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An entrepreneurs guide to some things but not everything

The sweet smell of textcess

Mobile marketing is still in its infancy and is a relatively cheap way to communicate with potential leads and customers. 0ver 95% of the population own a mobile device and with 98% of text messages opened, SMS is a proven way to increase engagement and get your promotions seen. There are many providers of SMS marketing, so get ahead of the competition and develop a mobile marketing strategy.

And the next big thing is video

Livestreaming is taking off in ways we never imagined. Last year Facebook reported that 100 million hours a day of video content is watched on its site. How can you harness this? Live stream your conference visits, talks and networking events through Facebook or Periscope. All you need is a mobile and decent internet connection. Video advertising is another way to connect with your audience and increase brand awareness. Video doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, it’s often the easiest way to explain your product or service. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far your smartphone should do the trick. There are some great how-to guides for the mobile videographer on YouTube; apps like iMovie or PowerDirector are great tools to get the job done.

93% of businesses who use video believe that it has increased user understanding of their product or service.

83% of business owners who’ve used explainer videos on their home page say they are effective.

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Stop it with the hard sale already

One of the major crimes most small businesses make is to sell on social media. The devil is in the detail ‘Social Media’. Socialise on social networks, engage, interact with the online community. Don’t be that guy or girl who posts daily about their products or service. Try to showcase your local love, charity endeavours you’re doing within the community. Broadcast your efforts, show a genuine desire and pride in your city. Attend local meetings and become famous in your town.


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Throw away those dated business cards and embrace NFC

Business cards are becoming tired. Everyone has one of them; as a new business it’s likely you’ll want some as it’s got your company name and your new title. Take a moment and think the last time you had a memorable experience with a business card? NFC/RFID cards are the next big thing. Imagine a world where you tap your business card on a phone and it opens up a company website, an explainer video, an e-mail address or your LinkedIn page. The above is not science fiction it’s available now at

Time to end that age-old office heating debate once and for all

It’s well known that temperature and productivity go hand-in-hand. Raising the temperature from 20°C to 25°C you could see similar results to those achieved during Cornell University’s research. Backed by research this stat should help settle the office temperature debate once and for all. With the right temperature you’ll see an increase in productivity by up to 150% as well as a 44% decrease in mistakes/errors made by your workforce.

How to use LinkedIn effectively to get more sales and leads

This tip will really make a difference without trawling through hours and hours of how-to guides. Google Hack for LinkedIn Use keywords in your LinkedIn post and summary. Google will search those keywords and keep you in the limelight. LinkedIn has high authority on Google, so do some research on keywords to get the most out of your header. LinkedIn Hack Add your email or link to your product page into your summary section. The best part about this is it turns your LinkedIn page into a business card. Content Hack Upload videos or articles about your brand at the end of your summary section. This will help promote both you and your brand. For the full book visit:

An entrepreneurs guide to somethings but not everything