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Girl Scouts: How It Changed My Grandmother’s Life January, 2018

Anna Martin We all agree life skills are important. The Girl Scouts of America organization teaches new skills everyday. My Mana, Mary Kennedy, still uses the life skills she learned from Girl Scouts.

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How It All Happened… According to my Mana, “Our Mother had died when we were very small. I was four, so I think my father thought we needed the guidance of Girl Scouts to be involved in something where older woman would be involved.” Girl Scouts of America teaches five principles: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethic. All of this was learned simply by selling cookies. There is even more to it than that! My Mana says that awards must be earned by hard work. She learned how to do crafts, work as a team, swim, cook and clean bathrooms, also known as latrines. This was all something her father couldn’t, or didn’t have the time to teach her because she also has two older siblings, Katherine and Bill. Her father was a single father supporting his family, so Girl Scouts was the perfect organization for a girl being raised without a mother. "The 5 Skills and Girl Scout Leadership Outcomes - Girl Scouts." Accessed 17 Jan. 2018.

What Else? My Mana remembers, “Selling cookies taught me a lot about appreciating people for all they taught me. [Sometimes] I may have just caught [a potential customer] when they were busy or when they were upset at something other than me. Something may have happened that had nothing to do with me, so I just accepted their answer for what it was and went on to the next house. The whole process of selling and then delivering the cookies was a positive learning experience for me.” The Girl Scouts of America website says that when selling cookies the girls must set their own goals individually. It also helps girls learn how to manage people and money, and it has a great business ethic to it. The founder of Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon, had these purposes in mind when she started the organization.

meal, I am happy to help. I enjoy doing for others when possible and working with a group to accomplish the task.” My Mana says she loves to cook and bake because everyone enjoys her food. She’s always available to people if they need to talk because sometimes they need an open ear. My Mana doesn’t like to judge anyone. She learned all of this from Girl Scouts. If you meet her now, you wouldn’t have known that she went through a lot when she was younger.

Small But Big Hero So, my Mana has gone through a lot, but she doesn’t let it phase her. She puts other people before herself and is always there for others. My Mana is an awesome grandmother, and she learned to love partly from Girl Scouts. She works hard everyday to make sure people are happy. This is the true outcome from Girl Scouts. My Mana may not be well known, but for sure she is truly a hero in my eyes, and I am glad she had the opportunity to be a Girl Scout as a little girl.

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What Does She Do Now? Thanks to Girl Scouts, my Mana has many people skills now. She cares for everyone she meets, listens to them and comforts them. She is a great business woman and is smart and intelligent. How does she use the skills from Girl Scouts now? My Mana explained, “If I can be of assistance to someone, from driving to cooking a

My Mana and I when I was younger "Our History - Girl Scouts." Accessed 17 Jan. 2018.

Girl Scouts: How it Changed My Grandmother's Life  
Girl Scouts: How it Changed My Grandmother's Life