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ALTERNATIVE CLINIC Restoring organ function

One of America’s most profitable companies is now here

ORON OFEK 19 years in Chinese medicine

BAKERY BOUTIQUE Mint Chocolate Cake for Anglos


“to get what you want, help others get what they want” SUZI ZETTEL BACK FROM VERMONT Packed with Yoga techniques

DISCOVER THE 1-2-3 DIET Proven Weight Loss System

Exclusive Interview Albert Kahn I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE



by Dr. Rothstein

JEWISH HOUSE OF HEALING Physical and Emotional Detox

EGERT AND COHEN INSURANCE Claims turning out different than expected


Remember the...

Remember the...



Sypholux? A metal bottle to make soda water and carbonated drinks at homep For thirty years it was the most common wedding gift for young couplesp Until it vanishedppp

No tricks, no shticks.

star key?

Invented in order to bring down a naive client in a trap of tricks and shtickspThere once was real Israeli prideppp Until it went bankruptp

General Technical Contracting

Tzvi is building his reputation on customer satisfaction.

Air Conditioners Repairs, Freon Leak Detection, Sales, Planning & Installation of VRF, Mini Central and Multi Inverters. The evaporator and condenser coils collect dirt, dust and mold over time, especially when they are in use during the warmer months. Tzvi recommends cleaning these items every 2 years in order to maintain the efficiency of the unit, save you money and ensure a healthier environment. The company uses the latest methods to detect Freon leaks, repair and service your air conditioning units. They carefully and thoroughly clean the evaporator coils with a special cleaning solution and pressurized water, not with harsh brushes that are often used. This method is more cost-effective and gentler on your air conditioning system, resulting in a unit that works more efficiently. It is also advisable to periodically wash the filters and check the overall performance of the unit to ensure its optimal operation.

Tzvi Lefkowitz - 054-498-5298

Tzvi has many years of extensive experience in general contracting and home construction and renovations. Tzvi made aliyah from New York where he built multi unit projects and custom homes. Air conditioning is one of his passions. He provides care and maintenance services for all the major brands including: Elco, Electra, ECP, Tadiran, Tornado, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and LG among others. Tzvi specializes on both wall units and central a/c units. He gives a thorough explanation of the work to be done with honest and affordable prices.


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EXPERTS you can call now


Bet Shemesh - Jerusalem

Circulation: 17,000 copies

ALTERNATIVE CLINIC Restoring organ function

REALTY EXECUTIVES One of America’s most profitable companies is now here

ORON OFEK 19 years in Chinese medicine

BAKERY BOUTIQUE Mint Chocolate Cake for Anglos


“to get what you want, help others get what they want” SUZI ZETTEL BACK FROM VERMONT Packed with Yoga techniques

DISCOVER THE 1-2-3 DIET Proven Weight Loss System


Exclusive Interview


Albert Kahn


by Dr. Rothstein

JEWISH HOUSE OF HEALING Physical and Emotional Detox


EGERT AND COHEN INSURANCE Claims turning out different than expected

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Always Document your Deals & How to Draft a Contract Realty Executives Urban Renewal the Israeli Way Repairing Water Damage Web Designing & Internet Marketing What About Your Mortgage Interest Rate Should “Interest” You? Vaad Bayit Q & A Insurance Tip

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Chalav U’dvash ”They all said that the way to get what you want is to help enough other people get what they want.” Who Wants to Hear Your News? The Sixth Commandment Thou Shall Live

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The pleasure is all yours Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel

Nofei Illit Your own Cottage in a Private Neighborhood built especially for you. You will enjoy luxurious cottages in a quiet and private complex of high quality families, built according to the highest building standards, as well as exquisite environmental development, open spaces and beautiful green landscaping,.

Triplex cottages with private entrance, covered parking, storage room, garden IDFLQJWKHYLHZULFKWHFKQLFDOVSHFLĂ€FDWLRQV

Cottages and luxury 3,4,5 room apartments available CONSTRUCTION ALREADY UNDERWAY!

A House from a Good Home From the Kiryat Sefer Modi’in Housing Ltd. Group


Letter from the Editor


any people talk to me about their businesses or about ideas they have for a new business. It’s a great privilege to listen to them and to eventually be able to help them turn their dreams into reality.

A business is much more than a project. The success or failure of a business determines, in most cases, the quality of life for the whole family for many years to come. Success obviously will bring the material means for sustenance and the emotional strength resulting from accomplishment. On the other side, failure has the ability to destroy selfesteem, self-confidence and lead people and families into a spiral voyage of negativity resulting in tremendous stress and potential depression. I make people aware that expectation is perhaps the most dangerous element in the process of building a new business. Entrepreneurs are by nature positive people. They live in a world of possibilities and they naturally reject thoughts associated with failure or delayed reward for their efforts. Although their positive attitude is what allows them to venture into the unknown and take significant risks, they must be prepared emotionally and financially for the unexpected, meaning the unexpected in their minds, as mature entrepreneurs know that the unexpected is precisely the most common outcome. During my many years of experience working with small business owners, I have witnessed how people feel after launching their businesses. Most of them become very concerned about the viability of their ventures as their early results fall way below what they expected. The reason many new businesses fail is because the owners go through the process I just described and they emotionally quit their business at that precise stage, followed not much later by a material closure of the business. This mostly happens within the first year. Building a business takes time and unparalleled effort. Make sure you remember this letter when you are feeling down about your results. Always be positive and expect the‌ expected.

Ariel Topf Ariel has built several companies in 3 continents in the fields of Internet, High-Tech, Retail, Franchising, Food Manufacturing, Clothing Manufacturing, Direct Sales, Wholesale, Personal Development, Restaurant, Advertising and Publishing. In this process, Ariel has headhunted, hired, trained, managed and/or mentored over 20,000 individuals.



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• PURIM 2013

We had to change the direction of an air pipe in our house. We called various plumbers and most had their “reasons” not to show up. Yitzchak from Ariel Plumbing came when he said he would, gave me a fair quote and worked for five hours with a smile on his face until he finished the job. Before he left, I remembered I had another plumbing problem at home. Still with a smile, he took an hour to fix that drain pipe and to my surprise he did not charge any extra for that! His number is 050 308 2583. A.T. We are planning a simcha shortly and Arye from Zislick treated us to a fantastic Shabbos meal with samples of what they would serve at the event. Yes, Zislick is now offering catering for all type of simchas and events. H.T. I have a Bar-mitzvah coming soon and I needed all type of baking supplies. I checked many stores in town and Baking World had the most variety and by far the best prices. They are located in RBS B in the Mercaz Hanaal building floor -2. L.C. We highly recommend Michoel Guttman for household appliance repair. He recently fixed several of our appliances, one of which had been “misdiagnosed” by a different repairman. He figured out the issue on the spot and had everything fixed within the week. L.A I want to recommend very highly Anglo Protekzia’s services. They are a company that analyzes your current bills and tells you where you can be saving money or if you are paying for things you didn’t know you were paying for. You only pay them if they save you money. I was a little concerned going in that the process would be complicated or that my existing relationships with my vendors would be complicated. That could not have been farther from what happened. The process was incredibly smooth. My wife and I had a five minute conversation with them and that was all it took for them to come back to us quickly with a detailed report of where we could save money. Because we are very careful with our spending they only saved us a little money, but that was part of what impressed me. Throughout the process it was clear that they only had our interests in mind. There was no pressure to follow their advice or switch deals or vendors, which might have resulted in a bigger commission for them. They were really there just to help us and provide good advice and let us decide. You really can’t go wrong trying them. Jeff A. I was amazed at how much new merchandise Yehudit at Eshet Chail now has in her store under Shefa Shuk. She has the best pre-tied bandanas, snoods, tichels and accessories. Her prices are the lowest I’ve seen. A.L. I would like to recommend a wonderful treat to your mouth: a smooth and creamy parve ice cream. We had the privilege of tasting honey vanilla. All I can say is that it was an amazing experience; it was creamy, of course delicious and it didn’t taste like parve ice cream. It tasted like it was made from dairy. Well done Belgian Gourmet! L.E.

Bizness Magazine

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Luxury Facilities at Affordable Prices (Catered to your budget)



Business Finance


Document your Deals & How to Draft a Contract



n the last few weeks, two friends of mine have had to go to Bet Din because of disputes with friends as a result of not documenting their deals. In one case, one party claimed that a loan was fully repaid while the other party claimed that funds were still owed. The second friend had to go to Bet Din due to both parties disagreeing as to the interpretation of an agreement with respect to profit sharing. In both these cases, Bet Din could have been avoided if the two parties had taken the time to actually document their respective agreements. I am aware that friends help friends out and sometimes feel embarrassed to ask for an agreement. However, friendships can be lost as a result of one party having one interpretation and the second party having a different interpretation of an agreement. In order to avoid later disputes which can destroy a relationship, it is imperative to document agreements and have confirming e-mails from both parties if interim payments have been made on a loan. An agreement does not have to be drafted by a lawyer. However, if the transaction is substantial, it is worthwhile investing in having the agreement properly recorded. If you do not wish to use a lawyer, the following are some simple tips in order to prepare an agreement: 1. Discuss the business details of the proposed transaction with the other party and ensure that both parties agree to all of the points discussed. Where there is a disagreement, work out the differences and initial a draft of the key 10

• PURIM 2013

business points before preparing the final agreement. 2. Document the specific services that each party must perform and the timing when the services should be performed. 3. Explain, in detail, all terms, conditions and contingencies and have everyone review them. 4. Document the monetary exchange and the timing of the exchange of funds that will take place between the parties. 5. Write or type all of the details of the agreed terms on a piece of paper. 6. Record the names of every person involved in the terms of the contract. 7. Include terms regarding how either party can get out of or avoid fulfilling the contract. 8. List penalties or consequences if the agreement is not fulfilled or if it is fulfilled later than the specified date. 9. Write a dispute clause to establish the handling of a dispute between the two parties. For example, a third party rabbi can act as arbitrator to the parties in the case where a dispute arises between them. 10. Create a place for both parties to sign their names to the document. 11. Have a location for the names of the signing parties to be printed above or below the signatures. 12. Include an area for both parties to write the dates of the signatures. 13. Have the agreement witnessed or notarized, if required. 14. A copy of the agreement should be given to each party.

Bizness Magazine

15. Never sign a contract you have not read or do not fully understand. By following the above simple rules, each side to the agreement can protect itself and thereby significantly reduce the chance of a disagreement which could lead to the parties having to seek a Bet Din to resolve the differences.  Harry Zettel and Aryeh Deverett are Canadian entrepreneurs. Harry and Aryeh specialize in helping small business entrepreneurs obtain government-backed loans through small and medium-size government business funds. Harry and Aryeh have helped raise millions of dollars for companies. Harry Zettel is a Canadian chartered accountant and former trustee in bankruptcy. Harry specializes in helping companies plan and execute their business development strategies and deploy the best tools and resources possible. Aryeh Deverett specializes in business development planning and tactics for startups and small business. His areas of expertise are high tech and retail. Aryeh spent most of the past 10 years involved in retail merchandising and helping both small and large vendors of every type to plan and implement their strategies in retail chains in North America. He is extremely internet savvy but also very experienced in all aspects of marketing and sales promotion. Aryeh recently made aliyah to Bet Shemesh with his wife, four daughters and son-in-law Harry Zettel can be reached at; Aryeh can be reached at

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Real Estate

REALTY EXECUTIVES Interview with Shmuel Pasternak


leading franchise system in the real estate industry is now here! Entrepreneur, Success and Inc. magazines have recently ranked Realty Executives International, Inc. as a leader based on franchise growth, management stability and financial soundness. Shmuel, where are you from? Bet Shemesh, Hasitvanit Street. What’s your background? My real estate background begins in 1995 when I started working in Mishab (one of Israel’s biggest building companies) as Jerusalem’s sales manager. Ever since then, I’ve been in real estate as an investor, a buyer, a landlord, a manager, etc. In parallel, I have developed other businesses, among which is an insurance agency located in Tel Aviv. What skills do you bring to the market? My utmost skill is helping people. My biggest satisfaction is when a deal is closed and all sides are happy and satisfied. What’s the advantage of being an “Anglo” with 30 years of Israeli experience? The advantage of growing up overseas and in Israel is the perspective you have on both ways of life and the differences between them. For example, growing up as the rabbi’s son in a South African community, I can easily relate to the sense of community unity that Anglos have and a sabra wouldn’t understand. Therefore, when taking into consideration all aspects of purchasing a home, this criteria is most significant. Tell us about Realty Executives. Realty Executive is one of the largest franchise companies in the world. It was founded in 1965 by Dale Rector and has since grown by 887%. Today, Realty Executive works in over 20 countries and


• PURIM 2013

is one of America’s 300 most profitable companies. How did you manage to be granted not one but two franchises from Realty Executives with their rigid selection criteria? In 2006, the Israeli franchise was bought by two leading Israeli businessmen--Shimon Eisenberg and Zion Ben Haim. Since then, the chain has opened over 20 branches all over the country. I have now purchased two franchises--one in Bet Shemesh and one in Gush Etzion. The negotiation was difficult and took over half a year since Realty Executive has strict criteria about choosing their partners. B”H, now we are here. Why did you decide to partner with Adam Nissan? The Nissan family is one of the veteran families in Bet Shemesh. They run immense businesses in Bet Shemesh and out of the city and are well-known for their honesty. We have mutual values and I’m confident that our partnership will benefit the people in the area. What type of properties do you specialize in? We specialize in all properties--second hand, new, rentals, moshavim, commercial and investments. How do your clients benefit from your insurance background? As a veteran insurance agency owner I remember when anyone could buy and sell insurance. Today becoming an insurance broker is very complicated and tight-

Bizness Magazine

ly supervised by the authorities. I believe that real estate agents will go through the same process. It makes no sense that any person with no knowledge at all can one day decide to take care of the biggest and most complicated purchase of our lives. An unprofessional agent can cause major damage. How do buyers and sellers benefit from dealing with an established brand such as Realty Executives? We live in a world of brands. People relate to brands. The traditional grocery is gradually disappearing in favor of the big strong chains of supermarkets. And with a good reason! The small, local agent has no chance vs. the technology, large budgets, marketing campaigns, connections, etc. The big ones have all this. It is to the benefit of the client who will receive the most professional care when making the most important decision. How about your agents? We are cultivating a new breed of real estate agents. True real estate professionals who deliver service at above the expectations of our clients. Agents who understand how to gain, build and maintain relationships while quickly accessing and communicating property and transaction information. Agents willing to be part of such a team are applying now. What’s your short term goal with Realty Executives? My short term goal is to establish the Bet Shemesh branch which will be located in Sun Center (opposite Kinor David) and give Bet Shemesh a boost real estate-wise. How can people contact you? I can be contacted on my cell: 050-478-2868. Client satisfaction is our asset. I look forward to provide your readers with a different kind of real estate experience. We build dreams! 

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Real Estate Legal

Urban Renewal

the Israeli Way



rban renewal projects are one of the newest trends to hit the Israeli real estate scene. As several major Israeli cities have no more room to grow, municipalities have allowed older buildings to be renovated, giving the city a “facelift” and enabling new apartments to be added to existing buildings. Additionally, there is a concern that many buildings constructed before 1980 will be unable to withstand earthquakes. Very few apartment buildings are owned by a single entity, and since the majority of apartments within buildings are privately owned, the burden to renovate buildings in order to strengthen them in the event of a major earthquake, primarily falls on the individual apartment owners. Renovations are so costly that most people cannot afford them, yet despite the danger, there are very few national projects to strengthen buildings against earthquakes. There are also many buildings built before the 1930s that have been declared historical buildings and slated for preservation. The owners of these buildings may not demolish and rebuild the building, but must adhere to strict rules regarding the renovation and strengthening of the building. Therefore the government and the municipalities have an interest in promoting urban renewal projects, such as “Tama 38”, “Pinui Binui” and preservation of historical buildings. “Tama 38” is a national zoning plan whereby a contractor takes upon himself to renovate a building at his own expense. In exchange for covering all costs of renovations, building permits and necessary taxes, the contractor has the right to build additional


• PURIM 2013

floors to the building and sell the apartments built on these floors. The apartment owners get a modernized building, strengthened against earthquakes, as well as at least one room added to their apartment. In some cases porches, storage rooms, parking spaces even elevators may be added on as well, thus enhancing the building’s value. While this sounds like a win-win situation for all, very few projects of this sort have gotten off the ground. Changes were needed in the various tax laws in order for these projects to be economically viable for contractors. Also, the land law also needed to be revised to prevent a situation in which an entire project could be shelved due to the objections of even one apartment owner in a building. These changes have now been implemented, and now that the obstacles have been removed, hopefully we will see more “Tama 38” projects in the future. Apartments will be added to the market and buildings will be safer as well. “Pinui Binui” projects are ones in which apartment owners are temporar-

Bizness Magazine

ily evacuated from their apartments, so that the buildings may be demolished and rebuilt. The owners then return to new apartments in the new building. The contractor pays all costs for demolition, construction, relocating apartment owners and renting their temporary homes during construction. In exchange, the contractor adds new apartments in the building which he can sell in order to make his profit. As with “Tama 38”, the value of the apartments in the building is increased and the owners receive a new, larger and safer apartment than what they previously had. This beautifies the city and adds more apartments to the market. Why is the government getting involved in the addition of new apartments? The answer is simple economics. More new apartments on the real estate market means that apartment prices go down and this is what the government wants. However, prices are also influenced by factors such as location, interest rates, mortgage availability and unemployment as well as by supply and demand and the govern-

02 999 3939

ment would be well advised to give a thought to those factors if it wants to achieve its goal of lowering the prices of apartments. The third urban renewal project is the preservation of historical buildings. An historical building is one built before the 1930s that has special significance, for example an historical event took place or well-known figure resided there. The building may also have a unique architecture. Some buildings declared historical in Tel Aviv are the Bauhaus buildings, the home of poet Chaim Nachman Bialik and the home of Tel Aviv’s first mayor, Meir Dizengoff, where David Ben Gurion declared Israel’s statehood on May 14, 1948. Once a building is declared historical, it must be renovated in accordance with municipality directives, in order to preserve the building in its original form. These projects include strengthening the buildings against earthquakes and the construction of parking under the buildings. While additional construction is not permitted in some cases, if additional floors can be built in such a way as to enhance or complement the original building, it is allowed. One such example is the building owned by early Zionist leader, Menachem Ussishkin on the corner of Allenby and Hayarkon Streets in Tel Aviv. The cost of renovation falls on the owners of the building which is why many such buildings are currently for sale. While these renovations are more costly than those of modern buildings, the end product is well worth the investment as the neighborhood is enhanced with a real “trendy factor,” which increases property values. More importantly, the renovations help preserve our national heritage.  About the Author Nicole Levin is an American born, Israeli trained real estate attorney with 28 years of experience in the field. She has law offices in Bet Shemesh, Jerusalem and in Modiin. Website at Tel. 02-9915687.


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Property Inspector


Water Damage




e are being blessed with a wet and rainy winter which is keeping us busy. In past issues, we have explained the different kinds of tests we conduct. I will summarize them here for new readers: In this issue I would like to touch on a slightly different topic--sealing wet rooms. Although most of the examinations we are conducting these days are weather-related, I would like to introduce you, to our newest addition: The Portable Water Lab.

Tip of the month:


eople ask me when I think it is the best time to start repairs. My answer is divided into two--the professional aspect and the personal one. From a professional point of view, repairs can be done year round. Obviously outside work can’t be done in the rain. Therefore, before we schedule a job, we check the weather report for that week. However, once it dries up, we can usually start working within a few days. From a personal point of view, some people like to wait for the spring/summer. The bottom line is that it’s really up to you. However, I do recommend that you call and consult first. This is for two reasons: A. In some cases the damage caused to your home is not worth the wait. B. We are familiar with an annual pattern where clients wait for Pesach time to do the repairs. As nice as the idea sounds, it doesn’t always work and clients are sometimes disappointed that they couldn’t get the job done before the holiday.


• PURIM 2013

Bizness Magazine

Detecting the source of a leak coming from a bathroom can be quite tricky. There’s water coming in from different sources. The leak could be related to the toilet, bathtub, sewerage system or faucet. In order to figure out where the source of the problem is, in addition to the basic thermal test, we used to take a sample and send it to a lab. Although the process was effective, it took time and was pretty expensive. Today, with our own portable lab, we can conduct the same test for a reasonable price, assuring you that our results are scientifically accurate. All the tests can be done year round as the weather factor is not an issue. About systems



The company specializes in water leakage and moisture detection. They were the first to import advanced U.S. standard detection technology and to precisely locate insulation weak points. Utilizing their experience and knowledge will allow you to save thousands of shekels when buying or renovating your home. Call the office: 02-5901227 or email: info@ or check out their website at: 

02 999 3939

Internet Marketing

Web Designing

& Internet Marketing



ince the internet is so popular today and since just about everyone has access to it, businesses have made it a platform to propagate their services and products. These days, online marketing has thus become extremely important. However, the competition is great and unless you are aware of all of the internet marketing strategies, you won’t be able to do well on the web. Thanks to the fact that the internet is so popular and functional, this marketing is very cost-effective, quick, and easy. You can use it as an effective tool to spread the word about your services and products without wasting any time or money. One of the main aspects of marketing over the web is having a unique and attractive website. This is where web designing comes into the picture. Simply creating a website will not do you any good. You should be able to use it in order to attract the masses. Also, if you market your website and you get traffic but if your website is not good enough, your marketing will be a mere waste. Thus, internet marketing and web designing go hand-inhand and you can’t ignore either. The latter is actually an important aspect of the prior and the two are deeply interconnected. 18

• PURIM 2013

To start off with, you should focus on creating a great website which will help you attract customers and make sure you even get returning visits. The design of your website should be exceptional and in sync with the services or products that you offer. Also, it should be easy to navigate and search for the required information. The graphics used must be of high quality but you should also make sure that they load quickly without making your visitors wait. The more graphics, the better, because they make your website visually appealing. However, you should also remember not to overdo it. Always make sure you use the right keywords and create relevant content. Relevance is extremely important. You should never waver from the point and fill in rubbish. All the audio, videos, pictures and content on your website should be regarding your services and products and nothing else. The content on your website should also be engaging and informative so that readers find interest and keep coming back for more. It would be ideal to allow a professional web designing company to take care of your website because professionals are experts who know the nuances of web design. They can give you the best service at affordable costs. You should not hesitate to spend money on a professional because once your website is optimized, it will yield you profits and the money you spent will be redeemed in no time. However, you should make sure you choose the right company to do the job for you.

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Make sure you check the reputation of the company by going through testimonials and past reviews. You should also contact the experts directly and ask if you have any questions so that all your doubts are cleared beforehand. Now that your website is ready, you should go ahead and think about Internet Marketing. There are numerous different strategies which you could employ to spread the word about your company. When your website is properly designed and has all the requirements as per Google and other search engines, it will have a better page rank and you will get traffic. Plus, marketing it on various platforms will give you the muchneeded edge to let people know about your products and services. Once they visit your website, your job will be done because your website is welcoming enough and attractive enough to keep them hooked and invoke interest in them about your products and services. Therefore, web designing and internet marketing are intertwined and are equally important. An internet marketing company will also take care of the web designing along with everything else. Always make sure, as aforementioned, that you choose the right company so that everything is done smoothly. Gershon can be contacted at 054-759-5690 or by email at . You can visit his website at 

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What About Your Mortgage Interest Rate

Should “Interest” You?



was going to title this article, “Why You Should Be Interested in the Type of Interest Rate Rather than the Rate of Interest.” But, while it properly described the subject of this article, it was too long a title. So I will use it as an opening instead. I am often asked about getting the best “interest rate.” Throughout the three decades that I have been involved in this industry, I always offer the same answer: While getting a good interest rate is an important factor, first you should ensure that you have the best type of interest rate. Basically, there are two types of interest rates—“fixed” and “adjustable.” Simply put, a “fixed” rate loan is, well, fixed. This means that the interest rate doesn’t change (for the “fix”ed period of time). An “adjustable” rate loan, by contrast, “adjusts” according to an index rate, and additional interest, referred to as a “margin,” is added. While most people understand this general differentiation, it is important to appreciate the ramifications of each type of loan. The easiest way to understand these ramifications is by comparing two extreme examples. Let us say that our ”adjustable” loan is based on the prime interest rate (as set by the Bank of Israel) or “prime,” and our ”fixed” loan is based on a thirty-year “fixed” rate--a nominal rate, meaning it is not linked to the madad (the consumer price index), let us say that the “fixed” rate loan, is fixed for thirty years in NIS. With this loan, you know what your first payment and your last payment will be. Your payments and the cost of your loan never change. By contrast, the ”adjustable” rate loan (in NIS) is based on the bank prime rate, and can adjust whenever the Bank of Is-


• PURIM 2013

rael changes the prime rate index. The frequency and the degree of these changes are anybody’s guess. Whenever the interest on the loan increases, your cost increases, as do your payments. Think of it as rent that you are paying on your money. In the analogy, the monthly rent is not set up front, but will be determined in the future. So too, with the “adjustable” loan: You do not know what your payment will be in the future, or how much money it will cost you. These are two extreme cases. There are many variations in between. There are loans with interest rates that are “fixed” for five years (again in NIS in nominal terms, not linked to the madad). In foreign currency loans, there are LIBOR-based loans. In Israel, these are most commonly accompanied by interest rates that can change at three month, six month, one year or five year intervals. Those of you who have read my previous articles know, one of my frequent subjects is how “fixed” madad-indexed (or Linked) loans, are not in fact fixed. With Madad-“fixed” rate loans, unlike the Nominal fixed rate loan discussed above, the nominal interest rate (i.e. the actual cost to the borrower) on a Madad “fixed” rate loan can change. In other words, the madad-loan is a “fixed” rate loan that actually “adjusts”! To be fair, a “fixed” rate NIS loan linked to dollars will have a payment (and thereby interest rate) that also adjusts in NIS terms. But the whole reason to get a US $ linked loan is because you are worried about the cost in US$, not NIS. I believe when it

Bizness Magazine

comes to a madad-loan, it is better that you think of it as an “adjustable” rate loan—the index of the loan is inflation, and the interest rate stated on your loan is the margin. Another unique attribute of Madad “fixed” rate loan is that they give you a payment that does not fully cover what you owe. That is why, after paying a loan for ten years, people often find that they owe the same amount or even more! Once you have gotten beyond the issues I have discussed in previous articles (borrower’s qualifications, loan-to-value ratios), the key factors determining the interest rate are: a) currency; b) the number of years the loan is for (term of the loan); c) How long of a period the interest rate is fixed for. In today’s economy, long-term rates are higher than shortterm. However, because we are in a such a low interest rate economy, the difference between the longest “fixed” rate of thirty years and a five-year “fixed” rate is not that far apart. There are many reasons why someone chooses one type of loan over another. Sometimes, a borrower will only qualify for a particular type of loan. We work with our clients to make sure that they understand what their options are, what factors they should consider when choosing, and the ramifications of these choices. So remember, when you are comparing rates, be careful not to compare apples to oranges. And in any case, make sure you understand what you are biting into.  About the Author Moshe Wilshinsky is the CEO of Moville Mortgage & Finance LTD. Contact information: In Israel: 073-7962226 and press the special 711 Bizness Magazine extension; U.S.: 201-3773418; UK: 208-596-4501. Website at

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VAAD BAYIT BY DAVID DRUTMAN, B.COM LLB MBA, DIP TRUST LAW, TEP What is the Vaad Bayit? The Land Law states that every apartment building must have a body to manage the common areas of the building such as stairwells, elevators (“lifts” for the English), gardens, roof area, etc. This body is known as the “house committee” or Vaad Bayit. Special sections in the law deal with the dud shemesh, central heating, changes to accommodate the handicapped, changing the gas supplier, installing an elevator, installing a Shabbos clock (time switch) for the central lighting, and so on. How is the Vaad Bayit constituted? There is supposed to be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the owners where the Vaad Bayit is elected. If none of the owners wishes to serve on a Vaad Bayit, then a professional management organization may have to be appointed as the law states that there must be a management body. How is an AGM called? By a notice sent to each owner advising of the date and time of the meeting as well as the agenda. What are the rules of the Vaad Bayit? Usually the Vaad Bayit is governed by the standard constitution (statute) which is found in the schedule to the Act. However, these rules may be amended by agreement. The rules, including amended rules, have to be filed either at the title company or at the “tabu” land registry. Can one refuse to pay Vaad Bayit fees? No. Section 58 of the Act states that it is the duty of every owner to partici22

• PURIM 2013


pate in the expenses for the upkeep of the common areas in the building. The estimated annual cost may be determined by the Vaad Bayit and usually it is then divided into monthly payments for ease of collection. What can the Vaad Bayit do if someone refuses to pay? If speaking to them does not help, the vaad can send a warning letter. If that does not help the vaad’s lawyer can send a letter. If even that does not help, the vaad can take legal steps to recover the debt. Does a ground floor owner have the right to deduct costs of running the elevator? No. The law expressly states that all owners, including ground floor owners, have to share in the costs of installing and running an elevator. If someone is injured in the “common areas,” is the Vaad Bayit responsible? The Vaad Bayit is responsible for anyone injured in the common area owing to negligence of the building owners in that area. For example, if

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the Vaad Bayit knew or should have had time to know about a loose tile, does not fix it and someone falls because of that loose tile, then the Vaad Bayit is responsible. Of course the Vaad Bayit would collect any monies payable from all the owners as the Vaad Bayit is simply the representative body for all the owners. Clearly, however, it would be good management to purchase an insurance policy to cover “third party” injury, property damage and any other relevant risks. There is much more to write on this topic--perhaps in a further edition.  About the Author David Drutman has been a lawyer for 36 years, including the last 13 years in Israel. He has sound experience in a broad spectrum of work in both professional and commercial environments. He is widely respected for creative, goal-orientated legal work. He specializes in transactions (property, estates, contracts, commercial matters, etc.), family law and notarial work. He can be contacted at 02-995-1877 or at:

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n the spirit of “Ve’Nahafoch Hu,” we present two of our true insurance claims that somehow turned out differently than we or our clients expected. Case 1: The Missing Tefillin: Our client insured an expensive pair of tefillin (+/-$4,000) for “All Risks Cover” (i.e. both inside and outside the house). One day, he calls us frantically to report that the tefillin were missing from his yeshiva. A week of posted notices, calls to the yeshiva administration, etc., did not bear fruit. Reluctantly, our client reported the case to the police and we filed a claim. The claims check was issued and our client bought a new pair of tefillin. (This time, however, he kept them in his house.) One day, during the silent amida, our client’s concentration was suddenly broken by a hand coming from behind him and placing–you guessed it!–his old tefillin on his shtender! By the time he turned around, only davening yeshiva men faced him. Obviously, though, these tefillin no longer belonged to him. He hurried to our office to return them. I, in turn, took them to the insurance company and told the whole strange story.

Case 2: The Car Chase: This claim began in a brutal fashion. Our client’s wife, after a days’ work, was headed towards her family car which was parked in Jerusalem. As she was starting it up, two men approached her and ordered her out of the car. Not taking any chances, she obeyed and watched helplessly as the two “punks” laughingly drove away. A claim was filed and our client was paid out. One night, our client was driving a rental car in Jerusalem. Suddenly, right in front of him, appeared his car, complete with its original color and license plates! Our client was suddenly filled with a passion to have his old, beloved car back. He began to tail “his” car, while at the same time calling the police on his cell phone. The police joined the chase. At King George Street, two police cars suddenly blocked the road and forced the driver to stop. Claiming total innocence, the driver said that he legally bought the car. Unfortunately (for him!), our client was right behind him identifying himself as the true owner of the car, as proved by the original license papers and bituach chova, still in the glove

compartment. The “punk” was hauled away (and later positively identified by the client’s wife). But who owns the car? Our client, who already received his check or the insurance company which had not yet transferred ownership of the “stolen” car? Results: 1. The Insurance Company offered to sell the car back to our client for a reduced rate rather than go through the legal tangle that the case presented. 2. Our client was praised by the police for quick, decisive thinking and action. May all your claims turn out for the best! Policies of the Month: 1. Basic supplementary health insurance (overseas operations, transplants and medications not in the sal briut). Cost (for couple + 3 or more kids): Only NIS 90 per month. 2) Basic Life Insurance



Male Premium per month in NIS

Female Premium per month in NIS


1M / 3M

79.30 / 213.50

64.50 / 172.80


1M / 3M

74.40 / 186.20

65.20 / 170.20


1M / 3M

83.60 / 207

73.30 / 171.50


1M / 3M

114.80 / 266.20

92.70 / 194.50

Results: 1. A huge Kiddush Hashem. 2. The manager promptly asked me to offer the “old” tefillin back to our client at a greatly reduced rate. Our client, when I called him, had just celebrated his first son’s brit millah, and was more than happy to buy the bar mitzvah tefillin a few years early! 24

• PURIM 2013

Call us for details: 02-6232546

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hen we are children, we have a much clearer idea of who we are and what we need to do: “I am the oldest child of family X and go to school Y.” “I am the only girl out of six children and I love sports.” We go through adolescence with many insecurities. By the time we are adults, we may have a career that gives us our identity: “I am a teacher.” We then get married and become “the wife” and then hopefully become “the mother.” It is often at this point that our identity is all consumed by being “the mother.” This is fine when the children are small and need us for every little thing. The problem comes when they grow up and don’t need us as much anymore. “Who am I?” “I’m still a mother but what do I do with my time?” It’s also at this time that we begin to lack confidence in our abilities and ask ourselves: “What am I good at?”


• PURIM 2013

Leah* got married young and was a full-time mother for her 6 children for many years. When her youngest was 13 and the rest were away in dorms and only came home for Shabbat, she suddenly had a lot of time to herself. After being so busy for so many years, she didn’t know what to do with herself. She was feeling quite low and didn’t always have something to get up for in the morning. She felt at a loss so she gave me a call. I asked her to tell me about herself, what she liked doing, who she was and she started to cry. She didn’t know anymore what she liked to do for herself. She had always done things for her children. We started to explore things that she had enjoyed in the past as a young adult and after much thought she came up with a short list of ideas. Leah picked two of them and with much apprehension she began to explore making them a reality in her life. Now that she had these two new activities, her weeks seemed less empty and she has things to look forward to. We then began to work on her sense of self. Her identity had be-

Bizness Magazine

come so tied up with being a mother that she had no idea who she was on her own. We started to look at what her skills and talents were and what her dreams for the future were. After a number of sessions, Leah began to feel more positive and began to see that this new stage in her life, with her kids needing her less, was an exciting opportunity for her to work on herself and discover herself again. If you are feeling at a loss and that you have lost your identity, please give me a call to see how we can work together to rediscover the real you! Call Helen Abelesz at 054-4829815 for a free first consultation.  * Not her real name and all identifying details have been changed. About the Author Helen Abelesz is a life coach who specializes in working with women who are feeling overwhelmed, lack self-confidence, dealing with stress or not achieving their potential. Helen will help you pinpoint your insecurities, set goals for you to achieve and empower you to take control of your life. She works in both Hebrew and English.

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C ar Anatomy Series BY ARIEL LEVY


Mechanics 101 for Purim Dummies

an you imagine the type of questions that people ask me or the expression on their faces when I say something like, “We need to check your chassis” or “Your tail lights are burned”? This is the first in a series of articles explaining the main automobile (fancy word for car) parts and how they function. By memorizing these main car parts you may never have to hear your mechanic laugh at you again or have to pay the extra “bonus” for revealing that a muffle and a waffle sound the same to you. The following are the main parts of your car (Ask a neighbor to show you which part in the picture corresponds to the parts below): Chassis: The rectangular, usually steel frame, supported on springs and attached to the axles, that holds the body and motor of an automotive vehicle. A chassis is the main structure of the car, like the bones of your body, and around that chassis the car is built. Engine: This provides the motion power for the various functions which the vehicle may be required to perform. The engine used in automobiles is an internal combustion engine. (Your neighbor may not know how to explain this so in upcoming issues, I will write a full article on how combustion engines work. Stay tuned (not related to tune up). Transmission System: The transmission systems in vehicles are installed to send signals from one part to another, such as from engines to wheels, to ensure mobility. The automobile transmission system can be classified as a manual transmission or an automatic transmission. In the case of the manual transmis28

• PURIM 2013

sion system, the vehicle is driven with the assistance of a gearshift and a foot clutch. In the case of the automatic transmission system, the gears are changed automatically, corresponding with the vehicle’s speed. (Please, this for sure do not ask your neighbor. Even if he is the type that knows everything. I will write another article in this series about this too.) Auxiliaries: The electrical system is one of the main auxiliaries in the automobile. Like the lights, dashboard panels, alternator, spark plugs, etc. [This is what makes a car blow up in flames when there is a short circuit. It rarely happens to most people, (unless they ask their neighbors transmission system questions)]. Controls: These are the steering and the braking systems. [In the vernacular, the steering system refers to the circle in front of the driver which is used to make turns or go straight. This activity is usually controlled by the driver (or the spouse sitting next to him)].

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Superstructure: This is the body of the car. Doors, hood, bumpers, windows, roof, sunroof, etc. (This one is really easy. A good tip to recognize it is by its dents and scratches.) Oh! I almost forgot the real basics: An automobile or motor car is a wheeled motor vehicle for transporting passengers which also carries its own engine or motor. Now everything should be clear. Warning: This is only your first lesson. Please do not go yet to your mechanic pretending you know everything. The “bonus” could be huge.  About the Author Ariel Levy’s new car garage is located in the Bet Shemesh industrial area on Rechov Hamasger (next to the Moadon Haklavim pet shop). Ariel is a member of the Bizness Magazine Professional Network offering a free 15-minute consultation to all our readers. He can be contacted at 054 205 0389.

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es and n of costum o ti c le se e Wid ems for packaging it accessories, ot, gift hloach man all your mis ... much more baskets and

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Smiling from Bet Shemesh to Jerusalem with Smile Talk T BY


aking care of your braces: The Purim Edition. Aaah! The smell of hamentashen is wafting from the bakeries, the candy stores are fully stocked with gooey treats, the shopping center is bursting with the sounds and smells of explosives and orthodontic brackets are breaking everywhere. Purim is in the air! Here, in Israel, we are blessed with Purim celebrations that last from Tu Bishvat until Nissan. Very few people feel this as much as the orthodontist. First of all, the color combinations of elastics are so creative and wild this time of year. As all orthodontic patients know, a good color combo is an essential feature of any Purim costume! That’s the fun part of being an orthodontist at Purim time. The broken brackets however, they are less fun. :( Broken braces are a result of heavy forces placed on the brackets. Don’t forget, braces are meant to be taken off easily one day--without causing damage to the teeth. That is why they are glued on to the teeth and not drilled into them! A hard bite into an apple or peach or even a hard pizza crust can cause brackets to fall off. Candy, pencils and bottle caps will always knock a bracket off when the two collide. You get the idea. These breakages can lead to a painful poking orthodontic wire and might delay treatment. Over the years, we have found that patients who break their braces fall into one of four categories: The Chacham: “I almost succeeded in switching my wire to a thicker size I bought online.” “My lateral was incisally displaced two millimeters so I introduced lingual root torque and the bracket fell off.” To this patient we say, no matter how may years you have personally been 30

• PURIM 2013

studying orthodontics, the chances are that as a 15 years old, you probably have not yet graduated from an accredited specialty program in orthodontics and you might just be best served to let Dr. Lavi and Gherman handle the detailing of the case :) The Rashah: “I broke them to make you work harder for your money.” There Is certain behavior in early development that we call “markers” of future disturbing behavior. Children who torture tiny animals and orthodontists for sport should be directed to a good therapist who can help channel their “talents” towards something productive like working for the Mossad. The Tam: “I don’t know, as I recall, I was just drinking water when my brackets popped off.” “I haven’t eaten anything since I saw you. Are you sure you’re not using spoiled glue?” These types of puzzled, “How did this happen?” reports are usually followed by 25 minutes of drilling a tangy taffy out from under the arch wire. Also, if you are going to use the excuse that you have not eaten anything in the past month, don’t leave everything that you

Bizness Magazine

have eaten during that time around your braces as evidence. Sheino Yodea: The most common approach to broken brackets is to keep a low profile and hope the orthodontist does not notice all the broken brackets. It is important to note that the main reason we have found for broken brackets is dirty teeth. Some of this might be because patients who don’t brush their teeth also don’t care for their braces. But, there is a biological explanation as well. If the braces constantly have food around them, the enamel weakens in that area and the bracket loosens. This is bad because the bracket is more likely to fall off. But what is even worse is the weakening of the tooth. Whatever the reason is, as your orthodontists, we will treat you calmly and patiently. It is interesting to note that our adult patients, who represent 20-30% of our practice at any given time, almost always have sparkling clean teeth and almost never experience broken brackets. This strongly suggests a correlation between responsible braces care and intact braces. So this Purim, eat and drink and brush your teeth responsibly. Hopefully you and your orthodontist will have many reasons to smile. :)  Dr. Eliyahu Gherman is located at 15 Ibn Gevirol, Rechavia. The phone numbers are: 02-561-9770 and 02-5619780. The hours are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8 a.m.3 p.m.; Wednesday 8 a.m.-7 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Dr. Edo Lavi’s office is located at 1 Nachal Tamar, Ramat Bet Shemesh. The phone number is: 02-992-3363.

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he world, the workings of a person and Torah are all reflections of each other. So says the Ibn Ezra in “Divrei Hayamim.” Therefore, analyzing the world properly should give us a better understanding of ourselves and of Torah. One of the curiously striking discrepancies between the animal kingdom and the human race can be found in the search for sustenance. While (non-endangered) species of animals tend to find their food with ease, man often has to struggle to provide a livelihood. It is not a simple matter of touring with the herd and picking on some easy prey (or at least it should not be that way). Man’s quest for a livelihood is far more complex and often takes years in terms of education and training, as well as refining the necessary skills to make ends-meet in any given trade. (From here on, we will use the word parnassah.) Hashem must have set this up this way for a reason. Why must this constant struggle for parnassah exist? This animal-human distinction was highlighted and addressed no less than two thousand years ago, albeit in a more pinpointed way. In the final mishnah in “Kiddushin,” Rabbi Shimon ben Elazar says, ”Have you ever seen an animal or bird who has [learned] a trade? They sustain themselves without effort or strain! Given that the animal kingdom was created to serve man, man should surely also have been created to be able to sustain himself effortlessly. Rather [the answer is], I have performed bad deeds and I have caused my parnassah to come with effort.’’ The question that the mishnah asks is a simple one: [Why 32

• PURIM 2013

do we have to expend effort in making a living when the animal kingdom does not?] Yet, the answer is very cryptic. What does the fact that man has sinned have to do with a parnassah necessitating effort? The question demands a deeper understanding of the goal of working for parnassah. The idea is that the goal of making a constant effort to secure parnassah is to constantly acknowledge Hashem and build a relationship with Him. Had it been an effortless task to earn a livelihood, we could lull ourselves into the attitude that, ”I can do it all by myself, I don’t need G-d.” But Hashem fashioned a world whereby one must constantly be involved in the effort for parnassah, thus ensuring a constant connection and relationship with Him whereby He constantly bestows parnassah upon us for which we are constantly looking to Him. In this vein, the gemara in “Yoma” (86b) cites Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai’s insight that the reason the manna in the desert fell every day (as opposed to one big chunk once a year) was in order for us ”to see Hashem” every day, so to speak. In the words of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai: It’s akin to a king who had a son and decided to allot a large amount of food [expenses] in one lump sum for the entire year. The result was that his son only met him this one time a year. The king then decided to give the son expenses/food in daily portions. Thus, the son would spend time with his father every day.” Our efforts for parnassah mean that we turn to Hashem every day. As the gemara in “Chagigah” (9b) comments, “Hashem favored the trait of poverty over opulence because one who has to work for his bread will turn to

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Hashem and constantly build a relationship with Him.” See Rabeinu Chananel there. The Beis Yitzchak, Rav of Lvov (“Beshalach,” ma’amar 67), threads this idea back into the aforementioned mishnah. Because man has sinned, we have severed a certain level of our connection to Hashem. Therefore, we have to struggle for parnassah in order to reforge that connection. The struggle for parnassah is not a punishment, it is an opportunity. Further, this connection and turning to Hashem in prayer is what the parnassah effort is all about. It is supposed to inspire and move us to commit further into this relationship with Hashem via performing His mitzvos. This was the ”test” aspect of the manna. As the Rashbam explains in “Beshalach,”. passuk (16:4): “I am providing you with bread from heaven, in order to test you.” The Rashbam explains this to mean that ”because every day you turn to Me for sustenance, you will believe in My providence (hashgacha) over you and you will thus follow my Torah.” When one holds a month’s paycheck in one’s hands, one is holding a month’s worth of time in those hands. How that money is used will determine and re-define that entire month. Putting the money to a positive constructive use has the effect of uplifting that entire month’s work. The Divinely-ordained fact of life that we must use much effort to earn a livelihood is thus both an opportunity and a responsibility. May we be successful in all our endeavors. Adapted and translated by R. Daniel Fine. 

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It’s time to bring nature into your own backyard. DECK & PERGOLA RENOVATIONS & REPAIRS Specialists in: artificial grass *sprinkler/hydration systems *garden fences *tree pruning *garden maintenance

Phone: 050-234-3765

Fax: 02-671-8712

DAVID DRUTMAN-ADVOCATE AND NOTARY ŠÂ&#x;£²¢Â&#x;ÂŞÂ&#x; Â?“Â&#x;ÂŹ -Š¨¢Â&#x;²Â? Â?Â&#x;Â? 30 years experience in protecting our clients

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I Can’t Take it

Any More

Interview with Mr. Albert Kahn

Just in case one person suspects a personal motive for this message, I want to make it very clear that neither I nor any member of my family sells insurance. There is no personal gain for me or my family, monetarily or otherwise, from anyone paying heed to the message. Mr. Kahn, what is your background? Grew up in N.Y. Attended the Telz Yeshiva in Cleveland and Rabbi Moshe Feinstein’s, z”l’s yeshiva. I have a degree in accounting and I built a real estate business where I own and managed properties. Where do you live? In Flatbush, New York. What prompted you to devote your energy to motivating people to get life insurance? I’ve always been involved in collecting money for widows and orphans. Only a few short years ago, a rebbe with a lifeinsurance policy to protect his family in case of a tragedy, G-d forbid, was a rarity. A friend of mine, who was a rebbe, suddenly passed away. There was no life insurance policy. I was involved in raising money so that the rebbe’s family would be able to survive. At that time it dawned on me that the tens of thousands of dollars that I was raising for a single family could purchase life insurance policies for dozens and dozens of rebbayim who couldn’t afford a policy. Shortly thereafter, I began my, “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE” campaign to motivate parents of children in yeshivos, businessmen and principals to implement a program in their yeshivas to insure every rebbe. It is a simple solution to a major problem, solvable with a few dollars. For a few dollars a month, you can buy termlife insurance. I’m trying to prevent a bad 34

• PURIM 2013

situation from becoming catastrophic. How much of your time do you dedicate to this mission? I gave over my business to partners to dedicate myself 24/7 to this crucial mission. What are the most dramatic cases you have seen? Just recently, the parents of a 27-year old Mir yeshiva man bought a life insurance policy for him. Just three months later, the unthinkable happened. The policy will make all the difference to his family until they are self-sufficient. What type of efforts are you making to raise awareness? I place ads in newspapers. I target chassan/kallah classes. I go to speak with every gadol and organizations such as OU, Agudah, day schools, companies and groups in general. I speak to anyone with Jewish workers. I encourage them to pay a part of the premium so that the cost will be shared with the employee. It’s a great Hanukkah present for a few bucks and shows the employee how much the organization really cares. Who pays for all the media coverage? Most of it is my personal money. For those who want to share in the mitzvah, I have created a non-profit organization that gives tax deductable donation receipts. Do you fundraise for the advertising campaigns? Not actively. Sometimes, at the end of

Bizness Magazine

my ads, I write an invitation to people to be part of this life-changing mitzvah. Are there any particular groups that you direct your message to? I do not discriminate or select any particular group. I talk to and help make programs for all groups. Do you find people saying that they have bitachon and therefore they do not need or want insurance policies? Not any more. With great Siyatah D’shmayah, I changed the whole mindset and all agree with it now. It is an act of kindness to take care of your family. If you do not do it, then it will fall on the community; therefore you should do it. What are the Gedolim saying about this effort? R. Yaakov Kamenetzky z”l agreed with it. R. Eliyashiv z”l said that this is the proper thing to do and his sonin-law said that this is a mitzvah of pikuach nefesh. R. Moshe Feinstein z”l said that it’s a form of effort that is proper and permitted by Hashem. He said that people should get term-life insurance during the sheva brachos. The Mesilas Yesharim teaches the concept that there is nothing new. I just have to keep repeating the message over and over. So I keep saying just two things: 1. Get adequate term-life insurance for husband and wife (separate policies) and 2. I’m not in the insurance business, nor is anyone in my family. Based on a psak I received, this is an expense you can put before calculating your ma’aser, if necessary. Term-life insurance can be put into your household expenses. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Give us an example of a thank you letter from families who have had to use the insurance plans?

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A woman wrote to me thanking me for implementing the program in the yeshiva where her husband was a Rebbe. She realized that they would need even a higher insurance amount than what the yeshiva provided, which she then bought. Then the unthinkable happened. She wrote, “I cannot describe to you how important it was for me to know that my family would be able to survive financially after my husband’s passing and not have to depend on friends, neighbors, and strangers to help us. The funds from these policies have literally saved the lives and futures of my children. There are really no words to express how important having this insurance is to us. I plead with all yeshivos that have not yet joined your campaign to do so immediately!” When should families start buying insurance? At the shevah brachos. The latest, after the first child. The earlier the better to prevent becoming uninsurable which could happen at any time. Therefore, buy as much as you can for as long a period as you can afford. Should both parents have separate policies? Absolutely. The breadwinner must have insurance for the obvious reason. The other parent should also have insurance as the breadwinner will need that money to hire extra help in the house and potentially other expenses related to the emotional well-being of the family as a result of the loss of a parent. How much insurance does a family need? I recommend people get a minimum policy of 15 times the family’s annual expenses for the breadwinner and 10 times for the non-working spouse. People should continue to carry their term-life insurance policies until the youngest child is at an age of being selfsufficient. What type of money are we talking about for a new couple getting married or for a young family with a few children? Until 35 years old, the price is very

“If you can afford it, you should do it and if you cannot afford it, then you should definitely do it!” affordable. In Israel, a one million shekel policy costs about 75 shekels per month for a man and about 65 for a woman. In the US a million dollar policy costs about $25 per month. A bonus in taking a free simple blood test (in the privacy of your own home) has been that I have been able to save lives. Occasionally the blood test had revealed a serious disease which then had been treated just in time. Are some plans better than others? Look for an honest, independent broker who will shop around for the best policy from a solid company, even if that means a small commission for him. As you do not gain financially from your chessed, are you able to direct people to the best plans, brokers and companies? Yes, and of course people have no obligation to buy from them. I work with experienced professionals in the States and in Eretz Yisrael who want to be part of this amazing mitzvah. What’s the biggest obstacle you encounter from individuals or communities? Procrastination. People feel that it’s not going to happen to them. People feel they are still young and they have time. People think it’s expensive. Fortunately, the issue of emunah and bitachon is no longer an obstacle. Some people think that they are covered by having mortgage insurance. This is good but not enough. That pays for the home. But what about the daily living expenses? Do you get involved passed the stage of promoting awareness? I review people’s policies and advise them and their brokers as to the best companies for special policies for people with medical conditions and for lower prices in general.

I’m happy to speak to any group to raise awareness and to help them implement proper plans for their students, members or employees. How can you get more people involved in being part of disseminating this crucial message? When people really connect with what I’m doing, with the reality of a tragedy, they realize that there are very few mitzvas that can accomplish what this one does with relatively little money. As one Gadol said, this is Refuah before the Makah. If everyone would just take care of their own four amos, meaning their own family’s insurance needs and their own community’s insurance needs, that would be enough. Give us some ideas. Chasanah present. Buy them insurance for one year. The benefit includes that you are educating them on this need. If tragedy strikes, it will cost you much more than that; try to collect one million dollars for that family. This is the cheapest and most probably the most important gift you can buy your kids or grandkids and you should never need it. How about shuls? I suggest that shuls make it “mandatory” that all members get life insurance to avoid the financial burden to the whole community when tragedy strikes. I help shuls implement such programs. What is your long term goal? My goal is that no one should get married without life insurance, which, in essence, is the kesubah, which demands financial security for your family. If you had the choice for another mitzvah mission, what would it be? Wills. I would raise the awareness for wills for the purpose of whom you want and who wants to take care of the kids should something happen to both parents. How can people contact you for further information or advice? People can call me at 347-203-4712 and in Israel at 02-581-1805. My e-mail is  BIZNESS MAGAZINE


Mother & Baby



Binah Baby

Helping Baby Deal with Changes in Routine

t’s easy for everyday routines to be disrupted over the busy holiday times. Travel, visitors, parties, changes in childcare or playgroup routines, plus alterations in meals, nap and bedtime routines may result in both excitement and stress for infants, toddlers and parents. Some simple steps may help to maintain a sense of security and routine during these busy days. • Keep mealtimes as regular as possible or offer healthy snacks if a family meal is being held later than your child might like. Most toddlers have a short attention span in the highchair, so bring along extra diversions to keep a child content at the table a little longer or allow him to play with quiet toys on the floor next to the table if appropriate. • When traveling overnight, bring along some favorite toys, books, music and blankets and try to keep to your regular bedtime routine, even if it’s a little briefer than usual. If you usually read, rock, sing with your little one at bedtime, follow that pattern. Your baby will recognize the familiar rituals, even in a new environment. • Unfamiliar faces or crowded rooms at parties may take your child some time to get used to. Sometimes, visitors are so eager to see the baby that they want to rush in and envelop the baby in a hug. Explain to visitors and relatives that most young children need 36

• PURIM 2013

some time to acclimate to new places and people (even grandparents, if it’s been a while since their last visit). Hold your child and let her watch you interact with friends and relatives first. Wait until she seems more relaxed and shows a willingness to explore the environment or be held by someone new. Using a sling, baby carrier or backpack is a great way for relatives to see and interact with the baby. • Stay aware at Purim parties when there are many adults and children present. It’s often assumed that someone else is watching a child when in fact the toddler may be unobserved, exploring an area that is unsafe or mouthing a potential choke-hazard. Sometimes, a wellmeaning guest may give a baby or toddler a food or plaything that is unsafe or not age-appropriate. Party foods (including candy, nuts, chips) and toys for older children

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are all potential hazards for a crawling baby or young toddler. • Most of all, try to remember that this is a time when children are learning about the joy of chagim from you. Infuse a sense of joy and wonder by talking about the fun, not just the timeliness of preparation. Binah Baby-The Mommy Place has experts who are ready to help you set family management goals, nutrition, adjust to sleep changes, give you a voice to your experiences of mothering. The calendar is online at or, the calendar can be seen posted on our front window with other helpful and timely information about special speakers and events. We are online at www.binahbaby. com, or on Facebook and Twitter. Binah Baby has helped women in the community, so ask a friend about us. But the very best way to get to know Binah Baby is to come in, have a chat, and be with us because we are here for you and with you! Call us at 054234-2367. We are located at Maor 8 (ground floor), RBS A.  About the author Shoshana Kesnes, DHM, BSN, has worked with women and babies throughout the course of her entire career, spanning over 18 years. She has a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, she is a Trained Midwife, a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine, an Active Parenting Educator and an Integrated Natural Healing Specialist.

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for me?

ave you been feeling weak, tired, or unable to get anything done? Maybe you should have blood work done. Along with the normal tests, ask your doctor to check your B12 levels. Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. Vitamin B12 also helps prevent a type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia that makes people tired and weak. What Does Vitamin B12 Do in Your Body? • Helps to form myelin, which is a fatty cover that insulates your nerves. • Helps to produce energy from metabolism of fat and protein. • Helps to produce hemoglobin, which is the component of your red blood cells that carry’s oxygen to your cells. This is why a vitamin B12 deficiency can cause fatigue. • Regulates growth, maintenance, and reproduction of all of your cells • Vitamin B-12 gives you: • Increased energy • Restored mental clarity, and help with memory loss • Reduced daily stress and irritability And many other great health benefits. What happens if I don’t get enough vitamin B12? Vitamin B12 deficiency causes tiredness, weakness, constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss, and megaloblastic anemia. Nerve problems, such as numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, can also occur. Other symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include problems with balance, depression, confusion, dementia, poor memory, and soreness of the mouth or tongue. Vitamin B12 deficiency can damage the nervous system even in people who don’t have anemia, so it is important to treat a deficiency as soon as possible. What foods provide vitamin B12? Vitamin B12 is found naturally in a wide variety of animal foods and is added to some fortified foods. Plant foods have no vitamin B12 unless they are fortified. You can get recommended amounts of vitamin B12 by eating a variety of foods including the following:

• Beef and liver are the best sources of vitamin B12. • Fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and other dairy products. • Some breakfast cereals, nutritional yeasts and other food products that are fortified with vitamin B12. What kinds of vitamin B12 dietary supplements are available? Vitamin B12 is found in almost all multivitamins. Dietary supplements that contain only vitamin B12, or vitamin B12 with nutrients such as folic acid and other B vitamins, are also available. Vitamin B12 is also available in sublingual forms (which are dissolved under the tongue). There is no evidence that sublingual forms are better absorbed than pills that are swallowed. A prescription form of vitamin B12 can be administered as a shot. This is usually used to treat vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 is also available as a prescription medication in nasal gel form. About the Author Dr. Eliezer Rosenblum, a Board Certified Chiropractor and Physiotherapist, has offices in Yerushalayim and Bet Shemesh. Also available are visits to offices and work sites to analyze and correct workplace ergonomics problems. Dr. Rosenblum trains your staff the proper, proven techniques to avoid injuries, reduce stress, increase productivity, and enhance the work place environment. To schedule an appointment or to discuss how this service can work for you, speak with Dr. Rosenblum at 052662-4658.  BIZNESS MAGAZINE


Can Osteopathy Help You or Your Child?

Dr. Rothstein, what can parents do when their child is in pain?


arents are often at a loss when their child is in pain– from a newborn with colic, to a toddler with recurrent ear infections to a grade school child who’s been diagnosed with ADHD. Parents are concerned and ask, “Must we give our newborn medication and just suffer along with him as we wait out the seemingly endless crying?” “Must a baby be on recurrent rounds of antibiotics for ear infections that never seem to clear up?” “Must a child always be put on medication when he/ she has difficulty sitting still and staying focused in a classroom setting?” Consider the experience of some recent patients: (names have been changed to protect privacy): David is a delightful three-year old who has had a constant runny nose and cough since the age of 18 months. His mother took him off dairy and tried a variety of medications and alternative treatments. Nothing seemed to help. After treatment with Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) and Cranial-Sacral Therapy, his runny nose and cough cleared up. Being an active little boy, he had his share of bumps and bangs– like all kids. Once the strain patterns in his head were released, his body was able to heal. Devorah, age 18, had to stop her aerobics workouts due to joint pains in her arms and legs. She also had problems with PMS symptoms, low back pain, constipation and poor


• PURIM 2013

sleep. I treated her for over-exertion injuries, but the treatments didn’t hold. When a treatment doesn’t hold, I know something else is going on. I then realized she had an imbalance of Omega 6 fatty acids. When she was supplemented with the proper nutrients, her moods got better, acne and constipation cleared up and the treatments held. She was pain free and able to resume her former activities. Twelve-year old Shimon was restless in school, had poor concentration and problems with asthma. His teachers wanted him started on Ritalin. After the third treatment with OMT, he was calmer, he thinks more clearly and his asthma is better. No one is suggesting Ritalin anymore. Note: True ADHD is due to a dopamine deficiency in the brain and requires medication. In the vast majority of children, however, ADHD symptoms are due to other causes such as structural imbalances and inadequate nutrition. If your child can stay focused for a long time on something in which he’s interested, such as, Legos™, blocks, puzzles, reading, etc. (not including computer or video games), then he most probably does not have true ADHD. In that case, there’s a good chance that OMT will be effective and medication will not be needed. Chani was two and a half when she ran her scooter down a flight of stairs falling face first on the ground. Now in middle school, she had focusing

Bizness Magazine

problems and was easily distracted. She wouldn’t do homework or read a book. She thought she was just lazy because she didn’t like to move. After treatment with OMT, she could run up and down stairs easily, concentrate better and was reading books and doing her homework for the first time. She never realized how uncomfortable she was until the strain patterns in her head, neck and back were released with OMT. Note: If your child has had a fall and bumped his/her head, even if he/ she is symptom free, make sure your child is treated by a competent osteopath to prevent problems down the road. The skull is made up of 22 bones that are designed to move ever so slightly to accommodate the pulse of the brain. Whenever there is trauma to the head, the bones can “jam” or “lock” and inhibit the natural pulse of the brain. This has far-reaching effects on the behavior, health and well-being of your child as he grows. Don’t wait until problems arise. Even if the doctor tells you everything is fine, unless specially trained in Cranial-Sacral Therapy, he/she will be unable to pick up the subtle, constricted pulse caused by the restricted movement of the bones. One treatment after a fall will do much to prevent future difficulties. What is Osteopathy? Osteopathy is a mainstream medical discipline focusing on re-establishing and maintaining the natural

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relationships of bones, muscles, membranes, tissues and fluids within the body. Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment promotes the body’s ability to function, develop and heal itself by addressing problems found in these structural components. U.S. trained osteopaths have the same training and licensing as M.D.’s, however we receive additional training in the use of our hands to diagnose and treat patients. There are those osteopaths that go on to receive specialty training in Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) and other modalities such as Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Myo-fascial Release and Counter-Strain. We look at the body holistically to find the source of the pain and dysfunction so the condition can, if possible, be healed without medications and surgery. One of the most interesting aspects of Osteopathy is that rarely is the site of the problem the source of the problem. Strain patterns in the fascia (connective tissue) of the body can lead to pain in seemingly unrelated areas. As an Osteopathic physician, it is deeply satisfying to look beyond the symptoms and discover the true source of the problem. Gabi was in his 40’s and had recurrent ear infections, ear pain and headaches. He didn’t realize he was clenching his jaws a lot. Once the

strain patterns in his jaw and neck were released, the next day he had no pain and didn’t need antibiotics. Who can benefit from Osteopathy? All ages, from the newborn to the elderly, can benefit from osteopathic treatment. Here are a few of our patients’ experiences in their own words: “My name is Shani. I’m 29 years old. For more than two years I suffered from severe migraines. I had to take medications every day in order to function. Sometime the medications didn’t help and I would have to lie down for hours and hope the pain would go away. I was skeptical about Osteopathic treatment since I believe only in conventional medicine, but after treatment with Dr. Rothstein, the migraines stopped. It was like a miracle. I couldn’t believe it. Thank you Dr. Rothstein!” “I can’t begin to tell you how Dr. Rothstein helped me. I have such “hakarat hatov.” For three years after surgery I had pain radiating all over from the middle of my chest. I had digestive trouble. I couldn’t lift myself from a lying to a sitting position or a sitting to a standing position without severe pain. I went to the chiropractor and he couldn’t help me. I couldn’t take a deep breath without sharp pain. I was so frightened. After

treatment with Dr. Rothstein, all the radiating pain in my chest stopped. I was almost 100% well and have had no digestive distress. He’s been a tremendous shaliach.” “I was in a car accident ten years ago. Since then, I have had upper back, neck and shoulder pain. I also had IBS. The pain was so bad. I went to a chiropractor for a year but it didn’t help. I did Pilates which helped somewhat, but I never felt “normal.” After seeing Dr. Rothstein, I am painfree after four treatments and feeling “normal” again! “I had horrible sciatica that inhibited me from walking. I walked out 95% pain free after only one session. What I especially like about Dr. Rothstein is that he’s very honest. He doesn’t have you keep coming back if you don’t need to. That’s unusual.” Dr. Rothstein, what else would you like people to know? No matter what your condition, you need to know there is hope. Many problems can be corrected with OMT and proper supplementation. If you or anyone you know is coping with a colicky infant, ear infections, ADHD or pain and disability, you have options. Find a doctor who can look at the big picture and get to the source of the problem. Get evaluated by a competent Osteopathic physician who specializes in OMT. You will know within a few treatments whether your condition will respond to OMT. (Although it is wonderful when a patient gets tremendous relief after only one treatment, that is not always the case. Depending on the problem and the condition of the patient, four to six treatments may be necessary. )  About the Author Dr. Rothstein practices in Jerusalem and Ramat Bet Shemesh. To see if Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment can help you or to make an appointment, please call 058-610-9149. Our e-mail address is: and our website address is: BIZNESS MAGAZINE


The Proven

Weight Loss System Interview with Hadas Natan

Hadas, tell us a little about you. My name is Hadas. I am 44 years old, married and a mother of four girls. I have a B.A. in education and I work as a mental health rehabilitative counselor for women who are going through mental crisis where I counsel them through their recovery process. Throughout the years, from the time I was a child, I had to deal with weight problems. I went on many different diets and tried many programs to improve my health and my appearance. After I was exposed to the 1-2-3 Diet I understood that I had found a plan that really thinks about all of the difficulties and the reasons why people do not succeed in the various diet programs. This is the reason I decided to get involved with them and use their tools and system to help others gain optimal health and a fantastic look. What is the 1-2-3 Diet? The 1-2-3 Diet is a proven weight loss and weight management system based on a combination of Chinese and Western Medicine. The 1-2-3 Diet plan is carried out in three stages. Everyone who joins fills out a health questionnaire which is passed on to the doctor of the company who has to approve the joining of the program and who builds a personal plan together with the company nutritionist accord40

• PURIM 2013

ing to a client’s health and weight status. The nutritionist follows-up on every client and offers personal support. Tell us about the plan stages. The first stage is very important. It is where we work on the cleaning out of the poisons from the body and the burning of trans-fat and weight loss. The second stage is the balance stage where you get nutritional and vitamin supplements so that your body will not be lacking anything that it needs. In addition, there is a bonus of getting the benefit of reishi mushrooms which act as an anti-aging supplement. The third stage is the maintenance stage where we worry about keeping the weight loss and making sure that there will be no yo-yo or accordion affect which is so well-known for those who try the different programs for losing weight. During the yo-yo process, the dieter is initially successful in the pursuit of weight loss but is unsuccessful in maintaining the loss long-term and begins to gain the weight back. The dieter then seeks to lose the regained weight, and the cycle begins again. One of the main problems is that the dieter gains weight each time even when consuming fewer calories. Who is the program designed for? The program is appropriate for men, women and children of all ages. Professional attention is placed to ensure the needs of each person according to his/her unique body characteristics and goals. Are people hungry during the day?

Bizness Magazine

It is not a common complain. Clients receive additional healthy snacks for the feeling of sweet and to crunch the appetite away. How much do people typically lose the first week or two? On this program one can lose 6-12 kilos in the first six weeks. People start seeing results within a week or two. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment and hope when the pants and skirts start loosening up. Do you offer nutritional supplements as part of the system? The 1-2-3 Diet is a complete system, not just a choice of proper menus. In the program there are tablets that help burn the fats and clean out the poisons as well as giving a feeling of satiation. Clients also receive green tea which has anti-oxidants and other supplements that have anti-cancer properties. They also receive Stevia, the all natural herbal sweetner, and spices to enhance the natural good taste of the food. What’s the hechsher? The company is Israeli and everything is blue and white. All of the products are under the Badatz hecsher. How can our readers contact you for more information or to start losing weight? I can be called on my cell phone at 050-773-4884. We will speak confidentially and we will find out how the program can help you achieve your goals. I invite everyone to check us out at I’m here to help you! 

02 999 3939

Getting Relief

from Life’s Difficulties!

Interview with Tziona Rozin from the Alternative Clinic

What is Bioresonance? Bioresonance studies the influence of electro-magnetic fields on the human body. In Israel, a device was developed that uses electro-magnetic waves at a low frequency which does not hurt the human body and which is used in frequency medicine. What type of equipment do you use? In the Alternative Clinic we use the P.S. 10 device of the German Rayonex company and the MDWAVE device of the Israeli Aerotel company. The devices are safe for use in the treatment of humans, including children and babies. Tell us about Rayonex. Rayonex is a German-based company whose device maps organ and tissue frequencies in the body. Every organ and tissue in the body works on specific frequencies. When an organ has problems, it broadcasts on the same frequency but lower, in multiples of 10.

In order to return the organ to its proper function, it is necessary to accelerate the frequency in multiples of ten until it becomes balanced. What conditions does this technology treat? We take care of respiratory, heart and digestive problems as well as various autoimmunity diseases. The Rayonex machine diagnoses practically all of the organs and the tissues in the body as well as various emotional and mental situations. Here are a few examples: There was a boy suffering from a lack of concentration. In a period of three months, he was balanced and was able to stop taking his Ritalin. We also treated a oneyear old baby suffering from malnutrition who was only drinking 40cc’s of liquid per meal and who would not eat solids. We found that his corneal nerves, which innervate the pharynx and enable swallowing, were not bal-

anced. Our treatment returned the balance and today, thank God, he is developing properly. It is necessary to mention that the results from the device are not immediate. The device enables the cells to begin a process which, at the end, brings about the balance that we want. What type of usage and acceptance does it have around the world? In Israel, frequency devices are used in the various physiotherapy departments in the Sheba and Asaf Harofeh hospitals. They are also found in one of Israel’s cardiology departments where a certain frequency opens up canals in the heart which were previously blocked. There is no doubt that Frequency Medicine is going to be the medicine of the future. Where do you see patients? Alternative Clinic is in Bet Shemesh on 23/2 Ben Sisma Street. Tel: 077-212-7567. 



HUMOR If you do not know what you’re doing, do it neatly.

A crisis is when you cannot say “let’s just forget the whole thing.”

All things being equal, fat people use more soap.

If you do not say it, they can’t repeat it.

A donkey is a horse designed by a study team.

All warranties expire upon payment of invoice.

If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.

A short cut is the longest distance between two points.

All work and no play, will make you a manager.

If you have nothing to do, don’t do it here.

A well-adjusted person is one who makes the same mistake twice without getting nervous.

Always try to stop talking before people stop listening.

A bird in the hand makes it hard to blow your nose.

ha h

Always leave room to add explanation if it doesn’t work out.


A clean tie attracts the soup of the day.

Afternoon: that part of the day we spend worrying about how we wasted the morning.

A committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours.

All general statements are false; think about it.

Anyone can admit they were wrong; the true test is admitting it to someone else.

A committee is twelve men doing the work of one.

All I ask is the chance to prove that money cannot make me happy.

Tact is the art of convincing people that they know more than they do.

A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.

All all

The best way to realize your dreams is to wake up. 


things being things are never

ha h

equal, equal.





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Maccabi Top Doctors Series “I thank G-d every day that I can wake up with the strength and ability to function and continue doing my part.”

Interview with Dr. Naomi Zivotofsky. Dr. Zivotofsky, where are you from? I grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland (USA), and have spent time in Israel, New Jersey, New York, Cleveland and then again in Silver Spring, while studying, training, and working. I am now living in Israel for the past 12 years. Since what age did you want to become a doctor? I really first considered medicine in the middle of college. I was planning on going into “the sciences”–lab research–but found that I missed the people aspect. Medicine seemed to combine both those aspects. Where did you train? I went to medical school at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and then did my residency in pediatrics in Cleveland, Ohio, at the MetroHealth Medical Center. Why did you choose to specialize in pediatrics? I knew I wanted a primary care specialty. Pediatrics is generally an upbeat field. The patients are cute (usually  ) and the doctors and other staff are generally nice folks. When kids are sick, they usually, thank G-d, bounce back, which is refreshing and rewarding. It is also interesting to deal with kids at different stages of development, from infancy to nearly adulthood, which keeps us thinking. What gets you up in the morning? Knowing that I can help someone out. I thank G-d every day that I can wake up 42

• PURIM 2013

with the strength and ability to function and continue doing my part. As a doctor, what are the benefits of working with Kuppat Cholim Maccabi? Maccabi has high standards of professionalism. I have also heard this from veteran Israelis and from professional organizations which deal with Maccabi in capacities other than mine. How about to your patients? By reputation and by my experiences with Maccabi, Maccabi generally comes through when someone, G-d forbid, has a significant medical issue. They are there for you. What do you see is your main role as a children’s doctor? In pediatrics, we have multiple roles. We try to treat the children’s acute and chronic illnesses in the context of their general health and well-being. I am there to treat the patient, but also to treat/advise the parents and the family. We try to do preventive care, anticipatory guidance and keep our eyes open for when someone might need advice or pro-active suggestions. Building a relationship with kids as they grow into teenagers and young adults is also important as it will affect how they relate to medical professionals and their own health in the future. Is there a benefit to your patients that you are a female? A couple of kids have independently coined the term “the Mommy Doctor.”

Bizness Magazine

Some kids seem to feel less scared by a woman, and girls can sometimes feel more comfortable sharing medical and developmental concerns with a woman. And I do think that as a mother, I can empathize with parents who have been up all night with a sick child or who are anxious about both smaller and larger issues of health and childrearing. How do you balance the challenging job of a wife and mother with that of a busy doctor? My husband and kids are great. I try to be organized and be ready to deal with the inevitable unplanned medical issues. I try to set borders, but medicine does frequently creep over those borders. They all understand that there are times when a phone call or a medical issue takes priority over whatever else is going on. What would you tell young women who are thinking about going to med school? It is absolutely doable. Of course it depends on so many factors, significantly being your support system, but if it pulls you, don’t be too intimidated to try. And there are so many options of how to make medicine work for your life afterwards and still make significant contributions. Where do you see patients? I primarily see patients at Maccabi Migdal Hamayim in a group practice with Dr. Moshe Halberstadt and Dr. Yosef Kapilushnik. I used to work at Terem, both in Yerushalayim and Bet Shemesh, but (regretfully) have not had the time these last few years as my Maccabi practice has grown. I also am involved in teaching medical students at the Sackler Medical School in Tel Aviv. 

02 999 3939

Learning to lead a healthy life Maccabi Healthcare Services Beit Shemesh offer a variety of health related workshops and seminars: Resuscitation workshops Pre-natal seminars Baby massage Smoking rehabilitation workshops Diabetes workshops Healthy family for overweight children Posture groups Feldenkraiz Exercise classes The workshops will take place year-round For further details and enrollment, please phone 02-9906333 Fax: 073-2132680, Mail: Maccabi 24 hours a day

1-700-50-53-53 *3555 Maccabi Healthcare Services Taking you forward

Keep your Body Toned, Flexible and Strong

with Yoga

We interviewed yoga teacher Suzi Zettel by phone during her stay in Bristol, Vermont for a highly specialized program for the combination of classical yoga techniques and elements of contemporary bodymind psychology. Suzi, where are you from? I grew up in Leeds, England. How did your interest in yoga start? Back in the mid 1980s, I started to hear people talk about yoga. I wasn’t too sure what it meant so I joined a class to take the mystery out of the name. The atmosphere of a yoga class has never failed to immediately put me at ease and give me a sense of true well-being. That was my experience when I first began in London and has continued through all my various yoga classes and groups, across the last 20+ years of my yoga practice in three different countries. Over the years I have found that my day is not the same if I don’t fit in a yoga practice somewhere during the day. Everyone knows that you sit on the floor crossing your legs but what exactly is yoga? That’s the good part of yoga! Laying out your mat and sitting with crossed legs, uniting mind, body and soul. However, yoga is so much more. In an average yoga class, time will be devoted to the initial silencing of the mind through breath; postures which incorporate backbends, forward bends, twists and standing postures to work the body from head to toe and balances reliant on your concentration and stillness of mind. The postures also contain metaphysical elements that contribute to a healthy body and mind. Some classes also include inversions which benefit heart and blood circulation. Class finishes with a relaxation, the most important posture of the day, as 44

• PURIM 2013

it integrates your yoga experience and allows you to flow with the yoga benefits for the rest of your day and beyond. What is yoga therapy and what conditions does it treat? Yoga therapy can be used with great success on physical ailments such as blood pressure and asthma and on stroke and cancer survivors. Outside of Israel, yoga is featured in addiction rehabilitation communities. For those suffering from eating disorders, clinics have found that yoga is an ideal way to reintroduce their weakened clients to physical activity through the focusing of their breath which helps them relax and stay calm enabling them to perceive themselves differently. Teenage girls suffering from traumatic abuse can also benefit from yoga as it can significantly decrease depression, anxiety and dissociation and help them feel more at ease in their bodies. What are the benefits of yoga? The words that immediately come to mind are: Mindfulness, less stress, increased flexibility, toning and muscle strengthening, and increased concentration. Yoga exercises help keep away osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases among other serious health conditions. What are your objectives when teaching yoga? My objective is to create a space that allows each individual in the room to maximize on their yoga practice but also to guide each person so that no one pushes their body too far. There should never

Bizness Magazine

be any pain and injury--that is not yoga! Why do yoga practitioners develop body strength comparable to weight training? Yoga strengthens by bearing down weight on various muscles during the flow of postures. Most type of group exercise tends to become competitive, does that apply to yoga? The number one rule in yoga is that once you are on your mat, it is your own personal space. You should not look and compare yourself to the other people in the room. Our bodies are different as is our muscle and bone alignment. Part of yoga is accepting this reality, accepting where we are at this moment in time and, most important, once we have arrived at this point, breathing in to where we have arrived and being in the moment. Do you suggest yoga for children and teens? Absolutely. Children have a natural flow of breath from deep down in the diaphragm. They have a natural flexibility that diminishes with life’s stresses and strains but can be maintained with yoga practice. Yoga can also contribute to a child’s concentration in class as well as strengthening and toning muscles. For teenagers who are at this very sensitive part of their lives where body image and following their peers means everything, yoga can be a way of giving their life balance, good decision-making, self-esteem and a diversion from their frenetic technologically-based life. How can people contact you? People should feel free to call me to learn more about what we do and the benefits they will enjoy. My number is 0547 923 619 and my email is 

02 999 3939

What Chinese Medicine Can Do for You Interview with Oron Ofek

Oron, where did you learn Chinese Medicine? I studied Chinese Medicine and nutrition and Chinese medicinal plants at Medisin College in Tel Aviv. In 1996, I specialized in acupuncture and medicinal plants at the Red Cross Hospital in Hangzhou, China. In 2000, I attended a professional continuing education program on diabetes in Beijing and in 2001, I specialized in diabetes in a Chinese diabetes ward. How many years are you in this profession? I have been practicing 19 years in the field of nutrition and medicinal plants and 17 years in Chinese acupuncture. Tell us about your Chinese experience. I spent a month in the acupuncture department where I saw between 30-40 patients a day. We dealt with skeletal and muscle problems which included back pain, neck, shoulders, knees, headaches and partial paralysis. There were also problems of vision, dizziness and of the stomach and the intestines. Treatment was mainly through acupuncture and, from time-to-time, combined with a cupping glass and heat from moxa. In the medicinal plant department, where I also spent a month, I saw a similar number of patients. I focused on internal disease such as intestinal and bowel problems, tiredness, weakness in the immune system, internal bleeding, problems in the menstrual cycle, diabetes, pre-menopause problems, anxieties, etc. All treatments were with acupuncture and medicinal plants. Diagnosis was carried out through a patient questionnaire and by looking at a

patient’s tongue and feeling his pulse. What are the main differences between Chinese and Western medicine? Chinese medicine sees man as a whole and not just an injured organ. Attention is paid to the way of life, nutrition and feelings; understanding causes and treating the root and not just the symptoms. Emphasis is on naturally strengthening and balancing the body’s powers through the use of acupuncture, nutrition and medicinal plants. What diseases do you treat? I prefer to say that I treat people and not disease. Symptoms treated by my clinic include back and knee pain and all types of pain; weakness and tiredness, respiratory disease such as a stuffed nose, shortness of breath, coughing, phlegm; inflammations of the intestines, constipation, losing weight; hormonal problems, anxiety and diabetes which is my field of expertise. In which cases should one choose Chinese medicine rather than Western medicine? Chinese medicine is much better at treating back and knee pain than western medicine which doesn’t really have anything to offer except for anti-inflammation medicine and painkillers. Tell me some success stories. A 39-year old patient suffered from sciatic pains. Before coming to me, she was treated by physiotherapy and given epidural shots which only eased the pain partially and temporarily. By just a second treatment at my clinic, there was an improvement. By the fifth treatment, the patient was able to carry out many activities

without pain and reduce the amount of painkillers. By the sixth treatment painkillers were no longer needed and the patient was able to do all her household chores without pain. A patient with diabetes and sugar levels of 350 came to my clinic. His doctor advised him to start using insulin. I built him a special menu. In a number of days, his sugar levels were lowered to 188 on a fast and 200 after meals. After I prescribed Natural Control Formula #1, his sugar level on a fast dropped way down to 130 and even less. Free Gemach TOX FREE drops by the Natural China Company will be provided on Shabbos free of charge to the parents of any child suffering from an ear infection. Tell us about the books that you have written. The Art of Healing through Chinese Nutrition was published in Hebrew over 13 years ago. It is a practical guide encompassing the medicinal properties of food. The book details disease symptoms and health problems and explains how one can be helped and treated by medicinal plants. Diabetes—Prevention and Treatment Using Chinese and Natural Methods published three years ago in Hebrew, explains diabetes and how it can be treated naturally. How can people contact you? The clinic can be called at any time at: 02-992-4004. Please leave a message if we are busy. You can call our cell phone: 050-335-8338 or send mail to: Our internet site is: BIZNESS MAGAZINE


Capturing Forever and Sharing Together your

Once-in-a-Lifetime Events Daniel, where are you from? You can say that I am the best of all worlds. I was born in New York and since my Bar Mitzvah, grew up in Israel and married a “Britt.” What type of events do you specialize in? We have been working for over 18 years with the entire Jewish circle of life. My wife is an ultrasound technician so together we encompass the entire spectrum of events--from prenatal, post birth (britot), bar/bat mitzvot, weddings, (then more ultrasounds,) ‘til the world of truth (funerals) and even more (memorials). Tell us about your corporate work. We have vast experience producing fundraising and recruitment videos, instructional videos, conferences and much more. What other services do you offer? For large scale plays and performances we offer full video services including multiple cameras and an on-site video director. We offer video editing services with our in house NLE facilities and DVD duplication in large quantities. We also offer package deals tailored to your needs, including video, photography, live webcast, and editing--all under one roof. How do you differentiate yourself from others? Our staff is trained to get the best shots while staying out of the way. We will NOT run your event but let you 46

• PURIM 2013

enjoy it while we capture the smiles! I am a native English speaker and have an “Anglo” mentality so I will understand your mindset and make sure you get the service and quality you deserve. What it is like to be chosen to video international events such as The Secret Garden and Rebbetzin Tap? We are honored to work with Regal productions, Rebbetzin Tap and others. The high quality of their productions deserves the best we have to offer. We also work with photographers abroad and have been privileged to film events in the U.S., U.K., Belgium, Amsterdam and Switzerland. What did it take to build one of Israel’s most prestigious video production companies? Understanding our clients, adapting to their needs and giving the best we have to every project. Tell us about Simcha Connect. We love special projects! Ten years ago, when the internet was just starting, one of our clients approached us with a unique request. The grandparents of the bride were sick and could not fly in to the wedding. They were adamant to share the simcha with them so they asked us to provide them with a solution. We put on our thinking caps and hired some professionals and together we came up with the Simcha Connect service. We spent hours setting up, threw cables all over the place, rented special lines and had quite a few staff members on site. At a time when it took minutes to load a website, we were able send live sound from the event, as well

Bizness Magazine 

as a frame of video every 10 seconds! The virtual guests kept on sending their best wishes, which we printed out on the spot. We can’t begin to describe the happiness we were able to bring to the family! Now we are able to offer this unique service at a much higher quality and at a much reduced price. Our equipment is portable and provides a full screen, full motion LIVE video stream to multiple viewers around the world. We can do a live webcast from locations such as the Kotel, Massada and practically any place in the world. So, the next time you have an event, share it with family members and friends who can’t make it physically! One afternoon I was out of town for a meeting. I received a call that in three hours I needed to be at the hospital in Ein Kerem. The father of the bride was very sick and the doctors said that he wouldn’t live to see the wedding which was scheduled for a week later. The family decided to make the wedding that day and the chupah was held in the hospital next to the father. We provided a live webcast to the grandparents who couldn’t fly in with such short notice. Following the chupah, the party was held in a hall and we provided a direct webcast to the father’s hospital bed. This was the last thing the father saw. This isn’t just a story. This is exactly what we do at Simcha Connect every day! What’s the best way to reach you? or 050-251-5404. 

02 999 3939

Unwanted Guests:

The Third Makka



here is almost nothing more embarrassing than getting a phone call from your child’s school and being told that your kid has lice. One mother told me that after getting such a phone call she felt that the school secretary was in essence accusing her of having dirty children. This leads us to the question: Is having lice a sign of dirtiness? In fact, lice-related questions are many and varied: Should they be viewed as a medical condition which must be treated via health professionals or are they just a mere inconvenience? Do lice have any preference for one group over another or are they “equal opportunity” offenders which do not discriminate against gender, race, age or religion. One young girl even insisted that her father, a kohen, never had lice in his life because he is a holy man. Could that be true? Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have answers to the above questions and be well on your way to becoming an educated lice expert. But first, let’s get down to the basics. (New olim with little experience in this Israeli phenomenon are encouraged to pay attention!!) What are the typical signs and symptoms of lice? A very obvious sign of lice is a tingly sensation that something is moving around on your head. Other common signs include frequent itching and scores on the scalp resulting from scratching. One “lice-lady” (apparently, that is the proper vernacular used to describe professional yentas who float from school to school in

pursuit of a bug free society) interviewed for this article said, “I once checked a girl’s head for lice and she was so infested that I was able to see the lice walking on her head without any effort.” In the United States, many schools have on-board lice-ladies, who routinely check pupils’ heads. If a child is singled out for having lice, he or she is sent home immediately and can only return to school with a doctor’s note confirming that the child’s head has been treated and is lice-free. Unfortunately, in Israel such policies are generally not implemented, let alone enforced. A child infested with lice can continue attending school regularly. And even if complaints are made, no action will be taken by the school. I recently came across a Facebook page petitioning the Israeli Knesset and Ministry of Education to enact legislation to compel schools to suspend any child with lice. So my friends, help may be on the way! A kindergarten gannenet in Ramat Bet Shemesh recalled that upon finding several girls with lice, she sent notes to the parents that the girls

would be inspected the following day by a lice-lady and that anyone found with nits or lice would be sent home. She even invited willing mothers to come to assist in the head-checking effort. To her amazement, the next morning just one girl was found with lice. This demonstrates that the problem is often simply a lack of initiative rather than a widespread epidemic. No parent wants their child singled out for having lice and therefore they will do what needs to be done to avoid such embarrassment. Medical textbooks do not classify traditional head-lice as a medical condition per se but rather a nuisance. Frequent scalp scratching, however, often leads to bruising, which is indeed a medical condition. Years of research have proven that there is no evidence to support the theory that head lice prefer to live in clean hair over dirty hair or vice versa. Hence, the mother who received the phone call from the school secretary should not have felt that she was being accused of raising dirty children. Why are lice more frequently found in children than in adults? Is there any truth to the belief that some adults can never get lice? The truth is that adults are just as prone to getting lice as children. However, since they don’t spend nearly as much time as children in groups or in other settings which facilitate close physical contact, lice tends to spread less among grown-ups. “I check all of my kids’ heads every single night,” confided a mother from Ramat Shilo. “The children come into my bed during the night and I want to make sure BIZNESS MAGAZINE



everything goes into your eye…

Contact lenses should only be bought from the professionals, after a check-up, a fitting, instruction and also from someone providing guidance over time. These are your eyes! The Einit method for safe lenses

Guidance during the entire period of use by Einit’s expert optometrists.

Training on how to put them in, take care of them and their maintenance over time.

Fitting the lenses according to suit your needs and changing them when necessary.

Contact Lens packages

We take care of your eyes

A check-up by an optometrist who is an expert in contact lenses.

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Bizness Magazine 

that their heads are lice-free. I started checking after getting lice myself from my four year old after he crawled into my bed. That was the low point of my Aliya,” she reminisced, only half-jokingly. Another father from Sun Gardens boasted that he never contracted any lice--even as a child. He claims that his good luck has to do with his skin which contains a natural essence which acts as an insect repellant and drives away lice and mosquitoes alike. So it could just be that the kohen referred to above possessed the same natural skin essence. (Who knows? Maybe it even came from the ketoret his ancestors handled in the Beit Hamikdash!!!) And now for the most important question of all: How can we best treat (i.e. get rid of) lice? Egyptians have been trying to figure this out ever since they were hit with third makka. Fortunately, since then our options for dealing with this plague have significantly improved. An effective but drastic measure is shaving one’s head. Most normal parents, however, do not consider this an option for their four year old children. Hair trimming can often make severe cases of lice easier to deal with. Research has shown that lice are more attracted to longer hair. Keeping a shorter hairstyle can serve as an appropriate preventive measure. Removing lice and nits using a traditional lice-comb has proven to be highly effective. Applying lice shampoos and treatments is another common method for combating the pesky condition. However, parents should know that these shampoos can contain ingredients that some consider toxic. Therefore, they should not be overused or substituted for the old-fashioned lice comb. “Even if a child’s head is clean, it is vital to comb his hair every night with a lice-comb,” said a mother from the Sheinfeld section of Bet Shemesh. “Combing a child’s hair every night will ensure that he or she remains lice free.”

02 999 3939

A respected study conducted in the U.S. claimed that infestations are four times more common in girls than in boys. It suggested that girls keep their hair in a bun or in a braided form. Using a blow-dryer to dry wet hair has also proven to be very helpful. The hot hair kills 96% of lice and nits immediately. Another interesting method I’ve come across in the numerous interviews of concerned mothers for this article was the “wrap-suffocate� technique. I must confess that I did not take this method seriously until I heard it from several mothers who claimed with absolute seriousness that this was the most effective treatment available. One mother described this ominous-sounding technique as follows, “After washing the child’s hair, I place tons of conditioner on the head. After that, the head gets covered in plastic wrap. (The head, not the face!� she clarified.) “After an hour, I remove the plastic, wash the child’s hair thoroughly and comb it using a lice-comb. This kills the lice and nits.� I have no comment. Good luck to all of you wishing to experiment with this procedure. Another unconventional idea is known as “the vinegar treatment.� No less than three mothers vowed that since opting for this treatment, none of their children have had lice or nits. This ingenious approach calls for simply washing the child’s hair with vinegar. Advocates say it has been proven that this method shoos away anything related to lice or nits. When I asked one such mother if the vinegar treatment had any unwanted negative effects on her child’s social standing, she replied that she would look into it and get back to me. The fact that I have still not heard back concerns me. Apparently vinegar is as effective against friends as it is against lice. To conclude, one of the hardships we face in living in Eretz Yisroel is dealing

with the third makka, lice. Some parents choose to ignore the issue. Others stop checking diligently once their children are old enough to comb their own hair. For the rest of us, keeping our children lice-free will become much easier if the lice legislation is enacted. Until then, there are a variety of common sense approaches and treatments available. Good judgment (and sanity) should be exercised when considering some of the more “out of the boxâ€? ideas discussed above. 


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Home-Style Baked Desserts


Fresh to Order

Interview with Naomi from Bakery Boutique

Naomi, where are you from? I was born in Ft. Worth, Texas. I lived in Dallas, Texas, before making Aliyah in 2005. When did you discover your dessert baking skills? I’ve enjoyed baking since I was a young girl, always wanting to experiment in the kitchen. In college, home ec classes were my favorite, particularly those in the kitchen. After making Aliyah, I signed up for cake decorating classes and saw that I had a talent for it. I began offering to make cakes for my friends’ Bar and Bat Mitzvahs for the sake of my enjoyment while at the same time being able to perform a mitzvah. The compliments I would receive over and over (and still do to this day), were that not only do my cakes look fabulous, but they taste amazing! How did you decide to make it a business? Just two years ago I went through a rough time in life and was faced with divorce. I found myself as a single mother in Israel and needing to find new work. I think it took me just a few seconds to make a decision that I was going to open my own bakery. It would be the most rewarding move for me to work in something that I so much enjoyed that I hadn’t even been charging for my efforts. That, combined with the American entrepreneurial spirit in me, 50

• PURIM 2013

motivated me to step out and begin my own business. Tell us what’s unique about Bakery Boutique. What is unique about Bakery Boutique is that I offer desserts which appeal by in large to English speakers and are desserts which you don’t find in the typical Israeli bakeries. The cakes, cookies, and brownies I prepare are more familiar to English speakers and are what they are more accustomed to in their home town bakeries. What type of events do you cater? I can do catering for all smachot such as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Kiddush on Shabbat, Simchat Bat, Sheva Brachot, or for any other gathering or celebration. Much of my business comes also from customers who order from me weekly for Shabbat. What type of products do you offer? I offer a nice menu of various cakes, cookies, cupcakes and brownies. All the desserts are parve, the ingredients are Badaatz and I have kosher certification from the Rabbinate of Bet Shemesh. What are your best sellers? My best sellers are mint chocolate

Bizness Magazine

cake, cookies and cream cake and whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. What’s your favorite dessert? It would have to be two--maple pecan cookies and carrot cake. We have heard that your best clients are your old clients; why do people keep coming back? I began my business in Gush Etzion and recently married and moved to Bet Shemesh. I have so many regular customers from the Gush that I continue to travel there weekly to deliver orders. I believe the reason is that people like the home-baked taste of my desserts as well as cakes and cookies that you just don’t find in other bakeries here. How can people contact you? I can be contacted at or by telephone at: 052-528-3429. My products as well as prices are on my website at: 

02 999 3939

U.S. INCOME TAX UPDATE BY ALAN R. DEUTSCH CPA (US), MBA, APC & ASSOCIATES he 2013 tax-filing season has commenced, and after weeks of haggling over the so called “fiscal cliff” issues, Congress recently passed, and President Obama signed, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (the “New Law”). In essence, tax rates have increased for high income taxpayers but many of former President Bush’s tax rate reductions remain intact. In addition, the Internal Revenue Service is still conducting thousands of audits of both current and prior years’ tax returns. As such, it is imperative that you familiarize yourselves with certain concepts regarding both U.S. and Israeli income tax law and how they may affect your personal situation. Proper tax planning and minimization of your taxes requires an analysis of many important issues, including the interplay between the U.S. and Israeli foreign income tax credit rules, the foreign earned income exclusion rules, and also how the applicable provisions of the U.S. - Israel income tax treaty affects you. Delineated below are some areas of the current and New Law, which may impact upon your U.S. tax return filings due in 2013. Please note that under the U.S. child credit rules, you may still be eligible to receive FREE, from the U.S. Treasury, up to $1000 per child per year. As always, please contact us for more details about any of the issues contained herein. Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR / Form TDF 90.22.1) must be filed yearly with the U.S. Treasury if you own or have authority over a foreign financial account(s), including a bank account including all Israeli pensions (e.g. regular savings or checking), brokerage account, mutual fund, unit trust, or any other type of finan-


FOR YEAR 2013 (2012 Tax Year)

cial account including all Israeli pensions. Under the Bank Secrecy Act, each United States person must file a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR), with the U.S. Treasury if: 1. The person has a financial interest in, or signature authority (or other authority that is comparable to a signature authority) over one or more accounts in Israel or another foreign country, and 2. The aggregate value of all foreign financial accounts, including Israeli pensions, exceeds $10,000 (or foreign currency which is equavalent in the aggregate to $10,000; e.g. 35,000 NIS or more in an Israeli bank account) at any time during the calendar year. 3. Form 8938 Statement of Foreign Financial Assets (which is a new form and is in addition to the FBAR) must be filed with your income tax return if you live in Israel (or abroad) and a. the value in your foreign financial accounts exceeds $400,000 (filing joint) or $300,000 (filing single) on the last day of the year or b. your foreign financial accounts exceed $600,000 (filing joint) or $400,000 (filing single) at any time during the tax year. New IRS Streamlined Procedures for Non-Compliant U.S. Taxpayers. In recognition that some U.S. citizens living aboard have failed to file timely U.S. Federal income tax returns and foreign bank Account reports (FBAR), the IRS has designed a new streamlined procedure to allow taxpayers to enter the IRS tax filing system. Many factors and requirements apply, but primarily this procedure is available for delinquent U.S. taxpayers that have

resided outside the U.S. since January 1, 2009 and have not filed U.S. Income tax returns during that period. All submissions will be reviewed, but the IRS will expedite the review process and not access penalties or pursue followup if you meet the streamlined requirements. In addition, the taxpayer must owe less than $1,500 with each submission of the past 3 years’ income tax returns and file the appropriate FBARS for the past 6 years. U.S. Passport Renewal instructions stipulate that all U.S. citizens working or residing overseas are required to file and report on their worldwide income. As such, you may be denied a passport renewal if you are not up to date with your U.S. Income Tax returns. U.S. Income Tax Rates will be 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33%, 35% and 39.6% respectively. Under the New Law the 39.6% rate will apply to single taxpayers with taxable income above $400,000 and joint taxpayers with taxable income above $450,000. Please be advised that under current U.S. tax rules investment income may be taxed at a higher tax bracket, especially if the foreign earned income exclusion has been used (this hidden tax is often referred to as the “stacking rule”).  About the Author Alan (Avraham) Deutsch is a CPA, with over 30 year’s experience. Alan and his associates specialize in income tax planning and compliance as well as in investment consulting. Alan has four office locations and can be reached at 02-999-2104, 03-527-3254, 09-746-0623 or 052-274-9999, or you can e-mail him at Please visit his website at for more information. BIZNESS MAGAZINE


Interview with

Moshe Nisanov from Sa Leshalom

Moshe, what is your background? I currently live in Telzstone. I moved here approximately three years ago from Brooklyn NY. I managed a car rental place in New York and then I opened up my own car dealership. Once in Israel, I launched Sa Leshalom. I have a pretty busy schedule as, in addition to a full days work, I’m in kollel for two sedarim a day--from 9:30-12:00 AM and 4:00-6:00 PM. How did you start Sa Leshalom? Well, just like I didn’t like my small apartment in Israel and my small washing machine and everything else small in this place, therefore, I decided to at least get an Americansize car. At first, I tried to buy one here but when I saw the price I was shocked--290,000 shekel for a new loaded Camry. That’s $72,000! Then I got my Hybrid Camry fully loaded from the USA, including shipping, meches and fees for $45,000 (without any oleh benefits). The best part of it is that I sold the car four years later for $39,000. Please explain the service that Sa LeShalom offers. We import cars from the USA or Europe. (We can buy the car and ship it for you or we can import the car that you already own.) In regular cases, the client already knows what kind of car he wants. He/she will give me a $3,000 deposit and from then on, I will send him/her e-mails about the cars that we have spoken about. For example, interior colors and the different exterior options that he wants in his car. After we have found 52

• PURIM 2013

the proper car, only then does the client get locked into the deal. Within two days he must wire the car dealer overseas the actual cost of the car there. Meanwhile, my contact abroad will check out the car from the certified dealer from whom we are purchasing the car, to make sure that it’s as promised. He makes sure that there are no scratches, no dents, no repainted parts at all--and obviously no mechanical problems. Once we finalize that, the car will be shipped out. And the rest of the money will have to be paid once the car gets here, which is in approximately two days before they get the car. Once the car has arrived, we go to release it from meches, take it for a nice car wash and present it to the client in our door-to-door service-anywhere he wants.

Bizness Magazine

In what type of cars do you specialize? Honda, Toyota, BMW and Mercedes Benz. Is your service for Olim Chadashim or for anyone? It’s not only for olim, although olim get a big benefit over the rest-they can import any year model (up to two years old) plus they get a break on the meches. (The regular duty on cars is between 114-130% of the value of the car but for an oleh, there is only an 80% duty.) Hybrid cars pay only 52%-100% duty. (This applies to everybody, not only olim.) Tourists and students have a big advantage; they don’t pay any tax at all. A tourist can keep his car in Israel for six months and those on student visas can keep a car here for as long as they have a valid student visa. What’s the main advantage of

02 999 3939

importing a car instead of buying it locally? 1. There are cars that aren’t sold in Israel and there is a very big demand for them. For example: Sienna, Avalon, Highlander, etc. 2. Some other cars, which are very expensive to buy here, but will have a very big difference in price are, for example: Camry, Mercedes S Class, E Class, ML, GL, BMW X5, X6 and more. Can I import a used car? Yes, anyone can import a used car up to 2 years from manufacturing date. Olim and students can import older cars. How do people pay for the car? There is no financing available on these cars. The bank cannot put a lean on the car until it gets to Israel. You will have to pay about half of the total cost up front and the second half when the car gets to Israel. How do you get compensated for your service? The price you pay includes my commission and all your fees. My prices are guaranteed to be the lowest. I sell a lot and take a low commission. Do you help with doing all the paperwork required to import a car? I don’t help. I do all the paperwork for you. All you do is sign and the car will be by your door. What advantages do people have in dealing with Sa Leshalom? Ask my customers. They will tell you!!! Yes, I do have a very big list of references with absolutely no complaints. I give very good customer service. My prices are unbeatable. And most important of all, honesty, no hidden fees, no small print, nothing like that and no price changes. Everything is exactly the way we discussed it on the day of our first meeting. And lots of experience. How should people contact you? By e-mail: Moshe@saleshalom. com or phone: 052-716-9711. 


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The New Jewish “House of Healing”

Look & Feel Great-the

Natural Way!

Interview with Avraham Sheinman, founder of the soonto-be-opened “House of Healing” in Beit Shemesh. What’s this place all about? Our goal is to help people in their quest to prevent disease and achieve optimum health and vitality. How do you do it? We use effective and proven holistic health methods to revitalize and renew the body, the mind and the spirit. Who, What and Where? A six-day detox program for a small group of religious women set in a pleasant, home-style atmosphere. “Detox”? What does that mean? Detox means to detoxify; removing accumulated poisons and toxins from our system. Physical toxins develop from poor eating habits and lifestyles. Mental toxins come from negative thoughts and emotions. This is the real source of illness. When we detox and replace the poisons and toxins with healthy alternatives, the bracha of healing flows in. Tell me about the program. There are two options: A gentle, “Juice Fasting Program” and another, “Deep Cleansing Program” for more serious candidates. Both programs involve “fasting” from regular foods. When we fast, our bodies and vital organs have a chance to clean and regenerate. This is the way we can protect ourselves and prevent degenerative disease. What about the daily schedule? The first half of the day is physical detox. Aerobic Exercise, Ozone Sauna, Polarity Zapper, Far-Infrared Sauna, 54

• PURIM 2013

Aromatherapy, Jacuzzi/Hydro Therapy, Light Therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy and body treatments like massage and reflexology. We also offer Wheatgrass Juice, Colloidal Silver and Alkaline Water from a Jupiter Ionizer. That sounds like a handful! How does the Colon Hydrotherapy work? It’s like a glorified enema. Water goes into the colon; you massage and then expel it. Take a look what comes out. EECHH! (Avraham shows me photos) You’re telling me this weirdlooking, awful stuff is packed inside my body? Yep. Kilos of it, along with worms and parasites. What shocks most people is that during the fast, when food is not going in, this stuff is still flowing out. Everyone freaks out. The joy comes when you feel the newfound sense of a clean and re-energized body. In only a few days, minor health and skin problems begin to disappear; your hair and eyes begin to glow. Isn’t this a medical procedure? Not at all! It’s a do-it-yourself therapy done by hundreds of thousands of people at home for over 60 years using a Colema Board. All of our “therapies” are non-medical. Our supplements come from health food stores. Doctors do collaborate with us but we’re not a medical clinic. We’re a place where women looking for a quiet, supportive environment come together and focus on doing things to

Bizness Magazine

activate Hashem’s power of healing. And the second half of the day? We focus on Emotional Detox in group sessions using Guided Imagery, “The Journey”, EFT Techniques and similar processes that help us deal with toxic “emotional baggage.” We anchor this with Jewish hashkafa, using sources like “Gan HaEmunah.” How does this “baggage” affect us? Negative thoughts, emotions and poor middot are the root cause of our illnesses and “bad luck.” Detoxing ourselves of this poison, coupled with a clear realization that Hashem always loves us and always helps us, opens up the pathways to healing. It’s not an easy process. Those who make the effort to “face themselves” often break down crying. But it’s beautiful when you see the wonderful transformation that follows in its path. It sounds as if almost anyone can benefit from this program. That’s right! From healthy people who want a yearly boost, to cancer patients who want to strengthen their immune system--everyone can benefit. Really? Cancer patients too? Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg proved that cancer exists in body cells that are highly acidic and lack oxygen. If you bring the oxygen and alkalinity levels back to their former, healthy, states, the cancer disappears. That’s what holistic therapies do. Is it really that simple? I can tell you this. I’ve been involved in holistic health, especially detox, for 30 years. I personally met pioneers like V.E. Irons and Ann Wigmore. I saw the “miracles” and

02 999 3939

the many people who “came back to life� despite the dire medical prognosis. It really works. What’s your dream? In 1985 my partner and I ran the first-ever holistic health conference in Jerusalem at the Ramada Renaissance. The place was packed; people were looking for alternatives. “Where

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can we go in Israel?� was the oft stated question. Opening a Jewish, “House of Healing� became one of my dreams. What thought gives you inspiration? The thought of helping people take responsibility for their own health. Any closing thoughts for our

readers? We take good care of our cars and give them annual tune-ups; shouldn’t we consider the same for ourselves? Contact Info: Tel: (02) 992-4398 Website:  Please refer to Bizness Magazine disclaimer on page 4.

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Amaze everyo n at your simch e a with Zislick

For events from 20 to 300 guests

Huge fresh Salad Bar Lasagnas (Eggplant, mushroom, etc.) Bake Ziti

Hot Pastas Eggplant Parmesan Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes

Antipasti Delicious Homemade Soup Fresh baked breads

JUST IMAGINE THE FOLLOWING.... Hot Waffles & Crepes stations Full Ice Cream Bar Milk Shake station EXPRESSO BAR!

Contact Arye at 050 950 5023 - We will amaze you and your guests!



Interview with owner Shlomi Ben Hamu Shlomi, where are you from? I am Israeli. I lived in Jerusalem and 10 years ago I moved to Bet Shemesh. When did you start Chalav U’dvash? I started with a falafel store seven years ago and I just sold it two months ago. I bought Chalav U’dvash four years ago. We kept the name but changed the pizza recipe completely. We make a yummy thin crust pizza like kids love. Did you have any prior experience in pizza or in business in general? Not really. What was the biggest difficulty you had to overcome? Baruch Hashem, I have not encountered any difficulty. We put special emphasis on keeping the store neat and clean. We also renovate the entire store every two years. We have just bought some top-of-the-line industrial ovens. To what do you attribute your success? This is a family business. My wife Meirav and I work at the store. I would say that our success is due to our customer service and product. We like to have a relationship with our customers. We listen to what our customers have to say whether it is something good or something that need improvement. We make everything in our store-our own dough and pizza sauce. Everything is fresh. We prepare the pizza on the spot. Even when you order your pizza over the phone, we make it fresh for you on the spot. Nothing is reheated or previously frozen. 58

• PURIM 2013

How much does location have to do with it? Location is very important to the success of a business. I chose to work with the Anglo community and I’m very happy. I would say that about 70% of our customers are English speakers. Tell us about your hechsher. Our hechsher is Badatz Bet Yosef, Mehadrin and we also have a Rabbanut Mehadrin hechsher. How about the cheese? We use 100% cheese. No synthetic cheese is used. We even have a certificate that we use 100% cheese. What other products do you sell? Our regular pizza pie is 45 cm. XXXL. We sell pizza pies, individual pizzas, toast, bagels, salads, French crepes, frozen yogurt, ice cream, ice coffee, ice vanilla, etc. Customers can buy pizza dough from us. The dough can be regular or whole wheat and is very elastic. It weighs 800 grams and is good for a 45 cm. pie. The price for regular dough is 25 shekels and 30 shekels for whole wheat. The dough will keep in the refrigerator for two to three days or can be frozen and defrosted two-three hours before use. Do you offer home deliveries? Of course. We deliver for free to Bet Shemesh and Ramat Bet Shemesh. It usually takes 30–40 minutes. If you want to pick it up, it will be ready in 10 minutes. What is your price for a regular pie? A XXXL large pie + 4 garlic breads + Bottle of drink = 64 NIS. Do you do catering for special occasions? Yes we do. We cater birthdays and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. We make pizza,

Bizness Magazine

focaccias, pizza Chicago, salads (Greek, Nicoise, garden), etc. Please reserve your event in advance. Can people celebrate a birthday at the store? We can accommodate up to 30 kids for a birthday party. Call us in advance and you can order pizzas, ice cream and crepes at a special price. Kids have a blast!!! Do you have expansion plans? No. I believe in putting all my effort and energy into this store. Expanding will lower the standard for the business. You have a new card that people can buy 10 pies and receive the 10th for free. Tell us about it. Basically, instead of paying 64 shekels for a pie you receive a 10% discount for buying the 10 pie card. The card costs 575. You end up paying 57.50 per pie instead of 64. And you do not have to take the 10 pies all together; you come and take a pie every time you or the kids are hungry! This is a great gift idea to give to your loved ones. Now that Purim is coming, what a great mishloach manot it will be to receive a pizza pie!!! Can you give our readers a special deal? Fine. Here is the deal: Two pizza pies + a drink for 110 shekels! On premises only. Not valid for delivery orders. What is your schedule? Our hours are Sun–Thursday: 9:30–9:00 p.m; Fridays 10:00–14:30. Motzai Shabbat: ½ hour after shkiya until 11 p.m. What is the ordering line? 02-991-9293. 

02 999 3939

Why Move to Spelt?


he new trend in nutrition is towards spelt products and away from wheat. In order to understand why nutritionists are recommending spelt over wheat, we need to examine its origins. Modern wheat originates from the einkorn or emmer wheat of antiquity. The reason for its predominance over other grains (barley, spelt, rye and oats) is because of its relatively high protein (gluten) content, making it ideally suited to bread baking. Gluten, a complex protein made up of two simpler proteins gliadin and glutenin, provides the dough with extensibility and elasticity and gives the bread structure. Modern wheat has been genetically engineered to improve yield, but this tampering has raised its gliadin level.

Gliadin is present in all the grains in some quantity, but too much is counterproductive. Medical research has shown that gliadin (from the chemical family of opiates) acts as an appetite stimulator. Therefore, eating wheat products sends signals to your brain prompting you to eat more! Research has named increased gliadin content in wheat as one of the culprits for the rise in obesity. Spelt, because it is not a mainstream grain, has so far evaded the genetic engineer’s knife and thus remains almost identical to the spelt of antiquity. Add to this that spelt, by definition, is lower in gluten than wheat and you have a

more natural, healthier grain. The up side for anyone who has gluten intolerance or sensitivity is obvious. For the rest of us, spelt is simply easier on the digestive system and does not leave that bloated feeling you get after eating wheat products. The down side is that, because it is still a marginal grain, spelt is more expensive than wheat. Also, breads made with spelt flour may not be as light and fluffy as those made with wheat due to spelt’s weaker gluten structure. If you are looking to improve your health, spelt is definitely something to think about. Artisan baker Les Saidel is the owner of Saidels Bakery, Tel: 09-794-1222. Deliveries every Friday to Bet Shemesh, Ramat Bet Shemesh, Jerusalem, Raanana and Netanya. 

We carry a wide selection of the the Used latest models of New and Used fitness machines. Maintenance and Service for Treadmills and ALL fitness equipment. Commitment to provide the lowest prices. Sales and Trade-ins of all brands. Endorsed by Aryeh Sonnenberg

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“They all said that the way to get what

you want is to help enough other people get what they want.”

Interview with 17-Year Network Marketing Veteran Yitzchak Glickstein Yitzchak, what’s your background? I started out marketing office equipment, became a stockbroker with a large Wall Street firm and worked in commercial real estate sales, leasing and investment. I then quit the traditional business world to follow my passion. I became very interested in holistic healing and the effects of food, exercise and lifestyle on our health. I moved to the Swiss Alps where I managed a vegetarian (macrobiotic) cooking school at one of the premier alternative health centers in Europe. How did you discover the Network Marketing industry? My business partner Stephen introduced me to the concept of Network Marketing (NM) after returning from Europe. Stephen told me that he had found the thing that I was looking for all of my life. Coincidentally, one of my teachers in alternative health, Bill Tara, a world famous health and lifestyle counselor, author, and trainer told me about his wife’s 20 year battle with back pain. He said she tried a non-invasive approach and it worked. In fact, it worked so effectively that she couldn’t keep quiet about it and decided to market the products. Bill told me about the company’s core technologies, the company itself and the distribution method of NM. What is Network Marketing? NM is a distribution method that has been in existence for over 60 years. There are over 60 million NM professionals worldwide moving over $120 billion in products and services every year and earning a total of $50-60 billion dollars in 60

• PURIM 2013

royalties each year. Goods and services are promoted by word of mouth. A NM professional is himself first a satisfied customer of his product Secondly, much the same way one would recommend a restaurant, they recommend the product to others. And finally, we help those new satisfied clients participate along with us in the financial opportunity. It’s essentially a self-generating micro- franchise. What attracted your attention? The opportunity to “be in business for myself but not by myself.” I saw an almost unlimited amount of support. Secondly, the extremely low cost of entry. There were no glass ceilings. Age, gender, education, prior life experience, previous failure or success, all play almost no bearing on ones’ ability to succeed. Only an open mind, a willingness to grow, emunah, bitachon and the hishtadlut of a committed decision. Why did you choose to join the industry? Freedom: No alarm clock, no rush hour commute, no dress code, no office politics, no quotas, work with whom I choose to work, the ability to expand internationally with no added cost or investment and no cap on earnings. I met part-timers earning from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month and others earning six figures per year and even one million plus. How many years have you been in it? Over 17 years. The first 7 1/2 years full-time and the next 8 1/2 years parttime (with full-time income). I’m back into full-time mode, as I have big goals to accomplish.

Bizness Magazine

How should people choose a company in this industry? People should be in love with the products, check the stability and track record of the company and make sure that integrity permeates the corporate and distribution leaders. What has been your biggest accomplishment? To help leaders in our organization in the U.K., Russia, Australia and of course Israel, create financial freedom in their life. For the last 11 years we have been in our company’s Millionaire Club and 15 years in the Presidents Club. We are at a level where we are among the top 120 people in the USA in our company. What’s your plan for the immediate future? 1. We have set a goal to reach the next rank in our company, to be among the top 35 people in the US. 2. To partner with approximately 20 new people here in Israel who want to create financial freedom for their families while helping to bring excellent physical health to many thousands of others. Are you working now towards a particular event? As part of the above goal, we are planning a large event for the first week of June in Tel Aviv to showcase our products, our company and our profession. We expect to have 600–1,000 people in attendance. How can people contact you for more information? I can be reached at 052-832-3600. 

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Who Wants to Hear Your News? Interview with Jeremy Sulzbacher

Where are you from Jeremy? I am a UK qualified accountant by training who has worked in consulting and management roles over the last 25 years. I have always enjoyed the challenge of writing, and I had the opportunity recently to develop my writing as a career. Please tell us what Adillos does. Adillos comes from the Latin ad illos – to tell them. Very simply, organizations must communicate with their customers, suppliers, donors, employees etc. Not everybody has the resources in-house to fulfill this function. At Adillos, we will tell them for you. What prompted you to become an expert in telling peoples’ news? First, I can write very well and I enjoy it. Second, I understand how organizations work, what they actually do and what would be interesting for third parties to know about them. Who uses your services? Any commercial, charitable or investment entity. Who should use your services in Israel? Everywhere in today’s global world you regularly have to communicate with other people irrespective of where you are or where your audience is. Spiritually, Israel is the center of the world, and when we look at science this is becoming more true by the day. But Israeli markets are everywhere – larachok velakarov – and Israeli businesses have to communicate. How do you use social media? Social media are very powerful. Blogs, Facebook and LinkedIn are great. We specialize in newsletters

which can also be sent via the social media. Our service is most effective with email where we can provide full analytics on each campaign. Tell us more about email campaigns and how should people use them. Let’s take a step back. Most companies advertise in magazines, in which you can convey a very limited message. If you send an email you have about 1 second to grab the recipient’s attention to open it. You then have up to 2 seconds to make them say, “I am going to read this.” This is your great opportunity as you now have your recipient’s attention to deliver your message. We all are busy, yet we all scan our emails. By the way, a beautiful advantage of e-newsletters is that you can know how many and who read them, down to what time of day. Your message must be crisp and clear. If the recipient finishes the email saying “I know more than I did 20 seconds ago, and I will read this newsletter next time” you have achieved much more than any ad could ever aspire to. Oddly enough, similar rules apply to printed newsletters. Many do their own email campaigns by themselves; why should people hire an expert? If they can do it better and more cost effectively than Adillos, we tell them they are doing a great job. From expe-

rience, very few can. Many people do not hire experts because they think it will be expensive, what can you tell them? Our customers understand, that besides comprehending what goes on inside their organizations, we write like outsiders. One software developer can write about the details of his updates better than me – but in twenty pages. We would write the update in two or three pages, as users quickly want to grasp what’s new. Every article we write is reviewed by at least two external people to ensure that messages are delivered succinctly. How about people who feel they have nothing to tell. It’s like a shidduch where neither has much to say, yet they still get married. Seriously, no business operates in a vacuum and if a client has less to talk about we generate content for them. Remember, some clients only need to send a newsletter twice a year – and if they are running a business, something is happening which we can turn into an interesting story. How do you differentiate yourself from others in the industry? At one end you have newsletter companies specializing in accountants or dentists who prepare generic and impersonal newsletters with their clients’ logos on top. At the other extreme you have large organizations which have their own resources in-house. We aim to enter the mindset of our clients to articulate the messages they want to deliver. How can people reach you? +972 3 374 3700 ext 1 or jeremy@  BIZNESS MAGAZINE


The Sixth Commandment

Thou ShallThy Love Employees


hen you love your employees, they will love you back. That means they will love their job and love working for you. They will put their all into making your company a success. But the relationship starts with you. I recently heard about a terrible incident. Yael was working in a restaurant and she accidentally did something wrong. The employer berated her in front of the restaurant’s customers, deeply embarrassing Yael. Do you know what this behavior does to the employee? This type of confrontation is rude and harmful to your business. You should never raise your voice at your employees—and never in front of other people! The halachos of bain adam l’chavero don’t get thrown out the window just because you’re the boss. You should always keep in mind who the real boss is! There are so many stories of employers who just don’t care about their employees. Every day, people are getting up in the morning and coming to work for you, to make you money. You should be treating them like gold. They are your assets and should be your biggest fans. Your employee base is the pulse of your business and one of the most important secrets to your success. Let’s go over some of the rules on how to treat your employees: Treat them like they want to be treated. Don’t treat them like you think they want to be treated--there is a big difference. You have your ideas of how they want to be treated and, perhaps, ideas of how you would want to be treated in their place. Again, you should treat them like they want to be treated. If you are not sure how to do so, then just ask them. You can 62

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also put out an anonymous suggestion box and allow them to put anything in it that comes to mind. Take the time to read the suggestions and even respond to everyone on your team. Let them know you are listening and that you care. You will know what employees want by getting to know them, spending time with them, taking them out for lunch every now and then, and asking them, “How can I make things better for you?” They might ask for a raise and you can say, “Listen, that’s not really practical right now but I do want to make things as much fun, interesting, and easy as possible for you.” Give employees the training and the tools they need to succeed. Don’t just hire somebody and say, “Do your job.” Give them the things they need to succeed. Ask them, “What can I provide you with to make you successful?” Do you know why? When your employees are successful, guess who is really successful? You are. Keep in mind that just because you know how to do something doesn’t mean that they know. Sometimes you just need to teach them a few times. Do it with a smile . This doesn’t mean giving someone a BMW. I heard a story about a salesman who told his employer, “Give me a BMW and people will think I’m successful. Then, they will want to deal with me.” Nice try! And there is some truth to that. Obviously, what employees need must be within reason. If it means a software program that is going to cost you a hundred dollars, that is okay, because if an employee leaves you in frustration, it will cost you more in the long run to have to hire someone else. Figure those costs in terms of time spent interviewing, training and seeing if that person is a good fit. Just make your current employees happy—it’s cheaper;

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and, if they are happy, they will make you happy. In addition, when you are looking to hire someone new, your current employees are likely to suggest your opening to a friend. But if they are not happy, why would they want their friends not to be happy? Let them know what is clearly expected of them. Be upfront with them from day one, even before they take the job. Tell employees, “We expect you to close this amount of sales.” ”We expect you to do this amount of paperwork.” ”We expect you to put in this amount of hours.” Have a company policy and a company handbook so that the work force knows what is expected and what the rules and regulations are and have them sign it. Don’t think you are too small for such a step. Even if you only have a handful of employees, this is important to have. Things should be very clearly defined and your employee should have that knowledge before he/she starts working for you. Make them always feel appreciated. Many times, employees would rather have the boss give them an award, a pat on the back or publicly thank them, rather than receiving a cash bonus. True, receiving 200 shekels is nice; however, there is nothing better than coming home with an award, putting it on your counter and showing it to your spouse. You tell her, “Look what I got at work today. My boss appreciates me. My boss cares about me and cares about the work that I do for him.” It makes the spouse feel proud as well! As a result, the employees feel appreciation towards you because they know that what they are doing matters. Make them feel part of the company. It is almost a given to give shares of the company to your employees, especially with high tech companies. When

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you give them shares, they will work extra hard because when the company is successful, they are successful. They will want to do more because now your success becomes their success! Make the employees feel that they have a say in the company. Google employees are allowed to work on their own projects. Consequently, many great Google products have been developed during the 20% of the time (one out of every five days) they are given to work on their own projects. Google, however, is an extreme case. Not every business can run like this. If your company is of a size similar to Google, this approach might make sense. Your employees sometimes know more about your company than you do because they are the ones who interact with your clients. They see what happens on a daily basis. So talk to them and make them feel like part of the team. Have company outings. Do whatever you can to show employee love. It goes a long way. When someone feels appreciated and happy with the work they do; if they feel they are doing a good job and you are giving them what they need to do a good job, it builds up confidence. It makes each a better person and that positive morale spreads to other employees. Before you know it, other people will want to work in your group, too. You will begin acquiring better employees and people will be lining up to work for you, to share in this experience and to feel appreciated. You can use a company outing to achieve a certain goal. For example, if you have a project that you need to get done by a certain time and you met the deadline, reward your team with a bowling trip or even take them camping! Give them company gear. Okay, I’m a little biased since I spent close to ten years in the promotional marketing industry. But, it feels great to get a company T-shirt, jacket or mug. The more, the merrier. It makes employees feel part of your company and gives them status. Plus, it’s great marketing for your company whenever they wear your products. Make sure they all have busi-

ness cards, even if they don’t need them. It will make them feel good. And don’t be cheap. Make really cool and creative business cards since this reflects on your company and is very often the first impression your company will make. I’m passionate about start-ups and bringing ideas to life. I welcome you to check out my website at  About the Author Nachum Kligman is a serial entrepreneur, consultant and speaker. He is

the founder of and is the co-founder of He is also the Founder of ViewBix Inc and the co-founder of,,, among many other internet startups. He is also the owner of KosherVend Ltd., which is the exclusive importer of cotton candy vending machines in Israel ( as well as a partner in Cellar 18, a boutique wine store located in Ramat Bet Shemesh.







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HELEN ABELESZ Background: Helen is a life coach who specializes in working with women who are feeling overwhelmed, lack self-confidence, dealing with stress or not achieving their potential. Helen will help you pinpoint your insecurities, set goals for you to achieve and empower you to take control of your life. She works in both Hebrew and English. Call her today. 02 992 0263, 054 482 9815.

GERSHON RAPP Background: Gershon Rapp is the founder of GR Web Promotions. They offer web design, web development, SEO and content writing. They specialize in helping small to medium size businesses accomplish their online goals. Contact Gershon at: Gershy@grwebpromotions. com or at: 054-759-5690.

NICOLE LEVIN Background: Nicole Levin is an American born, Israeli trained real estate attorney with 28 years of experience in the field. She is a Mediator and Notary as well. She has offices in Beit Shemesh and in Modiin. Nicole Levin can be contacted at 029915687 and her offices are on the 2nd floor of the BIG Shopping Center office because building. Website www.

DAVID DRUTMAN Background: David Drutman has been a lawyer for 36 years, including the last 13 years in Israel. He has sound experience in a broad spectrum of work in both professional and commercial environments. He is widely respected for creative, goal orientated legal work. He specializes in transactions (property, estates, contracts, commercial matters etc), family law and notarial work. He can be contacted at 02-995-1877 or



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MOSHE WILSHINSKY Background: A 27-year veteran in the mortgage industry, Moshe is the CEO of Moville Mortgage and Finance LTD. To contact Moshe, call their main line at 073 796 2226 and press their special 711 Bizness extension. For US callers dial 201 377 3418 and UK 208 596 4501. Email him at questions@ or visit their website at www.

EGERT-COHEN INSURANCE Background: Egert-Cohen is a Jerusalem-based brokerage that specializes in helping English-speaking Olim with personal family insurance solutions. They are also experts in travel insurance and incoming tourism. Contact Shimon Cohen at 050-5482192 or Yona Egert at 050-5363897 or visit their website at

Background: Both Drs Gherman and Lavi are American trained orthodontists, and are active members in the American Association of Orthodontists. Dr Gherman attended NYU Dental on full scholarship, and Montefiore Medical Center for his orthodontic residency. Dr Lavi graduated from UMDNJ, was chief resident of general dentistry and received his orthodontic degree from NYU College of Dentistry. Dr Gherman’s clinic is in Rechavia, 02561-9770 Dr. Lavi’s clinic is in RBShemesh, 02992- 3363


Background: Shoshana is the founder of Binah Baby, a professional and caring “Mommy and Baby� center. Shoshana holds a Bachelors degree in nursing, midwifery certification, and she is a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine. Contact Shoshana at 054 234 2367. They are located at Maor 8 (ground floor), RBS A.



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MEIR LUZON Background: Meir Luzon is a professional in the field of property inspection for over 25 years, specializing in water leakage and moisture detection. He was the first to import advanced U.S. standard detection technology, to precisely locate insulation weak points. Contact Meir Luzon at 02-590 1227 or

ARIEL LEVY Background: Ariel Levy is a car mechanic with over 13 years of experience. Ariel own Ariel Car Services, a full service car garage in the Industrial area in Bet Shemesh. They service all makes and models and specialize in French and Japanese cars. The garage is located on Rechov Hamasger. Ariel can be reached for any consultations at 054 205 0389.




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Background: Founder of Realty Executives in Bet Shemesh. Shmuel has been in real estate since 1995 as an investor, a buyer, a landlord, a manager, etc. Realty Executive is one of the largest franchise companies in the world. It was founded in 1965 and has since grown by 887%. Today, Realty Executive works in over 20 countries and is one of America’s 300 most profitable companies. Contact Shmuel at 050-478-2868.

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