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Reflex++ uses a 3D accelerometer, gyroscope and dual thermistors to adapt output on the go. This gives the rider the right lumens for the right terrain and speed without the need to reach for a button. New for 2020 Reflex++ has been refined enabling never before seen lumens for MTB lights of this size and weight, all whilst maintaining to-the-minute runtimes. Lights featured: Toro, Race

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‘There appears to be a bona fide, concerted effort from distributors and brands alike to aid the IBD’

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A breath of fresh air As readers know far too well, being part of the retail sector in the 21st century has frequently led to a propensity toward pessimism. Yet as I mark my two-year anniversary at the BikeBiz helm, I can’t help but think the past few months have witnessed something of a turning tide. Whether industry folk are simply tired of waiting for politicians to act, or are beginning to feel that the reports of retail’s death have been greatly exaggerated is not entirely clear, but drawing from my own conversations with stalwarts, veterans and newcomers alike, 2020 appears to have breathed fresh life into the world of cycling. More than ever, there appears to be a bona fide, concerted effort from distributors and brands alike (see Bob Elliot, p34, and Insync, p41) to aid the independent bike dealer. While this will hardly resolve anything overnight, these endeavours were few and far between 24 months ago, and the signs are encouraging. Speaking of fresh life, The London Bike Show, taking place at the end of the month, appears to be thriving following a short period of transition. At the time of writing, the show is hosting 54 new brands and hopes to drive further interest with the inaugural Women’s Cycling Awards, in partnership with Cycling UK. With the well-documented delay to this year’s Taipei Cycle Show, it could bridge the considerable gap between curtain-raisers CORE (p13) and iceBike* (p9) to both the annual trip to Asia and the inaugural (breathe in) Evans Cycles London e-Bike Festival powered by Shimano Steps (and out). Whatever the month may bring, we hope you enjoy the March 2020 edition of BikeBiz.

James Groves


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MARCH 2020



COREbike 2020 Rebecca Morley takes a tour of Whittlebury Hall and speaks to some of the people behind the brands and products at this year’s COREbike


Ingenuity, collaboration and longevity Topeak will reach its 30th anniversary in 2021. James Groves sits down with Extra UK brand manager Matt Beighton as he reflects on Taiwanese relations, industry categorisation and stringent standards



Join the Club The Bike Club aims to provide high-quality, lightweight bikes via flexible monthly subscription. Founders James Symes and Alexandra Rico-Lloyd tell Rebecca Morley how it benefits families and why it’s important to get children cycling young


Bob Elliot KranX up its support for local bike shops Bob Elliot is launching a new in-house brand this month. James Groves catches up with director Paul Elliot as he discusses close relationships, expanding offerings and self-selling products



Keeping Insync with IBDs Insync sales director Wayne Clarke tells Rebecca Morley about a new range of Coyote bikes that are exclusively available to IBDs

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27/02/2020 11:51


Mind the gap BikeBiz’s Rebecca Morley shares her thoughts on gender diversity after 18 months in the trade

Rebecca Morley (centre) with Baroness Elizabeth Barker (left) and Angellica Bell (right)


t’s clear to see how much women are underrepresented in the cycling industry. From events and festivals to meetings and factory tours, I constantly find myself in a maledominated environment, where it can be very intimidating to walk into a room and see so few women around. This happens the most at trade shows – with some I meet assuming I may not have much technical knowledge about the industry. At first, it felt like I was entering an exclusive club and, while most people have been welcoming, I’m not surprised other women may be reluctant to enter. Sometimes I feel as if I have to prove myself when having conversations, that I need to pass some kind of test. This year’s CORE was my second time visiting the show – and I was more confident in walking around knowing that I’d done it all before. But I’ve had mixed responses when I’ve brought up gender inequality at events, with some people praising me for being there and others seemingly not realising that it’s a problem that still exists. While most do acknowledge the issue and know that the industry should do something to change, the ones who don’t seem quite convinced I should use being a woman to my advantage – and proceed to call me ‘darling’ in the process. In general, however, the gender gap is recognised, as are attempts to put it right. Since I started at BikeBiz a year and a half ago, I’ve seen more and more initiatives aimed at increasing women’s participation in cycling, including Cycling

6 | March 2020

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UK’s 100 Women in Cycling, which I was lucky enough to be nominated for. The event was a fantastic opportunity to meet so many inspiring women and recognise what they are doing to encourage more to ride. The London Bike Show and Cycling UK have also joined forces to launch the inaugural Women’s Cycling Awards. It’s always good to see something that celebrates female talent and achievements from across the cycling world, inspiring others to get active. But how much will the cycling industry, in turn, be affected? Hopefully, with a growing number of female riders, more companies will hire women too, after all, seeing there are no female employees in a business can be quite daunting for a woman who wishes to take up cycling. It’s about making sure women aren’t spoken to in a patronising way – and the industry trying to break away from gender stereotypes that see bikes dressed up in flowers and other typically ‘girly’ decorations. During my first week on the job I was invited to a ‘fancy womens’ bike ride’, which encouraged women to dress up and smile for the cameras, and it’s hard to see how this is helping the cause. BikeBiz itself has created a nice bubble for me as a woman in the industry. I would encourage women wishing to enter the industry to find a company which is supportive and encouraging, where their contribution is valued. The women I have met have all been great role models – and it’s good to see so many strong women pushing the industry forward. 

25/02/2020 09:49

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The BikeLife movement has exploded and with celebrities like Stormzy getting involved, it’s hit the mainstream. Spring will see another BikeStormz event in London with up to 20,000 riders expected to take to the streets. Want your slice of the action? SE Bikes are leading the charge and we still have dealer opportunities available…










Focusing on the bikelife movement, the Rad Series bikes feature 6061 aluminium oval tubing and striking colours. These bikes are lightweight, comfortable and perfect for poppin’ wheelies in the streets or even taking out to the local BMX track or dirt jumps. Each bike comes equipped with Landing Gear forks, SE padset, number plate and, of course, #SEBIKESLIFE inspired flair.











With unique and ground-breaking bikes such as the original PK Ripper and Quadangle, along with sponsorship of legendary riders such as Stu Thomsen, Perry Kramer, and Mike Buff, SE Racing was at the forefront of the first BMX boom over four decades ago. The Retro BMX line was originally created for the old-school BMX enthusiast. But the audience for the SE Retro line has grown organically and the bikes are now in demand by all types of riders, regardless of age, history or knowledge of SE’s storied past. Get in touch today for a full price list. Bikes arriving from end of Feb onwards. Tel. 0131 319 1444



Breaking the ice

iceBike* returned to the Marshall Arena:MK in Milton Keynes last month, with a plethora of brands and products on show...


ith endless demands on time and often many excuses not to go to a trade show, this year’s iceBike* was keen to reward visitors investing their time away from their shops, offering a wide range of new brands and products, and a full schedule of seminars – with one talk from cycling royalty Sir Chris Hoy. iceBike* 2020 was its “busiest show ever”, with a 17% increase in overall retailers from 2019, and actual attendees were up by 11%. The show took place from 18th-20th February at the Marshall Arena:MK in Milton Keynes, with over 60 brands out in force once again. “I'd like to thank our customers and suppliers for attending iceBike* and making it one of the best I can remember,” says Dominic Langan, Madison and Sportline CEO.

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“The atmosphere was really great over the three days and the supplier and customer feedback so far has been really positive. “Despite challenging weather conditions across the country, our daily numbers were higher than expected and all visitors came to the show with a great attitude. “It has definitely given us some renewed optimism for 2020 and we are excited for what the future holds for our suppliers and our customers.” What’s new? ODI made its iceBike* debut in 2020, having been signed up to the Madison portfolio back in October last year.

March 2020 | 9

25/02/2020 14:51

FEATURE, meanwhile, hosted master trainer Niels Booth, who runs the bike fitting unit at the Shimano Experience Centre and was not only demonstrating how the system works, but was also there to give advice and insight on how integrating bike fitting into services can benefit businesses.

The brand had its full range of grips available to order for retailers, and founder Colby Young was around to chat to visitors. Genesis shifted its focus and went back to its roots as the ‘Original Adventure Bike Brand’ with a focus on gravel and all-road riding – with ex-world tour star Adam Blythe at the show on 19th February. Saracen launched its new Dirt Jump range and the Amplitude, AL Team, CR3, CR2 and ALX frameset all made their 2020 debuts at the show. Ridgeback has added ten new e-bikes to its range, to bring the total MY21 offering up to 18. Two e-cargo bikes have joined the range for 2020 – after feedback from last year’s iceBike*. “It's great to have so many new bikes on display at the show this year, and we are incredibly excited about this new direction from Ridgeback particularly,” says Kellie Parsons, marketing director at Sportline. “This is a seriously compelling offer from the brand and is a direct answer to the growing appetite that we are seeing from the market. We don’t always have many new bikes at the show as the timings don’t work out, so this adds a new layer to iceBike* for 2020.” Also exhibiting at iceBike* was DT Swiss’s brand new 232 One platform, designed to push XC suspension “further than ever and set a new benchmark in terms of performance to weight”. With a F232 fork and a brand new D232 dropper post, it’s the “perfect suspension to take on the challenge of ever-evolving XC courses”. Finish Line was also at the show – launching a new programme which is exclusive to IBDs. Named the ‘Finish Line LUBEexperts’, it has been designed to offer committed retailers more workshop and shop floor support, helping them to increase sales and get a better margin.

10 | March 2020

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A sneak preview In an iceBike* first, visitors were also given a unique MY21 product preview from Shimano, after having signed a non-disclosure agreement. This presented a rare opportunity to learn about the latest market trends from the component brand, presented by international sales manager Boy Oudenampsen. On the technical side, head of training Julian Thrasher was on hand to answer training, education and Shimano Service Centre questions. Thrasher was also presenting Shimano’s 2020 Training Calendar and gave a presentation on what it takes to become part of the Shimano Service Centre Network. Focus on service One of the central themes at this year’s iceBike* was retailer education and assistance. The business services area was expanded this year with even more external partners called in including the ACT, the Aylesbury Training Group, the Bicycle Association, Bikmo and Citrus-Lime. The ACT focused on three core initiatives at the show – Ride it away, Local Bike Shop Day and Cytech. The Bike Shop also returned to iceBike*, taking up a central position to help advise retailers on POS and merchandising best practice. Daily seminars To complement The Bike Shop, there were seminars that ran daily on in-store best practice, including POS and merchandising advice. Retail consultant Mark O’Dolan spoke about shop floor layout, talking about how to drive demand, visual merchandising, highlighting promotions, USPs and point of sale. Other seminars included Peter Eland, Bicycle Association’s technical manager, on likely consequences of Brexit and how it will affect the bike industry, Richard Robinson, Garmin sales manager on getting the most out of the Garmin Myagi platform, and Peter Slijkhuis, Freewheel e-commerce manager, on how to become a Freewheel dealer. Hoy was at iceBike* on 19th February for a new SiS product workshop. The evenings saw entertainment in the form of three themed nights, with Madison urging attendees to stay for food and drink to round off the show. n

25/02/2020 14:51

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COREbike sets the tone for 2020 Rebecca Morley takes a tour of Whittlebury Hall and speaks to some of the people behind the brands and products at this year’s COREbike Cannondale’s award-winning SuperSix EVO


f there is one thing that’s capable of kick-starting a year in the cycling industry, it’s a trade show. And given its early date in the calendar, COREbike was there once again to act as curtain-raiser for the year. The show returned to Whittlebury Hall from 26th to 28th January, with many exhibitors showcasing new brands, products and ranges to visitors. Silverfish UK was showcasing brands including Yeti Cycles, Marzocchi, Knog, Mondraker, Birzman, SDG and Michelin, and enjoyed good footfall for all three days, says sales manager Scott Hillyard, with a feeling of optimism amongst the attending retailers. “We had an overwhelmingly positive response to the all-new

13-16 BBMar20 CORE_Final.indd 1

road range from Michelin with many retailers looking for an alternative for various reasons,” says Hillyard. “Thanks to the hard work of the team and the support of many of our brand partners who took time out of their busy schedules to join us at the show, Silverfish had a cracking COREbike show,” adds Darren Mabbott, managing director. “It was also great to see how positive all our dealers were. After the last six months, it’s really encouraging to see some green shoots!” ZyroFisher was showing brands including Evoc, Altura, Giro and Hiplok, the latter displaying its ANKR. The SRAM barista was also available for all visitors’ coffee needs, in exchange for donations to World Bicycle Relief.

March 2020 | 13

25/02/2020 14:52


Hope brought its HB.T track bike to its stand in the reception area

Over £500 came from voluntary contributions at the show – matched by ZyroFisher to donate a total of £1029.10 to the charity organisation. “It was another great COREbike for us,” said Andy Budd, director of IBD sales. “We launched a number of new products at the show, as well as showcasing Niner bikes, the latest brand to be added to our portfolio. “The organisers’ format is entirely focused on the best possible experience for the dealers who attend, and that is unique in our industry. The result is that we get unparalleled one on one time with all of the customers who attend, and ultimately this is why we keep coming back.” Enduro Bearings led workshops over two days at the show through distributor Extra UK, which covered a number of topics across products in the Enduro Bearings range including bearings, bottom brackets, and tools. The distributor was also showing brands including Fizik, ABUS, Pirelli, FFWD, Maxxis, Ergon, Cane Creek, Rapid Racer Products and Topeak. Moore Large introduced a new house brand, SureShift, at CORE, its latest product innovation that is designed “with the sole purpose of making cycling easier for children”. Sales director Adam Biggs says the show attendance this year was “exceptional” and would consider the response to the Forme range as a “milestone moment in the brand’s history”.

14 | March 2020

13-16 BBMar20 CORE_Final.indd 2

A DMR Versa pedal at the Upgrade stand

“I would like to thank all retailers for their positive feedback,” says Biggs. “Another stand out point I noticed from the show was the level of optimism from specialist IBD stores on their outlook for 2020, with the vast majority reporting overall growth over the last 12 months, particularly in the electric and urban mobility sectors which helped to explain why our Tern stand was so busy throughout the show too!” Hope brought its HB.T track bike to its stand, featuring radical aero features and revolutionary disc wheels, all manufactured at the brand’s own facility in Barnoldswick. It was also showing an ever-expanding range of e-bike parts, with new crank and chainring options joining its existing high-performance brakes and wheelsets. Upgrade had a range of brands at the show, including Nutcase Helmets, KinesisUK, DMR, Lezyne, TRP, Reynolds, Sector, Praxis, Effetto Mariposa and Trust Performance. The partnership between Upgrade and Nutcase was announced towards the end of last year, and the brand’s entire range is equipped with MIPS technology, and consists of three helmet models for all ages. A new brand at CORE for Windwave was High5 nutrition, a partnership which took effect at the beginning of February. “COREbike 2020 gave us a fantastic opportunity to spend time with the people that matter, our customers,” says Luke Leuillette, commercial manager.

25/02/2020 14:52


Halo was located in the Ison Distribution rooms at Whittlebury Hall

“It’s a great opportunity for all in attendance to touch and feel the latest equipment. We look forward to growing existing and new relationships formed at COREbike during the coming 2020 season.” It was also an important show for Scott Sports with new key products launching this year – the ‘star of the stand’ being the Addict RC road bike. “These events are always good for forging connections with customers and media,” says Tony Fawcett, bike marketing coordinator. “It allows us to talk and relay key features and how they work. The event was definitely a successful one in our eyes.” Hotlines was showcasing brands including WTB, Rondo and Ragley, the latter launching its entire MY20 range with two notable additions to the line-up – the new Blue Pig Race and the Big Wig Race complete bikes. “COREbike was an important event for Hotlines this year,” says Dave Flynn, head of marketing. “We have a new structure in place, so it was great timing for retailers and media to meet the expanded team. “Exhibiting a broader representation of fewer brands also benefitted us, and dealers were excited by the opportunities available. Lots of positivity. Launching a new range of bikes, Ragley created a real buzz with strong media coverage resulting from the show. The new Sam Hill signature pedal from Nukeproof was also shown for the first time, a 200mm Brand-X dropper and bikepacking bags from Lifeline.

13-16 BBMar20 CORE_Final.indd 3

“It was an incredible number of hot new products for a midseason show. This all helped to make CORE 2020 our best one yet.” Ison Distribution was showing a dream bike build based around the all-new All City Cosmic Stallion, featuring the new Redshift Suspension seat post, along with a host of other brand new components. It also had Benno, Squire, MRP, Fidlock, Surly, HT and Passport at the show. “CORE is a great opportunity for dealers to connect with Ison and our brands,” says managing director Lloyd Townsend. “The insights into what’s new and what’s going on should really be helpful for proactive dealers – both existing and new folks.” Halo headed into its 20th year of business with the addition of various new products to its range. “COREbike is always a fantastic chance to meet dealers and press face to face in a relaxed atmosphere,” says Jordan Lunn, marketing manager for Halo. “It’s also a great chance to present new products to the press, as well as spending time with suppliers and other distributors. CORE is a melting pot of the UK bike trade.” 2pure launched a new brand, Sprindex, at CORE and also had brands including Ibis Cycles, POC and Moustache Bikes. CSG displayed a range of award-winning bikes, featuring models from Cannondale and GT Bicycles.

March 2020 | 15

25/02/2020 14:52


Fulcrum at the i-ride stand The bikes on show included the Cannondale CAAD 13, the Cannondale SuperSix EVO, the Cannondale Topstone Carbon and the Cannondale SystemSix. Chicken CycleKit had a whole room dedicated to Enervit – a distribution deal that was agreed last year. It has been exhibiting at COREbike for many years and each year it becomes a “more important part of our sales strategy,” says Gary Turner, sales director. “The show is a great way for us to showcase and launch our latest products to hundreds of dealers over three days,” says Turner. “This year, we had dedicated displays for Prologo, Campagnolo, Deda, Tifosi, Cinelli, KMC, Zefal and Schwalbe as well as a whole room dedicated to Enervit. “We find dealers really appreciate the opportunity to view whole ranges with branded POS so they can visualise how brands could be displayed in their own stores to improve sell out. We took the decision to dedicate a whole room to Enervit as there are big commercial benefits for dealers to become stockists. Enervit dominates other European markets and this is its plan for the UK.” Three companies made their first appearances in the exhibitor line-up at CORE – Seventies, Pinpoint and Ultra Sport Europe.

16 | March 2020

13-16 BBMar20 CORE_Final.indd 4

Windwave was showing its new brand High5 nutrition

Pinpoint debuted with 4iiii power meters, Limar helmets, LedLenser lights and AfterShokz performance headphones. It also launched its exclusive UK distribution of the Eovolt folding e-bike brand at the show, with two different models being launched, the Eovolt City and the Eovolt Confort. Both bikes were on display and were available to ride. Lyon returned to the show after its debut in 2019. “After a highly successful first appearance at COREbike in 2019, we increased our presence at the show this year and once again had three positive days with visits from new and existing dealers,” says Nils Amelinckx, brand manager, cycle. “Over the past year, our portfolio has seen the addition of three high quality brands which seem to have piqued the interest of community and experience driven stores. Fortunately due to the strong draw that COREbike has, those types of dealers were in abundance giving us a good amount of leads to start the year with.” i-ride was also exhibiting, showing brands including Orro, Fulcrum, Northwave, DeFeet and Vredestein. “The show went well and our new instore tablet initiative was well received,” says Adam Glew, e-commerce and marketing manager. “We are going to be rolling out a new click and collect scheme to help stores that can’t stock full ranges and the tablets are part of this. Overall, it was a very positive show for us.” n

25/02/2020 14:52

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Ingenuity, collaboration and longevity: Extra UK on Topeak’s rise as a P&A leader Topeak will reach its 30th anniversary in 2021. James Groves sits down with Extra UK brand manager Matt Beighton as he reflects on Taiwanese relations, industry categorisation and stringent standards Matt Beighton, Extra UK brand manager

The last thing you should worry about is your equipment, and when you ride with our gear, you’ll never have to.” These are the words Topeak vows to live by, and after 29 years of “setting the industry standard for innovation” in bike accessories, the Taiwanese brand is building towards

18 | March 2020

18-20 BBMar20 Topeak_Final.indd 1

its Pearl anniversary with the launch of over 60 new and updated products throughout 2020. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The Topeak brand was created by a small break-away group of talented young Giant employees in 1991 and one member, Louis Chuang, still heads up the brand today. “Giant is very stringent on standards, quality control and innovation,” Matt Beighton, Extra UK brand manager, tells BikeBiz. “It essentially lifted that model and applied it instead to a P&A brand. Its mantra has always been to combine high quality and good value with constant innovation – that’s the basis of the brand. It’s remarkable how many products in today’s bicycle market owe their origins to Topeak designs. “We will not release a product unless we believe it offers something better than what is available. Compromising on that would change the mindset of our design team and undermine what we stand for.” Staying on Topeak Selling yourself under the equivocal mantle of ‘P&A’ can be challenging in any industry, and in a marketplace replete with viable options, that dilemma only intensifies. That’s why, despite offering an incredibly broad range, Topeak focuses on three main categories: tools, luggage and inflation. “What we concentrate on doesn’t fluctuate too much,” says Beighton. “The core three are pretty constant, but there are many additional offshoots that also get introduced to complement the offering.

25/02/2020 14:54


“For example, we’re doing very well in terms of mudguards and racks. I’ve started categorising them, along with lights, as the “commuter” area, because it allows us to bring together a few smaller product groups under one clear heading. But there are many ingenious products in the range that are easily overlooked.”

‘It’s remarkable how many products in today’s bicycle market owe their origins to Topeak designs’ Reflecting quality In each P&A sub-category, there are a multitude of competitors to contend with. Unsurprisingly, the tools, luggage and inflation sectors are no different. “Due to the breadth of product that Topeak offers, competitor brands vary according to category. But the Topeak name has a strong reputation for product longevity and that stability means that people trust it. We try to build on that both in terms of ongoing product quality and innovation.” A key focus for Topeak throughout 2020 will be a revamp of its branding strategy. “The strategy first and foremost has been about producing quality products,” says Beighton. “The next steps are to build on marketing elements such as refreshed packaging and branding. There are also newer members of staff in the marketing department at headquarters, who are committed to further developing the brand image to reflect the quality and innovation of the product.” Ingenuity and obscurity When a P&A brand tells you it’s launching 60 new and updated products in a calendar year (see box), it’s usually a safe assumption that the majority will be limited to additional colourways and minor upgrades. For Topeak, however, it’s quite the opposite. “Around 40 of those will be wholly-new products,” reveals Beighton. “Most of them will sit in the three main categories mentioned earlier, but there are also ingenious parts that are more obscure. These may not have as much national focus, but there will be dealers out there for whom these will actually be the most exciting developments.”

18-20 BBMar20 Topeak_Final.indd 2

The 2020 range Topeak has introduced over 60 new and updated products for the 2020 season. It has implemented a ‘tubeless-friendly’ theme into its inflation and tool offerings, as well as elevating its already robust on-the-trail/travel products. Improving on an already trusted design, the 2020 JoeBlow floor pumps have gone digital. In addition to their traditional wide steel bases and oversized handles, you’ll see extra-long hoses and protective/ rubberised, easy-to-read digital faces. For those that wish to take their inflation on the road or trail, Topeak has multiple updated offerings in its inflation category, from the TubiBooster X (which easily inflates tubeless tyres, like a giant CO2 cartridge) to the Roadie TT hand pumps (which features its exclusive Twin Turbo Technology). Introducing the complete ‘TubiTool’ product line, specifically designed for the tubeless tyre rider. This category contains all you need for essential tubeless maintenance and quick repairs. Topeak has integrated a plug, plug holder, reamer, air-stopper and cutting knife into one folding tool. Continuing with the general theme of 2020 (efficiency and precision), the Topeak Tool family keeps growing. Introducing the Mini PT30,/Mini P20, and PowerLever for quick removal/connecting Power links/Master links. The new on-the-go BarLoader stem bag and Frontloader piggyback “FreeLoader” nicely round-out the Topeak Bikepacking Series. The updated FrontLoader has been optimised with stronger materials and a more streamlined mounting process. Pack up freedom with Topeak Bikepacking bags and keep on exploring in 2020. The PakGo GearPack has been developed to help riders pack up essential gear and clothing in a well-organised fashion. Regardless of rider style, the included transition mat and hide-away shoulder strap will appeal for on-the-go training, racing and travel. Finally, the Topeak TetraRack series (inspired by Tetrapods — animals with four feet) will securely grab any bike frame with a unique, quick-mount rack holder. No need for rack eyelets and/or seat post clamps, the strut slot adjustment enables the loading plate to sit parallel and secure.

March 2020 | 19

25/02/2020 14:54


Topeak will introduce over 60 new and updated products for the 2020 season

An Extra-special partnership As 2020 gets into full swing, Extra is continuing to build on its close working relationship with Topeak in areas beyond those of a traditional distribution deal. A recently renewed deal with GCN and GMBN provides an opportunity for a strengthened collaboration. Beighton says he acts as something of an intermediary between the two, working closely with GCN and GMBN to help Topeak promote the most relevant products from its range and organising product giveaways and competitions. “For example, we did a Christmas hamper giveaway, which was all pump-based,” Beighton says. “It also helps with product development – we can communicate what we need as a market, where we might be missing product and what to look at etc.” Beighton points to ‘hidden’ accessories as a prime example – products such as the Ninja Master Series, which is a bottle cage capable of holding a tool underneath it. “We’re generally thinking of anything that can be hidden on the bike,” says Beighton. “There’s a chain splitter that goes in the handlebars, and a pump that goes in the seatpost. “Ultimately, we want to work as closely with Topeak HQ as possible, so it can understand our market needs and create up-to-date products to suit.” n

20 | March 2020

18-20 BBMar20 Topeak_Final.indd 3

25/02/2020 14:54

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This month’s movers and shakers throughout the cycle industry...

Nick Gritton, Madison

James Webber, ADVNTR Media Group

Madison has appointed Nick Gritton as its new sales director. Gritton has worked for Madison since 2006 in various sales roles and, prior to that, was the UK distributor for Pro and has also spent many years in sales at Raleigh. “Nick is highly respected by his colleagues, customers and suppliers alike and this appointment will be a fantastic opportunity to grow our business further and structure ourselves the challenges of the future,” said a statement from CEO Dominic Langan. “Nick brings a high level of energy to the role and will breathe fresh air into our sales strategies. “It is also very pleasing to be able to promote Nick from within the business and reward his many years of service. I hope you will all join me in congratulating Nick on his new role and I hope you will all give him your 100% support in making this challenging role a great success and to build on Bill Baxter’s hard work over the many years he has served the business. “Bill Baxter is moving onto new pastures and after 31 years of working together, I wish him all the best for the future.” Gritton can be contacted on 

ADVNTR Media Group has appointed James Webber as head of creative. Prior to this, Webber worked at Madison for five years, where he grew his field taking on the graphical design for house-brands Saracen and Genesis. During his tenure with the distributor, he also created a rebrand for Adventure Bicycles, before finally becoming lead designer for the Ridgeback brand. “I’m thrilled to be starting this position and to be part of such a strong and enthusiastic team,” said Webber. “This is an exciting time to be working in the cycling industry. The boundaries are continually being pushed and the industry is constantly evolving.” James Deane, founder and head of marketing, added: “We are very pleased to welcome James into the fold. He is an excellent addition who will further strengthen our creative offerings. “Our aim is to produce memorable campaigns for clients across traditional print advertising and the digital world, with all the expertise provided under one roof.” 

Charlie Foulkes, Pure Scooters

that help to solve some of our city and climate problems. This is a fantastic time to be joining an inspirational business which has a clear vision to rethink urban mobility.” Pure Scooters founder and CEO Adam Norris said: “I am delighted to have Charlie join the team at this exciting time as the legislation is being reviewed in the UK. “He brings extensive experience having spent several years within the retail cycling industry, something that will be instrumental as we expand our proposition and grow our brand.” 

Pure Scooters has appointed Charlie Foulkes as marketing director, as the business prepares for expansion. Foulkes joins the business from Halfords, where he led the marketing function of Cycle Republic. The role will include overseeing the marketing function and direct responsibility for shaping and delivering Pure’s customer experience strategy. This follows the recent news that Peter Kimberley, who previously held the role as managing director of Cycle Republic, Boardman Bikes and Swansea-based Tredz bikes, had been recruited as international managing director. Foulkes said: “The micro-mobility sector is going through a revolution. We have already witnessed a huge uplift and exponential growth over the last 12 months. Pure’s ambition is to deliver fun, affordable and practical transport solutions

22 | March 2020

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Pascal Duval and Frank Goovaerts, VanMoof VanMoof has appointed Pascal Duval its first CCO and Frank Goovaerts as the new COO. Duval will spearhead creative output as the company enters its next phase of growth and Goovaerts will lead VanMoof’s continued rapid expansion. “It’s an incredibly exciting moment to join VanMoof,” said Duval. “I’m looking forward to bringing the brand to the next creative level. VanMoof blends function and style to inspire its riders. It’s the perfect time to forge a deeper emotional connection with our existing and future riders.” Goovaerts comes from a private equity background, guiding start-ups to scale-ups, most recently as COO for solar energy company Sungevity Europe. “I’m delighted to come on board at such a pivotal stage in VanMoof’s growth,” said Goovaerts. “E-bikes are set to become the best choice for city commuting in the new decade. Getting more people onto smarter rides as quickly

Frank Goovaerts as possible is an exciting mission that will reshape cities into the 2020s.” Taco Carlier, CEO and co-founder VanMoof, added: “It’s a new year and this new experience gives VanMoof a fresh injection of organisational expertise and creative vision. Frank and Pascal represent the future and will help us build on last year’s success.” 

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March 2020 | 23

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Join the Club The Bike Club aims to provide high-quality, lightweight bikes via flexible monthly subscription. Founders James Symes and Alexandra Rico-Lloyd tell Rebecca Morley how it benefits families and why it’s important to get children cycling young The Bike Club founders Alexandra Rico-Lloyd and James Symes

24 | March 2020

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25/02/2020 09:57



uying high-quality bikes for children to learn to ride can be expensive and wasteful, forcing some families to compromise on size and quality. This, in turn, leaves children less enthusiastic about getting on the saddle as they might otherwise have been. This is why the Bike Club, founded by James Symes and Alexandra Rico-Lloyd, has developed a subscription service for kid’s bikes, allowing users to replace their children’s bikes as they grow. “I like the idea of trying to make consumer rental work for normal families,” explains Symes. “That was the idea. Utility on a kid’s bike falls off the edge of a cliff when they grow out of it, and that reinforces people to compromise.” Since the company’s monthly subscriptions were made available in late 2016, it has seen over 25,000 people sign up to The Bike Club community, which has shipped bikes to all corners of the UK. Initially, Symes and Rico-Lloyd rented out bikes to family and friends while they experimented with different iterations of their model. They eventually settled on a hybrid of hire-exchange and a rent-to-own solution. Expanding opportunities “There’s been quite a high demand for it,” says RicoLloyd. “The idea is to get kids riding better quality bikes, because if you have a good quality bike that fits you, you’re going to enjoy cycling. “When you have a poor-quality bike, you’re going to find it a lot more difficult to handle, to learn to ride it, and that’s when children get tired, grumpy and cold and the parents have to carry it home! And the following weekend, they don’t want to take their bike out again because of that bad experience. “Lightweight kid’s bikes are something that’s relatively new to the market,” she adds, “Ten years ago, there was no idea of such a thing. People still haven’t come around to the idea that you have to spend £350-£400 to get a good kid’s bike. “We’re keen cyclists, and when you love something, you want everyone else to share it. So that’s what we set out to do with The Bike Club.” “60% of our customers are mothers,” says Symes, “who are underserved by local bike shops – often, it’s a very alien environment for them. We discuss family cycling all day, every day, and it feels like we’re expanding that opportunity and that market.” “Ultimately,” adds Rico-Lloyd, “these children wouldn’t have had a good quality bike before we came along. Now, they’re going to grow up to be cyclists.”

24-26 BBMar20 The Bike Club_Final.indd 2

Catering to women in the cycling industry Promoting women in the cycling industry is also important to The Bike Club, and is something it is keen to promote and see more of in the industry. In fact, Rico-Lloyd was shortlisted for BikeBiz Woman of the Year in the 2019 BikeBiz Awards. “We’re seeing quite a lot of positive change,” says Rico-Lloyd, “I think there are some role models out there for other people nowadays. You’re not just talking about girls, you’re talking about people my age, you need a role model to give you the confidence to go out there in a male-dominated industry. “There are definitely more women around, which is really nice to see. It goes back to us being able to speak confidently to a mother, a single mum with two kids who works full time, and they do not have the time or knowledge on how to put a pedal on. It’s quite important for family cycling. Entrepreneurship itself is also quite male-dominated, and then before being an entrepreneur in cycling, both male dominated industries, I was in IT. I’ve always just accepted it, but it’s bringing other people into our team, bringing on female managers, anyone that we send out to a cycling event, and they really notice it.” Celebrating women This year, the London Bike Show and Cycling UK have joined forces to launch the inaugural Women’s Cycling Awards. The awards will celebrate talent and achievements from record breakers to neighbourhood champions, and will see the winners announced during a ceremony on the opening day of the London Bike Show on 27th March 2020 at ExCeL London. The accolades cover the full spectrum of female involvement in representing, participating, supporting and inspiring others to stay active. An outstanding achievement award will be given to one of 11 category winners who, above all others, stood out in their efforts to promote women’s cycling. “In a way, I’ve just battled through it, and it’s been fine, and I also love that there are women in cycling awards,” Rico-Lloyd continues. “Women in cycling do need to get a bit more credit for what they do, I think it is quite tough when you go out to these events and it is just full of men. “It’s quite difficult to make yourself heard, and people almost exclude you, or they think you don’t know about bicycles because you’re a woman. There is progress, but it is still very traditional. It’s a really difficult one because you just get on with it. I think there has to be less negativity about it and more positivity, it’s more about: ‘Let’s just get out there and have a bit of fun while we’re at it’. Eventually, there will be more women in cycling because we’re out there doing our thing.”

March 2020 | 25

25/02/2020 09:57


The next generation Encouraging children to ride is something the Government is looking at as well, with last month’s announcement that all children in England will be offered cycle training under plans to expand its Bikeability training programme. The commitment will see an additional 400,000 training places offered on the scheme each year, providing children with the core skills to cycle safely and confidently on the road. More than 80% of children aged between eight and ten own a bike, and since its launch in 2006, more than three million children have already taken part. “There’s a burning ambition to help the next generation get into cycling young and use it as the obvious choice for mode of transport,” says Symes. “The idea of mobility and cycling is such an obvious way of getting around cities and open environments. By using higher-quality bikes that are shared and not just being chucked away, you’re cutting waste. That’s a really exciting side of the business.” And because the company is getting those bikes back, it is able to see where they’re getting the most use, Rico-Lloyd explains.

26 | March 2020

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“People often don’t service kid’s bikes, so when they’re coming back to us, we’re able to do that, which makes them last longer. We’re able to work with manufacturers to try to improve different components of the bike.” Growing community The Bike Club now has over 25,000 members, but it has no intention of slowing down. “A big part of us is distributing memberships to families and we really want to start working with bike shops,” says Symes. “We’ve tested out a bit of click-and-collect with some local bike shops. We’re looking at how we can expand that and roll that out more widely, which is really exciting. It will be good because, ultimately, we want to increase our membership, and local bike shops want to service the cyclists in the area. “We also want to create an opportunity where people who have a bike, but aren’t a member of The Bike Club, can part exchange. There are a lot of people who hear about us and say they have a bike – it would be good to get them to not chuck or leave their bikes in the garage, and get them into The Bike Club in that respect.” n

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01772 459 887 @BobElliotOnline

TRADE BENEFITS ■ Access to our in-house manufactured KX Wheels ■

Order until 4pm each day for next day delivery for mainland UK, including Saturdays!

Competitive carriage-paid minimum orders and then tiered carriage charges for non-carriage-paid orders

Choose from over 40 brands, and 5000 SKU’s across the portfolio

■ Regular account-manager visits from our experienced sales team to help further develop the business ■

Enjoy one of the most focused and user-friendly B2B systems in the trade B2B: access your account, order history, invoices, credits, EPOS stock-feeds, backorders and favourites... as well as exclusive offers, giveaways, clearance deals and all the latest news and information on new products

■ Excellent customer-care support from our office team who have decades of experience working in the trade ■

To work with a distributor with the IBD at the forefront of portfolio-decisions year-on-year

Distributors of great brands across the UK

Visit us at or contact us on Tel: 01772 459 887 Bob Elliot Ad March 2020_v10.indd 1

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Here are some of the latest stats and facts from around the web… Only


of London’s cyclists are from BAME groups Males of all ages made


as many cycle trips as females in 2019

The global e-bike market is expected to exceed

£18 billion by 2025

14% of bike owners want to purchase an e-bike in the next 12 months

25/02/2020 09:59

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Feb’ 19

Mar’ 19


19th - 21st February 2019 Arena:MK, Milton Keynes, MK1 1ST


MARCH 2019

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EDITORIAL CALENDAR 2020: 01 BBMar19 Front cover_v1.indd 1

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IBD Innovation Local Bike Shop Day


Cycling technology

Cycle computers

May Triathlon


The kid’s market Children’s bikes and accessories Brakes



Indoor training and power meters Cycle lights

The MTB market August

Mountain bikes and accessories Stocking fillers

Trade show season

Cyclocross Winter and protective clothing



Cycling infrastructure Retail science

Road bikes and accessories Chains, gears and cranks


The e-bike market Carbon footprint

E-bikes and accessories


The Year in Review Distributor Focus

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Wheels, tyres and inner tubes Cycle footwear

Want your company or product to be involved with any of these features? Contact James Groves, editor 0203 143 8779 or email

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A knowledge supply chain Richard Smith, EMEA regional director at Myagi, tells Rebecca Morley how the platform connects brands, distributors and retailers in order to share knowledge


ith the complexity of the cycling industry and the technical nature of the products within it, there is a need for more measurable ways to share knowledge to drive sales. Based in San Francisco but with an EMEA HQ in Birmingham, Myagi is a “knowledge supply chain” platform that connects brands, distributors and retailers, designed to allow them to collaborate, communicate and educate. It aims to provide sellers with the right intel at the right time to create good customer experiences and improve sell-through. “Simon Turner is our founder,” Richard Smith, EMEA regional director at Myagi explains. “He was a distributor of products for several brands, and one of the responsibilities he had was training store staff. The consistent problem that he had within this business was selling a technical product or indeed a product that was an add on sale –

31-33 BBMar20 Myagi_Final.indd 1

something that people didn’t necessarily come into the store looking for. “It was really important that the staff in the store understood the product, were passionate about it and knew how to recommend and suggest it to customers. He found that every time he did an in-store training session, his sales would go up, but one of his biggest challenges was that he just didn’t have the resources to be in every store all the time doing training. The creation of Myagi was really about him trying to solve his own problem.” Knowledge supply chain Myagi seeks to help global brands disseminate the information that they need down through their supply chain. It isn’t just about brands sharing with sales associates, it’s also about global brands training their distributors on the products.

March 2020 | 31

25/02/2020 14:55


Richard Smith, EMEA regional director at Myagi Those distributors are then able to train local stores in their market, and so Smith says Myagi uses the phrase ‘knowledge supply chain’. “It’s a very visual way of thinking about what we do – everybody can visualise their own supply chain as a brand,” Smith continues. “We’re not interested in the physical product and how that moves, but the information that needs to go with it. “We look at the industry and we see what we call knowledge dilution, or knowledge blockages, or a lack of knowledge retention. You can think of Myagi as a tool for retail stores to rebalance the online, e-commerce, access to information, easy access to products by supercharging their one big USP, which is the actual staff that they have on the shop floor. “We’ve had a very long relationship with the cycle industry because we work best with industries that have a lot of products, a lot of brands and a very technical story to tell.” New partnerships No stranger to the cycling industry, Myagi already has partnerships with various notable brands such as Orbea,

32 | March 2020

31-33 BBMar20 Myagi_Final.indd 2

Accell Group, Rocky Mountain, Jamis Bikes and Felt Bikes, who are currently active users of the platform. For FSA, Vision, and Prologo, who have recently selected the company as their new digital brand education platform, Myagi will be a key lever in a larger project focused on improving relationships with their channel partners and knowledge delivery throughout their supply chain right down to the sales floor. The first phase of the project will focus on training distributors and their reps. Before products even hit the sales floors and sales reps even have the opportunity to hit retail locations, the three brands hope to improve brand education much further up in the supply chain. All companies are prioritising the improvement of the education process with distributors to help ensure that all key members are delivered with consistent product/brand messaging and fully educated before both the product and training travel further down the supply chain. It is not until the second phase where the company pair plans to roll out across their partner retailers. Similar to others already using Myagi, FSA, Vision and Prologo intend on leveraging the platform to improve communication and strengthen relationships with their retail partners. “Because we take an industry approach, any brand that joins introduces us to their distributors and introduces us to their retailers, and any retailer that joins introduces us to their brands because they want their brands to be using the platform,” Smith explains. “We see a huge opportunity for the cycle industry to improve the way it shares knowledge and we think that one of the challenges that IBDs face is that they all think training’s important but very few of them put enough time and effort into it.

‘We see a huge opportunity for the cycle industry to improve the way it shares knowledge’ “If bike shops really understand the way in which retail has shifted, and that focus needs to be on store experience, we’re no longer in an era where the sales associate has all the knowledge and the customer is naive. “We’re in a world where the consumer is empowered with all the information that they ever need, so to take advice from a sales associate, that employee needs to be at least as equally informed. If you think about where sales associates historically got their information from, most of it was the same sources that the consumer did.

25/02/2020 14:55


“There just wasn’t an open enough channel for brands to be able to share their product information, their stories, to ensure that sales associates were talking about it in the right way.” The current market We simply cannot ignore the fact that the way people shop has changed – something that is not unique to the cycling industry. “For me, where we see the best examples of IBDs winning is around service and in-store experience,” Smith continues. “When somebody has experienced shopping in an Apple store, their expectations of shopping change. When they walk into their local bike store, they still want a great shopping experience. “When you’re a multi-brand retailer like all IBDs are, the most efficient way to ensure your staff are providing the right experience for customers is to tap them into the knowledge that they need in order to do that.” Smith says Myagi’s ultimate goal is to help brands and retailers sell better together, seeing training as just the first component of how it can streamline that relationship. “Some of the things that we’re looking at and already do are sales incentives and competitions,” Smith says. “How do reps communicate with stores? Everybody just uses email, but sales associates don’t use email for their job at work. That can be everything from coordinating POS for in-store or it can be about booking a physical visit. There are a million different things that brands and retailers need to collaborate and connect on. “Then possibly even asset sharing in general. How do brands give retailers access to images, things that they need to help them, populate their website, run their business? “There’s a million different things that once this network is built we can add on to it. “People like FSA are going to be sharing content with all of its distributors. Those distributors not only carry FSA but many of them carry Prologo, we work with people like CeramicSpeed, with ABUS, and so those distributors will now start to be able to get content from multiple brands that they represent. “We hope that those distributors then go to start sharing the same or different content with the retail stores so that we’ve mapped out the whole network from global brand down to retailer. “There’s a common platform for the industry to share training and communication content in a much more accountable and efficient way.”

31-33 BBMar20 Myagi_Final.indd 3

Myagi is free for IBDs to use Helping IBDs Myagi is free for IBDs to use and they can even use it for free as their internal LMS. “We don’t charge retailers,” Smith says. “But what’s amazing is how poor the uptake is. Myagi genuinely wants to see these businesses thrive and survive. But they’ve got to help themselves, they’ve got to do the right things to improve their businesses because we’re in a climate where bad retailers won’t survive. “You’ve got to constantly look at what your consumer wants, and make sure that you’re delivering that. I fail to see how a free tool that helps you connect to brand content more easily, to help your staff become more knowledgeable, is anything but a really good thing.” n

‘There are a million different things that brands and retailers need to collaborate and connect on’

March 2020 | 33

25/02/2020 14:56


‘IBD assistance has to go further’ Bob Elliot is launching a new in-house, IBD-focused brand this month. James Groves catches up with director Paul Elliot as he discusses close relationships, expanding offerings and self-selling products

Paul Elliot says as much thought as possible has been applied to the KranX portfolio

34 | March 2020

34-36 BBMar20 Bob Elliot_Final.indd 1

27/02/2020 16:23



or all their good intentions, new product ranges designed ‘with the IBD in mind’ are often later exposed as results of desultory market research comprising minimal participants. Worse still, the occasional ‘IBD range’ makes it to market without the consultation of a single bike shop owner. Thankfully, for Bob Elliot and its new in-house brand, that won’t be an issue. KranX, launching this month, has been in the making for 18 months following considerable face-toface market research with Bob Elliot’s partnered IBDs. “The whole idea behind KranX is to assist shops,” Paul Elliot, director at Bob Elliot, tells BikeBiz. “We have sales staff visiting shops every single day, and returning to each shop once every two to four weeks, so we get reliable, regular feedback on what each individual IBD is looking for. And the answers have been pretty consistent.” Easy come, easy go Bob Elliot is now ready to receive deliveries for its new brand (see p36) and expects to have three sectors – tools, pedals and finishing kit – up and running in the KranX portfolio by the beginning of spring. “The tools will be basic, consumable items which the shop can either use themselves, or put on the shop floor for selling,” explains Elliot. “Nothing too technical! The finishing kit will include bars, stems, seatposts, seat clamps – all the little pieces that shops are looking for. “We’ve applied as much thought to this as possible, and hopefully, it will give the shops not only a nice, easy purchase, but also an easy sell, too.” The target for Bob Elliot isn’t simply to compete on quality and value for money. “There are a lot of brands out there – regardless of the quality of the product itself – that, once it lands in the shop, isn’t really doing enough to sell itself,” says Elliot. “Maybe the packaging isn’t particularly eye-catching, or informative. “With various brands, there’s no difference in the packaging from one product to the next, and it makes it quite difficult for bike shop customers to understand exactly what they’re getting.” KranX packaging, meanwhile, will be consistent across the board, with bespoke packaging for every single product in the range. “Nowadays, bike shop owners are savvier, they want the shop to be better presented,” says Elliot. “We believe KranX can do that for them. Each product will have its own label, a clear, unique name and most importantly for us, a short product description.

34-36 BBMar20 Bob Elliot_Final.indd 2

“As minor as that may sound, it means that when a customer walks through the door and the staff are busy, they can read about the product themselves. “The customer will know the product, the material, the quality, so they can essentially self-purchase and read about it without feeling the need to ask lots of questions.” No minimum orders Elliot concedes that while KranX is an IBD-driven concept, it won’t be exclusive to shops. “Once somebody has an account with us, and a product is launched, it becomes available to all of our customer base. But KranX is tailored to the IBD, as our bespoke packaging focus demonstrates.

March 2020 | 35

27/02/2020 16:23


KranX launch range The full KranX range is yet to be finalised, but it will include: KranX Tools - Comprehensive range with options for both workshop use and over-the-counter sales for home mechanics. - Quality products sourced from established tool manufacturers and using high-strength materials tailored for the intended uses. – Highlights include Chain Quick-Link pliers with an intuitive double function that allows for both joining and separating even stubborn quick links, and a set of tough tyre levers with a slim, precise tip for easy tyre removal, as well as an integrated bottle opener! KranX Pedals A compact range, designed to be easy for dealers to stock, yet covers most customer requirements for replacement pedals through workshop and over-the-counter sales. All models use the latest polymer bearings, which give super smooth, maintenance-free axles from the first few turns as well as a small weight saving. Two models that stand out from the range are the UrbanGrip, a lightweight plastic body city pedal with

“Packaging is something that doesn’t need to be perfect for someone selling online, but it can be absolutely pivotal for the shops.” As KranX prepares for launch, Bob Elliot has been fine-tuning the range “to the smallest detail”. “We want to ensure the shop can buy a well-priced, well-presented product, and that they’re able to replenish from our backup stock as flexibly as possible,” says Elliot. “We aren’t asking for major commitments with KranX, but there will be a purchase incentive for the shop to help get the brand in-store. There will be no ‘you have to put in a minimum order of 50 of this product’ – shops can replenish as much as they require.” A ten-year wait Bob Elliot has had an IBD-focused brand in mind for quite some time, but the real work began 18 months ago, just after the 2018 Taipei Cycle Show. “We’ve always spoken about the possibility,” says Elliot. “Probably for the past ten years. But it’s always been something for ‘one day’. It’s fantastic to be able to finally put that idea into practice.”

36 | March 2020

34-36 BBMar20 Bob Elliot_Final.indd 3

shoe-friendly Kraton grip inserts, and the AllTrail, a one-piece alloy bodied ‘MTB Flat’ pedal with strong chromoly axles and excellent value for money. KranX Finishing Kit An extensive selection of quality handlebars, stems, seatposts and associated small parts designed to fulfil the majority of workshop/repair requirements and over-the-counter sales. The range was manufactured using forged 6061 aluminium, ensuring ultra-reliable quality along with excellent pricing. Key sellers are likely to be the Adjustable Ahead stem with a 31.8 clamp and 0-60 degree rise, the 3-piece, 5-sided allen key Security Skewer Set, as well as the excellent value Micro-Adjust 400mm Seatpost, which will be available in various diameters. Elliot says: “The KranX portfolio will continue to grow through 2020, alongside the in-house KX Wheels brand. Similarly focusing on quality, well-priced product lines that regularly sell-through, it will be an easy choice for IBDs. “Margins for the dealer will be strong from the start but as the brand grows partner programmes and packages will be available for stockists of KranX. We will release further information on this once the ranges are available. Feel free to contact us at with any questions.”

According to Elliot, finding the right products for the KranX range has been fairly straightforward, with the main challenge lying in the creation of appropriate packaging for each individual offering. “We came away from the 2018 Taipei Show thinking there was a real opportunity to help both the IBD and, of course, our own business,” explains Elliot. “The assistance that distributors provide has to go further than providing a good product to add to their shelves. Unfortunately, shops are in a position where they need a little help, and we hope that bringing something a little bit different can achieve that.” Despite the launch of such a significant new venture for the distributor, Elliot insists it won’t be neglecting its existing offerings. “We’re always looking for more and different suppliers,” he says. “KranX plugs gaps in the Bob Elliot portfolio, where we struggle to maximise the best sales we can get. “It will take a lot of work over the first couple of years, but the brands that we already sell won’t be taking a back seat, by any stretch of the imagination. We’re not looking for KranX to replace what we already do; we want it to expand our already established offering.” n

27/02/2020 16:23

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minutes with... BikeBiz catches up with commercial director Frank van Eck

Could you give us a little background on Oneway Distribution? With over 20 years of experience under our belts, we’ve historially been a distributor focusing on sportive products. We operate as a separate company next to Oneway Bikes Industry (distributor of Cube in the UK, IR and NL) but share the IT, logistics and marketing power. During those years, we have built a strong portfolio and continue to strengthen our business, not by adding more brands, but by reducing them into a strong group that is relevant for the dealer and creates added value in the shops. Premium brands like SQlab, Newmen and Ere Research are part of our portfolio in the UK and Ireland. How did 2019, in general, fare for Oneway? We saw the industry move towards electrified products and fortunately, this is a user group that is new to the bicycle industry. People that gave up on sportive riding jump back on the bike, and commuters that get sick of being stuck in traffic move onto an e-bike. This new group of users needs to be educated by our dealer base. We can support that with great products and innovative solutions to make the ride more enjoyable. What brands have you gained/lost, and what were the reasons behind these changes? We’re proud to have added Ere Research to our portfolio, which we’ve worked with for two years now. We first presented it at the Rouleur Classic, getting lots of positive feedback about the saddle and tyres. Now that we have added wheels to the line-up, it was inevitable to give up on another wheel brand. We need to focus and excel in our performance. That can only be done when there is no distraction from similar products.

What attracted you to Ere, and what does the brand offer that its competitors perhaps do not? We see a bright future for Ere Research. Piet van der Velde, who founded the brand, is still behind each product that comes out of the factory. Having an industry legend behind the products helps, but we have to slow him down sometimes in order to keep up with all the ideas! There is still a strong dealer base that sells to the sportive rider – a group that will continue to spend their budget on beautiful and high-end products. Can we expect to see more new distribution deals for Oneway throughout the year? For sure! We have had lots of brands embrace our approach of carrying fewer brands but making sure we offer added value to the IBDs.

38 | March 2020

38-39 BBMar20 Five mins_Final.indd 1

25/02/2020 10:03

As we operate in the Benelux, UK and Ireland, deals will not always be for the complete territory. We will keep you posted. To what extent does Oneway support IBDs, and how is this evolving in 2020? A limited number of brands within our portfolio guarantees focus, love and eye to detail towards the dealer. A great example is SQlab, the ergonomics brand from Germany. This is a brand that needs a personal approach and therefore draws the consumer towards the IBD. Measuring the rider for a perfect

38-39 BBMar20 Five mins_Final.indd 2

position on the bike is becoming more and more popular and hard to sell in an online proposition. It’s great for IBDs to show their added value and products in both the sportive and commuting segment. What are your plans for this year and beyond? We want to grow our business together with the IBDs. I guess we have a great example in-house as Cube Bikes is doing an excellent job. Of course, we realise that P&A is a whole different story than bicycles but the way we work is exactly the same – we stick to our promises and aim to go beyond expectations. n

March 2020 | 39

25/02/2020 10:03

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WHERE THE TRADE GOES FOR THE LATEST JOB OPPORTUNITIES Contact: | +44 (0)779 480 5307 Get Staffed HALF-PAGE 183 x 115mm.indd 1

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21/11/2019 09:56

25/02/2020 17:38


Keeping Insync with IBDs

Insync's Wayne Clarke (L) with Ian Collins of Devereux Cycles (R)

Insync sales director Wayne Clarke tells Rebecca Morley about a new range of Coyote bikes that are exclusively available to IBDs


n an era of rising online sales, it is vital that IBDs are supported in any way possible. The service offered by independent bike shops simply cannot be offered on the internet – with expert advice on what model to buy as well as support on servicing and repairs. That's why Insync is launching a new range of IBD-only bikes, made under the Coyote brand. They can only be bought in shops and are distinct in brand and price from the company’s online offering of branded bikes on its website.

41-43 BBMar20 IBD Focus_Final.indd 1

Returning to roots “It’s an area we’ve moved away from in the last couple of years,” says Insync sales director Wayne Clarke. “We’ve certainly moved away from what I consider to be our roots. We’re relaunching the Coyote brand, which is going to be focused entirely at the IBD. There are some exciting new designs, exciting new geometry and a focus on creating an eye-catching quality range of bikes that are affordable.”

March 2020 | 41

25/02/2020 10:05


The initial range includes 13 bikes, with more to be added in June

Customers will be able to view the new range on the B2B corporate website, branded Avocet Sports. If the customer then wants to buy the bike, the website will direct them to their nearest bike shop. Clarke continues: “We’ll be setting up a network of independent dealers throughout the UK, adding to our existing portfolio of dealerships, reinvesting in strong salespeople and repositioning back in the dealer bases.” The initial range will include 13 bikes, but it will be added to as the year moves on, with more models brought in around June at higher price points. The focus has been to bring in entry-level products early on in the year. “The initial feedback has been pretty good,” Clarke says. “We should have the samples around the middle to the end of February. If any dealers wanted to make an appointment to come and view the range here at the Global Design Centre, they’re more than welcome to do so and we’ll accommodate them at any time.”

42 | March 2020

41-43 BBMar20 IBD Focus_Final.indd 2

The Insync Bikes team in Manchester has designed the Coyote range, while its parent company India’s Hero Cycles is making them at its production facilities in Europe and Asia. “We’ve already gone out with some aluminium models and the reaction has been very good,” Clarke continues. “We’re very optimistic that we’ve got a strong range on our hands.” Working with IBDs Clarke says Insync has listened to feedback from its IBD network and created the Coyote range to provide them with a quality bike at the right budget – ensuring there is a separate brand for its IBDs that is not offered for sale online. “We took a lead from the IBDs,” Clarke says. “There was a demand from our marketplace, from our existing customers, for bikes at this price point. There seems to be very little being offered at these prices in the market.”

25/02/2020 10:05


“We’ve got the Hero Global Design Centre, which is part of the Insync business and Hero business. In conjunction with those, we started work some time ago on putting together a strong range of entry-level bikes, offering more in terms of geometry, styling, colours and graphics to give it a much stronger look. “We've tried to lift it and make those bikes look better with strong designs. The Design Centre has been working for some time on getting the frame and geometry right and producing a terrific-looking bike. “It is more of a demand we got from our dealers in terms of something they needed us to offer. It’s something of our background. We’ve got the Coyote brand, which has always been a strong brand, and we thought we’d reintroduce that. “There’s already an awareness in the marketplace, both from the dealers and the public. We showed a few dealers the frames in the early part of the process, and there was a warm reaction to them. “We’ve been taking them around now for a few weeks, samples have been out and the reaction is very encouraging.” Ian Collins, owner of Devereux Cycles in Sale, Greater Manchester, says: “The Coyote range is very striking in its design and colour scheme so will undoubtedly appeal to the younger generation as well as older riders, which is unusual for an entry-level price point. “Bikes in this price range can usually be a bit boring and basic, but this certainly isn’t the case with the Coyote range, which looks very promising. “We have a great relationship with Insync and this range is a change of direction for them, so it’s very exciting for us to take delivery of these bikes.”

41-43 BBMar20 IBD Focus_Final.indd 3

Challenging times The rise in online sales has shaken up the retail industry recently – with stores having to adapt in order to survive. And helping drive consumers to brick and mortar stores is becoming more and more important. “We want to develop a much stronger relationship with our IBDs than we perhaps have had in the past, and look at ways we can work with them,” Clarke continues. “The first step is producing an IBD range that will only be in bike shops. It won’t be on the Insync website – it will only be available to bike shops. It will ultimately end up online, because bike shops have got an online presence, but it is an IBD-focused brand.” But how positive should we be on the state of the IBD market? “I’m fairly optimistic about our position in the marketplace and having room to grow,” Clarke says. “I think that there’s more optimism about the IBDs and that might be because it’s been a good reaction to what we’re doing. The whole business is very keen to develop the IBD part and focus on it. There is an optimism right through the Hero business to develop the IBDs in the UK. “It’s hard to quantify really – I know bike shops are closing, and it may well polarise around X number of bike shops, but there are always going to be bike shops in the UK. You can’t get your bike fixed online. “There will always be a dealer base and what we need to do is find a way to work with that dealer base, ensure that we remain in the IBDs and work with them as opposed to against them to help develop their businesses. One small step might be offering them a range of bikes that we feel that they want, and then work around that.” Industry veteran Eddie Eccleston, who is Insync’s European sales director with 40 years of experience in the bike sector, said it is ‘vital’ in the online era to create exclusive offerings to support IBDs. “Throughout my career, IBDs have been fundamental to the industry and they should be treated with respect,” he says. “At Insync, we continue to see a key market in retail bricks and mortar bike dealers. It is very important that our customers are supported nationwide and can receive face-to-face advice from passionate, knowledgeable bike specialists. “The IBD network can offer a service you cannot receive online, they can advise on a wide range of bike-related questions as well as offer support for repairs, which is a critical part of the buying and aftercare process. A digital concept like click and collect works best when the bike dealer is on-hand to offer expert advice.” n

March 2020 | 43

25/02/2020 10:05

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Women-specific bikes and accessories 2











Prima Pro Ladies Short Sleeve Jersey

Contessa Genius eRide 910

Axial WS GTC Pro

Juniper Ltd. Women’s Saddle

Distributor: Scott

Distributor: Oneway Bike Industry BV

Distributor: Hotlines

Distributor: Bob Elliot & Co Designed with a less aggressive and casual cut, the Prima Women’s jersey meets the comfort needs of every range of cyclist from beginner to elite. • Relaxed rider cut • 100% breathable/moisture wicking polyester; bird eye front/ back panel fabric; mesh upper back, underarm and side panels • Double Lycra sleeve band • SG-06 stretchy elastic waist gripper • Full length zipper with puller • Three standard back pockets; one water resistant zippered central back pocket stores valuables and smartphone up to six inches in Black-Wave.

45-48 BBMar20 SG1_Final.indd 1

Welcome to the next e-bike generation with the new Contessa Genius eRide 910. Avant-garde design, women’s specific contact points, cutting edge technologies and integration, and advanced battery management, the Contessa Genius eRide 910 places priority on the riding experience. This is the ultimate choice for riders who want confidence when the terrain gets rougher! Genius eRide now uses the Bosch Performance CX drive system. It also features the all new Syncros Fork Stop Headset designed to help stop frame and rider strikes. The eRide range extender allows the fun to last even longer.

The Axial WS GTC Pro is packed with high-tech features and attention to detail. The oversized main frame tubes maximise frame rigidity for superb steering, while slim seat stays and the carbon fork help to filter out vibration from the road surface. The geometry is designed to put you in a high-performance ride position for the best efficiency and lively, exciting handling. Ready for the big time? All that’s missing is the open road.... and you.

Chromag’s eye-catching limited-edition saddle is designed for female MTB riders of all disciplines. It offers a firm, sleek and comfortable ride suitable for anything from all-day trail rides to bike park downhill runs. Coming equipped with a wide nose and a medium-profile platform, the Juniper provides exceptional support. It features uniquely styled graphics which set it apart from the standard Juniper model and is available in ‘Metalica’ or ‘Goldhide’ colourways.

March 2020 | 45

25/02/2020 10:08












Ride Concepts


Undercover Hers Saddle

Motus Tour Low Step

Women’s MTB Shoes


Distributor: Ison Distribution

Distributor: Raleigh

Distributor: Silverfish UK

Distributor: Moore Large

The defining trait of the Undercover Hers is its sleek profile and wide seating surface. Purposefully designed with less central curvature to minimise pressure on soft tissues, the flatter base is complemented by padding shaped with varying cross sectional radii gently matching the 3D curvature of the sit-bones. In natural seating position, the sit bones smoothly self-align with this curvature, reducing concentrated pressure. Sit-bones remain enveloped in the sweet spot when climbing or hard pedalling by an upsweep angled tail that prevents slippage.

Raleigh’s Motus Tour Low Step uses sophisticated technology to deliver a premium electric bike experience. It features a 400WH battery that allows you to ride up to 108 miles on a single charge, as well as a lightweight Active Line motor from Bosch. The refined Intuvia Display offers maximum clarity with the sizable display, and the gear shift indicator ensures you are riding in the correct gear to optimise your battery consumption.

Ride Concepts is the first MTB specific footwear company to offer a complete range of technically driven and tailored shoes for men, women and youth riders. Its mission: to build the most comfortable, durable and reliable mountain bike footwear. From the pro-level Traverse through to the Wear-everywhere Livewire, each of the women’s range is feature-packed, stylish and a great choice for riders looking to get the best out of their riding.

The ETC Arid Ladies Rain Jacket is made from fully reflective, waterproof material, making the rider considerably more visible to other road users. Although generously cut, the Arid Jacket is tailored to minimise wind resistance and has sealed seams to keep out the water. From the same ETC stable comes the Arid Verso Ladies Rain Jacket which, whilst sharing the same design Facets as the Arid Ladies Rain Jacket (above), is also reversible, allowing the user to use the Neon Yellow for daytime riding or turning inside out for fully reflective riding in the dark.

46 | March 2020

45-48 BBMar20 SG1_Final.indd 2

25/02/2020 10:08


9 10

12 11





Selle San Marco


Race Face


ShortFit Supercomfort Saddle

SM E-Mountain Core Women’s

MTB Clothing

Women’s Chamois Cream

Distributor: Extra UK

Distributor: Silverfish UK

Distributor: Chicken CycleKit

Longer periods of sitting, steeper uphill’s and greater levels of impact characterise the e-MTB experience. After intense development, the optimal saddle shape was found. Thanks to the 3D flexibility of the saddle, every complex movement of the hip will be supported by the Ergonomic Core. Damping and comfort will be improved for both mens and ladies. Available in S/M and medium/large.

Race Face MTB riding gear is developed and tested on the gnarly trails of British Columbia, Canada. Its comprehensive women’s range features jackets, jerseys, shorts, gloves, socks and protection. Each garment is designed and cut to suit female riders, with great features such as: lightweight, quick-drying and wicking fabrics, reinforcement in all the key spots, hardwearing sublimated graphics, as well as distinctive styles and colours to ensure riders look as good as they feel.

Made from all natural active ingredients which help to: • Protect the skin during long rides • Prevent bacterial and fungal infections • Soothe redness and repair skin damage • Moisturise

Distributor: ZyroFisher The all new Shortfit Supercomfort Saddle was created to meet the needs of the most demanding cyclists who prefer fixed a position on the bike. The ergonomic waved shape aide’s pelvic rotation and the shorter length allows riders to move their positions into a more aggressive engagement, closer to the handlebars. Comfort is guaranteed with addition of a layer of responsive gel and the finish is exquisite with the perforated black/ pink cover. Kit comes with matching black/pink perforated bar tape and is available now for immediate delivery.

45-48 BBMar20 SG1_Final.indd 3

March 2020 | 47

25/02/2020 10:08











Tern Bicycles



Avenue LED MIPS Women’s Road Helmet



Mosse Rain Trenchcoat

Distributor: Moore Large

Distributor: Batribike

Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

The Tern GSD is designed to carry two kids, a week’s worth of groceries, or a whole lot of cargo, but it’s only 180 cm long – the same length as a standard bike. It adjusts to fit riders from 150-195 cm – so mum, dad and the kids can all share it. With room for up to two Thule Yepp Maxi child seats, the GSD lets you ditch the minivan.

The Quintessential is a classically styled electric bike with a fashionable vintage look. The 10.4Ah battery is cleverly hidden in the saddlebag and the look is completed with a basket and colour matched chain guard and mudguards. It is built in Europe using Danish design and electrics, with an industry leading transferable warranty. RRP £1,299. Dealers wanted – exclusive areas available.

The Basil Mosse bicycle raincoat perfectly combines style and function in ladies cycling clothing. The jacket is waterproof and windproof to 5.000WP and 5.000MVP respectively, whilst still remaining fully breathable. The raincoat is also equipped with a range of clever features including: a detachable hood, soft mesh and taffeta lining with handy side pockets, adjustable sleeves, expandable sides to allow freedom of movement when cycling and tone-on-tone reflection to increase your visibility in the dark.

Distributor: ZyroFisher Usually, when it comes to value, compromises are made. With the Avenue, Bell took a hard line against that! It gave it carefully sculpted vents and a graceful shape. It packed it with the same features and attention to detail as Bell’s flagship models, such as the Sweat Guide liner and No-Twist Tri-Glides for ease of adjustment. Not to mention integrated MIPS. Bell has also incorporated a bright, 20-lumen USB rechargeable rear LED into its easy-to-use Ergo Fit system.

48 | March 2020

45-48 BBMar20 SG1_Final.indd 4

25/02/2020 10:08

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Workshop, tools and cleaning 1









Proper Cleaner by Guy Martin


Pro Gold

Shadow Board

General Cleaner Starter Pack

Bike Degreaser

Blast Of Degreaser

Distributor: Multi Distributed

Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Distributor: Extra UK

The professional solution for keeping workshop tools tidy and organised. Whether you are switching pedals, changing cassettes, servicing hubs or fittings bottom brackets, Cyclo has you covered. Cyclo’s quality assurance and manufacturing excellence also inspires confidence with a lifetime guarantee on the entire range.

Using refill sachets rather than premixed liquid cleaners reduces the amount of carbon dioxide pumped into the environment when transporting our product to your door. Plus, our refill packs feature fully biodegradable packaging. The Proper Cleaner General Cleaner Starter Pack contains a reusable bottle and a pouch containing two tablets, which can each make up 750ml of bike cleaner just by adding water! The General Cleaner is suitable for use on carbon, anodized surfaces and disc brakes.

Degreasing your bike chain can be a time-consuming process, time you’d rather spend out riding. WD40 specialist Bike Degreaser formula is perfect for quickly and easily removing grease, grime, dirt, oil and other residues from chains, derailleurs and cassette sprockets with minimal effort, so you can get out of the garage and enjoy your ride.

Pro Gold Degreaser quickly strips away sticky grime and caked on debris without scrubbing, restores cassettes, derailleurs and chains to like new condition. It dries quickly with no water rinsing and leaves behind no oily residue.

50 | March 2020

50-53 BBMar20 SG2_Final.indd 1

25/02/2020 10:10











Morgan Blue

Park Tool


Studio Tool Box

Chain Cleaner


Pro 18-in-1 Multi-Tool

Distributor: Silverfish UK

Distributor: Windwave

Distributor: Madison

Distributor: Hotlines

Birzman tools are famous for their painstaking attention to details in the design, the performance and the look and feel. The multi-award winning Studio Tool Box is a collection of 37 carefully selected pieces from Birzman’s portfolio of high-performance tools, all in a heavy-duty PE case with blow-moulded pallets offering protection and organisation. The perfect addition to any busy workshop or mobile mechanic’s armoury.

An active cleaner-degreaser for the chain and gears. This degreaser is used by several professional teams. The product complies with the highest environment standards. • Regular application prevents the deterioration of the chain and the gear system. This ensures higher performance, smoother shifts and longer drivetrain life. • The chain does not creak, even after intensive use. (Always relubricate the chain after cleaning). • The active components induce a quick and profound cleaning. • Rubber and plastic safe.

Designed and built specifically for work on bicycles, the THH-1 Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench set is built for speed, efficiency, leverage and a perfect fit. The unique anodised aluminium speed spinner makes running long bolts effortless and the machined, chamfered tips allow easier insertion into hex fittings. Plus, the integrated Strip-Gripper twisted hex makes removal of most bolts with stripped or oversized hexes easy.

Packing an impressive 18 tools into one compact unit, this tool will equip you to tackle any trailside repairs or homeworkshop maintenance. In addition to 2/4/5/6/8MM Allen keys, Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers, Torx T25 and T30 keys, and four Spoke Wrenches, the Pro 18-in-1 features a neatly integrated CO2 Inflator. A fold-out lever on the side operates a hard-wearing chain splitting tool and doubles as a 10mm open spanner and Mavic compatible spoke wrench.

50-53 BBMar20 SG2_Final.indd 2

March 2020 | 51

25/02/2020 10:10




12 11









Internal Cable Routing Tool

Prepstation Pro

Missing Link Tyre Levers

Foaming Chain Cleaner

Distributor: Extra UK

Distributor: Chicken CycleKit

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Bring the workshop to the bike with the Topeak Prepstation Pro. Easy moving trolley tool station with six tool compartments containing 55 professional shop quality bike tools. Wheel base can be easily pulled out to extend working base for better stability. Aluminum handlebar can be folded and locked in position for easy hand carrying to car or van. Unlock and extend handle to wheel tool station around. Perfect for bike shops, race events, or home bike maintenance.

• Strong tyre levers with a perfect shape. • Doubles up as chain link remover tool. • The tools have been designed to be stackable to save space when out riding. • Made of high quality Swiss composite polymers. • Ergonomic design to make using them as comfortable and easy as possible. Can combine with the KMC mini-chain tool.

With Fenwick’s Foaming Chain Cleaner, cleaning your chain has never been so easy! With its simple mess free application, there is very little waste as only five to 10ml of product is needed per clean. Foaming Chain Cleaner does not use solvents or acids (citrus) to be effective, resulting in a product that is safe to use on anodising, carbon, plastics, rubber and painted surfaces.

Distributor: Raleigh Bike Parts Looking for a no-nonsense Internal Cable Routing Tool? XLC has got you covered! This tool simply facilitates internal cable routing and is fully compatible with Di2, hydraulic cables, brake and shift cables. The tool includes a 1.3m cable with magnet adapter as well as different anchor sockets for various cable diameters. With an incredible range of over 2,000 tools, parts and cycling accessories, XLC has the perfect product selection for all of your cycling needs.

52 | March 2020

50-53 BBMar20 SG2_Final.indd 3

25/02/2020 10:10













Pro Green

Bike Cleaner

Mint Bike Wash

Elite Bleed Kit

Bike Cleaners

Distributor: Multi Distributed

Distributor: Oxford Products

Distributor: Moore Large

Reformulated for 2020, Weldtite Bike Cleaner is the choice of pro mechanics, sportive riders, commuters and mountain bikers all over the world. The powerful biodegradable formula is sprayed onto the bike via an ergonomic power trigger that is easy to use and features a range of settings including ‘Fine Mist’ and ‘Power Spray’. Available in 25LTR and as a concentrate for busy workshops.

The Mint cleaning range has everything a mechanic needs to get even the most beaten up demo bike back to mint condition. The Mint range is unique in that everything in the range is designed to leave a mint fragrance whilst being delivered at high power, meaning less has to be used. The Mint range consists of a bike wash, a general protectant, a chain cleaner, a degreaser, a brake cleaner and a silicone detailer.

Elite Bleed Kits feature premium syringes and components designed for the professional mechanic. • Premium syringes offer enhanced clarity, improved durability, and ergonomic handles. • Innovative quarter-turn valves make it easy to quickly open and close the bleed system. • Straight and 90-degree clips keep the syringe upright to lend an extra hand to the technician. • Includes bleed blocks for most popular two-piston and four-piston brake calipers.

Distributor: Walkers Cycle Components

50-53 BBMar20 SG2_Final.indd 4

Bike Wash is salt-free, high performance and biodegradable. This easy to use formula will do the work for you and leave a streak-free finish! Drivetrain Cleaner provides powerful penetrating action to remove oil and grease with minimum effort. After Shine, with its silicone formula, will leave your bike gleaming and all its parts with a protective layer and a high gloss finish. All produActs are safe to use on e-bikes. Available in one-litre bottles with triggers and five and 25 litre workshop containers.

March 2020 | 53

25/02/2020 10:10



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All the power. Free of charg

Find out more about our eBike lights: | 01798 839 300

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£10srp | REGULAR





54-56 BBMar20 Marketplace_Final.indd 1







54 | March 2020


£15srp | OIL SLICK

UPGRADEBIKES.CO.UK / 01403 711 611

25/02/2020 17:26

MARKETPLACE BB-MAR20-UPGRADE 1 :Layout 1 21/02/2020 10:19 Page 1



ADVERTISE IN THE MARKETPLACE please contact +44 (0)779 480 5307

RANGE (DROP) £3500 Order today - delivery April

UPGRADEBIKES.CO.UK / 01403 711 611

BB-MAR20-UPGRADE 3 :Layout 1 21/02/2020 10:25 Page 1

BB-MAR20-UPGRADE 2 :Layout 1 21/02/2020 10:20 Page 1 BB House Marketplace Ad.indd 1


24/01/2020 15:21


RISE £3500 Order today - delivery February

UPGRADEBIKES.CO.UK / 01403 711 611

54-56 BBMar20 Marketplace_Final.indd 2

March 2020 | 55

25/02/2020 17:26



BB-APR19-CYCLE DIVISION MARKET PLACE:Layout 1 19/03/2019 09:25BB-NOV19-EVOPOS:Layout 1 16/10/2019 08:56 Page 1



BB-SEP19-GREYVILLE:Layout 1 13/08/2019 10:43 Page 1




Geardrive Geardrive cassettes cassettes offer offer excellent excellent quality quality and great great value. value. Available Available in 8 to to 11 speeds, spe eeds d , with ith a range range off ratios, ratio tios, including i l di 11-50t for for wide i range id ide range 1X setups. setups. Order Or O der from from our easy to to use usse B2B ordering ordering system system for for o next next day day



54-56 BBMar20 Marketplace_Final.indd 3

01543 251328 01543 251328 sales@g reyville v .com

25/02/2020 17:26

Apr’ 19

Sep 19

APRIL 2019





A new exclusive partnership for cycling locks and helmets in the UK.

Please contact your Extra UK Area Sales Manager for more info on: Tel: 01933 672170 | Email:

01 BB Sep19 Front Cover_Final.indd 1

21/08/2019 10:34

01 BBApr19 Front cover_Final.indd 1

21/03/2019 12:50

BB-FEB19-MADISON (FC):Layout 1 24/01/2019 11:13 Page 1

Feb’ 19


19th - 21st February 2019 Arena:MK, Milton Keynes, MK1 1ST

ISSUE 157 01 BBFeb19 Front cover_v1.indd 1

25/01/2019 11:59 10:58

Get involved with the industry’s leading and most-read publication. Whether you’d like to see a trend analysed or a company proďŹ led, BikeBiz is always keen to hear from its readers. Contact editor James Groves via to share your thoughts. For advertising opportunities, contact Richard Setters via BikeBiz Mag House Ad 210x265mm.indd 1

21/11/2019 10:07


A look ahead to upcoming cycling industry events...


27th-29th March, ExCeL London ‘The London Bike Show returns to ExCeL, London, 27th - 29th March 2020, and will be celebrating its tenth birthday. The show promises a stellar line up of special guests and experts each day, hundreds of brands showcasing and retailing the best bikes, accessories and clothing, high flying action, test rides of the latest bikes and much more.’


16th-19th April, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, California ‘Sea Otter Classic celebrates its 30th year in 2020 and is known as the World’s Premiere Cycling Festival. Held in Monterey, California annually in April, the event has come to represent the ‘season opener’ to the North American bicycle industry and the place to be for product launches, festival fun, races and unique events.’


‘Local Bike Shop Day is the one day a year when independent bike shops across the UK can come together to celebrate their distinctive culture. It’s the day for bike shops to showcase their passion, knowledge and personalised service they offer to their local communities. Local Bike Shop Day appeals to all cyclists – new and dedicated enthusiasts – and the event aims to drive more footfall through the door of the IBD up and down the country.’


2nd-3rd May, Battersea Evolution ‘The UK’s first dedicated e-bike event, launched by the organisers of the Cycle Show, will give consumers the opportunity to see and test-ride a huge range of the latest e-bikes for riders of all abilities. Showcasing bikes from all the leading brands, the event will also host a raft of content to inform, educate and inspire cyclists and non-cyclists to get involved in a whole new world of cycling. The main stage will play host to a range of informative and insightful speakers from across the world of cycling.’

58 | March 2020

58 BBMar20 Events_Final.indd 1

25/02/2020 10:11

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TWIST TWIS TS SYSTEM YSTEM There ha have ve e been some cageless bottle bo ottle systems before, before, but none that t offerr quite the same e positive action that FIDLOCK does. FIDL OCK d oes. The TWIST TWIST bottle bottle has revolutionised revolutionised the bike bo bottle. ttle. Without the conventional conventional bottle bottle cage, this magnet-mechanical magnet -me echanical bike bottle bottle system system offers a new new kind o application. It is simply released off freedom in handling and application. from fr om the bike bike with an easy “TWIST” “TWIS TWIST T” movement movement and just as easily reatt tached by bringing together togettherr the magnetic areas,, reattached which then n also includes a mechanical mechaniccal locking system. system. By freeing tthe bo ttle from from its cage, FIDLOCK FIDLOCK conquered conquered the bike bikke bottle accessoriess aftermarket aftermarket with its revolutionary revolu utionary magno-mechanical magno-mechaniccal mounting system. s TWIST TWIST stands out out with an innovative innovative design, desig gn, stylish look look, k, and easy handling.

01353 0 1353 6 662 62 6 662 62

3:14:47 PM

BB-MAR20-SILVERFISH OBC:Layout 1 07/02/2020 10:22 Page 1