 3751 also available in 1.3m x 2.54m


No. 3809

RoscoSun 85 Converts 5500°K daylight to a nominal 3200°K. Rosco N.15 Reduces light intensity one half stop. Rosco N.3 Reduces light intensity one stop. Rosco N.6 Reduces light intensity two stops. Rosco N.9 Reduces light intensity three stops. RoscoSun 85N.3 Reduces light intensity one stop and converts daylight to a nominal 3200°K. RoscoSun 85N.6 Reduces light intensity two stops and converts daylight to a nominal 3200°K. BlackScrim Perforated material, black on both sides. Reduces light intensity two stops with no effect on Kelvin. Rolls (1.22m x 7.6 m). RoscoScrim Similar to BlackScrim above, with black side functioning as two stop neutral density scrim. Rolls (1.22m x 7.6 m).

Diffusion Materials





With over 20 different materials, Rosco offers the broadest range of diffusion available. A wide variety of effects is possible, ranging from the slightest “feathering” of a beam edge, to the creation of a broad shadowless expanse. Diffusion materials are included in Rosco’s Cinegel range. You’ll find samples of each of these materials in Rosco’s Cinegel swatchbook. Except as noted, all materials are 1.22 m x 7.62 m . No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

3002 3023 3004 3014 3030 3032 3034 3000 3001 3006 3007 3022 3008 3009 3010 3020 3011 3015 3026 3027 3028 3029 3040 3060 3062 3064



Soft Frost Wide Soft Frost (1.83m x 7.62m) Half Density Soft Frost Hilite (1.37m x 6.7m) Grid Cloth (1.22m x 7.62m) Light Grid Cloth (1.22m x 7.62m) 1 ⁄4 Grid Cloth (1.37m x 6.7m) Tough Rolux Light Tough Rolux Tough Spun Light Tough Spun 1/4 Tough Spun Tough Frost Light Tough Frost Opal Tough Frost Light Opal Tough Frost Tough Silk Light Tough Silk Tough White Diffusion 1 ⁄2 Tough White Diffusion 1 ⁄4 Tough White Diffusion Silent Frost Powder Frost Silent Grid Cloth™ (1.52m x 6.10m) Silent Light Grid Cloth™ (1.52m x 6.10m) Silent Quarter Grid Cloth (1.52 x 6.10m)

Most Diffusion Materials Are Available in Sheets - 50cm x 61cm

The photos above illustrate how Rosco diffusers can enhance an image. The top photo was taken with no diffusion in the frame. The light source, diffusion position, dolls and shadow-casting film reel were constant in all the photos. Notice how differently Tough Silk, Tough Frost and Opal Tough Frost altered the shadows.




CalColor™ Calibrated Color by Rosco is a series of colour effects lighting filters designed specifically to the spectral sensitivity of colour film. The series includes the primary colours Blue, Green and Red, along with the secondary colours Yellow, Magenta and Cyan and the intermediary colours Pink and Lavender. Each colour is designed in four densities: 15, 30, 60 and 90, corresponding to the familiar 1⁄2, 1, 2 and 3 stop calibrations. In colour photography, three light-sensitive emulsion layers separately record the individual blue, green and red components of the spectrum. CalColor filters adjust the transmission of these colour components at the individual light source in a familiar and reliable manner. As a result, the cinematographer can exercise selective and predictable control over the image’s colouration as rendered by the film. CalColor filters are part of Rosco’s Cinegel range and you’ll find samples of each filter in the Cinegel swatchbook. 50cm x 61cm Sheets and 1.22m x 7.62m Rolls

CalColor Kit The CalColor Kit consists of 25cm x 30cm sheets of each of the 33 colours in the CalColor range. Also included is a technical brochure and reference swatchbook. The kit is packaged in a handy storage pouch.

Academy Award Winner 1999

No. No. No. No.

224215 224230 224260 224290

15 30 60 90

Blue Blue Blue Blue

(1⁄2 (1 (2 (3

stop) stop) stop) stop)

No. No. No. No. No.

224307 224315 224330 224360 224390

07 15 30 60 90

Cyan Cyan Cyan Cyan Cyan

No. No. No. No.

224415 224430 224460 224490

15 30 60 90

Green Green Green Green

(1⁄2 (1 (2 (3

stop) stop) stop) stop)

No. No. No. No.

224515 224530 224560 224590

15 30 60 90

Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow

(1⁄2 (1 (2 (3

stop) stop) stop) stop)

No. No. No. No.

224615 224630 224660 224690

15 30 60 90

Red Red Red Red

stop) stop) stop) stop)

No. No. No. No.

224715 224730 224760 224790

15 30 60 90

Magenta Magenta Magenta Magenta

No. No. No. No.

224815 224830 224860 224890

15 30 60 90

Pink Pink Pink Pink

No. No. No. No.

224915 224930 224960 224990

15 30 60 90

Lavender Lavender Lavender Lavender

(1⁄4 (1⁄2 (1 (2 (3

(1⁄2 (1 (2 (3

(1⁄2 (1 (2 (3

stop) stop) stop) stop) stop)

(1⁄2 (1 (2 (3

stop) stop) stop) stop)

stop) stop) stop) stop) (1⁄2 (1 (2 (3

stop) stop) stop) stop)

No. 224010

The CalColor System is patent pending.


Cinelux™ Cinelux is a selection of colour effects filters from the Roscolux range which are produced in rolls 1.22m x 7.62m. They are ideally suited for film and television production where larger lighting fixtures are used, and where colour is often mounted on large frames. Cinelux filters are now included in Rosco’s Cinegel range and you’ll find samples of all these products in the Cinegel swatchbook.

Three time Academy Award winner Vittorio Storaro is universally acknowledged to be among the giants of feature film cinematography. Specially noted for his sensitive use of colour in film, he won Oscars for “The Last Emperor”, “Reds” and “Apocalypse Now”.

The Storaro Selection™ Ten colour effects lighting filters designed to the personal specifications of eminent cinematographer Vittorio Storaro. These ten colours represent key chromatic elements of the visible spectrum, and are intended for dramatic effect and strong emotional response. Rolls are 1.22m x 7.62m

2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

02 06 08 310 12 16 17 18 318 21 321 23 26 33 333 34 37 41 42 44 47 51 59 60

Bastard Amber No Color Straw Pale Gold Daffodil Straw Light Amber Light Flame Flame Mayan Sun Golden Amber Soft Golden Amber Orange Light Red No Color Pink Blush Pink Flesh Pink Pale Rose Pink Salmon Deep Salmon Middle Rose Lt. Rose Purple Surprise Pink Indigo No Color Blue

360 62 362 364 65 365 376 77 378 80 83 87 88 89 91 92 93 97 397 98 99

Clearwater Booster Blue Tipton Blue Blue Bell Daylight Blue Tharon Delft Blue Bermuda Blue Green Blue Alice Blue Primary Blue Medium Blue Pale Yellow Green Light Green Moss Green Primary Green Turquoise Blue Green Light Grey Pale Grey Medium Grey Chocolate



VS-Red VS-Orange VS-Yellow VS-Green VS-Cyan VS-Azure VS-Blue VS-Indigo VS-Violet VS-Magenta



OTHER FILTERS Super Heat Shield™ Heat Shield is an extremely heat resistant plastic that acts as a barrier, blocking the heat of a fixture. For maximum efficiency, a minimum 2.5cm air space must be maintained between the Heat Shield and the colour filter. No. 1991

Sheets: 50cm x 61cm

No. 19912

Rolls: 61cm x 15.24m

No. 19911

1/2 Rolls: 61cm x 7.62m

No. 19913

Manufactured on a 7 mil. polyester base, Thermashield uses an advanced reflective coating to reflect infrared energy, preventing the colour filter from absorbing IR energy as heat. It is imperative that Thermashield be installed with the reflective coating towards the lamp. A sticker indicates which side is coated. If the sticker is missing, viewing Thermashield on edge will indicate a slight iridescence on the coated side. Alternately, the coated side is electrically conductive. Use an ohm meter to determine which side is coated. The coating is fragile, and easily damaged. Avoid rough handling or fingerprints as this will reduce the effectiveness of the filter. While Thermashield is extremely effective protecting colour filters from light sources that are IR rich, the polyester base limits its use to fixtures of 1000 watts or less (1250 watts at 240V). It is not suited for extremely hot light sources such as xenon or HMI. No. 199510 No. 199511

30cm x 30cm 50cm x 61cm

Wide Rolls 1.22m x 7.62m

UV Filter™

Safety Frames™

Rosco UV Filter effectively extends the life of your colour filter, by absorbing the damaging ultraviolet energy that can prematurely fade dyes. While it is not possible to determine the length of time a filter will last without fading, using the UV Filter will extend the life of unprotected gel by three times or better. This is especially useful in T8 fluorescent lamps. No.31141

Sheets: 50cm x 61cm

No. 3114

Rolls: 61cm x 15.24

No. 311413

Rolls: 1.22m x 7.62m

No. 33110

UV Filter Sleeve

Storage Drawers Heavy gauge two-inch deep corrugated drawer and sleeve that accepts 50 x 61cm sheets of Rosco colour filters. Shipped completely assembled. Packed six to a case. No. 08601 Storage Drawers (set of 6)

Available by special order only




A replacement for hazardous metal colour frames falling from the grid. Made from FRP, an Underwriter’s Laboratories approved flame retardant fiberboard. The material remains cool for safe handling and has a UL94 Flammability Classification of 94V-0. Add to Product No. 88862010 88862110 88862210 88862310 88862410

Frame Size 10.79cm 19.05cm 24.76cm 11.43cm 15.87cm

Lens Size 8.41cm 14.92cm 19.69cm 9.53cm 12.70cm

for ETC Source 4 and Altman Shakespeare fixtures

A popular choice for lighting situations where cooler incandescent lights are used. It offers a wide range of saturated colours that are widely used by graphic artists and others in the display industry. Sheets: 50cm x 61cm Rolls: 61cm x 15.24m

Available by special order only

Butterflies and Overheads A number of Cinegel materials are available to fit the standard butterfly and overhead frames used in motion picture and television production. All materials are supplied edge-finished with binding and grommets on 0.61cm centres. 1.82m sq. measures 1.76m sq., 3.65m sq. measures 3.6m sq.; 6.1m sq. measures 6m sq.

Roscopaks™ Roscopak materials are light in weight, yet strong and durable. These materials can be taped or tacked to virtually any wall, ceiling or panel to turn that area into an efficient reflector. Each Roscopak measures 1.2 x 1.4 m, and is packaged in a handy pocket size pouch. No. 35850210

Roscopak S/W (silver/white)

No. 35850910

Roscopak S/G (silver/gold)

DIFFUSION 3014 and 3029 have an ultrasonic welded seam every 122cm. 3030, 3032, and 3034 have a sewn hem. See Cinegel swatchbook for product details. No. 3029 No. 3030 No. 3032 No. 3034 No. 3060 No. 3062 No. 3014

Polarizing Filter

Silent Frost Grid Cloth Light Grid Cloth 1 ⁄4 Grid Cloth Silent Grid Cloth™ Silent Light Grid Cloth™ Hilite

Reflection Media

This neutral grey linear polarizing film is used in front of lights to reduce the glare caused by smooth surfaces such as glass, water, paper and certain metallic objects. Especially effective when used in conjunction with a polarizing filter at the lens (cross polarization). Should be placed at a slight distance from hot lights. No. 730011

Sheet: 48cm x 51cm

No. 730012

Roll: 48cm x 3.05m

No. 730013

Roll 48cm x 15.24m




Rosco’s reflector materials offer a wide variety of choices for surfacing reflector boards or for use wherever reflected light is required. The product designation generally indicates the quality of the reflection. Rosco’s Cinegel swatchbook should be consulted for details. Rolls are 122cm x 7.6m. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

3801 3802 3803 3804 3805 3830 3808 3809 3812 392502 392702

Roscoflex M (mirror) Roscoflex H (hard) Roscoflex S (soft) Roscoflex SS (supersoft) Roscoflex G (gold tinted) Spun Silver Featherflex S/W (silver/white) RoscoScrim (perforated silver/black) Featherflex S/G (silver/gold) Thin Mirror - S (1.37m x 9.15m) Thin Mirror - G (1.37m x 9.15m)

Rosco are pleased to announce the introduction of a new grid cloth. A durable, lightweight, waterproof fabric which is wide width and fully flame retardant. Available in two colourways: White-Black: The white side offers a soft bounce surface, while the black side is suitable as an opaque, light-blocking material. The material can be easily sewn or grommetted to create larger sizes. Silver-Black The silver side offers a soft reflector surface, while the black side can be used as an opaque, light-blocking material, this can also be sewn or grommetted. No. 3840 White-Black No. 3842 Silver-Black

Sheet 50cm x 61cm Sheet 50cm x 61cm

Roll 1.52m x 6m Roll 1.52m x 6m 15


ACCESSORIES Rosco Cookies™ Rosco Cookies are the modern version of the familiar cucolorus, a large-format, wooden cut-out used to cast shadows and textures in film light. Rosco Cookies are 1.21m x 1.21m plastic cucoloruses designed to be mounted in a standard 1.21m x 1.21m frame. The images are printed onto clear film using heat resistant inks. They can be used alone, like traditional cucoloruses, or layered together for more complex lighting effects. Or attach them from the top edge only and gently wave the Cookie to create moving, dappled animations for fire or water effects. Available in 6 different designs, the Rosco Cookie is lightweight and easy to use, and can be rolled for convenient storage. Sold individually, in sets of 4 identical designs, or as an assorted pack. It is anticipated that creative technicians will prefer to design patterns for specific situations. Custom images can be produced. Contact your Rosco dealer for ordering details. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

105448054KIT 105448064KIT 105447354KIT 105447744KIT 105449604KIT 105446644KIT 105449994848

A specially designed optical film kit for colour correction of video monitors. Kit comes complete with two 1.52m x 121cm sheets of optically clear colour correction film, together with applicators for proper handling and instructions for installation. The film is designed to lower the monitor colour temperature, normally in excess of 6000° Kelvin, allowing a technician to balance the monitor to standard studio Tungsten light sources.


Water Reflections 10544664 4848

Breakup 10544805 4848

Open Breakup 10544806 4848

Tree Breakup 10544774 4848

Flames 10544960 4848

Breakup Open Breakup Bare Branches Tree Breakup Flames Water Reflections Assorted Pack (one each of 6 designs)

Video Monitor Correction Kit

No. 35820410

Bare Branches 10544735 4848

Monitor Film Kit

Lighting in the Real World Videotape This comprehensive video is hosted by Emmy Award winner Dick Reizner, and produced by the Emmy Award winning team of Sandra and Joe Consentino. It offers dozens of practical tips for lighting everywhere, in the studio, in a factory, in a warehouse, in an office or wherever videotapes are shot. No. 3580600010 “Lighting in the Real World” (65-minutes, 1⁄2" VHS)



Diffusion Kit

Colour Correction Kit This kit permits the colour correction of virtually all mixed-light sources found on location. There are sixteen 25cm x 30cm filters for light source colour correction. Materials include a range of blue and amber balancing filters along with a selection of green and magenta colour compensating filters.

Diffusion materials help control the character of the lighting in each scene. Rosco’s range is offered in closely graded steps so the photographer can select the exact diffusion material for each situation. There are thirteen 25cm x 30cm Rosco diffusion materials packaged in this kit. No. 302010

Diffusion Kit

No. 32901210 Colour Correction Kit

Colour Effects Kit The ten colour filters in this kit are selected from the range of over 300 colours which Rosco produces for theatre, film and television. Each of the sheets of colour is 25cm x 30cm and deep-dyed on a heat resistant base. They are ideal for the lights used in most video productions. No. 35852510

Color Effects Kit

Rosco Colour Poster

Cinegel Sampler Kit For a free copy of the Colour Poster, simply contact your local Rosco office or dealer.

This is an all-purpose selection of the most popular Cinegel products. There are fifteen 25cm x 30cm Rosco light control materials for the photographer. Included are materials for diffusion, reflection, colour effects and mixed-light colour correction (strobes, tungsten, “hotlights”, or cool white fluorescents). No. 32901010 Cinegel Sampler Kit



OTHER FILTERS Fluorescent Sleeves™ For simple and economical control of fluorescent lighting, Roscosleeves can be supplied in any Rosco filter colour - Supergel, E-coloiur+ or Cinegel. Not recommended for use with High Output or Very High Output lamps. T8 Sleeves come standard with UV filter in addition to the colour selected. T8 x 1.22m T8 x 2.44m T12 x 1.22m T12 x 2.44m T5 x 1.22m } Available by special T5 x 2.44m } order only


ChromaTube Sleeves Available by special order, ChromaTube sleeves are bodycoloured, extruded polycarbonate sleeves. Matched to virtually any Rosco filter colour, these inherently coloured sleeves are simple to install and maintain. A UV absorber is added to the extrusion to extend the colour life and prevent fading. Minimum order of 500 pieces per colour Available in sizes T12, T8 or T5 in 1.22m and 2.44m lengths, or cusom lengths upon request.

Matte Black Cinefoil™ Matte Black Cinefoil is a matte black aluminium material that virtually soaks up light. Ideal for masking light leaks and/or eliminating unwanted reflections. It can be quickly molded to form barndoors, flags and other configurations. Lightweight, yet durable, Cinefoil can be quickly positioned in place with tape, staples or adhesives. No. 360112 No. 360113 No. 360114

Matte Black Cinefoil Matte Black Cinefoil Matte Black Cinefoil

61cm x 7.62m 30cm x 15.5m 1.22m x 7.62m

Supergel swatchbooks have been, for many years, the lighting designer’s favorite tool for colour filter selection. Available at Rosco dealers everywhere, the swatchbooks contain samples of every Supergel colour and its transmission chart. All Rosco swatchbooks are dated and users are advised to have an up-to-date swatchbook on hand. No. 9910 No. 99018

Supergel Swatchbook Supergel Designer Colour Selector approximate size 7.5cm x 12 cm

The Cinegel swatchbook has now changed. It now includes four ranges - the original Cinegel, CalColor, The Storaro Selection and Cinelux. No. 993038N The E-colour+ swatchbook now includes 25 new colours (the 5000 sereis) No: 99064 (chromatic) No. 99064N (numeric) Designer Swatchbook No. 992939

Matte Black Photofoil™ Cinefoil™ is now available in convenient shorter lengths for the still photographers, videographers and students. Packaged in a protective polytube, Photofoil offers the same light control properties at an economical price, No: 10101001 1210 Matte Blck Photofoil 30cm x 3.48m No: 10101001 2410 Matte Black Photofoil 61cm x 3.48m 18

Permacolor Swatchbook. A 15cm x 8.5cm swatchbook containing filter approximations of the Rosco dichroic filter colours No. 950SBPRM0306

Permacolor Dichroic Filters Rosco’s range of Permacolor dichroic filters offers designers the opportunity to choose high quality dichroic glass colour filters that exactly match the colour sample, run after run, batch after batch. Rosco’s state-of-the-art US facility for manufacturing dichroic colour is geared to creating repeatable colours, either stock colours in one of Rosco’s two palettes, or custom colours you specify. There are two separate ranges of Permacolor standard colours, both available in sample kits. The Standard Series includes a choice of 24 mostly vivid and saturated colours. The Architectural Series is based on popular Supergel colours and contains more subtle, pale colour tints useful for accent lighting widely used in interior and exterior architectural lighting projects. This range also includes a series of colour correction filters to allow designers to alter the colour temperature of various light sources Sizes are avalable up to 342.9mm in diameter or 241.3mm square. STANDARD No. 056500 056100 055900 055600 055401 055200 054959 055156

COLOURS Colour Primary Red Flame Red Orange Medium Orange Amber Yellow Light Yellow Green Fern Green

No. 055055 054853 055700 055590 055400 055100 051080 054600

Colour Primary Green Turquoise Sea Blue Cyan Sky Blue Light Blue Green Primary Blue Medium Red Blue

No. 054200 053650 054965 054640 054763 054630 054758 051033



Colour Deep Purple UV “Woods Glass” Lavender Vivid Magenta Deep Magenta Hot Pink Medium Pink Light Pink

ARCHITECTURAL SERIES COLOURS No. 051337 051018 051002 051013 051012 051086 051073 051065 051062 051055 051054 051048 05329202 05329402 05329802 05349702 05349802 05349902 05343026 0580008

Colour Pale Pink Amber Blush Bastard Amber Goldenrod Bright Straw Industrial Green Peacock Blue Mediterranean Blue Booster Blue Lilac Lavender Accent Purple Fusion Cinedichro™ Full Blue CTB Cinedichro™ 1⁄ 2 Blue CTB Cinedichro™ 1⁄ 4 Blue CTB Cinedichro™ Full CTO Cinedichro™ 1⁄ 2 CTO Cinedichro™ 1⁄ 4 CTO Cinedichro™ White Diffusion IR/UV Filter (hot mirror)

PERMACOLOR FRAMES Permacolor Frames (with mesh as standard) available in the following sizes. 158mm x 158mm to take glass 133mm diameter. 190mm x 190mm to take glass 168mm diameter. 254mm x 254mm to take glass 168mm diameter.

Sample Kits No. 058816 The Permacolor Standard Series Sample Kit contains a sample filter of each of the 24 colours.

No.05882010 The Permacolor Architectural Series Sample Kit includes 12 colours, 6 colour correction filters, White Diffusion and IR/UV Filter. Permacolor Standard Series



PERMACOLOR™ Library Colors

Custom Colors

If you cannot find the colour you need in the standard colour range, we may have the colour you need in our Library Colors. Many non-stocking colours are available on the shelf for immediate purchase. These colours have been designed as custom colours or as gel matches and do not require a custom design charge. Contact Rosco for a list of available colours.

If your project requires a specific colour, Rosco will match the sample colour you provide. A custom design charge and minimum quantity requirements may apply. Please contact Rosco for more information.

Permacolor Technical Coatings The three Permacolor technical coatings are available in any size up to 342.9mm in diameter or 241.3mm square.

Permacolor Technical Information SPECIFICATIONS Glass: Borosilicate 1.75mm (1.1mm and 3.3mm by special order) Max. Peak Temperature: 450°C Max. Continuous Temperature: 200°C

IR/UV FILTER (HOT MIRROR) IR/UV filter is a clear glass filter designed to pass visible light while reflecting both the infrared and near UV energy. Perfect for museum and architectural applications.

INSTALLATION For best performance and durability, Permacolor filters must be installed with the coated side of the glass towards the light source. Viewing the filter on edge will help you determine which side of the glass is coated. Permacolor filters should be installed at 90° to the light path. Improperly installed filters may exhibit a colour shift. Permacolor filters should not be used with extreme wide angle (>40°) fixtures. In certain instances colour fringing towards the edges of the field of light may occur. This colour shift is cosmetic only, and will not otherwise affect the performance of the filter. Please test with your fixture to ensure acceptable results.

No. 058000

WOODS GLASS (COLD MIRROR) This dichroic cold mirror reflector passes near UV energy in the range of 365-400nm, reflecting most visible light energy. Applications for this reflector include filters for creating black light effects (requires a lamp with a high UV output, e.g. HMI discharge) or instrument mirrors that must allow UV energy to pass through them and not be reflected out of the fixture.


No. 053650


Permacolor 35055 Transmittance



UV BLOCKING FILTER UV Blocking filter reflects both near and far ultraviolet energy as far out as 250nm. Minimal colour shifting allows this protective filter to be used in a wide range of lighting and scientific applications.

20 Roscolux 91


No. 054000







560 640 520 600 680 500 540 580 620 660 700 Wavelength (nm)

This spectral distribution graph shows how polycarbonate colour filters, such as Supergel, differ from Permacolor dichroic filters—even when the colors are seemingly a “match”. Both types of filters transmit a specified portion of the spectrum. But Permacolor transmits a much narrower band (or purer, more saturated colour) than the equivalent in Supergel. In addition, Permacolor reflects the unwanted portions of the spectrum; polycarbonate filters absorb the unwanted portion of the spectrum. That’s why Permacolor can transmit upwards of 80% of the energy (or colour) and not deteriorate over time. With such high transmission, designers can get more light from a fixture with a Permacolor Dichroic Filter, or simply use fewer fixtures to get the amount of light they need.

GOBOS The Gobo Explosion continues .......

Three factors have led to the exploding use of gobos everywhere in the lighting design world. The first is the popularity of the new generation of lighting fixtures. These instruments, such as the ETC Source Four, Altman Shakespeare, Strand SL and Selecon Pacific, are superb gobo projectors and provide strong motivation for designers and technicians to use gobos more frequently. The second factor is that designers are using gobos to create shapes and shadows, as they always have. But now they are also using the new gobos to texture light and to add colour elements.

And the third factor is that Rosco has produced new gobo designs and new categories of gobos - and keeps adding to the range. This catalogue, for example, lists new Colorizer gobos, glass gobos Rosco originally introduced three years ago to create stunning, low cost multi-coloured projection effects. The new designs add additional colour choices. Colorwaves debuted more recently and are used to add texture, colour and dimension to light. There are 4 styles and 5 colours.



Standard Stainless Steel









LINEAR 3 77501

LINEAR 4 77502

TREE 2 77100

TREE 3 77320



















NEBULA 77896





CLOUD 10 77168

CLOUD 11 77169

CLOUD 12 77170





HEART 77943










22 22




Rosco has the widest range of gobos available anywhere in the world. The complete range, now totaling more than 900 designs in sizes for virtually every known fixture, gives a lighting designer unsurpassed flexibility and creativity when selecting patterns to suggest scenery, create atmosphere, texture and generally enhance the visual impact of the lighting design. Shown here is a small selection of the most popular images, created by the acclaimed lighting and scenic designers whose names are listed with the images. For a more complete view of the range, consult the Rosco Gobo Catalogue, available free everywhere, or visit the Rosco website,


To ensure design integrity the patterns are manufactured using a precise double sided etching process on 5 mil stainless steel. The result is durable, high quality patterns which will withstand the extreme heat at the gate of ellipsoidal spotlights or automated lighting fixtures. Rosco steel patterns are round to allow for rotation in the gate of the fixture, or for use in the Rosco Gobo Rotator. The standard B size (86mm) is suitable for most 15.24cm ellipsoidal spotlights. Newer profiles such as the ETC Source Four and Altman Shakespeare can use either the B size, or the larger A size (100mm) gobos. Sizes for the most popular automated lighting fixtures are also available. Consult the Gobo Catalogue for complete details on sizes and holders.




JAWS 77280








JAZZ 77301

BARS 77090



WATER 1 77833



LOUVRE 77215





FLAMES 1 77175

FLAMES 2 77176






CLASS OF 2001* 779992001



A selection of some of Rosco’s newest gobos, introduced this year. Check Rosco’s Gobo Catalogue No.8 or for a more comprehensive view.



FUSION 78239








CANE 78207


FUN CITY 71027




* Any year available by special order



HOLDERS Gobo Holders Code 77GH01 77GH02 77GH03 77GH05 77GH07 77GH08 77GH09 77GH10 77GH11 77GH12 77GH13 77GH14 77GH15 77GH16 77GH17 77GH18 77GH19 77GH20 77GH21 77GH22 77GH23 77GH24 77GH25 77GH26 77GH27 77GH28 77GH29 77GH30 77GH33 77GH34 77GH35 77GH36 77GH38 77GH39


Gobo Size: Code

CCT Silhouette Project/Lee Colortran Windsor Selecon range/CCT Freedom As 77GH01 As 77GH01 Strand Harmony, T Spot 263/264 Cantata Optique, Prelude Strand Cadenza, Solo, Alto, Toccata Strand Patt 23/23N, Highlite, Minim Quartet Altman 360Q, 1KL, Shakespeare Strand Patt 765, 793, 794, 293,294 As 77GH10 James Thomas/TBA 650 Series As 77GH08 Microlight Microprofile CCT Minuette, Zero 88 Focus ADB, DS54, DW54 Berkey Ellipsodial As 77GH16 Berkey Mini Eclipse As 77GH18 As 77GH18 Niethammer Enispot & Enizoom Series Pani Profile R & V Profile ADB 1K (except Europe Series) ADB 2K (except Europe Sereis) Pani BP Projector As 77GH26 Berkey Color Arc Follow Spot As 77GH21 Times Square MR75, MR75Z As 77GH08 ADB Europe Series As 77GH05 As 77GH07 As 77GH01 As 77GH21

A A (Glass) B A (Glass) A B B C A D D E M A B A B A (Glass) A A A A A A C M B E M A B (Glass) B B (Glass) B (Glass)

77GH41 77GH42 77GH43 77GH44 77GH46 77GH47 77GH48 77GH49 77GH50 77GH51 77GH52 77GH53 77GH54 77GH55 77GH56 77GH57 77GH58 77GH59 77GH60 77GH61 77GH62 77GH63 77GH64 77GH65 77GH66 77GH67 77GH73 77TADA 77TADB 77TADM


Gobo Size:

Teatro Comma, Coemar Accento Novalite Followspot Teatro, Tratto, Tippo Teatro Acuto As 77GH05 As 77GH21 Strand Leko (all models) Spotlight Milano Sintesi, 650W Vision 650W Spotlight Milano Sintesi 1200W Vision 1200W Spotlight Milano Sintesi 2500W Vision 2500W ADB A59Z 500/650W As 77GH05 RDS Projector As 77GH15 ETC Source Four As 77GH34 Robert Juliat 6145, 7145, 914SN ETC Source Four Selecon Acclaim ETC Source Four ETC Source Four ETC Source Four Junior ETC Source Four Junior Moonspot, Spotlight 1.5K/3K Moonspot, Spotlight 1.5K/3K Moonspot Spotlight 1.5K/3K Harmony, T.Spot, 263/4, Prelude,Cantata, Optique, Brio, SL Range Tadpole A Size Tadpole B Size Tadpole M Size

M D B A M A (Glass) B M B A M M(Glass) A M Glass) B (Glass) A (Glass) B (Glass) B M A A (Glass) M M (Glass) A B M B

Special Note: Effective September 1, 2000, all Rosco “BG” size glass gobos (79 mm OD), including Colorizers, Prismatics, Image Glass, as well as custom and standard silk screened or Spectrumgobos, will be fabricated in “Standard B” size with an outer diameter of 86 mm. (Until now, they had been 79 mm.) This (86 mm) is the same size as “B” size steel gobos, allowing you to use Rosco steel and glass gobos in the same pattern holder, without trimming. This also eliminates the need for Effects Adaptor rings when using Rosco glass gobos in Gobo Rotators. Make sure you have the proper holder for this new sized glass gobo.

UNIVERSAL IRIS SLOT GOBO HOLDER The Universal Iris Slot Gobo Holder has been carefully tooled and engineered to fit into many of the new generation of ellipsoidal fixtures including the ETC S4, Altman Shakespeare, Strand SL, and Selecon Pacific Cool Light. An Iris Slot Gobo Holder allows a glass pattern to be placed in the Iris Slot of a fixture in the front of the gate, necessary for some thicker glass gobos. In addition the Universal Iris Slot Gobo Holder is double sided allowing you to use two gobos, glass and/or steel, in the iris slot at the same time. Use only for 86 mm standard B size gobos. No. 15786

Universal Iris Slot Gobo Holder

Rosco Donuts A low cost accessory to sharpen the definition of projected images. No. 16625 15.8cm fits Source 4/Altman Shakespeare No. 16750 19cm Donut fits most 15.2cm ellipsoidal reflector spotlights. 24

Colorizers™ Rosco’s Colorizers can be used to create beautiful multi-coloured projection effects. Coloured in gentle hues in one of three styles - stippled, featherlight, or free flow - Colorizers can be used alone or combined with a steel pattern for a more dramatic effect. Colorizers are recommended for use in fixtures up to 1000 watts.




No. 445004 Blue and Lavender

No. 445005 Amber and Red

No. 445006 Red, Blue and Lavender

No. 445007 Green, Blue and Lavender

No. 445008 Green and Yellow

FEATHERLIGHT SERIES Similar to the Stippled Colorizers, but with a less dense “feather duster” pattern to allow more white light through.

No. 446201 Blue, Lavender and Yellow

No. 446202 Blue and Green

No. 446203 Red, Lavender and Yellow

No. 446204 Blue and Lavender

No. 446205 Green and Yellow

FREE FLOW SERIES A combination of colours smoothly blended together in a unique, flowing design.

No. 446101 Cool: Blues, Reds and Lavenders

No. 446102 Warm: Red, Ambers, Blues and Lavenders

No. 446103 Midnight: Blues, Lavenders and Greens

Master Class™ Video Program Neil Peter Jampolis, the famed lighting designer and teacher, hosts this informative and entertaining video programme. Neil and his colleagues show you how to use gobos to create theatrical fire, rain and reflected water, church windows, fireworks and dozens and dozens of other effects. You’ll learn how gobos can add life, movement and even colour to your stage pictures. In just 25 fast-paced minutes, you’ll see the effects assembled and demonstrated, so you can reproduce them in your own way, in your own venue. This video will provide ideas, information and inspiration for anyone lighting for theatre, film, television, live entertainment or architectural purposes. No. 35807000

“Designing With Gobos” (VHS, 25 minutes) 25


GLASS Image Glass™ Rosco’s Image Glass is a new concept in pattern projection. Deeply textured glass patterns refract and bend light into intricate patterns of light and grey scale images. Altering the sharp focus of the fixture transforms the image into a wide range of other textures. Image Glass creates stunning looks when combined with other patterns and colour, including Rosco Colorizers. Spectacular animated effects can be created by using the Image Glass gobos in Rosco’s Double Gobo Rotator and combined with either steel or glass gobos. Image Glass is recommended for use in moving light fixtures up to 1200 watts or in the new generation ellipsoidals lamped to a maximum of 600 watts. Image Glass gobos must be used in the Iris Slot of an ellipsoidal fixture. Image Glass gobos are available in B size and in many moving light sizes by special order. Image Glass gobos are supplied with metal retaining rings to facilitate their use in specific instruments.


No. 443600 Flower

No. 443601 Lined

No. 443602 Plume

No. 443603 Lt. Plume

No. 443604 Pebble

No. 443605 Honeycomb

No. 443606 Waves

No. 443607 Irregular Strands

No. 443608 Banded Lines

No. 443609 Lazy Swirls

No. 443610 Basket Weave

No. 443611 Pin Feathers

No. 443612 Fractured Layers

No. 443613 Winter Frost

No. 443614 Random Blisters

No. 443615 Coalescing Bubbles

No. 443616 Raised Mosaic

No. 443617 Hammered

No. 443618 Wood Grain

No. 443619 Ripples

No. 443620 Ice

No. 443621 Dune

Prismatics™ Introducing Prismatic multi-coloured texture patterns. Prismatics, made up of tiny chips of dichroic coloured glass, combine the brilliant colours of Rosco Permacolor and the intricate deep textures of Image Glass to create a pattern which projects spectacular multi-coloured textures. Use Prismatics alone, combine them with other patterns (steel* or glass) or use them in the Double Gobo Rotator for remarkable moving effects. Six different colour styles give a lighting designer maximum creative options. Prismatics are available in B size for new generation ellipsoidals lamped to a maximum of 600 watts or for moving lights by special order. Prismatics must be used in the Iris Slot of an ellipsoidal fixture.



* Tip: When combined with steel pattern, make sure steel gobo is furthest from the lamp.

No. 443801 Kaleidoscope

No. 443802 Cool Lavender

No. 443803 Spring Greens

No. 443804 Sunset

No. 443805 Blue Water

No. 443806 Flaming Sun

ColorWaves™ Rosco’s ColorWaves are a new idea in glass gobos to help create vibrant coloured textures and shapes. Each gobo is a Rosco Image Glass style - Waves, Strands, Ripple or Mosaic - coated in one of five brilliant dichroic coating colours. The results when projected in an ellipsoidal luiminaire or moving light, offers a remarkable and unique combination of colour, texture, shading and blending. Maximum wattage is 575/600 watt ellipsoidal, 1200 watt moving light. Moving light size is supplied in mounting ring to facilitate installation in most automated luminaires. Style Wa v e s Ripple Strands Mosaic

Red 44330010860 44331010860 44332010860 44333010860

44330010860 Waves-Red

Amber 44330020860 44331020860 44332020860 44333020860

44331050860 Ripple-Indigo

Magenta 44330030860 44331030860 44332030860 44333030860

44332040860 Strands-Cyan

Cyan 44330040860 44331040860 44332040860 44333040860

44333020860 Mosaic-Amber

Indigo 44330050860 44331050860 44332050860 44333050860

44333030860 Mosaic Magenta

No. 44330030860 WavesMagenta ColorWaves gobo (left) and No. 44333050860 MosaicIndigo (right) projected in soft focus in an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight. The fixture was positioned at a sharp angle to the screen





Custom Gobos

Phone: +44 (0)20 8659 2300 Fax: +44 (0)20 8659 3153 E-mail: We b O rd e r F o rm :

Rosco is one of the world’s leading suppliers of custom gobos. Stainless steel gobos, made to your artwork, are generally available for delivery in four days from our London office. Rosco custom glass gobos, Spectrumgobos are available in black and white, one colour and multi-colour versions, for automated lighting fixtures up to 1200 watts or for ellipsoidals lamped to a maximum of 600 watts. Rosco also offers High Temperature Silk Screened Gobos that can withstand the heat from ellipsoidal spotlights up to 2500 watts. High Definition Photogobos are specially produced full colour glass gobos, made from your photographs or other artwork, with a single plane of focus and photographic resolution. TM







Suffix Codes – Gobo Style/Size Chart SPECTRUMGOBOS


M518 V V V V V VL2/6 VL2/6

100 86 79 66 53.3 51.8 49.5 44.25 37.5 36.3 31.5 27.8 22.25 25 25 25 25 25 29 25 SPEC SPEC


Vari*Lite VL7

6699 4065 2039

Generic Custom 66-99MM O.D. VAR Generic Custom 40-65MM O.D. VAR Generic Custom 20-39MM O.D. VAR



X O P *

75 64.5 64.5 49.5 48 48 38 38 28 31.5 23 23 17 14 22-20 22-20 18 18 18 18 SPEC SPEC VAR VAR VAR










X X O O X O X X** X** X X X X X










= Available = Available by special order. Contact Rosco for details. = Possible. Requires sizing ring. Contact Rosco for details. = BG Size (obsolete) glass gobos require Effects Adapters (No. 50000) for use in Rosco Gobo Rotators


** = Image Area reduced to 18mm in standard steel gobo designs = Maximum wattage is 2500W at 208V = Maximum wattage is 1000W at 120V, 1250W at 220V = Maximum wattage is 600W for Lekos, 1200W for moving lights. †



(Requires Iris Slot Holder)















FIXTURE TYPE/GOBO SIZE A Size B Size B Size Glass (Obsolete)* M Size (S4 Jr.) D Size (Steel) Clay Paky Stage Scan, Zoom Martin PAL 1200 HES Cyberlight E Size HES Studiospot 575 Clay Paky VIP Martin Mac 500, 918 Martin MAC 250 Martin 518 HES Technobeam, Studiospot 250 CP Mini-Scan HPE, Stagelight 300 Trackspot HES Intellibeam (Steel) HES Intellibeam (Glass) Vari*Lite VL1 Vari*Lite VL2 Vari*Lite VL6



Diam (OD)



SIZE SUFFIX 1000 0860 0790 0660 0533 0518 0495 0445 0375 0363 0315 0278 0215 2514 0250 0250 0250 0250 2039 0250 2039 2039





(All require Iris Slot Gobo Holder)

Image Area (IA)



ImagePro™ Gobo Slide Projector

EDDY AWARD Product of the Year Lighting 2001

Rosco’s new ImagePro™ Gobo Slide Projector offers users an easy, inexpensive solution for projecting photographic quality images in a theatrical setting. The ImagePro™ fits as an accessory into the iris slot of a typical ETC Source Four, Altman Shakespeare, Strand SL or Selecon Pacific light fixture. Fitted with an iPro Slide, the ImagePro™ delivers bright, visible full-color images that will last between 15 and 50 hours. Use it in a wide range of applications: for theatrical projections to create scenic elements, slide projections, lighting effects; especially suited for situations where budget is a primary concern, in trade shows and industrials where you need corporate logos, museum signage, exhibit identification, or any type of changeable backgrounds; in film and television projecting backings, special fx compositions, multi-coloured cookies or photorealistic settings. 265 25100 0240

ABTT AWARD Product of the Year Widget Category 2002

Hybrid Two-Fer



ImagePro™ Gobo Slide Projector

LDI AWARD Product of the Year Lighting 2001

This optional accessory allows you to connect the ImagePro and your light fixture into the same dimmer. The two-fer is configured with a male stage-pin connector for the dimmer and both a female stage pin connector for the light and a female parallel blade connector for the ImagePro. 265 25500 0000

Hybrid Two-Fer

Available by special order only

This background image is a typical theatrical application for Rosco’s ImagePro Gobo Slide Projector. This image is one of several hundred available in Rosco’s iPro library. Any of these low cost images can be ordered by number and are always ready to ship within 24 hours. The excellent optics of modern theatrical spotlights helps deliver a clear, colourful image in the appropriate size for your stage.

To see the entire collection of the iPro Slide Library go to the Rosco website: 29



iPro Slide Library Choose any image from the Rosco iPro Slide Library for use in your ImagePro™. Designed specifically for the ImagePro™, Rosco offers images in a wide range of categories that are certain to suit your needs for most theatrical productions and live entertainment events. Fast turnaround makes the iPro Slide Library ideally suited for most designers. To see the designs, browse the CD catalogue included with each ImagePro™ or visit the Rosco website. iPro Slide-Library Image

Custom iPro Slide Virtually any design you can create on your computer can be made into a Custom iPro Slide in just one day. Using Adobe Photoshop or similar software, prepare your design and send it to Rosco. Within 24 hours, your finished assembled iPro slide will be on its way back to you. For complete details and instructions on preparing artwork and ordering Custom iPro Slides, see our website at pro/index.html 265270000860 Custom iPro Slide

iPro One-Time Slide Kit For the unapologetic do-it-yourself technician, Rosco offers the iPro OneTime Slide Kit. This kit contains the slide mount and protective film necessary to make an effective iPro Slide. Using your own transparency film and your own printer to create the image, you can then assemble a finished iPro Slide. The Slide Kit is good for one slide only and is not designed to be re-used for multiple images. Since the quality of inks, printer technologies and plastic films may vary greatly, the performance of a homemade slide may not match those produced by Rosco. 265279990860

iPro Slide Kit

ImagePro™is the most economical and effective way to project logos, colour photos or other custom images for special effects.

To see the entire collection of the iPro Slide Library go to the Rosco website: 30

I-Cue Intelligent Mirror™ The Rosco I-Cue Intelligent Mirror™ is an ellipsoidal spotlight attachment that allows you to use your spotlight with much greater flexibility and control. The unit slides into the colour slot of the ETC Source 4, Altman Shakespeare, Strand SL and Selecon Pacific. The major function of the unit is to re-position the beam of light so a single spotlight in a fixed position can be used for multiple specials in dozens of locations. With its onboard DMX the unit is controlled directly from your lighting console giving you precise control of the mirror’s pan and tilt motion. A Power Supply Unit is necessary to get 24v DC to the I-Cue and you can daisy chain multiple units from one Power Supply. Rosco’s I-Cue is compatible with many common PSU’s already available including: Wybron-Forerunner PSU; Rainbow-Mini, Maxi, and Micro PSU’s; Christie Lites-Colour Q PSU; AC Lighting-Chroma Q PSU. Rosco also offers a line of Power Supply Units which are specifically designed for optimal compatibility for both I-Cue and Indexers. No. 810000120



I-Cue Intelligent Mirror

For Rosco’s Power Supply Units, see page 32

VORTEX 360 Dual Rotator™


Rosco’s newest - and lowest priced - Gobo Rotator offers the accuracy and reliability of its higher priced models, combined with the ease and convenience of plug and play operation without additional power supply or control requirements. To operate the Rotator, simply plug it into any wall outlet or, with an adapter, into any convenient dimmer. Switches on the transformer/plug allow you to set the speed of rotation. If you’re using a dimmer for power you can alter the speed by raising or lowering the dimmer setting on your lighting control board. The VORTEX 360 Dual Rotator has two separate gear assemblies for double gobo effects. Its ultra-silent motor and stylish design make it ideal for architectural and retail applications as well as conventional theatrical use. No. 205830000120

VORTEX 360 Dual Rotator plug and play model



POWER SUPPLY UNITS NEW DEVICES PROVIDE POWER FOR SIX MAJOR BRANDS OF SCROLLERS, ROTATORS AND OTHER DEVICES. Introducing a new range of power supplies, compatible with nearly all the scrollers, gobo rotators and other accessory devices in common use. Users of Wybron, Rainbow, AC Lighting or Apollo scrollers can all use these power supplies, as can users of Apollo and Rosco rotators and Rosco I-Cue Intelligent Mirrors. The introduction of this range eliminates the need for seperate PSUs and simplifies and lowers the cost of most stationary and travelling rigs. The range consists of three different power supplies, specified by the amount of load they carry. The most powerful device, PSU 400, will provide a constant load of 400 watts (non constant load of 460 watts). It can thus provide power to any combination of scrollers, rotators or other devices requiring 400 watts of power. Until now, each brand of scroller or rotator required a seperate power supply, often powering only a limited number of units. These new Rosco power supplies are RDM upgradable and have been engineered to be compatible with the emerging standard for Remote Device Management. The two NEW units in the range are PSU 400 for 400 watts of power and PSU 200 for 200 watts of power. The PSU 400 is a 48.26cm rack mount module, equipped with four XLR outputs and four returns. The PSU 200 also has four XLR outputs and four returns. It can be pipe mounted with a C - clamp or other hanging. Both units have an onboard termination switch and are the first power supplies to be fan cooled. This is important because the amount of constant power a PSU can output is directly related to how cool the unit can stay. Overheating is what makes a power supply shut down under constant loads. The PSU 400 is triple fan cooled and the PSU 200 is single fan cooled. All Rosco power supplies are equipped with auto sensing voltage and will automatically adjust to 100, 120 or 240 volts.

PSU 400 • • • • • • •


48.26cm Rack mountable 4 x XLR Outputs 4 x Returns Termination Switch Triple Fan Cooling Constant Load Maximum 400w Non Constant Load Maximum 460w

PSU 200

New! • • • • • • •

PSU 50 • • •


Converts 120v @ 50/60 hertz to 24v Auto sensing for 100 to 240 volts Constant load of 50w

4 x XLR Outputs 4 x Returns Bar Mount with Hook Clamp Termination Switch Single Fan Cooling Constant Load Maximum 200w Non Constant Load Maximum 250w

SoftPlot 8 is a Windows™-based program for creating professional level lighting design plots, grip plots, and the associated paperwork. SoftPlot 8 offers superb flexibility and robust capabilities at an affordable price. SoftPlot 8 now incorporates features of Film Shop to aid gaffers, grips and electricians in creating location grip and electrics layouts and generating equipment order forms. The program allows you to place lighting positions, such as pipes (including curved pipes), ladders, booms and trusses with a click of the mouse. Lighting instruments are electronically selected and affixed. You can assign circuits and add colour filters and gobos or other accessories. The fixtures can be focused and the beams can be viewed. Scroll through the lighting cues and see the instrument beams move on the plot. Plan, Cross Section and Front views are simultaneously available to check sightlines and beam angles. You can check pan and tilt readouts for your moving lights. SoftPlot 8 has an incredibly large library of lighting fixtures (including the latest moving lights), gel colours (including Rosco Permacolor), and patterns. All the libraries, as well as all the paperwork, are customizable to accommodate your specific requirements. SoftPlot 8 can import and export standard CAD files (DXF) and can also export the informaton as an HTML document to create Horizon Magic Sheets. Because SoftPlot 8 is Windows-based, it’s easy to learn and operate. The light plot can print out on a wide variety of printers and plotters supported by the Microsoft Windows environment. You can even tile print large plots on lettersize paper. System requirements: Pentium processor, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ ME/XP, 16 MB RAM, 50 MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, SVGA monitor 640 x 480.

This is a typical screen in the SoftPlot program. This Windows™-based program allows you to create and draw light plots, with the required paperwork, quickly and accurately. Although over 400 symbols and attributes are accessible in the program’s library, you can easily customize nearly everything in SoftPlot to suit your own needs or styles.


SoftPlot 8™

TYPICAL REPORTS AVAILABLE IN SOFTPLOT 8 Instrument schedule Channel schedule Dimmer loading report Gel cut list Gobo list Lamp list Equipment rental report Schedule

Inventory list Group summary Channel to dimmer Dimmer to circuit DMX Device Schedule Moving fixtures Instrument Accessory

SoftPlot allows you to visualize data for faster adjustments. This, for example, is the visualization of an electrical distribution scheme created from a light plot. The hookup can be altered either from the data screen or from this visual presentation. Note that the symbols for the stage fixtures follow industry standards , although they, like all else in SoftPlot, may be customized.

No. 13000 0000 SoftPlot 8 CD-ROM

SOFTWARE DEMO CD-ROM This CD-ROM contains demo programs of SoftPlot and Light Shop in one convenient package. No. 98Y08-5000 Demo CD-ROM

Light Shop™ Light Shop is a Windows-based software tool for lighting designers. This photometric analysis program calculates and displays information from a library of hundreds of fixtures based on manufacturers’ data. An instrument may be selected and its photometrics analyzed based on distance, lamp type, gel color and pattern. The program offers

calculations for beam diameter, throw and footcandles on the talent. System requirements: Pentium processor, Windows 3.1 or higher, 8MB RAM, 40MB hard disk space, 3.5" floppy disk drive, CD-ROM drive, VGA monitor 640 x 480. No. 11000 0000 Light Shop CD-ROM




Everest 3D™ IMAGINE, DESIGN, EXPLORE Rosco’s Everest 3D™ offers student designers and experienced professionals an affordable tool to accelerate the process of creating light plots. This Windows™-based program creates either two dimensional or three-dimensional stage pictures, in colour, as you design your plot. As you refine your design, the Everest 3D™ screen adjusts the visualization for placement, shape, colour, or any other element of stage design. Everest 3D™ was designed and developed for theatrical designers. It contains all of SoftPlot™ as a data base, so all the shapes, symbols and data for lighting instruments are readily available, as are all the SoftPlot reports and schedules (see previous page). In addition, Everest 3D™’s data base includes all the widely used stagecraft components, such as trussing, rigging, tables, walls¸ screens, etc. Because its Windows™ based, Everest 3D™ is amazingly easy to learn and use. Most theatre people can start drawing plots immediately. A day or two using Everest 3D™ and you’ll never go back to pencils, erasers and drawing paper again! Any stage picture or design you create on Everest 3D™ can be saved as a BMP or similar file. Imagine the convenience of showing the director or other members of the team a number of design choices in a scene. You can solicit feedback and make adjustments, even if other members of the design team are in a different city or a different time zone. Everest 3D™ is easily integrated with the Horizon™ lighting control program. You can create your plots, drawings, visualizations and paperwork on Everest 3D™ - and then run the show cues on Horizon. The design process with Rosco’s Everest 3D™ and Horizon becomes “create it, draw it, visualize it, save it - and run it.” Everest 3D™ system requirements are Windows™ 98, 2000, ME or XP; Pentium 1 GHz or compatible processor; 256 MB RAM, 100 MB freedisk space; 800x600 or better screen resolution with minimum 16M video memory. Note: These are minimum requirements. Faster processor and additional memory will enhance the performance of Everest 3D™. A high-end compatible display adapter card will improve graphic rendering performance. No. 853180000000

Here’s a typical screen picture from the Everest 3D™ program. Beam shapes and spreads of the spotlights are correct and adjusted as you change height, equipment, gels, direction or focussing. All the scenic forms shown here come from Everest 3D™’s data base, but you can add to the data base customized equipment or scenic elements in your facility.

Because Horizon can be integrated with Everest 3D™, you can assign channels and run the lighting cues for your show as soon as you and your associates have agreed to the plot. Using separate monitors - or a split screen as shown here - you can see the stage pictures developing as the show progresses.

Everest 3D™ Program on CD-ROM

Choose 3D symbols from categories such as: Audio Distribution Effects Fixtures Home Landscape

Music Office Rigging Talent Vehicles

SOFTWARE DEMO CD This CD-ROM contains a demo programme of Everest 3D™. Included on the CD are demo programs of other Rosco software, including Horizon and SoftPlot. No. 98Y08-5000



Everest 3D™ is a theatre design program, so the built-in data base contains data for hundreds of scenic and lighting elements. Virtually every lighting instrument, with its associated photometrics, is included in the data base, as are all the gel colors, gobos, and other accessories. In addition to the lighting equipment, the data base includes over 400 different types of stage equipment (see box).

Designed as an alternative to flame candles, Rosco Flicker Candles are the most realistic candles you and your audiences have ever seen. They look and act just like the real thing and are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing . . right down to the dripped wax.. Most importantly, they are powered electrically, so they don’t present potential hazards of using live flames. A simple 9-volt AC Adaptor allows you to raise or lower the dimming level on the Flicker Candles. Professional Range Candle This range of Flicker Candles simulates the natural flicker nad have a small bulb attached to the unit to give the realistic glow of a flickering candle. 25429000 Church Candle - basic unit (40mm diameter translucent tube) 25429001 Church Candle with 45cm long white stem and flying leads 225mA 25429004 Candle basic unit with flying leads 25429005 Candle with 20cm long white stem and flying leads 150mA 25429006 Candle with 20cm long white stem, on/off switch & battery connector 25429003 Wee-Willie-Winkie saucer with on/off switch & battery connector 25429007 Three arm candelabra with on/off switch and battery connector


Flicker Candles™

Classic Range This range of flicker candles consists of standrad candle units with the natural flickering flame and can be operated fro either batteries or power supply units. 25428901 Candle - Basic unit (20mm diameter tube) 25428902 Candle with 20cm long white stem and flying leads 90mA 25428903 Hand held candle with 20cm long white stem, on/off seitch and battery connector 25428913 Converted storm/hurrican lantern with on/off switch and battery connector 25428914 Converted storm/hurricane lantern with flying leads 90mA 25429002 Classic single candlestick with flying leads 90mA 25428904 Classic three arm candelabra with on/off switch and battery connector 25428905 Candle in a bottle with on/off switch and battery connector Power Supplies Some candles may be operated from either batteries or mains DC PSU but must be loaded accoring to the recommendations. 25429010 Mains power supply for 1 Classic Candle 90mA to 100mA 25429020 Mains power supply for 3 Classic Candles or 1 Professional 200mA to 300mA 25429030 Mains power supply for 25 Clasic or 10 Professional Candles 1A tp 3A

able! Dimm Volt

with 9 r only apto AC ad

Custom candle settings

On stage, or even on camera, Flicker Candles look and act just like the real thing.



Magic in A Bucket. From The Rosco Collection of Over 100 Buckets.

Off Broadway, is one of Rosco’s popular lines of paint for theatre, film, television and live entertainment. Many artists and shops also use Supersaturated Roscopaint for its unique properties. All the ranges are listed and briefly described in the pages that follow. Rosco also offers a number of specialised coating products. These include Foamcoat and Flexcoat™, used to create rigid or flexible surfaces on foam objects or scenery. Tough Prime is a unique primer designed to prepare the hard-to-prime


substrates used in the entertainment industry. The four different Roscoflamex flame retardant chemicals are geared for specific materials and have been thoroughly tested by users for over a decade. All this, and more, in the pages that follow. See pages 51-52 for Rosco’s specialty paints for film and video production.



Off Broadway™ Off Broadway allows everyone to paint drops and scenery with true scenic paint, no matter how limited their budget. This versatile vinyl acrylic paint may be used on a wide variety of scenic materials including hard scenery, foam scenery, drops and ground cloths. It is ready to use right out of the bucket but may be diluted to stretch your paint budget. Available in 3.79L pots. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

5350 5351 5352 5353 5354 5355 5356 5357 5359 5360 5361 5363 5364 5365 5366 5367 5368 5369 5371 5372 5373

White White White Black Yellow Ochre Burnt Umber Raw Sienna Burnt Sienna Raw Umber Ultramarine Blue Fire Red Deep Red Orange Emerald Green Chrome Oxide Green Lemon Yellow Golden Yellow Purple Magenta Pthalo Green Sky Blue Pthalo Blue

Metallic Colours No. 5383 Bright Gold No. 5384 Gold No. 5385 Silver No. 5386 Copper No. 5387 Antique Gold

Off Broadway Paint Kit 25-piece kit contains 28gm samples of each Off Broadway colour plus Clear Flat and Clear Gloss. No. 5300

Off Broadway Test Kit

} Also available } in: 18.95L }

. } } } } }

Available in: 0.473L 0.946L 3.79L

Supersaturated Roscopaint™ These brilliant dye-like colours are formulated to be diluted with substantial quantities of water while retaining binder strength. Supersaturated Roscopaint is manufactured with a flexible vinyl acrylic binder to assure excellent adhesion to most scenic surfaces including muslin, plastics and metal. Supersaturated dries to a completely matte, non-reflective finish. Besides drops and hard scenery, Supersaturated may be used on rear projection screen and dance floor. Available in: No. 05965 No. 05968 No. 05969 No. 05971 No. 05972 No. 05973 No. 05975 No. 05977 No. 05979 No. 05980 No. 05981 No. 05982 No. 05983 No. 05984 No. 05985 No. 05986 No. 05987 No. 05988 No. 05989 No. 05990 No. 05991 No. 05993 No. 05994 No. 05996 No. 05997 No. 05998

1 & 5 Litres Red Green Shade Blue Ultramarine Blue Chrome Green Emerald Green Pthalo Green Magenta Spectrum Red Purple Iron Red Chrome Yellow Yellow Ochre Raw Sienna Moly Orange Burnt Umber Raw Umber Burnt Sienna Lemon Yellow Turquoise Blue Prussian Blue Navy Blue Leather Lake Grass Green Cerulean Blue Hunter Green Van Dyke Brown

Supersaturated Paint Kit 28-piece kit contains 28gm samples of each Supersaturated colour (neutral base not included). No. 6030

Supersaturated Roscopaint Test Kit



SCENIC Supersaturated Concentrated Bases™ No. No. No. No.

06001 06002 06003 06004

Neutral (Available in 1 and 5 Litres) White (Available in 1, 5 and 10 Litres) Velour Blck (available in 1, 5 and 10 Litres) Gloss Medium (Available in 1 & 5 Litres)

Clear Gloss & Flat Acrylic Glazes™ These clear acrylic mediums are designed to be diluted with water and applied as an overcoat to a painted surface or they can be mixed with the paints for additional binder strength. Rosco Clear Acrylics are compatible with all of Rosco’s scenic paint systems and most other water extendable paints. They also serve as a binder for dry pigments and bronzing powders. Available in 3.79L No. 55801 Clear Gloss No. 55811 Clear Flat

ColorCoat™ A durable water borne acrylic enamel that has excellent interior and exterior durability. ColorCoat’s high gloss finish has superior gloss retention, ensuring a “like-new” finish for years to come. Ideal for use on most scenic surfaces as well as metal, wood, concrete and brick. ColorCoat is also an excellent choice for decks and floors due to its high abrasion resistance. It dries to the touch in one hour and cleans up easily with soap and water. Available in 0.946 Litres and 3.79 Litres No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.


05620 05621 05622 05624 05625 05626 05627 05628 05629 05630 05631 05632 05633 05634 05635 05636

Clear Clear Satin White Lemon Yellow Orange Bright Red Dark Red Forest Green Emerald Green Cerulean Blue Prussian Blue Burnt Umber Raw Umber Black Flat Black Aluminium

ColorCoat Test Kit 16-piece kit contains 28gm samples of each colour. No. 5600

ColorCoat Test Kit


SCENIC Fluorescent Paint These vivid, vinyl acrylic colours are brilliant in normal light and glow brightly when bathed in ultraviolet light. White fluoresces a light blue under black light. Invisible blue appears milky white under normal light but glows blue in ultraviolet. Available in: 0.473L, 0.946L and 3.79L No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

5779 5780 5781 5782 5783 5784 5785 5786 5787

White Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Invisible Blue Pink Gold

Fluorescent Paint Kit 9-piece kit contains 28gm samples of the range of fluorescent paints. No. 5700

Fluorescent Test Kit

VividFX™ Ultraviolet Paint Rosco’s VividFX paints represent a stunning development in fluorescent paints and have been designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of the special effects artist. The VividFX series of colours combines a wide palette of 13 colours, brilliant fluorescence and one coat coverage and opacity in one remarkable paint formulation. The exceptional pigments, which glow most brilliantly between 365-380 nanometers, create stunning black light effects and intermix cleanly to provide a wide array of intermediate fluorescent hues. In addition, VividFX offers exceptional coverage and hiding power over virtually all of the surfaces used in scenery. Formulated in a versatile vinyl acrylic binder, VividFX has excellent adhesion and durability and is water resistant for interior and exterior use. It is best applied by spray gun over a white base coat. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

526250 526251 526252 526253 526254 526255 526256 526257 526258 526259 526260 526261 526262

Bright White Lemon Yellow Orange Sunset Orange Scarlet Red Hot Pink Magenta Violet Deep Blue Brilliant Blue Aquamarine Electric Green Deep Green

Available in: 0.473L, 0.946L and 3.79L

VividFX Sample Kit 13-piece kit contains 28gm samples of the entire VividFX range of colours. No. 6200

VividFX Test Kit



SCENIC Colorine™

Setting the Stage™

Technicians have been colouring lamps and glass with Rosco’s Colorine since 1910. This popular product is designed for use with a wide range of low wattage bulbs, used in stagecraft and live entertainment. Colours are brilliant and long lasting. Available in: 0.473ml. Not for permanent installations. No. No. No. No. No.

76011 76021 76031 76041 76051

Cardinal Red (26) Ruby Red (27) Magenta (49) Moonlight Blue (80) Urban Blue (82)

No. No. No. No. No.

76071 76101 76151 76171 76801

Emerald Green (90) Golden Amber (22) Canary Yellow (15) Clear Thinner Pint

“Setting the Stage” is a series of three instructional video programmes on the practical art of scene painting. Basic materials and techniques are shown in an easy to follow, step-by-step format. Each 1⁄ 2" VHS video is between 24 and 38 minutes long. No. 3585000010 “Setting the Stage”, complete three video set

Refer to the Supergel Swatchbook for close representation of colour.


Glow Tape™

A phosphorescent paint designed for use in total darkness for stage direction and visual orientation. Rosco glo appears, in the dark, as a distinctive yellow-green light - a 5cm square is visible up to 9.14m. Ideal for marking hazardous areas or placing people or props in blackout situations. Sold in 28g pots or in 0.473l containers. No. 5665 No. 56614 No. 566510

28g pot 0.473 Litres 28g x 12 pots

Rosco Brushes Rosco professional quality scenic fitches available in two handy kits, are priced to fit any budget. All brushes feature seamless ferrules and natural bristles for long life and professional results.

⁄4" Fitch ⁄2" Fitch 3 ⁄4" Fitch 1" Fitch 11⁄4" Fitch 11⁄2" Fitch 2" Fitch 3" Fitch 1 1

(0.63cm) (1.27cm) (1.90cm) (2.54cm) (3.17cm) (3.81cm) (5.08cm) (7.62cm)

No. 661710



661010 661110 661210 661310 661410 661510 661610 661810 7 Brush Set Includes fitches whose ferrule widths are: 1 ⁄4", 1⁄2", 3⁄4", 1", 11⁄4", 11⁄2" and 2" 8 Brush Set Includes all the brushes in the 7 Brush Kit plus a 3" Fitch Foliage

This glow-in-the-dark tape is ideal for marking low light areas. It glows to a yellow-green colour that can remain illuminated for hours. Each roll is 24mm wide and manufactured with a strong adhesive, making it durable enough for high traffic areas. No. 500005

5m roll

No. 500010

10m roll

Flexcoat™ Rosco Flexcoat is a flexible, nontoxic, water based coating for polyurethane and polystyrene foams, It’s 100% acrylic formulation provides excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. Flexcoat contains no plasticizers, so it will not become brittle with age or exterior exposure. It is compatible with all Rosco paints used either as tints or surface coatings. Flexcoat is weatherproof and fire retardant, providing one coat protection for all your theatrical applications. No. 60712017 Flexcoat – 3.79Litre No. 60712019 Flexcoat – 18.95Litre Call Rosco for a sample.


Foamcoat™ Rosco Foamcoat is a water based, flame retardant, protective coating for all rigid foams. An acrylic slurry the consistency of wet plaster, Foamcoat dries to a super hard durable coting that resists chipping and cracking, yet can be sanded smooth or carved with detailing. It is especially useful on scenery or props that receive excessive abuse or needs to last for extended tours. Foamcoat is also a superb texturing agent that can be used to create custom patterns like bark and stone work and is even durable enough to be used on floors.



Rosco FlexBond is a clear, flexible scenic glue which bonds many porous and non-porous scenic materials. Rosco FlexBond dries to a clear, hard, yet pliable coating that does not suffer from the “tackiness” common in many other flexible glues - even after those glues have had days to dry! And unlike ordinary “white” glues which crack and break when flexed, the adhesive bond of Rosco FlexBond remains extremely pliable and strong even as the materials bend and deform. Rosco FlexBond is water-based and safe to use. Available in gallon jugs or five gallon pails. No. 60750017 No. 60750019

FlexBond - 3.79 Litre FlexBond - 18.95 Litre

No, 60710017 Foamcoat - 3.79 Litre No. 60710019 Foamcoat - 18.95 Litre Call Rosco for a sample.

Tough Prime™ Rosco offers a unique water-based primer with special adhesion properties that allow it to bond to the hard-to-prime scenic materials found in every scene shop. Tough Prime covers just about any surface, including PVC pipe, aluminum, foams and plastics, as well as wood and foam core. This quick drying, acrylic emulsion primer dries to a tough, durable coating which can be painted over with any paint and is excellent for both interior and exterior use. Tough Prime is available in white and flat black. Available in 1 and 5 Litres. No. No. No. No.

60400517 60400519 605517 605519

Tough Tough Tough Tough

Prime Prime Prime Prime

White – White – Black – Black –

3.79 Litrre 18.95 Litres 3.79 Litres 18.95 Litres



FLAME RETARDANTS Roscoflamex™ Roscoflamex P50™ Paint Additive The latest addition to Rosco’s range of flame retardants makes flameproofing your props and scenery easier than ever. This premeasured container of clear liquid can be added directly to one fluid gallon of waterbased Rosco paint turning that paint into a flame retardant coating. Perfect for backpainting hard scenery, Roscoflamex P50 can even be added to Rosco Clear Acrylic Glaze to create a fire retardant clear sealer. Roscoflamex P50 contains no pigments and will not alter the colour of your paint. Tested in accordance with ASTM E84. No. 795012 No. 795024

Rosco’s complete range of flame retardants serves virtually every need. The range includes products for treating a full spectrum of theatrical materials from non-absorbent synthetics to wood and the traditional natural fibres. All products are approved by either the New York State Board of Standards and Appeals or the California State Fire Marshall and have been tested in accordance with the NFPA 701 and/or ASTM E-84 standards. Each product is easy to apply to the substrate by either brush, spray or immersion. These products are not appropriate for use on costumes or clothing and should not be used in conjunction with metallic paints. The standard unit is 3.79L but larger packaging is available by special order.

336gm. Jar Roscoflamex P50 Case of 12- 336gm. Jars Roscoflamex P50

Roscoflamex C26™ An improved version of Rosco’s original flame retardant for cotton muslin. By adding 2 or 3 parts water, each gallon yields 3 to 4 gallons of economical flame retardant. The “C26” identifies the cotton formulation and should be specified when ordering. Tested in accordance with NFPA 701. No. 792617

Roscoflamex C26


Roscoflamex S33™ A formulation for treating synthetics including polyester, nylon, acrylic, rayon and a variety of blends. The liquid is premixed and ready for use. Specify “S33” when ordering. Tested in accordance with NFPA 701. No. 793317

Roscoflamex S33


Do not use Roscoflamex with metallic paints. Roscoflamex W40™ Rosco’s flame retardant for raw wood. The liquid is premixed and ready for use. Specify “W40” when ordering. Tested in accordance with ASTM E-84. No. 794017


Roscoflamex W40


Sure Clamp™ The Sure Clamp has a grip range of 3.30cm to 5.08cm and is used to hang lighting fixtures or scenery directly to pipes. An extra-secure substitute for the standard C-Clamp, it closes automatically when weight is hung on it and is further secured by a hand knob which requires no tools for adjustment. No. 78020

Sure Clamp



Sure Clamp


Scaffold Clamps The Rosco scaffold clamps, are multi-purpose, durable and offer total security. Fundamental to the fixing of equipment on metallic surfaces or other fittings, the Rosco Single coupler and Swivel coupler are light and strong. Rosco scaffold clamps are produced with extruded aluminium, giving a smart and professional finish. They have all of the fundamental features for practical and fast fixing. The wing nut with washer are specifically designed to make clamping easy with a spanner or wrench and the screw eye bolt has a clog way to avoid undue stress on the clamp. Maximum load for the single coupler and swivel coupler is 750kg.

Single Coupler

Swivel Coupler


Personaliesd Clamps Now you can have clamps personalised with your company name or logo. Rosco can create an imprint for your clamps based on your own camera ready artwork giving extra presence for your company brand when out on site.


FOG The Delta DMX 3000™ Fog Machine.

It’s The Next Thing In Rosco Fog Systems.

Rosco’s Delta DMX 3000™ fog machine is a state-of-the-art system at an affordable cost. Developed over three years of careful review with people who design fog effects, the Delta DMX 3000™ combines the features everybody wants with the operational perfection everyone hopes for. The machine offers DMX as standard equipment, and is available with a choice of three remote control devices. Like all Rosco fog machines, the Delta DMX 3000™ accepts all the Rosco waterbased fog fluids, the same fluid that won an Academy Award in 1984. The resulting fog is dry, controllable and has been used successfully in

theme parks, theatres and other places of public accommodation for nearly two decades.

Rosco‘s fog fluid won an Academy Award for “. . . the development of a safe, non-toxic fluid for use in motion pictures . . . ”



MACHINES Delta 3000™ Rosco’s new fog machine combines the most reliable, tested components for fog productions with the latest electronic ideas for design versatility. The machine is a triumph of solid engineering and design sensitivity. It not only produces greater fog output than any machine in its price class, but has a wide range of output applicable for any situation. Using the wide array of Rosco water-based fog fluids, the fog is always dry and controllable. The major components, the heat exchanger and pump, are easily accessible for servicing. The components have both been proven reliable and durable in other Rosco fog systems used intensely in theme parks and other venues around the world. The Delta 3000™ offers DMX as standard equipment, and is available with a choice of three remote control devices. The Digital/DMX Remote allows you to set the DMX address (in one of five languages!). The timers are real time programable with up to 10 minutes of ON time and 10 minutes of OFF time. In addition to DMX control and timers, this remote can operate the fog machine directly. The Analog/DMX Remote provides the same basic features, but uses an analog interface. The Solo DMX Remote is designed for those who will run the machine exclusively from the light board. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

13000 13000 13000 13000 43000 61690 61695

0120 DDMX ADMX SDMX 0000 0004 0004

Delta 3000™ Base Unit (requires remote control) Delta 3000™ Digital/DMX Remote Control Device Delta 3000™ Analog/DMX Remote Control Device Delta 3000™ Solo DMX Remote Control Device Delta 3000™ Carrying Case 10.16cm Hose Adapter Ducting Hose 10.16cmx 7.62m





DIGITAL/DMX Digital Yes Yes 10 min. 60 min. Yes Yes

ANALOG/DMX Analog No Yes 2 min. 4 min. Yes Yes

SOLO DMX Analog No Yes N/A N/A Test only Yes



MACHINES Model 1700 Rosco’s Model 1700 fog machine is a high quality successor to the Rosco model 1600 - with radical improvements and lower cost. The Model 1700 delivers fog output equal to or more than that of the 1600, but in keeping with modern practice, draws low power. It has a remote control stored on board, with a 5m lead and fine control for on/off settings. It can be connected to a lighting control board through an optional DMX interface. The Model 1700 also has an XLR socket port enabling up to 4 machines to be operated with one remote control. The machine accepts either the 4L or 2.5L Rosco Fog Fluid bottle. No. 911011700 No. 911011200DMX

Model 1700 Fog Machine DMX Interface

Alpha 900™ Rosco’s most economical fog machine is an excellent choice for applications where the effect does not have to be controlled. A simple on-off switch, in the remote control only, initiates a remarkably powerful blast of smoke. The output from the 1000 watt heater of this compact machine is truly remarkable. At only 5kgs with a remote power cord of 9m the Alpha 900 is ideal for use at parties or other non-permanent venues. The Alpha 900 is UL listed, carries a standard Rosco warranty and accepts the entire range of Rosco fog fluids. No. 89120021 No. 217209000900

Alpha 900 Alpha 900 Wireless Remote (not available from stock)


No. 8215124120050

Alpha 900 Carrying Case

No. 8211H No. 8211DH No. 8212DH

10cm Hose Adapter Ducting Hose 7.32m Ducting Hose 3.66m



New Hazemaker Fluid There’s no animal, vegetable or mineral oil in this fluid — but that’s only one of its features. The absence of oil insures that you won’t find an oily residue on your delicate equipment, or patrons when the fluid has evaporated into the atmosphere. The New Hazemaker Fluid is quite different from other Rosco fog fluids and was specially developed for the Hazemaker machine. It is water soluble, but carefully constituted so you won’t get water droplets on your electronic gear or moving lights, a reallife situation with other haze-making fluids. See Page 50for Health Warning. No. 839013 New Hazemaker Fluid – 1 litre

Hazemaker™ The Rosco Hazemaker™ creates a haze effect to enhance both scenery and lighting. Most often compared to a “cracked oil” effect, the Rosco Hazemaker uses a proprietary water soluble fluid that contains no animal, vegetable, or mineral oil. By eliminating the oil, Rosco eliminates the residue build-up on sensitive electronic equipment commonly associated with other hazers. The Hazemaker has an air compressor built inside and is designed to run continuously to fill the venue and maintain the haze effect. The output has been calibrated to produce specific levels, ideal for focused beams of light to be seen. No. 901300011


Hazemaker 2™ The Rosco Hazemaker 2™ creates the same effect as the Hazemaker and uses the same fluid. However, the Hazemaker 2 does not have an air compressor inside, but uses external compressed air supplied by the end user. This allows the Hazemaker 2 to be small and lightweight. No. 901300012

Hazemaker 2

Both the Hazemaker and Hazemaker 2 are contained in custom designed road cases with two handles. The Hazemaker also has castors to facilitate handling.



MACHINES Coldflow™

Intelligent Fog System™

The Coldflow™ is the newest technology to chill fog and create a lowlying effect. First developed by High End Systems, the Coldflow™ uses liquid carbon dioxide, commonly available everywhere, to “make” dry ice inside an aluminium chamber. The output of a fog machine, such as the Rosco Model 1700, passes through the aluminium chamber and is chilled so that it lies close to the ground. For best effect use Rosco Stage & Studio Fluid. The Coldflow™ can be used with all Rosco Fog Machines. No. 8215617000240


Coldflow is a registered trademark of High End Systems, Inc.

Chiller Module™ The Rosco Chiller Module, used with Rosco Stage and Studio Fluid, allows you to produce low-lying fog on demand. Fill the Chiller Module basket with dry ice (or regular ice). Attach the 1.5m Ducting Hose that is included with the Chiller Module to a Hose Adapter affixed to the front of a Model 1700, Alpha 900, or Delta DMX 3000. (NOTE: The Hose Adapter must be used to achieve the effect.) Attach the other end of the hose to the inlet port of the Chiller Module. The operator can control the density and speed of the chilled fog by dialing the knob on the remote speed control unit. No. 82101150080 No. 8211H No. 8211DH


Chiller Module 10.2cm Hose Adapter Ducting Hose 10.2cm x 7.62m

The Rosco Intelligent Fog System is designed for permanent or long running installations that require reliable fog effects for long duty cycles. This minimum maintenance system is ideal for theme parks and similar attractions. The Intelligent Fog System allows a facility to have several independent fog generation sites connected to one distribution system and master show control. Thus, an attraction that requires fog in disparate locations can have this effect when they want it, where they want it. Perhaps most important, this system is designed to operate with incredible durability, up to 24 hours a day, day after day. It delivers fog, in the volume needed, at exactly the time it’s needed. The system is carefully designed to operate with minimum maintenance. With regular “purge” or cleaning cycles, the IFS is flushed with water and compressed air. These cleaning cycles occur automatically or can be programmed into the show control. Alternatively, they can be activated manually with the press of a button. The cleaning keeps the heat exchanger, the most critical and inaccessible component of a fog system, free from clogging. The system’s electronics are maintained in a separate module keeping them secure from the heat and moisture associated with fog systems that operate on long duty cycles.



Rosco Fog Machine Specifications ALPHA 900

MODEL 1700





14" 36.6 cm

19.75 50.2 cm

17” 42cm

15.5 39.4cm

16.5” 42cm


6 15.25 cm

8.1" 20.5 cm

21" 51.5 cm

17” 43.2

7” 17.8cm


8" 20.3 cm

9.6" 25.5 cm

17" 42 cm

11” 28cm

13” 33cm


11.4 lbs. 5.2 kg

26.5 lbs. 12 kg

157 lbs. 25.9 kg

34 lbs 15.5 kg


18.5 lbs. 8.41 kg

1000 W

1190 W


120v, 10 A 240v, 5 A

110v, 230v

120v 240v,

Remote Cable

30' 9.1 m

16’.4” 5m




Volume Control






1 liter/hr.

3 liters/hr.

Warm-up Time

5 min.

8 min.



5 min


1 liter

2.5 liters

2 litres

2 litres

4 litres

(not incl.)

or 4.0 litres

Air Input




Yes **








DMX Interface






Hose Adaptor






Ducting Hose

4" x 25'' 10.2 cm x 7.62 m

4" x 25' 10.2 cm x 7.62 m



Power Req.

Max. Fluid Consumption

1 liter/hr.

1500 W 120v, 1A, 240v,5A

1 litre/57 hrs

120v, 14A 240v, 7A

6.5 litres/hr

4” x 25’ 10.2cm x 7.62m

** Comporessed air required for Hazemaker 2 operation Notes: Hazemaker is mounted on casters



FLUIDS Fog Fluid Quick Guide ROSCO FOG FLUID Thick clouds; very long “hang time”; green fluid with mild scent; best all purpose fluid

ROSCO STAGE & STUDIO Fast dissipating; ideal for “chilled” low lying effect

ROSCO LIGHT FLUID Thin clouds; long “hang time”, good for haze

ROSCO CLEAR FLUID Same effect as Rosco Fog Fluid; no scent or colorant added

ROSCO SCENTED FLUID For special applications in live entertainment, clubs and discos

Rosco Fog Fluid Rosco Fog Fluid, for over 20 years, the most widely used fog fluid in theatre, live entertainment and theme parks. When vaporised, this waterbased formulation produces a dense, realistic fog which has no unpleasant odour. For health information contact Rosco. No. No. No. No. No.

830711 830416 830512 830712 830412

1 Litre 2.5 Litres 4 Litres 24 x 1 Litre Case 25 Litres

Rosco Light Fog Fluid Rosco Light Fog Fluid is one of the latest additions to the Rosco line of fog effects. Utilizing the same components as Rosco’s other awardwinning fluids, this economical water-based fluid delivers exactly what the name says: a lighter fog effect. It is useful when you don’t want the thick clouds of Rosco Fog Fluid. No. No. No. No. No.

83850711 83850720 83850712 83850714 83850715

1 Litre 2.5 Litres 24 x 1 Litre Case 4 Litre 25 Litres

HEALTH WARNING: Vapour from this fluid, like any other common material in an aerosolized state, may be irritating to or cause allergic symptoms in some persons with allergenic sensitivity. Do not fog in the presence of known asthmatics. 50

Scented Fog Fluid Rosco’s scented fog fluids are designed for use with all Rosco fog machines for special applications in live entertainment, clubs and discos. These fluids may be used in Rosco fog machines without affecting machine warranties or function. Custom scents are also available. Call Rosco for details. 1 Litre 4 Litre 2.5 Litre Pina Colada 830745 830649 830646 Lemon 830755 830658 830656 Tropical 830765 830668 830666 Apple Blossom 830775 830678 830676 Strawberry 830785 830688 830686 Mint 830735 830638 830636 Chocolate 830725 830628 830626

Stage & Studio Fluid This special formulation offers many of the same features that Rosco Fog Fluid does, with two additional benefits. This water-based fluid, when used with any of Rosco’s fog machines, will dissipate more quickly than the standard fluid. This is especially useful for theatrical or video applications where the effect must appear and disappear on cue. When properly chilled (through the use of the Rosco Coldflow and the Rosco Chiller Module), the Stage & Studio Fluid generates an excellent low-lying fog. No. No. No. No. No.

830011 830016 830014 830013 830012

1 Litre 2.5 Litres 24 x 1 Litre Case 4 Litres 25 Litres

Rosco Clear Fog Fluid For over 20 years Rosco has sold the familiar Rosco Fog Fluid with its green colour and distinctive scent. Now Rosco offers Rosco Clear Fog Fluid. Rosco Clear delivers the exact same effect as Rosco Fog Fluid, but doesn’t have the colourant or scent additives of standard Rosco Fog Fluid. No. No. No. No. No

83860711 83860720 83860712 83860714 83800717

1 Litre 2.5 Litres 24 x 1 Litre Case 4 Litres 25 Litres


DigiComp® is Rosco’s trade name for fabric, paint and tape precisely crafted to allow seamless compositing for film, video and digital use. In the modern compositing or matting process, images are overlaid on a surface for acceptance by a film or video camera. The success of the projected image depends directly on the luminance or brightness as well as the chroma or colour purity of the matte background. That’s why backgrounds of DigiComp materials are so useful for film or television professionals. DigiComp fabrics are 100% cotton materials impregnated with red, blue or green colour precisely matched to the DigiComp paints and tape. The paints are carefully developed pigments in a flexible vinyl acrylic binder for adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. The DigiComp tapes are non-reflective gaffers tapes which will not leave a sticky residue when removed. DIGICOMP® PAINT DigiComp Blue No. 57050128 No. 57050640

3.79L 18.95L

The graph below shows where the Red, Blue and Green DigiComp fall on the spectrum and the percentage of their wavelength (colour) that is reflected back to the viewer or camera.

DigiComp Green No. 57070128 No. 57070640

3.79L 18.95l

Incident light reading: f4 Reflectance readings:

DigiComp Red No. 57080128 No. 57080640

3.79l 18.95L

Blue Green Red

f.28 f.4.5 f.5.6 1/2

DIGICOMP® TAPE - 50mm x 50m No. 57055050 DigiComp Blue Tape No. 57075050 DigiComp Green Tape No. 57085050 DigiComp Red Tape DIGICOMP® FABRIC - 1.47m wide No. 57054830 DigiComp Blue Fabric 9.14m Roll No. 57054860 DigiComp Blue Fabric 18.28m Roll No. 57074830 DigiComp Green Fabric 9.14m Roll No. 57074860 DigiComp Green Fabric 18,28m Roll No. 57084830 DigiComp Red Fabric 9.14m Roll No. 57084860 DigiComp Red Fabric 18.28m Roll

DigiComp Red

DigiComp Blue

DigiComp Green

Values for tape, paint and fabric are virtually identical.



TV Paint™ Specifically formulated for the sensitive contrast requirements of standard television systems, this versatile acrylic paint can be applied to nearly any surface and comes ready to use right out of the bucket. TV White and Black are completely intermixable and allow the user to achieve intermediate greys. Featuring one-coat coverage, this system dries to a matte, non-reflective finish and allows for easy touch-up. Available in 3.79L containers, TV WHITE – A neutral grey that meets the specifications for 60% reflectance (maximum brightness intended for transmission). No. 573517 (3.79L) TV BLACK – A rich, matte black that meets the specifications for 3% reflectance (minimum brightness intended for transmission). No. 574017 (3.79L)

Video Paint Ultimatte


Rosco Ultimatte Paints are the approved Ultimatte Paint System. These paints were designed in conjunction with the Ultimatte technical staff to meet the requirements of their keying effects systems. Super Blue is a purer blue designed for use in film production. Vinyl acrylic paints can be used on nearly any surface. Sold in 3.79L containers ®



No. 57201 No. 57211 No. 57221

Ultimatte Blue Ultimatte Green Ultimatte Super Blue ®



Chroma Key™ Rosco Chroma Key Paints have been specifically formulated to provide high luminance values and colour saturation for keying effects. The acrylic colours provide high build, one-coat coverage for use on nearly any surface. Sold in 3.79L containers. No. 57101 No. 57111 No. 2420004

Chroma Key Blue Chroma Key Green Chroma Key Blue Material (1.5m wide) Chroma Key Green Material (1.5m wide)

No. 2420005

Blue Green


Vectroscope Phase Angle

52 57

342 242


Blue Green Super Blue

Red 22 29 7

Green 40 84 18

Blue 82 36 72

These values were measured with an Ikegami EC-35 camera with Plumbicon tubes. The iris was set so that an 89.9% reflective chip on a Porta Pattern 11 step chip chart was at 100 IRE units, the gamma was set to 0.45 and the knee circuit was turned off. Different cameras may yield different levels even under the same conditions.

See pages 36-42 for other Material sold by the metre


Rosco Paint and Scene Shop products.

Horizon™ Lighting Control Horizon, along with any of its interfaces, converts your Pentium class personal computer into the most powerful lighting control system available. Horizon software runs under Windows™ 2000 and XP. Anyone familiar with Windows will find it easy to bring up channels and program cues with the mouse. If you are familiar with command-line, tracking style consoles, you will find it easy to program Horizon by using keystroke sequences. A combination of both methods makes cueing fast and easy, no matter what your level of experience. The latest version of Horizon Basic Software is available on CD-ROM or from the Rosco website, ensuring that your console always has the latest technology. ®

HORIZON BASIC Horizon Basic software provides all of the features standard on last action/tracking style consoles. In addition, it offers features not found elsewhere: three cue lists, allowing simultaneous playback of three different sequences of cues; plot and patch data import; and import of various elements from other Horizon shows. Three Submaster pages with up to 128 Submasters per page and 24 Function buttons allow extensive customization. When used in conjunction with IPS dimmers, Horizon provides detailed dimmer feedback and allows you to set dimmer profiles from the console. Horizon Basic is generally supplied in one of two DMX interfaces, listed below. The interface is the module which converts your PC into a Horizon Control Board. These interfaces plug into the parallel (printer) port of the host PC, (a USB version is availalbe, please call your local Rosco office for details). The 125 channel interface is perfect for introductory levels; it provides all the features of Horizon Basic for 125 channels. It does, however, need to be upgraded to 512 channels in order to add Horizon Silver or Gold. The 512 channel interface outputs one universe of DMX. Neither interface supports Windows NT.



patch, load and focus data imported from popular lighting management programs (SoftPlot, or WYSIPaper) for any channel you select. A pre-programmed Channel Check saves you the time of programming it. No. 98IPS-HZ-SILVER No. 857HZSVR1024 HORIZON GOLD UPGRADE This premium version of Horizon adds moving light control to the feature set of Horizon Silver. Over 195 fixture types are currently supported, and new ones are continually added to the library. Fixtures can be controlled using pop-up “Attribute” windows, or even more quickly using “Palettes” which allow you to pre-select fixtures, colour, beam and effect wheel attributes, and preset focus positions to build cues quickly and easily. No. 98IPS-HZ-GOLD No. 857HZGLD1024

No. 857HZ1250512

HORIZON EQUIPMENT ACCESSORIES The Horizon Submaster Wing Panel provides 24 submasters, sliders and bump buttons for “hands-on” control. This module plugs into the serial port of the PC. The Horizon 1024 Interface, equipped with Basic Horizon software, outputs two DMX universes (1024 channels) and adds Ethernet connectivity. Up to 7 x 1024 Interfaces may be networked to output up to 14 universes of DMX (7168 channels). This device plugs into the Ethernet port of the host PC using standard Category 5 cable.


No. HZSWP0 120

Submaster Wing Panel 98IPS-HZ-SWB

The Silver Upgrade includes many professional level features. Active Magic Sheets™ allow you to choose fixtures, levels, and cues from an HTML display. An unlimited number of Cue Lists lets you play back several cues on stage at the same time, or run lights in multiple venues from one console. Channel labels allow you to replace numbers in the channel display with something more obvious, like names. A “What’s This” func-tion displays

No. HZ1024 120

1024 Ethernet Node 98IPS-HZ-1024

No. 857HZ0125120 125 Channel DMX Interface No. 98IPS-HZ-512 512 Channel DMX Interface HORIZON 512 UPGRADE Upgrade your Horizon 125 Interface to 512 channels just as simply as upgrading your software to Silver or Gold.


This CD-ROM contains a demo programme of Horizon. Included on the CD are demo programs of other Rosco software, including Everest 3D™ and SoftPlot. No. 98Y08-5000

Demo CD-ROM 53


PROJECTION Custom Screen

2.2m Seamless

Rosco will custom cut, weld and finish our screen material to your specifications. Pricing will include grommets on 30.48cm centres, vertical seams, finished edges and a pipe pocket and/or skirt. as specified. Unusual shapes are available but may require an additional set-up charge. All screens are wipeable and inherently flame retardant.

1.5m Seamless

Rosco’s exclusive line of wider seamless projection screens. Minimum order is one linear metre. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

1.5m width Minimum order is one linear metre No 2115

Front White

1.4m wide. Minimum order is one linear metre 2100 2101 2103 2104 2116 2117

Grey Black Twin White Light Translucent Sky Blue Misty Blue Front White

2.8m Screen Double width continuous rolls of two 1.4m sections welded together. Minimum order is one linear metre.

1.4m Seamless

No. No. No. No. No. No.

2110 2112 2111 2113 2118 2119 2114

Grey Twin White Black Light Translucent Sky Blue Misty Blue

No. No. No. No.

2105 2106 2107 2108

Grey Twin White Black Light Translucent .

Spanfix This versatile elastic fastener is ideal for attaching grommeted screens to frames. They maintain constant tension across the screen providing a flawless projection surface. No. 2100A


Roscoscreens Technical Information Type

Black Grey Twin White Light Translucent

Misty Blue Sky Blue Front White



Often used in situations with high quantities of ambient light. Fine detail resolution when back lit with a strong image. Inconspicuous in the framework of a set. Wider viewing angles for rear projections. Neutral colour. Rosco’s most widely used screen; can be used as a front or rear projection surface, with no apparent difference in picture brightness. Very high direct light transmission and bright sharp picture quality with minimal absorption loss. Commonly used in studios and stages for indirect light transmission and diffusion. Also used to reduce the image contrast in situations with high levels of ambient light. A moderate direct light transmission with an intriguing faint misty blue colour cast. A colour which when unlit has a sky blue tone, and of course cool colour in projection; good for large area Highly opaque, reflective material for front projection.

Widths Available 1.4m 2.2m 2.8m

• •

• •

• •



This day/night Roscolite, used on “Ransom”, offered production designer Michael Corenblith the ability to digitally alter October trees to February colours and switch from day to night with a simple lighting change.It measured 57.92m x 7.62m

Rosco’s Roscolite Backdrops won an Academy Award for Technical Achievement in 2001.

Roscolites™ for Backdrops Roscolites were originally produced for the film and television industry several years ago. They offer a number of significant improvements when compared to the older translights. Scene changes from day to night can be made in minutes, rather than hours. Expensive track systems, often used to move translights around, are no longer needed with Roscolites. Perhaps most important, Roscolites are fabricated on vinyl - a material far more rugged than the nine mil polyster still used on most translights. Roscolites are manufactured using the Roscomural process, they are often seamed together for the larger backdrops required for many motion pictures. Rosco murals are aso availble to rent go to to view images.

Roscomurals™ for Exhibits, Theatrical Scenery and Display

The images in this trade show exhibit are Roscomurals on vinyl.

Roscomurals are large brilliant images painted on a variety of diferent materials. They are widely used on exhibits, theatrical backdrops, banners, wall coverings, dioramas or wherever stunning images are needed. The process reproduces stunning images on vinyls, meshes & scrims, sheers & lightweight translucents, canvas, muslin and even floors to mention a few. Ultrasonic seams are used to create continuous images of immense size. Roscomurals can be reproduced from photos, transparencies, digital files or other art. Durable acrylic lacquer paint is applied with precision to the material you chose, and can be front or back lit. Costs are specific to each project because of the choice of resolution and the wide variety of substrate materials and finishing options available. Roscomurals have been produced on backlight vinyl, frontlight vinyl, banner vinyl, Vicretex, Sintra, cyc cloth, gesso canvas, sharkscrim and other substrate materials. Rosco’s services include a fully staffed studio of artists and craftspeople particularly skilled in the design, retouching and manipulation of images. 55


Gaffer Tape Rosco Gaffer Tape is available as follows: No. 500125 Matte Black (25mm) No. 500225 Matte White (25mm) No. 500325 Matte Grey (25mm) No.500150 No.500250 No.500350

Matte Black (50mm) Matte White (50mm) Matte Grey (50mm)

No. 501125 Gloss Black (25mm) No. 501225 Gloss White (25mm) No. 501325 Gloss Silver) (25mm) No.501150 No.501250 No.501350

Gloss Black (50mm) Gloss White (50mm) Gloss Silver (50mm)

Glow Tape This glow-in-the-dark tape is ideal for marking low light areas. It glows to a yellow-green colour that can remain illuminated for hours. Each roll is 24mm wide and manufactured with a strong adhesive, making it durable enough for high traffic areas. No. 500005

5m roll

No. 500010

10m roll

Caution Tape This 48mm vinyl tape has alternating bands of bright yellow and black. It is perfect for marking backstage areas that are off-limits or dangerous. 16.5m roll. No. 50560010



Rosco DMX Cables are high quality cables with 5-pin XLR connectors that are used to run the signal from a lighting control console to dimmers or any other device that requires DMX to operate. Unlike standard cables, Rosco DMX Cables are rugged enough to hold up to any abuse since the outer jacket is made of polyurethane, a very durable plastic. In addition, the inner liners are heat resistant materials to protect the integrity of the signal even when subjected to very high heat. The connectors are Swiss-made 5-pin XLR connectors that are gold tipped for better conductivity. Each cable is supplied with shrink tubing so users can add their own identification. Rosco DMX Cables come in a variety of sizes for convenience. No.4104 No.4105 No.4106 No.4107 No.4108 No.4109 No.4110 No.4111 No.4112

Male 5 pin connector Female 5 pin connector Cable per mettre 1 metre complete 5 metres complete 10 metres complete 25 metres complete 50 metres complete 100 metres complete


! New

You Can Install It Yourself

Rosco SubFloor With WaveLock™ Technology

Rosco SubFloor was developed and tested by dancers to insure the perfect combination of resilience (spring or bounce) with stability. It is flexible enough to absorb the energy from a dancer’s impact but provides the right amount of resistance for dance movements ranging from ballet to tap and including folk, modern, flamenco and Irish dancing. Most users will be able to install the Rosco SubFloor on their own. The 1.07m x 1.07m panels lock into each other with the unique WaveLock™ design. Perimeter pieces, 11.43cm wide, lock the entire floor together. Rosco SubFloor systems can be bolted to concrete or wood floors and can also be removed and re-used in case of a change of venue. Panels weigh only 18.14kgs each.

Semi-Permanent Studio System Components No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300

08000 08010 08010 08015 08016 08020 08021 08030 08030 08030 08030 08040 08041 08042

4242 0042 0084 0000 0000 0000 0000 1242 1284 2442 2484 0KIT 0KIT 0KIT

1.07cm x 1.07cm x 5.08cm Panel 11.43cm x 1.07m x 5.08cm Perimeter 11.43cm x 2.13m x 5.08cm Perimeter 11.43cm x 53.34cm x 5.08cm (x2) Corner 11.43cm Inside Corner 53.34cm x 1.07m x 5.08cm Ramp 53.34cm Corner Transition Ramp 30.48cm x 1.07m Custom Top Perimeter 30.48cm x 2.13m Custom Top Perimeter 61cm x 1.07m Custom Top Perimeter 61cm x 2.13m Custom Top Perimeter Semi-Permanent Installation Kit* Concrete Permanent Installation Kit* Wood Permanent Installation Kit*

* 1 kit needed for every 92.90 square metres



Dance Floor

Adagio™ Adagio™ is an excellent floor for all forms of dance and dance instruction, including tap, ballet and modern. Its heavy duty, slip vinyl surface is both tough and durable enough to handle tap and other hard shoe dance styles. Yet it is also supple enough to be the ideal surface for ballet and modern dance styles. The Adagio travels well as a portable floor for touring, and since it is dimensionally stable, it is suitable for permanent or semi-permanent installation. 113.4kgs per roll. Floor thickness is 1.5 mm, width is 1.5 m and it is sold by the metre or bolt. Installation – Portable, Semi-Permanent, Permanent. No. 87862214 No. 87862219

Black linear metre (1.5m wide) Black Bolt (1.5m x 31m)

No. 87863514 No. 87863519

Grey linear metre (1.5m wide) Grey Bolt (1.5m x 31m)

Cabriole™ Floor Cabriole™ is a major breakthrough in stage and studio flooring. With cushioning between two reversible sides, Cabriole is a unique double-sided dance floor with black on one side and grey on the other, and the matte finish helps prevent distracting reflections. Both sides offer the same non-skid finish designed for the controlled slip preferred by dancers. Now dancers can have cushioned comfort both in the studio and while on tour. Weighing 2.5kgs per linear metre, Cabriole is easily handled during transport. Floor thickness is 1.5 mm, width is 1.4 m, and it is sold by the linear metre up to 45m long. Installation – Use Rosco Vinyl or Double Stick Tape only.


No. 8782014

Black/Grey linear metre

No. 8782019

Black/Grey 45m bolt

This highly portable vinyl floor is excellent for situations where a permanent dance floor cannot be installed. Dance Floor is lightweight (less than 2.7kgs per linear metre, 115.67kgs per roll) and flexible, so it can be rolled and unrolled as needed. This makes the floor ideal for situations such as touring dance companies and theatres without a permanent dance floor. The matte non-skid finish provides the controlled slip dancers require. Dance Floor is reversible with black on one side and your choice of white or grey on the other. Floor thickness is 1.3 mm, width is 1.6 m, and it is sold by the linear metre up to 40 m long. Installation – Use Rosco Vinyl or Double Stick Tape only. No. 875014 No. 872019

Black/Grey Metre Black/Grey Bolt

No. 875314 No. 872319

Black/White Metre Black/White Bolt

No. 872614 No. 872619

Blue/Yellow Metre Blue/Yellow Bolt

Also available in full bolts only, red/beige and blue/black.


Royale™ Floor Royale™ is Rosco’s premier foamcushioned floor for stages and studios, now with improved surface. Made of a very hard-wearing, slip-resistant vinyl and mounted on a firm foam backing, Royale is a perfect floor for dance and performance. Excellent as a portable floor for touring, weighing 4kgs per linear metre, 140kgs per roll. Royale also incorporates a mineral fibre layer, making it dimensionally stable for permanent or semi-permanent installation. Royale is perfect over wood, tile or any smooth surface. Floor thickness is 3mm, width is 2 m, and it is sold by the linear metre up to 35m long.

Apprentice™ Floors are available in standard Studio Black or Marble Grey or Marble Tan, shown above. The marble finish offers an attractive finish as well as the practical benefit of hiding scuff marks.

Installation – Portable, Semi-Permanent, Permanent. No. 87852214

Black Linear metre

No. 87852219

Black Bolt

No. 87853514

Grey Linear metre

No. 87853519

Grey Bolt

Apprentice™ Floor

One of Rosco’s most affordable floors, Apprentice is also one of its most versatile. It can be used for virtually every popular form of dance, including tap, ballet, modern, flamenco and jazz. Apprentice, a heavy duty contract quality vinyl, offers the stability required for permanent or semipermanent installation. Floor thickness is 2 mm and rolls are 2 metres wide. No. 093227900 No. 093357900 No. 093187900

Studio Floor This ultra matte, black vinyl floor is ideal as a staging floor for ballet, theatre, or any application where a lightabsorbing surface is needed. Studio Floor is not appropriate for heavy traffic or other kinds of dance. Available in ultra-flat black only. Studio Floor is 2mm thick and rolls measure 1.83 m wide by 18.29 m long, weighing 113.4kgs Cut meterage is not available. Installation -- For semi-permanent installation, use matching Rosco Black Gaffer tape or Rosco Double Stick tape. Consult a professional flooring contractor for advice on permanent installation. Use Rosco adhesives and floor seam welding thread only. No. 2833035

! New

Apprentice Black Apprentice Marble Grey Apprentice Marble Tan

Performance Floor This durable, all-purpose vinyl floor is best for permanent or semipermanent installations in studios, multi-purpose rooms, stages and showrooms—anywhere traffic is heaviest. Performance Floor’s durability and abrasion resistance gives the floor the ability to stand up to the abuse of camera dollies, street or tap shoes and ballroom dancing as well as being ideal for ballet. Available in black, white, light and dark grey, as well as a wide range of other colours by special order. Performance Floor is 2.5 mm thick and rolls measure 1.83 m wide by 18.29 m long, and weigh 127kgs. Cut meterage is not available. Installation – For semi-permanent installation, use matching Rosco Vinyl tape or Rosco Double Stick tape. Consult a professional flooring contractor for advice on permanent installation. Use Rosco adhesives and floor seam welding thread only. No. No. No. No.

1035 1030 1031 1025

Black White Light Grey Dark Grey



Show Floor This super glossy vinyl floor is perfect for special events, commercials and fashion promotions. It will add sparkle and glamour to any event. Show Floor is not recommended for heavy traffic or for permanent installation. It is available in high gloss black and white. Show Floor is 2 mm thick, and each roll measures 1.83 m wide by 18.29 m long, weighing 124.75kgs. Cut metreage is not available. Installation – For semi-permanent installation, use Rosco Clear Vinyl tape or Rosco Double Stick tape. No. 74035 No. 74030 No. 74036

Black White Red

PortaBarre™ PortaBarre™ is excatly what the name describes, a truly portable ballet dance barre. Designed by dancers, PortaBarre is extremely lightweight, yet highly durable and stable. Rosco’s PortaBarre uses an internal double button interlocking system, which makes assembly and disassembly possible in a matter of a few minutes, and it does not require tools or locking keys. Made from aluminium, PortaBarre is less than half the weight of comparable sized steel or wood barre systems. The 1.40m PortaBarre weighs only 6.80kg and is sold complete with a custom designed carrying case. The 2.74m PortaBarre, also sold with a carrying case, weighs only 11.34kg. and can be extended to 3.96m with Rosco’s optional 1.21m PortaBarre extension. PortaBarre may also be mounted to your studio floor for extra rigidity with Rosco’s PortaBarre floor mounts.

The 3-foot square Roscotiles are ideal for video production facilities.


This unique, rugged floor product is 100% vinyl in 0.914 m by 0.914m squares, making it easy to pick up and put down. Originally designed for video production facilities, each 3 mm thick, 5.44kg tile is designed to lie flat for temporary, as well as permanent installations. While Roscotile is designed No. 09095 0108 2.74m barre with carrying case not to break or crack during typical use, the No. 09095 0054 1.40cm barre with carrying case tile format makes for easy replacement No. 09095 0048 1.21m extension for 2.74m barre should one or more tiles be gouged by a No. 09095 0002 pair of floor mounts sharp object. The tiles typically have a low lustre sheen, but can be buffed to a high Studio Kits — all kits consist of 1.40cm barre with carrying case and a gloss using Rosco Floor Cleansers (see choice of either Adagio or Royale dance floor. The vinyl floors in these kits page 61) Available in White, Black and are pre-cut to 1.98m x 1.49m. Rosco’s Royale is a foam-cushioned floor; TV Grey. Adagio may be used for tap, as well as virtually all other styles of dance. No. 08922 4KIT No. 08935 4KIT No. 08522 4KIT No. 08535 4KIT

Black Adagio Kit Grey Adagio Kit Black Royale Kit Grey Royale Kit

Available by special order only

Installation – For temporary installation, tiles will lie flat on their own, although Rosco floor tape may be used to secure the edges. For permanent installation, a professional flooring contractor should be consulted. All tiles should be stripped of their shipping coating with professional cleaning equipment such as Rosco Floor Cleansers (see page 61) For permanent installations use only Rosco adhesives (see page 61) No. 8726 No. 8725 No. 8727

Shown here is Rosco’s 9’ PortaBarre with a 4’ extension. Though so lightweight it can easily be carried in its carrying case, the PortaBarre offers secure stability for all the exercises dancers normally do at a barre.


White Black TV Grey

Roscoleum is Rosco’s linoleum dance floor, suitable for virtually any form of dance, including tap, Flamenco and Irish Dance. An improved version of the traditional “Battleship Linoleum”, Classic Roscoleum is a heavyweight linoleum, at 2.5mm thick. Classic is 2m wide and 32m long. Cut meterage is not available. A wide range of other colors are available, by special order.



Roscoleum Floor

Installation – Permanent. For permanent installation, a professional flooring contractor should be consulted using Roscoleum adhesive and Roscoleum welding thread. No.87812219 No.87813519 No.87822219. No.87823519

Classic Black Classic Grey Dura Black Dura Grey

Floor tapes For installing floors in temporary situations.

Floor Cleaners Rosco offers three different floor cleaner products, designed to meet every need. All cleaners are available in litres, US gallons or cases of litres or US gallons. ROSCO ALL PURPOSE FLOOR CLEANER Designed for the routine, regular cleaning of all Rosco vinyl floors. No. 09116 0034 1 litre No. 09116 0128 3.79 litres (1 US gallon) No. B9116 0034 litre case (14 liters) No. B9116 0128 gallon case (4 x 3.79 litres) ROSCO HEAVY DUTY FLOOR CLEANER For stripping and deep cleaning of Rosco floors. No. 09112 0034 1 litre No. 09112 0128 3.79 litres (1 US gallon) No. B9112 0034 litre case (14 liters) No. B9112 0128 gallon case (4 x 3.79 litres) ROSCO FLOOR WAX Liquid wax product for refreshing the finish of Rosco floors. No. 09114 0034 1 litre No. 09114 0128 3.79 litres (1 US gallon) No. B9114 0034 litre case (14 liters) No. B9114 0128 gallon case (4 x 3.79 litres) GRANULATED FLOOR CLEANSER Granulated, dissolvable chemical for cleaning all Rosco flooring surfaces. No. 08710 2.26kg. bag

No. 501410 No. 501510 No. 501610 No. 501310 No. 500410 Rosco also has

Black Vinyl tape 48mm x 33m White Vinyl tape 48mm x 33m Grey Vinyl tape 48mm x 33m Clear Vinyl tape 48mm x 33m Roscofloor Double Stick tape 48mm x 25m Gaffer Tape available for temporary installations. See page 56

Adhesives For permanent installations. Consult a professional flooring contractor before installation. LATEX ADHESIVE NO. 500 For most porous surfaces, including concrete which is above grade. No. 850017 3.79L Pail (weighs 5.45kgs.) No. 850020 15.16L Pail (weighs 18.15kgs.) EPOXY ADHESIVE NO. 300 For non-porous surfaces and concrete below grade. No. 830015 0.946L Kit (weighs 1.81kg.) No. 830017 3.79L Kit (weighs 6.80kg.) Coverage is approximately 10.21 sq meters. per 3.79L. ROSCOLEUM ADHESIVE For use with Roscoleum floor only. No. 08100 0128 3.79L (weighs 4.98kg.) No. 08100 0640 18.95L (weighs 24.94kg.) Available by special order only

Welding Threads Welding threads are available to aid in permanent seam sealing by professional contractors. Rosco has welding threads available for Royale, Adagio, Roscoleum, Performance Floor and Studio Floor. Call Rosco for details. Available by special order only



Glamé™ An old favourite gets a new look. The Rosco Glamé line has been improved and expanded. We have improved the weave; making it fine, flat and even, and expanded the range of available materials to include diffractions and iridescents for stunning scenic effects on stage or film. Glamé is still woven from a durable, lightweight, self-extinguishing plastic film making it an excellent choice for theatrical, or any entertainment venues. 1.22 m x 9.15 m Rolls. 100m. bolts also available. No. 2006 Silver No. 2009 Gold No. 2012 Silver/Black No. 2013 Gold/Black No. 2014 Gold/Silver No. 2032 Silver/Diffraction No. 2033 Gold/Diffraction No. 2034 Clear/Diffraction No. 2035 Iridescent/Diffraction No. 2041 Razzle Dazzle No. 2045 Black No. 2052 Black/Iridescent No. 2053 Silver/Iridescent No. 2054 Gold/Iridescent .

Glamé, widely used as a decorative material in clubs, theatre and special events, reflects light beautifully.

Shimmer Scrim™ Shimmer Scrim is a unique combination of thread and plastic film woven into a theatrical fabric. This selfextinguishing fabric may be used for traditional scrim effects or as a shimmering, airy drape. It has a selvedge edge for easy sewing. 1.19m x 9.15 m Roll 1.19 x 100m Bolt

No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

2051 2056 2055 2057 2005 2059 2061

White/Iridescent/Gold White/Clear/Iridescent White/Iridescent/White Black/Clear/Silver Black/Clear/Iridescent Black/Clear/Black Black/Gold/Clear

Shown clockwise from the top: Glamé; Iridescent/Diffraction, Silver/Black, Silver, Gold, Razzle Dazzle, Showcloth; Black/Clear/Silver.

PATTERN GLAMÉ New! 1.22m x 9.15 m 100m bolts also available, call for pricing. Available by special order in the following colours: No. 52015 Blue/White No. 52016 Blue/Diffraction No. 52017 Gold/Blue No. 52018 Blue/Pink No. 52019 Black/Pink No. 52020 White/Pink No. 52021 Gold/Pink Available by special order only

Shown above: Pattern Glamé in Blue/White


Showcloth™ An extraordinary weave of thread and self-extinguishing plastic strips, this is an elegant, shimmering fabric with a soft hand and beautiful drape. Showcloth has a selvedge edge for easy sewing. 119 cm x 9.14 m roll 119 cm x 100.6 m bolts No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

62101 62102 62103 62104 62105 62106 62107

White/Gold Black/Gold White/Silver White/Iridescent Black/Silver Black/Black Black/Iridescent

No. No. No. No.

62108 62109 62110 62111

Matte Matte Matte Matte

Silver/White Silver/Black Gold/White Gold/Black

New! New! New! New! New!

This Rosco version of slash curtain picks up light and reflects it in an exciting fashion. Overlapping 3.175mm strips of durable, flame retardant vinyl make the effect of Slit Drape unique. 91.44cm wide No. 261013 Solid Black 2.4m No. 261015 Solid Black 4.9m No. 261017 Solid Black 7.3m No. 260913 Solid Silver 2.4m No. 260915 Solid Silver 4.9m No. 260917 Solid Silver 7.3m No. 262513 Solid Gold 2.4m No. 262515 Solid Gold 4.9m No. 262517 Solid Gold 7.3m No. 260813 Black/Silver 2.4m No. 2608 15 Black/Silver 4.9m No. 260817 Black/Silver 7.3m No. 260213 Black/Gold 2.4m No. 260215 Black/Gold 4.9m No. 260217 Black/Gold 7.3m No. 260013 Black/Diffraction 2.4m No. 260015 Black/Diffraction 4.9m No. 260017 Black/Diffraction 7.3m No. 260613 White/Diffraction 2.4m No. 260615 White/Diffraction 4.9m No. 260617 White/Diffraction 7.3m No. 260113 Silver/Diffraction 2.4m No. 260115 Silver/Diffraction 4.9m No. 260117 Silver/Diffraction 7.3m No. 263013 Iridescent 2.4m No. 263015 Iridescent 4.9m No. 263017 Iridescent 7.3m No. 263413 Silver/Iridescent/Gold 2.4m No. 263415 Silver/Iridescent/Gold 4.9m No. 263417 Silver/Iridescent/Gold 7.3m No. 263613 Silver/Gold/Diffraction 2.4m No. 263615 Silver/Gold/Diffraction 4.9m No. 263617 Silver/Gold/Diffraction 7.3m No. 263713 Fluorescent Chartreuse 2.4m No. 263715 Fluorescent Chartreuse 4.9m No. 263717 Fluorescent Chartreuse 7.3m No. 263813 Fluorescent Pink 2.4m No. 263815 Fluorescent Pink 4.9m No. 263817 Fluorescent Pink 7.3m No. 263913 Fluorescent Orange 2.4m No. 263915 Fluorescent Orange 4.9m No. 263917 Fluorescent Orange 7.3m No. 264013 Fluorescent Blue 2.4m No. 264015 Fluorescent Blue 4.9m No. 264017 Fluorescent Blue 7.3m No. 264113 Mixed Fluorescent 2.4m No. 264115 Mixed Fluorescent 4.9m No. 264117 Mixed Fluorescent 7.3m


Slit Drape

lours! o C w Ne



No. 03994 Fuchsia Sparklene No. 03980 Royal Blue Smooths

No. 04910 1 ⁄2" Silver Multi-Lens

No. 03972 Gold Pebble Metalix

No. 02956 Exotic Circles Diffraction

Metalix™ This durable metalized plastic material is available in a variety of colours and surfaces. 1.22m x 7.62m rolls. No. 0390202 Silver Pebble No. 0397102 Soft Silver No. 0397202 Gold Pebble

Sparklene™ Eleven glitter laminate plastic film colours for exciting effects. Sparklene is pressure sensitive for easy mounting. Available in 61cm x 4.6m rolls. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

03990 03991 03992 03993 03994 03995 03961 03963 03964

Silver Blue Red Green Fuchsia Gold Fluorescent Pink Prism Silver Blue/Green Iridescent

Multi-Lens™ A laser etched plastic film with the 3-D look of glass lenses. Pressure sensitive for easy mounting. Available in 6cm x 4.6m. Roll 1 No. 294910 ⁄2" Silver 1 No. 294911 ⁄2" Blue 1 No. 294912 ⁄2" Red 1 No. 294913 ⁄2" Green 1 No. 294914 ⁄2" Fuchsia 1 No. 294915 ⁄2" Gold 1 No. 294916 ⁄2" Fluorescent Pink No. 294920 2" Silver No. 294921 2" Blue No. 294922 2" Red No. 294923 2" Green No. 294924 2" Fuchsia No. 294925 2" Gold No. 294926 2" Fluorescent Pink Minimum order 11 rolls except Silver.

Diffractions™ Five exciting laser etched plastic films for prismatic effects. All the diffractions are adhesive backed. Available in 61cm x 4.6m Rolls No. 295622 Exotic Circles No. 295722 Exotic Hex No. 295822 Star 1 No. 296022 ⁄4" Mosaic No. 296222 Horizontal Stripes


Smooths™ The smooth colours are pressure sensitive for easy mounting. Available in 61cm x 9.15m. No. 397422 Bright Orange No. 397522 Gun Metal Grey No. 397622 Cherry Red No. 398022 Royal Blue No. 398122 Silver No. 398322 Pink Fizz No. 398522 Light Gold No. 398622 Smooth Iridescent

RoscoGlitter, in.397mm hexagonal chips, is uniquely suited for production applications. The chips are brilliant under stage lights and can be sprinkled on or mixed directly into Clear Gloss or Flat Acrylic for easy application. Available in 114g, and 0.45kg

No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

4028901 4028911 4028931 4028941 4028951 4028961 4028971 4028981

Silver Gold Red Sky Blue Royal Blue Prism Silver Green Fuchsia

Mirrors A variety of reflective surfaces in a metalized plastic format. No. No. No. No. No.

39062 392502 392702 393002 393102

Flexible Silver Thin Silver Thin Gold Rigid Gold Rigid Silver

1.22m 1.37m 1.37m 1.22m 1.22m

x x x x x

9.15m 9.15m 9.15m 9.15m 9.15m

Flexmirrors™ Silver Flexmirrors are adhesive backed. Available in rolls 61cm x 4.6m

No. No. No. No.

394012 394112 396512 396012



⁄4" Vertical Rib ⁄4" Grid 1 ⁄2" Vertical Rib 1 ⁄2" Grid 1 1

Shrink Mirror™ Rosco’s Silver Shrink Mirror is a lightweight substitute for heavy glass mirror. This metalised plastic laminate is designed to be mounted to a frame and heat shrunk for superior optical reflectance. 1.37m x 9m

Breakaways Plastic breakaway bottles that shatter on impact and create true realism in every production. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

80011 80031 80031G 80051 80051G 80061 80071 80041

No. 80091 No. 80021 No. 80081

No. 3909

Silver Shrink Mirror

Beer Bottle Whiskey Bottle Whiskey Bottle Green Wine Bottle Clear Wine Bottle Green Water Glass Paris Glass Champagne Bottle Dressed Champagne Bottle Coke Bottle Champagne Flute

Other breakaways available to order, please contact Rosco for detials. Roscolab Ltd refuse liability for the safe carriage of these goods.







Apprentice Floor . . . . . . . .59 Adhesives - Floor . . . . . . . .61 Acrylic Panels . . . . . . . . . .10 Adagio 2000 Floor . . . . . .58 Alpha 900 Fog Machine . .46 Aluminium Cinefoil . . . . . . .18 Black Light Paints . . . . . . . .39 Bounce Material . . . . . . . .15 Breakaways . . . . . . . . . . .65 Brushes . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Butterfly Panels . . . . . . . . .15 Cabriole . . . . . . . . . . . . .58 CalColor . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 CalColor Kit . . . . . . . . . . .12 Candles . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35 Carbon Arc, Control Filters . .9 Caution Tape . . . . . . . . . .56 Chiller Module . . . . . . . . .48 Chroma Key Material . . . . .52 Chroma Key Paints . . . . . . .52 ChromaTube Sleeves . . . . .18 Cinebounce . . . . . . . . . . .15 Cinedichro . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Cinefoil (Matte Black) . . . . .18 Cinegel . . . . . . . . . . . .7 - 13 Cinegel Diffusion Materials .11 Cinegel Sampler Kit . . . . . .17 Cinelux . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Clamps, personalised . . . . .43 Clear Flat Acrylic . . . . . . . .38 Clear Fog Fluid . . . . . . . . .50 Clear Gloss Acrylic . . . . . .38 Coatings . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 Coatings, Foam . . . . . . . . .41 Coatings, Props . . . . . . . . .41 Coldflow . . . . . . . . . . . . .48 ColorCoat . . . . . . . . . . . .38 ColorCoat Test Kit . . . . . . .38 Colour Correction Kit . . . . .17 Colour Effects Kit . . . . . . . .17 Colour Frame, Safety . . . . .14 Colour Poster . . . . . . . . . .17 ColorWaves. . . . . . . . . . .27 Colorine . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Colorizer Gobos . . . . . . . .25 Computer Software . . . .33-34 Cookies (Cucolorus) . . . . . .16 Custom Gobos . . . . . . . . .28 . . . . Dance Floor . . . . . . . . . . .58 Dance Floor Tape . . . . . . .61 Daylight Conversion Filters . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Delta DMX 3000 Fog Machine . . . . . . . .45 Demo CD-ROM .33, 34 & 53 Dichroic Filters . . . . . .19 - 20 Diffractions . . . . . . . . . . . .64 Diffusion Supergel . . . . . . . . . . . . .4





Cinegel . . . . . . . . . . . .11 E-Colour+ . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Diffusion Kit . . . . . . . . . . .17 Digicomp™ . . . . . . . . . . .51 DMX Cable . . . . . . . . . . .56 E-Colour+ . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Epoxy Adhesive No. 300 . .61 Everest 3D . . . . . . . . . . . .34 Fabric, Digital Compositing . . . . . . . .51 Featherlight Colourizers . . . .25 Finished Screens . . . . . . . .54 Fire Retardants . . . . . . . . . .42 Flamex . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 FlexBond . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 Flexcoat . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 Flexmirrors . . . . . . . . . . . .65 Flicker Candles . . . . . . . . .35 Floors . . . . . . . . . . . . .57-61 Floor Adhesive . . . . . . . . .61 Floor Cleansers . . . . . . . . .61 Floor Seam Welding Thread . . . . . . . . . . . .61 Floor Tapes . . . . . . . . . . . .61 Fluorescent Light Filters . . . . .9 Fluorescent Paint Kit . . . . . .39 Fluorescent Paints . . . . . . . .39 Fluorescent Sleeves . . . . . .18 Fluorofilter . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Foamcoat . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 Fog Fluid . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 Fog Machines . . . . . .44 - 49 Fog Machine Specs . . . . . .49 Free Flow Colorizers . . . . .25 Front Projection Screens . . .54 Gaffer Tape . . . . . . . . . . .56 Glamé . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62 Glass Gobos . . . . . . .25 - 27 Glitter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65 Glow Tape . . . . . . . .40 /56 Gobos . . . . . . . . . . . .21-28 Gobo Master Class Video . .25 Gobo Rotator . . . . . . . . . .31 Gobo Holders . . . . . . . . . .24 Hazemaker . . . . . . . . . . . .47 Hazemaker 2 . . . . . . . . . .47 Hazemaker Fluid . . . . . . . .47 HeatShield . . . . . . . . . . . .14 High Definition Photogobos . . . . . . . . .28 HMI Light Control Filters . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Holders, Gobo . . . . . . . . .24 Horizon Lighting Control . .53 Hybrid Two-fer . . . . . . . . . .29 I-Cue Intelligent Mirror . . . .31 Image Glass . . . . . . . . . . .26 ImagePro™ . . . . . . . . . . . .29 Infrared Filter . . . . . . . . . . .14 Intelligent Fog System . . . . .48 . . . .


.30 .20 .61 .50 .33 .16 .18 .18 .64 .65 .46 .64 .55 .10

N O Off Broadway Paint . . . . . .37 P



Off Broadway Paint Kit . . . .37 Overheads . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Paint . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36-40 Paint Digital Compositing . .51 Paint, Video . . . . . . . . . . .40 Performance Floor . . . . . . .59 Permacolor Architectural Series . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Permacolor Custom Colours .20 Permacolor Dichroic Filters . .19 Permacolor Frames . . . . . . .19 Permacolor Library . . . . . . .20 Permacolor Sample Kits . . . .19 Permacolor Standard . . . . .19 Permacolor Technical Coatings . . . . . . . . . . .20 Photfoil (matte Black) . . . . . .18 Polarizing Filters . . . . . . . . .15 PortaBarre . . . . . . . . . . . .60 Power Supply Units . . . . . .32 Prismatics . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 Projection Screen . . . . . . . .54 Rear Projection Screens . . . .54 Reflection Media . . . . . . . .15 Rosco Cookies (Cucolorus) .16 Rosco Donuts . . . . . . . . . .24 Roscoflamex . . . . . . . . . . .42 Roscoflamex C26 . . . . . . .42 Roscoflamex P50 . . . . . . . .42 Roscoflamex S33 . . . . . . . .42 Roscoflamex W40 . . . . . . .42 Roscoglo Paint . . . . . . . . . .40 Roscolene . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Roscoleum Floor . . . . . . . .61 Roscoleum Adhesive . . . . . .61 Roscomurals . . . . . . . . . . .55 Rotator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31 Roscopaks . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Roscoscreen . . . . . . . . . . .54 Roscotiles . . . . . . . . . . . . .60 Royale Floor . . . . . . . . . . .59 Safety Frames . . . . . . . . . .14 Scaffold Clamps . . . . . . . .43




Scented Fog Fluid . . . . . . .50 Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 Setting the Stage Paint Video Set . . . . . . . . . .40 Shimmer Scrim . . . . . . . . .62 Show Floor . . . . . . . . . . . .60 Showcloth . . . . . . . . . . . .63 Shrink Mirror . . . . . . . . . . .65 Single Coupler . . . . . . . . .43 . . . . Slit Drape . . . . . . . . . . . . .63 Smoke Machines . . . .44 - 49 Smooths . . . . . . . . . . . . . .64 SoftPlot 8™ . . . . . . . . . . .33 Spanfix . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 Sparklene . . . . . . . . . . . . .64 Spectrumgobos . . . . . . . . .28 Stage & Studio Fluid . . . . . .50 Standard Steel Gobos .22 - 23 Stippled Colorizers . . . . . . .25 Storage Drawers . . . . . . . .14 Storaro Selection . . . . . . . .13 Studio Floor . . . . . . . . . . .59 Syb Floor . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Sun 85 Filters . . . . . . . . . .10 Supergel . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Sure Clamp . . . . . . . . . . .43 Supersaturated Paint Concentrated Bases . . .38 Supersaturated Roscopaint . .37 Supersaturated Test Kit . . . .37 Swatchbook . . . . . . . . . . .18 Swivel Coupler . . . . . . . . .43 Swatchbook (filters) . . . . . .18 Tape, Digital Compositing . .51 Tape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56 ThermaShield . . . . . . . . . .14 Tiles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .60 Tough Prime . . . . . . . . . . .41 Tungsten Conversion Filters . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 TV Paints . . . . . . . . . . . . .52 Ultimatte Paints . . . . . . . . .52 Universal Iris Slot Gobo Holder . .24 UV Blocking Filter . . . . . . . .20 UV Filter . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Video Monitor Correction Kit . . . . . . .16 Video Paints . . . . . . . . . . .52 Video, for Filmmakers . . . . .16 Video, for Scenic Artists . . .40 Video, for using gobos . . . .25 Vivid FX Sample Kit . . . . . .39 VividFX Ultraviolet Paint . . . .39 Vortex 360™ Dual Rotator . .31 Welding Thread . . . . . . . .61 Woods Glass (cold mirror) .20



iPro Slides . . . . . . . . . . . IR/UV Glass Filter . . . . . . Latex Adhesive No. 500 . . Light Fog Fluid . . . . . . . . . Light Shop™ . . . . . . . . . . Lighting In The Real World Videotape . . . . Matte Cinefoil . . . . . . . . . Matte Black Photofoil . . . . Metalix . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mirrors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Model 1700 Fog Machine Multi-Lens . . . . . . . . . . . . Murals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Neutral Density Filters . . . .


A4 Product Catalogue 44 UK #2  

Steel, Spectrumgobos, Colorizers, Image Glass, ColorWaves, Prismatics UK BS3944 Part 1 France M1 Spain M2 Austrial MA39 Germany B1 (DIN 410...