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“A lot has changed – I truly do see a lot more female representation within the industry”

Robyn Bowie, marketing manager, 2pure

How did you become involved in the cycling industry? I’ve been involved in the cycling industry from a young age. Growing up, I spent a lot of time in bike shops and my parent’s distribution business. Having sworn I would never work for them, an opportunity arose when Barry – marketing manager for 2pure at the time – heard I was looking for a year-long placement during my degree and asked if I wanted to apply for one of the vacancies in the marketing department. And that was five years ago! My role has changed a lot in that time as I have been encouraged to explore various avenues within the company. What is your proudest moment to date? Apart from being featured in the BikeBiz 30 under 30, it’ll have to be the first year that I planned and executed 2pure’s room at COREbike. When I took over the role of marketing manager my first big project was COREbike. It was left to me to make sure the room design and our overall attendance was a success. It was a great experience and I learned a lot after that first year. But I will never be prouder than I was when our sales team came in to see the room for the first time. What are your experiences of being a woman in the cycling industry? My experiences vary – my first year at COREbike in 2015 was certainly an eye-opener. I was six months into my

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time at 2pure and supported Barry and the team in organising our room/stand at COREbike. I was thrown into a male-dominated environment, not unfamiliar to me at the time. However, what stood out to me the most was the feeling of arrogance and brash behaviour that created an unwelcoming environment. Sometimes I forget what a lovely bubble 2pure has created for me as a female in this industry. I forget when I step outside of this that there are still a lot of people within the industry who don’t encourage or support women in their roles. A lot has changed since then and I truly do see a lot more female representation within the industry. I know from experience how much 2pure has changed in the last few years, we have a much more representative male:female ratio within the company. I am not seen as a ‘woman’ but a colleague who has equal input and value contribution to the discussion the same as anyone else. If you could give one piece of advice to women entering the industry, what would it be? I would say find a company which is supportive and encouraging – you should feel like your contribution is valued. There are plenty of people within the industry who are supportive and forward-thinking. I would caveat that by saying most women in the industry are strong women who are pushing the industry forward. n

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