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A lot of people think it’s a hassle to pack up their home and move. They think it’s inconvenient. They think it’s time-consuming. They think it’s hard. But if you think Ratchford Group, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how easy it is to sell your house. We use the Dream Home Process, a proven plan of action designed to maximize your dollars, minimize your inconveniences, and save you valuable time. So you’ll have the peace of mind you’ll need to move on with your life!

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Everyone wants a corner office and a great view. But how do you get there? At Biz, we asked ourselves the same question and came up with this issue: Power Biz! It’s all about being empowered to get to the peak of YOUR game and empower those around you. Start with our article on 7 Types of Power in Business to discover what kind of power you have. Check out our enlightening profiles about leadership, customer service, innovation, and collaboration structured to help you get to the top. And don’t miss the Art of Persuasion or How to Stand Up for Yourself – “smart biz” articles that equip you with powerful tools for success. A special thanks to our cover models, Nate Welch, Vice President of Operations at Sioux Falls Sports LLC for the Stampede and Canaries, and Courtney Cordell a Dental Assistant at Dental Care Associates in Sioux Falls. They exude strength, dominance and a little bit of attitude! This month let the Power Biz inspire you towards the corner office of your dreams!

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Photo by Jayne Erickson



Nice Guys Don’t Have to Finish Last: Sometimes strength is about standing up for yourself


The 7 types of power in business: What kind do you have? Knowing who holds the power and what kind of power they wield can help you rise to the top.


Power on: Cool gadgets (worthy of James Bond!) to make your life easier 3 Must-Haves for a Strong Social Media Strategy


Biz Profiles • P  ower of Innovation – Bill Harris, PHd., Medical Entrepreneur • Power of Customer Service – Steve Hildebrand, Coffee Connoisseur • Power of Leadership – John Beranek, Executive Coach • Power of Collaboration – Anita Kealey, Designer

Woman Power: The Dramatic Rise of WomenOwned Firms in South Dakota


The Art of Persuasion: How to get people to do what you want


Powerful & Polished: The Sexy Suit May 2013 | | 3

inside Biz

note from the editor

The Power of Becoming a People Builder Photo by Jayne Erickson

Look around and see who is in your life that you can inspire and motivate. Even small gestures – a word of encouragement, a compliment, recognizing someone’s gifts, celebrating a success – can make a big difference in someone’s life. It’s great to be a leader. It’s even greater to become a people builder. That’s a leader who takes others along with him (or her). Someone who intentionally looks for where he can add value to others; someone who looks for opportunities to develop the best in the people around him. Someone who focuses in bringing out excellence in everyone he meets. I love author John Maxwell’s life sentence: “I want to add value to leaders who will multiply value to others.”

Power comes in all shapes & sizes, all looks & attitudes, but the real power in life is the power to encourage and connect with others. Are you looking for opportunities to empower those you come into contact with every day? If not, maybe you should. Someone needs what YOU have to offer.

You can grow by developing yourself. But you can grow best by developing others. Rally the people around you to make a difference. Help develop someone else’s strengths and gifts, help them see their potential. Develop leaders. And they in turn will develop more leaders.

NOW Publisher BizNOW Magazine, LLC. Editor Charlotte Hofer 605-275-3610 Design Director/ Senior Creative Ally Vogel 605-759-5615 Director of Marketing Tim Cummiskey 605-366-1489 Contributing Photographer Jayne Erickson Proofing Alison Peymann Cover & Editor Photos by Jayne Erickson Reproduction or use of the contents of this magazine is prohibited. BizNOW Magazine is published monthly by BizNOW Magazine, LLC and strives to publish only accurate information, however BizNOW Magazine, LLC cannot be held responsible for consequences resulting from errors or omissions. All material in this magazine is the property of BizNOW Magazine, LLC and cannot be reproduced without permission of the publisher. Send magazine feedback and advertising and sales inquiries to ©2013 BizNOW Magazine, LLC All Rights Reserved.

Now that’s power! Who can you encourage today?

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Biz Contributors

Contributors Studying both Journalism and English at South Dakota State University, Tessa Audet has an enthusiasm for both reading and writing. She spends her time writing for BizNOW and working at a local Sioux Falls restaurant, Lucianos. When school, work and Biz aren’t keeping her busy, you can usually find Tessa with her nose buried in a book or out spending time with friends.

Scott Hofer is employed at

a constituent service office in Sioux Falls as an assistant and studies philosophy, government and international relations at Augustana College. He enjoys hiking, tennis and soccer.

Steph Laska works as

an Executive Recruiter for Randstad Accounting & Finance in Phoenix. Fluent in French, Steph has also worked as an English tutor in Grenoble, France. She says that living in different places has given her a broader and more dynamic view of the business world. Her heart belongs to Sioux Falls, though, and she plans to start a business here one day, as she loves the exciting city growth combined with the small-town feel!

Alison Peymann studies

English and Spanish at Augustana College in Sioux Falls where she discovered interests in photography, journalism and rugby. Contributing writer for The Mirror and Womeninc, she also volunteers in marketing and communications for a national non-profit organization.

Interested in Advertising? Let us help you: Tim Cummiskey

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About BizNOW Insight. Inspiration. Innovation. Everyone has great ideas. BizNOW helps you give them life. At BizNOW, we recognize the ingenuity of entrepreneurs, and we are dedicated to inspiring the creative spirit within every Innovator, every Business Leader! We provide the support you need to create great ideas and power your business – to help you get ahead, stay ahead, make a change, or leave a legacy. We want to spark creativity, encourage inventive thinking, and provide a path to realizing your dreams. Here on these pages you'll find inspiration and exciting information. Local business news that can help you invent and create, set you apart and ahead of the competition. And once YOU reach the top, we encourage you to reach back and hold out your hand to bring the next person up with you. As an advertiser, BizNOW offers direct access to powerful CEOs, executives, employees – current leaders and future leaders. In short, visionaries. You will reach your target, the business community. BizNOW magazine. Dedicated to inspiring the creative spirit in every business leader.

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Maximize your Leadership Potential!

Want to be a better leader? Want to empower your team? EmpowerMEnt Coach Melanie Brown is offering leadership classes on Mondays at 11am in Sioux Falls. Must RSVP. (See ad page 11)

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Southeastern Hair Design & Day Spa became reality on May 7th, 1990. Owner Eileen Donley says, "Our team is always striving to learn new ways of providing the latest in beauty care and relaxation.” Since that day they’ve moved twice because they outgrew their former spaces, and are now in a building designed for the comfort of salon guests. “We love to make people feel good, look good and see them again and again!” says Donley. (See their ad on page 25)

Want your teeth whiter and lips sexier?

"She wanted a beautiful life, so she designed one".

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Sculpture Walk …250 incredible sculptures on display!

ScultureWalk is celebrating 10 Years of Art In The Community, and getting ready for another great year of art in downtown Sioux Falls with a brand new sculpture lineup, to be unveiled Saturday, May 4! This year is really special because it’s SculptureWalk’s 10th anniversary. To celebrate they’re hosting the SculptureWalk eXpo, a FREE event featuring 250 sculptures on display and on sale at the Washington Pavilion. You’re invited to come help them kick off another 10 years of art in the community! (See ad page 9)

Beyond the Compensation:

“Many times I see companies wasting time by only focusing on the desired compensation for recruiting talented people; instead companies need to evaluate what they offer or do to keep their employees happy. It has been my experience that often the ‘small things’ are what attract the top talent -- and keep them working in a long successful career,” says Rob Tiff, Account Executive at ERC. (See ad page 7)

Smart BIZ by Tessa Audet

Standing UP for Yourself: Nice Guys Don’t Have to Finish Last

Sometimes you’ve tried everything to cooperate and collaborate. You’ve been the nice guy, but the other guy just isn’t interested. Instead he’s been smearing your name, hijacking your conference calls, saying your projects are inferior, calling your mother unattractive. The fact is, it’s time for the no-more-mister-nice-guy approach, and to show them what’s up (in a non-violent way). After all, sometimes strength is about standing up for yourself. Here’s how to do it:

• L eave emotions at the door: If we all listened to every person out there

criticizing us, half of us wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning. Instead, have enough confidence in yourself to recognize your own value. If someone is getting you down, don’t let it break you. Confront them about it without losing your cool. Take a deep breath, speak clear and slow.

• Don’t apologize: When talking to a confrontational person it’s important to

talk in first-person terms, and not utter the words “I’m sorry but…” Try starting sentences with “I disagree with…because…” or “I feel like…” Don’t apologize for standing up for yourself; this is a time to show strength, not passivity.

• Be the one to end the situation: This can

Smart BIZ Sponsored by:

Call us today! 605.428.6150

mean anything from offering an ultimatum to a compromise, depending on the situation. If your disagreement is with a coworker or friend, show them you are standing up for what you believe in and they can take it or leave it. If you are having a problem with a higher-up, show some conviction in yourself –but also show that you’re at least willing to cooperate and look for the win/win situation.

Craig Libis

Try these tips and exert a little muscle (nicely) next time you’re in a confrontation. It may just turn the situation around. After all, nice guys can finish up in the corner office, too! u

May 2013 | | 7


BIZ Spotlight

by Scott Hofer

TYPES OF BUSINESS POWER: What kind do YOU have? In business, it’s not always the person with the top title or corner office that wields the power. Every rung of the “handbook hierarchy” has its way of making a difference. Recognizing who holds the power, as well as, the kind of power they have, can help you get ahead or make your business run more smoothly. • L egitimate Power: Their titles give them

obvious power – subordinates believe this titleholder has a right to make decisions for the entire company.

er was In the past a lead leaders a boss. Today's rs with their must be partne o longer people... they n ased on can lead solely b r. positional powe ard, – Kenneth Blanch er

ne Minute Manag

author of The O

Employees listen to this person not because of the individual, but because of the position he/ she holds. Legitimate power comes from a successful rise to the top via respectable means that radiates an impression of competency and right to the position they hold. Subordinates follow orders because they believe it is their place to follow direction from those at a higher level.

• Reward/Punishment Power:

Possessing the power to hire, fire and promote ‘em.

These are the people that use their power to dole out rewards or punishments. A coercive leader uses threats and punishments to get employees to do tasks. Threats can include demotion, denied privileges, poor performance reviews, or termination. It works, but this type of leadership often results in fearful staff, low morale, and high turnover. On the other hand, a rewarding leader uses his ability to

8 | | May 2013

reward workers to encourage their performance. He may reward through gifts, or by praising employees. Rewarding favorable work tends to increase morale and retention.

• C  ongeniality Power: Well-liked people have the power to get others to follow their lead.

You’ve heard the phrase “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” Even without a leadership title, a friendly and well-liked employee might be the biggest power-holder in an office. They can easily influence others. If you get the support of an influencer like this, you can often get everybody on board with your idea or project. As a boss, the most popular managers tend to not only be charismatic and likeable, but they also grant employees the freedom to do their job, as long as the task gets accomplished. Being a popular boss means more power – plain and simple.

• Expert Power: Possessing knowledge on a

specific topic means authority in the workplace.

Knowing more than others about a topic puts you in a position of power that can sometimes tip the hierarchy upside down. For instance, technology in the workforce may lead an older employee to follow the directions of a younger employee who is more familiar with computers. Or, developing a skill set that’s outside your defined job duties but still complements them can put you way ahead of coworkers who simply do the required duties.

BIZ Spotlight • Wisdom Power: There is a certain amount of

power that comes from having the longest tenure at a company, in any position.

Workers who have spent decades at a company don’t always hold high titles, but they have company knowledge unparalleled by their less-experienced “superior.” In addition, higher ranking titleholders often defer training to assistants or secretaries rather than teaching the new employees themselves. Once a new employee has been trained by someone, they will likely consult that person for guidance in the future – the basis for wisdom power.

• Supply Power: Creature comforts and office

luxuries are highly sought after; therefore, holding the power to distribute supplies yields power.

The value of supplies that office managers and secretaries are in charge of prioritizing and ordering is often overlooked. Workers really do value working with the best equipment and this gives the distributors power – when it’s time for a comfier

chair, better computer or a cubicle farther away from the bathroom, office managers have the authority.

• Relation-Based Power: Sometimes it is not just what you know, but who you know – and how you are related to them!

The most groan-worthy source of power frequently stems from nepotism. It is not unusual for family members at a company to help one another. Whether unspoken or broadcast to the entire company, individuals in business who are closely related are likely to hold more power than their less-connected counterparts. In summary, in any company, leadership comes with some form of power. Knowing who has the power and how they use their power can be helpful in knowing how to survive – and thrive – in corporate culture. And if YOU are the leader, remember, many leaders use just one type of power, but the best way to be an effective leader is to use a balanced combination of the positive types of power.

BIZ Feature by Alison Peymann

th Today in Sou Dakota there ms are 19,000 fir men, owned by wo $2.6 contributing state’s billion to the ue! annual reven

Woman Power: The Dramatic Rise of WomenOwned Firms in South Dakota!

There are more women in business today than ever before – and female business owners are on the rise in South Dakota! Today in our state there are 19,000 firms owned by women, contributing $2.6 billion to the state’s annual revenue. In the past 16 years, the number of firms owned by women in South Dakota has shot up 34.6%.* * State of Women-Owned Business Report, which analyzed data from the US Census Bureau’s Survey of Business Owners. The report was commissioned by American Express OPEN. (

10 | | May 2013

When women take charge, business can change. In many cases, says Julie Weeks, American Express OPEN research advisor, women owners tend to be more flexible – such as in managing employee schedules. “In addition, women have a less hierarchical way of structuring their firms, seeing themselves at the center of a web rather than at the top of a pyramid.” And growth for female business owners is sprouting in every sector. “Compared to 15 years ago, women are much more diverse in terms of their industry. Name an industry and you can find a woman-owned firm in that industry,” says Weeks. “These findings provide a beacon of energy and promise for women who are thinking about starting a business. Seeing the increasing numbers of women who are already doing it gives would-be women entrepreneurs more support, guidance, and a way forward.” The upward trend will likely continue across the nation, says Weeks. Women are increasingly impacting the economy in other ways as well: they constitute the majority of college graduates, influence many household purchase decisions, and fill more and more managerial positions each year. “All of these lead to women being better equipped to start and grow their own businesses, and increasing numbers of women seeing business ownership as a next step in their career development,” says Weeks.

Simple ideas that are genius! “Collaborating, Innovating, and Imaginating, that’s the power of Leadership. As your Motivational Speaker or EmpowerMEnt Coach, I would be honored to give your team the tools to create a powerful breakthrough, where the potential for personal and professional growth is unlimited.” Melanie Brown

statistics • I n the US, there are 8.6 million women-owned firms representing 29% of all businesses in the country. An additional 4.9 million firms are owned equally by men and women – together, that’s 13.5 million or 46% of all American firms. • T  he number of women-owned firms is growing by a rate of 1.5 times the national average. • I n health care and social assistance sectors, 53% of firms are owned by women, for educational services, the percentage is 45%. At the other end of the spectrum, just 7% of construction forms and 11% of transportation and warehousing firms are womenowned. • S  ales by women-owned firms in South Dakota have increased by 116% since 1997.

“Melanie has provided me with the training I needed to grow my company 400%! She empowered my sales team to grow beyond their expectations.” Matt Sapari - CE0/Founder Rocco’s Catering

May 2013 | | 11

HAve A cAse of MulTiple


Too many colors?

Too many fonts?

Too many logos?

The A-Team can unify your brand! TrY soMeTHinG neW Web Branding print video 605-274-1654 12 | | May 2013

Smart BIZ

by Scott Hofer

The Art of

Persuasion! It’s not just for the Sales Team anymore. Mitch Peterson, a partnering attorney with Davenport Evans in Sioux Falls, believes persuasion and critical thinking are the new look for success in any field. “We live in a society where information is the strongest asset and currency. People are busier now with activities, extra jobs, and children’s activities – all the while they are bombarded with constant information. Attention spans are lower and competing ideas are more abundant. The ability to persuade quickly and effectively is more important in today’s society than in the past, and I would expect this trend to continue.” Today persuasion is useful beyond sales and marketing. Forget the outdated caricature of slick salesmen as the ultimate manipulators who rely on deceit and emotional appeals. Instead, businesspeople should focus on persuasion techniques that use critical thinking strategies.

Here are some tips to help sell your argument to a boss, client or coworker: • Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. “Repeating key

concepts, critical facts, or important testimony is helpful in persuading anyone to accept a point of view,” says Peterson. “Research has shown that the public accepts as fact what many politicians and pundits say if it is said often enough, regardless of what the truth is. This is strong evidence of the persuasive force of repetition.”

• Build effective relationships. Business is built upon

the idea of exchange, so is persuasion. Listen to those you want to persuade and learn a bit about them. This will help you to make a stronger, more personal argument.

• Show. Don’t tell. Peterson says this tactic is effective

in and out of the courtroom. “Telling a jury what to think has little persuasive impact; however, showing and discussing facts that lead to the same conclusion can be a very effective persuasive technique. When someone draws his own conclusion, he is much more likely to stick to it than when he is told what to think.”

Sources:; addicted2success

• C  over likely objections before they come up. Ultimately, responding to potential objections on your own initiative will prove you have thought about the topic in depth, it also builds valuable trust.

• Use Stories.

Mitch Pete rso n

In a changing business market, persuasion has become more than a sales tool. The Harvard Business Review recently declared persuasion as the most important skill for a new business owner.

“Appealing to common sense or well-known metaphors or stories is another persuasive technique. The key to persuasion is to connect a new concept with a familiar context,” says Peterson.

• Highlight similarities between yourself and the person you wish to persuade. Find common ground. Reminding people

of what you have agreed on in the past is an easy way to build support. Your argument or idea will sound like something they have supported in the past and would be willing to again.

• Finally, remember persuasion is often a slow process. Overambitious persuasion efforts generally

fail. If you are dealing with a boss who is not receptive to new technology, don’t describe your goal of the most technologically advanced office in the country. Instead focus on smaller, more benign efforts to incorporate technology and its benefits. u

May 2013 | | 13

BIZ TechTalk


Cool modern gadgets (worthy of James Bond) that make life easier. by Steph Laska

Mobile Point of Sale Device ($400-$800) – A little pricey, we know. But this one will pay for itself. Attach a credit card reader to your smart phone or tablet, install matching app and be your own financial specialist. You can track sales and expenditures, forecast future revenue, and have a snapshot of your business accounts. This device is mobile, convenient, and trending across the business community.

Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard ($149) –

Set up wherever you go and instantly have a full-sized keyboard on any blue-tooth enabled device. The USB-chargeable cube uses lasers to project a keyboard onto any flat surface so you can work anywhere, at any time – perfect for your next business trip.

07 ed! 0 en ess v e pr k n hi be im t We uld wo

14 | | May 2013

Cobra Electronic Tag ($60) – Say goodbye to scrambling to find your phone or keys. The Cobra electronic tag is a keychain that has a tracking device through an app on your phone. Press the button on your key tag and your phone will make noise. Click on the app through your phone and your key ring will make noise. (Note: Lose both at once and you’re out of luck!) Livescribe Sky ($170) – It’s possible to go paperless without ditching your penmanship. With the Livescribe “smart pen,” you can write, draw, record audio and digitally reproduce your notes on your computer. The pen and digitally sensitive paper sync to programs like Evernote and will soon have PDF file capabilities and sync with other sites like Google Drive, Facebook and Dropbox. Never go unprepared for another meeting, lecture or interview!

BIZ TechTalk


Three “Must-Haves” for a Strong Social Media Strategy 1. Set goals: Who do you want to reach? How and what do you want to market to them? • Do your research – Know your online environment so you can create useful posts without slamming your followers with updates and comments.

2. Create a list of businesses / contacts that could

influence your business and market to them • What social media sites are a fit for your company? Where are you most likely to find and interact with your customers? What industry blogs make sense to subscribe to? Join conversations online to build relationships with some of these groups and to show your connections in the marketplace. Avoid controversial opinions within these conversations. Be professional and research before you post. Use Twitter hashtags and Facebook pages to lead audiences to your website.

3. Evaluate your efforts: Have your efforts

generated new business? Do your customers respond well to them? Then, revamp your online strategy based on your findings. • Research will be the most important aspect in every single step. Understand the ideas you want your customers to know, and decide on the best way to market these ideas. Build on your market knowledge and synchronize it with your social media. u Source:

David M. Eiesland

Vice President Business Banking 605.782.1818 Office 605.782.1786 Direct 4900 S. Western Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Steve Mix 7209 W Harvard Dr Sioux Falls, SD 57106 P: 605.521.7019 Providing: Peace, Hope & Efficiency

May 2013 | | 15

Health Insurance

Don’t just roll over when it comes to purchasing health insurance for your employees or your family.

Shop and Compare. Increased membership orm are Ref Healthc ges Exchan efits ial Ben t n e s s E Plan athered f d n a r G s usines Small B Credit Tax

growth and 95% retention rates are the results of our commitment to and passion for the Avera mission, purpose and values. We connect our members to the largest, quality health care system in South Dakota. Our team is here to answer your questions. Loyalty, at your side, always.

For a quote, contact your agent or call us toll-free at 1-877-322-4885.

BIZ Profile

by Alison Peymann

The POWER of

INNOVATION: From the Research Lab to the Business Table

“Omega Quant was born on a very innovative idea,” says Harris. The idea that “there’s information in our blood about our health” has helped fuel over 30 years of research on omega-3 fatty acids and their link to major health concerns like heart disease. In 2009, Harris launched OmegaQuant, LLC to offer his “HS Omega-3 Index,” a blood test that measures omega-3 fatty acids and other substances in the blood, to researchers, clinicians and the public. The technology was acquired by Health Diagnostics Laboratory, Inc. in 2011 when Harris recognized how more people could benefit from his work. “My goal is to get this research out to the public, that goal is achievable if I partner with Health Diagnostics,” he says. “I wanted to keep my hand in research.”

As a Senior Scientist at Health Diagnostic Laboratory, a Professor at the Sanford School of Medicine through the University of South Dakota, Harris’ is researching the impact omega-3 fatty acids levels have on other health concerns ranging from mascular degeneration to Alzheimers. He also collaborates on international research projects – like one that measures how diet and omega-3 levels can affect breastfeeding women in Africa and Asia.

Dr. Bill Harris

From boardrooms to break rooms in large corporations and single-person start ups, today’s business world is focused on innovation. Making bold moves and breaking out of convention are the tools you need to create a niche that only your business can fill. Innovation means new solutions to problems you already think you know how to solve – or problems you didn’t think you had! Dr. Bill Harris, medical entrepreneur, encounters the power of innovation every day in the research lab and at the business table. He is an internationally recognized expert on omega-3 fatty acids and owner of OmegaQuant, a Sioux-Falls-based bio-research lab.

The second simple and innovative idea behind OmegaQuant deals with how people can use their index results. He says, “and two, if levels are low, there’s something you can do about it.” Along with research projects, Harris tours the country and globe presenting and promoting his omega-3 discoveries for a healthier world. u

Author’s note Dr. Bill Harris is an enthusiastic guy. He travels around the world talking to top researchers and the public about their omega-3 levels. In fact, I met with him to get my HS Omega-3 index tested myself – it was easy, just a finger prick and my blood sample went off to the lab. The results are in, and like so many Americans without much fish in my diet, my HS Omega-3 index is low – only 3.8%! A “good” omega-3 level is at or above 8%, according to Harris. To learn more, check out

May 2013 | | 17

BIZ Profile by Alison Peymann

The POWER of

Customer Service: Strong Coffee, Strong Client Focus

Located in the CNA building across from the 8th & Railroad Center, Josiah’s Coffeeshop & Café is busy, even after the lunch rush. Owner Steve Hildebrand is off and running, busy chatting with guests, asking about their lunch and retelling the story of Josiah Phillips, Sioux Falls’ first surveyor and the city’s founding father. The coffee they serve is hot, strong, and as Hildebrand wants you to know, never bitter.

18 | | May 2013

BIZ Profile Every aspect of the coffee shop—from its namesake and location to its menu hours and coffee—was designed with a great customer experience in mind. With a love for good food and a spectacular cup of coffee, Hildebrand is the mental muscle plating up top notch customer service at Josiah’s. “The customers here at Josiah’s keep me energized. I wasn’t sure at first how I would feel about customer service, but it’s my favorite part.” His successful business strategy is based on giving guests the very best. Here are his best strategies for great

customer service:

Start with quality. Hildebrand once asked to be taken for the best cup of coffee in Seattle. He ended up with a cup from Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting Co., a Seattle artisan roaster that uses the highest quality coffee and espresso from sustainable farms. Now Josiah’s serves up fresh cups of Caffe Vita roasts shipped directly from the coast. Share your secret ingredient with customers.

One of Josiah’s not-so-secret specialties is pie – it’s so good, Hildebrand says, he doesn’t have to brag about it, satisfied customers rave about it better than he can. Their other

Lynda B

Call today and get the Advantage!

signatures include homemade coconut cupcakes, Caffe Vita coffee, and fresh scones, but the secret ingredient is not the food, it’s getting customers engaged. “At the beginning, I had a huge fear of posting on Facebook every day, but the feedback was positive.”

Be personal, sincere and interesting – in everything. Whether Josiah’s is cooking up new and inventive sandwiches or deserts (like Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Cream with Chocolate Ganache & Salted Caramel Pie – that’s a mouthful!) or interacting with customers on social media sites, Hildebrand strives to put personality into Josiah’s brand. And it’s paid off. In under a year, their Facebook page has 2,700 followers!

Stay fresh and friendly – and always look for hidden opportunities, opportunities others may miss! Hildebrand says that one of the biggest surprises has been the traffic he’s seen on weekends and after hours when business isn’t open for the rest of the building. To accommodate the trend, they’ve opened a Sunday brunch option. “I developed the concept with the hopes that people would come and hang out for an extended time if they want.” u

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Lynda Billars

Broker, CRS, ABR, SRES


605.351.7123 cell/text

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Greater Greater Returns Returns Less HassLe. Put 25 years of property management to work for you.

Boost Revenue, Efficiency and Stability RPM offers a turnkey, full-service property management system for your single-family rentals and complexes.

The result?

Improved cash flow, reliability and peace of mind.

Smart BIZ

Compiled by Tessa Audet

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Ingredients 6 ice cubes 1⁄2c fresh blueberries 2t organic agave nectar 1T ground flaxseed 1c cold water 1 scoop vanilla protein powder 1t cinnamon 1⁄4 banana 1⁄2T flaxseed oil, like Barlean's Omega-Twin Oil Instructions Place all ingredients in a blender in the order listed. Blend on low for 10 seconds or until smooth. Serve immediately.

Avocado Smoothie Loaded with B vitamins to help with nerve and brain health. (Stress depletes vitamin B) Serves: 1 Prep Time: 5 minutes Ingredients 2c lowfat milk 1 large, ripe avocado 2T honey or agave nectar Ice, to taste

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Instructions Blend until smooth and serve immediately.


BIZ Profile

by John Kane

The POWER of

LEADERSHIP: Sit in John Beranek’s office chair and look around. His most precious necessities are within arm’s reach; photos of a rambunctious family gathering, Native American artwork, a forgotten Arnold Palmer whose ice has long since melted and piles of scribbled ideas on sticky notes. Exactly as this Executive Coach would have it. It’s Beranek’s job to help YOU become a powerhouse leader. He helps professionals navigate communication challenges, motivate employees, and maintain balance between home and the workplace. It’s what executivecoaching and building leaders is all about. “A lot of people I work with are really dreading a meeting with someone or are afraid of a pending confrontation. I always tell them if you can predict how someone is going to react, you can prepare for how to respond to it. And we start there.” For an hour a week, Beranek sits down with a client and helps create a road map for the challenges ahead. He helps people set priorities, problem-solve and focus on achieving their goals. His tips are simple but effective. “I help a lot with developing simple tangible goals that people can set for a week, even a day. When they’ve had some success dealing with the little things, they find it

easier to start applying their talents to the big picture.” Although Beranek’s life is a tornado of phone calls, meetings and early mornings, he keeps razor focus with his executive clients. And turning passion into focus is one of the strengths he works to build into leaders. “Some people are highly successful because of a certain strength they’ve developed. However, it’s very common that they need some training and buildup in other areas they haven’t paid as much attention to. If I can help someone avoid their old habits or emotional triggers, I’ve coached them well.” With that, Beranek’s phone rings again and he apologizes for a call he must take. He is off and running to his next project, balancing the phone with his shoulder as he scrambles for a sticky note. If only that phone could make Arnold Palmers. u

John Beranek

Wondering how to let your personality come through in your business decor? As an interior designer I can help you make your office look professional and let your personality shine through at the same time. After all, the lighter side of Biz is very important!

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Photo by Jayne Erickson

Executive Coach Shares Strategies for Success

BIZ Profile

The POWER of

by Tessa Audet

Collaboration: Combining Form & Fashion

The 19th century architects helped coin the phrase ‘‘form follows function.’’ Or is it function follows form? This is the question students at the Institute of Design and Technology of South Dakota and Creative Director, Anita Kealey, are pondering as they prepare for their annual spring showcase Form + Fashion. Students from the fashion and the interior design programs are paired together and “given the assignment to create a companion piece from their chosen discipline to go with the other student’s chair or garment” according to Kealey. This is an opportunity for students to look at something from the view point of another; something important to learn in any career field. She originally came up with the idea from her own background as a designer.

Photos courtesy of Anita Kealey

“With over 25 years as an interior designer as well as a fashion designer, I've always been fascinated by how both interior design and fashion are so closely related, especially as it comes to colors trends, textures – and just which trends (or function) follows the other first,” says Kealey.

22 | | May 2013

The power of collaboration is an important concept that these students are learning – and a concept that can apply to business in any field, not just design. “In the business world of design it is essential for all creative people to learn to develop teamwork skills. The best design skill a future designer can develop is the ability to design with their ears; in other words, solutions come from the ability to really listen to what the client wants.”

BIZ Profile

Kealey stresses that creativity is an important skill to possess no matter what field you are pursuing, especially in this technological age. “Let's face it, the most successful business people are those who can think on their feet and think creatively.” The students at IDTSD will present their final projects during the annual showcase May 16th at the Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls. They will have a special guest designer, Laura Kathleen Planck, season 9 Project Runway finalist, there to close the finale of Form + Fashion event that evening. Kealey offers any aspiring entrepreneur some words of wisdom: “Be open to new ideas. Most important do what you enjoy; all careers are hard work, if you do not have that passion, you will quit at the first obstacle and I can assure you there will be many!” u

Design Advice for Business People Q: Any tips for a business professional looking to add a little personality into either their office décor or attire? A:

“Something I highly recommend when it comes to both fashion and your office environment; make the investment into the very best you can afford when it comes to function. Everything else is purely aesthetics. When choosing the color or material of those staples, go with timeless investments, so they work with the other trendy items you mix them with.” – Anita Kealey

Matching chair, matching jacket! Students from interior design and fashion design programs collaborate together to produce pieces made to complement each other, and show beauty, durability and function.

GROW YOUR BUSINESS Refreshing. Bold. Different.

The premier business magazine for the Sioux Empire!


inspiring the creative spirit in every business leader


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Powerful & Polished: The Sexy Suit Review by Tessa Audet Fashion photos by Jayne Erickson Fashion provided by Express, Empire Mall Model: Courtney Cordell, Dental Assistant at Dental Care Associates

Sometimes it’s the classics that are the most striking. A slimming jacket or a sleek pant paired with a pop of color is sure to catch attention! Our model Courtney is wearing the classic “power suit” (minus the pastel colors and big shoulder pads for a more slimming, sensual look) and is proving that professionalism also says polished. The black jacket with ruched sleeves creates some interest to a business staple while the gray blazer with black accents adds a touch of sophistication. Adding a silky blouse or bright top livens up the outfit and pulls any power look together. Something to remember when buying a business suit is the importance of the right fit for your body type. (sexy doesn’t have to mean tight – it means pulled together in a stand-out, knocktheir-socks off way!) If you’re unsure of your size or what would look best, ask the sales associates like those at Express to help you find the best look and style for you!

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Want to model for BizNOW? We’re looking for people with engaging smiles and a winning attitude! That could be YOU. Contact us at

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People. Places. Things.

ways It’s about taking it a step further. It’s about getting reactions. Trying new of doing things. Making the ordinary look extraordinary. That’s what I do.

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