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A grassroots company my Boo, a young business from Kiel in Germany, develops and produces sustainable bikes using bamboo. BikeBiz ccaught aught up with founder and CEO Maximilian Schay as the company turns its attention to the UK market

Can you give us a little background on the my Boo brand? my Boo develops and produces high-quality bicycles made from the sustainable raw material bamboo. It succeeds in combining social engagement, an innovative product and sustainable economic activity all at once. In 2012, our two founders – Maximilian Schay and Jonas Stolze – got inspired by a photo of a simple assembled bamboo bicycle.


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Soon, the idea was born to found a company that successfully reconciles social commitment, an innovative product and sustainable economic activity. In 2013, my Boo started producing the bicycle frames together with a social project in Ghana, where the bamboo grows. The aim of the project is to provide educational opportunities for children, adolescents and women in rural Ghana so that they have a chance to take their future in their own hands.

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