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A Guide To Professional Window Washing Equipment

Your Complete Guide to Window Washing Equipment Cleaning windows can be a tedious and time-consuming process if you do not use the proper equipment for the job. Depending on tissue paper or towels simply won't suffice a professional cleanup and maintenance. Professional cleaners utilize specialized cleaning equipment that not only makes the job easier and faster but also offers professional results. If you plan on shopping for window washing equipment soon, whether it's for business or home use, here is a complete guide to buying the proper equipment.

What Equipment Do You Need? There are all sorts of equipment specifically designed for washing of windows and apertures. However, it is important to remember that not all of these equipment exhibit the best quality and functionality you'd want to have during actual window washing and cleaning. Therefore, it is paramount to allocate time to finding a good brand you can rely on. So, what should be on your shopping list for window washing equipment?

What Equipment Do You Need? Window Scrubbers and Squeegees. Window scrubbers are designed with microfiber sleeves that provide a better job of removing dust and dirt from the window surface. The handles of window scrubbers are also conveniently engineered to pivot for effortless access. On the other hand, squeegees are accessible in varying sizes to accommodate different window sizes. Available lengths include 8-inch, 12-inch and 18-inch. Make sure to check for a pivoting handle as well.

What Equipment Do You Need? Poles and Scrapers. 8-ft adjustable extension poles are ideal for tight corners and hard-to-reach parts. Find a pole that will hold the squeegee or scrubber securely. Scrapers should be at a minimum width of 3 inches for washing dried on debris that is located outside of windows. The bucket should also be taken into careful consideration. It should match the width of the scrubber and your squeegee. Find one that holds 5 to 6 gallons of water and features a stable handle.

Considerations When buying equipment for window washing, you must first consider its use. In general, equipment for commercial washing and residential washing may slightly differ from each other. This is mainly because the window systems and the entire environment for commercial windows are different from that of residential cleanups.

Considerations Storefront and skyscraper windows will be exposed to different types of dirt and debris and may require a different approach for effective washing and maintenance. Equipment used exclusively for commercial window washing may include bucket trucks, rope descent, cherry pickers and/or long ladders. The building's height will of course play a major role upon determining the viable equipment and machinery to be used.

Considerations Cost is also an apparent concern for many shoppers. How much the equipment costs will particularly depend on the brand. If you have a good scrap of money to shell out, buying high-end window washing equipment can be a smarter decision since this will yield a more robust and longer lasting equipment. You won't have to replace it after only a short while of use and it won't break off and potentially cause harm to the user.

Conclusion Overall, equipment for window washing is immensely important in making sure your windows are dirt-free and great-looking. And although it goes unnoticed, windows add aesthetic value to both households and business areas. Thus, it should be a priority to keep your windows clean and in pristine condition at all times.

A Guide To Professional Window Washing Equipment  

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