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Foreign rights, Frankfurt 2012


BJARTUR Prize winning authors

Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir

Literary Agent ZULMA (France)

International publishers France (Zulma) Italy (Einaudi), Germany (Suhrkamp), Denmark (Athene), Norwy (Pax) Spain (Alfaguara) The Netherlands (MM Boeken) Czech Republic (Albatros Media) Romania (Pandora) Taiwan (Aquarius) World English: Amazon Crossing

“A revelation ... wonderfully worked-out gourmet prose.” – Le Monde

“Rosa candida is a rare book, full of beauty. After opening the book I was unable to put it down, entirely captivated by its enchanting style.” – Le Page

“The literary discovery of the year,” – Le Parisien

Selected by 771 bookshops in France as the best european novel in 2010. (Prix Page des libraires 2010).


BJARTUR Prize winning authors

Rosa Candida was a big hit in France - has sold in 200.000 copies. L’Embellie was published in August 2012: 30.000 copies sold, nominated to 5 different literary prizes, including Le Prix Femina

A new book, EAGERLY AWAITED!, will be published in Iceland in November.

Literary Awards

Prix Page des libraires Prix des amis du Scribe Prix du roman venu d’ailleurs (France) Prix des libraires du Québec (Canada) Award Fjöruverðlaun DV Cultural Award (Iceland) Short-listed Prix Femina Grand Prix des Lectrices de Elle Nordic Council Literary Prize 2009

Rosa Candida (Afleggjarinn, 2007) Rain in November (Rigning í nóvember, 2004) Raised Earth (Upphækkuð jörð, 1998)


BJARTUR Prize winning authors

Steinunn Sigurðardóttir One of Iceland´s most highly acclaimed novelists. Received The Icelandic Literary Prize in 1996 for her book Heart’s Place. – To be published by Amazon Crossing in 2012 Nominated for the Icelandic Literary Prize Nominated for the Womens Literary Prize Chosen book of the year by Booksellers

For Lisa (2012)

HHHHH "The text is sharp and clear-cut, yet moving and funny." Anna Lilja Þórisdóttir, Morgunblaðið 18 Nov, 2011

An independent continuation of the awardwinning Jójó

HHHHH “Brilliant – very, very brilliant in fact.” Kristján Hrafn Guðmundsson, DV, 11 Nov

HHHHH “... close to perfection.” Friðrika Benónýsdóttir, Fréttablaðið

Jójó is a novel about love and reckoning, crime and punishment – and the impenetrable ways of friendship. “A beautifully written story that runs the gamut of emotions and provides a memorable portrayal of a sensitive issue.” – Fréttablaðið, 9 November 2011

Jójó (2011) English sample translation available.

The Good Lover (2009) “Sigurdardottir is very good at describing love as an obession and a martyrdom.” –Weekendavisen, Denmark, on The Good Lover, 2011

"Magnificent piece of fiction." Ras 1 Radio on The Good Lover

BJARTUR Prize winning authors

“A unique book by a unique author” Le Monde on The Thief of Time

“Her humour and the playful, extremely inventive writing style make the reading a joy not unlike reading Halldor Laxness when he was at his best.” Politiken on The Thief of Time

“ It’s virtuoso ... so beautiful to read that you do not want to stop”. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Sólskinshestur

Literary Agent LIEPMAN AG Englischviertelstrasse 59 CH-8032 Zürich marianne.fritsch@

International publishers Denmark: Gyldendal Rosinante Munksgaard Sweden: Wahlström and Widstrand Forum Trevi France Éditions Héloïse d‘Ormesson Denoel Flammarion Germany Rowohlt Fisher Switzerland: Ammann/Paperback: Finnland: Otava Norway: Cappelen Belgium / Nederlands: Manteau/Meulenhoff Photo: David Ingaszewski



BJARTUR Prize winning authors

Jón Kalman Stefánsson Entre ciel et terre, (...) avait suscité de notre part l’enthousiasme que mérite une révélation littéraire indiscutable. (...) Et c’est peu de dire que cette suite [ La Tristesse des anges] ne déçoit pas, elle produit, dès ses premières lignes, l’impression d’un miracle esthétique non point renouvelé mais décuplé. – La quinzaine littéraire, septembre 2011.

Literary Agent Leonhardt & Höier c/o Monica C. Gram

International publishers Germany: Piper France: Gallimard Sweden: Svante Weyler Förlag Denmark: Batzer & Co. NL: Ambo Anthos World English rights: MacLehose Publishers Spain: Salamandra Italy: Iperborea Poland: W.A.B. Publishers Norway: Forlaget Press Ethiopia: Fabula Arts Promotion Czech Republic: Dybbuk Bulgaria: Janet45 Publishers


BJARTUR Prize winning authors

The Heart of Man (Hjarta mannsins, 2011)

The Sorrow of Angels (Harmur Englanna, 2009)

Heaven and Hell (Himnaríki og Helvíti, 2007)

ALL 3 CHOSEN “BOOK OF THE YEAR” BY THE ASSOCIATION OF BOOKSELLERS Summer Light, Enter Night (Sumarljós, og svo kemur nóttin, 2005)

Received the Icelandic Literary Prize

“This book is like an oyster, under the rough surface is a radiant gem.“ – Spiegel online

“Jón Kalman Stefánsson schreibt das Buch des Jahres”. – Frankfurter Neue Presse

“Grandios.” – BuchMarkt

“Fine prose, great style...” – Egil Helgason, Kiljan

HHHHH – Páll Baldivin, Fbl Newspaper

Awards Nominated for the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize for Summer Behind the Slope in 2001. Nominated for the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize for Of Tall Trees and Time in 2004. Received The Icelandic Literary Prize for Summer Light, Enter Night in 2005. Nominated for the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize for Summer Light, Enter Night in 2007. Jón Kalman Stefánsson (1963) P.O. Enquist Literary Prize, 2011 Nominated for the Icelandic Literary Prize - 2011


Prize winning authors

Oddný Eir Ævarsdóttir Plan of Ruins – sample translation available in English


“But most of all, this is a sincere and beautiful attempt to capture existence with uncustomary words ... This is, in other words, a magical book whose form sets it apart from the rest of the market.” – Páll Baldvin Baldvinsson

“A grand love story.” Páll Baldvin Baldvinsson, Kiljan

HHHH “Her writing is at once beautiful and enlightening, the style bold and peculiar.” – Þórunn Hrefna Sigurjónsdóttir

Seven weeks on the best-seller list! Fjöruverðlaun – Women’s Literary Prize 2011 Nominated for the Icelandic Literary Award 2011 One of 3 best books of 2011 according to booksellers



Bergsveinn Birgisson A BEST-SELLER IN ICELAND 2010 Novel of the year 2010 – Booksellers Nominated: – Icelandic Literary Award – Nordic Council’s Literature Prize


"Grippingly nice and thouroughly beautiful novel (...) Birgisson has a unique language, which is full of erotic tension, in a hushed wispering voice, with poeetic precision." Weekendavisen - Danemark


Rights sold to: Steidl, Germany Zulma, France Amazon Crossing C&K, Denmark RBA Libros, Spain Pelikanen, Norway Uitgeverij Ad. Donker, Holland

"An advice for readers that are looking for real passion: Forget about EL James and the young Gray, choose Birgisson and the old Bjarni!" A stage adaption at the Reykjavik Weekendavisen

City Theater has run for months!


HHHHH Fréttatíminn, Newspaper

HHHHH FBL, Newspaper

HHHHH DV, Newspaper

– Got five stars out af five from the critics of the 3 main newspapers in Iceland

Foreign rights:


Prize winning authors

HULDAR BREIÐFJÖRÐ Huldar has written 3 novels – about travelling. In the first one he travels around Iceland. In the second one he walks along the Wall of China. In his latest one he visits the Faroe Islands.

Faroese Dance (2009) When no wanted to have anything to do with the Icelanders in 2008 the Faeroese

Review excerpts “A beautiful book. And in an unexpected way maybe one of the best books about Iceland’s economic collapse.”

Nominated for the Icelandic Literary Prize for his first novel, Good Icelanders!

Hallgrímur Helgason, writer

“Unexpected thoughts on everyday things, simple but clever settings and well-written and illuminating conversations on everything and nothing.” Einar Falur, Morgunblaðið Daily

The Great Wall of China (2004) Good Icelanders (1998)

Foreign sales Aufbau Verlag, Germany. Forlaget Torgard, Danemark. Forlagið Sprotin, Faeroese Islands.

Foreign rights:


Prize winning authors

Óskar Árni Óskarsson A respected poet and novelist, Óskar Árni has translated many jewels of world literature. Óskar Árni is a master of Literary Prizes short prose. Writer in residence at Silhouettes – From a Journey (2008) A poet goes on the road, recalls scenes of past events to meet with old times and lost generations. Snapshots from contemporary reality and the past make a powerful story of travelling through time and space. Published by Transit Verlag, Germany

VATNASAFN / LIBRARY OF WATER (Roni Horn/ Artangel) - 2009 Nominated for The Icelandic Literary Prize, 2008 Poetry Prize for the poetry book Loftskip, 2006 National Radio’s Literature Prize, 2004



Yrsa Sigurðardóttir A civil engineer and a #1 bestselling author, Yrsa Sigurdardottir’s works have been translated into more than 30 languages.

The Undesired (2012) A young father and his daughter are experiencing hauntings from the past. Are they related to the untimely death of his young ex-wife or do the bizarre perceptions have something to do with a treatment centre from the seventies which he is investigating? The reader is lead through horrible events that occurred at the treatment centre all those years ago and to the revelation that the death of the ex-wife was no accident. Worse yet, sand is quickly seeping out of his hourglass – and that of his beloved young daughter.

“Iceland‘s answer to Stieg Larsson.” – Daily Telegraph


Foreign rights: Pétur Már

“Stands comparison with the finest contemporary crime writing anywhere in the world. – TLS “Very engaging, fresh and exciting. – James Patterson



International publishers Latvia: Kontinent Lithuania: Medodika Norway: Kagge Poland: Muza Portugal: Quetzal Editores Romania: Editura Trei Russia: AST Serbia: Leo commerce Slovakia: Columbus Slovenia: Ucila Spain: Up for grabs Sweden: Modernista Taiwan: China: Times Thailand: Matichon Turkey: Koridor: Yayinlari UK: Hodder US: Macmillan / St. Martins Press – Thomas Dunne

Brasil: Objetiva/Suma Bulgaria: Prozoretz Czech: Republic: Metafora Denmark: Lindhardt & Ringhof Egypt: Arabesque Publishing Press Estonia: Varrak Ethiopia: Fabula Arts Promotion Finland: Up for grabs France: Anne Carrrère Germany: Fischer Verlage Greece: Diigisi Holland: House of Books Hungary: Animus Israel: Hebrew: Kinneret Zmora Dvir Italy: Il Saggiatore Japan: Shueisha Korea: Munhakdongne



Úlfar Þormóðsson A beautiful and grim family saga of a father who is charming and restless; on petty criminals, extraordinary women, secret children and young people who‘ve seen some of the worst parts of life.

Úlfar Þormóðsson has written two personal novels on the dramatic lives of his mother (Walking Shadows) and father (The Boxer).

„Magnificent book.“ (Morgunblaðið)

„A simple gold nugget.“

(Druslubækur og doðrantar)



Eyrún Ingadóttir A captivating story of a strong woman, midwife who stood up against the men in a small village as she wanted to be the author of her own life. Twice she found love, but only to loose it again. The authorities did everything to brake her but she never gave up and never seized to belive in what she felt was right.

This wonderful women‘s commercial fiction is based on a the diaries of Thordis Simonardottir, the midwife of Eyrarbakki village by the end of the 19th century.

A historian and an author of a children‘s book and biographies, The Midwife is Eyrun Ingadottir‘s debut as a novelist.



Ragnar Jónasson Ragnar Jonasson’s three crime novels have all become bestsellers in Iceland. Now, he’s taking Europe by storm - starting with Germany. Ragnar is a lawyer in Reykjavík.

EROSION (2012) A new bestseller by Ragnar Jonasson, the author of Snowblindness, „a solid thriller with all the in-

gredients of Scandinavian crime novels“ (Sonntagszeitung). A photo casts light on a fifty year old tragedy in an isolated fjord where darkness reigns for days and for weeks and for months, there are no roads, no people apart from a lonely farm; nothing. And in Reykjavik a young family is persecuted by an unknown man.

“I can recommend it with all my heart.“ Felix Bergsson, Rás 2

Foreign sales

Germany: Fischer Verlage Foreign rights:



DARK NIGHT (2011) Revenge can be justified – but you need to be prepared to face the consequences.

“Entertaining.” – Morgunbladid, on DARK NIGHT., 2011

“Ragnar Jonasson’s best book yet ... brilliantly plotted.” – Frettabladid, on DARK NIGHT, 2011


“It should be celebrated, that not only the two towers, Yrsa [Sigurdardottir] and Arnaldur [Indridason] know the art of writing a good crime story.” –

“He could even become an active contender for the titles of crown prince and king [of Icelandic crime fiction].“ – FBL, Daily Nesspaper

“A solid thriller with all the Scandinavian ingredients – from human interaction to evil.“ – SonntagsZeitung

“The plot is a successful chamber-play plot, transferred to a village. A classic who-dunnit where a whole theatre group is under suspicion. And in the end the culprit is someone you didn’t expect. What can you ask for more.” – Spiegel Online “THE BEST NOVELS OF THE AUTUMN: 4. Snowblind. In keeping with this year’s book fair guest country, Iceland, dozens of commisioners are identified from the volcanic island. The most likeable: Policeman Ari, who must solve a series of crimes in Ragnar Jonasson’s crime novel.” – GALA Magazine


BJARTUR women’s commercial fiction

Unnur Birna Karlsdóttir A FIRST NOVEL! AN INSTANT SUCCESS! Tomorrow is Another Day Asa has been living in New York ever since she ran away from her violent and alcoholic father in her native Iceland. Now, she‘s forced to face her troubled past; take on a journey from a failed marriage to a deserted farm in a faraway country she fled all those years ago. In the abandoned house, the ghosts of the past haunt her and they won‘t go away unless she‘s prepared to reconcile with her family, her youth and the life she has lead.

Unnur Birna Karlsdottir (1964) holds a Ph.D. in history and is a prominent historian in Iceland. She was brought up in the northern part of Iceland back in the sixties and is currently living in Reykjavik. She‘s published a number of articles in history journals and magazines. Tomorrow is Another Day is her first novel. She lives in Reykjavik.


BJARTUR women’s commercial fiction

#1 SUMMER READING IN ICELAND 2012 “A well-written story on a familiar theme. Mesmerizing prose and entertaining literary references make this an unusual and invigorating read.” (Fréttablaðið, daily newspaper.)

“The subject is a tricky one: a difficult youth, repressed emotions and a settlement with one's past and present. Unnur Birna pulls this off well, and it is a sign of her strength as author how deftly and entertainingly she handles her material. It is gratifying to see such a well-conceived work from a new Icelandic author, and it would be a pleasure to read more by Unnur Birna in the future.” (Morgunblaðið, daily newspaper)

Top quality women‘s commercial fiction on heartache and memories, reckoning and resurrection.


VERÖLD prize winning children’s author

Ragnheiður Gestsdóttir Ragnheidur Gestsdottir is well known for her excellent and popular books for children and pre-teens which have brought her a multitude of awards. The Sword Bearer With echoes of Greek mythology and Icelandic folk legend, The Sword Bearer is both brilliant fantasy adventure and an utterly believable story of contemporary life. Winner of the Nordic Children‘s Book Award – available in English translation. Sold in Norway, Denmark and the Faroe Islands.

Through the Glass Wall (2011) “Through the Glass Wall is thrilling story about tyranny, someone who lives in protection and wealth but isolation, and all the others who lack everything but solidarity. This is wrapped up in an eventful, clear and fast paced story with lively and colourful characters. A very good book for pre-teens.” – Pall Baldvin Baldvinsson, Frettatiminn Weekly.

Awards The Nordic Children’s Book Award, 2005 The Icelandic Illustration Award, 2010. Reykjavik Children’s Book Prize, 1999 for her contribution to children’s literature and culture The Icelandic Children‘d Book Award, 2000


BJARTUR prize winning children’s author

Margrét Örnólfsdóttir Former member of the Sugercubes, script-writer, mother of five, award-winning and best-selling author of three novels for young people (10+) Athena - 1 (2009) and 2 (2010) Third book to be published in October 2012 NOMINATED FOR THE WEST-NORDIC CHILDREN’S LITERATURE PRIZE WINNER OF THE ICELANDIC WOMEN’S LITERATURE PRIZE, 2011 CHOSEN BY ICELANDIC BOOKSELLERS AS ONE OF THE TOP THREE BOOKS OF 2011

MADE IN CHINA (2011) Ari, the son of wealthy parents, has everything he could wish for – but no friends. Ari’s cousin Katla is determined to change the world, while Jinghua thinks only of escaping slavery in the toy factory. A thrilling cyber world, chases, an unsupervised party – and the sense of solidarity that could change everything!

HHHH “I’m going to come straight to the point and say that Made in China is a really entertaining book, both exciting and funny.” – Una Sighvatsdóttir, Morgunblaðið

HHHH “An entertaining teen novel of the highest order, written from a sincere desire to reduce the disparity between children and improve the world,” – Þórunn Hrefna, Fréttablaðið



TULIPOP The magical world of Tulipop is home to Gloomy, Bubble, Skully, Spur – the fastest snail in the universe – and their friends. They live in an adorable fantasy world created by celebrated Icelandic illustrator, Signy Kolbeinsdottir, who was recently named as one of the world’s most exciting illustrators by Taschen. The Moon Singer is the first book based on the world of Tulipop, written by the prize winning author, Margret Ornolfsdottir. .



Þórdís Gísladóttir An award-winnint poet, Þórdís Gísladóttir has written a book for children (6-11 years old) Beautiful drawings by Þórarinn M. Baldursson

What lives in a box and eats a mouse every other Sunday? Is it allowed to tear up great books? How do you get to know a hypnotiser?


Los Enamoramientos Javier Marías Casanovas&Lynch

Le Confident Hélène Grémillon

A Visit from the Goon Squad Jennifer Egan

Lit Agency Wandel Cruse

Curtis Brown

The Housekeeper and the Professor Aitken Alexander Associates Yoko Ogawa Aitken Alexander Associates The Rosie Project Tigers in Red Weather Graemi Simsion Leonardt & Hoier Liza Klaussmann Andrew Nurnberg Associates Gone Girl La liste de mes envies Gillian Flynn Lennart Sane Agency Grégoire Delacourt Lit Agency Wandel Cruse The Casual Vacency The People of forever are JK Rowling The Blair Partnership not afraid Shani Boianjiu Land of Decoration Grace McCleen

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Gunnur Vilborg Guðjónsdóttir, office manager, Bjartur & Veröld, Guðrún Vilmundardóttir, publishing director, Bjartur, Bjarni Þorsteinsson, publishing director, Veröld,

Pétur Már Ólafsson, publisher, Bjartur & Veröld,

Hand-in-hand since 2007, Bjartur (est. 1990) & Veröld (est. 2005) is the second largest publishing house in Iceland, committed to publishing smart, interesting titles, designed to enrich people’s lives. Icelandic fiction and non-fiction, translated fiction, biographies, illustrated books and children´s books. You name it! Bjartur & Veröld Brædraborgarstigur 9 – 101 Reykjavik, Iceland

Bjartur & Veröld, foreign rights  

Foreign rights, automn 2012

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