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Crank it up Rebecca Morley chats to Crankalicious director Tony Hetherington in Elsenham, Essex about the role the brand plays in the bike care market


rankalicious’ products are made by the brand at its premises in Elsenham, Essex – taking the ‘handmade’ part of its logo very seriously. Using bespoke formulas, high-quality raw chemicals and various methods of measuring, heating, melting, stirring and pouring, the products are created in small batches. The maximum pour size is a few hundred litres, so the brand can develop products from batch to batch if it needs to. For the final touch, it applies the labels by hand. There are no robots there or million-pound production lines. The brand was launched in 2016 and offers a wide range of products and accessories that ‘take cycle care to a new level’.


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It also has a selection of accessories, designed specifically to complement its products. “People often still here of us for the very first time at events or even in the small advertising we’ve done,” says director Tony Hetherington. “What’s working very well for us at the moment is giveaways, for example, we have what we call Kwipes. These are what I call ‘quick wipes’. We’ve got five of these in different parts of our product range. They’re small heavy-duty wipes, you can use them and throw them away. They’re recyclable and they’re biodegradable. They’re super useful for bike packing holidays, for trips to Portugal for three days, as it means you don’t need to take products through security.

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