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Happy Valentines Day! 10 Ways To Say I Love You!

Written by: Betty Mullins

There are a whole lot more ways to say I love you on Valentines Day but here are ten ideas to get you started.

1. Spend time alone as a couple. So many times with kids and work it’s hard to find that one on one contact that you need. Go to have a nice dinner together, go see a movie, go to an amusement park, or anything else that you and your mate would like to do. 2. Spend some time doing each others chores. Sometimes the workload becomes overwhelming to your mate trying to work, take care of the kids, doing the shopping, cleaning the house and many other things that come up on a daily basis. 3. Find some special way of saying I love you. Hide little notes around the house, or send a little note in his lunchbox or briefcase, tucked under his pillow, etc. You have the idea just make sure it’s says something that will let him or her know that you appreciate them. 4. Cook his or her favorite meal. If you can’t cook get it catered or get take out. There’s a warm feeling you get inside when someone cooks you a special meal, could be that it reminds us of home and mom and it brings us comfort. 5. Fix him or her a nice bubble bath. Plan on washing your mates body. They make special little pampering tools these days at your local Wal-Mart store. Things like bath gloves, sponges, and a nice scented bubble bath are only a few good choices. 6. Give your mate a massage. Massages makes the body feel good and relaxed by loosening up tensed muscles from the stressors of the day. 7. Bake a special cake. Pick one that your mate will enjoy but also one that you would enjoy as well. After all Valentines Day is for

both partners.

8. Set the table especially pretty for that special meal. Candles and flowers always makes a beautiful table setting. I appreciate a meal much better the more visual interest it has. 9. Wear something pretty ladies. Guys dress up. Dressing in nice attire is a way to feel better about oneself. When you feel better about yourself it passes on to others. 10.

Go back to number 1. It is the most important one.

For gift ideas go here:

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day  

10 Ways to Say I love you

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