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Who says you can’t “Do What You Love”? At BizNOW, we believe you can say “I love what I do” and still


The Secret to Getting Your Way! 5 easy steps to help you master the art of persuasion


make money – it’s all

Biz Tech Talk: •8  Fresh Ways to make customers Fall in Love with your business Online

part of discovering how to combine your natural talent with your passion and working out of your ‘genius zone.’ It’s about discovering what you love and then learning how to make it happen. Because when you are immersed in a business that inspires and excites you, working hard is never hard work. Employees, managers, coordinators and CEOs who love their jobs go the extra mile and find success.


On our cover this month is Derek Kattenberg of Real Property Management, who stepped out of the office for a meeting in the sun – not a bad idea! As a Sales Manager, Kattenberg finds solutions to new challenges every day. The best part of his job? Meeting with clients on the golf course or over dinner. What’s

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“I love my job” Jami Gates, Executive Director of the Sioux Empire Big Brothers, Big Sisters


• I s your Blog getting a little, um, stale? Spice it up with these tips, and get people reading you once again!


Professionals with Passion: • Mari Ossenfort, KDLT TV •K  elly Grovijahn, Arbonne and Homewood Suites •C  indee Evenson, Menno High School Teacher and Cross Country Coach

How to Love Your Job (even if you don’t!)


Find Your Genius Zone! - The first step to following your passion is finding it. Discover your Genius Zone, with these ideas. August 2013 | | 3

inside Biz

note from the editor

You are destined to

SOAR There is an eagle in you.

Photo by Jayne Erickson

People may try to talk you out of your destiny. They may say you can’t do it – that your business idea won’t work, the economy’s too soft, you don’t have the money, the odds are against you. Or, maybe it’s not others trying to talk you out of a dream; maybe it’s you. You may be thinking, “If I hadn’t made so many mistakes, if I had more money, I’m too old, too young, don’t have the education, connections…”

People who never gave up on their dreams: Henry Ford failed and went broke 5 times before he finally succeeded. Colonel Sanders went to over 1,000 places trying to sell his chicken recipe before he found a buyer. Seven years later, at the age of 75, Colonel Sanders sold his fried chicken company for $15 million!

But you are not average. You are not ordinary. You were created to be more. Do more. You can be everything you were meant to be. You are confident, valuable, unique. A worldchanger: that’s who you are. Let go of what’s holding you back, let go of thoughts that are keeping you from the heights you were meant to reach. Take a step today toward the life you were really meant for, the life that’s waiting for you. The life you were meant to lead. A life of passion, beauty, creativity, purpose; a life you love. It can still happen. Be the eagle and soar high!

Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor for lack of ideas. And he went bankrupt before he built Disneyland. Albert Einstein did not speak until he was 4 years old and didn't read until 7. His teacher said he was “mentally slow, and adrift forever in his foolish dreams.” Keep believing!

4 | | August 2013

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Scott Hofer is employed

at a constituent service office in Sioux Falls as an assistant. Pursuing a PhD in Political Science, Scott holds a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy, Government and International Relations from Augustana College. He also enjoys hiking, tennis and soccer. Freelance writer, designer and photographer Alison Peymann has a degree in English and Spanish from Augustana College. She is BizNOW’s Social Media strategist, and enjoys riding Sioux Falls’ bike trails, reading and playing rugby.

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6 | | August 2013

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Smart BIZ by Alison Peymann

The Secret to Getting Your Way 5 Easy Steps

You have great ideas. Here’s how to get people on board with them. Whether at the office, with a client, or enjoying the weekend with friends, there are always occasions where you want to persuade someone to your way of thinking. These tips will have you persuading people to do it your way – and still have them feeling great when they do! 1. L et them see your passion. Enthusiasm creates

enthusiasm. Let them see your conviction for the idea. When you sincerely speak from the heart, and are open and honest about the motives behind your ideas, people want to get on board.

2. E  xplain how it benefits them. Why will it work? What's

in it for them? What will be accomplished? Show people how they will benefit from going along with your idea.

3. Ask questions. Everyone wants to be heard. A great way

to create buy-in is by asking questions that relate to the other person – they will feel included, and will be less resistant to doing it your way, even if they disagree. Draw out their expertise. Ask about their experience. Make them feel like they are a part of your idea.

4. Tell a story. Illustrate your idea, draw it out, articulate what

you want in a compelling way. Help them taste, see, feel the idea. While they may forget the facts, they’ll remember a great story, so get their emotions involved. You’ve heard it said in sales: people buy based on emotion, not numbers. Storytelling is a powerful tactic; use it.

5. B  uild from your reputation. Develop a winning track

record. If you have a history of consistent success, people are more likely to automatically go along with your next great idea. u

August 2013 | | 7

BIZ Spotlight story & photo by Alison Peymann

"I Love MY Job" Jami Gates, Big Brothers Big Sisters

What does it take to wake up every morning to a cup of coffee and a career that you love? It’s not as improbable as it seems! Sioux Falls native Jami Gates discovered that her passion is working with non-profits, a realization that would help her make bold career moves and reach a position as executive director. Throughout childhood and into college, Jami Gates imagined she would follow her dad into a career in law enforcement. Gates was inspired by the opportunities he had to help people as Sergeant in the detective bureau of the SFPD. Today, she doesn’t wear a badge, but she has seized opportunities to use her talents as a communicator, organizer and leader to support the community. Early in her career with a degree from the University of Sioux Falls, Gates landed a job with a bank and started volunteering. “I had been in banking for about 10 years and had volunteered with a non-profit. They came to me and asked if I would be interested in an open position. The mission was so important to me as a volunteer, it made sense to make that leap from corporate to of my goals is nonprofit.”

“One job, to say that I love my ys and I can say that,” sa e are Jami, “Every day ther nges challenges, but challe make us stronger.” –

In June, Gates became executive director for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sioux Empire (BBBSSE), an organization dedicated to providing Jami Gates mentors to boys, girls and young mothers who need support the most. “I love it, I spent a week at our national conference and it really brought it home why I’m here. I heard so many alumni stories – it may not seem like you make a difference right now, but over the years, the effort can touch countless lives.” One BBBS alumni is Derek Jackson, now the CEO of Glu Agency in New York, a major player in the music industry. His story starts with a tough childhood and a chance to be mentored by a Big Brother. He attributes his success today with having a role model who is still a close friend

8 | | August 2013

and mentor to him. The most important part of that relationship, says Gates, is the quality time they spend together.

One Mission, Many Hats Having worked for three different nonprofits in Sioux Falls, Gates came prepared for the various roles she fills as an executive director at a small office. From fielding staffing concerns in Sioux Falls to meeting public relations needs and cultivating relationships with constituents, every day has new challenges for Gates. However, she says that over the years “I’ve been Development Director, Corporate Relations Executive, Premier Events Manager . . . but it’s not about the title. It’s about making a difference.” That’s why Jami Gates loves her job. To her, the benefits of working with nonprofits are enormous – especially when the mission of the organization aligns with the goals Gates has personally set for her own life. Being the hand and voice for a cause she believes in transforms her “work” into “purpose.” Those goals:

• “  Surround yourself with positivity. These

positive things can include people, surroundings, readings, and any form of entertainment. It’s important to remain in a positive space because when we’re surrounded by negativity, we become negative people.

• P  ay it forward. Sometimes the best way to forget

about how tough things are for you is to realize others’ struggles and lend them a helping hand. Try helping someone else and see how much smaller your issues become – even for a little while.

• P  ractice gratitude. When we take the time to

recognize and be thankful for the things we have, we tend to think less of the things we lack.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sioux Empire

• Don’t be afraid. One of the biggest barriers to facing

a tough situation is the fear of the unknown. The truth is, most of the fears we have never come to exist. Let go of them. They serve no positive purpose and prevent us from moving forward.”

Gates also values time spent with her daughter and Sunday family dinners – the types of activities the BBBSSE organization bring to the kids and adolescents it helps. “We are helping prepare children for the future,” she says, “Each time BBBS pairs a child with a role model, we start something incredible: a one-to-one relationship built on trust and friendship that can blossom into a future of unlimited potential.”

Interested in mentoring? The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization relies on volunteer “Bigs” that mentor “Littles” and provide a positive influence and extra role model in their lives. Mentors are men, women or married couples who spend at least two to four hours with their little – ages 7-14. Over 100 Littles are on a waiting list for mentors. For information, visit

For more from Jami Gates, check out BizNOW’s new blog at u

Busy lives can be beautiful. When you don’t have time for interior design, Dawn Bures Design has the right tools and products to bring your vision to life. Get back to the business you love and let us do the rest!

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People. Places. Things. It’s about the reaction, the moment, the angle. It’s about the idea, not the filters used to get there. It’s about seeing things differently. That’s what I do. | 605-595-4689

1 10 JYN009-People-Half-H.indd | | August 2013

~Jayne Erickson

11/13/12 10:50 AM

Smart BIZ

by Alison Peymann


Love your Job [even IF you don’t!] Whether or not you’ve made it to the top, there are moments you wish you could be anywhere but work (mowing the lawn, jury duty, etc). But even if your dream job has its moments or your current job isn’t quite what you had hoped, stay strong! There are strategies to get the passion back on the job: 1. D  elegate: If there are parts of your job that you’re

dissatisfied with simply because you’re not proficient at them, consider handing them off to someone who is. Perhaps you can swap out ordering for scheduling with a co-worker.

2. Collaborate: When there’s a job that needs to get done

(and no one wants to do it), sometimes together is better. Spring cleaning or inventory days go by faster and with more fun when you work with others. Plus, it’ll be a needed break in your office routine.

3. P  rioritize: Try starting the day with the more tedious parts

of your job to get those tasks out of the way– reply to emails, finish reports, make your cold calls. Schedule the things that you enjoy the most toward the end of the day so you end your day with something fun and uplifting. That way you’ll look forward to every day.

mentor in the company and emulate what they do. Create more value for yourself by learning a unique skill that the company needs.

6. D  ecide: In the end, whether you enjoy your work is up

to you. When you keep a positive attitude and remember why you’re in your field, small inconveniences are put into perspective. But if after time you still struggle to be happy with your job, maybe it’s time to consider your options – it could be time to move on to another company or to explore a new field entirely. u

Smart BIZ Sponsored by:

4. D  ecorate: Make your workspace homey with things you

love (photos of loved ones or latest vacation) and reminders of why you love your job (a positive note from a client or signs of your success).

5. T  ake charge: Maybe you love your job, but haven’t moved up like you hoped. Consider asking the boss what you can do to become more qualified to get to the next level. Find a

Call us today! 605.428.6150

Craig Libis

August 2013 | | 11

BIZ Feature

Discover Your

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisf ied is to do wha t you believe is great work. And the only way to do gr eat work is to love what you do… Don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs former Apple CEO

70% of Americans say they’re dissatisfied with their careers, according to a recent Gallup poll. So if you’ve been feeling that way, you’re not alone. And whether you’re ready for a complete career change, or you just want to get the excitement back in your current job, BizNOW has ideas to help. The first step to living your passion is finding it. When you’ve discovered your genius zone, who can stop you? 12 | | August 2013


“Genius Zone”

BIZ Feature

by Scott Hofer

Are you passionate about your company? Genius Zone: Where passion meets natural talent to produce excellence. It should fit like a well-tailored suit and your favorite pair of shoes. In it, you can do anything. “If you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” Confucius believed. Unfortunately, many professionals are working the jobs they think they need rather than following their dreams and pursuing their passion. When we were young we all had dreams . . . so what happened? Maybe we took a job we weren’t too excited about and just tried to make the best of it. But before making a dramatic exit from your current workplace, take a step back and consider the positives of your job. Do they outweigh the negatives? Could you discover your genius zone where you are already, and get the passion back?

Try evaluating your compatibility with your current job with this quiz: 1. D  o you enjoy going to your job? (Make sure you don’t confuse a disdain for mornings with disliking going to work.)

2. D  o you feel satisfied at your job when performing at your highest level? 3. D  oes your job match your identity and values? (Think about when you introduce yourself to new people, does your occupation fit who you are?)

If you answered YES to at least two of these questions, you’re probably in the right place – you just

need to rekindle your passion! The key is to try something new, decrease the things on the job that aren’t your passion, and refocus on why you chose this career in the first place. The idea is simple: to gradually increase the parts of the job you like. (For more on this, see “How to Love your Job (Even When You Don’t)” in this issue.) Research also shows that happiness can be increased by focusing on the positive impact your actions have on others. When you take the chance to provide a better environment for coworkers or customers, it will inevitably benefit you as well. (Hint: Do you really appreciate what coworkers or employees do for you on a regular basis?) Passionate people recognize the blessings in their careers and in the workplace. Most of all, approaching business with a positive attitude helps to re-inspire

passion and create the momentum to take you to the next level.

If you are one of the many who said NO to two or more of these questions, consider a major change.

Your career isn’t bringing you the happiness and fulfillment you deserve. Careers are called livelihoods for a reason; they define a major part of your life. Consider the typical workweek. It occupies 40 hours (for some of us, a lot more!) out of a total of 168 hours. Now take into account the typical commute to work, necessities (eating and bathing) and sleep. When all is computed, work and life essentials take up all but 50 hours of a typical week. This makes those hours at work more important than you might think. If one hour represented your whole week, work accounts for 15 minutes! That is a serious life commitment. Make sure you’re finding satisfaction from it! u

Here are some tips BizNOW gathered from people who have taken the risk, found their genius zone and started doing what they truly love: 1. Take some time to figure out what you are passionate about: Often people are so caught up with day to day survival

that they forget what makes them happy; don’t let that happen to you. Discovering your passion is as simple as trying new things until something seems right and lights a fire inside.

2. Relax: Changing your life to follow your passion involves some risk, but you can make things work out. Don’t stress about figuring things out to the smallest detail! Life involves many surprises, but until you try you’ll never get the privilege of working out the specifics of your dream.

3. Follow your internal compass: Creating your own path is difficult, but when times get tough, listen to the little voice in your head. You know when you are doing the right thing.

4. Follow through: There is so much to be gained by picking

a career you are passionate about. This goes beyond finances and the bottom line. You are unique and the world will benefit from your specific expertise. There is a lot in it for you as well. A fulfilling job will lead to personal growth and will push you toward your full potential. Think back to grade school, you probably did much better in the subjects which interested you. The same is true when it comes time for a career.

Together with support from coworkers and family, these tips will empower you to put some passion back into your career. It’s your life and you should do what you love!

*“State of the American Workplace Poll”

August 2013 | | 13

BIZ TechTalk

by Alison Peymann

8 Ways to Make Customers

FALL IN LOVE with your Business ONLINE Today, catching the eye of potential clients online and engaging the ones who are already interacting with you can feel a lot like online dating. But with the right tools – video, photos, graphics and content that rings true for your business – you can attract more followers and create even better relationships with the ones you already have. So it just makes sense to put your best foot forward online. Here are a few tips that can help. Dating advice for your business (and not your love life):

1. C  heck the content on your website. Is it up to date? Is it

accurate? Do people know where to find vital information? If your professional website doesn’t live up to the standards of your business, it could hurt your image and your bottom line. Consider hiring a marketing consultant to make sure your site is easy to use, helpful to customers and is bringing in new audiences.

2. T  he f irst rule of social media etiquette is to keep posts personal, according to Kuno

Creative, an inbound marketing enterprise. Your readers or followers can sense if you’re not being genuine on a blog, in a Tweet or even in the photos you post.

3. O  ffer something your customers can’t wait to f ind! Depending on your business, deals on your products or services will keep potential buyers searching for your name in a busy news feed. Try offering gift certificates, coupons, and other incentives. Everybody likes free stuff!

4. If someone has commented, liked a post or mentioned your business on their site, continue to engage in the conversation. The solidarity you build with individuals and other businesses brings more people to your pages – but be sure to keep your interactions positive.

14 | | August 2013

5. D  o your research to target your demographic. Watch the trends and know who is using what online platform to keep your content and marketing pieces relevant to your audience.

6. S  ince internet users are experiencing your website and posts in real time, timing matters. Not only does your

current content need to be up to date and relevant, new posts should also be timely. When your company has big news or an event to promote, get the message out!

7. Be interesting. Use vibrant,

dynamic photos and intriguing headlines to stand out from other posts. Your audience will savor the eye candy and may even pay your website or page a visit.

8. Y  our online look and tone should match your branding. If you’re about taking bold risks, incorporate bold headlines and bright colors. But also be willing to share your successes and challenges. Make your online presence tell the story of your business.

Try these tips and watch your customers fall in love! u

BIZ TechTalk

by Alison Peymann

Rekindle THE FLAME

Prezi vs. PowerPoint:

You & Your Blog

Bored with your blog? Passion gone? If a little of the sizzle has gone out of your relationship with your blog, here’s how to get the passion back. Maybe it’s been awhile since you really paid attention to your blog. Sure, you’ve flirted with the idea of taking the next step in building your audience and you know you should revise your content, but recently you’ve been busy running the business and left it to collect cyber dust. What happened?

your findings. Or try telling a story as an interesting lead-in to the business point you're trying to make.

3. Incorporate graphics . . . and your core values. Sometimes getting to the heart of writer's block is about getting back to the basics: reminding your readers and yourself why this blog (which is an extension of your business) is important. Then, add visual elements like a video or graphics that demonstrate your goals.

Blogs are a great way to connect with other professionals and potential clients, add a personal element to your website and bolster your resume with professional writing experience. Plus, you can share the latest happenings at your business and be in charge of your own media content. But if you find yourself drifting away from keeping your blog updated, it’s time to stage a candlelit dinner and fall in love with your blog all over again! Here’s how:

4. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Be

1. Take your blog shopping. It may just be time for

5. G  ive it time and space. When you’re in this for the

your blog page to get a face-lift with new organization, or even a fresh font. How old is your blog? Chances are, more interesting and interactive web layouts have been created – it’ll breathe new life into old content too.

2. Find a new angle. If your blog is boring you to write

it, it could be boring your audience to read it. Try learning something new, applying it to what you do and sharing

realistic about the time you can commit to writing posts and gathering content. If your posting schedule grows sparse, invite a co-worker or other guest blogger to fill the gaps.

long-haul, be sure to schedule time away from social media sites and your blog. The break will help you focus later and may even spark new ideas.


PLUS, check out BizNOW’s new blog at for more fresh ideas on innovation, insight and inspiration! u

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August 2013 | | 15



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16 | | August 2013




Live, L o V : E CELEBRATE by Emily Sorenson

BIZ Profile

Creating your best life, a life with purpose, is good business. Let’s face it, you spend a lot of your life at work, so why not make it something you enjoy? Because a career with meaning is a life with meaning. Here are three business leaders who have done just that.

Professionals Following Their Passion Kelly Grovijahn

Executive Regional Vice President for Arbonne & Director of Sales for Homewood Suites Kelly Grovijahn knows better than most how the right job can make all the difference! “I have had 32 different jobs. I love change!” Grovijahn’s frequent job changes had nothing to do with climbing the ladder – her pursuit wasn’t gaining better positions with competitors. Her goal was to find a whole new ladder! “When I left a job, I left the career. I figured the grass was just as yellow over there!”

Arbonne.” 7 years later, Grovijahn is the Executive Regional Vice President for Arbonne. This is “by far my favorite job. It has changed my life 100%. It forces you to learn and grow thick skin. There is a stigma associated with network marketing. I thought it too. You have to think outside the box. Now I work smarter not harder. You don’t have to be a barrel burner at the front of the room. You just have to work smart!”

The lineup of previous careers includes respiratory therapist, owner of restaurants, coffee shops and flower shops, a water aerobics instructor and technician at a holistic clinic. While managing a coffee shop in Sioux Falls, Grovijahn was approached to sell Arbonne. “I started using the products and hosted a party. From there I saw the earning potential – I was teased and taunted to start selling

Arbonne may not be Grovijahn’s last career. The longest position she ever held was as a Respiratory Therapist for 9 years. Today, she’s also the Director of Sales at Homewood, and now into her 7th year with Arbonne, the itch to try something new may be coming on. “In my next career I think I’ll be an artist!” Work smart and welcome change – you never know when the right career may be calling your attention.

For many bu siness innovators, lo ving what yo u do means fo rging your ow n path. Non-tra ditional care e rs keep life inte resting and fu ll o f change – esp ecially when sh e balances tw o careers!

"Chase your passion, not your pension." — Denis Waitley August 2013 | | 17

BIZ Profile

L Live, Professionals o Following Their Passion V : CELEBRATE E Mari Ossenfort GM of KDLT TV

General Manager of KDLT TV, Mari Ossenfort, had a passion for television from the beginning of her career. Ossenfort has been working for KDLT for 18 years. “I love the power of television and helping businesses grow!” Over the past 18 years, the television industry has seen some monumental changes in technology and how society communicates news and information. In the mid 1990s, the internet was barely taking hold in homes and nearly everyone watched square televisions to get their evening news. Now with mobile devices, most people are within feet of Facebook at all times! “Technology is constantly changing. Every day we are changing with it,” says Ossenfort. “Technology will be different in 5 years. It’s exciting to see how the news format is changing, integrating Facebook,

Twitter and the KDLT Mobile App. It is constantly growing!” Managing a TV station is similar to managing two businesses under one roof. The front office, operating on the typical Monday through Friday 8 to 5, manages the business end of the TV station. They create the schedule and produce commercials. Toward the back of the station is the news room. The news cycle runs 24 hours, 7 days a week. Someone is on staff 24 hours a day monitoring the station signal output. Reporters remain on call through the night in case of breaking news. Morning news staff comes in very early to deliver a news cast starting at 5:30 am. The last news cast of the day starts at 10:00 pm. “Our people who deliver the news have passion. They tell the story accurately and compassionately. Paul Heinert [News Director] does a great job leading the news team.”

"When you k now what you lov e to do, take the whe el and make it happ en."

Adapting to ever-changing technology, helping business grow, and delivering news to the community are the daily duties for Mari Ossenfort. Fostering teamwork and empowering others to follow their passions is paramount to their success, she believes. “Your people are your brand. The higher your expectations for them, they will rise to those expectations.”

“You conceive the world in your mind, then create it with your hands.”
 – Chris Widener 18 | | August 2013

"There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it's the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a businessperson." — Anthony Robbins

Greater returns.



“Assistant Coach of the Year!”

Cindee Evenson

Doing What She Loves and In spiring Others to Do the Same!

Boost revenue, efficiency and stability Put 25 years of property management experience to work for you. Real Property Management offers a proven, full-service property management system for your single- and multi-family properties.

Cindee Evenson, Menno, SD has been named "Assistant Coach of the Year" for girls sports in South Dakota by the South Dakota High School Coaches' Association. She teaches high school math and science at Menno High School, coaches cross country and serves as assistant track coach. She also serves on the SD Coaches Association Board of Directors in track and field. Evenson says she loves what she does! An avid runner herself who recently ran

the Minneapolis marathon, she says, "What really excites me about my job is getting the kids who are younger - like middle school and junior high - excited about physical fitness and being part of a team. They have so much enthusiasm and want to try something new! It's rewarding to work with them!"

Call today for a FREE property management quote:

605.789.5569 Each office is independently owned and operated. © 2013 Property Management Business Solutions, LLC

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Smart BIZ

by Tessa Audet

VACATION LIKE when YOU MEAN IT [even you CAn’t!] Tips for a great mental vacation Who couldn’t use a long get-a-way this summer? But of course, those two weeks of vacation time can disappear fast. When in need of an escape, sometimes a mental vacation is all you need to achieve the same relaxed and rejuvenated feeling as a picnic on the beach. Here are some soothing tips from Biz to help you unwind and get away from it all.

• Visualize – Picture yourself in a place that always has

relaxed you in the past. Maybe your lake cabin or simply your back porch and imagine that you’re there. More importantly than just picturing it, think about how you feel there and focus on that feeling. Soon you’ll start to feel happy and relaxed like you’re really there!

•C  reate Alone Time – Try to take five minutes a day to be alone, whether it’s before a long day at the office or after to just unwind. Turn off the TV, silence the cell phone, and slow down so your thoughts can flow freely.

•B  reathe – It seems simple enough but focusing your

attention away from the work in front of you and onto breathing can be a great mini-vacation. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, take 30 seconds to breathe deeply and listen to the rhythm of your breath. This will slow your heart rate, calm your nerves and make any challenge in the day seem more manageable.

Health Insurance

Don’t just roll over when it comes to purchasing health insurance for your employees or your family.

Shop and Compare. Increased membership orm are Ref Healthc ges Exchan efits ial Ben t n e s s E Plan athered Grandf s usines Small B Credit Tax

growth and 95% retention rates are the results of our commitment to and passion for the Avera mission, purpose and values. We connect our members to the largest, quality health care system in South Dakota. Our team is here to answer your questions. Loyalty, at your side, always.

For a quote, contact your agent or call us toll-free at 1-877-322-4885.

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Your Total Office Solution • Managed Print Services • Document Solutions • Managed IT Services • Office Supplies • Furniture • Equipment • Water & Coffee


August 2013 | | 21


Simple ideas that are genius! “Collaborating, Innovating, and Imaginating, that’s the power of Leadership. As your Motivational Speaker or EmpowerMEnt Coach, I would be honored to give your team the tools to create a powerful breakthrough, where the potential for personal and professional growth is unlimited.”

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Do you have what it takes?

Tim Cummiskey Director of Marketing

Melanie Brown


Stand Out from the rest BizNOW is expanding!

“Melanie has provided me with the training I needed to grow my company 400%! She empowered my sales team to grow beyond their expectations.” Matt Sapari - CE0/Founder Rocco’s Catering

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Are you: Motivated Professional Creative? Contact us to become a Biz account executive or writer today!


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Style Now

by Tessa Audet

Fashion You Love Create your dream wardrobe

Here’s how!


There’s nothing worse than that feeling of having nothing to wear for work, an important event, even for a vacation. Well, what if you looked in your closet and loved everything you saw? It’s possible! Biz is here to help you build your dream wardrobe and love every outfit.

Fashion photo by Jayne Erickson

August 2013 | | 23

Style Now

Fashion You Love Step One: Purge the old stuff

Step Two: Figure out what you love Once you’ve made room, it’s time to fill up that extra space with things you love. Like most people, you have different tastes and some things you loved last year, you may find boring this year. Try building an online book or “mood board” of your favorite looks from fashion magazines, celeb styles or Pinterest, and see which styles repeat. This way you can get an idea of what your unique style interests are and how to pick out the keepers in the store.

Photo courtesy Pinterest

Photo courtesy Pinterest


Easier said than done but there are some simple tricks to part with the clothes you don’t wear. When going through your clothes here are a few things to consider: how often you wear the piece (if it’s once every six months, maybe it’s time to go), what does it go with (if it only matches that one shirt you wear every six months, it can go too) and does it fit (this might be the toughest part but it’s time to come to terms with the fact that that pleated skirt from high school might be a bit snug).


Photo courtesy Pinterest

Step Three: Collect the classics

24 | | August 2013


Finally, an important step in building your dream wardrobe is to collect the basics, and then build off those pieces. Things that are timeless are great staples to have in your closet so there’s never again that moment of panic, ‘I don’t know what to wear.’ Forego the trends and choose simple pieces in well-made fabrics and flattering styles. And whether it’s an invitation to a black tie event or you get a call from a headhunter, when you have classic pieces in your closet you’ll always have something fabulous to wear!

10 Classics Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet 1. L ittle Black Dress – The LBD is the fashion

overachiever. It always looks great and you can slip on a suit jacket for day or add a strand of pearls for after-hours client dinners. Look for something special – with a little lace or an interesting sleeve.

2. A  plain white Tee – A wardrobe staple. Wear it


People. Places. Things. It’s about the reaction, the moment, the angle. It’s about the idea, not the filters used to get there. It’s about seeing things differently. That’s what I do.

~Jayne Erickson

under a blazer or tucked into jeans or a skirt.

3. Black heels – A fashion fave that goes from day to

night, dressy to casual and you can wear with anything, from jeans to suits to skirts. A pair of black pumps always adds polish.

4. B  lack suit – A perfectly tailored black suit means you

can show up anywhere and command attention. You look polished, sophisticated, and elegant. Hint: buy the best you can afford. It’s well worth it.

5. S  leek pair of Black Pants – It’s the ultimate multitasker. Pair them with anything and always look stylish.

6. P  earl necklace – Simple, flattering, there’s nothing like the classy look of pearls.

7. A  Great Pair of Jeans – Invest in a pair that really

makes you feel great; those are the ones you’ll actually wear. Pair them with a blazer and heels and you’re ready for anything.

8. P  encil skirt – The pencil skirt is always flattering. Need we say more? Get one. Or two. Or three.

9. B  utton-up white dress shirt – From pitching a

client to a weekend brunch, a white dress shirt (especially with French cuffs) and black pants is a hit every time.

10. A  gold watch – It’s an accessory and a timepiece. It can be your signature piece. A little gold can dress up anything.

What to do with your used clothes: Instead of hauling your used clothes to the dumpster, check out these opportunities to sell, donate and recycle your gently used items: | Accepts women’s professional clothing | Collects winter wear donations | Turns all items into cash for charities | Gives you cash for hot trends in

Sioux Falls | Sioux Falls donation centers give back

to our community | 605-595-4689

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what's now August 2013 August 2 “Merch Tent” IPSO Gallery at Fresh Produce 6:00PM-8:00PM Fresh Produce If your passion is music, this is the event for you. After party at Workplace Technologies. Free. Check their Facebook page for details.

August 13 Membership Mixer Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce 5:00PM Home Federal Bank Members and employees welcome. Complimentary hors d'oeuvres, beverages available, $3 admission. RSVP to 605.373.2050

August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Strawbale Summer Porch Series 5:00PM-8:00PM Strawbale Winery Renner, SD After-hours fun with music, art, music, food and wine. Each car $5. Details at

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August 20 2013 August SME Golf JAM & Business Fun Tour Sales and Marketing Executives, Inc. 12:00PM-8:00PM Willow Run Golf Course New members welcome, current members eat free. Enjoy a day on the green and the chance to meet the community’s top executives. Details and registration at

15 20

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jason M ueller business advisor

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August 17 Downtown Riverfest DTSF 5:00PM-11:00PM Downtown Riverfront from 6th St. to S of 8th Street Check out development downtown along the Riverwalk. Food and entertainment for the whole family. Email or call 605.338.4009 for details.

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