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Quick, reliable, simple: Cyclorise on launching its first B2B Rebecca Morley catches up with Cyclorise director Thomas Dibley on the launch of the distributor’s B2B website for IBDs

Cyclorise announced its partnership with Revel Bikes in August last year


hile 2020 saw a boom in demand and sales across much of the cycling industry, it also created difficulties for some companies and distributors to keep in touch with dealers due to COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions. In response to this, Cyclorise has launched a B2B website for IBDs, aiming to remove barriers to purchase and keep the order process as simple as possible. The distributor was founded in 2017, meaning it had been running for almost four years with orders having to be placed by email or over the phone, says director Thomas Dibley.

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“We brought on our first sales rep in January – he’s full time and we needed something to better log and track customers so there’s better internal communication. But as a by-product of that, we needed customers to have as few barriers to entry as possible. “Thinking to place an order by finding out what they wanted, sending an email and waiting for a response are quite a lot of barriers for entry. From a B2C point of view, we’re quite familiar with how a website should be performing to ensure a customer follows through and checks out.

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