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The perfect fit… Fusion’s Jamie Hawthorn tells Rebecca Morley why the brand is so unique to the UK market


usion is a 20-year-old Danish high-performance sportswear brand with a difference. It is offering a unique proposition for UK retailers, that it feels is different from the current competition, and something that provides solutions to the current market challenges UK cycling retailers face. In this time, Fusion has built a successful brand and business that works with its retailers, on the principle of regular reordering rather than large six monthly seasonal preorders placed months in advance, which end up all landing at the same time, putting strain on cash flow. “Fusion products are produced to the highest standards in Europe, at its own company manufacturing facility using only European-sourced, high-quality materials,” Jamie Hawthorn of Fusion explains. “This enables Fusion to control production 100% and offer a completely flexible, highly efficient supply chain that delivers excellent stock availability to our retailers all year round with no overproduction, waste or stock risk. “We are focused on producing the right product at the right time that our retailers can reorder when they need to.

16 | April 2019

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“This flexibility is not possible when many brands use third-party vendor production facilities that produce clothing for many brands in large quantities at set times during the year, with strict timescales when these orders need to be placed by the retailer to the brand and the brand to the vendor. This current system used historically by many brands is completely inflexible for the retailer and the brand itself, but the challenge to us is: ‘Are UK retailers ready to try something different?’” He continues: “We also supply clothing to the running and gym wear sectors, who have the same market and production challenges. Our highly flexible system puts the retailers firmly back in control so they can choose what they range using their own experiences and information that we are constantly providing on our best selling products. We prefer an approach where our retailers start with a small efficient range and expand and amend this range over time. As they sell one, they buy one, which provides Fusion with essential and up to date data on products sold, trends and sizing.”

21/03/2019 11:11