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~Goodbye Sweet Love~

While in my forest with no direction to roam, Hungry for the path leading to your home, I thirsted for knowledge of secret things, Like the key to your door, But I was trampled and shorn while in my plight, My blood sprang cold, My blood sprang white, So, I disappeared like a whisper in the night. I see the river, now. It’s mirrored reflections speaking words unseen, Like a future lost in a stream, Trickling down a narrow path, That leads to a place called “Nowhere”. My heart broke deep, My heart did weep. I felt loneliness like a gloved hand, Not wanting to understand. I hear the voice, now. Of comfort love calling me, A gentle caress, Here, upon my breast, A lingering sweet breathe. Captured in wisdom. Freed with truth. Loving and dying both part of life, “Your not the lover or the wife”. Let it go, to fly away, Like a kite on a windy day, Watch it sail, high above And drift away. Goodbye, sweet love. Written by: Betty Mullins--2004

Goodbye Sweet Love  

Poem I wrote a few years ago. Enjoy!

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