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North Grenville Community Newsletter A Monthly Publication

June 2012

Come Celebrate EOMF’s 20th Anniversary on June 14 in Limerick Forest!

The Eastern Ontario Model Forest (EOMF) extends an open invitation to one and all to join us in beautiful Limerick Forest on Thursday, June 14, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary at our Annual General Meeting. A short business meeting will be followed by several interesting and light-hearted activities both inside the beautiful FSC-certified log chalet (Interpretive Centre), outside under a marquee tent, and then in the surrounding forest as we unveil the new EOMF Memorial Trail. Before enjoying a scrumptious barbeque lunch, we will show an engaging video presentation featuring a line-up of eight new, short, highproduction value YouTube videos featuring: the EOMF; the Canadian Model Forest Network (CMFN); and the International Model Forest Network (IMFN). Both the CMFN and the IMFN are also celebrating their 20th anniversaries this year so we're happy to have them, and their guests, join us! Next-up will be a viewing

of our new Forest Certification Series featuring: Chain of Custody; Private Lands; Community Forests; and Maple Syrup. And last but not least, a debut of a new Limerick Forest video. After lunch and brief awards ceremony, we will take a stroll (or horse-drawn wagon ride) through the woods to inaugurate the new EOMF Memorial Trail. Constructed with thanks to Limerick Forest and UCLG, and the generosity of Burla Cayford and family through the James H. Cayford Memorial Fund, this trail will honour recently departed friends of the EOMF. This peaceful trail will be marked with interpretive signs, wood duck boxes, a commemorative bench and a new viewing platform over the marshland. We hope you will join us! To register online, and for directions, please refer to our Event page: EOMF AGM; or visit agm; or contact Mary at 613-2588241 or Cost is $20 to help cover food costs. Hope to see you there!

Volume 8 No.6

Benefit Fund for Sam Tobias

All for Sam Benefit at the Branch Restaurant 15 Clothier St E, Kemptville Sunday, June 10, 10 am – 8 pm

Sam Tobias is a seven year old boy who lives in Kemptville, Ontario diagnosed with ALD (adrenoleukodystrophy). ALD is a rare genetic disease that affects 1 in 20,000 boys. This disease is fatal, causing brain deterioration which progresses quickly, with limited treatment options available. Sam and his family are on a difficult journey, as they face the realities of his disease. During this time, the Tobias family is hoping to spend as much quality time with Sam as possible while managing the complex health care he needs. Friends and family of Sam Tobias have organized an account and several events to raise money for Sam and his family. The money is being

raised to help with costs associated with the following: travel to appointments at CHEO and/or Sick Kids, parking, meals, incidental expenses, home modifications, medical equipment, mobility devices, medications, and therapies not covered by the health care system as well as family outings to create lasting memories. The family would like to donate any leftover funds to create a park in Sam’s honour in the family’s neighbourhood, and to the ALD Foundation. S a m ’s p a r e n t s N i c o l e (Thompson) Tobias and Craig Tobias grew up in the communities of Prescott and Brockville, Ontario, respectively. Nicole and Craig are deeply touched and take great comfort from the outpouring of support from their friends, family and communities. If you would like to donate to the benefit for Sam Tobias you may visit any TD Canada Trust Bank and give the following account information; Branch #3468 Account#6007315 (Cheques are payable to the account trustees Diana Steadman and/or Amie Ivany). See page 3 for more information.

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June, 2012


Corporate Citizens

We are a growing community, and that growth has been good overall, so far as we can tell. It is early days, but anything that increases job opportunities and quality of life is to be welcomed. The obvious downside of growth, of course, is increased traffic, higher density in housing, etc. The two main developments along Clothier Street, for example, will add to the tax base, but it will also almost double the population of Clothier Street and, presumably, put huge pressure on both infrastructure and residents. It is to be hoped that Council and Staff have taken that into account when agreeing to so much building in that historic part of Kemptville. Colonnade is another doubleedged sword. B u t t h e r e ’s more to Colonnade than Wal-Mart - there is The Source. The Source opened very recently between Canadian Tire and Tim Hortons, and most people assumed it was run by Peter Sadler, who operates the Source at the Kemptville Mall. Not so. In fact, behind that new facade in Colonnade lies a scandal. Peter Sadler has been running his Source store as a licencee for fourteen years now. He employs eleven local people in his store. When the Sears outlet on Water Street closed, Peter spent a large sum of money to take over that operation, and hired the woman who had been running the Water Street store to ensure continuity. It was, he felt, a good investment in the future of his store and the community. When Wal-Mart arrived, the Source corporate headquarters assured him that business would certainly suffer for about a year or so, but would then recover to close to pre-Wal-Mart levels. All he had to do was spend even more money to keep his store open and his employees paid for that lean period. And he did. This year, he received a nice letter from Source HQ complimenting him on his successes and looking forward to another year of fruitful col-

laboration. Then, seventeen days after that nice letter, and just a few weeks from the expected upturn in business, Peter got another letter from Source HQ telling him they were, after fourteen years, cancelling his licence. Why? Because now that business was going to recover, HQ were going to open their own store in Kemptville and they didn’t need Peter and his eleven local employees any more. And this is not unique to Peter and Kemptville. The Source are doing the same thing all over Canada Smiths Falls, Perth, everywhere. In one store, a family has been operating for forty years. Another store owner found out about the new corporate-run store when the fittings and signs for the new store were delivered to him by mistake. These licensees got the same letter as Peter and are out of business. Just eleven months ago, Corporate HQ had Peter change his computer system to theirs, giving them access to all his vendor contacts and business history. They could see which areas of his business were most profitable, inventory levels, margins & sales trends at present and in the past. etc. The new stores are paying minimum wage and commission: Peter’s were on real salaries. The new management and staff have been dropped in from HQ: management is not local and has no local ties. Colonnade has hardly been good for downtown Kemptville: it has shifted the centre of business

activity away from the traditional heart of the town and left behind empty spaces. Without the Library bringing people to Prescott Street, what kind of traffic would be there? We didn’t need Wal-Mart, there are plenty already. The Kemptville BIA have had a lot to deal with over the past few years, and moving the Dandelion Festival off the street didn’t help either. Yes, we are growing, and growth means change. But why does it feel that all the change is destroying what made this area great? “As the grey unyielding concrete makes a city of my town”. There is one way we could make at least a symbolic stand. Given the completely immoral actions of The Source Corporate, should we as a community support that kind of corporate citizen? Peter and his wife have given a great deal to North Grenville; not only through their store, but in generous donations and support of many events. The Rotary Club has recognised their contribution with an award for “long-term community service and commitment”. They are the kind of business people we want. It is bad enough when big corporations come in and force local business to close or downsize. It is even worse when they are benefiting from the long track record of success established by locals who they then toss aside. The Source in Colonnade should not be welcomed in our community. It’s that simple. Don’t shop there. David Shanahan

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All for Sam Benefit at the Branch Restaurant

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15 Clothier St E, Kemptville Sunday, June 10, 10 am – 8 pm

Brunch Buffet From 10 am – 2 pm Includes: • Scrambled eggs, veggie & cheese frittata, bacon & maple sausage, home fries, pancakes with maple syrup, toast, butter, jam, fresh fruit • $9.99 or children pay their age Rubber Boots Buffet From 2 – 8 pm Includes: • Comfort foods, hot entrees, soups & salads, house made bread • $12.99 or children pay their age • There is an open stage for singers and musicians from 3-6pm every Sunday. Any performers are encouraged to join us! We will donate 50% of food and non-alcoholic beverage sales for the day to the Tobias family To volunteer or for more information contact Nicole at the Branch at 613-258-3737 Support for Sam Find us on Facebook Search Support for Sam

House of Lazarus Hosts its 9th Annual 7K/14K Walk/Run for Food Fundraiser on June 9, 2012 Mountain, Ontario–The House of Lazarus will be hosting its 9th annual 7K/14K Walk/Run for Food fundraiser on June 9 with a goal of raising $20,000 and 1,000 food items. The event is a major fundraiser for the House of Lazarus Food Bank, which serves a client base of approximately 300 families in North and South Dundas and Leeds/Grenville counties. Residents are invited to lace up their shoes for this great cause. Registration for the 14K Run will take place at 7:30 a.m. at the House of Lazarus (2245 Simms Street) in Mountain, while registration for the 7K Walk will begin at 8:30 a.m. at the South Mountain Agricultural Hall. After the walk and run, the fundraiser will feature a Tropical Beach Party at the House of Lazarus. Pledge forms can be found at the House of Lazarus website or by contacting the organization at 613-989-3830. The House of Lazarus is an ecumenical, registered charity and non-profit organization, which functions as a food bank, clothing and household goods bank and community resource centre. Based in Mountain, the House of Lazarus offers a number of other services, including client advocacy, pastoral care, client referrals, and nutrition and budgeting support. For more information, view our website at Contact: Pauline Pratt Tel: 613-989-3830 Email: Community Newsletter

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Another donkey born at Amberdawn Farm

Beth Donovan Hospice Volunteer Training Course Our hospice volunteers offer compassionate support to our clients and families, providing a listening ear, a helping hand, and respite for all those coping with a serious or life-limiting illness. Interested individuals will attend our comprehensive, 5 week training program and will receive support throughout their volunteer experience. The training is free to participants. *PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED* Event: Beth Donovan Hospice Volunteer Training Dates: Starts Tuesday September 18, 2012, and occurs every Tuesday until October 16, 2012 Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Location: North Grenville Community Church , 2659 Concession Rd., Kemptville, ON Contact: Laura Smith 613-258-9611 or

go ou – y ore ays h Bef holid r teet on you ng i ! ok Bo clean ment t oin app

This is to let all our donkey fans know that our little one was born May 15th. We want to thank the people who put a name in our hat with a boy or girl’s during mom Daphne’s pregnancy. People who participated were from many parts of Canada. The person whose name was picked is Carol Holmes of Kemptville. She had put Maggie or Parker as her preference. Parker is now officially our little guy’s name and he is a handsome foal. Please drop by and see him and bring the children and

Jen MacDonald, RDH 2722 County Road 43, Kemptville, ON (Former OPP Building)


Evenings & Saturdays available by Appointment!


grandchildren. Carol has won a luncheon at Thai Restaurant, compliments of Nestle Down B & B. This suggestion to name our new borns was made at our Friday afternoon bridge game and has mushroomed to anyone interested in joining such as our guests or Kemptville family and friends. Hope this tradition lives on. It really is remarkable how many people have been calling asking if “anything has happened yet!!!”

Down B&B

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Sustainable North Grenville presents… A Summer Movie Series

Earth Day Poster Contest Winners.

Congratulations to the following students who won prizes in the Earth Day poster contest. 1st prize Amelia (Holy Cross) 2nd prize Meadow (Holy Cross) 3rd prize Rae (Oxford-on-Rideau) 4th Prize Brennan (Kemptville Public) Joint 5th Callum & Holly (Kemptville Public) Honourable Mention for Creative Originality Wayne (Holy Cross) All the entries were admired at the North Grenville Sustainability Fair which took place on Earth Day (22nd April) Entries were submitted by all four local elementary schools; thank you to the teachers who took up this challenge. We had many fabulous entries; the judges had a difficult task to decide the winners! Thanks to everyone who took part. We all win when we take care of the planet.

Over the summer months Sustainable North Grenville will be showing a series of three documentary movies on the second Monday of each month at the branch restaurant. The series kicks off on June 11th with “The Clean Bin Project”; an award-winning Canadian documentary movie about kicking the garbage habit. In a world where our resources are finite, can we afford to be so wasteful? Over packaged stuff, single-use items, planned obsolescence; is it possible to change our materialistic ways and live waste-free? “The Clean Bin Project” follows partners Jen and Grant as they go head to head in a competition to see who can swear off consumerism and produce the least garbage in an entire year. Their light-hearted battle is set against a darker examination of the sobering problem of waste in North America. Even as Grant and Jen start to garner interest in their project, they struggle to find meaning in their seemingly miniscule influence on the large-scale environmental impacts of our “throw-away society” Come and see how this engaging couple try to go for one year without buying material goods or producing any garbage. Their humour will engage you and their optimism will inspire you to take action for yourself and your family. Sustainable North Grenville’s events are open to everyone; we’re a friendly bunch! An optional buffet and coffee, tea and sweets are available by donation, plus a cash bar. Bring a friend along, relax and enjoy the show - Monday, June 11th at 6.30pm for 7pm start at the branch restaurant. We look forward to seeing you there! Remember to mark your calendars for the next two movie nights: July 9th and August 13th For more info about SNG check out our website

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Have you got a “pile” of garbage from Spring Cleaning that needs to GO?? • We take household garbage, furniture, junk, plastics, metal etc…. • Must be piled for easy access with truck & trailer • We pull the trailer in, load and your garbage is GONE! • $200 Flat rate per load. • Estimates can be provided to accommodate any of the below Exclusions: No tires, liquids,chemicals, paint or shingles. *Trailer is 6 ft wide, 10 ft long and 3 ft. deep = 4 cubic yards per load. *Flat fee includes: -Loading labour, gas, vehicle -Tipping fees: for North Grenville Waste Transfer Site

Harold & Heather Westendorp Community Newsletter

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guarded the gate, and once inside a visitor met a white figure carrying an old-fashioned sword. Inside the grounds more mounted members of the Klan trotted here and there keeping an eye open and more than one who had got safely by the main guards was escorted off the field. A steady stream of motor cars continued through the grounds all day and many American and Quebec licenses were noted. The field was decorated with hundreds of Union Jacks. Many children were noticed among the crowd and some were tiny tots who were hardly able to toddle along, and had to be assisted by bigger brothers and sisters. Hundreds of women also attended the meeting. Tents were erected in the centre of the field and speeches were delivered throughout the afternoon and evening.

Ku Klux Klan in Smith’s Falls


Sometimes it is best to let history speak for itself. The following are excerpts from The Advance for September 1927 and 1928. They record the annual gathering of the Ku Klux Klan at Smith’s Falls, when Klan members from all over the district gathered to intimidate and impress. It is hard to believe that this happened in this area so recently, or at all. But it is a chilling reminder of what has happened, and what can happen, when bigotry and prejudice are given freedom. It is worth noting that reports of these gatherings ceased in The Advance after 1931, when Fred Friend took over ownership of the paper. I have emphasised some of the more disturbing passages. KLANSMEN HOLD CONCLAVE NEAR SMITH’S FALLS Gathering Held on Sunday Afternoon and Evening - Five Crosses Ignited Smith’s Falls, Aug. 20 - The fiery cross of the Ku Klux Klan blazed

forth in Smith’s Falls last night when the K.K.K. held their annual gathering in a field on the outskirts of the town. A huge throng turned out to attend the meeting and hundreds of motor cars entered the field. White-robed members of the Klan rode through the crowds keeping order and now and then shouting commands in gruff disguised voices but others, whether intentionally or in forgetfulness, raised their masks and rode around with their faces in full view. The Klansmen wore the usual peaked hood and white robes and the robes were decorated with the Klan insignia on one side and a green maple leaf in a red circle on the other. The horses wore white covers and hoods with the letters K.K.K. painted upon them in bright red. Escorted Off Field Only Protestants were allowed into the grounds and those entering had to pass sentries. Four Klansmen

Tallest 70 Feet High

After darkness had fallen the crosses were ignited and the blazing symbols could be seen even from the centre of the town. The crosses were five in number and ranged from 30 to 70 feet in height. The largest cross presented an impressing scene as it burst into flames and illuminated the field, showing the white-robed figures. [The Advance, Sept. 1, 1927] LARGE RALLY HELD BY KU KLUX KLAN AT SMITH’S FALLS Five Big Crosses Burned at Annual Demonstration, Witnessed by Several Thousand Persons Smiths Falls, Sept. 9 - Ku Klux Klansmen from every part of the district gathered in Smiths Falls for their

annual demonstration and this year the event was witnessed by one of the largest crowds that ever thronged the field on the outskirts of the town. Several hundred motor cars drove to the field and many new members were initiated. The Klan demonstration had been expected for several days and Smiths Falls citizens awoke on Saturday morning to find that members of the invisible empire had been busy during the night at several of the most important street corners the symbolic letters KIGY were painted upon the streets, and a huge arrow directed the curious to the large field where the demonstration was being held. The letters KIGY mean Klan is Gathering Yonder. Klansmen in full regalia patrolled the grounds this afternoon and evening and the rule of admitting only white gentile, protestants was once again very strictly observed. Picturesque scenes were witnessed as the white-robed Klansmen rode here and there directing traffic and keeping a watchful eye on everything. Five crosses were set ablaze this evening to wind up the ceremonies. Four of the crosses were some 40 feet in height while the fifth towered about sixty feet above the grounds. It is estimated that three or four thousand people visited the grounds during the day. Speakers harangued the crowd from platforms and soap boxes scattered here and there, and there was much to impress and entertain the curious. [The Advance, September 13, 1928]

Dr. David Shanahan

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He also insists on spending money large red mechanic’s toolboxes were outside of the community only when he began construction to transform his garage into the Spa Garage. when he has to. AreMoving yourtokids bilingual youtellare Kemptville, choos-butHe’ll younot? that there was no electricing this community over others was ity, plumbing, or insulation, and that the a leapAs of faith. Vincent and his wife large window overlooking a field wild Le Réseau régional de a francophone parent, wanted to choose a community that with yellow flowers most certainly I am always looking for bilin- langue française du Sud-Est would appreciate hiscan experience there With his own sweat est un groupe partenaires du gual people that address wasn’t and blood (and the help ofàcourse of a and talent, as well as a place where l'enfance my kids in French to help them Ministère des Services they can enjoy a garageduwith a dirt floor et àothers) la jeunesse, Ministère de understand thattheit childhood is good toofbe few their two young daughters without metamorphosed into a stylish salon. bilingual. I am capable of pro- l’Éducation, du Coordonnateur months, Vincent the the pressures andcontext stressesand of city du fifteen Réseau régional de visits langue viding culture, help After life. “Everything just seemed to farmers’ market each week, enjoys the with their homework. Recently, française Meilleur Départ du Sud fall into place.” great food in town, the friendliness of I have had many discussions Est, de Autisme Ontario, du ConIf you ask Vincent, he’ll tell you his neighbours, has dreams of planting with Anglophone parents whose seil des Écoles Catholiques du with a big smile onahisFrench face, exactly and du building a winery on his Centre-Est, Conseil des Écoles children are in school a vineyard where the Harley Davidson and property, and says that there is nowhere or French immersion program. Publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario, would rather be. l’espace francophone How do they cope when their hed’Élargir

The French Connexion

children’s language skills exceeds their own? What services do we have in place to help those kids when their parent cannot? There may be resources available for our area through the Réseau régional de langue française du Sud-Est if we ask for them. For more information, you can contact me at thefrenchconnexion@ On demande des services ou en attend que ça change?

de la région et nos besoins donc Do you passions and skills ils n’ont pashave la justification pour that you share with others? Are offrir cescan services. youJ’ai interested in getting away eu le privilège de partifrom àthedeux clutches of reality or ciper réunions avecTV eux. escaping from another boring night La possibilité de programmes, pretending toressources be a rock star or a formations, et serbowling legend? Have you moved vices, en français, est incroyable. out of theque cityjeand found faire yourself J’espère pourrai le simply usinglesyour house as an exlien entre pourvoyeurs de pensive sleeping bag? services et la population de la Check your community région qui out aimerait recevoir hall. ces The Community Associations that services. À suivre… runAnouk them are always happy to help Tremblay find your feet in the local community. If you have an idea for an event, or have a skill that you think

et de garderies francophones du Sud-Est. C’est un réseau qui veut préparer les enfants pour la vie en français malgré que nous sommes dans un endroit majoritairement anglophone. Cependant, c’est un réseau qu’on ne connaissait pas avant le mois de mars. Puisque nous ne connaissons pas les services possibles, nous ne demandons pas pour les recevoir. Les organismes ne connaissent pas les francophones et francophiles

others will enjoy, the community hall can be a perfect venue for this and you will find people willing to help you put an event on. If you don’t think you have anything special share BOOKEEPING, FARM,toGST & PST(you do,INDIVIDUAL you know!), but want to get & CORPORATE involvedTAX in your local community, RETURNS check out what’s going on in your hall. Folks will be happy to let you know how to get involved and make new friends and they are always happy to discuss any ideas that you may have in order to make life better for us all. Don’t CATHY CATHY be shy!


Il était une fois... La bibliothèque For information on your local halls,43,contact: 2672B Kemptville, K0G 1J0 RR#3Hwy Kemptville, OntarioON K0G de Merrickville vous invite à uneAssociation Burritt’s Rapids Community 613- 269-2531 or1J0 Tel: (613-258-4949 Fax: (613-258-7537 heure de conte en français samedi, le 16 juin à 10h30 Denise VanopOxford Millsavec Community Association 613- 258-7083 or denbosch. Vous pouvez enregistrer vos enfantsMills de 9Community ans et moinsAssociation à Bishop’s 613-258-2115 or l'adresse: merrickville_library@

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The following Board of Directors was recently elected by the Friends of the Ferguson Forest Centre: Chair, Trevor Buck; Vice-chair, Katharine Church; Past Chair, Colleen Morris-Wilson; Secretary, Peter Bunn; Treasurer, James Beckett; Director of Communications, Jane Hunt; Director of Memberships, Ivan Russell; Directors of Trails, Susan Hunt, Margaret Zebarth; Director at Large, Patrick Babin. The Friends group, following its participation in the NG Sustainability Fair and the Spring Trail Clean-Up on April 28, sponsored its Spring Walk in the Woods on Sunday, May 20, between 10 AM and 12:30 PM. You are encouraged to visit the updated website at FFFC also has a Facebook page:!/pages/Friends-of-Ferguson-Forest-Centre. The spring newsletter was recently published. Become a member of FFFC today; membership applications are available on our website. Individuals $10 Family 15 Preventing Poo-lution at Ferguson Forest We need your support as you walk your dog(s) in this beautiful pristine forest; please pick up after your dog, and take it home with you. SCOOP THE POOP!!! The FFC does not have the resources to pick up those plastic bags left by the wayside; please do not leave your poop bags behind. Submitted by Pat Babin

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Petunia & the Vipers play Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Petunia Music

Can you imagine what a thrill it would have been to see Hank Williams and Johnny Cash “live” in the flesh? When we see Petunia and the Vipers performing Johnny Cash or Hank Williams we feel as though we were being transported to another era. Petunia’s amazing talents have allowed him to tour Canada, the US & Europe for the last ten years to wide acclaim. His innate sense of the past has allowed him a seemingly direct link to the world of the past. He will be joined on stage by his amazingly talented Vipers performing sets of music from Hank Williams, Johnny Cash & Petunia, including such timeless hits as Folsom Prison, Hey Porter, Jambalaya, Long Gone Lonesome Blues....and many other great hits from these legendary artists of the past!

Eye of the Storm Jancy’s desire is to capture a moment in time...not simply to document but to capture the feeling of that moment in time. She gets excited when she spots something that, to her, is a moment waiting to be captured. Then she strives to find that unique composition, angle, or whatever is needed to get 'the' shot she feels best represents that moment. It doesn't happen every time, but when it does it is a great feeling. Jancy has a love of nature and animals (horses in particular) She spends hours in the Forestry Centre, looking for that perfect shot or out in the stables where she works part time. Within the few years Jancy joined the North Grenville Photography Club and she credits her growth to them, having received encouragement from the group and her learning about the mechanics and art of photography from its many talented members. To contact her please email


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BMWI News Women’s Institute Bake Sale Success at Bishop’s Mills Day The May meeting of the Bishop’s Mills Women’s Institute was held in the Bishop’s Mills Community Hall. There were eleven members in attendance and the Roll Call for the evening was ‘Have you ever used a greenhouse?’. Many members also brought in plants to exchange with others. The business portion of the meeting included discussion of the plans for Bishop’s Mills Day Bake Sale, Silent Auction table and garage sales. Members arranged to phone their neighbours and ask for contributions for the bake sale. Plans for attendance at the District Annual meeting in Maitland were also arranged. This AGM will be a critical one that will include the vote about amalgamating Grenville District with Leeds District into a new Leeds and Grenville District. Our guest speaker was Kristen Wenghofer who gave a presentation entitled The Inuvik Community Greenhouse. She talked about the five years she spent in the Arctic running a community greenhouse. In addition to the pictures of breathtaking scenery Wenghofer told us about her experiences dog sledding and snowmobiling as well as details about the local hockey arena destined for demolition that was converted, the old roof removed and replaced with poly carbon panels. Local residents were able to rent a plot and grow their own vegetables and flowers. Vegetables and flowers were also grown for sale to the community residents. The growing season was short, but

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intense. With 24 hours of sunlight, the plants flourished and provided the community with much fresh produce that is otherwise unavailable. It was a very interesting and encouraging presentation. The Bake Sale was a huge success with over $400 raised through the efforts of many volunteers in the community and surrounding area. The WI would like to thank everyone who baked, preserved or purchased items. Through their support we can maintain a healthy community and a welcoming community hall. The Bishop’s Mills Women’s Institute has been involved in the community since 1985, including documenting the history of the village and encouraging positive change. The Bishop’s Mills Women’s Institute holds monthly meetings and welcomes new members interested in meeting their neighbours and getting involved in their community. The next regular WI meeting is Thursday, June 21st and will be a potluck supper at the home of a member. Guests are welcome. For information about attending local meetings, please contact President Sheryl McKim 613-926-2472 or Jeanne Lambert at jmlambert@ . If you are interested in finding out more about WI, see the Provincial organization’s website: www.fwio. . Submitted by Jeanne Lambert PRO Bishop‘s Mills Women’s Institute

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June, 2012


Fitness Patrol

Merrickville Personal Fitness Studio


Sports training for football, soccer, hockey, volleyball, etc. If you are an athlete or think you are in good physical condition try our Advanced Camps with a sports specific focus Push your training to the next level Work on your speed, agility, balance, coordination & strength

Runs from June 23rd to July 7th (go to our webpage for full schedule & cost) Obstacle course, Bosu balls, kettlebells, medicine balls, Lebert Buddy System, Weighted Vests, Parachute, Anaconda, the U.S. Navy Seals TRX system and more! Don Palmer: ACE, CAN-FIT-PRO, & Mad Dogg Athletics certified Phone: 613 – 258-2246 www. Email:



50+ Local vendors offering produce, meats, bread & baked goods, arts & crafts and more! Upcoming events June 10th join us for Sweets & Treats and sample some yummy desserts being showcased by our talented chefs, bakers and kitchen divas! June 17th the market has extended hours from 12 to 4 pm in conjunction with the Father’s Day Show & Shine. Community Newsletter


June is here and it is time to revel in sunshine, flowers, birds and in my case, bikes! After a season of coordinating indoor cycling classes it is time to break out my fleet of bikes and to move my cycling skills onto the road. With one mountain bike, one triathlon bike and five road bikes to choose from, my wife keeps asking me, “how many bikes can one person ride; how many bikes is enough for you?” The answer I always provide is, “The number I currently own plus one!” Seriously though, for someone who suffers from a serious bike obsession this part of eastern Ontario is fabulous for cycling. There are plenty of well paved back roads with very little traffic, beautiful countryside and lots of towns to stop at along the way for lunch and a drink. Over the years I have mapped out dozens of routes and it is rare that I run out of choices. There is nothing better than starting out early in the morning when the sun and the humidity are low and returning before supper just in time for a beer and a barbeque. The trick to long rides, particularly on back roads far from the trundling masses is to have the basic tools you need to repair your bike should you run into unexpected mechanical problems. There is nothing worse than being stuck 60 kilometers from home with a broken bike. Cycling shoes are great for turning the pedals, but are not well suited for a long walk pushing or carrying a bicycle. When I do face a mechanical mishap and I am forced to sit by the side of the road and repair my bike with the horseflies holding a banquet on my sweaty carcass, I take some heart in remembering the stories of professional cyclists from the bygone era. Here is one from the 1929 Tour de France courtesy of sports writer Owen Mulholland from his book, Uphill Battle, Cycling’s Greatest Climbers. The rider was Frenchman, Victor Fontan. The mishap took place on a stage in the Pyrenees. In those days mountain stages in the Tour de France were true ordeals, usually more than 300 kilometers long, which necessitated starting at dawn in order to finish by

dusk. After over 100 kilometers of riding and only 10 kilometers on the climb, Fontan slipped into a culvert and broke the front forks on his bicycle (front forks support the front wheel). The rule in those days was that you had to finish the race with the bike you started with. Victor was forced to walk to the next village carrying his bike. There a local took pity on him and offered him a much-too-small tourist bike. For the next 145 kilometers poor Victor crawled along riding on this tourist bike up and down the most difficult mountains in France, all the while carrying his original bike on his shoulder! So the next time you get a flat tire while you are out on your ride, take solace in the knowledge that you are not Victor Fontan! Don Palmer is a certified personal & group trainer& a certifiable bike nut. He operates the Merrickville Personal Fitness Centre and can be reached through his website, by telephone at 613-258-2246 or at

Humidification (including kitchen and bathroom ventilation) - Installation of Duct work (heat runs, cold air returns) HRV cleaning Air Filtration (Including Hepa filters) Dryer Vent Cleaning Sanitization (our own specially formulated eco-friendly product!)

Joe Plunkett

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“caring for the air in your environment”

Three generations of Grahame’s

The month of June is all about honouring fathers. What better place to start than our very own Grahame’s Bakery, a local business based on three generations of sons and fathers working together. Leonard Grahame was 15 years old when he moved to Canada from England. He worked on a farm. He met his wife. They had a son. He worked for the forest industry until he met his mentor. In 1939, Bert Frisby was looking for help at his bakery when his son, who was in the air force, left for the war. He taught Leonard everything he knew. Back then they didn’t have machines. They mixed their dough in a trough which was tucked under the counter when it wasn’t being used. In 1960, when Bert went to England for a visit and decided not to return, he sold the bakery to Leonard. That is when Leonard, his wife and their son, Ken, moved into the house attached to the bakery. Ken was often at the bakery as a child. He learned this trade at his father’s side and helped bring in the wood for the oven. His passion was hockey. Leonard spent one month’s wages to buy Ken some skates so he could try out for the New York Rangers farm team. Ken was paid $100 annually just to stay on the team’s roster. He made it to the semi-pros, playing for an american league. Eventually, his father asked him to choose between hockey and the bakery. June, 2012

decide what to do next, his father reminded him that he could always work at the bakery. That is exactly what he did. Once again, father and son had some good times. They shared a love for hockey, they went fishing on weekends and they owned race horses together. They teamed up with a veterinarian, and a friend with a stable. Ken would pay for the feed and Rick would groom and transport the horses to Connaught, Rideau Carleton, Montreal and the Canal. Rick recalls his father’s love for fishing. He would wait for fishing season to open and at midnight he would catch his first Pickerel. In 1997, Rick moved out West and worked for Erb Transport and Green Prairie Products until he returned to the bakery in 2002. While he was away, Debbie (his sister) stepped in to help her parents. She had been busy raising her children, driving the school bus and designing clothing as a seamstress. The bakery is a family affair with everyone helping out, even the grandchildren. However, only a select few have ever handled the wood oven. It is so old, if someone slammed the door shut, it could displace one of the bricks. That wood oven was crucial to the community’s survival during the ice storm. Kemptville was out of hydro for one week. The grocery store brought food to the bakery, they would cook it in their antique wood oven and send it to the shelter at Kemptville College. Those were some tough times. They didn’t get much sleep at

Ken had a family to support. He chose the bakery. Father and son had many good times together. When the baking was done, Leonard would throw off his apron and ask: “When do we go to the racetrack?” He never got his driver’s license so Ken would drive. Leonard would tell him to “step on it” but Ken reminded him that he would be the one getting a ticket so he decided how fast to go. They would head out to the Rideau Carleton Raceway for the afternoon then go to the Montreal Raceway for the evening. They were back at work the next day. Father and son also did a lot of fishing together. They had a big wooden boat at the old boathouse (near Bridge street) which they eventually traded in for an aluminum boat with a motor. One day, they were going too fast and the boat, the boys and all their gear tipped over. Luckily, they were both good swimmers. When Leonard suffered a stroke in 1978, Ken took over the business. The transition wasn’t easy, father and son were frustrated. Leonard desperately wanted to be involved but he could no longer perform according to his own standards. For Ken, there was the pressure of taking over a business while his father stood over his shoulder, supervising his work. Ken’s son, Rick, had always helped out at the bakery. When he finished grade 12 and he couldn’t

the bakery that week. Nowadays, Debbie and Rick work side by side. When you enter the bakery, a waft of warm bread and treats greets you at the door. It is a busy hive, buzzing with activity. During this interview, family members, clients and good friends weaved in and out as Debbie prepared artfully designed cakes and Rick looked after customers. Two years ago the family reunited with estranged relatives in England through Facebook. A story that begins with a young man emigrating from England comes full circle as his grandson, Rick, travels back to England to meet family members he didn’t know he had. Happy Father’s Day to all! Anne Walsh artnsoul@ripnet. com

Anne B. Gregory Barrister & Solicitor

Family Law Divorce & Legal Separation Custody & Access Child & Spousal Support Marriage & Co-Habitation Agreements • Collaborative Family Law • • • • •


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Sweets and Treats featured at the June 10th Kemptville Farmers’ Market! The growing season has just begun in the Eastern Ontario region but the assortment and tastes of delectable desserts will be on full display at the Kemptville Kinsmen Farmers’ Market as their vendor chefs, bakers, kitchen divas and confectioners tempt your taste buds at their 1st annual Sweets and Treats day this Sunday, June 10, from 2 - 4 PM at Riverside Park, off Reuben Crescent. You’re invited to stop by the market to sample the yummy treats being showcased by participating vendors. The market, now in its sixth season, runs from the last Sunday in May until Thanksgiving. This year more than 50 vendors are participating offering an array of breads & baked goods, meat & poultry, honey and maple products, prepared foods & ethnic cuisine, plants, herbs & flowers, artisanal handcrafts and more. Of course it wouldn’t be a farmers’ market without fresh vegetables and fruits. The Kemptville Kinsmen Farmers’ Market has over 20 farmers and market gardeners offering local & seasonal produce. The market’s tagline “Know your farmer, know your food” is evident throughout the

Mature Job Seeker? Have you considered...

busy market as visitors and customers are encouraged to connect with the growers to find out more about the benefits of buying and eating local. One question the market organizers get asked all the time is: “Why does your market start at 2:00?” Since they are primarily a producers’ market, and by starting later in the day the growers (and of course all of the producers of bread and baked goods) can harvest or bake in the Sunday morning so their customers get the freshest products possible. Just imagine when the products being offered for sale at markets that begin at 8:00 or 9:00 was picked/baked. Their customers appreciate the freshness in the goods they will find at the Kemptville Kinsmen Farmers’ Market. Next Sunday, June 17, the market will have extended hours from 12 - 4 PM in conjunction with the Father’s Day Show & Shine also being held at Riverside Park.

Positive Retraining and Innovative Methods to Employment  

 

Ne xt st grou ve arts p mb er 14

For further details call today (613) 925-0222 or TF (866) 925-0221

This Employment Ontario program is funded by the governments of Canada and Ontario. Ce programme d’Emploi Ontario est financé par les gouvernements du Canada et de l’Ontario.

For more information on the market please visit

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Quality, hardy perennials. Unusual and hard to find varieties. Unique, hand-made garden accessories. Friendly, knowledgeable advice.

Friday to Sunday 10 - 5"

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You may be eligible for the PRIME! program held in Prescott.



Between the ages of 55 and 64 Unemployed, out of work or working less than an average of 20 hours per week Finding your job search and computer skills are out-dated Currently residing or have worked in Grenville County

www. 15

B.J. Door and Window: “From start to finish, you’ll clearly see the difference”




B. Nicol

I Can Sew It. Custom Sewing Services

Rhonda Cybulskie 613.258.5248

He is principled, focussed and successful. And humble. Not a word that I would have anticipated using; John Zaluska isn’t shy about expressing his opinions. That is, until you ask him to talk about himself. He prefers to let the quality of his workmanship speak for itself. And it does. Word of mouth endorsements and return customers have kept him and his small work crew steadily employed for the past 30 years. John’s first job in his uncle’s company, a manufacturing firm of wooden sashes for doors and windows, began at the age of 14. A career in the commercial venue followed the completion of an apprenticeship in carpentry. The Loblaws chain contracted John to install and maintain automatic doors and cash conveyer belts for all of its stores in the eastern Ontario sector. His work ethic and attention to detail impressed store employees who began to hire him privately. Thus began a career in home installations and repairs for windows and doors. As well as basic installations, the firm handles automatic and handicap entry systems, glass replacement, stained glass repairs, door and lock repair and rekeying, custom work and minor renovations. John has a reputation for leaving an immaculate workspace, hence the company’s slogan. John is a dealer for Arcor Windows and Doors, and functions as their service representative for Sears and Direct Buy stores. He continues to do commercial installations and repair work for a local mall management agency as required. Although the majority of the installations completed by B.J. Door and Window are personal residences, John thrives on variety and challenge. He will go wherever there is work to be done and he will do it well.

Creative. Affordable.

Zippers, Hems Wedding Dresses Costumes, Slipcovers Boat Covers & Repairs Canvas, Leather Outdoor Furniture


Start-up specialists for new and small business.


* Workshops * Personal Accompaniment (Counselling) * Follow-up Groups For more information and scale of fees, call John at 613-258-0076 or e-mail “The focus of all P.R.H. workshops is on growth”

the branch restaurant 15 Clothier St. E., Kemptville, ON

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ROD’S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES Variable rates - Repairs to all makes- Foreign vehicles welcome

If you want value for money spent, quality windows and workmanship, and experienced craftsmen, then B.J. Door and Window is the firm you should call. 613-258-7504 June, 2012


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Gently restoring your health

Relief from chronic PAIN, INJURIES, ASTHMA & many other health concerns Restoring




B.J. DOOR & WINDOW -Installation of Doors and Windows -Restoration, replacement glass, stained glass repairs -Door and lock hardware, repair and rekeying

B. J.

From start to finish you will clearly see the difference! For Ideas and Estimates call: John Zaluska - 613-258-7504

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•Wilton Cake Decorating Suppplies •Memorabilia Tin Signs & More •Bulk Candy & Snacks •Rentals, Helium, Cake Pans, Breast Pumps

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At Wood & Wire, we do Set-ups. Make that new Electric or Acoustic guitar Play like it should.


to your body

Community Newsletter Marguerite Boyer Publisher/Editor 613-258-5083

Oxford Mills, Ontario


FEELING GREAT! By Heather Westendorp

• BAN ON LARGE SOFT DRINK CUPS: In New York there's talk about banning the large soft drink cups and limiting the largest cup to 16 ounces. If they came up with a similar ban in our area, how do you feel about it and why? Obesity is perhaps our greatest challenge! Children are now presenting with high blood pressure and cholesterol issues in record numbers. Our Children are facing weight issues that have never been seen historically. It was uncommon years ago to see a child with health problems due to obesity. The phenomenon is unpresidented. The manufactured food supply has been seriously damaged to enhance long term food shelf life, taste and texture. We talk about fast food and recognize it as not good. The general public KNOWS that a 32 oz Coke is not a healthy choice, but for only another 20 cents… why not supersize it? In our hurried, stressed and busy lives who has time to peel an orange or banana? How much actual Fruit and Vegetables do you have in your home? Do you even eat it or does it go rotten? Food manufacturers strive to keep prices low so the consumer will buy. They produce mass amounts of product and sell at low prices, but in order to do that they “fill” the product with sugar, salt and fat! All less expensive than “real” food. Scientists work diligently to improve taste and texture to the point where we can “consume” the product with less effort. We chew a burger and fries less times than in the past. It more or less “melts” in your mouth. Why…. Well sugar, salt and fat! The right combination of these ingredients gives you an instant energy boost and faster food energy than traditionally prepared foods. Hence Fast Food….. • If you have to peel an orange, deal with a juicy mess, eat all the pulp and pick out the seeds. You are talking at least 4 minutes to eat an June, 2012

actual orange that contains 3 grams of fibre, 70mg vitamin C, 52 mg calcium, 13 mg magnesium, 215 mg potasium, 14 mg vitamin A, 39 mg of folate and 114 grams of water. •Orange Pop, contains sugar, caffeine and water. A syrup base with just the right amount of water and ice cubes gives you a digestible boost that offers instant energy! The orange pop has nothing except high calories, lots of salt and sugar and a 12 ounce size includes between 30-40 mg of caffiene. A pharmaco-

logically active dose is defined as 200 milligrams for adults. • The problem with orange juice is how much real juice is in that “concentrated” formula. How much of it is flavour, sugar, salt and colour? • I have seen parents order a mocha cappachino for their child. You are talking about a major sugar, caffeine, salt and fat injection in a simple drink consumable in less than 2 minutes. This drink is not intended for children and adults


should seriously look at what is in this beverage! • I won’t even talk about my feelings on Vitamin Infused Drinks and Caffeine infused Energy Drinks ( which, by the way carry WARNING labels that are so small, they are hard to read) You can overdose on these! Are we doing our children any favours or simply feeding their bodies an overabundance of sugar, salt and fat? Are we simply contributing to little arteries getting clogged?

Improper nutrition is a huge issue in our society of overconsumption! A 32 ounce drink will fill a belly so that a child cannot eat food. Good thing the hamburgers and french fries melt in your mouth and take no effort to chew! That way they just slide down quick with the 32 oz drink! Try adding up the calories consumed and look at the actual nutrients that child has consumed. The human body is a machine and it needs fuel. Try running your car on sugar, salt and fat. Canada’s Food Guide is very specific on food groups and balanced eating! Every cell of the human body (no matter what size or age) needs actual nutrients to grow and be healthy! It is fine to have a “treat” once in a while, but trying to live and grow consuming fast food and soft drinks

daily can have long term consequences. Supersizing that food item because it is produced cheaply is a huge nutritional mistake! Last summer I read a book titled THE END OF OVEREATING by David A Kessler, MD. It is available at the North Grenville Public Library. It will change the way you look at manufactured food! Eating “real food” in normal size portions is the key to putting the right balance of fuel into your body! STOP SUPERSIZING OURSELVES AND THE CHILDREN!


Join us at the Dandelion Festival in Riverside Park!

Proceeds: Preservation of Leslie Hall Refreshments at Leslie Hall following Concert $25.00

Please call 613 258 2965 / 258 3295 / 258 7563 to obtain tickets.



Rubber Boots Buffet

Parents of Autism/ Special needs support group 6-7:30 pm



Josef Mieto

Brunch and Buffet to Benefit Sam Tobias, Open Stage All Day 10am-8pm

Sustainable North Grenville Movie Night: Clean Bin Project


Paul McCartney Birthday Tribute 3-6pm



Belle Christo Starr Graham

Concert and pub grub, no dinner service

Hank Williams/ Johnny Cash Tribute

8pm, $15



7pm, $50 26

Open Stage 3-6pm



Mystery Pill

Casio-coustic 7pm, no cover

9pm, $10

9pm, $20 8

Kelly Prescott/ Anders Drerup

Carolyn Mark


Amanda Rheaume roots-pop singer songwriter

9pm, $10 15


Lynne Hanson

country, blues, bluegrass, dark roots

with Joey Wright & Tuxedo

w/ Lyndell Montgomery

9pm, $5

9pm, $15

9pm, $10


bluegrass: pickers welcome!


country crooner


indie folk 9pm, $10


Songwriter Circle Chef Bruce, TBA


Ryan David Cook Martel 9pm, $15

8pm, $5 27

Christo Graham

feat. Chris Brown

9pm, $10 14


Open Hearts Society

Terry Gillespie and Vince Halfhide

Gram & Emmylou?

Beau's Beer Pat Moore & Pairing Maple Hill Dinner






Rubber Boots Buffet

feat. Petunia/Sean Conway

8pm, $10 13

Casio-coustic 7pm, no cover

Rubber Boots Buffet



opening: Little Birdie



Heaven's Radio

7pm, no cover

7pm, no cover 11

Chef Bruce, Lisa Poushinsky, Josef Mieto


folk covers/ originals

2-8pm 10


Songwriter Circle

7pm, no cover 4


Community Newsletter

Josef Mieto


folk covers/ originals

Chef Bruce's Loose and Juicy Acoustic Jam 3-6pm

306 St Lawrence Street Merrickville 613-269-3222




JUNE SPECIALS *Pedicure, Facial& 40min Relax’n Massage $159 (save $24) *Mani, Pedi & Facial $149 (save $25) PROM Special *mini Mani*mini Pedi*Make-Up $75 for all three! NEW from Eminence! * Age Corrective Line Instant Results, Lasting Beauty GIFT CERTIFICATES The gift of relaxation never fails to please! Registered Massage Therapy available Tuesday, Friday & Saturday Jen Rusch RMT * Medical Receipt provided

St. James Anglican Church, Kemptville

Wednesdays 5-8pm: all-you-can-eat fajita buffet $14.99 27


Sharon Adams Organist Vanessa London Soloist 7:00 P.M. Saturday, June 9, 2012


Where Science meets Nature, and Beauty meets Health

Benefit Concert


Emma Lee


pop-rock-country soul

7pm, no cover

9pm, $20

LUNCH: Wed-Sat 11:30-2pm DINNER: Wed-Sat 5-9:30pm SUNDAY: Rubber Boots Buffet 2-8pm

15 Clothier St E, Kemptville 613-258-3737 reservations always appreciated, recommended on weekends - closed Mondays & Tuesdays 19

Canada Day in Oxford Mills, Noon to Three

Join us for an afternoon of live music among the majestic maples of Maplewood Park. A talented line-up of Celtic, Bluegrass and Folk performers are sure to entertain as you relax in the shade, wander the market, or visit the historical display at the nearby schoolhouse. For kids of all ages there will be traditional games, face-painting, free cake, and a "fish pond" at which to try your luck. If you are coming from Kemptville leave your car at home and hop on a convenient shuttlebus straight to the Canada Day celebrations. Early comers can witness the unveiling of an interpretive sign at the dam (an Oxford Mills counterpart to the Prescott Bridge sign recently installed at Rotary Park ), then walk around the corner to the festival grounds in time for the proud raising of the flag to commence the day's events.





OXFORD MILLS' MAPLEWOOD HALL Rental Rates: GENERAL PUBLIC (Any Day) Part Day (4 hours) -$60 Full day-$120 COMMUNITY NON-PROFIT (Weekdays Only) Part Day (4 hours) -$30 Full day-$60 To book your event, log onto or call (613) 258-2426 Join us on the 2nd & Last Fridays of the month for Free Games Night


Same hamlet hospitality you've come to love, with generous support this year from local sponsors to add more value to the day. North Grenville Business Builders will be sponsoring the sound equipment. The Kemptville Lions will be selling food and refreshment, conducting a 50/50 draw, and sponsoring tshirts so you can easily spot our hard-working volunteers. TD Graham and Associates will be funding the Canada Day Cake ( baked again this year by Darlene McMartin ). The Oxford Mills General Store will be sponsoring the shuttle from Kemptville. The North Grenville Community Newsletter will again be stocking the fish pond, and the Oxford Mills Community Association again hosting this family friendly Canada Day at the park. We hope to see you there.


SALAD SUPPER with Strawberry Shortcake Saturday, June 16 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Second Annual Seniors Tea Dandelion Festival May 27, 2012

Helen Bunn, coordinator, wishes to thank the many volunteers who assisted with the special tea sponsored by the Friends of the North Grenville Public Library. She also wants to thank the Dandelion Festival Organizing Committee for its financial support.

Linda Breitenstein Soars into Space

Linda’s winning kite

The highlight of this year's Kite Flying Event, sponsored by the Friends of the North Grenville Public Library, was a spectacular kite flying demonstration conducted by Andrew Cho of Roebuck, a member of the American Kite Fliers Association (AKA). Mrs. Cho also attended. George Gouthro, Chair, Kite Flying Committee, is pleased to announce the following winners in the competitive aspect of the festival; ages 5-11, first prize, Michael Drost; second prize, Samantha Penelton; third prize, Sarah Fleming. There were no entrants in the intermediate division. First-prize winner in the adult competition was Linda Breitenstein whose kite greatly impressed the five judges, Laurel Peters, Lou Munz, Jeff Murray, Don Munz, and Pat Babin. Linda conducted extensive research before fabricating her special kite. Second prize winner was Tish Chambers. Every participant received a special certificate. Others on the organizing committee were Marie Gouthro and Doreen Hunt. Cash prizes were donated by the TDBank and private citizens. The Dandelion Festival Organizing Committee also provided a grant to the Kite Event organizers. The committee wishes to thank Anne Walsh for conducting a kite-making workshop in the old firestation. Two of her pupils won prizes in the competition.













Pat Babin, Friends Photography by Bill McElrea

The QUALITY and POWER you expect






905 Sanderson Road, Oxford Mills

613- 258-3829

Community Newsletter

Cho’s spectacular kite 21


5 Oxford Street., Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0, 613-258-5212, Our programs are FREE to the youth of our community. PROGRAMMING: Daily Programs Monday to Friday RBC After School Program2:00-6:00pm Homework in THE LAB 2:00-6:00pm Electronic Waste Drop offs Accepted 2:00-6:00pm WEEKLY PROGRAMS Fun and Fitness [5km Walk] Monday Night 5:30pm Sports Night @ KPS Tuesday Night 6:00-7:30pm Karaoke Night Wednesday Night 5:00-6:00pm Cook Night Thursday Night 5:00-8:00pm Fun and Fitness [5km Jog] Friday Night 5:30pm MONTHLY/SPECIAL PROGRAMS Youth Council Election Speeches Thursday, June 7 Youth Council Election Voting Friday, June 8 to Saturday, June 9 Xpressions (LGBTQ) Meeting Monday, June 25 Cook Night Menus Tofu Stir-fry Extravaganza Thursday, June 7 BBQ Night: Greek Burgers and Chilli Dogs Thursday, June 14 Homemade Mac n’ Cheese with House Salad Thursday, June 21 BBQ Night: Hawaiian Burgers and Baked-Bean Bacon-Dogs Thursday, June 28 KYC IN THE COMMUNITY KYCs Got Talent @ South Branch Elementary Friday, June 1 5:30pm8:30pm KYC Summer BBQ Series @ Butlers Victorian Pantry Saturday, June 9 11:00am-2:00pm Saturday, June 23 11:00am-2:00pm First Annual Kemptville Youth Centre Breakfast Saturday, May 5 10:30am-2:00pm with celebrity server Leeds-Grenville MPP Steve Clark KYC Fundraising BBQ @ Kemptville Walmart Saturday, May 19 11:00am-3:00pm SPECIAL EVENTS Movie and Video Game Marathon Friday, June 8 – Saturday, June 9, 7:00pm (Fri)-7:00am (Sat) Pre-teen Masquerade Dance Friday, June 22 6:00-9:00pm Come out to the Kemptville Youth Centre this Friday June 22nd from 6-9pm and join us for our Pre-teen Masquerade Dance. Cost will be $5.00 at the door with canteen and bag check available. Electronic Drop Off Weekend Saturday, June 30 10:00am-2:00pm Just in case you haven’t been able to drop off your electronics during the week, the Kemptville Youth Centre continues our monthly Weekend Drop Off . Whether it is an old TV, radio, fax machine or printer; the Kemptville Youth Centre staff, volunteers and Youth will be available to help you clear out you old electronics in time for the summer. Electronic Waste Drop Off Location Drop Offs Accepted:Monday to Friday 2-6pm June 30, 2012; July 28, 2012: 10:00am-2:00pm Electronics that are included in the program: Desktop and laptop computers, peripherals (such as keyboards and mice), monitors, printers, disk drives, fax machines, televisions, amplifiers, audio and video players, cameras, cell phones, copiers, fax machines, pagers and PDA’s, scanners, speakers, telephones, answering machines, tuners, turntables, and video projectors. June, 2012

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Thank You!

The hardest task as Chair of the Dandelion Festival Board is to properly thank the 1,000’s of people (yes 1,000’s) who made the festival the success that it was this year. There was no task that was not important to the success of the festival; from the headlining act on the EMC Main Stage to the young volunteers who filled the garbage bags with litter to help keep the site clean. To the Dandelion Festival Board – Coordinators of Events – Sponsors – Municipal and County Staff – Kemptville Fire Department – OPP – Vendors – Artists and Artisans - my heartfelt thank you! Terry Butler Dandelion Festival Chair As Coordinator of the Dandelion Festival, I would like to extend my appreciation and thank you to the community for supporting our 14th Annual Dandelion Festival, which took place from May 25th – 27th in Riverside Park. I am proud to say the festival experienced approximately 30 percent more attendees than last year making it the most successful festival to date. The festival has had many homes over the years but I believe it has 22

found its permanent home for years to come in Riverside Park. All aspects of the festival were considered a success from the larger more active Kids Zone to incredible entertainment on the EMC Main Stage culminating with the headliners, The Stanfields. The artists and artisans were well represented in the Old Fire Hall and in the new artisan tent. And for those who were able to catch the eQuinelle Bike Race now know what Nascar on two wheels looks like - with crashes, exciting last minute lead changes and speeds averaging over 50km/h around the streets of Old Town Kemptville. Thank you! To everyone who helped make this year’s festival the best Dandelion Festival to date and I look forward to working and seeing you all next year! We will be having an end of season outreach meeting in the coming weeks – please check our website for details. If you wish to share your thoughts or comments but cannot make the meeting please send them to

Brent Kelaher, Dandelion Festival Coordinator

Managing Your Money Graduating into a new financial reality

Congratulations on your graduation. Welcome to the real world. It’s time to pay back those loans you and your parents lined up to pay for your education. It’s also time to find a job, pay for new expenses like furniture and rent, and to put money aside for bigger purchases to come like a car and maybe a home. Post-grad financial pressures can be overwhelming, both for the grads and their parents who may still be providing financial support. The newly minted grad wants financial stability and, sooner rather than later, financial independence. Here are the key financial issues you need to address posthaste, post-grad. Repaying student loans During your school years, you may have different loans with different lenders that will require separate payments to each lender. These tips will help you manage them: It can seem easier to consolidate multiple student loans into one standard loan and one simple payment. But consider that convenience might cost you more in the long run because student loans often charge a lower interest rate than loans through a financial institution. • Federal and provincial loan programs offer a grace period following completion of studies before repayment is required. For Canada student loans, you must begin repayment six months after ceasing to be a full-time student; provincial grace periods vary by province but, in some cases, are as long as a year.

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Before beginning repayment, check your eligibility for loan forgiveness and keep more money in your pocket. Make sure you apply if you are eligible.

You will be able to claim a non-refundable federal tax credit of 15% on the interest you pay each year on your student loans. But you can’t claim the credit if your loan has been combined with another kind of loan.

Important! Your student loan repayment history becomes part of your personal credit rating. Being late or disorganized with your payment harms your credit rating.

Reach your life and financial goals by starting now, with an effective personal budget and savings plan. Even with all the competing demands on your limited income, the best strategy is to build a regular amount for savings into your monthly budget that rises as your income increases. Good financial habits are the key to long-term financial success. This column, written and published by Investors Group Financial Services Inc. (in Québec – a Financial Services Firm), presents general information only and is not a solicitation to buy or sell any investments. Contact your own advisor for specific advice about your circumstances. For more information on this topic please contact Doug Scott at 613-723-7200 or email

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Bringing Service, Experience and Integrity to your Real Estate Transactions CELEBRATE CANADA DAY IN NORTH GRENVILLE JULY 1

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MLS 827673 $219,900 Iroquois Like New!Well appointed!Moved to this site-septic,well,foundatio n,siding,shingles,windows,bathroom,decks,basem ent insulation/drwall,electrical,decks etc. all recent. Eat-in kitchen,3 new appls incl(black),island,ceramic backsplash,open railing to lwr level.Main bath boasts 1-pc acrylic tub,new vanity,toilet,flr,water softener./ Double garage on new cement pad,decks-sona tubes. Nice lot,excellent views+access to St.Lawrence. Retirees!!

MLS 825204 $349,900 Gorgeous setting!Vaulted ceilings,ceramic foyer,newly installed kitchen has marble counters,ceramic floor,pantry wall,open to dining area.Main flr fam rm&den lam flr,main flr laund/mud rm,entertainment sized living rm has gas fireplace,newly painted,sunshine filled windows,vaulted ceiling.Handy main flr master,2 lge 2nd flr bedrms.2-pc&main bth recent renos.ww stairs/hall April/12,shingles 4 yrs aprx.Exter recently stained,deck expanded

MLS 827127 $ 347,900 Beautiful,spacious,well maintained bungalow.Large living room has stunning custom fireplace(gas)hw flrs,south facing,L-shaped to formal dining room.Eat-in kitchen,main floor family room overlooks 3+season sun room.Master bedroom is also roomy,has 3-pc ens,corner windows.Remaining bedrooms are good size.Unspoiled basement.Upgrades incl shingles,ext paint,eaves trough(2011),windows.Int paint 04/12.No stipple ceilings.Gorgeous lot!Location

MLS 817215, $ 339,000 IMMACULATE presentation!1340 sf well upgraded bungalow,recently painted-neutral decor.South facing Living rm boasts prop fp,open to formal dining rm.Lovely kitch,oak cpbds,newer flr&granite kindred sink,grohe faucet,counter&hot water dispenser,open to eatingarea-vaulted ceiling,patio doors to recent 16x16 deck.Mbr has ens,walk-in cc.Lwr lev fam rm reno(2011),lam flr,wainscotting.Lots of stge!Shing les/10,Generac/11,front porch+steps/11

MLS 821331 $ 499,000 GORGEOUS!Totally renovated turn of the century stately brick,spacious fam home.Victorian profile thru-out.Original hw floors&trim restored+cove moulding added.Lge baththroom has jaccuzzi tub+glass shower,cedar room on main floor with hot tub,games rm has sauna,mahogany kit boasts wet bar area,family rm has surround sound and 50�tv!Door off kitchen to 16x30 deck.Completely taken down to brick,insulated,drywall etc.

MLS 831751 $112,000 Cardinal Numerous upgrades in this attractive, cosy home.Eat-in kitchen+dining room,L-shaped living-family room,main flr laund conveniently located off kitchen.Bedrooms&bath-2nd level.Upgrades incl gas furnace,hwh,bathroom,front deck,rear ext door,attic insulation,rear fence & more. Garage has been insulated currently used as workshop. Quiet residential area close to most amenities including St Lawrence River.

MLS 820274 $182,000 Spacious older homenumerous upgrades-wiring,elec panel,gas furnace,windows,2-pc bath,kitchen counters & more. Country kitchen has island,blt-in dw,hw flrs.Formal dining&living,original ornate staircase.Second level bedrms-hw flrs.Main bath reno started-not finished. Lovely recently renovated,insulated/drywalled front porch-enjoy 3-seasons!Fenced rear yard. Walk to most amenities!

MLS 832609 $239,000 Pride of ownership-original owner!Gardens,mature trees create setting for this inviting light filled home.Open concept lv/din has newly installed quality lam flr,kit boasts small eating area,sliding glass doors to magnificent gardens,patio.Master has walk-in cc,main bath 1-pc acrylic tub,Bedrooms good size,currently used as den,office space.Lwr lev awaits your ideas-nice open space,workbench incl,great fam rm potential+wine celler!

MLS829087 $244,000 Spacious 1300 sq bungalow,numerous upgrades!Country kitchenappls incl,roomy liv rm has open railing-decorative iron spindles to lwr lev,master with 4-pc ens,lwr lev-bedrm recently re-done,fam rm boasts brick wall with newly upgraded wood fp insert,full bath+stge/ wkshp.Upgrades-windows&frames,shingles+iceguard,wiring,most fixtures,ext doors,custom blinds,lam,hw&more!Walk to St.Michael HS,shops,community centre&more!Shwgs start 05/15/12

MLS 830391 $264,000 A nicely treed 1.5ac.lot on paved road. All brick bungalow with double attached garage with entry to large mud rm and 3 piece bath. Open kit/liv/din with sliding door to deck, treed back yard and pool. Large basement area partially finished with fireplace and possible 4th bedroom. House will require some updating.

MLS 821523 $249,900 Enjoy brand new construction! Finishing touches can be yours to choose! 3 bdrm, 3 bath. Master bdrm with ensuite & walk-in closet. 2nd floor laundry. Gas fireplace in the living room. Hardwood and tile throughout. Tarion New Home Warranty. HST/GST included, rebate back to the Builder.

MLS 821524 $ 255,900 Arnprior Enjoy brand new construction! Finishing touches can be yours to choose! 2bdrm, 2 bath bungalow. Master with ensuite and walk in closet. Main floor laundry. Gas fireplace in theliving room. Hardwood and tile throughout. Tarion New Home Warranty. HST/ GST included, rebate back to the builder.

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June, 2012

MLS 830391 $284,900 Looking for acreage? Over 35 acres here! Charming 4 bedroom, 2 full bathrooms, 2 storey farmhouse w large enclosed porch and ample character. 2 outbuildings and a barn in need of structural repair on the north side. Loads of potential. Newer vinyl windows. Metal roof. 2nd kitchen. 2 fields clear, rest in mixed bush/trees.

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