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A customer for life Unearth Marketing’s Jack Davey talks maintaining customers, from annual services and post-purchase timelines to shop rides and local events


ver the last 12 months, there’s been a huge spike in interest in outdoor pursuits and the bike trade has seen a good proportion of that. When bikes have been available (I’m sure we’ve all heard enough about supply chain issues), they’ve been handed over to customers before even hitting the shop floor. But what about the future? Inevitably we will start to run out of people to convert to a life behind bars, but that doesn’t mean the end of opportunity. Acquiring new customers is expensive. Keeping hold of a customer you already have is significantly less so. So what do you need to do? Let’s assume that you already deliver worldclass customer service, and the customer thoroughly enjoyed their first experience spending in your shop. They’ve got no reason not to come back, so it’s time to make sure they do. Post-purchase timeline The first couple of years of bicycle ownership contains some lessons to learn and the odd bump in the road, but guide the customer through and they’ll be hooked. Once they’re in, nobody leaves the bicycle life behind.

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Six-week service The first checkup on that new bike you sold is your next point of contact with that customer. Get in touch with them and make sure they book in – it’s easy to set up automated processes for this. As a new rider, all that chat about cable stretch may not have sunk in and you could have a customer out there feeling less and less pleased with their purchase. Chasing up for the six-week service ensures the customer feels cared for, is a chance to address any problems they may have, but most importantly puts them physically back in your shop. If this 15-minute workshop task can be covered while they wait, you also have the opportunity to catch up on how they’ve been getting on and advise if they have questions (but only if they have questions – unsolicited advice is a pretty big turn off). It’s also some time spent in the shop, idly browsing, perhaps considering those accessories that a month ago they didn’t think they needed, but actually that wearable lock would be pretty convenient...

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