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5 Ways Office Coffee Services Can Help Your Business Save Money

ď‚— Companies can derive many important benefits from

providing free coffee to their employees and customers. The simple gesture can make both employees and customers feel valued and appreciated as well as promote positive feelings about the business. It can also improve morale, boost productivity and even reduce stress. In addition to these important intangible benefits, office coffee services can actually save your business money as well as time. Here are 5 ways that an office coffee service can help your business save money.

1. Save on Employee Time Time is money, especially in the case of taking employees away from productive work. There are several ways that a coffee service can help in this department. For one thing, by furnishing coffee in the office, employees don't need to go off site to get coffee. This will help save time and keep employees focused on their work. They can enjoy their breaks without having to rush to and from the office. Having a coffee service will also eliminate the need for having employees spend their time ordering, buy and stocking coffee and coffee supplies. It will also be easier for your accountant or bookkeeper to track expenses by having only one receipt instead of multiple ones.

2. Save on coffee makers Most office coffee services will furnish coffee makers as part of the service. They will also take care of any maintenance or replacement issues. This will eliminate your company having to buy coffee equipment and keeping it in good working order. Decent coffee makers will usually cost at least $150200 each. So just saving on coffee equipment alone could save your business a lot of money.

3. Save on coffee expenses The price of coffee will usually be either the same or cheaper than what you would pay for at a store. Plus the coffee usually comes in pre-measured pouches. This will usually mean that less coffee will go to waste. Another added perk is that many gourmet brands of coffee are available with these services, so you can offer high quality coffee to your employees and customers.

4. Save on supplies

ď‚— Coffee services will usually provide all the other

supplies you need in addition to the coffee and coffee machines, including creamer, sugar and sweeteners, milk, napkins and stirrers. Some services also offer other beverages as well as snacks. By ordering all of your supplies from one service, you can save a lot of money and time.

5. Save on servicing, repairs and replacement ď‚— Using a coffee service will also help eliminate the

need to replace, repair and service your coffee making equipment. If anything gets broken or damaged the service will replace it.

ď‚— As you can see there are many benefits and cost

savings associated with hiring office coffee services. The intangible benefits alone will help keep your employees and customers feeling valued and appreciated. This will improve morale and help keep employees focused on their work. The fact that providing free coffee can also help your company save money is a big added bonus.

5 Ways Office Coffee Services Can Help Your Business Save Money  

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