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nitially, I have decided to dedicate my premier print issue to my daddy Stefan Orban (Apu). I love you and miss you with all my heart daddy. R.I.P. Dec 19, 2011. However, it would not be fair to my beautiful, tireless, and amazing mother if I failed to mention her. Thank you mom, Eva Ujlaki-Nagy, for all the sufferings you’ve went through to create an extraordinary life for me. And Lastly, but not least, the most important person in my life who has taught me happiness and acceptance, my prince on the white horse, my rock, my financial supplier - in other words..the man who supports my The man who gave me this opportunity to flourish my dream.. My one and only hero, my hubby, Jammie Patrick Space. OMG! I almost forgot to recognize my fury kids, the loves of my life [German Shepherds] Maximus and Zeus. CEO/President/Publisher Eva Space CFO Jammie P. Space Featured Photographer Gary Miller of Gary Miller Foto Copy Editor “The Flucker” Advertising Sales

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You may just fly by the seat of your pants! BIZSU welcomes you to the world’s hottest new magazine ready to be discovered. (BM) brand values sexy, provocative, multipurpose, and with the true assessment of -bold-. BM is not apprehensive in introducing bold mixed with proper journalism and photography. ​ Yet, our unique photography captures the feel of luxury and sophistication captured through the lenses of new and upcoming photographers waiting to slap you in the face with the hottest international and “the girl next door” models. Are you ready to embark on our world wide vision for men? Move over Maxim. Bizsu Magazine is marching in with a SMACK.​ Bizsu Magazine offers a 360 degree exposure for all mature audiences. Bizsu is presented across multiple platforms, including, mobile, Ipad, facebook, twitter, Zinio Platform and now finally, on bookshelves nation wide at Barnes & Noble and Hastings.

bizsu fall Content 2013 Real Model’s Fam of BM Leticia Farr by Dave Alan

7 Finance Pictorials of Leticia Farr by Dave Alan



Pictorials of Sierra Rene by Dave Alan



Presents my cyndi’s secretstm

The Americans (FX TV) More than good sex with glasses on with Noah emmerich, Mathew rhys, Margo martindale, and annet mahendru



photos by gary miller foto graphics by brian gibbs & Dion D.


high life

with Jenna Tails & Tonya Lee by Steven Spoons


EXTRA by Danny Steyn 38

Pictorials of Tancy Marie, Natalie Fatale, & Nikki Duplessis

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Learn How Women Communicate

with Geneva Koroleva by Gary Miller Foto with Amber Lee by Billy Ward with Anais Zanotti by

Pictorials of Kelly Lynn by Jeremy Cheshareck

How 2 Turn A “I’m To Tired” Into A “Come & Get Me Big Boy”

Pictorials of Nicole Ferreira by Lady Lux Produc- tions MUAH: ChingChing NG

A Man’s Guide To The Embarrasement of Buy ing Lingerie Pictorials of Barbara Kovach by J Scott Byler

Date At Work But Work At Dating: Office Ro- mance Rules For Dating Co-Workers Pictorial of L. Shima by Flashbax 23

8 Dating Rules For Single Dads 10 Tips For A Successful First Date

Inline, Luis Munoz Vengemedia, Drew Santos, Paul Venomous


written by staff-Relationship Columnist, C ARISSA MARTIN san antonio, texas


Pictorials of Caitlin Hixx by Visual Poison


Affair Relationships Can Be Very Difficult To Try To Overcome 53 After Adultery 54 Become A Challenge 4 Your Girlfriend Pictorials of Grace Espinosa and Michelle Rudan by Anthony Neste


Dating A Woman With Kids: Is It For You?

Pictorials of Tinisha Portillo by Michael Aguire


the sob written by Jennn Fusion Reprinted Permission from SaveOnBrew.Com

63 72


What’s the big deal about women earning more than men? written by


Charlie Glickman, PhD Photos by Gary Miller Foto with Caitlin Hixx



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Here is the reason I wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night! My family means more than anything in the world to me. It sounds like such a cliché but its so true, money, fame, power doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have someone to share it with. My family! It’s what makes me, defines me, brings me to be who I am. My hubby Alec Farr that I love so much, been together for 15 years, yes you heard it right! High school sweethearts. He is the greatest dad to our beautiful baby girl Abby Farr. Having a supportive husband in this industry is a must! Many models break up their relationships for this job. Im soooo blessed to have his full support! And my reason for living, my beautiful baby girl Abby Farr. This litt-


fam bm of

le one is a split copy of both of us. She amazes me every day! She is a talented super smart 7 year old who loves to keep us busy! As if 24 hours a day is simply not enough! Love and cherish your family! We love to do outdoor activities as a family. We have a beautiful boat and love to spend our time on it and omg wake-boarding is just the best. Anything we can do outdoors makes us all so happy. Being a full time Mommy and Model time spent outdoors is the best. We also love to travel, Hawaii especially to watch the crazy surfers in the Pipe competitions. We love X games to.

S bizsu’s S






Shhh h! ecrets™

M Cyndi’s S P









Embrace a joy of life -.Joie de vivre Be the Personal Best YOU Can Be!


ecently I received a special invitation to an advance screening of FX TV’s hit show, The Americans. The evening included a panel discussion with the cast and producers of the show followed by a cocktail reception. Your Cyndi Sleuth was there and I’ve got the scoop! Shhhh! :) The Americans (FX TV): More than Good Sex with Glasses On! (photos by Gator)

Espionage – the word itself conjures up thoughts of intrigue, mystery, and dangerous undercover operations. I think of spies, detectives, the CIA and the FBI. I think of James Bond, Charlie’s Angels and double agent Mata Hari. For those who don’t know Mata Hari; she was a courtesan and an exotic dancer accused of being a spy during World War I. Mata Hari was executed by a firing squad in France under charges of espionage for Germany. Whew! What or who do you think of?

It is true that one cannot negate the fact that in real life reconnaissance missions and counter intelligent operations do exist and can put lives in jeopardy. However, fess up – many of us delight in the fantasy of being a world class spy. You know – the kind that can kick butt, drive fast cars, save the world and wear great clothes without messing up a strand of hair. LOL! No other era better demonstrates this delicious double agent danger than the 80’s. It’s no surprise then that numerous fans tune in each week to watch FX TV’s hit show, The Americans. It takes place during the cold war in the midst of the Reagan administration. What does create an element of surprise is that although I get my spy fix each Wednesday night, The Americans is much more than Espionage – It’s about family. Ok- they may be a Russian spy family pretending to be American so they get the goods on our intelligence but they are a family. The inter-

Oo o l


a la!

The Americans (FX TV): More than Good Sex with Glasses On

esting twist is that although I am an American and this family of spies is on the other side, I care about them. In fact, during the panel discussion a woman in the audience stated that during the TV shows she finds herself routing for the KGB. When I watch the show, I too stop and remind myself that, Hey – these are the bad guys. Then I keep watching! The show tells the story of Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and Philip Jennings (Mathew Rhys) who are two soviet KGB officers, posing as an American couple married and living in the suburbs of Washington D.C.. Living directly across the street from them is FBI Agent Stan Beeman, played by a very believable Noah Emmerich. I thought this was a clever move by the writers as it is interesting to see the FBI and the KGB agents carry on as enemies by day and yet socialize and be true friends during their free time. Of course, neither of them really knows the entire truth about each other’s double life. It is very humanizing to experience BOTH sides dealing with marriage, family, and other life issues while fighting for love of country and motherland.

Admittedly, part of the show is a bit campy. The characters own more wigs and disguises than your average costume shop. LOL! But that’s ok because they are spies after all. The wigs make me laugh each week along with the high waistlines, plaid pants and other fashion giggles! I particularly love when the character Philip goes undercover as a US undercover agent using the name of Clark. He is sleeping with the character Martha Hanson played by Alison Wright. She is a secretary at the FBI and Philips’s informant. Next is a shot of Mathew Rhys and me at the screening.

The character Clark is a bit dorky in an adorable way. He may be cute but It kills me each week to see the character Martha whom I mentioned above, fall deeper and deeper in love with him when I know Clark is just using her to get the FBI info. What a scoundrel! Now I care so much about Martha that I hope she dumps him “before” she gets hurt! …. Request to the writers…. Hint! Hint! ;) One thing is for sure and that is that you can always count on these two having sex. Of course, being that Clark is a spy he wears his requisite blonde wig and glasses. This makes me laugh every time. In The Americans the character of Claudia is played by Margo Martindale. Claudia is a KGB supervisor of Elizabeth and Philip (the shows lead characters). KGB – OMG! Let’s just put it this way – I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Claudia. Fortunately, in real life Margo Martindale is a hoot! She is so convincing as a tough agent that I was amazed by her fun loving personality. Here I pose with Margo.

Below is a shot with Noah Emmerich who does an excellent job of playing FBI agent Stan Beeman. I have to love Stan because although his character has some flaws, he is a good guy . Besides, my Dad’s name was Stan. :)

Here I pose with Executive Producer Joe Weisberg. He is indeed one of the great masterminds behind this production.

Be Sure to tune in Wednesday nights for the upcoming season two of The Americans on the FX TV Network at 10:00pm EST/PST.


I promised the producers that I wouldn’t give away any endings, but I will say this much - these shows are realllly good and you don’t want to miss any of them.

The beautiful Russian spy Nina is played by Annet Mahendru. She told me that she is actually a combination of Russian and Indian.

Another great mastermind is Executive Producer and writer Joel Fields. He is multitalented and has worked on a zillion productions. One of my faves is the hit TV show Ugly Betty of which he was an executive producer. I was honored to chat with and pose with Joel in the photo below.

OK - I’m tempted to tell you everything but if there is anything I have learned from The Americans TV show is that you don’t want to mess with a group of spies. So your little Cyndi sleuth is signing off with a spy briefcase full of Cyndi’s Secrets I’m afraid I can’t tell. You’ll just have to watch the shows. Mission Accomplished! Shhhh! And until next time……….Strut your stuff on the red carpet of life! Shhhh! Life is too short so I say – InJOY! Love ya,

Executive producer and writer Joe Weisberg is actually a former member of the CIA. How cool is that? – A spy show “executed” by a real life spy! Hmmmm! Perhaps “executed” isn’t the best choice of words in the espionage world. LOL! He also made me laugh when he said that real life CIA members sometimes write him because they catch minor things in the show that may not be exact CIA protocol. He has to try to explain to them that when you work on a TV show budget with a tight time schedule there can sometimes be production problems. That means you might have to bend CIA rules in the story line. LOL!

At the event was Graham Yost. Graham is an Executive Producer of The Americans. He recently appeared to a packed room at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for A Conversation with Graham Yost. He is a two-time Emmy-winning producer (Band of Brothers and The Pacific) He also is the Executive Producer of the critically Acclaimed FX drama series “Justified”. I enjoyed my chat with Graham. Here I pose with him at the screening.

Cyndi Targosz You can find me at: Twitter@CyndiTargosz

photo by Tobin Bennett

DISCLAIMER: My Cyndi’s Secrets are written by Cyndi Targosz. Reprinted Permission granted from

Cyndi Targosz is an InfoTainment Journalist, Celebrity Image Consultant, Comedic Actress and a Certified Lifestyle Counselor. She is the bestselling author of Dating the Younger Man(Adams Media),Ten Minute Tone-ups for Dummies(Wiley), The Only Diet Book You’ll Ever Need (Adams Media), Erase Your Waist(Sourcebooks), and Your Best Bust(Sourcebooks). She just released her CYNDI’S SECRETS 4 DVD fitness series. Cyndi has been a guest expert on numerous radio/TV shows. (“Good Morning America,” “Fit TV,” NBC News, Donahue, FOX News, To tell the truth etc.) Her tips have appeared in multiple publications. Find Cyndi and her products at + +


y name is Ana Braga and I’m 31 years old. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The girl from Ipanema!! I moved to the US and I love it here. I became a US citizen a while ago and couldn’t be happier to become an American. I love the US, the land of opportunities. I have been modeling, on and off, all my life. My grandmother, mother and aunt, did extensive modeling in Brazil. I started very young, modeling children’s clothes. I took a long break from modeling after modeling in Brazil and LA. I also worked a little in Brazil making appearances in soap opera “Novelas” and also as a Professional Dancer in Los Angeles. I was very fortunate to have worked with many wonderful artists such as Charo, Lil John. Pitbull to name a few. About a year ago I came back to modeling as therapy since I had to keep myself busy with my father’s illness and death. Modeling keeps me busy and smiling. I didn’t anticipate how fast or whatever was really about to happen to me. I’m very grateful to the people that gave me a chance. It’s important to remember those who help you and try to give back!! I love modeling and would love to work behind the scenes only some day. Maybe become an editor for a magazine, that would be a cool job I think! I live in Las Vegas and I love having a suburban life and also a ‘partying” time when I wanna go to the Strip!

Eu sou Carioca da gema, Rio de Janeiro! Adoro representar o Brasil no mundo! Me sinto muito orgulhosa e feliz por estar saindo na capa da Bizsu! Revista show de bola!

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Height 5’ 8” Weight 117lbs Dress size 0






Courtesy Photography by DANNY STEYN


1. TANCY MARIE/ Full Time Published Model, started as a Budweiser Model years ago now I’m a successful full time model .. I travel and am blessed to be published all over. I love my job and there is much much more to come. I’m just getting started. LOL Born In Texas Raised in South FL. Blonde hair green eyes, 5 4” 118 lbs, petite and curvy..likes to skate shop travel and be in charge : ) Size: 34 d 26 32 ... 2. NATALIE FATALE/Age: 26 DOB: 05/08/1987 Country: United States Bust: 36C Height: 5’6 Weight: 130 Waist: 26 Hips: 36 Hair Color: Brunette Hair Length: Long/Mid Back Eye Color: Green Interests: Entrepreneurship, Fitness, Health Hobbies: Dancing, working out, reading motivational books, spending time with family and friends. Goals in life: Make residual income. Turn ons: Ambition and Confidence Turn offs: Complaining & Whining, Negativity Favorite food: Chinese Favorite book: “Lean In” By Sheryl Sandberg.


3.NIKKI DUPLESSIS/ DOB: April 24 1990 Age: 23 Country: South Africa Bust: 32 C Height: 5’7” Weight: 117lbs Waist: 26” Hips: 34” Hair Color: Blonde/Brown Hair Length: Medium Eye Color: Green Interests: Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Sexy exotic fast cars, Island getaways Hobbies: Riding my own Harley on breakfast runs and nice country side trips. I’m a gym junkie, it’s VERY important to stay sexy and fit! Love to watch movies in bed. Having a good time with my lady friends Goals in life: My BIGGEST goal in life is to make a difference in the eyes of young aspiring people. To be a role model and someone to look up to. I want to be seen, heard of and remembered! Keep an eye out Turn ons: A charming, handsome, flattering man.. Someone who can swift me of my feet just by looking at me! Someone who can sit with me and enjoy a nice glass of red wine and share his day with me. I’m a total romantic Turn offs: BAD MANNERS! Rudeness.


f you are like every other working man who is dedicated and hard-working, your commitment to work may make it nearly impossible to meet anyone outside of work. Even though it’s often advised against, dating people you work with makes practical sense if you follow some simple rules. You’re probably not just a nine to five worker - you’re that someone who works extra hours and weekends, and is trying to get ahead to be successful. Both men and women are attracted to people who are confident, passionate and focused, with interests and areas of expertise. Who wouldn’t be attracted to someone like that? Think about it - there isn’t an easier, simpler or more convenient place to meet someone who is confident, passionate, and focused than at work. Date at Work - But Work at Dating Once again, even though it’s often advised against, dating people you work with makes practical sense - after all, we spend much of our lives in the office. There’s often no other way or time to meet anyone else. But you have to be extra smart about your choices - and you need to take special precautions if you’re going to venture into an office romance. Water Cooler Gossip The one overriding warning worth heeding – and one that should dictate all of your actions and words - is this: People talk. No matter how friendly your co-

workers are, or how tight-lipped the object of your affection seems, secrets are almost always spilled, one way or another, whether accidentally or intentionally. Translation? Do NOT say or do anything that you want everyone else to know about. This means no chitchat with the girls at the water cooler about his size or performance, and no pillow talk with him about how much you loathe your boss and that you can’t wait to take over his or her job. There is too much at stake (like your livelihood) to take risks and there is too much to lose (like a potentially great love) if you don’t take caution in what you do or say. The Rules About Dating Co-Workers 1. Don’t mix business and pleasure on company time. Agree to date out of work hours and ensure you don’t turn a business lunch into a romantic lunch. 2. If you’re a supervisor or employer, you must stay fair. Don’t give someone you’re dating better work or pay, and don’t punish someone you are breaking up with by giving him or her worse work or pay. Otherwise, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit. 3. Make sure he or she is actually single. If they are not, then keep personal remarks at work limited to sports, the weather, and the kids. Don’t gripe or listen to gripes about a spouse. “I’m sorry, I’m not comfortable talking about your wife. I want to keep our relationship all business because I value us as co-workers” is all you need to say.

4. Don’t Boast. Your co-worker boyfriend or girlfriend may look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, and you may be so pumped up that you’ve got a hot date with the hottie - but keep your feelings to yourself - and your friends outside of work. Work gossip is inevitable, but you must practice good behavior by keeping the water cooler talk to work and the weather. 5. Don’t Make Out At Work. Keep all affection outside of office parameters. It’s okay to meet at the office, but don’t smooch at the office. 6. Don’t Have Love Spats At Work. If things weren’t great the night before, don’t bring your disappointment to your staff meetings. You will have to practice wearing two hats; even if you’re mad, don’t put the kibosh on their comments at the Monday morning meeting and act out your frustrations at work. 7. Put Rumors To Rest. If you hear gossip, don’t fuel the fire by denying the truth. Everyone finds out that you’re dating eventually. While you should not announce your relationship, you can say, “Yes, we’re dating. We’re both single adults and we are working very hard to keep our social life separate from our work life.” And smile. Both dating and working are natural parts of life, and it’s natural to become attracted to people you work with. If you’re both single and available, go for it! But be impeccable with your behavior and your work. You’re going to be under more scrutiny in this relationship than you would be if you were dating someone you didn’t work with.

Courtesy Photography by



written by Sex & Relationship Columnist, C ARISSA MARTIN san antonio, texas

It’s not you, it’s me!

“What a load of shit,”

is what we are all thinking when we hear that line. We know there is more to why we are getting dumped, and if you’re doing the dumping, you know what the reasons are…so why not just say it? People want the fastest and easiest way out of any situation without being held accountable or to avoid being considered the asshole. When we aren’t honest with the person we are dumping, you may leave them with unanswered questions that will toil in their minds for a while and prolong the healing process.


Every one of us has had an experience with either being dumped, or dumping somebody. When you have been on the receiving end of being dumped, it can really put things into perspective as to how you should let someone down gently, but honestly. Obviously there are TONS of reasons why people want to stop dating a certain person. Hell, I have broken up with a guy before because he would pause too long in between each sentence, and it would take twice as long to get his point across and would drive me nuts. Some may think that is a petty reason, but it is what it is. I thought it through and realized that if it bugged me now, it will continue to in the future, so I knew it was time to let him go before more feelings were invested. Once a person has established that they are

not interested in a person any longer, the thoughts of, “how am I going to break up with him/her”, “what do I say?”, “how will they react?” First, if the person lives locally, then it should be done in person. Don’t be a dick and text it, because that is the chicken shit way out. The ONLY exception to that rule is if he/she has exhibited some violent or physical behavior in the past that would manifest itself again in that situation. In that case, over the phone is acceptable. If the person is long distance, then of course on the phone or skype would be the best choice so you at least give them the courtesy of hearing your voice or seeing your face, which

is respectable. In any other situation, avoid dumping someone over text, email, through another person, by changing your relationship status on facebook, or worst yet, not telling them at all and just ignoring them. Have the balls to just yank that band aid off really fast and get it over with!

Something you may want to consider is the

timing that you break up with them as well. Once you make the decision that you’re done, then don’t prolong it. When you are comfortable with your decision, think about a good place and time to tell them. Avoid doing it before bed, before a big interview or meeting, before a huge event or on a special occasion. You don’t want to ruin certain moments or opportunities for them all while possibly breaking their heart. Do it in a somewhat private location so that if they become emotional, they won’t have to face people or be embarrassed. Try to avoid doing it at either of your places, because then they may not leave or may react more harshly towards you. Don’t break up with someone after either of you have been drinking any alcohol as well, because then emotions will just be multiplied and it could get ugly. Plan to meet the person at a mutual location, but drive separately, that way either of you can leave whenever you want, without giving the person a ride home or them freaking out in the car. Ultimately, just think ahead and plan it as best as you can for the benefit of you both.

Whatever the reason(s) are for breaking up, figure out a way to tell them why you are dumping them, but keep their feelings in mind. You don’t have to go into great detail about it, just get to the point and be honest. It may sting at first and hurt their feelings, but I promise, it will give them closure and allow them to accept it and move on easier. The less you offer, the more questions they will have and they may continue to contact you to ask “why”. You can’t give a vague reason, so be prepared to explain your decision. The other person may ask you what they did wrong or if you found someone else, so the better of a reason you can provide them, the

fewer questions they can ask you.

Don’t drag it out too long. Get to the point,

say your piece and then allow them to say something, but you need to end the break up date in a decent amount of time. The longer you sit there, the more will be said, then next thing you know, you’re back at her house having make up sex. Say what you have to say, stick to your guns…get in and get out!

The aftermath of a break up is just as important as the actual break up itself. Don’t entertain the thought of hooking up with your ex because that will just confuse him/ her and give a false sense of hope, only to crush that person once they realize it didn’t mean the same thing to you as it did them. After a break up, let the dust settle! Give the person time to let it sink in and accept the fact. Some couples can remain friends down the road, but most can’t. So, don’t suggest remaining friends after a break up, not until much time has passed and you have both healed and moved on. Avoid sending random texts saying you miss them and hope they are doing well. That could potentially confuse them and wonder what your motives are. Respect the person you dumped enough to let them just move on. A selfish asshole is the one who will continue to text or hit their ex up for a hook up, not considering what it is doing to the other person emotionally. When you make the decision to dump someone, be confident in your decision and move along, otherwise what’s the point of breaking up in the first place!? Bottom line is, be classy when breaking up with someone. Be honest, respectful and thoughtful of their feelings too. No matter how much you don’t want to tell someone why you are dumping them, being honest will only help the cause and not hurt it. Be clear and concise and stick to your guns, otherwise the break up is ineffective and unresolved. Abide by the golden rule and everyone wins: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.


l y


ri r



ap c

Photography by

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n baseball it’s still early in the season but certain teams are already showing they want a postseason. In the American league east, both the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have climbed out of the cellar and stepped into the spotlight with both teams virtually tied for the division lead. In the central Detroit and Cleveland are the top two teams and in the west Texas and Oakland hold the top spots. In the National league east it’s the ever so not surprising Atlanta Braves in the lead holding seven games over Washington. The central sees St. Louis holding a slim lead over the Cincinnatti Reds and the west has Arizona having a two game lead over San Francisco. There is a lot of time left in the season but the real fun starts after the All Star break as all teams know that it’s time to really play your hardest every single game.

That being said Major League Baseball is in the news for another reason, one that tends to leave a sour taste in my mouth. The newest scandal is one that topple the way we look at professional athletes in every sport forever. The latest bombshell dropped involves more than twenty players including Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees and Ryan Braun of the Brewers and some new testimony from the now defunct Biogenesis of America founder Terry Bosch. Bosch is expected to admit to personally inject players to be named with performance enhancing drugs and decode written files using codenames for individuals. The result of this could bring 100 game suspensions to every player involved along with substantial fines. We all know that Pete Rose bet on baseball and was given a lifetime ban from the sport, but really? Doesn’t this constitute a much bigger scandal on more a grand stage? I feel that each player found to be guilty

of involment should at least receive a two season ban and total forfieture of salary/endorsement deals during that period of time. The slap on the wrist penalties handed down are nothing more than a way to keep collecting money and stiffer and very career altering penalties should be imposed. Look at what happened to Lance Armstrong, stripped of every Tour De France win and banned from cycling professionally for life for doping. That punishment fit the crime and stands to be the way to curb PED use. Oh, by the way I am all for Pete Rose being reinstated.

The Nascar season is about halfway through and so far it has been interesting. This year has seen tempers flare, driver clashes off the track and some seriously strange and dangerous accidents. I’ts no surprise that the driver of the #48 Jimmie Johnson is in the points lead.

I immediately knew after the Daytona 500, in which he won, that this was going to be a run for his sixth Sprint Cup championship. Following in the points lead are Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth, Clint Boyer, Kasey Kahne, Dale Earnheardt Jr., Kevin Harvick, Paul Menard, Kyle Busch and Brad Keslowski to round out the top ten. As with MLB there is a lot of time left in the Cup season and things will definitely change before all is said and done. The big question really is can Jimmie Johnson stay consistent enough to win or will another driver, say Tony Stewart, crawl back into the fray and post some wins to get himself into contention. Every track presents its own unique set of challenges and some drivers are better than others on certain circuits. This season has proven to be one of the most interesting in recent history and will no doubt continue to impress even the most fickle fan.

W hat’sThe Big Deal About Women Earning MoreThan Men? Charlie Glickman,PhD written by Sexuality & Relationship Coach and Author


bout ten years ago, Laurie Toby Edison published Familiar Men, a book of non-erotic nudes of men. It’s an amazing book, and I was proud to contribute The Day I Found My Ass for it. Edison captured some deeply moving images of men of many different ages, races, and backgrounds to show how our perception of nudity and sexualization differ when men are the focus, rather than women. I remember going to one of her signings and hearing her talk about the response her photos received. Edison said that one of the most common questions she heard was, “What do these men do?” It took her by surprise, until she realized that most people are used to looking at how men are dressed and how we act in order to figure out what we do for a living. So many of the definitions of masculinity are tied up in being a provider, being a worker, being a breadwinner, that when the visual cues are taken away, a lot of people are confused. Of course, that’s really only the case in non-sexual photos like those in Familiar Men, and there aren’t too many of those. How many nude images of men can you think of that weren’t intended to be sexual? I’ve been thinking about this in light of the recently-released study showing that 4 out of 10 US households with children have mothers who are the primary or sole earner for her family and the predictable right-wing freakout about that. I think it’s important to unpack what it means when someone like conservative radio host Brian Fischer means when he says, “I don’t think it’s a healthy dynamic to have a wife outearn her husband, because so much of his sense of worth as a male is tied up with what he does vocationally.” Why is so much of men’s self-worth tied to how we labor? Why is what we do for a living one of the first things people ask about? “What do you do?” is one of the most common party conversation openers. Of course, that’s an easy topic to talk about, though I wonder if social conventions will change in response to our disastrous economy and the desire to avoid unpleasant topics at a dinner party. But why do so many men base their sense of personal value on what their income is? And why do so many women in these situations do more childcare and household labor to bolster their partners’ egos? This seems like an especially important question to consider in a world in which global wealth inequality is growing faster than ever.

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If these right wing pundits really want to make it possible for male-female couples to raise children on one income, they might consider pushing for the economic structures that would make that possible. But leaving aside their logical inconsistencies and how they deal with cognitive dissonance by insisting that men are designed (despite the actual science) to be the breadwinners, it seems to me that masculinity is at a turning point. For a long time, we’ve defined masculinity in terms of “performance.” Using things like job performance, sexual performance, or athletic performance as our measuring tools creates men who look strong, but are hollow on the inside. When jobs are lost or bodies change, when the performance shifts, many men struggle with their self-worth. It’s in these situations that men’s egos get coddled, because that seems easier than reinventing what it means to be a man. I think it’s time for us to stop defining our value by looking at how we perform. I think it’s time for us to ask ourselves what value be bring to our relationships, to our communities, and to the world. I want to see masculinity defined as something more than how well we score. That’s not an easy path because it means that we need to look at how fear and shame have been used to control us. We need to explore the messages we’ve been forced to accept about ourselves. We need to create our selfworth, instead of getting it from performing to some external standard. And we need to learn new tools for dealing with the parts of ourselves that we’ve been avoiding. In my work as a coach, I’ve spoken with a lot of men and their partners about these kinds of things and I’m always amazed at the courage it takes to step out of the Act Like a Man Box. And that’s the turning point we’re at. It’s time for us to be brave enough to decide that being a man isn’t about performance or scoring. It’s time to DISCLAIMER: make it about something that really matters. Reprinted Permission granted from




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