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Holy Family parish Bulletin, Alto Porvorim Volume 15: Sept-Oct-Nov 2012

WEEKDAYS Monday, Tuesday, ThursdaY, FridaY .saturday at 7.00 a.m. inKonkani

& Novena of. , a.m. in English at'l etuai Succor

Wedn-esday Mass P.3,l


Confessiont on i" Friday from ,,.,,:5,p.1n. to 6 p.m. followed by mass in Konkani at 6.15 P.m.

Saturday -6.30 p.m. Konkani/English -6.45 a.m. Konkani Sunday -8.00 a.m. English - 9.15 a.m. English/Konkani -4.30 p.m. Konkani



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday atl.00 a.m. in Konkani Wednesday Mass aIJ a.m. in English Sunday - 7 3A a.m. in English / Konkani Holy FamilY Church Alto Porvorim, Goa Phone: 08322413810 website: www'holyfamil]'churchgoa'com

OFFICE TIMINGS 9.00 a.m. to 12 noon 5.00 p.m. to 6.00 P.m. (By aPPointment)




Vt* r&.",r1r&^w




oF coltt}tuN



rTt Es

About a hundred children had gathered in an out-of-the-way church in Norway. Some had walked 40 kilometres to get there, and some had never ever seen a church. The bishop himsel{ dressed in his robes, went over to talk t9.t!em. His very first ice-breaking question to them *ur, ;,whut do we caltr this house in which we now are?"

They all shoutedwith one voice: .,AChurch.,' "What do we use Churches for?,, several hands went up. And a lad from Lapland said, ,,For upbuilding." The bishop was happ;" with the answer and then pushed on, .,If you say we

ggmg hgre forupbuilding, thenwhatis itthatwe buildup?,,

The lad had an

ans',r/er. on

his fingertips, "we ur" ,,rppor.d to build up the

eternal life that is ir-l ,rurhearts." In all his days the bishop had never heard an answer as good as that one. Even the teachers, whom he later approached, had no idea where the lad had gotten the idea. |ior could anyone find it in books.

The bishop took that idea wherever he went. He would say, ,.I learnt from a youlrg troy what a community is. A community is a g.o.,p ofp.opre who help one

^ a'othertobuilduptheetemallifethatis intheirhearts.', Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, in humble obedience to the will of His

Irather, set about the task of saving mankind that had fallen apart due to sin. He io repent and believe in the Good News (Mk. 1:r5). in the work of establisiring the

canied forth the Father's salvific mission by invitirrg

h i



Kingdom of God, "he went-about doing good" (Acts 10:3g) so that all rnight have life, and have it abundantly 1rn. io:to) and be orr. ooro*unitv of lo've and sharing (Acts 2:42ff). Jesus first launched the Kingdorn in the milie' in which He lived by forming a small community of llis chosen disciples. By being with Him and trained in His school of faitl and love, the disciples learnt the demands of true discipleship. During the celet.:lation of the iast Supper, Jesus assumed the role of a servant and having washed the feet of His disciples, called on them to imitate Him in exercisi*ing a leaclership ofhurnble and selfless service. on the same occasion Jesus piayed that Fiis discipies draw inspiration from the deep and intimate reLtionship He shared llY with His Father and always remain ,mit"d to Him and to oni another. Jesus accomplished the task that the Father entrusted to Him of saving all mankind

dividing wall ofhostility, thus creatitrg in Himself one new and breaking down the

humanity (E ph. 2: 1 4-1 6)

After His ascent back to the Father, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit-the spirit of life, the fountain of water springrng Lrll fo eternal life (Jn. 4:47;7:38:l;. fne Holy Spirit unified the Church as one comrnunify of believers while empowering her members with His manifoid gifts and charisms. Henceforward the Church, in faithful obedience to her founder has been carcyingforth the rnission of proclaiming and estabi.shing among all peoples the tingdom of God. The Church thus, is the sign and instrument of this Kingdom and a leaven meant for the transformation of ti'is world into a more just and fraternai, loving and peaceful society - a new sc-rciety. The early Church reflected on her mission received from her Lord and Master and worked as one united cornmunify to bring to realization the Kingdom of God arnidst the struggles and challenges of her faith witness. The life of the early christians was marked by genuine concem, fraternal fellowship and solidarity with the poor and the needy. The Church as Mother has never ceased to exhorl her members to aim to that ideal set by her Head and lived by the first Christians - a life of love and ecclesial communion based on the teachings of Christ, whom she remains united with a iove that surpasses all understanding (Eph.3:19). The spirituality of communion is at the heart of the church's life and mission. Communion has been the central and fundamental concept of the Second Vatican Councir ^r its reflection on the Church" The heart of communion is relatiqnships. All people of God are called to actively participate and share their gifts and charisms in the common mission of building the Body of Christ. Forging a bonding of relationships between the different members of the diocesan/parish/ward community calls for a renewal of rnind and heart and an attitudinal change from self-centeredness to Godcenteredness, from selfishness to selflessness, ftom dictating to animating, from criticizing to encouraging and so on and forth. Ifa parish is to reach the goal of becoming a vibrant communion of communities then the process of renewal should kick-start with the families (Domestic church) and sccs (Church in the neighborhood). The Goa Diocesan Synod held in the yt 'rr 2002 gave a fresh impetus to the process of renewal begun in the Archd'ocese. The Diocesan Pastoral P]rln20a2,the fruit of the synod, underlined six priorities, one among them

being 'the stabiiization and Flowering of small christian communities (SCCs)'. This year completes ten years of the above Synod. Besides, our Archdiocese wiil play host to the National Convention on SCCs to be held in the coming year. These two important events should foster in us a deep desire

to belong to


engage actively in building a s neighbourhood community rooted in the Word of God

us to witness to the Gospel values by our life of selfless service and generous sharing. "These neighbourhood communities are a sign of vitality within the church, an instrument of formation and evang elizatioln,and a solid

starting point for a new society based on a"civllizatjon of love,'. They are a true expression of communion and means for the construction of i more profound communion. They are thus cause for a greathope for the life of the Church" (Re demp tor is Mis s i o). During this pastoral year our parish of Holy Family has undefiaken as one of its main pastoral tasks: the building and strengthening of sccs. According to the plan worked out, the first stage of our sc-c programme is the Eucharist cum rnteractive session to be held in the differentzoneslwards during the second fortnight of August. community get-together curn fellowshf in eachzonelsomudai in the month of November will form part of the second stage. Thereafter all communities belonging to our one parish community will come together as one 'communion' foi the parish outing/celebration. understanding the specific role and vital importanCe of SCCs roi the buitding up of the parish community, let us all strive to that goal to which our Mother church invites us to reach: of building a shong, united and vibrant 'communion of communities'. our goal and vision oibuildirrg a strong and vibrant community of caring brothers and sisters will be, to a great extent achieved,

we could build



strengthen our Church at the

grassroots. The Church at the grassroots could then reach out to people ofother

faiths and persuasions, thus paving the way for Small

Human Communities not be easy. But with the whole-hearred and


our parishioners we will strive and surely achieve o.rt goul, our dream. certainly, under the guidance of the Hory Spirit in whorr, *.i*.r- all baptized into one body ( 1 cor. 12: 13) and with the biessings of the Holy Famity ihich is a model of true communion we will have builithe bridge of the Kingdom connected to our Lord's mission and completed at the end of time whJn we shall all be united with our eternal King. So Ue itt -Fr. Tomas Lobo


Recollsstion lor Cateehists Inpreparationofthecatecheticalyear2012-2013'thecatechists"n""d:1-11

-27^May' 2012 which wa:: at 'Dasya' ti,1-9^u assembled deep and touching experience. The catechists

weekend InneiHeaiing retreat at'Dasya'on 26*



RT: t i"fio*.a by a sirall fellowship over refreshrnents' At 6'00 p'm' M1lu ,'11t- I brief introdu"'1.?1tl::T:: I the prayer healing retreat. Everyone reflected on the recitation of il,"^|111t^T I "t "*ur with the catechetical theme for this year "Faith Bives abundant (catechetical coordinator) opened the evening giving


in harmony *t i.t p.m. Fr. Joe Abraham, I tir. ,.ul Drosress is creation sanctified". At 6.30



the resource


Jesus.asks the -9 ueein t is teaching with a reading from John 5: I where I

l**mlml'Jtil';[nffi :;;1,",[ll#;ilJ:,:;ffix1'ffi11;il:"t:Tll#l period,' He during that person

thi-s undergoes a ,ruurnu, and hurtful experiences I lno*lu., stressed, that there is nothing impossible for God to heal' nr' foStlam 1 to be healed tn but I conoluded the talk with the message that there are pools for all of us I SPirit' for tt ts I n".a to hnd rfrem and we can do so only with the help of the Holy I



*. lcnnlulon.*hoistheHealer' I to retlect on the f1'e catechisrs then had a quiet dinner at 7.30 p.m. in order I I servtce m the

I teachine. Fr. Abraham then led the catechists into an inner healing I of the Blessed Sacrament which was a relaxing and mind soothing I I

"r;;;;; i*o.ri.n". which took away a lot of pain and burden thus bringing relief and Peace I I inio ttre hearts ofthe catechists. The catechists then retired for the night' I communtty pt?{:: Sundav started off,with personal prayer at 6'00 a'm' and I I of how a burnt ..h:t


a testimony I Fr' Abraham continue-d hrs I a'm' lwas healed bv the Eucirarist was shared' At 9'00 be the 'Love I teachins. the kev factor contributing to the growth of the Church should I the love experience can we the various ways by which


at z. t s u

*., iotio**d by breakfast.

After breakfast,

I niCoA']Ur fuaher elaborated moutd Fr. Abraham concluded saying that the aim of catechists I

"ic"a. go for I tne littte children so that rhey become people who not only



allow I to set how be should I ttr.i, Iiu", ro be transform.i. thut the main goal of catechism there was a discussion and shanne ot | *.r" children on the fire of love. At 1l .00 a.m. worshtp_ but


followed by the Holy Mass' in the aftemoon. This was followed by an tettowship triety *u, ih"r" then discussed the .uutrutlon unJ ,huriog of the entire weekend session. Maria Dias

I thouehts

ou the teaching. This was

| l;;;;i";,r.iiurforthemonthofJune2012andthecatechistswereallotted I


il;; i;;."


*.nt fro-.

I imposed I

up and submit

classes. The catechists were also requested to draw plan bv 1" July, 2012'Theretreat ended at 5'00 p'm' and the catechists *irtr u rpltit to teach catechism with a difference - catechism not as an


lesson but as an experience of God's love'


lnaugural Mass Catechetical Y ear ZAle-e013 The beginning ofthe catechetical year20l2-2a13 was markedby abeautiful and solemn inaugural Mass on l0'n June, 20rz whichwas also the feast of the Body and Blood of christ. At the foot of the cross hung a banner bearing the theme of

the catechetical year -"Faith gives abundant life, real progreis is creation .ri.J1f .g The liturgy was prepared and coordinated by caiecliists Gemira Dias andMiniKoola.

Mass began with a solemn procession of the catechists entering the church followedby the altar servers and the celebrant, Fr. Tomas Lobo, our"parishpriest. The introduction gave a symopsis of the theme and the feasi of in, auy. tt. mystery of the Body and Blood of Jesus is the summit of the life of the church. This mystery bridges the heaven and the earth; using the fruits ofcreation, bread, wine and water, a miracle is performed: Jesus God and man becomes presenf on the altar. This miracle challenges us to see the creation with new vislon - a vision which surpasses all human understanding. The faithful were exhorted to pray in the Eucharistic celebration that the Hol! Eucharist becomes a source of spiritual energy that renews our life, deepens our faith each dayio**y through

the theme for the Year.



.,cherubs,, ltre Gospel reading, there was a short skit performed by the which brought out the message ofhow one needs to joyfulty shaie and help those who are less fortunate and also how we need to havi care and concern for our

environment and God's creation. Fr. Tomas further said in ni, no*irv, that for the Mass to become effective in our life, we need to prepare ourselves least ai a day earlier by reading the word of God. we also need-to be in a state of grace to receive Jesus into our hearts and need to fast at least one hour before we receive

Jesus. we need to be befittingly dressed to meet the King of Kings. Receiving Jesus into our hearts nourishes us and we need to take i"


us into our

!-9p.r and everywhere we go. The offertory gifts of the Bible and Bread and wne symbolized an increase in our faith uno it. presence orl"sus in our life.

After communion and the thanksgiving prayer, alithe catechists renewed their commitment before the altar with lit iandles and Fr. Tomas invoked God's

blessings upon them.

At the end of the Mass,,bgfore imparting the finar bressing, Fr. Tomas read out


few guidelines for the children, the parents and the catechiits in order that all may have a fruitful catechetical yeur. The inaugural service concluded with action songs "The wise man, the foolish man,, ind ,,It's I that builds

community" followed by a time of adoration of the Blessed sacrament invoking God's blessing on the new catechetical year. At the end of the adoration, sweets were distributedto all the childrenwho wenthome with great excitement.

-Sheilu Furtado

oN rHE c iil-*r DAY lN oUR PARISH


that SundaV Though the monsoons had set in, there was not a drop of rain



months and weeks of preparation finally culminated in a beautitul, I

p'T' Ih*:J:t:ll1l spirit-frlled ceremony on 22"0 luly,2OiZ1hich began at 5 at the hands of His Grace of Confirmation Sacrament the received who candidates I t;.ey Daman' M;; R.". Filipe Neri Ferrao, Archbishop Pahiarch of Goa and YI I of tnl either side of the swelled with thanksgiving as tlese young idults lined on Ssle I ii"iv Fu-ilv Churcf,, Polvorim, awliling thearrival of the Archbith"p I"-{:Hq I formal white shirtJand black trousers while the young ladtes I in dressed *"r" -"o purity and clad themselves in white salwar kameez suits. They symbolized I

iooo""rr"",r"adytobesealedwiththegiftoftheHolySpirit' -- I hands of the stafue

The theme was beautifully displayed from the extended I Spirit - receive thefallness I I of Jesus U"t ina tn. altar. lt read - ';Anointed by the Holy ftre ,A.rchUishop Filipe Neri Ferrao in his homily illustrated values ot'love I I "7-tiii;;. went on to explain-row the I I .'"4'rorni"."ess, the .rr.n". of th" Cutholic Church. He Spirit inus, strengthens our I Holy ofthe gifts I Su"ru*?nt of Confirmation increases the faith by word and deed' the defend and to spread us I u"rJ *itrt,rle church and obliges I symbolized protection I rod The procession. part offertory ti'e of a were I ei"O and ""Jtraff while the siaff repre\ented guidance along the right path. The.bread I I ot witnesses ffue into I *in" of.."d. symbolized tiansformation of the candidates I

i;;;;;ti. I God's -'- " kingdon',.-



.f,ifAten,s choir comprising of the senior Cherubs with their melodious parish community rejoiced and | ,roic., enhanced the spirir oflworship and prayer' The I ioined in the celebration ofthe Eucharist. i;;-J""o nrutltoae to the Parish Priest- Fr. Tomas Lobo, Assistant Parish pri.rtI F; ii";ii;."Furtado and the team of dedicated Catechists who have put in a ,p.;i"liy in the spiritual direction, to make this occasion a memorable I a.tuil was looked into and the Lihugy was marvelously prepared. I





i;;;.if;( ;il;#. iu!*

bless each one ofyou a hundred fold' I Mav "^- God -";;;;o;h;b"g*phs


lrn. et.nUirf,op, pri.itr certificate I beautiful "---'..--i;"r


of the now radiant, gtowing candidales were taken with and catechists. The confirmed candidates were given a

atoken of remembrance'

| ou"i"o-" with emotion as I wiped away atear ofjoy. I said a silent lnruu", for these voung adults, "Heavenly Father, I rejoice as 112 members of our

power to I 6;ih"il;";unitu tt"urr" been anointed-by the Holy Spirit. Give them the It temptations' sin and against fight to the strength I iJ";.-,joh* iiu*. cio" them the touch thev May Catholic' good idult a pain to be sometimes I ;itl ;;;;il. .fi"tt *a to emulate. Amen". I iiu."oip.ople around andbe fineixamples for others

| I





g::"* "f t'""n'*M"f '*frd*q







COMMLTNITIES'' It was a greatprivilege to have this mass to.celebrate our


4th scc


The celebrant was Fr.Lester, and about 30 participants attended. The session began by forming groups to discuss on smalr christian community based on the questionnaires and the bible reading. Fr. Lester tiren summeo up the sessions with the help of the poster.

In his homily Fr. explained the Theme of the mass.This was followed by small get together and fellowship.


The ward members actively participated in the sessions and the Eucharist.

Athena Pinto Zone IB

(:(rr{ a* t Ii'rcd{lv: Ogf?6tOl9tt.}

Abig:rlIr r{J}O?lOOn{t lilDrril:


r (ricesilsync0sfr!,),ah<


When we were young we were taught that loving our self is selhsh and bad and if we loved ourselves we could

never love others. In recent times we

read that when you have love for yourself you learn to love your family members, your dear ones and friends. You need to love yourself in order to love anyone else. True humility allows seif love, and when you love yourself it encourages and enables youto love others. Being proud of self is good. It makes you have a positive attitude. It is goodto be proud ofyourself and your accomplishments but you should not be proud and become arrogant, selfish and greedy. We should always think poTi{ive. Our love should not be for pleasure and fame, but rather have the strength of good relationship with yourself which will help you to have the sarne relationship with others. It is very important to love yourself fully in a

good manner, to love yourself always, and to be happy with yourself. I have read of 7 ways to iove yourself. .....,...... ".. 1) FORGM YOURSELF:- There have been many ups and downs in my life and always thougi^i ilat i was useless, but someone in my life taught me that there is action worthy uf forgiveness, which took me a long time. I was told never to look back"on my mistakes, instead to choose to embrace the goodness ahead and love yourselfthe person you are. Forgiving yourselffor yourmistakes and shortcomings canbe diffrcult and does take practice, 2)' STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS:- When voung I wanted to be betler than others and if I did not succeed I felt I was a failure and useless but gradually I came to understand how foolish it is to compare oneself to others and realized the more you compare youfselfto others the less self -worth you place on yourself,.


STOP SEEKING APPROVALS:- Not seeking approval does not 3) mean I don't care. No, surely you would love to sltare your ideas with others but when you continuously seek approval from others and don't get a positive response for your requests you are damaging your self-relationship and yor.l will feel that your work may not be good enough. BELIEVE IN YOURSBLF:- You cannot love yourself if you do not believe in yourself. Both go hand in hand. Loving and believing. Believing in self is hard when things go wrong. Trust in your judgement and know that


through good andbadyou are worthy.


Attimes I fe_e] my mind isjust brank, ,o-"ti-rn". r t"rt io -y s^;;;* and try to listen to Him. other times I go alone for rong *dkr:;lr aese silent me to gather my thoughts and thi'k 6; i - rdrorre oy. t{o yourselfto be siient at Gast once a day. "; ----r - myr"m. Lou 6) EAT rrEALTrryAND EXERCTSE:, Eating fast foods is not the end of the world, but making a habit to drink and eat su.ifood, is destroying your body. Your relationshipwith your body and mind r, ,.rv i-po.turri. yo' utro need to exercise to keep fit. 7) EXPRESS AND LovE youRsELF:- Always be happy with the gifts and talents you have and express it to others. tryo,, trave anliiassions tet others know. Don't worry of being ridicured or made fun of. rt', ."ia^rrr", *" ursrrwl


It.won't easy but the relationship with yourself is the _b.e most imnortunt relationship in order to rive the rife ybu *unito ri".. n.rn.o'urr,;;;lii'r# image of God. So thank God that yOU u* yOU and




il;;;;#;;,d; o^" "^ |


Fatima Sosres Zone I E


christening, First Hory communion, wedding, Birthday, Anniversary orAny Other Occasion.

FLAVOURS & SHAPES GALORE I!! Home Baked, made to crder. Over 30 years of baking experience. contact: Mrs. curie Rodrigues TTgggsI3g6




Many marriages have failed or I "' are ;:iling in troubled waters I ,, simply bc. ause the parlies were I not ready for marriage or were I not ready to get married to that I ,,; particular p -"rson. This arlicle is I '"' rnore of an exercise meant not I , only for thosc in the status of I engaged to mat'rr' but also for I those who are on the tlueshold I ' of marriage whether theY have found a Partner or not but have decided that theY will one daY that they get married, and also (to some exJent) for those youth who."think" or a "boyfriend" a have they because ;;- l; a relationship merely to that getting of hope the *heth"t with .TTi:d Gtrfii*A;, ,{;tt;#'i,girlfriend" or not. In thii exercise you will find..a series of your qu.itlorrvpoirits for eacir imlividual to reflect and answer, depending on formally those that better be will It riutot ut th" time of doilg this exercise. *g.g-A or decided witi partner in vjew.of marriage to do this exercise by i"f"inl, and ask the questions to each other simultaneously. Answer some after only and g,ii"g due time to each ui the questions/points reflection. 1)Whydidyouacceptmyrelationship?AVhydidyouenterintoa I I




ro get mamed to me and spend the rest of your why Co you want to get married to me? If not, then what


life with me,/ Iiyes, relationship? are we doing in tiiis relaiionship/or why are we in a to marry me? proposal this you u.ctpt (fproposecl) ,iid Why 3) +i irrl" iove) Are you getting maried to me just because we are in just because love with each other'for (number of) years/months and now the rvhole society knows that we are a "couple"? 5) Mention at least 3 things, if not more, that you like about me' which made you decide to get married to me?

6) Mention somJother things about yourself which you feel are good in you and which you feel that as of now I do not kriow "1)Mention " at ieast 3 things, if not rnore, that you do not like about



B) Mention some other things about yourselfwhich you feel are not l ro gooo ii vo" unO *hich you feel that I t i

each other. 9) Mention to each other the following facts of one's life as applicable. You need to be truly open to each other on theie points :a) Any past sickness, physical or mental, for which you were treated? b) sickness, physical or mental, for which you are being heated? -A1v nresent c) Myhabits like conpumption of alcohol, smoking, gambling, etc.


d) Are you addicted to any activities like watching TV it length, certain games, hanging out with one's friends, parlying etc? e) What lre your hobbies? Will these come in our way of establishing a good marital relationship? f) can you take decisions on your own or do you have to rely on your parents, siblings or other elders in the family? Are you ready to decreaie your close bondingwithyourparentsandfamilymembersin order to increase our marital bonding? Are you too emotionally attached with a particular member ofyour family? If so, is it possible that it may come jn the way of our conjugal interpersonal relationship? g) What is yourjob status? What are your earnings? How much is each one o us going to contribute to sustain our family? will I have to share my earnings

with some other member/s of our respective families? If so, who and how much?

h) How close are you with your friends? (Reveal the names of your crose friends to your parbrer. Mention in detail the type of friendship that you'll have). will the attachment to your close friend/s in any way possibly come in between our marital relationship? i) Mention any past relationships, if any. Are you still attached to or in touch with your previous relationship partner? If so, are you able to break offthat past relationship? (Ifnot attached to or not in touch with your previous parbrer then you are free to refrain from mentioning about your previous partnei.) Now the partners need to answer these questions together. - 'Are we ready to get married to each other on the date fixed or do we need

moretime? Have we understood what marriage bruly


is? Do we have the christian understanding of marriage? This is not an exhaustive exercise. There needs to be a follow-up on the same. Ifduring this exercise you'll have found that there are certain issies (serious or otherwise) which need to be tackled with the help of a mediator or an expert, then you'll need to approach the right persons to get the necessary guidance. Even if no issues are encountered, a follow-up progam, with a counselroq to fortifu your stance is a must. A detailed explanation of each question/point darted above will follow in the forthcoming issues ofthis


-Fn Boniface Furtado


Whenwethinkofgrace,wethinkofthefavourofGod'Thereisnothing gift given in love to you' clo to eam God's grace' Salvation is l{is

as your Saviour? Does grace stop at the point when you receive Jesus hope and an enormous No, His gru"" flo*, ovei your liie each momentbringing and securitY sense ofpeace ^God's or temporary grace is founded in love, love that is not seasonal book of Romans, the Apostle the very love Jesus oirpiayea at calvary. In^the grace in our lives. To do this God's of pictuie paul wants us to have u *"rrtul 5:2 heuses thephrase "this grace inwhichwe sta-nd"Rom You can't walk away consuming' For the Christian, livn! in God's grace is all the eyes of grace' through us fr"^. it, because God tliini<s, respJnds and views goodness' We live in a sphere of grace, surroundedby His anive wragged. 11 tfre grace of they come, airuppli"t*ents Even when andthroughthis gift of grace you God. Through grace youialkin God's favour




have access to Godthe Father.


from you inHis loving care' Sure, at iimes you feel distracted but there are no your thoughts, redirects your attention or a sense oflonelinesi just as His 10ve towards you remains variables with God. He remains the same way is an act of His grace' Every your constant. Every good thing that comes need' your answer to pray"i ii lti. p.ttonal response to a cloudless day' Hurt His grace *url", ot yo"' love lite sunlight on "' of God's grace' presence the and pain, whlle they may invade, cannot thange more or operate not grace does Cru"a ao"t not depend on circumstances' God's gift and a is thing' Grace in your life u."uor" you did or did not do a certain




-Jesse Miranda

Zone 6A

joyfutfi fiaif tfie efection of tfie $tew Supeior peleraf of tfre team of *ifar Society Rev. rl' Francis Caiaffio, togetfiir with fris n carryforwarftfre Cuunaffooinfwitft tftem Qo[s alunfant \teisngs vlte

missionentnntefto them fu Cfirist'

,we ako gratefuit) ac{nowfefge the sentire of tlie outgoing hit Coffa1orators andwishtfiem Supeior Qenrrnf &p. dn,ionl ioprt oif a

as ignment fruitfu t ministry in t freir new



PUilr -


stnw aailwnt

rcM Sbters,

We, the missionary sisters of the of Mary or Immaculati Mariae (I.C.M.) betrong to aL lordis International Religious Missionarv Immaculate Heart

Congregation, We are from different cultures

and nationalities ministering in many countries including Belgium, Brazii, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Caribbean Islands- Haiti Jamaica, Dominica, St. Croix, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mongolia,

Philippines, Rome, Senegal, the UiiteO

States andlndia.

Our Foundress Mother Marie Louise De Meester, was born onApril g,



Roeselare in

Belgium, Though her family's social, economic and political status provided her a rich and affluent life she searched for a

dgepr.w.ay of Iiving it. She nurturing the desire to be amissionary,lo give christ to thcise who hadfl.*up nevei heard of i{im and to speno h", life saving souls. However she could not realize her dreams at that?imi io, it *u, ,rot easy for a woman to face such challenging and advenfurous gter.ed the.monastery of the Regular c-anJnesses of st. Augustine at Ieper in Belgium where she discovered and cherished her religiou,


Even though Sister Marie-Louise


uilutiorr. a- mirriooary

nit ioin"J

congregation, her interest in far-offlands remained v"ry *urn alive. Her thirst for missions took its initial turn as she dared to respond to a cail from Fr. vctor verleure, a carmelite priest who had started a new mission in a small settlement in South India. Impeiled by coa', th. permission from the Directresi of the Monastery and the Bishop ofBruges in Belgium..



Hffi,lr*ffH#t: accompaniedbyayoungnovicesisterMarie-ursule,lefthernativelandona ;;ffi ;

; u uiffui" in Tamil Nadu, to care for

abandoned children and


a short span of her life she founded and established our I parts of congregation as Pontifical and could move to different iT l:tlll Thu"s sh'e laid the missionary foundation

with passion for God and Passion tor I


o f the c ongre gation ry".tl t Kttil-1-13T1 I including 8 States reaches zeal Indiu, our rrrrdaunted apostolic I Uttar Pradesh and the Nadu, Karnataka' Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar' I latest opening in Goa.



oor. At present the sisters


which-is The mission of l.c.M. is "Preferential love for the Poor" I to the I servrce ministry' healing lrealized through the education ministry' The testimonv I uuiJO, technical training, pastoral and social action. I a;ii...rtrv holiness.*l*it of kind the ior. I of life df our Foundress invites us to strive l an u o..p interior life with undaunted apostolic zeal' She ]ed, I


l;;;; presence-of God to.people thus I I *";;;"ctive iife in phich she radiated the is a gift of God's Spirit to the universal I I ;;;;id them to Him. Her charism she was called t"-.H lctrurctr' Suffering from acute arrhdtis in her limbs I the si.sters titl:dl leternal rest and ieward on October 10u' 1928. Like her, we dedicate our ltves to the I *itft tfr. love of Gocj and of our brothers and sisters, I with an ever growmg I times, the of lroo, *a needy. Listening to the signs our li.u6in.r, *. ihr". sisteis Srs. Maggie, Orpha & Escaline. accepJed I poor' the of service the for available ourselves made and urtisnment I rnissilon I --the amorg work 1 to porvorim, 201 June l8s on Goa in | We ianded I ulq.Mi{."ttll lmierant and domestic workers. Our new place, "the Domestic Filtpe Nert I UL"rtor'Forum" was blessed by His Grace Most Rev. Archbishop I p"rruo of Goa and Daman on 2"0 July 2011, the feast of Immaculate IIt.'1-"1 of Rev. sr. Rachel the ICM lil;. w.-;;; ;aced with the presence Lobo the Parish Priest of Tomas I ir".ii""iur SuperiJr and her Council, Rev. Fr. the I ir;ffi;lf" 6rr"*rrp"rvorim Goa, the ICM FormationTeamBangalore, and ourparishioners the local religious sisters, I ";r#;tt" "irtn"*Uai, neighbours. Residency I westCoasi -"" --w" in Bardez & ;;rk u-o"g"th" migrant and domestic workers survey | of the Soirttt Coa.-at present we are taking a I rirwadi i"r"r."r ""4 workers and have covered 16 areas' Migrantshave l;;;;;"ro J"il.riic years' Most uti ou.t India and many have been in Goa for 30 - 40 I ;;;;f; an ID card and hence cannot avail the social welfare l;;;;;;; a "wn risters is working with Child line Caritas and another is I il;;;;. O". people "* speaking "f ramil and Hindi ttr" i"1Ministry in GoaI rhe l;;il;;r I


have the chance


the Holy Mass in their own tunguug..--3nce a month. It is an opporlunity forus to organize them. .,-"^ -^^,f,.l,-me specifu who the irigrant and domestic workers are The social,changes, new economic pohJies, caste porarization, degradation and depletion ofnafural resources, lbss oftraditional culture and institutions have resulted in increased poverly. These iactors force the landless and the jobless to invent n"- and .."uiirr. survivar strategies. nisio.icaily trre migration process was not phenomenon for the tribals. They are ? lew initiated.into this process by shifting or.rritluution. In the ..ntury the tribals were forced out of their"native land uoo","r" to join the labour force_ in plantation. young giris from rural"n""rr"g.o and row-income communities are becomingincreasingl! altracted by the diuer.e .,tf"rinqs of the cities in economicarly blooming plu".r-areas and cities whereffi;;. of skilled and unskilred labour exisf, o, wh"re opport'nities are perceived to exist are also attractive. The contrast between ti.r, pr...n;,.u1it;,n a rurar area and their dreams of an accessible and a possible future paradise may often prove ines_istible.

Many women leave due to family situations and circumstances. Many are forced to migrate in order to make the familyii."g il,,.r. rn.v are also sincere in sending the money back home. The domestic workers are the most exploited the unorganized workers. There is no law to protect them. uprooted from their ra-milies they .urr.. *iiir-r*g *"ri.rrg hours. They are voiceless and powerless.

Jesus identified himself with the poor and the outcast and worked to bring justice and give new life to them. iesus' own .rp.rr.n.. ,tands as a milestone for us to participate in_the struggles of the poo. - .rf..iurry orrrr" migrant and domestic Heoc". '" "The Mystery that calls us we sav yes For the suffering and voices we say yes

For the exiled and migrant



For the sake of the trafflrcked and lost we say


For the sake of fufure we sav yes,'

-ICM Sisters- Porvorim Goa

"Paco Patriarcal" P.O.


Panjim-403 001, Goa- India Tel. : (0832) 2223353 12225291

Fax: (0832) 2224139 E-mail: archbp goa@gmail. com

July 18, 2012 Dear Fr. Tomas, It was indeed with pleasure that I received some days ago

of the parish bulletin




Gh'orubeacho sungati ( Compunion of the

Family) - - issue of June -July -August 2012 , volume 15 , published by the Holy Family Parish, Alto Porvorim . While I was glad to go through the pages ofyour bulletin , getting better acquainted with pertinent happenings and relevant information about the parish life there , I thought I would address these few lines to

you to convey , with my greetings , ffiY appreciation for your and your pastoral collaborators' ministry at the service of the Church in that Parish . At the same time, I assure all of you my prayers that God and the Holy Family may bless you and your ministry abundantly, always under the loving motherly protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

With personal greetings and prayerfu 1 best wishes, Yours cordially in Christ


(+RaulN. Gonsalves)

Krusw.,YbUu'.,bfiro*. Csrum:rimNi,'.',''. ,, ,,,

,r'Bod1r:,Weigille,Vlscerat fatiffuntr,,faq.n, '$69 Cutaneous, fat i$iii*i.,..,,. ,.,.. ERâ&#x201A;Źs{ng Metabb iarnn,.BodyAge *,Body Mas$,tndex n'Body.Fale,frluscH n4ars ,ii





i;iiiiili l-..,;.i:j.;..:1.....i..1,,rr l



w 6s1,;nio on,,,Heilthy Break*ist w, br*l*;en, ruuiiitlUh ' w B.elfV Fat Reduetlon s,$kin taig / flair, Ca*g :',':,,,,,,,, ,,,. m Wei$-ht Managernent: Welght Loss I lnitr Lbss,l


e Muscle Gain / Weighi :i,, :.: ::; m Optimum Nutrition io prevent Lite-Style blseasebl' Contact: {,eoward Fernandes (Leotn}

0832 2253741

/ 992364804A Gdon$Ydplt.l

l{, f{s. 2&7|F ll,;,.Xelpe,m, 0u|er; Mapusa, Bardez . Goa 403502


{}deaf,Andrew,Felic-i ade H:elI} Walk-in : Monday . $aturday between 6,3$ a.m. to $.00 a,m. I'0ne Visit change your life" Remember Freventlon is HETTHR & CFIEAPER than cure! Your HEALTHY TUTURE is Now ln Your t{ands!


: '

Th*n r rntlw


w+uld b* ??? Todayinthisfastmovingandeverchangingscenariothatwearelivingin,it that are ;;i;d idiust to new transitions is quite evident ilt"t *" ?tt";; whether ii"tlt ir also hish time for us to reflect changes' taking place i^ urO uro,]nJrr. these by or we arJ controlled we are controlling these changes chain of tried to fresent befory you the Reflecting upon this "di#re present our to days no* the age old change that has .,,tt'J-o*^iiutt and we hands our in is remember that tie iutute scenario. But we ,""A'oXo past the to be moulded with reference need to reflect on fto* J'ip""nt 'un with an aimto imProve outfuture' (

I ,;+,r,f-{"-.tlt n ".{ '*l

r' -:'?-

11 t,


see the transition that has

above we can If we carefully look at the pictures life was not that busy' with less taken place in our l'f"5#iit;'"i'rt""-e1 f"t livefihooJ and so on' people were much people literate, r"*.. iuJititi;; which was creited specially with

-"*al bondof anything "i" ;n;;;;;;;;i" need

haooier. There was

" '"n

or if there arose



lllyJi;,ri,r;il. the neighbours approach and seek thi help of of any emergency, htl'ftt *""fa rescue but it their to come gio not firsr. Money, ,nut.riutit];;;;;;i;;;'i" But ifwe turn our focus to to ttieir assistance. was their neighbour/s whozame

H"':i#"'il f::ft: :::: : ::: toii:f;the""iJl:':ni ones around and^beronginsness #tl,'#;:";;;;;."* h:rtfi:I and excluded Jur ffe as on a downfall' 11 a wfY' *t riit




ent s ituati on

us seems fo be

are Luxuries are passing but relationships secluded from the mainstream' andbe meet thim' talk to them long lasting. S"


good and lovingneighbours to one


the SCCs are great toolJ to build bridges of love, friendship and unity with neighbourhood families; So make th! best ur. and



It's a goal. . .. !! Hunay. . ...hurray. .... !! These were the slogans that one could hear after someone scored. a goal while playing footbalr."Similarty children enjoyed playing other outdooi games ,urh u, cricket, ring game, basketbalr, hide and seek, volreyball and so forrh. childr.n ,ug.?f for the evening time after their tiring study schedule at school and at home so that they could play They were alio *"J and motivatJ uv , parents to go for games. whether rain or shine, cliildren and youth just enjoyed those couple of hours that they got out of their busy day's schedul". nrri.un we say this in today's context too? Are our children and youngsters enjoying playing outdoor games todav? of today's ,"hta.Jr, has become limited to face ggot, t'wrtte; on computers and watching cartoons, movies and serials on the idiotbox. A. u.oor.qrr"rrr. oL children are seen becoming more and more prone to various diseases like obesity. At this juncture it is the key.rore.of the parents to encourage and motivate their children to engage in primarily outdoor and arso in indoor games, thereby making their future bright.




- Bro. Dyrel Diss


*TheChurchofJesusChrististhesignand-instrumentofthe -fingdomofGodandisattheserviceoftheKingdom:aleavenmeant a more just and fraternal' for the t u.rfo,"tuiion of this world into surge towards the loving utA p.u"tiul society-A new Society" 'The the Chwch'Allhumankind New Society is a constitutive element of Society is her agenda' is the arena i"t ttt" Cft*ch and the New

(SYnodal Document 9' 1 0)




the ups and tftt pifgtim people of God' marked with


is rraugtrt with struggl"t,iilf:,ti:l: Thi more the Church is filled with 'enewal' will it illumine the whole of humanity'

"f "";j;'""i;";icrt are in constantneed of the light of


"-r. renewed inner spiritual life will Conversely, the authenticity of our to lead all women and be verified urrA gu"gtJ;;; commitment one human family' (Synodal men to live and u,ii' o"t community' Document l1) g".ft p""i."far Church, i'e' diocese' must be grounded in thewitness its very nature as Church' of ecclesial ,o-*,,"i* which constitutes the gathered 13y1d The diocese is a communion of communities


and the lay faithful iit"pft"td" *lt"te .rogv, "onsecrated persons by the grace of the engaged in u 'aiutog-;E'"f ftft ""a leart' .sustained that the vision of a Holy Spirit. lt is"p"-utily in the diocese actualized in the midst of its communion of ,o'imo"ities can be and economic realities complex social' p"iiti*l i"figious' cultural are


(Ecclesia in Asia 2 5) common dignity because All member* of t#P"ople of God share a task th1!a1 io Cititi ift"y also share in a common

of their rebirth

Confirmation (cf' LG

and been entrus,.O t",-ft.- ittt""gn Baptism 32). Jesus Christ Himself h"as t:h3Y,"i""t^"$.11 ro^ tr,. Father. All the



:};-***i"'i:* lY.

llift*t priestly and kingly-and they

the triple mission tiCfttitt-ptophetic' of communities' (Synodal are called to form a vibrant communion Document 47) concept of the-Second Communion is a central and fundamental (cf' LG 1 ; CL 19)' The Church the Vatican Coun.l in itrl.n"ction on Each Diocesan/ Parish

heart of .o*urrion is relationships. ;;;gh'ly laled ctmmunion community """ ;T;;#'*";il;;A;e'a pluralitv of communities within the


community around it. (Synodal Document 5 0) Ecclesial communion implies that each local church should become


a'participatory Church', a Church in which all live their proper vocation and perform their proper role. In order to build up the 'communion of mission' and the 'mission of communion!, every


member's unique charism needs tq be acknowledged, developed and effectively utilized. (Synodal Document 5 I) To make the Churchthe home and the school of communion:we need

to promote a spirituality of communion, making it the guiding principle of education wherever individuals and Christians are formed, wherever ministers of the altar, consecrated persons, and pastoral workers are trained, wherever families and communities are being built up. A spirituality of communion indicates above all the heart's contemplation of the mystery ofthe Trinity dwelling in us, and whose light we must also be able to see shining on the face of the brothers and sisters around us. A spirituality of communion also means an a6ihty to think of our brothers and sisters in faith within the profound unity of the Mystical Body, and therefore as "those who are apart ofme". This makes us able to share theirjoys and sufferings, to sense their desires and attend to their needs, to offer them deep and genuine friendship. A spirituality of communion implies also the ability to see what is positiv'e in others, to welcome it and prize it as a gift from God: not only as a gift for the brother or sister who has received it directly, but also as a "gift for me", A spirituality of communion means, finally, to know how to "make room" for our brothers and sisters, bearing "each other's burdens" (Gal 6:2) andl resisting the selfish temptations which constantly beset us and ]







provoke competition, careerism, distrust and jealousy. Q,tovo





Millennio Ineunte | Given the enormous size of our Parishes, both in geographical areu I and in population, SCCs are a viable means to promote among the I faithful deep fellowship and pastoral care with a personal touch. I Basically, they are evangelizing communities founded on the Wcrd I of God and are dynamic channels of God experience as weil as I effective instruments of service of the whole community. They are I thus "a s olid starting p oint for a new society based o n a' ciiirizatibn o f I SCCs are

a true expression of communion and means for the I

construction of


more profound communion. They are thus cause



great hope for the life of the --t Church. (Redemptoris Missio 5l) The SCCs are schools of "christian faith" as well as "church at grassroots" leading to Small Human communities, thereby paving


ih" *uy for a New Society based on a "civihzation of Love". (Dioces an P astoral Plun 200 2'



The Celebration of the Eucharist cannot be the starting-point for communion; it presupposes that communion already exists, a communion which it seeks to consolidate and bring to perfection. (Ecclesia de Eucharistia 3 5)

A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY would you like to advertise your firm/establishments/products? Then we have the right place for you. Alto Porvorim Parish bulletin offers you the space to do so' Kindly check the rates of advertisements and advertise on our bulletin' The rates of advertisements are as follows:Back cover page (coloured)

Rs. 30001

Front/Back inside (coloured) Inside paper page (coloured) Inside tullpage (black & white) Inside half page (black & white) Inside quarter page (black & white)

Rs.25001 Rs.20001


Rs. 10001

Rs. 6001 Rs. 3501 Rs. 1001

Awaiting Your co-operation.

Send your contributions in the form of articles, testimonies and poems to: Fatima Soares : fatinatT(O Suzette de Sousa : suzsousas12@gmail'com

Pilin{ un stuff....... God has given us manygifts - talent, money, food, clothingetc. Butthese are notto be kept on lyfor ourselves, We have to

share ourgiftswith the needy. ln LUKE L2:13-.27,we read the story of 'The young Ruter, who thought that he was a,

reallygoodpersoninGod'ssight. Hedidnotmistreatpeopleandheobeyedthelaws,

But his love for money was his weakness. He wanted to piie up money foi himself and not use itto care forothers. He was rich in the wortd but not rich in God's sight.

children, you too may have collected a lotofstuffovertheyears - toys, books, clothes; and some of you may even be in the habit of ihving moneyin you, piggr-nanrs. some toys and books are so old and babyish, yet you do not want to let go oi ttrem. Mosilv. because having them around reminds you of happier times. 0i maybe, tnelt weie given t0 you by people you love. And so, you are rich in the world with all tne stutf tnat






well, why don't you try sharins your things with the needy. And whenever therc i, , I collection in church for the less fortunate, you could give a litfle money trorn vouil piggr-bank. Thatway, you willdefinitely become rich in God's sight. for, tt ernoovo, I share, the more God will bless you. And in giving, you will experience a;oy like you've






mistake in announcement of results of the Kidzone euiz published FFGRETihe Pg. 31 of the MARCH Bultetin congratutating lota pinto of Zone 48 as tne sotewin;;;i the Quiz. The names of the other participantiwho also got all correct anrr.o *ni.h inadvertently omitted arei Roswyn Mascarenhas(stdi zone 2[), n"'n.lrsii



zone ry



zone 4B), tason Gomes (srd v Zone 4B), Ben loseph (srd.

Menezes(std.VlZonetB). (1) Psatms (2) Rib (3)


(4) He threw a stone from r,iJsling

(6)Job(7)Daniet (8)Wisdom (9)Joshua The names




v t nnaiea I ll "Ednis o,rry so*il' ll



(10)Apiilarofsatt ll

the participants of the JUNE issue are :- Travis'Dos Remedios, winifred Norris, lola Pinto, walusha silveira, Roswyn Mascarenhas, Andrea H, g.n Joseph, Tamara Furtado & Travis D'souza. Those who submitted allcorec,nr*." ,- I I




Silveira, Iota Finto, Roswyn Mascarenhas, Ben foseph







ro aII parricipanrs! I(DEP IT








o simple quiz for you' An exciting to Fr' Tomos Lobo owoits the luchy winner. Send in your onswers clqss' ir'" 3q;;fgdnbtt2glz mentionins vour Nome' cqtechism Zone ond Word' Goorl Luck!: is



What was John the BaPtist's food? Gamel meat & milk Locusts & wild honeY Bread & water

a) b) c) d)

Dates & figs

2. What job did Jesus' earthly father'

Joseph do?

a) b) c) d)


two sons of Zebedee,

Peter & Paul

4. What did Jesus do

a) b) c) d)

for Lazarus?

Cooked him dinner Took him for a walk Healed him from a fever Raised him from the dead

5, 0n which mountain did the Transfiguration of Jesus take place?

a) b)

c) d)

Acts Corinthians Romans


7. What is the collective name

a) b) c) d)

Fisherman Tentmaker

the disciPles of Jesus? James &John Thomas & Mathew Simon & Andrew

a) b) c) d)

New Testament?

a) b) c) d)

of the stories Jesus told?


3. Who were the

6, What is the last book of the

Mt. Nebo Mt. Sinai Mt. Tabor Mt, Galvary

Miracles Poems Parables Psalms

8. What did Judas get in return for betraYing Jesus?

a) b) c) d)

A palace 30 Pieces of silver A field 25 gold coins

9. Who went on missionary journeYs to Preach to the Gentiles?

a) b) c) d)

Paul Peter James


10. Who asked for Jesus' bodY after the crucifixion? Simon of CYrene

a) b) c)


Mary Magdalene JosePh of Arimathea

Pontius Pilate


samanea wxoi:


Martechea sobit

Generatrh,i;:;tf ?l',;Xl?itT/,f,,n,hreorthe

30t8n2 Dn",t^!lfii',(urffiiTm#^,uu 3l/8/12

0l/9/12 02t9t12

ru,Mariechi dekh gheum_ya Bible Housie ai s o ddun, suddsuddai echim zavm_y a, Mariechi {l,ls dekh gheum-ya Biblicol Charact ers presentotion By keeping the Word of God, let us imitate Mary Movie on Mory By being chaste and pure in heart, let us imitate









Sorvesporacho Atmo amcher asa: Tachea preronnan cholum-ya, Mariechi dekh gheum_ya

Quiz on Mory & Morion devotions Borea utramlkomneamni Devachim bhokt zaum_y a, Mariechi dekh gheum-ya Morion hymns presentotion By showing concern towards the sick, the poor & the unloved, let us imitate Mary Prayer donce on Morion hymns Somiacho pattlav korum-ya, Mariechi dekh gheumya Poetry recitation on Mother Somiachi khuxalkai vanttum-ya, Mariechi dekh gheum-ya Candle light procession Mury our Blessed Mother- Born to beauti$z


Cutting Mother Mory's birthdoy coke


Sth September to 14th September,2012

Samanea Vixoi: Jivit novsorum-ya, Bhavarth somarombum-ya General Theme: Renewed, let us celebrate our Faith Ucharlolo bhavarth kholaum-Ya'

ist Read:1 Kor 3, 1-9 Gospel:Mt 16, 13-19

In faith seeing the marvels of God, let us renew our lives

1st Read:Acts 3, 1'10 Gospel:Mt 16, 13-19

Komneamni bhavarth dakhoum-Ya,

lst Read: Jak2, 14-24'26 Lk6,43-49

jivit novsorum-ya


Steadfast/courageous in faith, let us renew our lives

1st Read:lPet 1, 3-9 Gospel:Mt 10,26-33

Bhavarthan monisPonnan cholum-ya, jivit novsorum-Ya

Forgiving one another in faith,

1st Read: CoL3,12-17 Lk 11, 1-4

let us renew our lives


Bhavarthan ekcharachem j ivit jieum-ya, jivit novsorum-Ya

1st Read: D.1.4,32-3'l Gospel: Iu 17,20-26

Being committed witnesses/ evangelizers, let us renew our lives

lst Read: Rom 10, 9-18 Gospel: Mk 16, 15-20

Mariechea okhondd bhavarthache dekhin cholum-ya, jivit novsonrm-ya

Gospel: Jtt 19,25-27

Khurs ache a zottacho bhavarth somarombum-ya, j ivit novsorum-Ya

lst Read: Kol 1,21-23

'atoturtm,t Wr,lil^r* /c?AA,^rrrl 1) 13/s/2012 2) 20t5t20r2 -utJltr-i11,?lt'ltli,;!*sanfordFrancisFachoand ilffB;ii.tifitnil1*3il S/o Brjoy Sharma and Maria 3) 20t5t2012 /o No I Men ezes Hp":l W"r,,.,1 #..ffi ff :f lth 4) t0/6t2012 Reeta Tjsa - Bhagaban pradhan and Sarojini pradhan 5) t6/2012 Randal emandes anJ e




:l 81712012 7) 8) 2917/2012








Gravier savio Fernandes - comer Fernandes and sheril philomena Fernande.{--" Claris Benison. _ S.niron Thomas and Anjali Benison

,9%^t r?a: ly

l) 21512012 2) 5/512012 3) t0/6t2012

M t- w,,,,*,r


"7 alto Betim & Nisha Govardhan Manwani -- att<iF;rv;;i; Roha_n,Godwin.


Beevan Marino de Souza--^- Bangaiore & Meenal Aurelia Francis _ Banfalore Savio yves J;'.pi. At1o Betim & Tracy Ann Negredo panjim

D;;;': _

E'"'ar*r. {Ea-"**l ry"r//. _gr-A Mendonca

]] 2) 3) 4) 5)

?3/s/?0t2 616/2012



Delphine Dennis Gabriel Carvalho

Aldric Ignatius


_ _ _

pires 15/712012 AnjuAmoncar aiiasAngelinaVaz Pedro Inacio Agnelo

65 years 78 years 87 years


62 years 62years


Psalm 9 t has been my protector and my guide. I reamt psalm 91 when I was -.i*ot from then on r ao *itr,o"i iI I *"r." and say



Psalm 91 has arways protected me and my fam'y. Last year when we were driving back from our holiday, *" rorouni".ei an acci.tent on the highway which was so close that mv family wouldn'thave been here today irit*"r*irrmypsarm 9 1 . Jesus protected us una ruu.a-ur thank Him enough. A small message to all my friends. ii"ur" read psalm 91, thJ prayer for protection and God wili protect you and your family from all danger and nothing n'ill come near you nor harm you or your Travis dos Remedios Furtado

t-#;;;;;i;"*ot ru-lly.-

Zone 4 B


T.rtoeting s fre


in tfi,e rParisfr

Charismatic Prayer Meefings held every Tuesday in the church from 6.30 p.m. to g p.m. Intercessory prayers held every Thursday in the church from 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. Christian Family il,Iovement(CFl\,|) held every 2nd Monday on rotation in homes at 6.30 p,m. _ Couples For Christ (CFC) held every Tuesday in rotation in homes ffom 7 p.m. to 9 p.m, Encounter( l\{E) held every 3rti farriaSe i of the month in rotation in homes frorn 5 p,m, to;{oP'*:



held every Sunday in the church hall $.,iif.p,Sr ;,.aqfiei'fie 8 a.m. mass of Ma$ every Monday in church at 4.30 p.m. Pastoral Council(FpC) held on the MonOa;


'jl /'-:,,'




,j &-l

H i"



after the fust Sunday of the month in the church hall at 7 p.m.

Communion F-or Thc And The Sick


On Mondays after the lst Friday in Zones 1,2,3,4 on'ruesdays afrer the lst

F,iort;t;ffi];; & S

mento to a very special


for all more

St. Thomas Printzone, 2289529



Ghorabeacho Sangati  

Holy Family Parish Bulletin, Alto-Porvorim, Goa Volume : 15 ::Sept-Oct-Nov 2012

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