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Circulation: 18,000 copies

Zeev Cooper The man behind Super-Pharm at

Anniversary Issue

Back to School with Smiley Are there bugs in your bed? Real Estate: 1+1=3 WATER : TAP vs TREATED for health or taste?

Exclusive Interview with

David Walles from

How does Acupuncture kill Pain

3 Interviews with top Renovation & Building Pros Kitchens Villa Nova

Sharett Contracting


Ramat Bet Shemesh Sheinfeld Nofei Aviv Har Nof Rehavia Shaarei Chesed

German Colony New! Ramat Eshkol Arzei Habira Maalot Dafna Minhat Yitzchak Ganei Geula New!

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999ĉ Black & Decker vibrating sander

249ĉ Professional set of 5 tools 18v in elegant case

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Rechargeable drill 10.8 includes 2 batteries and charger

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Vertical Black & Decker home saw

High quality Bosch circular saw



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Gas barbecue for sale at prices that are not allowed to advertise! We received Parquet Flooring at lowest prices in the country


we received 2013 Wallpaper collection


Camping products, tents, sleeping bags and mattresses!

North industrial area Rehov Hamasger 10, Bet Shemesh Fax: 9914448 Hours: Sun- Thus 7:30- 20:00 Fri 7:30-14:30 5 payments with no interest by credit card

Pictures for illustrative purposes only.

Sale prices in effect this week only, while supplies last. All prices include tax.

Bosch laser range finder


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contents JULY 2013

Information on Foreign Driving Licenses that you Need to Know What is the

status of a foreign driving license?

Smiling from Bet Shemesh to Jerusalem with Smile Talk A friend

of mine told me that the Damon system is the best. Is that true?


Why Good Economic Times Ahead May be Bad for Some and Worse for

Others When something as basic as the

cost of money rises, it increases the cost of everything and that results in inflation.


In Real Estate: 1 + 1 Can Equal 3 We believe that no

other single office can offer what we can do together.


Off-the-Shelf Rental Agreements Sure it’s

significantly cheaper than using a lawyer but it’s also penny-wise and pound-foolish.

22 24

Holistic Health - the Revolution! The greatest

wealth is health. Health is not simply the absence of illness.

Why am I always shouting at the kids? I’m a great mother The

summer, when it is very hot and the children are around much more, can be a difficult time when we focus on our negative traits even more than usual.


• JULY 2013


”You Can Pay your Taxes Now or... You Can Pay Later” The top rate will


the new top rate of 39.6% on other

Building Private Homes, Redoing Apartments, Renovating Hotels and Developing Commercial Areas The


response was even greater than we could

apply to the extent that a taxpayer’s income exceeds the threshold set for


A few cups, Now What? The particular set of symptoms experienced and intensity

may vary from person to person and from occasion to occasion.

30 32

Compuskills Compuskills, founded in 1995, was the

first school of its kind in Israel.

Tires 101 Change the position of the tires on your car so that the tire on the left hand

front of your car will be either on the right side or in the back.


Zeev Cooper Opens the Newest SUPER-PHARMA Store with the best management team Zeev served in the

have imagined!


How does Acupuncture deal with Pain Recent advances in technology have

helped unlock the biological mysteries of this ancient medical practice.


Greg Cafe Much More than Just Great Coffee We also liked the relaxed and

pleasant home atmosphere of the place.


Is Your Bed Allergy Friendly? Three hundred million people around the

world suffer from allergies, among them 400,000 Israelis.

of command assignments and officer’s



with concrete floors and brick walls.

army as an outstanding soldier worthy

Bizness Magazine 

His clients I was eight years old when I built my first twostory underground club house

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Helen Abelesz Egert-Cohen Eliyahu Gherman Shoshana Kesner Edo Lavi Tzvi Lefkowitz Nicole Levin Ariel Levy David Walles Moshe Wilshinsky

Bet Shemesh - Jerusalem

Circulation: 18,000 copies

Zeev Cooper The man behind Super-Pharm at

Anniversary Issue

Back to School with Smiley Are there bugs in your bed? Real Estate: 1+1=3 WATER : TAP vs TREATED for health or taste?

Exclusive Interview with

David Walles from

How does Acupuncture kill Pain

3 Interviews with top Renovation & Building Pros Kitchens Villa Nova

Sharett Contracting


• JULY 2013

anywhere in the world. I’m sure you have


Ramat Bet Shemesh Sheinfeld Nofei Aviv Har Nof Rehavia Shaarei Chesed

German Colony New! Ramat Eshkol Arzei Habira Maalot Dafna Minhat Yitzchak Ganei Geula New!


all felt it at one point in your life.


Water from a World that You Have Never known The Best Drinking Water , No Maintenance, Nothing Removed Filters are a great disaster for the human body as they filter out most, if not all, of the important minerals in the water.


Part III When selfregulation is not learned or

it is inhibited by other hormone activity in the body, children can have issues regulating behaviors and emotions.


Maccabi Top Professionals Series: I always enjoyed biology and

chemistry, and biochemistry at university.

Super Tire we change tires, fix

Dietetics ticked all my boxes.

tires, we do wheel alignment,


stuck on the road due to a flat tire.


Are You Always Tired?

Safeguard your tires At

Back to School with Smiley Customers who

One-Stop Shop for your New Kitchen I have worked in the design and

construction industry for 15 years.

come into my store usually

find what they want.


instant bond when you meet another Jew

and we rescue clients who find themselves

How to reach Bizness Magazine

JULY 2013


The Seventh Commandment: Networking There is an

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Technical Services

Tzvi builds his reputation on customer satisfaction

Air Conditioners Repairs, Freon Leak Detection, Sales, Planning & Installation of VRF, Mini Central and Multi Inverters. The evaporator and condenser coils collect dirt, dust and mold over time, especially when they are in use during the warmer months. Tzvi recommends cleaning these items every 2 years in order to maintain the efficiency of the unit, save you money and ensure a healthier environment. The company uses the latest methods to detect Freon leaks, repair and service your air conditioning units. They carefully and thoroughly clean the evaporator coils with a special cleaning solution and pressurized water, not with harsh brushes that are often used. This method is more cost-effective and gentler on your air conditioning system, resulting in a unit that works more efficiently. It is also advisable to periodically wash the filters and check the overall performance of the unit to ensure its optimal operation.

Tzvi Lefkowitz - 054-498-5298 We take all major credit cards Installments payment option

Tzvi has many years of extensive experience in general contracting and home construction and renovations. Tzvi made aliyah from New York where he built multi unit projects and custom homes. Air conditioning is one of his passions. He provides care and maintenance services for all the major brands including: Elco, Electra, ECP, Tadiran, Tornado, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and LG among others. Tzvi specializes on both wall units and central a/c units. He gives a thorough explanation of the work to be done with honest and affordable prices.

Letter from the Editor Happy Birthday Bizness Magazine!!! ast year we celebrated our first anniversary by entering Yerushalayim after a successful first year in Bet Shemesh. We have a lot to celebrate now on our second year anniversary. We have expanded our circulation from 6,000 to 18,000 and we plan to continue our growth both in geographic reach and in circulation.


Our goal is to continue to increase our circulation and reach most Anglo communities in the country. We want to strengthen the bond among the members in each community and facilitate the integration of the several Anglo communities across the land. This is being accomplished as testified by our advertisers who report to us that their businesses are not only growing locally within their communities, but also to other cities. The launch of our website, which includes an application to browse through the actual magazine, has been a sound move to increase the readership and allow thousands of people throughout the country and internationally, to enjoy the valuable information that is printed in the magazine every month. To further celebrate our second year anniversary, we have modified the format of the magazine by making it bigger. The new format will allow us to continue improving the general quality of the magazine and to offer graphics and layouts designed to create an easy and enjoyable reading experience. On behalf of the management team and our staff I want to express our deepest appreciation for the constant praising we receive from our readers. This creates the necessary environment to motivate us to maximize our efforts to serve the community and to produce products that are not only welcomed in your homes, but anxiously expected. We look forward to continue providing the general Anglo community with valuable information, knowledge, inspiration and entertainment, as well as coaching and mentoring to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to effectively launch and develop their businesses to their full potential. Wishing you a safe, happy, and productive summer.

Ariel Topf Ariel has built several companies in three continents in the fields of internet, retail, wholesale, franchising, direct sales, high-tech, employment, food manufacturing, food supplements, clothing manufacturing, pet nutrition, personal development, restaurant, advertising and publishing. In this process, Ariel has headhunted, hired, trained, managed and/or mentored over 20,000 individuals. Ariel heads BiznessPro, a business consulting firm dedicated to help entrepreneurs who are serious about success (

2nd Year Anniversary

Wher e

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luxurious simcha ha





Me et





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I had the pleasure of eating at Café Greg in the new Big Fashion yesterday, and I just wanted to highly recommend it. The service was very good, but it was the menu that was really tops, along with presentation and atmosphere. It is an upscale place with very reasonable prices and they are doing an excellent job. I have never tasted such fantastic ice-coffee—it was more like ice-cream with a coffee flavor— amazing! It is under the hashgacha of Badatz Beit Yosef. R.P. I would like to highly recommend Suri Fisher, who has a bridal gown gemach in Beit Shemesh. She is formally from New York, so there won’t be communication problems. We are currently using her now for our daughter’s upcoming wedding. She is very patient, has a wonderful seamstress who does alterations, and is very reasonably priced. Please contact her on 02-573-0186 or 052-412-0576. Feel free to tell her that I recommended you to her. Anat Talmud I got zippers replaced for a both back-


• JULY 2013

pack and a purse at the Merkaz HaTfirah in the parking area under Yesh. They did a great job!! Miri Last year I bought at Sea Secret a great modest swimsuit for my daughter. This year it needed some alterations which Keren with great skills. I highly recommend Sea Secrets products and service. Their number is 054 990 7474. Shifra I just came back with my son who needed an X-ray on his ankle. Ezrat Achim was the place to go! We were in and out within 10 minutes. No waiting, no lines, no shlepping and this was a follow up x-ray, the first time we went, we had the same pleasant experience. The X-ray technician was very nice, has 25 yrs experience, was professional, and knew how to read the Xray (so he prepared us that the ankle was probably broken, and he was right). E.W. I called Elliott from Cellular Island to ask for a battery for my phone. They did not carry it but he went to another store, bought it for me and brought it to my house! In addition he took an old battery from another phone that was “dead” and brought it to life at no charge. He did all with a smile. He can be reached at 050 836 2641, SMS, or email: cellulareisland@ H.T. We highly recommend Michou’s amazing products! Her pareve ice cream is really creamy and so tasty. Great for hot summer shabbatot. To custom order call Michou at 054-533-7773. D.S. Our son read beautifully at his bar mitzvah several weeks ago, and we are proud to give credit to his patient and warm teacher, Rabbi Harry Greenspan. We heartily recommend him to others. Rabbi Greenspan can be reached at 0525650069 and 995-1485. A & M Goldstein Huge recommendation to BH communications! Thank you so much for all your help today!!! Your customer service is excellent! T.M. I went for acupuncture and a massage to Yehudis Schamroth yesterday and it was wonderful!! So relaxing, and I felt that all my nodules had been broken down. Thank you Yehudis. Regards, Sandy Jacobs

Bizness Magazine 



1st Prize - FREE A/C service by Handyman Tzvi (650 nis value) WINNER: Berger (Bet Shemesh)

ARIEL LEVY 2nd Prize - FREE oil change/service by Ariel Levy (400-600 nis value) WINNER: Yael E. (Bet Shemesh)

3rd Prize - Full meal for 2 at Zislick (Bet Shemesh) (Salad, main dish, ice cream & coffee) WINNER: Chaim (Givat Zeev)

4th Prize - A pair of kids’ sandals from Carmit Shoes (100 nis value) WINNER: Devorah F. (Ramat Bet Shemesh)


02 999 3939

Elbaryo is celebrating its 1st year anniversary and you are invited to join us for birthday greetings over coffee and cake! Elbaryo, the magical Italian restaurant, is celebrating a year of good taste and invites you to come and feel the experience of magical Italy. You are invited to meet delicateness, a perfect experience and a tale of good taste. Italy was never so close!

FREE! Pampering coffee nt!* and home-baked cake as a prese

Sderot Hadekel 11, Givat Sharet, (Sheinfeld Commercial Center,) Beit Shemesh | Hours: Sun. thru Thurs. 9:00 am to midnight | Fri. 8:30 am to 1:00 pm | Motzei Shabbat an hour and a half after Shabbat until 01:00 am | Tel. 02-624-2020 email: | website: Catered events in the restaurant: 052-70-44-005

*Offer valid until supply lasts. Must bring this ad.


Information on

Foreign Driving Licenses

that you Need to Know By Egert and Cohen, your Neighborhood Agents question that often comes up with olim chadashim, tourists and returning Israelis is: What is the status of a foreign driving license? So here is a quick quiz to help you learn and remember the answers: A Quick Quiz 1. An oleh can drive for three years on his/ her foreign license. Y/ N 2. As long as you retain your tourist status, you can drive on your foreign license indefinitely. Y/ N 3. If you’re a returning Israeli and you took out a foreign license just before coming to Israel, you can transfer this to an Israeli license. Y/ N *See bottom of article for the answers. A Quick Summary 1. Oleh chadash, tourist, returning resident, temporary resident: Does not need an Israeli license immediately. Period of time: Has up to one year from date of entry to Israel. 2. Tourist/student (coming in and out of Israel during the year) Period of time: Unclear in the law. Each case needs to be decided separately. Usually, each new entry to Israel restarts the process. 3. Transferring a foreign license to an Israeli license Period of time: The license of an oleh chadash can be transferred within three years of being in Israel on condition that the foreign license was issued before the aliyah date. For the temporary resident, tourist or returning Israeli, the license can be transferred within a year of arrival in Is-



• JULY 2013

rael on the condition that it has been valid for at least six months. For all transfers, one needs to take a simplified lesson/test. Contact a local driving school. So, all of you driving with valid New York licenses but not valid Israeli licenses, don’t take the chance!! A few words about accidents in which there are injuries: 1. If someone is injured, the police must be notified either immediately or within 48 hours. You have to report to the relevant police department in the city where the accident took place. (In Jerusalem, it is the station next to Binyanei Ha’Uma). What you need to bring: The name of your insurance company, the policy number for your car, your paid bituach chova form and your driver’s license. 2. If a pedestrian or cyclist has been injured, he/she must supply the insurance details of the car involved and the police will issue a “Doch Nifgaim.” In hit-and-run cases, the accident must be reported to the police and also to the government insurance office Karnit at 03-7111666. All medical treatment is covered in full by the bituach chova of the car in which the injured were traveling or, in the case of pedestrians, the car involved. Claim of the Month: Question: Can you insure a stolen car (and then claim that it was stolen from you!)? Mr. A.P. bought a car through a “friend of a friend.” He signed a document with the details of the sale and received the papers and transfer of ownership.

Bizness Magazine 

A few months later, his car was stolen and only then the true facts came to light. The original car had been totaled but criminal elements “borrowed” the number and transplanted it onto a “new” secondhand car. This “new” car had obviously been stolen previously and given a new identity. Mr. A.P., in all innocence, claims that seeing he had paid his premium, he was entitled to the insurance benefits. The case went to court and the judge made two points: 1. If a person buys a car from a cardealer and it turns out to be stolen, he is entitled to the insurance benefits, obviously providing that he is unaware of the car’s history (Section 34 of the Israeli Sales Law, 1968). 2. If, however, the sale is through a private person, it becomes the buyer’s responsibility to check that he is not in fact a party to dealing in stolen property. If nevertheless, the person is unwittingly tricked, he/she is not guilty of a crime but at the same time he/she has no “rights of possession.” To sum up: The aim of all insurance in the case of a claim is to restore the insured to the situation he/she was before the insurance event took place. In the case of stolen property, the insured does not have an object that has real value. He is by law not entitled to possess such an object and therefore unable to insure it. The judge ordered Mr. A.P. to pay all court costs and for the insurance company to refund all premiums. In Gemara terminology, a classic “Mekach Ta’ut.” A “Hot” policy at Egert and Cohen: Basic Supplementary Medical Insurance Covers: a. Overseas Surgery b. Transplants c. Medications not covered by kupat cholim (eg. for rare medical conditions) Premium for couple + 3 (or more) kids: Approx. NIS 85 per month. Happy Summer! Remember, we’re here when you need us! Call us with any questions at: 02-6232546.  *All answers to the quiz are NO!

02 999 3939


Call now 1-700-700-034

1. Sitting, reading and TV watching mode

3. Complete release of back weight, back pain release


people helping people

2. Resting mode at

Innovative solutions for back pain problems since 1998

Zero Gravity

4. Back stretching and reverse circulation mode

Reflexology Shiatsu devices Provides significant relief from feet pain, and veins and diabetic vascular problems. Double roller feet massage!

Call BACK TECH to schedule a free treatment session 1700 700 034

Best systems for back and feet relaxation and rehabilitation! Back and neck pain, herniated disc, hip and legs. Diabetes, heart diseases, strokes and blood vessels. Best systems for fast rehabilitation in your home. Orthopedic chair option for standing up with ease. BACK TECH renowned recliners were designed as result of research by NASA which showed that switching from regular sitting position to reclining position provided total body relaxation. Recommended for watching television, reading or even sleeping. Proven to alleviate back pain by lowering muscle pressure. Back Tech’s recliner gives you full control over the range of seating angles. We custom build the recliner according to customer needs in terms of ergonomics, anatomy and design. *Most recommended by Doctors.

Rated #1 as the most comfortable recliners in the world ...(N.Y. times 1997)

Call to schedule a non-obligation home visit. We will bring the recliner and show you how we custom build it for your needs.

For orders and more information please call:



Smiling from Bet Shemesh to Jerusalem with Smile Talk Dr. Lavi and Dr. Gherman


Questions from the Field Series Dear Drs. Lavi and Gherman: I am confused about what type of braces are best for my child. I’ve noticed that many kids have different braces. A friend of mine told me that the Damon system is the best. Is that true? Signed, Dazed about Damon Dear Dazed: This is a common question and we are happy that you brought it up as the answer will help clarify to our readers what to look for in choosing an orthodontist. If you hang on until the end of this article, it also gives us a good opening to announce some great news! The answer to the question of which braces are the best is -- they are all the best. It just depends on the particular clinical presentation of each individual case. In today’s information age, patients will often research and find key words that have been marketed well, such as Invisalign or The Damon System. These are both very good systems but they are only two from among many hundreds of other very good systems such as The Straight Wire system, Tweed, Burstone, Begg, Tip-edge, Bidimensional, etc. No system is ideal for every situation. The Damon system, for example, is one of the first self-ligating bracket systems, can accelerate treatment time in some patients but can also lengthen treatment time if used in the wrong situation. The key to terrific orthodontic results is not a function of the system used but the expertise of the orthodontist. The most experienced and proficient orthodontists are familiar with dozens of different systems and are able to apply them as they are needed in different patients. One of the important lessons that was drilled into us during our residencies was, never to become “cookbook orthodontists.” Our instructors would sit with us every day for years and challenge us to come up with different and the most ideal ways to treat our patients.  Now for the special news, Dr. Lavi and Dr. Gherman have decided to team up. The driving force in this decision was to be able to combine our orthodontic knowledge and experience. And, as we did in our residencies, present to each other different ideas on how to best treat our patients. Stop by the office to get your free customized treatment plan that will start you on the path to a healthy and beautiful smile.

Dr. Eliyahu Gherman is located at 15 Ibn Gevirol, Rechavia. The phone numbers are: 02-561-9770 and 02-561-9780. The hours are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8 a.m.-3 p.m.; Wednesday 8 a.m.-7 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m.-12 p.m.


• JULY 2013

Dr. Edo Lavi’s office is located at 1 Nachal Tamar, Ramat Bet Shemesh. The phone number is: 02-992-3363.

Bizness Magazine 

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Building Your Dream Home PBM Israel is an Anglo company with experience in building and renovating in Jerusalem and its surrounding areas.

Full Project management from Architectural Design to Home Furnishings Planing & Design Architect services Interior design Permits Major Projects New construction Full renovation Extensions Kitchen restoration Bathroom restoration Small Projects American standard closets Screen repairs Trim work Tile work Grout work Fixture hanging Sheet Rock repairs

Steven Cel. 050 584 4710 Tel. 02 532 8564 Our goal is to provide high-quality service focusing on finishing the job on time and within budget.


Why Good Economic Times Ahead May be Bad* for Some and Worse* for Others

By Moshe Wilshinsky

*If they don’t take precautions now.


any “indicators” are pointing to a stronger US economy. So strong, that for the first time, the US Fed (Federal Reserve System) is discussing easing off on the “quantitative easing.” (To paraphrase, the US Government is planning to stop its practice of effectively subsidizing interest rates.) This has the markets a bit squeamish and they are searching for what to do in a new interest rate era. For example, over the past few weeks, the interest rate on US Treasury bonds with a ten-year maturity (i.e. loans to Uncle Sam for ten years) have increased at a rate we have not seen recently. The interest rate on this bond is not just important for Uncle Sam’s lenders but it is also a key reference rate used for many mortgages and long-term fixed rate loans. When something as basic as the cost of money rises, it increases the cost of everything and that results in inflation. In addition there is a growing concern that due to the amount of dollars the US has printed over the last few years, rates of inflation not seen since the 70s may return. Nothing is for certain and no one knows how far this will go but the feeling that we are moving to a new interest rate climate is growing in popularity. Many assume a US economic recovery will lead the world economy to a recovery as well (so the theory goes) or, even if there is no broad economic recovery internationally, it will at least increase interest rates internationally. Simply put, what is going on in the US will have a trickle effect and we are in a buck that may collect a lot of that trickle. In previous articles I have mentioned that if you are risk adverse, it may be time to refinance to a long-term fixed interest rate mortgage (not linked to the madad of course). But, given the situations developing as I mentioned above, if you have an all or a portion of your mortgage with an adjustable interest rate linked to the madad (inflation), you have two factors that will increase your risk of a higher cost for your mortgage and a higher monthly payment, rising interest rates and higher inflation Ironically, the one thing the madad-linked loan does give you is that your monthly payment may not increase as quickly as a mortgage payment based on prime interest rates in a situation where there are significant rises in inflation and thereby the prime interest rate. That is because with the madad loan your monthly


JULY 2013

payment is not covering the entire amount you owe every month -- e.g. the linkage on the principle (Yes, it is a cost just like interest.) accrues over the years. That is why after ten years of making payments, you may owe more then you originally borrowed. Many years ago when everyone’s salary was tied to the Madad a mortgage linked to the Madad made more sense. Today in many cases, a Madad linked loan does not make sense. So before the summer and the economy heat up, it is time to see if you should refinance your madad-linked loans. It is strange but true that good economic times can be bad for borrowers with interest rates that adjust because interest rates increase. Here in Israel, where some of those adjustable rate mortgages are also tied to inflation, it is like going from bad to worse. Questions are always welcome, and now I have the opportunity to hear your questions in person at “The Event,” Binyanei Haumah in Jerusalem. Please come visit us at Booth 34.   About the Author Moshe Wilshinsky is the CEO of Moville Mortgage & Finance Ltd. Contact information: In Israel, dial: 073-796-2226 and then press the special 711 Bizness Magazine extension. In the U.S., dial: 201-377-3418; in the U.K., dial 208-596-4501. Website is at:

Bizness Magazine 

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We will make you feel at home

Dr. Ari Stern 02-999-6046



Israel Wine



         Specializing in Boutique Wineries Personalized & Exclusive Itineraries


Visit us at

02 537 4264 9:30am-1:00pm 8:30pm-10:00pm

Binyanei Hauma, August 1, 2013

Appliance Direct, the only English speaking Appliance and AC distributor in Israel, we understand each customer’s needs and offer personal attention and competitive pricing.

Real Estate

In Real Estate:

1+1 Can Equal 3 Interview with Rachel Cohen and Yaniv Bukobza What’s the idea behind joining forces? We are two (but really 3 according to the 1+1=3 concept) strong offices in Ramat Bet Shemesh, joining forces and working in perfect cooperation to catch the season before it ends, working round-theclock and brainstorming together with creative ideas and out-of-thebox thinking. We are here to put your house on the right track by giving it massive exposure – massive exposure plus much expertise and personal care which cannot be beaten. We believe that no other single office can offer what we can do together. Rachel, tell us a bit about yourself and your strengths. I’m no stranger in this city. People know me as Rachel from “Rachel Realty.” I have been in the field in Rama Alef for six years. My strengths, BS”D, include easily assessing any property in the Rama, a high standard of customer service, bringing in the right clients, a proven capability in managing negotiations and most importantly, I have mastered the art of pulling the deal through for a record number of happy clients and home sellers. Yaniv, share with us a little of your background. My company in Israel is “Tivuch Ha’aretz”. I have been in the real estate field for over 15 years. Working as a broker and investor in the tri-state area has taught me the true secrets of effective negotiations based on honesty. This tough market has also helped me develop the perseverance to bring transactions to the closing table. My clients’ best interest is always my priority. I’m taking the skills that I have gained in the States, and with Siyatta De’Shmaya, will apply them here to the Isreali market of Ramat Beit Shemesh.. What’s the main benefit to your clients? 18

JULY 2013

Our strategy in joining efforts this summer is so that buyers and sellers will be assured that they are totally covered, as two separate offices are fully dedicated to closing their deals, whether they are selling or buying. Why is this project good for the seller in particular? • This is a unique opportunity to give exclusivity to two offices at the same time. • Double advertisement. Double exposure. • Intensive, round-the-clock work. No vacation at this point. • Large client base. • Working in co-operation with all real estate agents. • Assessing your property professionally. • Professional “sifting” of buyers is carried out at the beginning to ensure we only deal only with serious clients. Why is this project good for buyers? • A very large base of properties with new and exciting additions. • Great, personal and caring customer service. • Round-the-clock customer care. We are there for you, before and after, with vast availability. As this is usually a nervewrecking period of time for all parties involved, we try to make it smoother by being available to answer any questions or issues that may come up. We then try to find the right solution from our vast past experience. • Original out-of the-box ideas to help buyers find the right home which meets their unique needs. We have the special creativity it sometimes takes to close the deal. • It is no secret that deals fall through occasionally on small issues that could have been prevented with professional care. B”H we definitely have that professionalism that can make your dream home become a reality. What else do you offer? Rama Gimmel. We’ve done all the endless research work for you and all you have left to do is to give us your list of requirements and budget and we will figure out the best deal for you and thereby save you considerable time and money. We negotiate the best price for you from the kablan. We do not work for them. We work for you! We take into consideration all the surrounding features -- giving you a professional tour of the new suburb. We have a wide range of beautiful properties, from plain apartments and raw plots to penthouses and spectacular cottages and villas. Whether you’re a home buyer or an investor, we will find just the right property for you. Anything else? Sure! Property management. We take care of your property from A-Z so that you can be relaxed even though you may be on the other side of the ocean. It involves finding tenants, checking them out, dealing with the contracts, dealing with the upkeep of the home. This saves investors much time and headaches -- especially landlords who are not local. We also provide the needed recommendations for trusted, top-notch lawyers, mortgage specialists, engineers and any other professionals you may need. We only recommend people that we know for many years and that have passed the “test of time.”  How can people contact you? Rachel Cohen can be contacted at: 052-761-7468 or at: Yaniv Bukobza can be contacted at 050-429-3034 or at:

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ÚÿÿČĂĈĊôāćø÷ćĂþāĂĊõĈć÷ü÷ā=ć þāĂĊĊûĂćĂôĆþÿĂĂþāĂùĈąćûøą


ßĂąćûøÚāúÿĂÜĂĀĀĈāüćČüāâĆąôøÿ ßĂąćûøøāćüąøùôĀüÿČ ÛąüāúČĂĈąöûüÿ÷ąøāùĂąô÷ôČĂùùĈā ôöćüĉüćüøĆ d,DW>KzDEdKE Νd,sEdϮϬϭϯ


ðøĊüÿÿûôĉøõĂĂćûĆĀôāāø÷õČćĂ㠁 âāĉøĆćĀøāćÛôāþüāúÜôąĆ   âĆąôøÿüöĂĀăôāüøĆĆĈöûôĆíøĉôÝôā  áĂĈĆüāúÞ÷ĈöôćüĂāðĂąþĆûĂăĆ   áĂćøÿĆôā÷øĉøāćûøăĂăĈÿôąùĂĂ÷öûôüā    ßĂĂ÷åüùøÜĂôöûüāúßôĆûüĂā ìĈõĊôČßąĂĀìöüøāćüĆćĆćĂìôÿøĆĀøā ôā÷ĀĈöûĀĂąø ĊøĊüÿÿûôĉøýĂõĆĂāĂùùøąôöąĂĆĆô ąôāúøĂùùüøÿ÷Ć ÚååâçòèîëèðçåÚçàîÚàÞ ÛąüāúČĂĈąÜïöĂĀøăąøăôąø÷ćĂāøćĊĂąþ




Real Estate Legal


Rental Agreements –A Landlord’s Perspective By Nicole Levin


andlords often either use standard, store-bought, rental agreements or simply copy a contract from another landlord. Sure it’s significantly cheaper than using a lawyer but it’s also penny-wise and pound-foolish. Below is the true story of one of my clients. Let’s call him Daniel. He wasn’t originally my client of course; he became mine when he became too embroiled in the “Landlord Situation from Hell” to extricate himself without some professional help. I have changed some of the facts of the case and replaced them with facts from similar cases. Daniel is not alone with these problems. He could start an international support group of disgruntled landlords with similar stories as this is a very big problem that happens to many landlords. Daniel owned a beautiful house which he rented out to a family. Let’s call them “the family.” He used a simple rental agreement that he had used many times in the past and which had always served him well. At some point during the lease, the family refused to allow Daniel to enter the house. They claimed that there were items which needed fixing, yet they refused to allow Daniel access to make the necessary repairs. They family began arbitrarily deducting amounts from the rent with the excuse that they had needed to make the repairs by 20

• JULY 2013

themselves. This was in breach of the lease agreement. Daniel never knew how much rent he would receive each month because the family was constantly deducting various amounts at their own discretion without giving Daniel any voice at all. There was no opportunity for him to do the repairs himself or to have any say in the kind of repair made, the price of those repairs or even whether those repairs were necessary in the first place. Daniel never received any receipts for repairs and it was often unclear to him whether or not the deductions were, in fact, for damage that the family had caused rather than regular wear and tear. After some months, Daniel asked the family to allow entry to an assessor who needed to evaluate the house for insurance purposes. The family once again refused entry and stopped giving Daniel any mail addressed to him that arrived at the house. The situation was fast becoming untenable. The straw that finally broke Daniel’s back, so to speak, was the family’s move to install certain equipment around the house, the cost of which, following their usual pattern, they deducted from the rent. Once again, this was an expenditure that had not been discussed and was not authorized by Daniel. He learned about this only from the neighbors. Daniel was now seriously concerned

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about the condition of the house which he has not been allowed to enter for months. He came to me to see what he could do about his unbearable tenants under the terms of the contract he signed with them. Unfortunately for Daniel, there were several clauses in the standard, off-the-shelf contract he used which were very problematic. There were also several omissions. Due to the lax contract, the family was able to take possession of the house without giving Daniel any form of security and he did not require post-dated checks as the form of payment. This is what allowed the family to make arbitrary deductions from the rent rather than request that he agree to and arrange for the repairs himself. Daniel recently sent the family a notice requiring them to vacate the house due to breach of contract. They of course refused to do so. While Daniel did not consult a lawyer when he made the rental agreement, the family did. There are no provisions in the lease giving Daniel the right to shut off utilities or physically move the family out of the house. There is no clause stopping the family from obtaining an injunction to prevent him from shutting off their utilities. The only recourse left for Daniel is to apply to the courts for an eviction notice. This means hiring a lawyer, paying court costs and legal fees and waiting months for the outcome. In the meantime, the family remains in the house. Bad though Daniel’s situation undoubtedly is, it could be worse. At least his tenant continues to pay some rent. In other similar situations, tenants have used the property for purposes other than those set out in the lease agreement, have damaged the property and have stopped paying rent altogether. And so to the moral of the story: Consult with an attorney and make sure that the lease agreement safeguards you, as the landlord. Your property is a valuable asset; don’t just put it in the hands of a stranger without proper protection.  About the Author Nicole Levin is an American born, Israeli trained, real estate attorney with 28 years of experience in the field. She has law offices in Bet Shemesh, Jerusalem and in Modiin. Her website can be visited at www., Tel: 02-9915687.

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Homeopathic Medicine

Holistic Health

– the Revolution! By Dr. Shoshana Kesner quiet revolution in health care is spreading. Holistic health counseling is proving the most effective of private services as it enables people to maximize their outcomes from the conventional healthcare system. The greatest wealth is health. Health is not simply the absence of illness. The greatest advancement in health in today’s world will be determined by what the individual is willing to do for him/ herself. Drugs almost never deal with why the problems exist and they frequently create new health problems as side effects of their activities. The nature of healing lies in the removing of obstructions to the body’s natural state of wellness and bringing individuals into alignment with themselves and their world. Holistic Health is achieved in a natural state. When properly nourished, the body maintains a balance and has the tools to heal itself. The body is only as strong as its surrounding environment and the fuel we feed ourselves. Holism is based on the understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Illness does not occur without a cause. Underlying causes of disease must be discovered and corrected in order for a person to recover from illness. Symptoms express your body’s attempt to heal or is the body telling us it is sick. If we treat symptoms without looking at their cause, the symptoms return and the illness has grown stronger. Much of the conventional (allopathic) medicine works by suppressing symptoms of illness instead of removing causes. The elimination of the symptoms is not the same as the elimination of the disease itself. In allopathic medicine, a symptom is usually treated with the goal to hold back, or suppress, the discomfort or effects of the symptoms. This is often done without addressing the underlying cause of the problem. It is not a cure for the root cause. A perfect example is a low grade fever. The low grade rise in



JULY 2013

body temperature occurs to increase blood flow to an area of infection. Treating the low grade fever without treating the infection turns off one of the body’s major self-defenses. As a holistic health practitioner, I seek to root out the root causes of diseases, rather than eliminating or suppressing the symptoms. I fully believe in treating your whole system, not just the symptoms, not just the disease, I believe in treating the whole person. I provide you with health teaching, health counseling, care supportive to health and well-being. I am a Bach Remedy practitioner, as well as a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine and, when called for, utilize these remedies. More medical professionals, nurse practitioners and midwives are actively engaged in the practice of holistic health. This focus in health care allows us to expand our view of the patient to include acknowledging the interaction between body, mind and spirit. I help people strengthen their core so that they stay well through the transitions experienced in puberty, childbearing and menopause. I feel strongly about the need to rethink what the business of helping people with their health problems is all about. A holistic health model provides me with an opportunity to be creative and efficient in helping you heal yourself. A revolution in health awareness is underway! For yourself and your family, call me for an appointment at 054-234-2367, or e-mail me at See my website at: and get started on your path to optimal health, today.  About the Author Dr. Shoshana Kesner, DHM, BSN, has worked with women and babies throughout the course of her entire 18-year career. She is a doctor of homeopathic medicine, has a B.S. in nursing, is a trained midwife and is an active parenting educator and an integrated natural healing specialist.

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“Why am I always shouting

at the kids?

I’m a

great mother” By Helen Abelesz t is said that Reb Chaim Mevelozhin once said, “’Oy vey,’” for someone who didn’t know his faults and ‘Oy va voy’ for someone who didn’t know his talents.” This is so true for so many of us who are only too painfully aware of all the things we’re not good at and take for granted all the things that we are good at. The summer, when it is very hot and the children are around much more, can be a difficult time when we focus on our negative traits even more than usual. Why am I always shouting at the kids? Why am I so stressed? We never seem to ask ourselves why we are so great at doing something! Why am I so good at getting the kids to bed? Why do I enjoy reading to my children? These things are just easy for us. Only Hashem is perfect. It is only when we can begin to accept our own imperfections, that we can realize how incredible we are and that we can grow and make ourselves better people. Sara*, a mother of two young children, was always very hard on herself. She had an older brother who was very clever. As a child, she had always compared herself unfavorably to him. She had a younger sister who was sick a lot as a child and this sibling received a lot of her parents’ attention. Sara grew up not wanting to ask a lot for herself as she felt that her sister’s needs were always greater than her own. She grew up, got married and had three children, one after another. She kept on giving of herself, ignoring her own needs, until one day she realized that she was desperately unhappy. She felt that



JULY 2013

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however much she gave, it was never enough, that her children were not getting what they needed and that she could not cope under the pressure. She decided to give me a call. When I met Sara she was able to so clearly tell me all her faults in great detail but was not able to tell me anything that she was good at. She was painfully aware of all the things she was not good at. She told me how she shouted at her kids, how she would beg them to clean their rooms, how they never put their toys away and that they never appreciated the good they had. They only wanted more. Yet Sara couldn’t tell me anything that she was good at. She couldn’t see that she was great at reading to her kids, that she was good at playing games with them and that she was good at helping them make decisions. We spent some time trying to identify all her skills and talents. She was surprised that she had never really spent any time thinking about herself in a positive light. Sara also began to hear her “inner voiceâ€? telling her all the negative messages, “You’re a bad mother.â€? “You don’t deserve good things to happen to you.â€? “You are making big mistakes with your children.â€? It took quite some time for it to sink in that she was actually a great mother and wife. Once she had identified what negative messages she was giving herself, slowly but surely, she was able to negate these messages and replace them with some positive ones. “I am a great mother.â€? “I always try and do my best.â€? She got used to noticing everything she achieved every day and was in a more positive place herself. Therefore, some of the issues she had with her children didn’t seem too bad. She was able to cope much better with what life threw her as she recognized that she had the skills that Hashem had given her to deal with her life. I can help you begin to realize that you are amazing and teach you the skills to help you cope. Call me, Helen Abelesz Life Coach, at 054-482-9815 for a first free consultation to see how life coaching can help you too! *Not her real name and all identifying details have been changed. 


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“You Can Pay your

Taxes Now or… You Can Pay


By Shalom (Steven) Fishhaut, CPA (US)

would like to share with you an interesting scenario which we encountered for the 2012 tax year in regard to a few client transactions. It will also give me an opportunity to provide an update on important developments in U.S. tax law for 2013 and subsequent years. Installment Sales In general, U.S. Federal tax law provides for a deferral of gain recognition where the proceeds of a sale are received in one or more tax years following the year of sale. The taxpayer will report only a portion of the gain — in proportion to the amount of proceeds received during that tax period for each tax period. For example, in 2012, a U.S. taxpayer, Mr. S., sold an investment property for $500,000. Assuming his tax base on the property was $100,000, he made a $400,000 capital gain. Let’s assume as well that Mr. S. has held these shares for over a year so that this gain on the sale is a long-term capital gain which is taxed at a lower rate than a short-term capital gain. Due to business considerations and cash flow limitations, the buyer does not want to pay over the total sum in one year but obligates himself under the contract to pay over five years — $100,000 per year.



JULY 2013

The deal yields Mr. S. a gross profit percentage of 80% (on the total $500,000 sales price, he realizes a $400,000 gain). In our very basic example, during each tax year in which he receives $100,000, he will report a gain of $80,000. (In practice, there may be a requirement to recharachterize a small portion of the annual $80,000 payment as interest income based on the Federal AFR rates at the time of sale.) Under the installment sale rules (Internal Revenue Code Section 453), the default rule for reporting the gain on this transaction will be to recognize the ratable gain in each period, thus allowing for the deferral of tax. In year 2012, year one, assuming Mr. S. is subject to the maximum long-term capital gains tax rate of 15%, he will pay a capital gains tax of $12,000 ($80,000 times 15%). In each subsequent year (years 2-5), he will pay tax on the $80,000 gain at the applicable capital gains tax rate in effect. Generally, this treatment is favorable to the taxpayer. Tax Law Changes Effective January 1, 2013

T h e tax rates on qualified dividends and long-term capital gains for highincome taxpayers will be 20%, up from the Bushera maximum 15% rate. The top rate will apply to the extent that a taxpayer’s income exceeds the threshold set for the new top rate of 39.6% on other income. In addition, a new 3.8% Medicare surtax on higher-income individuals, trusts and estates, enacted as part of the 2010 healthcare legislation, took effect on January 1, 2013. For individuals, the 3.8% tax applies to the lesser of a taxpayer’s “net investment income” (which generally includes passive non-business income such as investment income and capital gains), or the amount of modified adjusted gross income above $200,000 ($250,000 in the case of joint filers). Tax Planning In light of the increase in the capital gains tax rate for years after 2012, will it make sense for Mr. S. to defer $320,000 of gain over the next 4 years? At the 20% tax rate, he will be paying only $16,000 each year but the total tax will be

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$64,000. Or, should he elect out of installment sale reporting and also include the remaining $320,000 of gain in year 2012 and pay capital gains tax at 15% = $48,000 of tax? Given the low rates of current investment returns, is it possible that he can expect to earn at least $16,000 by staggering his tax payments over the next four years? If we take into consideration his other income and the exposure to the 3.8% Medicare tax, his tax rate on the gain recognized post 2012 may rise to 23.8 (20% capital gains plus 3.8% Medicare). Seemingly, it becomes clearer that he should not defer the gain under the installment sale rules but rather pay tax on the entire gain ($80K plus$320K) at the year 2012 rate of 15%. Other Factors We actually dealt with this issue at the VC Fund/ partnership level. The partnership itself will make the determination whether or not to elect out of the installment sale treatment, and this will impact on the timing and income allocated to its partners. If most of the partners are U.S. corporate, tax-exempt or non-U.S. individuals or entities, not affected by the increased tax rates, perhaps it is still advantageous to defer the reporting of the gain under the installment sale regime. For U.S. taxpayers living abroad who will pay a foreign income tax at a higher rate, the U.S. capital gains tax rate may not be as significant a consideration in their overall tax picture. This is just one example of the importance of keeping abreast of the developments in tax law and maintaining good contact with your tax adviser. Our office number is 029922-212 and my e-mail is One can learn more about our firm at IRS CIRCULAR 230 DISCLOSURE: To ensure compliance with requirements imposed by the IRS, we inform you that any U.S. federal tax advice contained in this communication (including any attachments) is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of (i) avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code or (ii) promoting, marketing, or recommending to another party any transaction or matter addressed herein.


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lcohol can have various biological and behavioral effects on the body. People who consume alcohol to intoxication often experience what is known as a hangover. Hangovers result in unpleasant physical and mental symptoms including fatigue, headache, dizziness and vertigo. Alcohol Hangovers: Hangovers are a frequent, though unpleasant, experience among people who drink to intoxication. Despite the prevalence of hangovers, however, this condition is not well-understood scientifically. Multiple possible contributors to the hangover state have been investigated and researchers have produced evidence that alcohol can directly promote hangover symptoms through its effects on urine production, the gastrointestinal tract, blood sugar concentrations, sleep patterns and biological rhythms. In addition, researchers postulate that effects related to alcohol’s absence after a drinking bout (i.e., withdrawal), alcohol metabolism and other factors may also contribute to the hangover condition. Symptoms of Hangovers: Constitutional: Fatigue, weakness and thirst. Pain: Headache and muscle aches. Gastrointestinal: Nausea, vomiting and stomach pain. Sleep and Biological Rhythms: Decreased sleep, decreased REM (rapid eye movements) and increased slow-wave sleep. Sensory: Vertigo and sensitivity to light and sound. Cognitive: Decreased attention and concentration. Mood: Depression, anxiety and irritability. Sympathetic Hyperactivity: Tremors, sweating and increased pulse and systolic blood pressure The particular set of symptoms experienced and intensity may vary from person to person and from occasion to occasion. In addition, hangover characteristics may depend on the type of alcoholic beverage consumed and the amount a person drinks. Typically, a hangover begins within several hours after the cessation of drinking, when a person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) begins to fall.

A few cups,

Now What? By Dr. Eliezer Rosenblum 28

JULY 2013

Direct Alcohol Effects: Alcohol may directly contribute to a hangover in several ways, including the following: Dehydration and Electrolyte Imbalance: Alcohol causes the body to increase urinary output (i.e., it is a diuretic). Gastrointestinal Disturbances: Alcohol directly irritates the stomach and intestines, causing inflammation of the stomach lining (i.e., gastritis) and delayed stomach emptying, especially when beverages with a high alcohol concentration (i.e., greater than 15 per cent) are consumed. Low Blood Sugar: Several alterations in the metabolic state of the liver and other organs occur in response to the presence of alcohol in the body and can result in low blood sugar levels (i.e., low glucose levels or hypoglycemia). Alcohol metabolism leads to fatty liver and a buildup of an intermediate metabolic product (lactic acid), in body fluids (i.e., lactic acidosis). Both of these effects can inhibit glucose production. Diabetics are particularly sensitive to the alcohol-induced alterations in blood glucose. Disruption of Sleep and other Biological Rhythms: Although alcohol has sedative effects that can promote sleep onset, the fatigue experienced during a hangover results from alcohol’s disruptive effects on sleep. Alcohol induced sleep may be of shorter duration and poorer quality. Treatments: Many treatments are described to prevent hangovers, shorten their duration and reduce the severity of their symptoms. 99 Drink only Small Amounts of Alcohol: Then you won’t have a problem. 99 Eat Foods Containing Fructose: Other interventions may reduce the intensity of a hangover but have not been systematically studied. For example, the consumption of fruits, fruit juices or other fructose-containing foods are reported as decreasing hangover intensity, Also, bland foods containing complex carbohydrates, such as toast or crackers, can counter low blood sugar levels in people subject to hypoglycemia and can possibly relieve nausea. 99 Medications: Certain medications may provide symptomatic relief for hangover symptoms. For example, antacids may alleviate nausea and gastritis. Aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (e.g., ibuprofen or naproxen), may reduce the headaches and muscle aches associated with hangovers but should be used cautiously, particularly if upper abdominal pain or nausea is present. 99 Caffeine - Caffeine (often taken as coffee) is commonly used to counteract the fatigue and malaise associated with the hangover condition. This traditional practice however, lacks scientific support.1 About the Author Dr. Eliezer Rosenblum, a board certified chiropractor and physiotherapist, has offices in Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh. Also available are visits to offices and work sites to analyze and correct workplace ergonomics problems. Dr. Rosenblum trains your staff in the proper, proven techniques to avoid injuries, reduce stress, increase productivity and enhance the work place environment. To schedule an appointment or to discuss how this service can work for you, call Dr. Rosenblum at: 052-662-4658. 1

Information for this article was taken from physiology/a/alcoholhangover_3.htm.

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Entering the Workforce with Skills, Knowledge, and Confidence

Interview with Raizel Borowski, Founder and Director, Compuskills Training Center Tell us how Compuskills began. Compuskills, founded in 1995, was the first school of its kind in Israel. Compuskills was developed to fill the need for quality professional training for women and girls in Israel. Over the past 18 years, hundreds of Compuskills’ graduates have entered the workforce with skills, knowledge and confidence. Today, Compuskills offers career courses and programs to keep apace with the fast changing world of computer technology. Recently, Compuskills has expanded to include courses for men as well. What programs are available? Compuskills offers training in computer graphics, graphic design, web development, WordPress, MS Office, English editing, interior design, photography and programming. Additionally, Compuskills guides students towards earning their BA through a combination of courses and tests. Who teaches at Compuskills? All courses are taught by highly qualified, dynamic teachers who empower the students to work professionally, keeping their individual styles and meeting their potential. After completing their courses, students maintain contact with the teachers and benefit from the instructors’ experience. Who are the students and what are their backgrounds? Compuskills has separate classes for men and women and caters to students beginning their careers, professionals seeking to enhance their careers, and people looking to return to the workforce. What is the most popular course now? Graphics, Web Development and Editing are the most popular courses. The most popular are usually those with promising job opportunities. In the past few months, we have had many companies calling us looking for web developers, WordPress developers and programmers. One of our students got her first freelance WordPress job a few weeks ago and earned over 10,000 NIS for the job. However, customers often require work in related technologies. For example, a customer who wants a website, usually needs professional product photography and a short promo video. A customer who needs graphic work, almost always needs editing and a website. Our most successful students are the ones who have studied not only what they are planning to work in but also the related fields. This allows them to take advantage of many more opportunities for jobs. Which courses do you recommend people take? You would think I would recommend the courses for which we 30

JULY 2013

see the greatest potential for finding a job. Surprisingly, I don’t do that. I find out what the student is passionate about and finds interesting and look for a business application for the student’s interest. Since the student is planning to make a profession of the subject and work in the field for the next 30 years or so, it is critical that he/she choose something that is interesting as well as profitable. Another point which I always advise is that if you want to work in a certain field, establish yourself as an expert in that field. Work hard, read up on the subject on an ongoing basis and you really can earn “best in the field” status which will greatly enhance your earning power. How can a student start to earn as a freelancer? Many people think that jobs will only come from advertising or that there aren’t so many jobs available. That’s a mistake. The truth is that people don’t know where to look for the jobs. When they open up their eyes and learn how to look, there are jobs all over. I warmly recommend our two-day seminar on freelancing which gives important tools and tips on finding and keeping customers. What can a student expect after completing their course? Students graduate with impressive portfolios and, for some courses, certificates from the Israeli Ministry of Labor. Upon completion of the course, students are ready to work in their respective fields. Although Compuskills does not guarantee job placement, we are constantly referring students and helping them to secure positions. Where is Compuskills located? Compuskills is located in the Post Office Building across from Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station. Compuskills is conveniently located for students from all over the city and also for students from Ramat Bet Shemesh, Beitar and Kiryat Sefer. Many of Compuskills’ courses are also available on-line. The advantage of online courses is that students can study on their time and at their own pace. When are the next courses starting? The fall semester will be starting in October after Sukkot. Before that, we have a two-day seminar in August which teaches you how to freelance successfully. How can people learn more about Compuskills? For more information, please visit our website at compuskills. org or contact us at: 02-654-1268 or at: You can also visit us at “The Event”, on Thursday, August 1st, at Binyanei Hauma. 

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Personally Fitted Running/Walking Shoes

Huge Selection of New & Second Hand Bikes


Treadmills, Ellipticals, Fitness Equipment

Bike Tours & Rentals

WWW.ALDERECHBURMA.COM Al Derech Burma has just moved closer to you: visit our beautiful new 270 meter facility conveniently located just 2 minutes North of Big in Har Tuv Aleph, Rechov Hataasiya 16.

Huge relocation sale. Come on in and prepare to be inspired.


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Tires 101

Car Anatomy Series (Yes, for Dummies)

By Ariel Levy, expert car mechanic oday we are going to talk about tires (or tyres for you Brits). We are going to start off with a little quiz to see how little you know about those black rubber circles under your car. So get your thinking caps on. (Answers are at the bottom of this article.*) 1. You’ve heard about rotating tires, does that mean: A. Once a month you should put your car in neutral put on the hand break, and then, by hand, spin your wheels around. B. Change the position of the tires on your car so that the tire on the left hand front of your car will be either on the right side or in the back. C. Go to a car garage and ask them to rotate your tires as you have no idea what it means or it is too difficult for you to do on your own. D. Answers B & C. 2. How much air should you put in your tires? A. Fill your tires until the machine stops beeping (after you have set it to the correct PSI). B. Check out how much pressure your tires need in either in the car manual or on the car itself. C. All cars are different and need different amounts of air. D. All of the above. 3. Overly worn tires can cause your car to: A. Hold on better to the roads B. Help you drive faster than you have ever driven before. C. Make it easier for you to stop your car D. Skid Tire Pressure



• JULY 2013

Under inflated tires can be very dangerous as you will need more distance to stop your car. Tires are known to lose up to 1 pound per square inch (psi) every month and another 1 psi for every 10-degree (Fahrenheit) drop in temperature. So check all your tires, including your spare, once a month (or before a long trip). To do this, you need a pressure gauge. They are quite inexpensive. Insert the pressure gauge into the valve on your tire. At the “pss” sound remove the gauge. The reading on the gauge should be compared to the psi listed in the driver’s manual or on your car door. If your psi is too high, let some air out. When tires have too much air, they’re overly rigid, and don’t absorb properly absorb impact. If the pressure is too low, put some “air” in. Only conduct this test after your car has “rested” for three hours. Tire Rotation Don’t your tires rotate every time you drive? So why do you need to rotate them? The simple answer is that tires wear out differently, according to where they are mounted on your car. Your car works best when all your tires are the same type and have a consistent wear pattern. Rotation allows the wear levels to even out. I strongly recommend that you bring your car in to a licensed garage (preferably mine) to carry out tire rotation. A garage has the equipment to lift up your car and remove all four wheels simultaneously, rotate them and get you on your way quickly. Trying to do the same by yourself with a single bumper jack or floor jack is just plain hard work. My recommendation is that you rotate your car’s tires for every

Bizness Magazine 

5,000 kilometers for the first 25,000 kilometers and then every 15,000 kilometers for the rest of the tire’s life which is about 65,000 kilometers. Alignment A bad jolt from hitting a pothole or driving down a dirt road can throw your front end out of alignment. This can damage your tires. It is important to check your alignment periodically (and not just once a year for your car test). Treads That’s the unsmooth part of the tire. Wear and tear can reduce your tires’ ability to grip the road. We recommend you check (or have your garage do it) more than once a year. Replacing Car Tires The longevity of your tires depends on pressure, rotation frequency, outside temperature, proper car loading and the tire itself. So how will you know when to replace your tires? • When you get a flat tire or the tire breaks. • When your car mechanic tells you to. • When you fail the registration test. • When the car treads are no longer deep enough. The most important thing in tire maintenance is to be aware of the condition of your tires. Before stepping in (or out) of your car just given them a quick once over and you should be all right.  *The answer to all the questions is D (for Dummies). About the Author: Ariel Levy’s car garage is located in the Bet Shemesh industria area on Hamasger Street (next to the Moadon Haklavim pet shop). Ariel can be contacted at 054-205-0389.

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Dr. Jacki Glassman’s Family Dental Clinic


Oral Rehabilitation and Implants

Years treating patients South Africa • London • Israel

Here at our Family Dental Clinic run by Dr. Jacki Glassman, we offer a full range of dental treatments under one roof and at very attractive prices.


Among the many treatments we offer:  Dental Implants and Oral Reconstruction.  Crowns, Bridges and Dentures.  Preventative Resin Restorations and aesthetic fillings.  Root canal treatments and extractions.  Orthodontics.  Laser dentistry.  Routine cleaning by our licensed hygienists.  Aesthetic dentistry. FOR A FREE INITIAL EXAM AND CONSULTATION PLEASE CALL OUR CLINIC: (FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY)


Elcharizi 18, Rechavia, Jerusalem


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STRESSLESS WEDDING – IS IT POSSIBLE? “Ima! Do we really have to go all the way to Jerusalem to get my Kallah dress? Not anymore! Suri has brought her tasteful collection of designer dresses from New York to Bet Shemesh. From lavish gowns with elegant beading to simple gowns that gracefully accent the femininity of a modest bride. Embroidered gowns and gowns accented with lace overlays or otherwise embellished.

Envision your perfect dress and our designer will bring it to life. We can work on an existing gown or start completely from scratch and design the one for you. Choose the right dress to make your wedding a truly unique and unforgettable experience. We are a one stop shop. At Suri’s you can get your makeup done and choose all your accessories shoes, crowns and veils. Our personal touch, guidance and low stress environment will alleviate some of the anxiety for both mother of the bride and kallah.

Contact Suri at 02-5730186, 050-4120576

Interview with Zeev Cooper

Zeev Cooper

Opens the Newest

SUPER-PHARM Store with the best management team eev Cooper (48), the manager of the Super-Pharm store in the Big Fashion mall, Bet Shemesh, is a combination between ancient, deep-rooted Jewish history and modern American business style. He is a direct descendant of the famouos Zinati family of Peki’in. As a result of the bloody clashes between the Jews and the Arabs during the period of the British mandate, his family moved to Tzefat and then, later on, were pioneers in Nazareth Illit where Zeev grew up. Zeev is the youngest child in a family of five brothers and sisters. Zeev served in the army as an outstanding soldier worthy of command assignments and officer’s courses. As platoon commander and fluent in Arabic, Zeev volunteered for challenging missions in the First Lebanese War some of which included being a liaison with the Southern Lebanese army. After the army, Coo-



JULY 2013

per traveled to the U.S. where he worked in his uncle’s business selling supply products, mostly to electric contractors. Simultaneously, he succeeded in studying for a business degree. After he finished his studies, he worked at CVS, one of the largest drugstore chains in the United States. The chain’s 4,000 stores are located throughout America in over 30 states. Working at a senior management level, Zeev learned the sophisticated operations of a retail giant and the importance of each employee down the chain. During one of Zeev’s visits to Israel, after 12 years in the U.S., the sharp and savvy Kofflers of Super-Pharm wasted no time in recruiting such talent for their company. Cooper accepted a senior position at the main office. After seven years of successfully filling his corporate role, Zeev found himself looking to develop his own entrepreneurial

Bizness Magazine 

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skills. He negotiated the opportunity to become a franchisor and to independently manage the Bet Shemesh Super-Pharm store. Why did you decide to change? It was a great personal challenge. I wanted to implement all that I knew about business, such as laws, service and people management. Especially people. I’m a people person. What’s your management style? I do not impose my authority on the employees. There is a family atmosphere here and every employee has an open door to speak with me on any matter. I make it a point to go out with the employees on trips and team building evening activities. People say you smile a lot. The smile comes from within and it is part of my approach to life. When I am feeling good and when I am in pain, I continue to laugh and know how to take life in the correct context. The “Israeliness” that is rooted in me is expressed in my favorite song, ”Please in Strength” which is taken from the Kabbalah. What do you enjoy most? I enjoy the simple things in life such as the tie between people, family and friends. My family meets once every two weeks at the house of our parents. All my brothers and sisters come with their families and this makes me feel good. It is simply real and that is the basis for everything. Something else I enjoy is helping people and trying to motivate others to do the same. Every few months we pack a number of cartons with products and we take them to places like the Dolev Ulpana, where there are approximately 200 children from abusive homes. Tell us about Superpharm as a chain. It was established in Israel in 1978 by the Koffler family. The ather, Leon, founded the largest retail pharmacy chain in Canada, Shoppers Drugmart, with over 1,240 stores. The international division operates 50 pharmacies in Poland and just acquired a drugstore chain in China which will be turned into Super-Pharm. Murray, the son, decided to bring the news to Israel out of pure Zionism. The chain has been developing and growing in Israel for the last 10 years at an incredible rate of six to ten new stores a year. There are currently almost 190 stores on the way to 200. Now a big Mazal Tov on the new store at the Big Fashion mall! After many years of expectation, a new mall opened in the city which would make any city in Israel proud. The mall is wide and spread out over two floors, well-lit, welcoming and, most important of all, with a large variety of amazing stores. And, in the furthest entrance, as a central anchor, the most amazing Super-Pharm store in the whole country awaits you. Tell us about the move from the “old Big” to the new Big Fashion mall? It was decided that in order to give our clients the best experience, the mall was the right choice. I always praise our tremendous staff but this time they surprised me once again. They managed to move the store overnight and without disrupting our customers’ shopping needs. This is a job that can normally take several days and even weeks. Tell us more about your staff. At Super-Pharm Bet Shemesh, we have a family atmosphere. We have a staff of approximately 50 people. It is a professional staff, unified and ready to meet the needs of clients. The service in the store is what is most important. The staff is available to our

clients at all hours of the day to answer any question in every field connected to health and beauty. And everything with a smile, patience and understanding. Professionalism, trustworthiness, service and politeness such as you have never known in any drugstore in Israel and even in any chain here in Bet Shemesh. Tell us about the new Bet Shemesh branch. A drugstore, like the ones written about in books. That is what the Super-Pharm branch in the Big Fashion mall of Bet Shemesh is like. Inside you will find everything—beginning with hygienic and cleaning products moving on to cosmetics from the best brands with a team of hostesses like no other in Israel, and ending with the listening ear of the pharmacists and the other health professionals such as naturopaths. This is a Super-SuperPharm store. We have built wide inviting aisles and the products are arranged in a way that is orderly and pleasant to the eye. The whole branch is spacious and pleasant to all. The branch is accessible to the handicapped and to those with disabilities. Tell us about your new optical department. We have added a professional optical department with a variety of sunglasses of the best brands in Israel with prices that cannot be beaten, including a room for professional eye tests…You can order your free eye test already today. Tell us more about the products. In addition to the departments of toiletries, infants, cleaning and hygiene, the cosmetics department contains a wide variety of perfumes, the largest in the city and in the area and a variety of prestigious brand names and low-priced brands such as Jade, Caroline, Soft-Touch, L’Oreal, Clarins, Nivea, Revlon, Pupa, Maybelline, Arden, Clinique, Life and many others. The wide variety of perfumes is always being renewed. The Channel and Jivago brands have been introduced in the branch. Anyone interested in a sample and an explanation regarding an appliance hit, ME, for the removal of hair, is invited to the store. Our over the counter department for medicines without prescriptions is varied and one can buy medicines there to take care of various problems and pains, children’s syrups, creams for the care of fungi infections, and all this without having to wait on line at the pharmacy counter. What wakes you up in the morning? Here in the store almost everyone knows everybody and that is why there is no substitute for Super-Pharm Bet Shemesh. It’s a pleasure to see happy clients who return again and again to the store. And it’s fulfilling to see content employees who are enjoying their place of work. That is the motto that accompanies me to work. What characterizes the Bet Shemesh residents who come to the store? The population of Bet Shemesh and the surrounding areas is an educated and sophisticated population that understands quality and service and we must meet their expectations. What’s your vision for the store? To continue to service the residents of Bet Shemesh with the highest standards, to meet and surpass the service levels that they were used to before they made Aliyah. Our telephones 077-8880930 and our doors are open to all every day from morning until 23:00 at night. We are totally dedicated to our clients.  BIZNESS MAGAZINE


Building Private Homes, Redoing Apartments, Renovating Hotels and Developing Commercial Areas Interview with Netanel Grossman from Villa Nova 36


JULY 2013

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ati, it seems like Villa Nova is getting a lot of “buzz” now. Can you explain the recent surge? We are grateful for all of it. We only just recently emerged on the market after spending the last seven years gaining in depth experience in the business. The response was even greater than we could have imagined! Private individuals and even hotels were just so desperate to find contractors at the level they are used to from abroad and all have thankfully contracted us. Many of our customers had terrible experiences with construction before -situations that tainted their klitah experience and absorption here in Israel. We consider it a privilege when they tell us that we have restored their confidence and “helped them heal.” What’s the main challenge for Anglos when they decide to build? First of all, finding an honest contractor that will not be looking to “rip them off.” This has happened, notoriously, because of the second issue, which is that language barriers often lead to confusion in the building process. This leaves the client with a finished product that disappoints and falls short of expectations and leaves them very vulnerable to impropriety. Finally, no matter their country of origin, Anglos want a level of quality and detail that is on par with what has been dubbed “American standards.” To fully understand that requires someone who understands the quality of the materials used abroad, the styles, the level of finish and, of course, intuitively strives for that same famous “American standard” of customer care and satisfaction as well. But you have the dual-advantage of being “Israeli” as well.... Exactly. Being just as fluent in the Israeli market allows me to successfully interface with the suppliers and better protect my client from fraud on that front as well. Do you deal in all markets and with all projects? We deal in all markets, private and commercial. We have renovated hotels, built private homes, redone apartments and even constructed commercial areas. What makes you different from other builders? First of all, we love our work! Also, we ascribe to American standards on ourselves as well, so we use the best materials and work on the highest standards of both quality and customer care. We see every job as another reference for us. A happy customer is a future customer. And we have built our company based solely on good recommendations and “word-of-mouth.” I also like to think that part of what makes us special is that our clients are special. They are the demand and we are the supply and together we are redefining the standards here in Israel. How should people contact you to discuss their projects? We encourage people to call us for a free consultation before they make any decisions. They can reach me at 052-423-9580 or at 054-234-4063 or anytime via email at villanovaltd@yahoo. com. I look forward to hearing from your readers.  BIZNESS MAGAZINE



does Acupuncture deal with


By Dr. Sergey Bujanover, Ph.D., C.A.

n my interview, published in last month’s Bizness issue, I explained the basic mechanisms about how acupuncture works. I believe that many health problems can be solved better through the use of acupuncture in parallel with “conventional” medicine treatments, as we all know Western medicine does not have all the answers. Recent advances in technology have helped unlock the biological mysteries of this ancient medical practice. Researchers are closer to understanding how an acupuncture needle can subtly adjust the body’s tissues and organ systems regulation. The treatment has a calming, restorative effect that increases a sense of well-being and ultimately helps the body to return to its optimal stage. Studies have shown a clear link between acupuncture and the body’s natural “feel good” brain chemicals - endorphins. Over the years, research has shown that acupuncture affects a variety of biological systems -- releasing hormone regulating receptors, and activating anti-inflammatory chemicals. It has been suggested that the healing power of acupuncture comes from its



JULY 2013

effect on the nervous system. It might aid the pain-killing effect of endorphins or help cells from the immune system fight infection, according to the NIH (Natural Institutes of Health). Today, I would like to talk about pain. What is medicine all about? I hope that you’ll agree that a key point is quality of life. When do we feel well? Most of us will answer, “When we don’t feel any pain.” When we talk about health, pain causes more suffering than any other condition. But pain has a very important function; it signals that something is wrong. If there is an inflammation, it’s time to take care of it. Pain killers. How do most of the popular “pain killers” act? Do they cure the root of the problem? No. They just “kill” pain. A lack of pain is good but the physiological problem will still exist and requires treatment. Acupuncture has proved itself as a pain relief tool, but is that all it does? No. During a procedure, when the acupuncturist inserts needles into a trigger zone that reflects and may regulate an affected area, this leads to immediate pain relief due to innervation and blood flow normalization. The basis for this relief is anatomy, physiology and logic. It is not a miracle but a science accepted world-wide. For what types of pain problems should one call an acupuncturist? Normal life disorders as well as sports injuries; Joints, muscles and tendon pain, sciatica, low back pain, dental pain, tennis or golf elbow, “frozen” shoulder, knee problems, carpal tunnel, fingers, ankles and hip joints ailments, arthritis pain, and even side effects from various serious medical treatments. And don’t forget--headaches and migraines, Bell’s palsy and “stiff” neck. In all these cases, results are felt immediately, from the first session. How stable are the results? This depends on many factors, including a patient’s age and condition, treatment frequency and the problem persistence period. Don’t wait! As soon as you begin to take care of yourself, the sooner and easier the problem will be solved and in a shorter period of time. We cannot avoid the appearance of pain but it is our choice to continue suffering from it or not. Never delay a visit to a medical professional! There are no contradictions between needles and any other medicines or treatments. They do not cause side effects so potential clients need not worry. Acupuncture isolates, targets and helps cure many conditions fast and pain free. Is acupuncture mostly about pain? No. We treat many problems, a lot of them extremely efficiently. We deal with a very wide spectrum of health conditions including depression, stroke and infertility. Acupuncture has also found its niche in cosmetics and esthetic medicine. If you compare the results of standard, antiaging face cosmetic procedures performed solely or together with acupuncture addressed to face skin nourishing, you’ll see how powerful acupuncture is. A few acupuncture needles can relief you from pain and allow you to once again enjoy a beautiful and balanced life. Acupuncture has a unique place in your search for better living; Even people who are not very open-minded and try it, find they feel good even during the treatments. For an appointment just call me at 052-568-2117 or send an e-mail to I will do my best to help you! 

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FOR BNEI TORAH Įĭ ı“ĸ - Įĭ İ“Ķ Sun - Thurs for Public

SALES 7 challenges rope park, with bridges & climbs. 6m high, 70m wide from 50 nis

Stations: archery M-16 20 shots, bow & arrow, 25 nis 1/2 hour jeep tour 35 nis


1 hour biking trip 35 nis Rapelling snappling 15m, 65m omega jeep trip to Matzok & back 130 nis 1 hour family jeep trips for 8 390 nis

For Mosdos, Families, Yeshivos, in accordance to Misrad Hachinuch, Insured, Certified & Licensed


Greg Café Much More than

Just Great Coffee

Interview with Gonen Lev, Greg’s Main Chef e arrived at the Greg cafe in the new Bet Shemesh Big Fashion Mall and we were cordially greeted by Gonen, a friendly well-presented Breslov chassid. We also liked the relaxed and pleasant home atmosphere of the place. What started in 1994 in Haifa, has become a successful chain of 90 restaurants offering one of the best coffee beans in the world and a rich and varied selection of delicious dishes that continue to evolve as they grow. Gonen, where are you from? I’m from Tel Aviv, Israel. How did you become a chef? I’ve been working in kitchens since I am 17-years old. It’s been a delicious and exciting 20-year journey. How did you learn the art of cooking? I have worked and learned with the best chefs in Israel. During this time, my employers saw my love for the art and sent me to be trained by famous chefs in cities like Napoli and Milan to reach my full potential. What’s your specialty? I’ve learned the culinary passions of various cultures but if I would have to choose one, I would say Italian food. I’m planning to come for a meal with my wife next week, what would you recommend? As a snack, take our Cheese Pastilla. These are fried rolls filled with mozzarella, yellow, feta and ricotta cheeses. It comes with fried onions, mushrooms, parsley and cranberries with cinnamon seasoning. Exquisite. Then order a Halloumi and Mushroom salad — cubes of halloumi



JULY 2013

cheese and mushrooms sautéed in parsley, garlic and teriyaki, laid on a bed of lettuce, purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers and seasoned with vinaigrette dressing with roasted seeds. A splendid dish. As an entrée, I would go with the Salmon in Lemon --stovebaked salmon filet in lemon and herb sauce laid on a vegetable collection bed and served with green chopped tabbouleh quinoa salad. A sensational way to eat fish. Try something special as a hot drink --a Hot Alfajores drink, dulce de leche, coconut chips and frothed milk. A mind trip to South-America. And then dessert. A Belgian Waffle with choice of topping -milk chocolate, dulce de leche, white chocolate and maple with an ice cream scoop and whipped cream. You’ll be back in no time for more. You are definitely enjoying this job. What do you like most about it? When people say “Wow!” or “I loved the food!” It just makes my day, my life. Tell us a cooking secret. They say a magician never tells his tricks. I’m a chef, so here goes. A combination of spices for fish, meat and soup -- ¼ tsp cinnamon, ½ tsp cumin, ½ tsp turmeric. Enjoy. Is the food at Greg health-friendly? We want people to eat healthy every day in their homes and sin just a bit when they come here. We are very healthy conscious and we cook with our clients’ best interest in mind. We even have a fully vegan menu! We also have a special daily menu made with fresh produce and fish that we receive on the day. Who owns the place? Shai and Yossi Levi. They have owned successful restaurants for over a decade in Har Nof and in the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem. They love their job, their food and their clientele. It’s a pleasure to work with them. 

Bizness Magazine 

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summer 2013


We are experts in the following makes: Toyota Sienna Mazda 5 Mitsubishi Grandis Ford S-Max Mitsubishi Space Wagon Chevrolet Uplander ...and all minivans and station wagons

Exclusive in the BS area


Rells of A/C Gas ˀV.A.T included

Refrigerant Gas Rells for older A/C systems ˀ V.A.T included

A/C Filter Checkup 

Complimentary pick up and drop off service for your car

We have an exclusive arrangement with insurance companies. Replacement Vehicles –trade your key with ours! Mechanics | Fronts | Electrical engineering | Air Conditioners Body work and paint |Glazing | Mufflers | Radiators | Accessories | Alarms Punctures and Tires | Oil Services | Preparation for Annual Test

Hatzomet Garage

Car repair center since 1979

Sderot Yigal Alon 24

Beit Shemesh Industrial Area

Te l : 0 2 - 9 9 1 6 5 2 0

Is Your Bed

Allergy Friendly?


y Bed? Friendly? What do you mean? My bed is the most inviting, comfortable thing in the house. Believe it or not, for many people around you, their bed is the cause of much discomfort. Three hundred million people around the world suffer from allergies, among them 400,000 Israelis. Allergies range from non-pleasant symptoms during various seasons of the year to actual breathing diseases such as asthma, COPD, etc. Allergy symptoms may include congestion and runny nose, coughing, itchy throat, irritated skin, diarrhea, upset stomach, etc. You may be saying to yourself now, “Hey, I suffer from some of those.” Or, perhaps someone in your family is suffering. You, like many others, may not be aware that these symptoms are actually an allergic reaction to different allergens which exist in every single house such as house dust mites, pets, mold and various foods. Whereas many housekeepers would like to claim that their houses are free of dust mites, the truth is otherwise. Let’s explain. Dust mites are tiny insects that are invisible to the naked eye. They are found in mattresses, pillows, carpets, upholstered furniture, bedcovers, clothes and fabric. The existence of dust mites can trigger asthma in individuals with allergic reactions to dust mites. Exposure to dust mites can cause asthma in children who have not previously shown asthma symptoms. Even if your house is free of carpets and cloth curtains, there are some things you just cannot avoid. These are your pillow and mattress. It is estimated that within a few years, an unprotected mattress contains up to ten million dust mites! Allergic reactions may appear in as little as two minutes after exposure. A new trend has developed in hotels around the world. They offer “Allergy Friendly Rooms.” Hotels have invested certain elements in these rooms which are meant to relieve visitors of some of their suffering during their hotel stay. These include removing the carpets and offering hypo-allergenic bedding, air purifiers and such. But we believe this trend must begin in your home. If anyone in your family suffers from allergic reactions or if you are concerned about their developing these symptoms, you can help! Although the complete recipe for an allergy-friendly room contains many ingredients, there is one basic, simple, critical step which must be taken--encase the mattresses and pillows. Perhaps you, like many people, already do have some sort of mattress and pillow protector. But nearly all protectors sold feature one or more of the following flaws: zz They feel like plastic and are therefore noisy, sweaty and uncomfortable.


JULY 2013

zz They only offer protection on the top side of the mattress. They ignore the sides and bottom of the mattress. zz They cannot tolerate a hot water wash. Infestations will remain on the protector after a cold wash. zz They cost more than you would ever want to spend on a plastic bag. Bedding Israel was created to bring affordable solutions to a variety of bedding problems. One of our products solves all of the above concerns. Bedding Israel exclusively imports the only mattress encasement that provides six-sided protection. This encasement, which is made entirely in the US, easily zips on and off the mattress, is made of exclusive patented polyurethane material that completely seals the mattress from any and all liquids, spills or wetting and seals away dust mites, bed bugs and any other allergens in the mattress. At the same time, it is completely breathable – no sweating, no plastic feel and no noise. In short, you will not feel it when you sleep. What you will feel is the relief of not exposing yourself and your loved ones to allergens via the bedding. For those whose mattresses have been infested by bed bugs, the encasement offers a quick and simple solution that eliminates the need to have the mattress exterminated -- a method which has proven to be unhealthy, shortens the life of the mattress and, in most cases, is ineffective. When you zipper the encasement onto an infested mattress, the bed bugs inside will simply die of starvation as they have no human flesh to live on. And for those of you who are not allergic and who do not want to deal with the on and off of a full six-sided encasement, Bedding Israel offers a similar five-sided protector. Both the protectors and the encasement provide absolute protection against any spills or accidental wetting of the mattress on all sides. The best part about making a purchase from Bedding Israel is that you will only come back for more, never for replacements. That is because our protectors and encasements come with the best warranty in the world--a 10-year or 300-wash warranty. So, even if you wash the encasement regularly (as often as you wish, though we recommend wiping off the surface unless it is actually soiled), it will last for many years to come. Guaranteed. You are welcome to visit our website for more details and to see our other great products at: or call 052-777-BEDS (2337) for special family prices.  Bedding Israel – Sleep the Difference.

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Men Store: 02-992 8484 Hours: 6:30 - 21:30 Ladies & Children Store: 02-992 3434 Hours: 10:30 - 13:30 and 16:30 - 20:30 Address: Ben Ish Chai 1 Shopping Centre in Hefsiba, Bet Shemesh

crystal artworks Fa bul ous Custom Jewelr y Swarovski crystals Japanese beads

Come and design your own jewelry and enjoy an interesting workshop experience

" " !



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Located under Shefa Shuk

Sun - Thr 10:30 - 19:00 Wed 10:30 - 20:30

Tel. 052 243 1419

His clients

–Dallas Cowboy football players, Jerusalem Technology Park, Proctor and Gamble, Wells Fargo… Exclusive Interview with David Sharett of Sharett Contracting

David, where are you from? Milwaukee, WI. Also the home of Golda Meir during her childhood years. What are your educational and trade backgrounds? Building contractor, project management and building consultant, journeyman cabinet maker, civil engineer, master stair builder and computer programmer. How many years have you been in the building industry? I started when I was 17. Excluding breaks for school and other jobs, it’s been about 38 years. How did you get started? I was eight years old when I built my first two-story underground club house with concrete floors and brick walls. I then built a three-story tree house with a crow’s nest that reached the top of an old oak tree. It was too scary sitting in a house that swayed in the wind. Later that summer, I built an 18-hole mini golf course. I made $126 the first weekend it opened. Minimum wage was $1.15 then. On my first remodeling project, the owner said that my bid was “too low” and paid me more than I asked. Thomas 44

JULY 2013

Bizness Magazine 

Edison said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” What are you known as in the market? Master Builder. I began my studies with Architectural Millwork Masters. Once, when the owner finished a massive project, I told him it was “perfect.” His reply was, “Only G-d is perfect, but this isn’t half bad”. I now understand that you need to take every opportunity you’re given to do your best work possible. Even if it’s a small task. “A man skilled in his ways will stand before kings.” What type of projects do you do? Most of our work is residential and commercial remodeling. It usually involves a challenge or an element of some kind that others are not willing or able to do. My greatest weakness is saying “yes.” I love the challenge of finding a solution that exceeds my clients’ expectations. It is not always easy. Sometimes you have to work extra hard or longer hours to reach that goal. Recently, a client requested a “museum quality” ceiling in their already fabulous apartment. The result was achieved successfully with techniques not normally used in ceiling construction.

02 999 3939

Tell us some big names you have done construction for. Dallas Cowboy football players, the Great Synagogue, Jerusalem Technology Park, Frito Lay, Proctor and Gamble, Wells Fargo, TGI Fridays and the CEO’s or individuals who own and operate them. Most are celebrities in the business world. There is a big difference between building surgery rooms or 20,000 square foot finish-out work for the Wells Fargo Bank Tower and doing small residential renovation projects. How do you operate in such different worlds? Each job presents its particular difficulty. With the surgery rooms, air pollution is reduced to “microns” and with a 20,000 sq. build-out, timing, planning and preparation for each subcontractor is of critical importance. The ability to adapt client needs with architectural blueprints as changes come up is essential. If your goal is to serve your client and give him your best regardless of the money you might or might not make, you will always win. I’m in business to stay in business and keeping your “name” is how it’s done. What are some of the challenges you have faced in your job? I contracted a job in a large bank tower in Dallas, TX. It included

building out the entire 7th floor. The problem was that the 86 employees needed to continue working during the renovation process. I devised a plan which would allow them all to work in two thirds of the space while my crew of 31 remodeled the remaining one third. Once we finished that area, we moved them forward into the new space until we went full circle. The owners expected the project to take 9 months. We finished it in 9 weeks and the employees never lost a minute of work time. Who should contact you? Those who want to see their building dreams and remodeling needs fulfilled. I am always amazed how happy people can be once they see their plan has unfolded. We are just as interested in small jobs as large. We can help with the planning stage or build what is already designed. Our goal is your goal…to see the end result built on time and within budget…professionally! David Sharett: 054 550 2395,, 



The Real Story

How David & Chana Walles took

Eddie’s Kosher Travel

to be the

# 1 Player

in the Kosher Cruises Market Interview with David Walles “Living in Israel where we do not have a Sunday like we used to in the ’old country,’ we need to make the most of the time we do get off...”

How did you get into the travel business? It’s actually an interesting story. We never intended to get into the travel business. When we lived in Australia we had other businesses. I was in the steel security manufacturing business and Chana was in residential real estate. One year we went on vacation to the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Chana was pregnant with our third son and we were already thinking about the stress of Pesach — even though it was still several months away. We made the decision then that we would come back for Pesach with our own food and spend the holiday there. This was possible because the area had the infrastructure of a shul and a Jewish community. When we returned home and began telling our friends and community about our plans, everyone wanted in. At the time, there was no Pesach program in Australia. So this was a first. We ended up hosting 200 guests and imported a team of eight chefs from Israel. We did this for five years and it grew each year but it always remained a side business-hobby. Why and when did you make aliyah? We always wanted to make aliya to give our children a fuller Jewish life and better education than what we had in Australia and… because we are a little crazy to want to leave Down Under -- such a beautiful country! After 17 years of marriage and four kids later, we decided it was ”now or never” and made a pilot trip to Israel in October ’07. The plan was to spend one Shabbat in Modiin and the next Shabbat elsewhere. We had such a great experience in Modiin that we decided to come back for the second Shabbat. We made aliyah in March ’08. It was close to Pesach and Platinum Travel, which 46

JULY 2013

we had connected with during our pilot trip, was planning to run a Pesach program at the Dead Sea for over 1,200 guests. They needed help running it and we were happy to step in. How did you go from that to owning a successful travel agency? Eddie’s Travel was founded by Eddie Freudmann in 1976. He was from the UK and together with his wife Barbara made aliyah to Netanya. He opened a travel business, booking vacations and operating kosher cruises and this grew substantially. In 1986, he started a Pesach hotel for Anglos coming to Israel. A year before we made aliya, Eddie z”l suddenly passed away. His son-in-law took over the business but since he was a lawyer, it was not his natural forte. We had been previously introduced to Eddie’s Travel on our pilot trip so we reconnected and, after prolonged negotiations, we bought the business in November 2008. Why not just start your own agency? We bought the name, logo and database because Eddie’s Travel was already a very recognizable brand name in the industry with a great reputation and a strong clientele from all over the world. We changed the official name to “Eddie’s Kosher Travel & Tourism” because Eddie’s Travel didn’t have a particularly Jewish ring to it. Our market was kosher vacations and cruises and it tied in with our domain website We ended up making other changes too. The beginning of 2009 was when the Madoff scheme emerged and a major worldwide recession set in. Not the best time to get into the luxury travel business! The industry was hit hard and by Pesach

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of that year we were feeling the impact big. We had done all our due diligence and research but nothing could have predicted this. We decided to revamp. First we merged our cruise operations with our main competitor, Kosherica Corporation. We were both feeling the crunch so by merging we became the number one player in the Kosher Cruises market. We also introduced a wide range of Kosher Land Tours to exotic destinations. Then, we shut the physical office and set up our staff to work from their homes. This made sense because no one walks into a travel agency anymore to make travel plans. We revamped the website and built up the Pesach programs, expanding from one hotel to five. How were you able to successfully turn things around? It’s been a process but we are slowly starting to see results. Our merged kosher cruises is the market leader. We run a full kosher program within the regular luxury cruise line’s program and take care of every detail from providing Shabbat elevators to Jewish heritage tours at each port destination. If a cruise leaves on a Sunday morning, we organize Shabbat at the city of departure. Cruises are popular because you can visit multiple destinations and only unpack once. Our Pesach and Sukkot programs in Israel are ever popular with loyal returning clients as well as new clients from the USA, Canada, UK, South Africa and Australia as well as Anglos and Israelis who have heard of our reputation and how we stand apart from our competitors. This year, for Sukkot we are offering a range of hotel options at Ramada Suites in Netanya, David Citadel, Jerusalem and Dan Accadia, Herzliya, each with added value, renowned scholars in residence, kids & teen programs, day tours and more, at unprecedented lower prices than ever before. Also a Rosh Hashana program at the David Citadel Hotel in association with Jerusalem Great Synagogue where our clients will get discounted seats for the Yamim Noraim. Is it draining to host people and be “on” all the time? When we see families getting together and enjoying each other’s company, it makes the job worthwhile. We consider it a real privilege to be able to bring Jews together to celebrate a special occasion or united as one large extended family. That’s not to say there aren’t stressful moments. In this service-oriented business, you have to have a thick skin while you treat every request with grace and patience. Once we got a call Erev Pesach from a client who wanted to make sure that the flowers we provided would match the color of the Haggadot. We don’t just sell rooms, we provide a unique and memorable experience. We work hard all year around to exceed our client’s expectations. In addition, we are able to do a lot of communal good through our business. By nominating a cause at each hotel, we sell aliyot, distribute pledge forms and have managed to raise tzedaka funds for various organizations

and projects. We have raised funds for our local shul building fund, Yeshivat Hesder Modiin, Leket Food Bank, IYIM singles program and Mishne Lechem. Our proudest moment was last Pesach when we donated a sefer Torah to Israel’s Iron Dome IDF base in the presence of top army brass, in honor of the company’s 25th year at the same Tiberius Hotel. We are grateful that we have the opportunity to give back to the community as it is not only about the business… What is it like to be husband and wife and business partners? We each have our own complimentary roles and we know one another’s strengths and how to create the space that we each need -- especially in this 24/6 environment as our clients call and email from all over the world from different time zones. We enjoy working together and even involve our older kids -- especially when we are planning each program and then, when we are actually busy hosting on-site and ensuring all runs smoothly… What is unique about Eddies Kosher Travel? Hands down it is the personal connection we have with the clients who come on our chagim trips. We go above and beyond to make sure we get to know our guests on a personal level and make sure that all their needs are catered for. On our world tours and cruises, we cannot always personally be there but the attention to detail remains the same. We make sure everything is taken care of on every level. What are the flagship products for Anglo Israelis? Our Sukkot and Pesach programs. These are really fantastic because after all the hard work and preparation that people put in before the holidays, they like to actually relax. By joining our holiday programs, people know that they will be able to make the most of their holiday and truly relax. We work with the “Hakol Kalul” concept which means that our programs are all inclusive. With our kids programs, scholars in residence, guided tours, arts and craft activities...we make sure that all your needs are taken care of. Is it as expensive as it appears? Yes and no. We have packages available for all budgets, big and small. The thing you must remember is that whatever package you choose, when you go with Eddies Kosher Travel you get added value. Also, one thing you must remember is that the earlier you book, the more you get because the availability is higher and you can play around with more options. Make sure you don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. It is not too late to join us on our wonderful summer cruises and tours. Check out to see what we have available for you or call David direct on 02 992 9801 ext. # 2. “His business is your dream vacation.”  BIZNESS MAGAZINE


The Seventh Commandment:

Networking By Nachum Kligman t’s all about protexia or, in other words, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. This is especially true in Israel but works worldwide. You’re in luck because this is especially true among MOTT (Members of The Tribe). I can’t tell you how many times I have been at a convention or at other events and Jews see me wearing a yarmulke and make sure to let me know that they, too, are a member of the Chosen People. There is an instant bond when you meet another Jew anywhere in the world. I’m sure you have all felt it at one point in your life. You can be sitting next to a complete stranger but as soon as you find out he is a fellow Jew, you tend to relax and feel more comfortable and probably will have a discussion with him. Networking is another key to business success. This includes getting new clients, finding partners and/or investors, getting feedback for your product or service, finding clients, marketing, finding fans or personal branding. Networking is extremely important. In fact, more often than not, if you try to establish a relationship with an investor on your own, he will ignore you. However, if you have a friend who knows the investor, an introduction may be made for you and then the meeting will take place. That’s how it works. It is the same thing with clients. If someone is looking to do business with you and he comes recommended by a friend or somebody you know, you are more likely to do business with that person. Why? Because networking creates good will and you are more likely to trust the person who was introduced to you through a network. You want to build your relationships with those already in your network. When you give a shot to someone in your network, it is more likely for them to give you a shot as well. It is much better for you to target your network for new business then to send a blast e-mail out to random people. “The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.” – Robert Kiyosaki Tools for Networking: Trade Shows, Conferences and Networking Events Attending or promoting at your industry trade show is a must! There are tens of thousands of shows and seminars that take place around the world each year. There is really no better place to learn about the latest developments in your industry then to attend a trade show. If you are selling a product or service, then having a booth at



JULY 2013

a trade show can bring in tons of new customers and bring awareness to your product. Conferences are similar to trade shows in that they bring thousands of people in your industry together but have more of an educational tilt to them than expos. Conferences are fantastic to attend and even better if you can participate on a panel as a speaker. This is usually decided many months before the actual conference, so apply early. Networking events can be as small as just a handful of people or as large as thousands of attendees. Networking events are designed to bring people with a connected interest together to learn, share and help grow your business. That interest may be business in general or a networking event for your industry. It is a great place to meet new people and build your network. Don’t be shy and remember to bring a ton of unique business cards to give out! Creating your own event can not only be an amazing learning experience but can project you as the expert in the industry and give you instant access to tons of leads. It is a lot of work but done right, it can bring you more business than you can handle. Other Networking There are clubs, religious organizations, shul and community events, your meet-up groups, alumni, friends, and family. Tell your family what you do, making sure they know that you are looking to hire an employee or that you are looking for more business. Often, your family can help you expand your network and give you some great leads. All you have to do is ask. Alumni Check into your alumni association. You went to a university or you went to a high school or even your yeshiva or seminary. People are often delighted to hear from and help people who went to the same schools or summer camps — even if you weren’t there during the same years. Many alumni associations are specifically created for this purpose. Networking has never been easier and is a much more powerful lead generator then sending out spam or mailings that mostly get thrown out. Networking is the new way to do business and being a member of the tribe certainly makes things easier for you. Social Media Marketing & Word of Mouth Marketing “Social media marketing is the way to use technology to build relationships, drive repeat business and attract new customers through friends sharing with friends.”

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Word-of-mouth marketing is by far the best way to spread your message. And why social media? When famous bank robber Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he allegedly replied “because that’s where the money is.” So why social media? Because that is where the people are and where word-of-mouth happens. I recently experienced tremendous success using social media in launching my fashion line, Mianzi on KickStarter. I was able to raise a bit more than $25,000 in 30 days to launch my brand and this was largely due to utilizing my network. In fact, my project link was shared on Facebook 2,850 times! And of course on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter as well. All of these tools helped contribute to a successful campaign. Al pi Derech HaTeva you cannot hope to succeed today in national or global business without a strong social media presence. If you are catering to the frum clientele, then many of these ideas won’t apply to you. But, if you’re selling to the larger markets, then these need to be a part of your game plan. Not an expert? Or you don’t want to spend too much time on the internet? Don’t worry. There are lots of companies that can run all your social media campaigns from outside your office so you never even have to visit a website! LinkedIn If you were going to use one networking tool then that would be LinkedIn. LinkedIn was launched in May 2003 by Reid Hoffman, a member of the tribe. Since then, it has become tremendously successful. They have well over 50 million registered users around the world. People are on LinkedIn for business, plain and simple. Every day people are looking for jobs or hiring people. Deals are made and relationships are created. It is the most powerful and free networking tool available today. The first thing you want to do after signing up is to LinkIn to me . The second thing you want to do is start adding to your network. The more people you link in to, the more your own network will grow since you will now be connected to their connections. The larger your network, the more likely when you are looking for new business or for some advice or to hire someone the more successful you will be. You can find people you know on LinkedIn in many ways. One of them is by entering your e-mail account like gmail or hotmail into the system. LinkedIn will go through all your contacts and show you who you already know that is on LinkedIn. Another way is to just start searching for people you know, people you have already done business with or friends and family. When you link into a close friend, you can see who else he is linked into and chances are you will know some of the people he is linked in to already and you easily add them as well. Another great way is using LinkedIn Groups. Groups are private messaging boards where people with a shared interest can come and talk. There are dozens of groups for frum Jews already as well as many alumni groups including Yeshivas Mir, which has over 300 members. Yeshiva University has close to 3,000 alumni in their group. There are also community groups like “Passaic Clifton Chevra” which has more than 250 members. You should also join groups that are associated with your business niche. This is a great way to get new business and learn more about your industry. You can also start your own group, if you want to go that route. Even if you are not building a business now, the

sooner you start getting more people LinkedIn to you, the better. You may never know from where that great lead will come. I had a friend I went to a camp with when I was nine years old and I had not spoken to him since then. A couple of years ago, I was looking into an ad network called Adbrite, and he was one of the executives. After speaking to him on the phone, he and I did some great business together. Once you have that familiarity and you know a person, he is more apt to want to do business with you and to help you. Twitter Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets.” Launched in July 2006 by Jack Dorsey, who is also reportedly to be a member of the tribe, Twitter has since taken off and has more than 500,000,000 users. The more twitter followers you have, the more chances you have of posting messages that will be seen. It’s a marketing and numbers game. I have about 3,000 followers, and I probably know only a few hundred of them. If I post a message, the likelihood that it is going to be shown on someone else’s twitter page increases. It has become a big internet marketing strategy to increase your Twitter accounts. Do it legally. Don’t spam or break the trust of your people. Follow people who are in your industry, in your market. By posting a blog stream or a blog post on your product, your chances of being seen and other people tweeting about it are increased. You can download a FREE twitter business guide from this link: https:// Facebook Pages Facebook Pages is your company’s information and customer interaction on Facebook. This is a must for every serious business. You don’t need to have a personal account to have a Facebook Page and, as mentioned above, you can farm out the work, but you can’t ignore this business behemoth. You can even sell products directly from your Facebook page and it can also act as a tremendous lead generator. Your customers will be looking for you on Facebook. If you are not there, they will go to someone else. Bottom Line Since you were born you have been building your network. Learn how to utilize it for business success. Technology today allows you to expand your reach more easily than at any time in history. Give your customers ways to talk about you and to share your products since word-of-mouth marketing is the best marketing you can do. Customer Reviews can be key to your overall products success.  About the Author Nachum Kligman is a serial entrepreneur, consultant and speaker. He is the founder of and is the co-founder of He is also the founder of ViewBix Inc, and the co-founder of &, among many other startups. His most recent launch is Mianzi (, the first luxury fashion line that keeps the special needs community in mind. He is also the owner of KosherVend Ltd. which is the exclusive importer of Cotton Candy Vending Machines to Israel ( as well as a partner in Cellar 18, a boutique wine store located in Ramat Bet Shemesh. BIZNESS MAGAZINE


Water from a World that You Have Never Known

The Best Drinking Water No Maintenance, Nothing Removed How did you get involved with drinking water technologies? By chance. I met a scientist in Austria who was very happy to hear that I was from Israel and who asked me to manufacture in Israel a device that he had invented and then distribute it throughout the world. It was a water purifier that lasts for many years, doesn’t need any maintenance or filters and for which there was one only a one-time installation. What’s the problem with tap water? Today’s industries spill much of their industrial waste which reaches the country’s water reserves and also pollutes the wells. What do most common filters do? Filters are a great disaster for the human body as they filter out most, if not all, of the important minerals in the water. That is why our bodies, which very much need these minerals, suffer from many illnesses and we are forced into buying these missing vitamins and minerals in health stores which cost us a lot of money. Explain the principle of the Mayim Chayim 8 system. It uses a whirlpool process where the water spins around 14 times at an incredible speed. As a result, the water is enriched 50

JULY 2013

with liquid oxygen and high energy (frequency) and the mineral molecules are separated from the toxins in such as way that the minerals are able to be well-absorbed into the cells of our body. The toxins are deactivated as a result of their being broken up into millions of pieces. The toxins then leave through the body’s natural system of secretions. Where do all the toxins and chemicals go? All of the chemicals and toxins are secreted out through the body’s natural secretion system. This can be seen by the high amounts of toxins found in urine and feces tests that have been carried out on the secretions of those who drink water purified by the Mayim Chayim 8 system. What’s the effect on the human body? Amazing. There is an amazing affect on the quality of the red blood cells in the body. They are enriched with lots of electric energy and also with a lot of liquefied oxygen which is very important for defending the body from various diseases. Many people, both adults and children, find that the purified water heals various skin diseases. The skin becomes softer and more pleasant and eczema and itching disappear. The digestive system and the body’s immune system also improve greatly. Many women report a rise in the amount of calcium in the body. In

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Regular Jerusalem Tap Water

Blood test before drinking Mayim Chayim8 (crowded red blood cells)

Blood test after drinking Mayim Chayim8 (separated red blood cells) addition, the softer water greatly affects the skin and the hair, reducing the need for body creams and hair conditioners. The surface of the blood cells allow proper function and absorption of the minerals in the water. Have you seen changes in people’s health? Clients have reported that many dramatic changes have taken place in their bodies. Here are a few examples: 99 There was a man who suffered from psoriasis for over 40 years. After he washed and took a bath in water from our device he was totally cured of the sores that he had. Of course he now continues to take baths all of the time. 99 There was a doctor who suffered all his life from eczema on his hands.

Mineral Water

After only one shower, it was gone. 99 A baby suffered from itchy skin. Regular water caused him to cry and scream and he used to scratch himself until he was bleeding. His mother came to us and washed him in the water from the device. The baby was in the water for 30 minutes. He did not cry and he did not scratch. His mother told me that she had never seen him like this—not since he was born. 99 An older woman couldn’t drink water from the tap in the nursing home. Today she drinks 15 cups of water a day, all of the acne that she had on her face disappeared and did not return. What is your opinion about the taste of the water? The taste of the water is wonderful. What other benefits are expected? After the device’s installation, there is no need for maintenance for many years, 20 years or more. There is no longer any need to shlepp bottles or change filters. This can bring clients savings of thousands of shekels over many years. And, water can now be drunk just for fun, cup after cup, even three-four cups. The water also cleans out the lime scale from the building pipes, the solar heater, the washing machine and the dishwasher. And all of the minerals in the water remain to reach our bodies the way they are supposed to. How is the system installed? The device is installed near the water meter in order that all of the faucets in your house will get the purified water for drinking, cooking and washing and also for the garden and for your pets. Installation takes between 20-30 minutes. It can be done by any plumber, we can send a plumber or you can do it yourself. As the device is in a box which looks like an

Mayim Chayim8 Water

electric box, there is no fear of robbery. How often do you need to replace parts? There is no need to replace parts or to clean the device for many years. What is the warranty? There is a 10-year warranty on the certificate. The device is checked and approved for use by the Israeli Standards Institute. Likewise, tests from one of the largest laboratories in Israel, Bactochem Laboratory in Nes Ziona, checked it and found that there were no germs in the water and that the water was clean and met the requirements of the Minister of Health for drinking water and contained a greater amount of oxygen. The device is totally manufactured only in Israel and is protected by a patent registered in the Israeli patent office. How can people get more information? To see our internet site, get more information and to hear video interviews with many users go to: or check out MayimChayim 8 on Google or on You-Tube. Our e-mail address is: and our telephone number is: 052-863-6977.  BIZNESS MAGAZINE


Safeguard your tires

They are the tie between you and the road Interview with Eli Nahor from Super Tire

What’s your background? I was born in Jerusalem, served in Nachal Muznach (parashooters), and am a former member of a kibbutz. How and when did you get into the tire business? I first met tires 30 years ago when I worked and even managed a large place for selling and fixing tires and frontal wheel alignments. I left in the year 1988 and established “Super Tire.” I have taken many continuing education courses since on the topics of tires and cars. What type of tires do you sell? My staff and I at Super Tire recommend and sell products from the best companies, the ones which are world leaders such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Pirelli, Dunlop, Yokohama, Toyo, Hankook, etc. What other services do you provide?


• JULY 2013

At Super Tire we change tires, fix tires, we do wheel alignment, and we rescue clients who find themselves stuck on the road due to a flat tire. We carry out repairs on metal and magnesium wheels. In the framework of a frontal alignment, we solve the problems of the car’s pulling or steering in a certain direction by adjusting or fixing the car using various means. We also install TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System). TPMS is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires. TPMS report real-time tire-pressure information to the driver of the vehicle, either via a gauge, a pictogram display, or a simple low-pressure warning light. These systems provide improved safety, as under-inflated tires lead to tread separation and tire failure, resulting in 40,000 accidents, 33,000 injuries and over 650 deaths per year. Further, tires properly inflated add greater stability, handling and braking efficiencies and provide greater safety for the driver, the vehicle, the loads and others on the road. They also provide fuel benefits, extended tire life and environmental efficiencies. There are so many brands in the market, how do you select the right tires for each car? We fit each tire to suit according to the type of car, the driving style, the driver’s character and of course the budget. Can we assume that American and Western European products are better than Eastern European and Far Eastern products? One cannot assume the quality of a tire from its country of origin. What determines the quality of a tire is the planning in their construction by the companies in the field and the materials from which the tires are made. Only experience and knowledge enables us to know what to install and to whom. Why is it important to go to a professional tire place for service? In today’s cars, the equipment and accessories that are installed are very sophisticated

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and therefore it is very important to protect the equipment by using a place whose staff has the professional knowledge in order to prevent possible damage to the parts of the car and its equipment. What’s the best tip for long lasting tires? The tire is the tie between the driver and the road. Without it, all of the technology which is invested in cars loses its advantage. Therefore, there are some parameters that must be followed in order to safeguard the tires. 1. Proper air pressure is the most important factor in the prevention of tire erosion, excessive gas consumption, stability, braking the car and accuracy of the car’s steering system. 2. Safeguarding the front wheel alignment and preventing excessive erosion to the tires and a lack of stability to the car. 3. Keeping your driving to well-paved roads prevents excessive erosion and damage to the tires. 4. Not driving on sidewalks or over obstacles prevents damage to the tires. 5. Fixing tire punctures—one must find and fix leaking damage caused by screws and nails in order to prevent driving without the appropriate air pressure and thereby causing irreversible damage to the tire. What are the signs that there are problems with the tires, balancing or alignment? We recommend that you check your tires frequently and look for damage--protrusions, tears, nails, excessive erosion of the tires, shaking, a car swerving in any direction, stability. Can people go directly to Super Tire or should they call for an appointment? In general, one can come to Super Tire with any suspicion or concern and we will check it out professionally and even recommend an appropriate solution to the problem. Super Tzmig (Super Tire) is located on Hauman 26, Industrial Area, Talpiot, Jerusalem. Tel. 02-6781363,,  ‫סופר צמיג‬

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Special i lP People l for

Special Needs

The Ezrat Achim Moadonit Center for Special Needs Children in RBS is the pride of the organization’s services. The love and chessed that emanates from the Center influences all the activities of Ezrat Achim as well as the people involved. They are open 365 days of the year during the afternoon and evening hours, when no other day care is available for these children. If there is a holiday where the kids are off from school, the center opens from the morning, giving parents the time to care for the rest of the household. Pure chessed. Find Out How You Can Help. Details Coming Soon.


“Beit Ezrat Achim” Nachal Lachish 2 Ramat Beit Shemesh 02-999-0000

Our Special Needs Center is Open 365 Days a Year!! Families With Special Needs Children Are Never Alone.

Don’t Wait to Register - Space is Limited


The E ation is Open for zrat A chim

Special C amp For Special Needs 2W Childre


Auguseeks in Elul t 11th This Ye 27th a Excitin r ’s Camp Wil g

Arts & Activities, T l Be Filled W ith rips, Craf That Yots, Games and Attractions ur Chil d Will Surprises Love

02-999 Call -0000 e xt. 0

Center for Special Needs Children * Medical Equipment * Shabbat Clinic * Shabbat Ambulance * Burn Treatment Visits to Homebound Patients * Shabbat & Holiday Meals * Blood Laboratory * Fetal Monitoring

Back to School Interview with Shiran Buznach Smiley is a stationery store that also sells toys, gift items and school supplies, including textbooks. They are located in the Park Center shopping area on Nahal Dolev in Ramat Bet Shemesh. Smiley has the distinction of being the first store to open in the mall.



JULY 2013

Bizness Magazine 

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Smiley ✯✯ Free gift with every school list order ✯✯ We buy your old text books ✯✯ Book wrapping service

Shiran, what led you to open up the store “Smiley?” Three years ago I felt the need to develop and advance myself and I decided to take this step in an area in which I felt very comfortable due to the experience I gained working in the same field. What products do you sell in your store? Customers who come into my store usually find what they want. It doesn’t matter if they are looking for a present for someone else or for themselves, or if the present is for a wedding, a brit or a bar mitzvah. We also offer our customers school supplies—and this includes textbooks as well. Even children find what they want, whether it is a game, a birthday toy or something sweet. How do you choose such a wide range of products? The wide range of products that I bring to the store is according to the needs of my customers. My customers tell me what type of things they want and I bring them. I want to make it easy for them to buy what they want close to home. Who are your best clients—adults or children? I would say both given the wide range of products that we carry in the store. Adults seeking presents to send to family abroad or for souvenirs of Israel, and a child who is invited to a birthday party or who just wants to spoil himself with a present, will find what they are looking for. What types of products connected with school do you carry? Everything!!! Beginning with textbooks, notebooks, other school supplies, pens, markers, in other words, everything. Everything that you need for school. This of course includes backpacks. In fact, a child going “backto-school” can go ready with a smile (Smiley) to school, no pun intended. Do you sell brand names or general items? At Smiley one can find brand names as well as general items. We carry quality names such as Staedtler, Crayola and many others. We also sell Hello Kitty, SpongeBob, Trash Pack, Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh products, and much more. We also carry handmade works of art by well-known artists such as

Omanut Emmanuel, Omanut Lilly, Omanut Ronit Gur, etc. My customers enjoy and love these very much and compliment me on the style of the items found in the store. What is the best way for parents to deal with the lists of books and supplies for the new school year? After many years of seeing so many parents who just don’t know where to begin, I developed our “Back to School with Smiley” campaign. My team and I will turn the purchase of school supplies into an enjoyable experience for both parent and child. Everyone who enters the store with a list of books and supplies and a long face must leave the store with a smile. Every client, from the moment that he enters Smiley, is given a warm reception. We understand their needs as well as the child’s and it is very rewarding to us to watch the youngsters getting so excited about getting ready for school. That’s what makes it all worthwhile! Are your prices higher for the additional service that you supply? No. It is important to know that book prices are uniform in all of the stores. In regard to supplies, we carry inexpensive goods as well as top quality items. People can buy according to their budget without any extra cost for our extremely personal service. When should people bring you their lists of school supplies? Don’t leave it to the last minute. People can send us their lists (by e-mail, fax or Facebook) or call us by phone the moment that they receive it from the school. They can also just walk in with their order. We will accompany each client from the moment that they enter until the time they leave. Their books will be organized for them and recommendations for the most appropriate and economical supplies for the children will be suggested. We do all the worrying to give our clients a stress-free shopping experience. How about delivery? During the early summer months we have a free delivery service. Take advantage of it by not waiting until the last week.  BIZNESS MAGAZINE


Part III

Are You

Always Tired? The Integrative Health Letter


atigue often comes from a variety of stressors over a period of time. This article will explore the issue as it relates to children and teens. Stress and Cortisol in Children and Teens The effects of stress can impact overall health and day-to-day activities. Stress is not just an issue that affects adults. Infants, toddlers and teens can also be equally affected by stress. In recent years, studies have been conducted that have proven that women react differently to stress than men. Because most stress studies have been conducted on men, scientific exploration into the effects of stress on women was necessary to understand the full scope of the effects of stress. The same might be said for children. 56

• JULY 2013

Children undergo rapid stages of growth both in body and brain. Behavioral, psychological and social growth can have an impact on stress in infants, toddlers, young children and teenagers. These developmental stages are marked by different points of growth and hormones associated with stress. Because stress is an inevitable occurrence for children and adults, it is important to think about ways to modulate stress. Cortisol Cortisol is one of the main stress hormones. Children with higher levels of glucocortisone are more apt to have problems in their physical, social and mental development. Persistent, increased cortisol levels in infants and young children can lead to smaller brain electrical changes when forming memories. This can compromise

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new memory formation. Memory, attention span and self-regulation are all influenced by cortisol production. When self-regulation is not learned or it is inhibited by other hormone activity in the body, children can have issues regulating behaviors and emotions. Children who have increased levels of cortisol during daycare or nursery school time experience extreme hardship maintaining attention. Because maintaining attention is a part of self-regulation, these children are not able to regulate behaviors due to high cortisol levels. In adults, stress can affect normal daily activities or functions. In children, stress can interrupt the ability to establish attention, a crucial element to the learning process that can potentially lead to attention issues later in life. Studies have consistently shown that children exposed to long-term maternal stress and continued early life exposure to cortisol have an increased risk of developing early emotional disorders. Long-term increased cortisol may also lead to behavioral problems and aggression. Evaluating what the early developmental environment was like for the child may provide information about angry or anxious behavior. Determining whether or not a child had control of emotions or the ability to self-regulate can provide context about a child’s behavior. You can check cortisol with a special lab test called the ASI (Adrenal Stress Index). This is not available at the kupot cholim.  About the Author Dr. Rosenberg offers a free one-hour consultation in person or by phone to discuss your health issues. Call today to begin getting real answers to your health questions. Cel. 052 761 6793,,

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traditional 1-9 numbers.

Apply the same rules as in regular Sudoku but use the

letters from the word W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L instead of the

Wonderful Sudoku Instructions: Find at least 23 last names (family names) hidden in the word puzzle. The last names correspond to the people who were interviewed or wrote articles in this issue.

Word Search

BIZNESS MAGAZINE ANNIVERSARY TRIVIA Place the correct answer next to the corresponding question. Einit, June 2013, Ariel Topf, 18,000, July 2013, Zvi Hager, July 2012, Jonathan Links 1. Who founded Bizness Magazine? Ans: 2. Name 3 people/businesses who advertised in the first issue of Bizness Magazine? Ans: 3. How many copies of the first issue were distributed? Ans:

5. In what issue did we change the magazine to a larger format? Ans: 6. What’s the current circulation of Bizness Magazine? Ans: 7. In which month did we start distributing in the German Colony? Ans:

Those who answer the following questions correctly will get a double entry in the draw: 1. What’s the most read section/article in Bizness Magazine? Ans: 2. What do people like the most about Bizness Magazine? Ans:

4. In what month did we start distributing the magazine in Jerusalem? Ans:

All correct answers for the three above activities will be entered into a draw to win restaurant meals, massages, entertainment and much more. Send the solved page before August 21st to Nachal Refaim 36/4, Ramat Bet Shemesh, 99640.

Maccabi Top Professionals


Interview with Shoshana Lange, Dietician


• JULY 2013

Where are you from? I made aliya from London 16 years ago. I lived in RBS for 13 years and now live in Modiin. What made you become a dietician? I wanted to study something related to medicine and life sciences, I knew I wanted to work with people in some kind of therapeutic role. I always enjoyed biology and chemistry, and biochemistry at university. Dietetics ticked all my boxes. Where did you train? In England at Kings College, London University. How many years have you been practicing? 17 years. Where did you work previously? For the first two years after I qualified I worked in a large teaching hospital in London, then 11 years at Hadassah Ein Kerem. I have worked in different kupot along the way and have been at Maccabi for the last four years. What’s the difference between a dietician and a nutritionist? Nutritionists generally have a degree or other qualification in nutrition. Dietitians must have a degree or postgraduate in dietetics which is basically clinical nutrition. Generally,

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nutritionists may work in the food industry or as nutrition therapists, say with alternative therapy. Dieticians mostly work on the clinical side in hospitals, kupot cholim, old age homes, gyms, etc., although there are also dieticians who work in the food industry. What types of conditions are treated by a dietician? Other than the obvious conditions of obesity or overweight, we also deal a variety of conditions such as high cholesterol, triglycerides, diabetes, gestational diabetes, allergies, gastro issues such as Crohns, colitis and IBS, liver conditions, kidney conditions -- including dialysis and pre-dialysis, pre and post bariatric surgery, underweight, eating disorders, pediatrics, women’s’ health issues... How does preventive medicine apply to your field? Nutrition plays a very big role in the prevention of conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Early nutritional intervention along with regular screening (e.g. blood tests, etc.) can, in many cases, prevent or at least defer the onset of these conditions. The aim is to change one’s lifestyle, involving healthier eating and regular exercise. This can be achieved through group sessions as well as regular one-on-one sessions with a dietician who will help guide and support patients through this process. Who is a typical client? There are no typical clients. I see a wide range of clients, from teens to elderly clients, religious or secular, with a variety of clinical diagnoses. What’s the biggest misconception about clinical dieticians? That all we do is see overweight patients and give out menus to everyone who walks through our door. Who should consult with you? In order to be eligible for a consultation in kupat cholim, you need to be suffering from any of the above conditions. Can people go to you directly or do they need a family doctor referral? To see a dietician in any kupat cholim, one needs a referral from a family doctor prior to the first visit. Where do you see patients? Bet Shemesh, Migdal Hamayim and Ramat Bet Shemesh, in Merkaz Hamechonim. 

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ith w s e i p o !! c 18,000! s Magazine iznes B n i d a ur


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ONE-STOP SHOP FOR YOUR NEW KITCHEN Interview with Miriam Goldshtein of Kitchens 60


JULY 2013

Bizness Magazine 

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What services do you provide? I do everything for my clients starting from the day we meet, up until the day that they receive the key. This includes preparing the building plans, furniture, lighting and anything else they might need to build their house in Israel and of course a kitchen according to their own personal taste whether it be classic or modern. We make everything perfect. How many years have you been in the construction/renovation industry? I have worked in the design and construction industry for 15 years. What type of projects have you done? I have built dozens of private homes and other projects such as Koenig, Ganei Geulah, etc. and dozens more projects in Jerusalem such as Shefa, Ranat Hazafon, Pninat Chemed and Nofei

Eliyahu. I have also built over a hundred studio apartments where everything is included but just smaller and more compact. Why Anglos? I learned their lifestyle and what they love. My expertise and my experience are with clients from abroad and thank-God I have built many wonderful houses for them. What is the Goldshtein Kitchen advantage? We understand your needs. The most important thing that you will get from us is our experience. Because of it, we are able to advise you on what is good and practical for your house. We know what is good for a family with a lot of children and what is appropriate for a family which is already marrying off their children. We know what is appropriate for a young couple and what is appropriate for a grandmother and grandchildren. Everything that is used needs to be used properly. For example, how high should the counter be in the kitchen so that it will always be comfortable and will not give you a backache. What made you come to Bet Shemesh from Jerusalem to start Kitchens here? I still have work in Jerusalem but today, after 20 years, the younger Anglo Saxon crowd is more and more moving to Bet Shemesh and I felt that it was important to serve them there. Based on your 17 years in the field, what are the advantages of a “one stop shop?” Today, everything that one needs to buy is in different places causing clients to have to run from place to place. For a long time I have thought about establishing a “one-stop shop” for many of the items which are needed for building kitchens as well as for the rest of a house. And today, here I am! Kitchens is the place to come if you are renovating or buying an apartment and you wish to have fun doing it. We have 3-D programs so that you can see how the furniture and other accessories that you have picked will fit into your house. We can show you, in 3-D, the various types of closets and what the various types of materials look like such as wood, full Formica, polymer, glass, epoxy or other popular ones. Our company is proud to be the official distributor of world renowned Pirzul and Blum products carrying a 12 year warranty. We are also distributors of Caesar stone. We carry a large selection of marble granite, ceramics, glass, Blanco and Fordham sinks as well as faucets from well-known companies, all which come with full warranties. Dealing with big budgets is easy, how do you deal with small budgets? This is one of the benefits of having built so much. I know how to help people who have small budgets and who do not want or cannot put everything into their house. Unless you really understand what you do, apparent savings come out more expensive in the end. You have invested a significant amount in your showroom here, what’s your goal? We want you to be impressed by what you see and enable you to run your hands over the kitchen you have been dreaming of. We feel that there is nothing like being able to walk around a pleasant, air-conditioned area where there are professionals who understand your heart and who will receive you nicely and with patience. To contact Miriam Goldshtein at the Kitchen showroom in Bet Shemesh, please call Tel. 02 624 3773.  BIZNESS MAGAZINE


a z z i P Chalav U’Dvash It is possible to eat pizza and eat healthy! eat Pizz h W e l o a! h W SUMMER SALE! Family size (14�) pizza 45 nis 3 Family size pizzas + large Coke 140 nis XXX large pizza (45 cm) + large Coke 66 nis

Salads | Garlic Bread | Personal Pies | Toasts | Popsicles | Frozen Yogurt

Mercaz Yafat Hashemesh, Sheinfeld 02-9919293

We seall Pizz h Doug

Deliveries to Bet Shemesh, Ramat Bet Shemesh, and Tzora FREE!

Bizness’ Best

A lfajores (dairy) Ingredients: 150 gr. butter 2 yolks + 1 egg Zest of one lemon 1¼ cups flour 1¼ cups icing sugar ½ teaspoon baking powder 2½ cups cornstarch 1 teaspoon sweet wine Filling: caramel (ribat chalav)

Directions: 1. Beat the butter until creamy. 2. Add slowly the sugar, yolks and egg. Mix well. 3. Add the lemon zest and the wine. 4. In a bowl mix the flour, cornstarch and baking powder. 5. Beat the butter and bowl mixture until forming a ball of dough. It should be a soft dough. 6. Spread a little cornstarch on the table and roll the dough (0.5 cm. thickness). 7. Cut small circles. 8. Place the circles on a cookie sheet lined with baking paper. 9. Oven 350F (180C) - 15 minutes (do not over bake). 10. Let them cool. 11. Spread the caramel on the cookies forming a sandwich. 12. Sprinkle with icing sugar. That’s an alfajor - Enjoy!








Life Coach

Real Estate Law

Helen Abelesz Background: Helen is a life coach who specializes in working with women who are feeling overwhelmed, lack selfconfidence, dealing with stress or not achieving their potential. Helen will help you pinpoint your insecurities, set goals for you to achieve and empower you to take control of your life. She works in both Hebrew and English. Call her today. 02 992 0263, 054 482 9815.

Nicole Levin Background: Nicole Levin is an American born, Israeli trained real estate attorney with 28 years of experience in the field. She is a Mediator and Notary as well. She has offices in Beit Shemesh and in Modiin. Nicole Levin can be contacted at 02-9915687 and her offices are on the 2nd floor of the BIG Shopping Center office building. Website because


3 Technical Services TZVI LEFKOWITZ Background: Handyman Tzvi has many years of experience in general contracting and home renovations. He made aliya from New York where he built multi-unit projects and custom homes. Air conditioning happens to be one of his passions. Tzvi is a licensed Electra technician who provides care and maintenance service as well as sales for all major brands. He can be contacted at 054-498-5298,

you never know INSURING YOUR: Home | Health | Life | Auto | Business | Travel



4 Orthodontics Dr. Eli Gherman Dr. Edo Lavi Background: Both Drs Gherman and Lavi are American trained orthodontists, and are active members in the American Association of Orthodontists. Dr Gherman attended NYU Dental on full scholarship, and Montefiore Medical Center for his orthodontic residency. Dr Lavi graduated from UMDNJ, was chief resident of general dentistry and received his orthodontic degree from NYU College of Dentistry. Dr Gherman’s clinic is in Rechavia, 02561-9770 Dr. Lavi’s clinic is in RBShemesh, 02992- 3363






US Tax

Shoshana Kesner Background: Dr. Kesner has a successful 18-year career providing specialized care for women and children. She has impressive credentials in women’s and mother-baby related health issues. She holds a Bachelors degree in nursing, midwifery certification, and she is a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine. Contact Dr. Kesner at 054 234 2367.

Moshe Wilshinsky Background: A 27-year veteran in the mortgage industry, Moshe is the CEO of Moville Mortgage and Finance LTD. To contact Moshe, call their main line at 073 796 2226 and press their special 711 Bizness extension. For US callers dial 201 377 3418 and UK 208 596 4501. Email him at questions@ or visit their website at

Egert-Cohen Insurance Background: Egert-Cohen is a Jerusalem-based brokerage that specializes in helping Englishspeaking Olim with personal family insurance solutions. They are also experts in travel insurance and incoming tourism. Contact Shimon Cohen at 050-5482192 or Yona Egert at 050-5363897 or visit their website at

Shalom Fishhaut Background: CPA (US) - Provides services for Israel-based clients with U.S. tax and consulting needs. Graduated from Yeshiva University with a B.A. in economics and an MBA in finance/accounting from New York University (NYU). Certified Acceptance Agents of the IRS in Israel. Office number is 02-9922-212,



Car Mechanics

Kosher Cruises & Travel

Ariel Levy Background: Ariel Levy is a car mechanic with over 13 years of experience. Ariel own Ariel Car Services, a full service car garage in the Industrial area in Bet Shemesh. They service all makes and models and specialize in French and Japanese cars. The garage is located on Rechov Hamasger. Ariel can be reached for any consultations at 054 205 0389.

DAVID WALLES Background: David is the V.P. Business Manager of Eddie’s Kosher Travel. They specialize in luxurious Kosher Cruises to most popular destinations around the world and Sukkot and Pesach programs in top hotels in Tiberius, the Galil, Jerusalem and Caesarea. Check out to see what they have available for you or call 02 992 9801.


• JULY 2013

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