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Q: How did you come to be known as an international ‘expert’ on the Ark of the Covenant? A: It wasn’t easy – just ask my friends! Seriously, I have done 20+ years of research on the whereabouts of the Holy Ark and the location of the Temples on the Temple Mount, as well as the secrets behind where the other Temple ‘treasures’ may be buried. This included researching the Vatican and being somewhat of an investigative reporter/biblical archaeologist here in Israel, i.e. travelling to remote areas in Mitzpe Ramon, the caves of Qumran, and even Jordan. As a result, I wrote a white-paper on the subject, and produced two documentaries (available on YouTube), as well as a feature drama by the same name: The A.R.K. Report. Only recently I’ve decided to share all this material, as it has always been a dream of mine to pursue, and it certainly beats doing Patent and Trademark work all day! (laughing) Q: So, how are you finding it so far? A: The best part of this experience is the people that I’ve met along the way. It’s so refreshing to deal with creative people again, as I was originally trained as a musician. Q: You were a musician? A: And still am! As a teenager, I went to Interlochen and Berklee, both on scholarships in Jazz ensemble and composition, and ended graduating in Fine Arts at York University in Toronto. When I couldn’t make a living as a studio musician, I started getting into technology. The best friends I had though, and still have, were those musicians, and now it’s great to be back in media. Moskoff-Media Israel now has a partnership with LightCatcher Productions from Arkansas/Texas along with my Associate Producer, James D. Long – a great guy, and right hand man to the famous Dr. Vendyl Jones. Rabbi Issamar Ginsberg is another creative genius that has helped me along the way, and of course my parents, who, thank G-d drilled into my head this idea of: “Publish or Perish.” In addition, my man in the White House (hopefully), Governor Mike Huckabee is a prize, to name just a few. I think that people are into this book and film concept because the Temple Mount is making headlines all the time. I’m finding that people of many different denominations want to know there is a future where good will prevail, and quite frankly, they look for hope, especially when hearing about the prospects of a nuclear Iran, etc. They need something powerful to hang on to, and thank G-d, it seems like people find it in my book and lectures. I feel very lucky actually, that I can contribute something meaningful and important. Q. What would happen if the Ark was finally found? A. This is a question I’m often asked after my lectures. For the record, I don’t condone going up to the Temple Mount or excavating because there are halachic concerns. If the Ark were to be found now, the government and the UN would probably put it in its own Smithsonian Museum located somewhere in East Jerusalem, or even Jordan, for all we know. The findings of The ARK Report point to entrances in the warren of tunnels beneath the mount that comprise a starting point so that if and when the time comes, people will know where to begin looking for it. Many big Rabbis have gone searching though, and there are fascinating stories with Rav Yehudah Getz, and former chief rabbi, Rav Goren, breaking through the Western Wall gates moving eastward into tunnels that I record in the book (and video). Also included is a first-hand account

Photo Credit James D. Long. MOSKOFF with 2016 US Presidential hopeful, Governor Mike Huckabee in his NYC interview

of a tour in 1992 that found the members digging in the middle of the night for Temple treasures, breaking through and finding a passageway, only to experience a real earthquake tremor - tremors that didn’t stop! It’s just as dangerous now as it was 2,700 years ago! Q: Where do most common folk assume the lost Ark is located, and how does your theory differ? A: There are many valid theories ranging from Ethiopia, France, and even Arkansas, but the most common from a Jewish perspective is right here under the Temple Mount, i.e. – Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. The conventional approach is that the Dome of the Rock is the place of the Foundation Stone and the Holy of Holies. The findings of the Report and the “Moskoff Theory” point to a mistake in this conventional opinion. The theory states that the holiest spot in the world is actually removed further to the southwest in an open area on the Mount. In my book, I bring all kinds of proofs from the Talmud, Tanach, Torah commentators, Midrash, Zohar, including recent technical and archeological discoveries. My theory is based originally on the Rambam, and the findings of Sir Charles Warren with the Palestine Exploration Fund over 100 years ago, amongst others more recently. These results have practical halachic applications today for those who choose to ascend the Temple Mount. According to this theory, people have to remain further to the southern side, closer to the Al Aqsa Mosque in order to stay out of forbidden areas.


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