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Q3 | 2019

The buzz in Biz

The buzz in biz

Amber Court

Pizza Fridays

11 Questions

Find all about the official launch of BizSpace Newcastle Amber Court

Sites serving up free pizza in the name of community

11 questions with BizSpace’s Head of Operations Sharon Wild

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Coffee and cake for a good cause

Pizza Fridays Sites serving up free pizza in the name of community.

BizSpace baked and ‘faked’ for this year’s Macmillan Coffee Morning.



The Salesforce is with you

Award-winning charity at BizSpace Newton Heath

The latest with everything Salesforce!


Find out more about the Widows Empowerement Trust

11 questions with Sharon Wild


We throw some questions at Sharon Wild. Read to find out more about BizSpace’s head of operations.

BizSpace is growing Where we’re at with new acquisitions and refurbs!

9 Nottingham The newest buildings to join the BizSpace portfolio.

10 New multi-site NPS Find out more about the benefits of the new NPS survey.

12 BizSpace launches Newcastle Amber Court Newcastle Amber Court had its official launch event, with almost 50 people in attendance.


Q3 I’m sure I say this every time, but where has the year gone!! We’re now into the home stretch - Q4.

summer incentive results, well done all of you and especially our prize winners.

It‘s been another busy quarter for our property team, with Fareham, our first newbuild site now open for business, which is very exciting! Works at Newcastle Amber Court were completed at the start of Q3 and the team welcomed their first businesses as well as having their official launch event in September. We are also almost complete at Christchurch, a complete strip and refit. It looks fantastic and already has a number of pre-lets. In addition to this, we also bought a site in Ashford, with construction due to start in Q4 and we have also acquired another business centre in Nottingham, which will undergo a complete refurbishment over the next six months… Busy busy busy.

The CRM is almost at go-live and a huge amount of work has gone into making it happen, thanks to all those involved, you know who you are... and thanks to the rest of you for your continued engagement... it’s going to be amazing in helping us do our jobs better. What a morning the Macmillan Coffee Morning was, well done to all those that raised money for a good cause. We raised over £3000 in total which is fantastic, and even HO joined in by eating lots of cakes!! Here’s to a cracking Q4 - let’s keep up the energy for this final quarter, nail our objectives and finish off 2019 with a bang!

Despite Brexit (what’s that I hear you cry!!) our site teams are doing a fantastic job on letting our space with some great months of sales and some fabulous

See you all before Xmas!!

Gareth Evans, CEO 3

Coffee & cake for a good cause

Below: Macmillan Coffee Morning at BizSpace North Sands

BizSpace Head Office, along with a handful of other BizSpace locations, recently participated in Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. The first-ever Coffee Morning was in 1990, with the idea of donating the cost of your cup of tea and cake to Macmillan Cancer Support. This simple idea has since gone national and raised over £200 million for Macmillan throughout the years. This year alone, the event has raised £2,831,950, and BizSpace are proud to have helped.

Albion Mills, Nottingham Arnold, Swindon, Hove, Lewes, Wimbledon and Sunderland North Sands.

BizSpace Head Office had an impressive spread on Wednesday 18th September of delicious homemade cakes, vegan brownies, cookies and even a pavlova. The marketing team created signs to put up throughout Winston House, encouraging other companies in the building to join in for the coffee morning. Jan Simmons, Executive Assistant, said: “We ended up having quite a turnout and had leftover cake for days!” Several people baked, and others ‘faked’ to help raise a total of just over £300 to Macmillan Cancer Support.

BizSpace Sunderland North Sands deserves a special shout out as they went above and beyond. Fundraising not only for Macmillan but also honouring the life of their cleaner’s dad, George, who sadly passed away unexpectedly two weeks prior. In total, they raised £2,078 in just two weeks and had over £2,000 worth of raffle prizes, including football tickets, spa days and a £500 furniture voucher. Lynne Oliver, Centre Manager at BizSpace Sunderland North Sands, said, “Myself and the team are truly overwhelmed at the generosity shown by our occupiers, colleagues and local companies who all contributed to our fundraiser.

Some of the other BizSpace locations that participated throughout September were BizSpace Middlesbrough Queensway, Basingstoke, Theale, 4

What we all managed to achieve as a centre on Friday was phenomenal.” According to Lynne, they had people coming into work on their day off to attend, as well as people who couldn’t bring in cakes the day before. As Lynne said, “It just goes to show what a great, close-knit community we have here at North Sands!” The centre decided to split the money raised from the donations and raffles. Some went to Macmillan Cancer Support and the rest, in honour of George, went to Ward B28 of the Sunderland Royal Hospital, to spend on extra visitor beds. If your centre would like to get involved next year, make sure to sign up on the Macmillan website. The event happens every year in September, and you’ll even get a decoration kit full of goodies for the special occasion!

Above and right: Macmillan Coffee Morning at BizSpace Theale


Award-winning charity at BizSpace Newton Heath Widows Empowerment Trust who are based at Wilsons Park in Newton Heath has become a multi-award-winning organisation in a matter of months.

overwhelmed to hear I’d been shortlisted. It’s been my mission to give hope to the hopeless, and to be up for such an amazing accolade is a dream come true.”

The charity was founded in 2017 after Oyovwe Kigho, Founder and CEO, noticed the little support that was provided in her community when a close friend’s husband passed away.

Kevin Cavanaugh, Business Centre Manager at BizSpace Newton Heath said: “It has been great to watch the charity grow and to find out that they’ve won several awards this year is just fantastic. The work they’re doing to support people during some of their most difficult times is awe-inspiring and I wish them continued success so they can help even more people in their hour of need.”

On a mission to promote social inclusion and empower widows, Oyovwe Kigho set up the charity. It now has a popular schedule of Arts and Crafts and Karaoke workshops, befriending and home visit services, training sessions, meals out and day trips, and dementia services. Oyovwe said: “There’s been challenges and setbacks along the way but being able to put a smile on somebody’s face and make them a bit happier during a difficult time makes it all worthwhile.”

Oyovwe has been with BizSpace since the start of 2018 after deciding she could no longer run her business from home. Since being at BizSpace, she said: “The team have supported me throughout my journey and have always had a positive attitude towards my business. They’ve helped in the past by providing a space for our training sessions and celebrations and have helped to spread our story.”

Earlier this year the charity won The Compassionate Award 2019 from the Manchester BME Network, received the Points of Light Award by Theresa May in recognition of her ‘exceptional service supporting widows and widowers’ and was recently announced as the winner of the Community Cohesion Award at the Spirit of Manchester Awards 2019. Oyovwe said: “I am delighted to have received two awards and be honoured by the prime minister this year. To get such great recognition is so overwhelming.”

The organisation has a lot to celebrate this year, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still challenges. Oyovwe said: “Securing funding for the charity is an ongoing challenge as is engaging and recruiting new volunteers.” The volunteer opportunities include befriending and attending home visits, fundraising, office and administrative roles, and marketing. They also work closely with Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University, offering work placements that can make up part of the student’s course.

The Widows Empowerment Trust has also been shortlisted for the Lifetime Achiever Award which will be announced at the National Diversity Awards later this year in Liverpool. Oyovwe said: “I was amazed and


If you or someone you know has been widowed, get in touch with the Widows Empowerment Trust to find out how they can help. The organisation is open to people of all faiths, social backgrounds and abilities.


BizSpace is growing

Above: Construction finished at BizSpace Fareham



One building in Nottingham, 60% let to Lloyds and KPMG, with 40% to be converted into a BizSpace business centre, which will be refurbished in the next 6 months at a cost of ÂŁ1.5m.

Works ongoing at Maidstone to deliver a brand new business centre by the end of October 2019. Work has finished on the refurbishments at Newcastle and Christchurch - turning these new acquisitions into flexible workspace, as well as the refurbishment and branding exercise at M25. Refurbishment works are continuing at Egham, with Waltham Abbey and Hemel Hempstead to follow and undergo a refurbishment programme in the last quarter of the year.

Building Construction works finished at Fareham with new lettings. Site purchased at Ashford, contractors being lined up to develop site into a business centre, with construction due to start in Q4 2019 and delivery in Q3 2020.

Coming next We have a number of office opportunities under discussion including ones in Bristol, Winchester and Colchester, which would continue our expansion strategy over the next quarter. 8

Nottingham Fast facts

• 3  1 – 35 Park Row comprises of three purpose-built individual office buildings constructed in the 1980s, being spread across four storeys, together with a car parking area. • BizSpace completed the £7million purchase of the centre in September 2019 and plan a major investment and refurbishment of over £3million. • T  here is very little in terms of competition within the city centre for office space, and those providers that do - have limited availability. • T  he focus of the centre now is to build on that limited market availability and enhance brand awareness and network opportunities to drive leads and enquiries.

22,721 sq.ft. 9

New multi-site NPS BizSpace has just recently sent out a new, multi-site NPS survey, giving us further insight into our customers’ wants and needs. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a tool that we can use to gauge business and customer relationships and the loyalty between them. It allows us to see what our customers like and dislike about the business and with the results, we’re able to make the necessary changes to keep our customers happy. Before the new process, the same survey was sent to all sites, meaning it was hard to define where the responses came from.

Main changes

• T  he Q3 2019 NPS survey was conducted on a site by site basis instead of company-wide. • T  he objective was to make the NPS survey more relevant and actionable for each site. • W  e’ve now categorised elements where BizSpace excels and where improvements are required.


Overall score

Response rate

Response count



Introducing the new site by site NPS survey allowed us to see the specific location the feedback came from, allowing us to make relevant, location-based changes. The survey asks customers ‘on a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend BizSpace to a friend?’ Those that score either 9 and 10 are considered ‘Promoters’, those that score between 7 and 8 are considered ‘Passives’ and those score between 1 and 7 are considered ‘Detractors’. The new survey also asked the additional question ‘what was your reason for the score?’ giving the ability to understand the reasons. Reasons were segmented into either ‘good’ reasons or ‘improvements’, Khalid Aziz, Marketing Director, said: “The new NPS survey gives 10

us a much deeper level of analysis that we can use to improve areas on a more granular level. Results by site are shared with centre managers so that changes can be implemented almost immediately in some areas.” Overall, the survey was sent to 3115 customers, and we had a response rate of 14.7%. We had an overall score of 8.52, with 44% of responders scoring BizSpace with a 9 or 10. The top 3 ranked ‘good reasons’ were on-site team, interior design and flexibility. The top 3 improvements were site quality, additional services & products and on-site team. When analysing acquisition sites versus existing, it’s interesting to note differences. For new


• T  he Q3 NPS survey was done on a site-bysite basis and sent to 3,115 customers. • Overall BizSpace achieved a score of 8.52. • Acquisition sites achieved a considerably higher average NPS score than LFL sites.

acquisitions, highly rated ‘good reasons’ were interior design and community. From this, we can see that customers located at new acquisitions appreciate the fresh interior design and the sense of community.

• O  ffice sites and mixed sites got a far higher NPS score than workshop-only sites. • T  here is a lot of variability of results by region. Not only of the NPS score but also with the number of responses. 51 sites had less than 5 responses.

For existing sites, the top ‘good reasons’ were on-site team and flexibility. From this, we can see that existing sites have a tightknit on-site team and enjoy the flexibility of contracts that BizSpace offers.

• T  he South West had the largest amount of promoters with 93 people. • Scotland had the highest percentage of promoters but a response rate of only 5 people.

The imrpovements section helps us to identify precisely where we can make positive changes, working further towards our target NPS score of +10.

• T  he Midlands, South East and the North have negative scores.

Another survey will be sent out in November 2019, ensuring we can continuously improve our services. Overall, switching to the site-specific surveys allows BizSpace to focus on what we need to improve, as well as finding out what our customers enjoy most about being with BizSpace.

• T  he top ‘good’ reason by far was the ‘on-site team’, followed by interior design and flexibility. • The top ‘improvement’ reason was site quality, additional services & products, and onsite team.


BizSpace launches Newcastle Amber Court

In Q3, Newcastle Amber Court had its official launch event, with almost 50 people in attendance. Amber Court was officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle upon Tyne, Councillor David Cook, Khalid Aziz, BizSpace’s Marketing Director, and Brian Andrews, Operations Director at a launch event where the Lord Mayor gave a speech discussing the growing importance of the SME community to the economy in the North East. The Lord Mayor, Councillor David Cook, said: “Small businesses and entrepreneurs play a vital role in the health of the North East’s economy and we’re committed to supporting them. Providing great spaces where they can create, collaborate and thrive is hugely important as the city’s and region’s economy diversifies. BizSpace is already well established in the North East and, with Amber Court, they have transformed a welllocated but tired building into another exceptional and goodvalue workspace that is ideally suited to support the SMEs that will make such a significant contribution to the future prosperity of our area when it needs to replace the industries of the past.”

BizSpace has a long history in the North East. The first acquisition in the region was in Gateshead in 2000, the same year BizSpace was formed. We now have 26 sites in the North East, and six of those sites are in Tyneside alone! Newcastle City Council has encouraged the growth of small enterprises in recent years, and BizSpace’s launch of Amber Court supports the council’s vision to make the city a great place to work and provides a strong platform for local start-ups. Emma Long, Commercial Director of BizSpace, said: “Newcastle has experienced astonishing business growth in recent years. The number of people in employment has increased by 29% since the early noughties, and the city is known as one of the UK’s most entrepreneurial locations. So, it’s no surprise that we already have more than 450 customers in the North East, and our launch of Amber Court reflects the fact that demand from small businesses looking for flexible, convenient workspace is continuing to grow.” The team at Amber Court have already welcomed their first customer, InkedIn Hairline, and have had an increase


in interest since the launch event. Stephen Trenery, Field Marketing Manager, said: “The event was a success, with many small business owners in attendance. We’re confident that before long Amber Court will be filled with lots of buzzing small businesses.” To watch the video of the official launch, click here.


Pizza Fridays Below: Ping Pong & Pizza Friday at Bizspace Glasgow

So, it was a no-brainer for Heidi to try out Pizza Fridays at the Pentagon Centre. They put their spin on it by utilising the ping-pong table in the breakout area for a mini tournament. Businesses were teamed up against each other, with prizes up for grabs for the winners. Heidi said: “We charged £5 entry per person to ensure we had a fabulous winner’s prize and runner up prize (32 entered so we had £80 for the winner, £50 for runner up). We also used some leftover money to add in free pizza, beer and prosecco, meaning we had a hook to encourage clients to pop down.”

Regular events can be a great way to build a sense of community in your centre. Several sites have been holding frequent ‘Pizza Fridays’ offering free pizza to all customers – it’s no surprise that it’s gone down a storm! Heidi McMillan, Centre Manager at BizSpace Glasgow, places a high priority on building a sense of community in the business centre. She said: “Whilst we are continually learning what works best and what doesn’t work so well for us, we are always looking for ways to strengthen our community in the hope that we all get the best out of the centre and as a result, retain our current clients whilst also attracting new ones.”

Feedback from the event was positive, with clients saying it was a very organised and fun day. Heidi said: “Everything ran smoothly due to 14

Below: Pizza Friday at Bizspace Hull

keeping communication high prior to the event, meaning all players knew exactly when they were scheduled to play. Staff also made sure to network with clients throughout – it was an excellent opportunity for us to build relationships within the centre.” Another site that holds regular Pizza Fridays is BizSpace Hull. Hayley Pollard, Centre Manager, said: “We have Pizza Fridays on the last Friday of every month. The response has been fantastic, and it’s really started to pick up now, with more customers joining in each time. So much so we’ve had to start ordering more pizzas!”

Below: get your very own Pizza Friday flyer!

Hayley is looking to start using a local company that she recently met at a networking event to supply their pizzas. Selecting the right date and time for your event can mean make or break. Yes, it’s impossible to pick a time and day to suit everyone, but you will have a higher chance of success depending on the time you choose. An event like Pizza Fridays works well because people are winding down for the weekend, so are more likely to take a bit of time out of their day to enjoy a bit of pizza and chat with other customers at the site. A networking event would have a higher chance of success mid-week when people are focussed on work. The worst day for an event is a Monday, as it’s the first day back at work after the weekend. If you’d like to hold a Pizza Friday event, get in touch with the marketing department who will create a flyer for you to spread the word. 15

The Salesforce is with you At the start of the quarter, training was undertaken at each of the regions so that centre managers could get to grips with the new platform. Ann Goodin, Project Manager, said: “We had some brilliant weeks on-site with business centre managers learning how to use Salesforce, and we have seen how passionate they have been with their practice.”

Hard copies of the training materials have now been sent to centres to support ongoing learning. New enquiry pads have also been delivered to ensure all customer information that’s required by Salesforce is collected – even when you’re away from the screen. The integration of Propman has been an enormous undertaking, with teams spending a lot of time testing


and retesting during Q3. Ann Goodin said: “Over 700 tests have been completed to date with a few more to go, teams have worked nights and weekends to make sure we launch a product that is right for our business.” A lot of testing has been going on over the past week, with several BizSpace staff working hard to iron out some final issues. Ann said: “This week we are resolving some final challenges and are hopeful to be able to issue a Go-Live pack to our teams very soon for launch during Q4.”

So, whenever you have a spare moment, open your Salesforce training manual and get to grips on the finer details of the bespoke platform built for BizSpace. Salesforce is set to go live soon. Head to Yammer and follow the group ‘New Salesforce CRM’ for all updates.

The Champions

Tahnaya Fir, Commercial Analyst, said: “It’s been hard work and there’s been a lot of testing and learning to get it right. I am looking forward to the launch and what it will mean to the business and the way we work -bring it on!”

North Sinead Myers North East & Scotland Lisa Taylor North West Kirstie McClelland Midlands Isobel Ryan South East Jenny Marshall & Jalpa Chauhan South West Andrew Mechen


11 questions:

Sharon Wild BizSpace’s very own head of operations is up next: We’re going to find out everything from how she’d hold up in a zombie apocalypse to what fictional character she would be... 18

You only get three words to describe yourself - what are they? Quiet, generous and loving.

If you could be any fictional character, who would it be? The Invisible Man - so I could move around without being seen especially going into restaurant kitchens!

What do you wish you were really good at? Excel.

If you had a time machine would you go back in the past or visit the future? Go back in the past.

What did you want to be when you were young? Chef - I loved my cookery classes and school, and it gave me a love of food and baking.

How useful would you be in a zombie apocalypse? Above: Sharon is a bit of a foodie. If she had to pick anyone to sit next to on a 10-hour flight it would be a michelin star chef!

Yes, I would be great! I am not frightened easily.

Who would you most like to sit next to on a 10-hour flight and why? Michelin star chef, so I could talk food, and cooking techniques.

You have £500 to burn, all your friends are busy, and you have the whole day to yourself, what do you do? Have a full-body and head massage. Have my hair, nails and toes done. Have a lovely meal with a good bottle of wine.

What would you name your autobiography? The Wild One.

Above: Bethlehem: Sharon’s dream destination.

Truth or happiness? Truth.

“If I could be any fictional character it would be the Invisible Man.”

If you could visit one place on Earth where would you go? Bethlehem - I would love to see the stable where Jesus was born.


Introducing an exciting partnership

Enterprise Nation BizSpace has partnered with Enterprise Nation to offer all clients of BizSpace 12 months of support to help grow their business, for free. Spread the word amongst your current clients, and let potential ones know too!

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Buzz in the Bizz Q3  

Buzz in the Bizz Q3