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Vol. 5 Iss. 8 August 2015

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Vol. 5 Iss. 8 August 2015

get inspired

leader every business eative spirit in inspiring the cr

Million Dollar



Highlights a SD Business

Futurepreneurs! For the Love of


Anti-Aging Secrets


Foods to Eat for Breakfast!

ABOUT THIS ISSUE: Futurepreneurs! This issue celebrates “Futurepreneurs” – those who envision a new way to do something or conceive of an entirely new and innovative product or service. Like glasses for dogs and plastic wishbones, there are a myriad of BIZARRE Ideas that have Made a Million. A visionary young entrepreneur in Sioux Falls found a way to connect students to community businesses that needed part-time help. Profits from Help University even helped pay his tuition! Meet Chelsea Tracy, owner of Chelsea’s Boutique, recognized by Google as an example of how a business can use the internet to successfully find and connect with customers. Hitting the creative wall? Need some invigoration? Check out 3 Ways to KILL that Creativity Block. You are what you eat. Read 3 of the WORST Foods to Eat for Breakfast and learn what you can eat. How you think and feel about your world and the people in it impacts everything you do. The POWER of Optimism may help you see the sunny side of life. Are you concerned about what the stock market may do? In Have Your Cake and Eat it Too, we demystify how to select a quality investment. Still not convinced? Then consider 10 Tips to become a Real Estate Investor. South Dakota has been ranked the 5th windiest state, and Not Just a Lot of Hot Air examines how wind power is changing the economic landscape. Find it all here and more in this issue of Biz!

articles 5 3  of the WORST Foods to Eat for Breakfast! 7 H  ave Your Cake & Eat it Too 8 1 0 Tips to Become a Real Estate Investor 10 A  nti-Aging Secrets 12 Google Highlights a SD Small Business 15 B  izarre Ideas that have made a Million! 16 H  ow Helping Others has helped This Entrepreneur Find Success 20 T  he St. Francis House: Helping those in Need


22 For the Love of Beer 25 6 Ways the Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Decision affects SD Business 27 Not just a lot of Hot Air: Wind Power 28 3 Ways to Kill that Creativity Block 29 Funny BIZness 30 Why Low Expectations Can be Good 33 The Power of Optimism 34 Crossroads Summit 2015

8 22 REGULAR FEATURES Biz Editor Note 4 Biz Ag 27 Biz Experts 18 Biz Finance 7 Biz Legal 25 Biz Opportunity 34 Biz Real Estate 8 Biz Spiritual 33 What's NOW 34

August 2015 | | 3

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Publisher BizNOW Magazine, LLC. Editor Charlotte Hofer 605-376-3758

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Design Director/ Senior Creative Ally Vogel 605-759-5615

At Biz, we define a “Futurepreneur” as someone who is forward-thinking. They’re visionary, bold, innovative. They have the courage to risk it all to follow their crazy ideas. Sometimes the ideas lead to wild success, and sometimes they don’t; the world’s just not ready. But they fight for their ideas even when the path is dark, even when the funding runs out, or everyone around them is telling them to give up, or every natural sign is saying it can’t be done. They just keep on going. We see it every day: someone who had an idea so bold it changed our world. A dozen years ago, who Googled anything? Who tweeted? And prior to Ford’s Prius, who drove a hybrid car? In 2000, GPS went mainstream. Today you can track your employees or find directions instantly. In 2001, Napster shut down. But the music-sharing site that let users swap music for free jumpstarted the era of filesharing. Instead of going to a music store, now people could share music online. In 2004, Google went public, making search not just a noun, but a way of life. Today they still own 67% of the search market.

That same year, Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook. Status updates, following, and friending became a way of life. In 2005, YouTube launched its videosharing site and suddenly, not only could we listen to music, but now we could post our own videos. It started a new age of user-generated content. In 2007, Apple introduced a Smart Phone. In 74 days, they sold 1 million smart phones!

Crazy ideas? Sure, some thought so. But today our lives are different because of these

innovations. And even the ones that didn’t work – like Napster – still influenced and forever changed our culture.

Director of Marketing Tim Cummiskey 605-366-1489 Director of Business Development Alan Dooley 845-235-5381 Assistant Copywriter Sarah Sproul Social Media Coordinator Jessica Newell Contributing Photographer Julie Prairie Photography Reproduction or use of the contents of this magazine is prohibited. BizNOW Magazine is published monthly by BizNOW Magazine, LLC and strives to publish only accurate information, however BizNOW Magazine, LLC cannot be held responsible for consequences resulting from errors or omissions. All material in this magazine is the property of BizNOW Magazine, LLC and cannot be reproduced without permission of the publisher. Send magazine feedback and advertising and sales inquiries to ©2015 BizNOW Magazine, LLC All Rights Reserved.

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So if you have the heart of a Futurepreneur, if you are out there dreaming up a big bold crazy idea, Biz encourages you to go for it. Follow your passion. Who knows? Your invention could be the next one that revolutionizes the world. 4 | | August 2015

Charlotte Hofer


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Smart BIZ

by Charlotte Hofer

3 OF THE WORST Foods to Eat for Breakfast

1. Bagels: Would you sit down and knowingly eat FOUR

slices of bread? That’s what you’re doing with a bagel – most of them have the equivalent of four servings of bread! Yikes! It will quickly convert to sugar, making you store fat and feel tired. Skip the bagel – or indulge once in a blue moon as a treat.

2. Muffins: Most store-bought muffins are oversized –

© Jayne Erickson Photography

some are giant -- which means they can contain 700 or more calories that have absolutely NO protein or healthy fats to keep you feeling full and satisfied. It’s just a carboload, which will lead to a sugar-crash later. Walk away. Go back to the fresh produce aisle.

Fiber Fights Fat

Studies show that fiber can rev the fat burn by 30%. Research says that women who eat the most fiber in their diet gain the least weight. Shoot for 25g a day – which is the amount in 3 servings each of fruit and vegetables.

Drink Coffee or Tea

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, so go ahead – enjoy your java. In fact, coffee can rev your metabolism by 5 to 8%—about 98 to 174 calories a day. And according to a Japanese study, a cup of tea can boost metabolism by 12%. Researchers think the antioxidants provide the lift. Try green or oolong tea.

3. C  ereal: You’d think these would be healthy, they are


If you get up and indulge in ANY of the above foods to start your day, you’ll probably feel lethargic and sleepy, as well as bloated. Worse, they force your body to depend on sugar – instead of burning fat.

The bottom line: eating the right foods in the morning can jumpstart your metabolism and keep you powered up all through the day. u

grain and all, right? And a few are. But the majority of over-the-counter cereals are among the worst foods for your waistline. Most over-the-counter cereals are just empty calories, full of carbs and sugar, and sometimes cleverly disguised as a "healthy" breakfast. Don’t believe it.

The good news is there are certain foods that you can eat that make you look and feel leaner – they energize you and turn your fat burning switch to ON.

Your body burns a lot more calories digesting protein than it does eating fat or carbs. Protein helps your body maintain lean muscle, so add a serving not just at breakfast, but to every meal and snack. Examples: a cup of yogurt, 2 tablespoons of nuts, 3 ounces of meat, tofu, a couple of eggs. Some studies say it can boost calorie burn by up to 35%.

Sources: webmd, prevention

August 2015 | | 5


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BIZ Finance

by Alan Dooley

HAVE YOUR CAKE and Eat it Too

So many stocks to choose from. How do you know which one to pick? While there are many factors to consider, two key components to evaluate are quality and value, together known as valuation. To determine the value of a company or its stock, think of a cake. It can be cut into many pieces and shared amongst many people. Everyone gets an equal share whether it’s 4, 8, 12 or more does not matter, because when the pieces are added back together you get 1 cake. Companies are the same; their value, or net worth is divided into equal pieces or shares by a management decision. When there are more people wanting a piece of cake than there are slices, the price of each slice goes up, and a restaurant can charge more per slice. This concept relates to the term market cap, a measure of the overall potential demand in terms of unsold slices at a given price. You, the customer, have to decide how badly you want the slice of cake and how much extra you are willing to pay for it. Is it worth paying a premium for a fresh and perhaps delicious cake whose flavor will linger all afternoon or wait a few days and get it at a discount? Stocks are the same, you can pay too much or you can get them at a discount when the perceived value or demand is low. You can even overpay for a great company and watch it turn mediocre or even go moldy without notice. So the trick is to buy a great company at a cheap price. A great company is one with good returns in terms of consistent and growing

dividends or has proven its ability to grow its net worth and the stock soars in value and demand. So how do you find a great company, one of quality? Market cap factors into how easily the shares can be sold, or its liquidity with respect to demand which helps determines the price. Another concept is Enterprise Value (EV) which represents the price at which you could buy the company. It’s the market cap, plus all of the company's debt, minus the net cash balances on hand. The amount of cash on hand or the ability to generate cash flow, is critical to a company’s success in terms of its ability to invest in and grow itself. This is called free cash flow (FCF) and great companies are able to generate FCF. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) is another readily available and useful measure of a business' quality and measures the same thing in a slightly different way. Once you can determine price and quality, simply compare these two numbers, and you will have an idea of its valuation – is it selling at a premium or is it cheap? While value varies by industry, generally a company with an EV/FCF ratio of less than 10 is considered cheap. Find a few quality companies, have some cake and watch your slice grow! u August 2015 | | 7

by Alan Dooley



Before you begin, read, research and learn about the real estate investing industry. Real Estate and the Stock Market have been two of the more popular vehicles to building wealth in the U.S. Each has its advantages and risks. You can minimize your REI risk by attending seminars and listening to CD’s or Webinars hosted by self-proclaimed gurus. There are many to choose from and some are more reputable than others. Invest some time and attend a few free 1 or 2 hour seminars to understand what help can be offered and at what price. Think of this step like college, there are many to choose from and you will want to invest in yourself first.

Find a Mentor

Whether you choose a local investor, broker or other guru, be sure that person has accomplished what you want to achieve and has the time to assist you with your goals. Most investors who have achieved their goals are happy to mentor. It provides them with a client and builds a strong trust relationship. After all, they will share in your success too. This differs from a college prof who has nothing to gain or lose if you succeed or fail. Investing under the guidance of a great mentor can make a world of difference!

8 | | August 2015

BIZ Real Estate

Learn Your Market

Obtain Financing

Decide What You Want to Do


Understand why your market moves. New business incentives, infrastructure improvement, tourism, or a specific industry segment such as a conglomeration of medical, insurance, high tech, automotive, agriculture or energy business, they all go through cycles and will impact the construction of new homes and apartments as well as the demand for rentals.

There are many submarkets within Real Estate Investing to choose from. Wholesaling is the art of finding deals for little money down and flipping the deal to another investor for a minor profit. This can be a way to start if you have little money or poor credit. Rehab and flip, or single family rentals are common starting points. By fixing a property you are helping the community in multiple ways: you provide living quarters for a family, you add to the tax base and you raise the value of the neighboring homes. Once you know the basics you can move into commercial spaces and apartment complexes. Consider buying a duplex and living in one of the units while renting the other an excellent introduction to land lording.

Create a Plan

Make some goals and write them down. Build a business plan and outline how you plan to reach those 1, 3 and 5 year objectives. See for business plan outlines.


Create an entity to separate your personal business and assets from your business dealings. Consult an attorney to decide what is right for you and your circumstances. Commonly used are the Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), or an ‘S’ or ‘C’ Corp. Within that framework, you can structure your deals using Trusts, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, additional LLC’s or other such instruments. The idea is to protect yourself against fraud, lawsuits or disasters.


ey Al an Do ol 84 5. 23 5. 53

no alan@biz



Get to know other investors, make lists of those who want to buy or sell. These individuals will become your clients just as you will be theirs. If you want to buy turnkey rentals, then get to know a rehabber, they will become your supply chain. If you plan to wholesale or rehab, then you need to cultivate a list of buyers and other investors as well as utilizing the open retail market to find clients.

Cash Flow

On any deal, the money is made in the purchase. If you are going to fix and flip it, factor in the rehab and carrying costs (utilities, taxes, insurance) along with your desired profit. Don’t go above your calculated maximum offer, there will be other deals. If you are going to rent, ensure you have a positive cash flow, there are some exceptions, but don’t go beyond 3 years with negative cash flow, especially when starting out.

Don’t Fall in Love

Each property has a personality, but it is only an investment. If the price is right, sell and repeat. u

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it tive spir the crea leader inspiring business in every

lop me sin es s De ve Dir ec to r, Bu

Use your business plan to obtain funds from either a bank, relatives or friends. They will all test you with small investments, so once you begin having success, the coffers will open. Talk to people you know and build trusting relationships, you never know what that may bring later. Your personal integrity is paramount.

Alan Dooley is CEO of Grathia Corp, a private lending and real estate investment firm. He has a BS in Computer Science from Rutgers University and serves on the board of the Lake County Historical Society. He is Business Development Director with BizNOW.

fast funding

Don’t let a deal pass you by



August 2015 | | 9

Smart BIZ

by Biz Staff


Anti-Aging Secrets Can we prevent aging? The market for anti-aging products and services has grown into a global industry valued at over $261 billion, according to BCC Research. Here are some tips on how to slow down the aging process naturally. Snuff out the candles. Researchers for scholarly journal

Trends in Molecular Medicine have found that your favorite scented candle could be making you age faster than normal. Most candles are made with paraffin wax and scented with artificial fragrances, and scientists discovered that these release various cancer-causing and age-accelerating chemicals. Skip the candles and instead open the windows, or make sure that the candles you do use are made of 100 percent beeswax with cotton wicks.

Exercise regularly. Your body

ra e



produces more growth hormone when you're physically active, and this hormone is a key factor in maintaining a youthful appearance. Cheri Kraemer, owner and pharmacist at Pharmacy ri K e h C Specialties & Clinic recommends exercising at least five times a week and including 20-30 minutes of cardio each day.

Get plenty of sleep. When our bodies are in deep, restful

sleep, we produce growth hormone, the same kind of hormone created when exercising. People who have trouble sleeping often have lower levels of growth hormone. To lessen sleeping troubles, Cheri Kraemer suggests going to bed at the same time every night and not drinking alcohol or stimulants within an hour of trying to sleep. “If trouble still persists, melatonin is a

10 | | August 2015

great supplement to take, and progesteroni capsules naturally cause drowsiness.” Cheri says that magnesium is an over-thecounter sleep aid that will help you sleep more restfully. Stress can also pile up with lack of sleep. So, nine hours of the zzz’s is the goal.

Reduce stress. Being happy and as stress-free as possible

are the keys to living a longer, healthier life. These factors also translate into a more youthful appearance. Relax. Smile. What comes with unhappiness and stress wreaks so much havoc. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Don’t smoke. Thanks to its 4,000 toxins, cigarette smoke is one of the worst agers out there. Prolonged contact is linked to a slew of age-related diseases, including hardening of the arteries and pulmonary fibrosis. If you want to reduce aging, don’t put a match to it. Not lighting up will save you money and time on this earth. Drink a lot of water. Hydrating is one of the most

important things you can do to keep your skin looking young, bright and glowing. Try drinking 2-3 liters of water each day, and go easy on caffeine and alcohol, both of which dry your skin out even more due to the sugars and phosphoric acid. Although we get older every day, our skin doesn’t have to show it. There are plenty of ways to stave off aging, and slowing down the aging process naturally is affordable, easy, and effective. u

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August 2015 | | 11

© Julie Prairie Photography

“I think it’s extremely important to have people in your life that can help pick you up when you’re down, support you wholeheartedly in everything you do, and be there to tell you you’re not crazy when you feel like you’re losing your mind.” – Chelsea Tracy

12 | | August 2015

BIZ Feature

by Sarah Sproul



Google’s 2014 Economic Impact Report recently featured Chelsea’s Boutique as the South Dakota example of how a business is using the internet to successfully find and connect with customers. “We were so elated when we got the call from Google,” owner Chelsea Tracy exclaims, “We have worked really hard to build an online presence with our small team and it means so much more because we do everything solely ourselves.” Chelsea has always loved fashion. She was that little girl who would run through stores and grab everything she could to try on and play dress up. She opened her first store in Chamberlain at age 20 and later made the move to Sioux Falls.

© Julie Prairie Photography

As a clothing store, Chelsea’s Boutique aims to build women’s confidence. “Our goal is to make you see yourself as the rest of the world does – radiating beauty and confidence from the inside out,” she says. “Our staff is trained in personal styling, knowing what fits and what looks best for an individual body type.” What she loves most about Sioux Falls is how entrepreneurs support one another. “As business owners we all work together to help grow each other’s businesses and we love to encourage each other’s success.”

This is why she believes that networking is important for any entrepreneur. “I think it’s extremely important to have people in your life that can help pick you up when you’re down, support you wholeheartedly in everything you do, and be there to tell you you’re not crazy when you feel like you’re losing your mind.” A key factor of the boutique’s rapid growth is their social media presence. Chelsea has a few tips on how to increase your business’s impact online: The first is to make everything personable. Let your audience into your life and behind the scenes so that they truly feel a part of your business and less like a customer. Next is to be authentic. If you’re not authentic and true to your brand online everything is going to come across as generic and you will quickly get lost in the sea of the Web. Her last tip is to have a goal in mind. A website and online presence is like anything else in business, it’s an investment where you want to see a return. So, know your goals, track them, and revisit them often. u

Sarah Sproul is a Dakota State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in English for New Media. Whether she’s reading a good book, scribbling in one of her many notebooks, or paging through articles online, she can’t seem to get enough of literature. She is now an Assistant Copywriter for BizNOW. Sarah is from Harrisburg, SD.

August 2015 | | 13

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14 | | August 2015




BIZ Feature

by Biz Staff


IDEAS THAT HAVE MADE A MILLION A futurepreneur is often ahead of his time… here are 5 INSANE ideas that made a fortune. These entrepreneurs held true to their concept while the world scoffed, and today, they’re laughing all the way to the bank. Read their ideas and get inspired - maybe YOU will be next! Glasses for Dogs. Who knew

dogs needed glasses? Doggles has made a fortune from creating sunglasses for dogs and has received attention from CNN, National Geographic, and Animal Planet. They’ve now expanded their business to a host of other animal accessories such as backpacks, jackets, t-shirts, and hats. Doggles has also introduced a line of canine corrective lenses – for the nearsighted dog!

Plastic Wishbones. I bet you

would have never guessed that there would be a market for fake plastic wishbones? After many disappointing Thanksgivings when only two people got to make a wish, Ken Ahroni came up with LuckyBreak. His company makes synthetic wishbones that have the sound and feel of real dried turkey wishbones. They now make 30,000 wishbones daily and offer customdesigned and imprinted products for personal, corporate and promotional use.

Printer Ink sold by Monks.

Who knew monks would also be in the printer ink business? LaserMonks, run by a group of monks, is a multimillion dollar seller of discounted printer cartridges and office supplies. Customers range from corporate giants like Morgan Stanley Research and the

U.S. Forest Service to churches. The monks serve more than 50,000 customers, and they process 200 to 300 daily orders for a large variety of schools and office supply stores.

Microwaveable Pillows. A

warm pillow can be very soothing. Housewife Kim Levine invented Wuvit® to fulfill this need. Wuvit® are little bags that come in various patterns and you microwave them to provide soothing heat. In just 2 years, her pillow was in national chains like Saks Fifth Avenue. Who would have thought that a warm pillow could make you millions?

Excuse Letters to Miss Work. Want to play hooky and

need a good excuse? The Excused Absence Network provides excuse letters for employees to skip work for $25 per excuse. They appear to come from doctors, hospitals, and can even look like a jury summons or an authenticlooking funeral service program – complete with poems and pallbearers. The founder currently runs the business off a laptop from a small Oklahoma town. The site receives 15,000 hits a month and has made him a fortune. All of these entrepreneurs are doing something so weird, innovative, and lucrative that you can’t help but admire them! Biz hopes it inspires you to come up with your own wild and crazy idea and execute it! u

August 2015 | | 15

BIZ Feature

by Jessica Newell



Help University is an online platform where companies can hire college students for odd jobs and errands, or even find volunteer workers. Companies are able to get tasks done and help college students in the process. The idea came to Zak Fick of Sioux Falls, now in his 20s, when he graduated from high school. He began by passing around fliers to his neighbors, offering his services as a handyman or for whatever odd jobs they were willing to pay him for. “I worked 15 jobs, they took a total of 20 hours, and I made a whopping $700.” Zak states. Once Zak got to college he took the idea with him. He again passed around fliers and talked to professors and local businesses about his services. Initially, there was enough work for 22 students, so he enlisted the help of other students, and together they made $10,000 in just 18 months! After seeing the success in Mankato, Minnesota, with 500 students participating in Help University in a town of 40,000 people, Zak saw the opportunity to expand. Students can now sign up, create a profile on the Help University website, and get notifications of jobs around the area. When the job is finished, the student gets paid on the spot. The site costs nothing for students to use, and Zak says some students have already made $20,000 from the site in their first year. Starting your own business from the ground up always has its challenges. Zak’s best lesson learned is that everything necessary for the business needs to be in ship-shape as quickly as possible. “Take care of basic legal and accounting matters right away,” Zak recommends, “The sooner, the better!” If he had the chance to do it all over again, the one thing Zak would do differently would be to build a team at Help U as soon as humanly possible. “A one man show is the hardest thing,” Zak admits. Finding developers and tech 16 | | August 2015

people that are willing to jump on board with a team can be difficult. “Sioux Falls has high quality people in tech, which is an area I need help with for my company. It’s hard to find people in specialized areas that want to work solely for a single company.”

What’s to come? Help University is looking ahead at a bright future for college students and business professionals alike. The general business plan Zak has in mind for Help University is to, more than anything, raise funding, build a strong team, and make the website more user-friendly so people will be able to post ratings and reviews of students with ease. “Help University’s main goal right now is to find people interested in funding,” Zak comments, “which is needed in order to continue forward.”

Lessons learned… So, are there any franchise opportunities in store for Help U? “I’m not avidly looking for franchisees,” Zak admits, “But if someone reaches out to me, I will definitely be interested in talking to them and coming up with a franchisee package.” u Jessica Newell is Social Media Coordinator and a reporter for BizNOW magazine.

Zak’s motto:

Š Julie Prairie Photography

Connect communities to their students, and give students the tools and means to find success in those communities.

August 2015 | | 17

BIZ Experts



What are 3 things I should know

TO START A BUSINESS? 1. Lock in your name.

You need to make sure that the name you choose for your business is available – check into trademarks and your Internet domain name. Start by doing a search online through your state and the US Patent Office. Not getting a proper trademark could put your business at risk.

2. Brush up on the law.

Know the regulations, licenses and taxes you need to get for your business in your state. Consult with a lawyer to help structure the business.

3. W  atch your finances.

Starting a company can take a financial toll, so learn where and when to spend. You don’t want to waste precious seed dollars giving every customer a pen, but it might be worth it to put $1000 into marketing. Keep up with technology -- use free apps that save you time and money.


Charlotte Hofer

Editor (605) 376-3758 18 | | August 2015



What vaccines do my teens need? Preteens and teens are at risk for certain diseases and need vaccines to keep them healthy. As kids get older, the immunization protection from vaccines received during childhood begins to wear off. There are also some vaccines that are more effective when given as teenagers. The Centers for Disease Control recommends four vaccines for preteens and teens—tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis, meningococcal, human papilloma virus (HPV) and influenza. While your kids should get an influenza vaccine every year, the three other preteen vaccines should be given when kids are between the ages of 11 and 12. Teens may need a series of vaccination shots to be fully protected. Check with your health care provider to make sure your child is on schedule. For a free immunization schedule, visit

Preston Renshaw MD, MS, FAHM, FAAFP Chief Medical Officer (605) 322-4500

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What drives the rates of my Commercial Insurance? There are multiple reasons for this. The single largest factor is your loss experience. Other factors are: an effective safety program, the insurance marketplace, and the right broker. Start with the loss history – zero in on where your claims are originating and what can you learn from this. Communicate with your underwriter to show you are addressing the issues and not ignoring them. Lean on your broker to identify and help you create an effective safety program that specifically addresses the risks of your operations. One factor you don’t have control over is the insurance marketplace – insurance company loss experience and investment income drives this. Lastly – evaluate your broker! Are they advising you in risk management, trending your claims? Get serious and ask about this like you would your financial statement. You should view your loss runs as your insurance financial statement - the better it looks, the better terms you’ll get.

Kurt Ratzlaff, CIC Senior Vice President (605) 333-2420

Business Solutions


Can you quantify the number of printers you have, their volumes, and their actual cost to your business? For most C-Level Executives, printers are not a top priority. The common misconception is that not much time or money is spent on printers. However, printing costs have been increasing 4-8% each year and consume 1-3% of a company’s annual revenue. Did you know that the typical office worker prints 34 pages per day, in which 17% are never even used? Company executives are usually surprised to see all the unintentional inefficiencies that are happening. There are ways to help reduce printing costs while fully automating the replenishment of all consumables and services.

Leah Black (605) 335-8520



What can South Dakota businesses do to compete in a global economy? Long-term and diversified economic development and promotion of the tourism industry for the purpose of improving the quality of life for all South Dakotans is essential. In order to compete in the global marketplace, our state needs a diverse economic base. We strongly believe that economic development should be measured by the number and quality of jobs created; bringing competitive wages that attract new workers, and more importantly, keep South Dakotans from moving elsewhere. Finally, our state should invest in an educational system that promotes the development of a work-ready labor force with an entrepreneurial mindset and a global awareness.

Ann Tornberg Chair (605) 271-5405 August 2015 | | 19

BIZ Feature

by Sarah Sproul

THE ST. FRANCIS HOUSE: HELPING THOSE IN NEED The challenges the homeless face are unimaginable. For nearly 30 years, St. Francis House in Sioux Falls has opened their doors to anyone in need with the mission to move people from homelessness to hope. No matter how dark your journey is or how far off the path you stumble, you can always get on your feet again. Jaime* was a former guest at St. Francis. She suffered with an addiction to alcohol. Her long-standing history with the substance took an emotional toll which resulted in the loss of her job, the loss of custody of her children, and the loss of faith. With the help of St. Francis, she was able to overcome her addition. “I was able to be reunited with my children and learn new ways to be a better parent,” Jaime says, “I was able to maintain my sobriety, my employment, and my faith in a Higher Power.”

photo courtesty Argus Leader


Jarad* has spent the past 10 years of ck e his life in and out of prison. Each time, B Julie as soon as he would get out, he would fall back in with the wrong crowd and make poor decisions. His addiction-filled lifestyle pushed away those who cared about him. He wondered if there was any hope for change. The last time he walked out of prison, he walked through the doors of St. Francis, and for the first time in his life, he felt like he had a future. “I made a lot of wrong choices, but that is not who I am today,” Jarad says. “I am someone people are proud of, which is new to me, and I am very grateful for my life today.” After losing everything she had to a gambling addiction and losing her 35-year marriage, Joan* also lost faith in herself. She had nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Everything she owned and everyone she loved was gone.

Then she discovered St. Francis. Today, she’s back on the right track. “I am so grateful. I know I will never be able to totally pay them back,” Joan says, “but by volunteering three days a week it makes me feel good.” Executive Director of St. Francis House Julie Becker believes in the kindness and open hearts of the community. “Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas are filled with the most generous people I have ever met. I have faith that our efforts, together, will continue for the betterment of our city.” This is a community that helps each other in times of need. You can get on your feet again and make the best of what you have. If you need help, the St. Francis House is located at 1301 E. Austin Street in Sioux Falls, and can be reached at (605) 334-3879.

HOW TO HELP If you or your company would like to help the St. Francis house, they are looking for donated items such as household cleaners, food and kitchen items, office supplies and children’s items. For a complete list, visit Financial support is also appreciated.

*last names withheld to protect privacy

20 | | August 2015

! 2014-2015 Statistics on Homeless As of January 2015, of the 1,036 homeless in South Dakota, 17 percent were veterans, 81 percent were individuals, 17 percent were households with children and two percent were unaccompanied children. This is a 17% increase from the 885 reported in 2014. Minnehaha County has 618 people were identified as homeless including 218 kids, which represents more than half the homeless population in South Dakota. The state has a 10-year plan in effect to address homelessness. While Sioux Falls has the largest percent of homeless, its numbers fell from 488 in 2014 to 463 in 2015, showing regional progress within the states 10 year plan to address homelessness.

12th Annual

St. Francis House Dinner & Auction

Monday, September 21, 2015 Sioux Falls Convention Center Bidding Starts 6:00 pm Dinner Starts 7:00 pm To save you seats for this event: email or call 605-334-3879

August 2015 | | 21

© Julie Prairie Photography

“Craft beer isn’t just beer. It is a community, it is a passion, it’s a way to bring people together.” – Jason Currie-Olson

L- R: WoodGrain Brewery Partners Jason Currie-Olson, Steve Hartman, and Ryan Van Tol

22 | | August 2015

BIZ Feature

by Sarah Sproul



WoodGrain Brewery started out of a conversation between friends Jason Currie-Olson, Steve Hartman and Ryan Van Tol over some craft beer. Jason recalls, “Ryan, Steve and I sat in Ryan's basement one night, and the seed germinated as we shared the dream we had to grow a microbrewery in Sioux Falls.” From there, they formed their LLC and began working on the brewery in earnest. Their love of beer started with trying beers other than the widely available national macrobrews. “We learned that craft beer isn’t just another beer,” Jason said. “It is a community, it is a passion, it’s a way to bring people together through a common interest and to build relationships and friendships.” The brewery was recently accepted into the Downtown Sioux Falls (DTSF) Retail Incubator Program, which is offered through DTSF’s Business Retention & Recruitment Committee. This means that DTSF will subsidize WoodGrain’s rent for the first 18 months the business is open, as well as provide business training and mentorship. The brewery will feature 6 in-house microbrews and 6 guest beers from regional breweries. They will also offer a selection of inhouse craft sodas and a variety of South Dakota craft wines. Jason, a home-brewer for the past decade, believes that with craft beer there is more space for invention, customization, and specialization. “It creates a local feel as well as fills in where mass production can’t.” And it goes back to finding the right beer. “Some days you feel like grabbing a sixer of Budweiser. Some days you just want to walk into your corner

Hey all you beer love there’s a nres – microbrewew opening inry downt Sioux Falloswtn summer! his

microbrewery and order something that tastes a little more like home,” he says. Ever wonder which beer to serve with a certain meal? Beer is very flexible and brewed with such a variety of ingredients that it pairs well with a wide variety of menus.

5 Recommended Beers to Serve at a Dinner Party* Founder's All Day IPA (4.7% ABV) is the poster child for an all-around great session beer—an aromatic but not-too-bitter IPA that comes in a 15 pack. Sweet Action cream ale (5.2% ABV) is smooth, comes four to a box, but each holds a generous 16 ounces. Victory Prima Pils (5.3% ABV) is perfect for friends who want that classic, crisp beer flavor. It's got that clean, wheat flavor, accented by grassy hops for modern craft beer palates. Abita Turbodog (5.6% ABV). For those who don’t like hops, the brown ales and lagers usually run higher in ABV than their paler counterparts, and this one strikes a great balance of caramel and toffee flavors with a light-bodied feel. Shiner Ruby Redbird (4% ABV) is a fruity grapefruit-and-ginger drink to round out the mix, appeasing those who "don't really like beer." * Suggestions from BizNOW (and we really enjoyed doing the research).

Which beer should you serve at a BBQ? Jason says he personally prefers a

sessionable, low alcohol beer. A “session beer” is a beer low in alcohol which can be consumed in large quantities without making someone excessively intoxicated. This usually means beers in the range of 3-5% alcohol by volume.

Which beer should you serve at a more formal dinner? There are

a variety of “dessert” beers available that feature a higher gravity and “bigger mouthfeel,” or the weight of the beer in your mouth. Ultimately, just find a beer that you enjoy. “Each style has its own flavor profiles, aromas, and character,” Jason says. As with many things, its trial and error. But what a lot of fun to discover! Tasting beer is about much more than how it lands on your palate. Beer is a multi-sensory beverage. The look, the smell of the hops or malt, the mouthfeel, and the taste are all important components to tasting beer. So, take a load off and knock back a few as you try to find your perfect beer – the search is worth it! u BizNOW reminds you to drink responsibly.

August 2015 | | 23

BIZ Legal

by Scott Swier


SIX WAYS THAT THE SUPREME COURT'S IMPACTS SOUTH DAKOTA BUSINESSES On June 26, in a historic 5-4 decision, the United States Supreme Court extended marriage rights to all Americans, ruling that state bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional and that states don’t have the right to refuse to acknowledge same-sex marriages from other states. The decision means that South Dakota will now have to stop enforcing its ban on same-sex marriage. Here are six ways that the Supreme Court's decision will likely impact South Dakota businesses:

1. Health Insurance

Group health plans often provide some degree of subsidized health insurance to employees and their spouses - usually on a tax-free basis. A same-sex spouse can now be included on a company's health insurance plan - just like a "traditional" married couple.

2. Social Security Benefits

Spouses in a same-sex marriage will be eligible for social security benefits, as well as being covered under the survivor benefits rule for both defined contribution and defined benefit plans.

3. COBRA Plan

Under some circumstances, COBRA provides workers and their families with the right to continue group health plan benefits. Most "qualifying events" are related to the worker or their spouse.

4. Retirement Plans

The definition of "marriage" and "spouse" often plays an important role in retirement plans. For instance, a same-sex spouse is entitled to death benefits under a plan unless the spouse consents to another beneficiary. If there is no beneficiary designation, the account is distributed to a default beneficiary usually the surviving spouse.

5. Family Medical Leave Act

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows employees of covered employers (typically those with 50 or more employees) to take job-protected leave for up to twelve weeks for personal or family member illness. This also includes the care of an employee's spouse, family member military leave, adoption, and pregnancy.

6. Consent and Eligibility Forms

Business owners will likely have to modify benefit enrollment processes for health insurance, retirement, etc. and create or modify consent and eligibility forms. u Scott Swier is the Founder and Managing Member of Swier Law Firm, Prof. LLC. They have offices in Sioux Falls, Avon, Corsica, and Winner, SD

August 2015 | | 25

Biz Staff Reports



A new industry is coming to South Dakota that will change the state’s horizon, literally – wind farms. South Dakota has been ranked the fifth windiest state, according to the National Renewable Energy Lab of the U.S. Department of Energy, so our state has the opportunity to generate a large amount of wind energy.

Biz Readers: Watch for future articles on how YOU can make money by investing in wind and carbon credits.

26 | | August 2015


More than 170 local investors have partnered with 110 landowners in Lincoln County to raise enough money to launch Dakota Power Community Wind (DPCW). Brian Minish, board member and local coordinator of DPCW, believes that there are a lot of economic opportunities for landowners and communities alike. Minish stated that the project would generate an additional $42 million for the state that could reduce tax burdens and provide local schools with the money needed for new technology and building updates and maintenance.

Wind power is a growth industry in the state that can offer many opportunities and produce electricity at competitive rates. A 6 cent per kilowatt hour price favors comparably to a typical utility rate of 10 cents or more.

in is


An extra $13 million generated from the wind farms could also be used to upgrade and maintain roads and bridges. “Wind energy is recognized as one of the safest and most environmentally friendly forms of new electricity generation,” says Minish, “It's clean and sustainable, M and generating wind power creates no n Bria emissions. Coal-fired power plants, on the other hand, emit approximately 30 percent of the greenhouse gasses in the United States.”

modern wind farm at a distance of 750 feet to 1,000 feet is in the same decibel range as a kitchen refrigerator. Another myth is that wind turbines kill an alarming amount of birds. The truth is wind energy development’s overall impact on birds is extremely low compared to other human-related causes, such as buildings, communications towers, traffic, and house cats. Some critics also believe that turbines will turn the skyline into an eyesore. However, Minish believes that “much like the power poles along our roads, the rural electric cooperatives faced the same opposition, but now they are a part of our normal landscape. Change is hard for some people.”

Unlike a typical large-scale utility grade wind farm, DPCW is managed by a predominately local board of directors, and is owned by South Dakota residents. “These are your friends and neighbors working for the benefit for Lincoln County,” DPCW President Paul Schubeck remarks. Once the wind farm is operational, DPCW will pay 4% of the gross revenues from the wind farm to the collective group of landowners enrolled. The 4% is broken down as follows: 70% is distributed to landowners with turbines located on their property. For example, a retail sale price of 6 cents per kilowatt hour and a 45% wind turbine efficiency would equal a lease payment of approximately $19,800 per turbine per year. Then, 20% is paid to landowners where access/service roads, underground collector cables, and other infrastructure is located. And the remaining 10% is given to landowners that enrolled their land to participate, but have not yet received any turbines or other infrastructure. There are several myths blown around about wind power. One myth is that wind turbines are noisy. However, modern wind turbines produce very little noise. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory claims that an operating

NorthWestern Energy recently raised their electric rates 20.24% to meet federal mandates and for critical infrastructure investments. In 2012, 93% of their electricity utilized in South Dakota came from coal, 6% from wind power and 1% from natural gas and fuel oil. Nationwide, natural gas surpassed coal as the #1 generator of electricity this April. South Dakota’s voluntary renewable and recycled energy objective states that 10% of all electricity sold at retail within the state by 2015 be sourced from renewable and/or recycled energy. u





August 2015 | | 27

Smart BIZ

by Rachel Woodman



We’ve all stared at a blank piece of paper waiting for some little bit of genius to materialize - waiting for a problem to suddenly be solved; a process to suddenly adapt to our environment; or a new business idea to come screaming off the page at us. When “thinking outside-the-box” isn’t working, try these simple ways to jumpstart your creativity the next time you run out of ideas.

Stop listening to your own thoughts, change your environment. When staring at your paper isn’t working and neither is bouncing ideas off the people around you, it’s time to change your environment. Just relocating from a quiet office to a coffee shop could be the trick to jogging your brain. If your brain needs a breather, read an article, book, or magazine you wouldn’t normally read. It takes you out of your environment and exposes you to something new. Or attend an event that has nothing to do with your project or industry.

Don’t create something new, just kill a stupid rule. The “Killing a Stupid Rule”

Trying to come up with a new campaign to improve company morale? Try this: ask everyone to write, on separate pieces of paper, something that makes them feel appreciated and their favorite aspect of the company. Mix up all the entries and pull 3 or 4. Charge your team with creating something that incorporates those 3 or 4 items.

If you’re the only creative mind you know, it’s time to meet some others! Consider opportunities to interact with people. has several entrepreneurial groups, and many cities now offer collaborative workspaces And entrepreneur networking hubs.

Don’t let ideas run out, stop a dead end with a mash-up. When a standard brainstorming session isn’t

going to do the trick and you’re trying to develop something completely new, do a mash-up to generate a new concept. Are you trying to come up with a new campaign to improve company morale? Ask everyone to write, on separate pieces of paper, something that makes them feel appreciated and their favorite aspect of the company. Mix up all the entries and pull 3 or 4. Charge your team with creating something that incorporates those 3 or 4 items.

28 | | August 2015

Are you trying to invent something new? Ask everyone to submit a piece of paper with their favorite pastime, biggest hindrance to their productivity, or the name of an app they use on their phone. Mix them up and pull 2; now invent a new product that incorporates both.

method, described in the book Kill the Company by Lisa Bodell, allows a team to address important issues in a constructive way. To “kill” a process or procedure problem, gather a team and divide them into small groups. Ask them, "If you could kill or change the rules that get in the way of better serving our customers or just doing your job, what would they be and how would you do it?"

Be sure to mix up the groups with people from different backgrounds or roles within your company. Have the groups pick a few favorites and organize them based on the level of difficulty to implement and the level of impact the change would bring. Trying to invent a new concept from scratch, such as a new business plan? You can make this brainstorming idea work with your network. Try killing other “problems,” such as the things that get in the way of going Christmas shopping, cooking dinner, staying physically fit, or surviving winter in the Midwest. Focusing on solving specific dilemmas that consumers face daily could lead to inventing the next Etsy, Fitbit, or Snuggie. Rachel Woodman is a Market Development Manager for CenturyLink. She manages public relations, marketing, and community outreach efforts for North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

Funny BIZness




Interview with a successful businessman: Tell me, how many people work in your company? Hmm... Approximately half.

Sam walks into his boss’s office and says “Sir, I’ll be straight with you, I know the economy isn’t great, but I have three companies after me, and I would like to respectfully ask for a raise.” After a few minutes of haggling the boss finally agrees to a 5% raise, and Sam happily gets up to leave. “By the way,” asks the boss, “Which three companies are after you?” “The electric company, water company, and phone company!"


Why did you leave your last job? Company relocated and didn't tell me where...

A climber fell off a cliff, and, as he tumbled down, he caught hold of a small branch.

"Help! Is there anybody up there?" he shouted. A majestic voice boomed through the gorge: "I will help you, my son, but first you must have faith in me."

"Yes, yes, I trust you!" cried the man. "Let go of the branch," boomed the voice. There was a long pause, and the man shouted up again, "Is there anybody else up there?"


An engineer dies and reports

Whenever I go near a bank I get withdrawal symptoms.

to the pearly gates. St. Peter checks his dossier and says, "Ah, you're an engineer — you're assigned to hell." So the engineer reports to hell. Pretty soon, the engineer gets dissatisfied with the level of accommodations and starts designing and building improvements. After a while, they’ve got air-conditioning and flush toilets, escalators, elevators and so on ... and the engineer is a pretty popular guy. One day, God calls Satan on the telephone.

"So, how's it going down there in hell?" God says. "Hey, things are going great. We've got air-conditioning and flush toilets and escalators. There's no telling what our engineer is going to come up with next!" Satan says. "What? You've got an engineer? That's a mistake — he should have never gotten down there. Send him back immediately!" God says. "No way! I like having an engineer on the staff — I'm keeping him!" Satan says. "Send him back up here or I'll sue!" God says. Satan laughs uproariously and answers: "Yeah, right. And just where are you going to get a lawyer?"

August 2015 | | 29

Smart BIZ

high hopes by Biz Staff



High Hope, Low Expections: Key to Successs? Are you stuck in a rut? Having trouble achieving your goals? Maybe the key is to lower your expectations.

Smart BIZ Sponsored by:

low expectations

30 | | August 2015

Call us today! 605.428.6150

Craig Libis

Smart BIZ The problem with high expectations is that they often lead to disappointment. Think about it: if we don’t reach our goals, we lose confidence, maybe even blame others, often make excuses. When we fail, we feel impotent. This leads to second-guessing ourselves, which breeds insecurity. High expectations may limit your thinking, because you are usually focused on one specific goal or outcome, which can actually close your mind to other opportunities and good things. You have blinders on, you miss all the great things that could lead to even greater advancements. Expectations are a little like fire: useful, but best when kept low and under control. Hope, on the other hand, is different than an expectation. It’s more open-ended. When you have hope, you aren’t confined to one narrow area of focus. High hope enables you to see all the other options, the people and events and ideas that are out there, and that could springboard you to an even greater idea. Every baseball player hopes to hit a homerun, but a nice triple is rewarding too. Let’s say you’ve worked somewhere for five years, and you’re waiting patiently to get promoted to manager. But if that’s all you see, you might miss a dozen other opportunities along the way (maybe you could work in a different department and find happiness among a new and fresh team; maybe you could come up with an innovative process or procedure for the company and the work would be its own reward; maybe there’s an opportunity to find a mentor at the company who can inspire you and help kindle

that fire again). People often get stuck in their thinking and refuse to see all of the options around them. They think that if they do X they will get Y, when in reality, if they do X they can get any other letter in the alphabet, including X again. Lowering your expectations may be the key to success, as well as happiness and contentment. Researchers at University College London invited 26 people to participate in a round of gambling at a casino. Players were given 40 chips each game and were given the choice to keep them all or gamble in hopes to win more. The researchers found that the players who were not expecting to win big had higher levels of happiness than those who expected to win it all. Remember that incentives only work if people can hit the targets set in front of them. Small wins can build momentum, and progress in and of itself is fulfilling. Happy employees are more productive, which means that they will be able to reach their goals. So, free yourself from disappointment. You can let go of high expectations but still maintain direction. If you let go of rigid expectations, everything that happens is a surprise, and that’s a very freeing way to live. You’re not letting go of goals for your life, you’re just open to new ways to see and achieve them. You may find yourself doing things that you didn’t even know existed or that you wanted, simply because you were open to something new. It’s remarkable how much you can change by changing your expectations!

“Combined, we are your total health solution”

Retail Compounding 605.331.3190 605.334.1672 Toll Free 866.738.0035 Fax 605.331.3243

2333 W. 57TH ST. • SIOUX FALLS, SD 57108


Sterile Compounding Sterile &&Non-Sterile Customized Compounding

The complexity of the new healthcare system can be overwhelming. I can help you – or your aging parents – navigate the health care jungle.

And often, half of that will be incorrect.*

The Coach in your Corner for Navigating the Healthcare System

How we help: • attend doctor appointments • explain medical terms • research treatment options • review your medications • work with your entire

Yvonne Mossberg, BSN, CHA President and Founder Yvonne Mossberg, BSN, CHA President and Founder

Someone who

605 941-0868 |

August 2015 | | 31

Lynda Billars CLASSES START AUGUST 31 st

The Lynda B Advantage Lynda Billars Team Billars, Luke & Associates Lynda Billiars | (p) 605-376-7932

at Your service. at Your side. At Your Service. At Your Side. at Your service. at Your side.

Fischer, Rounds & Associates, Inc. is an independent insurance agency with a broadRounds range of personal, commercial, health and life insurance products. Fischer, & Associates, Inc. is an independent insurance agency with a broad range of personal, commercial, health and life insurance products. call us in siOuX Falls

1101 W Russell Street • Sioux Falls, SD 57101 Phone: • Toll Free: 877-789-3773 • Fax: 605-274-9034 Fischer,605-336-4444 Rounds & Associates, Inc. is an independent insurance agency with

aOffices broadalso range of personal, commercial, health and life insurance products. • Pierre • Rapid City • Watertown in Mitchell call us in siOuX Falls

a d n y L s r a l Bil

1101 W Russell Street • Sioux Falls, SD 57101 Phone: 605-336-4444 • Toll Free: 877-789-3773 • Fax: 605-274-9034

Offices also in Mitchell • Pierre • Rapid City • Watertown

THE LYNDA B ADVANTAGE | Lynda Billars Team

Lynda Billiars | (p) 605-376-7932 |

32 | | August 2015

BIZ Spiritual by Gita Hendricks

! Biz Spiritual Series: Has a principle of faith helped YOU in business? Tell us about it. Submission guidelines: 500 words or less on how a principle of faith has helped guide you in your professional life, such as: compassion, honesty, humility, gratitude, forgiveness, generosity, kindness, courage, integrity, patience) to: info@ If your article is selected for publication, you will be notified.

THE POWER OF OPTIMISM “Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.” - Nicholas M. Butler

What speaks to me first in this quote is “the foundation of courage.” My parents became refugees after WW2. They originally lived in a German community in Romania and escaped to Austria, where we lived in a refugee camp until coming Sioux Falls. It took courage for my parents to give up their world as they knew it, pack their three children, ages 2, 7 and 12 to come to a new land. A land that they felt was filled with opportunity and promises of a better life. It is with optimism that they and so many others took that leap of faith to start a new life in an unknown world. Their optimism filled our lives with love and hope. When I think of all they endured, I know I can make it through anything. I learned from an early age that progress and success is filled with optimism. How can any business or life be truly successful without optimism? Of course there are “bumps” in the road. But surrounding yourself with people that care, love and support you, makes everything look brighter. Being successful comes in many forms – business, home or just simply life in general. It is, and grows, when we embrace optimism as the core. As a member of Optimist International, our local clubs offer the support and encouragement for all to be successful. The creed that is recited at each meeting is one to live by daily:

The Optimist Creed: Promise Yourself – To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet To make all your friends feel that there is something in them To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true To think only of the best, to work only for the best and to expect only the best To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile. To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble. Being an Optimist gives one the feeling of support and security, knowing that someone is always available through any presence of need. When an Optimist smiles at you, you can’t help but smile back! A smile is a universal greeting that everyone understands. Can you think of anything better to bring to your work, home, friends? u

Gita Hendricks is an Independent Member with Yoli Better Body System and a strong advocate for the business and community success of the Sioux Falls Area. Gita enjoys sharing her life with husband Mike and spending time with their children and grandchildren.

August 2015 | | 33

BizNOW Calendar

Send items to:

what's now


August 1 Prairie Repertory Theatre presents "The Sound of Music" 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM Brandon Valley Performing Arts Center 301 S Splitrock Blvd, Brandon Purchase tickets at

August 5 6 Simple Ways to Improve your Web Presence 6:00 PM The Bakery 910 N. Main St., Sioux Falls Sioux Falls Young Entrepreneurs Meetup

August 1-9 Sioux Empire Fair 10:00 AM - Midnight W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds 100 N Lyon Blvd, Sioux Falls Adults $7, children 6-12 $2, children 5 and under free

August 7 Bethel Foundation Golf Tournament 10:00 AM Madison Country Club 45152 233rd St, Madison Registration 9:00 AM, tee off 10:00 AM


August 13 Brandon Chamber Mixer 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM New Day Counseling 1320 E Rushmore St, #107, Brandon

August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 Marketing Mondays 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM The Bakery 910 N Main Ave, Sioux Falls Members only


August 5 Ag Appreciation Day 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds, Grandstand 100 N. Lyon Blvd., Sioux Falls RSVP: Cindy Christensen (605) 373-2016

August 14 Evening in the Vineyard 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Wilde Prairie Winery 48052 259th St., Brandon Live music, dinner & wine


August 18 Sioux Falls Chamber Mixer 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort 1415 Grand Falls Blvd., Larchwood, IA RSVP: August 20 Crossroads Summit 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM Sioux Falls Convention Center 1201 Northwest Ave, Sioux Falls Cost: $99/all day Registration: summit2015 RSVP:

August 22 Color Vibe 5K 9:00 AM W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds 100 N. Lyon Blvd., Sioux Falls


August 27 Speed Networking at The Bakery 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM The Bakery 910 N Main Ave, Sioux Falls

Calling aspiring young professionals! The Young Professionals Network (YPN) is hosting a day-long event focused on sharpening leadership and networking skills. Crossroads Summit 2015 on August 20 will provide opportunities to mingle with other young professionals, business executives and civic leaders. Speakers include: Phoenix police officer Jason Schechterle and former Director of Communications Strategy for Harley-Davidson Motor Company Ken Schmidt. Lauren Fosheim, Manager at YPN, believes that attending this event can benefit you both professionally and personally. “The Crossroads Summit was designed to bring people in and around Sioux Falls together,” she says. Networking in the business world is vital. “Being at a table with other professionals and attending breakout sessions is important to building relationships and leadership skills.” The event will be held at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. Register at

34 | | August 2015

Access big business tools without the big business headaches. Just because your business doesn’t have 100 employees doesn’t mean you can’t perform like it does. CenturyLink provides the latest cloud-based software, hosting and backup to help you do just that—easily and cost-effectively. The only thing you’ll be missing is the headaches.

Call Amanda Weber at 605.977.2826 or Learn more at

© 2015 CenturyLink. All Rights Reserved.

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