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a bright future means business

An Introduction from our Chairman

“ Bizworld works – I’ve seen it first-hand. I’d like more children to experience it. Through Bizworld we can start to build a nation of confident young people equipped for the future” Greg Clarke, Vice President, Dublin Chamber of Commerce

I got involved with Bizworld because I am a businessman, an entrepreneur in fact, and many of the skills I use on a day-to-day basis weren’t and couldn’t be taught to me in school. Bizworld Ireland is complementing the existing busy curriculum by empowering children to learn about critical life skills including money management and entrepreneurship through fun and informative interactive workshops. BizWorld works in an exciting and innovative way as primary school children proceed through the entire entrepreneurial cycle from company formation, application for jobs, company meetings, market research to pitching to a real Venture Capitalist; the Dragon in The Den! Best Regards,

Greg Clarke MMII Grad M.Inst.D Managing Director, Digicom Vice President, Dublin Chamber of Commerce


a bright future means business

Vision Education is seen traditionally as equipping young people with the skills and knowledge to complete a CV in order to get a job. However, BizWorld Ireland is sowing the seeds in children to consider creating employment, taking in the CV and giving out the jobs! We sow the seeds so they can grow their future...

“The programme is an excellent initiative which encourages primary school students to learn about entrepreneurship, finance, and the world of business and I commend the organisers for their hard work and commitment.” Patrick Honohan, Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland

“ In my view, it is critical to our future as a small trading nation that there is a widespread understanding of entrepreneurship at a fundamental level. Research is telling us that we should start to teach this at a much younger age. This is where Bizworld comes in.

“ I have admired the principles behind the BizWorld Ireland programme ever since I first became aware of it in late 2011. I believe that giving our children the right tools as early as possible is crucial. I found it fantastic to see how the pupils had completely absorbed the entire programme and took the pitch for funding very seriously. I never thought negotiating with eleven-year-olds would be so challenging! ” Ronan Foley, Chief Executive, IPB Insurance

The programme design focuses on different aspects of entrepreneurship that children are interested in and gets the message across in a fun way.” Loman O’Byrne, CEO South Dublin County & City Enterprise Board, Chair of the Enterprise Education Committee “ The Bizworld tools and processes are fundamental to entrepreneurs at any age. The output of the Bizworld engagement with young students is inspiring, visionary and creates a pipeline of strong entrepreneurial activity in later years”

“ To be part of a Bizworld workshop is an experience. You will see how it inspires and enables children’s creativity through carefully guided participation to produce business ideas. It enhances their self-confidence and life skills, providing a platform for their future growth and development” Orla Nugent, Director MBA Programmes, UCD Smurfit School of Business

Jean O’Sullivan, Manager Female Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Ireland

a bright future means business


Bizworld – The Future of Business

The Bizworld programme is where Primary School students learn the basics of business, entrepreneurship and money management, as they recreate a classic business start-up. BIZMOVIES is our most successful and popular Bizworld programme. It teaches the basics of entrepreneurship, business and finance, by showing children how the entrepreneurial cycle operates in a simulated movie production environment. Participating children are taken through the entire entrepreneurial cycle from company formation and applying for jobs within the company to market research. Children learn to pitch to a real venture capitalist, Dragons’ Den style. Children are guided to design, produce and market their movie. This handson experience culminates in the balancing of the finance ledger after tickets are sold at the box office!

“ Bizworld was a life changing experience for my child.” Parent of St. Raphaela’s GNS, Stillorgan

“ We learned a lot about business – the language of business, skills and working as a team. We all tried very hard and we all wanted to win. It really felt like Dragons’ Den.” Jack Lane, 5th Class Participant

Our Educational Supporters


a bright future means business

“ I was delighted to see at first-hand how this excellent programme works. The workshops are hands-on and promote critical thinking, leadership and teamwork in the classroom. These are hugely important skills and it is great for students to get an awareness of them from a young age.” Joan Burton TD, Minister for Social Protection

“ The two days that Bizworld spent with my sixth class were productive, exciting, innovative and challenging, exposing the children to a whole new experience. It challenged them on an artistic, social, literacy and numeracy basis.The skills of accounting, negotiation, team-work and compromise were called upon to complete the tasks set successfully. It’s a fantastic and new way to bring practical and entrepreneurial skills into the classroom!” Cora Flynn, Class Teacher Griffith Barracks Multi-Denominational School

“ A measure of success of the Bizworld workshop within our school was the very positive feedback from the teaching staff and the nature and level of engagement of the pupils with the programme. Many thanks.” erry McCarthy, Principal, T Inchicore NS

“ The Bizworld programme must be applauded for its inclusiveness – every child, regardless of ability, was fully engaged at all times.” Marion McLoone, Principal, St. Gabriels NS, D7

“ The Bizworld project managed to incorporate Maths, English and a wide of range of subjects in a realistic, practical setting. The challenges for the students encouraged them to co-operate, problem-solve, think critically and constantly re-assess their progress. At all times the children were involved, regardless of ability, and they were using skills that will be vital for them as adults.” Lee Kavanagh, Teacher, Our Lady of Lourdes NS, Goldenbridge

a bright future means business


Your Opportunity to make a Difference

Social Entrepreneur of the Year Fostering a culture of entrepreneurship in the 4th, 5th and 6th Primary School classroom. When Bizworld graduates enter 6th class, they are invited to put their new entrepreneurial skills to the test by entering the Social Entrepreneur of the Year competition. Students take what they have learned and practically apply it in a social context to address a need or issue in their local community.

Join the dozens of other companies already sponsoring Bizworld workshops.

Current Business Supporters


a bright future means business

Why get involved? • Raise the profile of your business to a new, younger and inspired generation.

“I would encourage any business that has the opportunity to get involved with the Bizworld Ireland programme to do so.” Ronan Foley, Chief Executive, IPB Insurance

• Be recognised in the school and home as the company that made the workshop possible. • Have your company branding on all workshop literature. • T he opportunity to be the ‘Dragon in the Den’ and have the business ideas pitched to you. • Help inspire and support the business leaders of the future. • Share your business knowledge with children in your local community. • Increase your Corporate Social Responsibility footprint and show you care about Ireland’s future.

a bright future means business


BizWorld Ireland Bizworld Ireland is a unique combination of business people and educators who have come together to inspire and empower Primary School children to learn about enterprise, critical thinking and money management in a fun and informative way. T he future of Ireland is in our hands. Bizworld provides a solid foundation in business and leadership skills to the next generation. We sow the seeds so they can grow their future‌

Contact Details For further information and to sign up as a sponsor please contact: Fiona McKeon, CEO BizWorld Ireland IMI Business Campus Sandyford Road Dublin 16 Mobile (+353) 086 2209750 Landline: (+353) 01 6854151 email: Bizworld Ireland would like to acknowledge the help of IPB Insurance in making this brochure.

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