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Holy Family Parish Bulletin, Alto Porvorim Volume 15: June-July-August 2012


,: WEEKDAYS " ",,' Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday at 7.00 a.m. in Konkani Wednesday Mass & Novena of Peqpetual Succor at7 a.m. in English ,

,' ,ri::r:ll:1:- '

Confessions on 1" Friday from 5+.m. to 6 p.m. followed by mass in Konkani at 6.15 p.m. Saturday -6.30 p.m. Konkani/English Sunday -7.00 a.m. Konkani -8.00 a.m. English - 9.00 a.m. (Children's Mass) English/Konkani -4.30 p.m. Konkani


AT HOLY CROSS CHAPEL Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Friday, Saturday at7.00 a.m. in Konkani Wednesday Mass at 7 a.m. in English Sunday - 7.30 a.m. in English / Konkani Holy Family Church Alto Porvorim, Goa Phone: 0832 2413810 Website :

OFFICE TIMINGS 9.00 a.m. to 12 noon 5.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

(By appointment)


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CETEBRATII{G THE GIFI OF FAITH The call of our Holy Father through his recently promulgated apostolic leIler "Porta Fidei" to celebrate the gift of Faith, could not be more timely. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has announced the Year of Faith beginning 11* October, 2012 and concluding on24" November,2013. The

Year of Faith marks the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council. The starting date of 11" October, 2012 also marks the twentieth anniversary of the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church-an authentic and one of the most important fruits of the Council. The concluding date of 24" November, 2013 coincides with the Solemnity of

ChristtheKing. The Year of Faith is an invitation to everyone in the Church to celebrate and renew their faith - individually, in families, in parishes and schools, in our archdiocese, country and across our global Catholic community. The Year of Faith calls us into a deep renewal of our faith through rehacing the history of our faith, studying the Catechism, praying the Creed and seeking to be active witnesses of what we believe. The launching of the Year of Faith is intended primarily to help us, Catholics appreciate the gift of our faith, deepen our relationship with God and strengthen our commitment to sharing faith with others. The Holy Father outlined the purpose for the Year of Faith: to give renewed energy to the mission of the whole church to lead men and women out of the desert they often are in and towards the place of life, towards friendship with Christ who gives us life, and"life in abundance." (Jn 10,10). Referring to the Council, the Holy Father expresses his sentiments thus: "I feel more than ever in duty bound to point to the Council as the great grace bestowed on the Church in the twentieth century.' there we find a sure compass by which to take our bearings in the century now beginning." The last fifty post-conciliar years have proved to be a Spirit-inspired and guided period of Grace wherein we have witnessed transforming winds of change- a change for ever necessary renewal of the church. However this joumey has not been without its share of successes and failures. While on the one hand the Council documents have found concrete expression in the life and mission of the Church and its members, sadly there are still many who are yet to open the doors of their minds and hearts to the vision set forth by the Council Fathers and to the teachings of the Magisterium ofthe Church.

The Catechism ofthe Catholic

Church-one ofthe most important fruits ofthe Council encapsulates the power and beauty of our faith. In the Apostolic Constitution Fidei Depositum, signed on the thirtieth aruriversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, Blessed John Paul II of fond memory wrote: "this catechism will make a very important contribution to that work of renewing


it to be a valid

and legitimate instrument for ecclesial communion and a sure norm forteachingthe faith'" It is in this sense that the Year of Faith will have to see a concerted effort to rediscover and study the fundamental content of the faith that receives its systematic and organic synthesis inthe Catechism ofthe Catholic Church. Here, in fact, we see the wealth of teaching that the Church has received, safeguarded and proposed in her two thousand years of history. From Sacred Scripture to the Fathers of the Church, from theological masters to the saints acloss the centurie s,the Catechlsre provides a pefinanent record of the many ways in which the church has meditated on the faith and made progress in doctrine so as to offer certitude to believers in their lives of faith' It is pertinent that handing down the truths and tenets of our faith should facilitate an encounter with Jesus- the "pioneer and perfecter of our faith" (Heb l2:2). Such a faith encounter necessarily leads the believer to bear witness to the truth of the Gospel while living in communion with Him. It is this faith encounter that enables him to recognize Christ and impels him to assisthimwheneverhe becomes ourneighbour along the journey oflife.

the whole life of the Church ...


Let this time of preparation for the year of faith as promulgated by our Holy Father, be an opportune time of Grace to rediscover the rich treasures of our faith and having found the pearl of priceless value, may we lead others find the right path towards the "door of faith", to the fount of living waters-Christ the one Saviour of the world.

ourArchdiocese celebrates its faith this pastoral year with the theme: "God and creation in covenant: Integral development-Life abundant!" drawing inspiration from ourArchbishop's Pastoral letter published last year. As shaiers of tn" fife abundant promised by Christ, our Saviour, let us rededicate ourselves to work unitedly for the integral development ofthe human and respect the covenant God makes and renews daily with His person ^Creation. Thus we will have borne witness to our faith, founded on Christ, in whom is love unfathomable, j oy inexplicable and life abundant'

-Fr. Tomas Lobo Parish Priest

DEV BhRElal KhRAll,., Mt. I 7, I - 1 3( Jezuchem Rupantor) Tea dongrar, Jezvchem Rupantor zalem tedna Pedruk ani dusrea xisank borem dislem. Tankam thoim raupachi oddh lagli. Dekhun Pedru udgarlo "Saiba, ami hangach raulear zobor borsm" (Mt. 17, 4) Punn Jenn tankam dongra vele sokla vhele karann urlole xi s tankam rautale ani D evachem utor tannim porgottunk zai aslem. Thoddo kall tumchea sangata ravunk mhaka borem dislem. Mhaka-i hangach ravun vaur korunk distalem. PunnArsebispan mhoji goroz siminarint polleli, xikoupak ani siminaristank samballpak. Dekhun hanvem vechench poddlem. Zaiteamnim, tumi mhoji thoknnai keli. Zaito vaur hangasor korcho asa; zaiteo vostu nittaier ghalcheo asat. Monant ieuzun axil'lom punn Devan mhaka dusre kodden pattoilo. Thoddo -thoddo vaur suru kel'lo. Nittaier ghalpacho vaur soglleankuch avoddna. Punn Devacho vaur fuddem vhorunkuchzai ani Dev apnnak zaitebhaxen to fuddem vhorta. Pri. Tomasache upkar attoitamkarann tannem mhoji oddchonn ollkholi ani modekotuch tannem mhaka he firgojent ieunk porvangi dili. Ami ixtt asleanv, atam hi ixttagot odik mozbut zali. Dev tache udexim zaitem he firgojent borem kortolo mhonn mhaka asvason asa. Bro. Kevinakui dhinvastam, zaito mhoje-vhelo bhar tannem aplea khandar ghetlo. Ami bhauponnan j iele, hech ixttagotint j ieteleat. Tumche soglleamche upkar attoitam. Tumi mhoje sovem husko dakoilo ani mog dilo. Tumi mhoje "bank account" magnneancho. Sodanch mhoje pasot magchem ani hanvui tumche pasot magtolom. Siminar polleunk ieunchem ani ghoddta te bhaxen tika adar korcho. 1. Devachea utracho ani Misache bhettecho mog korat. 'Short' Mis aikunk hevtten-teutten dhanvchi goroz na. He igofent huxear ani bhagevont padri mis sangtat. Ieram bhaxen titlem 'short' zaina zait punn vella- bhairui vochonant. 2. Inglez mis sodche poros Konkani xikat ani xitaben vantto gheiat. Zhaddache khande kitle-i vhoir vochum punn mull gorj echem. Ami Goykar, hem visorchem nhoi. 3. Bhurgim amchim huxear, zaitea mollanim porzolltat punn

misak (suttientporian disonant. Tim he firgojecho fuddar ani tumche zantte piraier adar. Devache bhirantin ani peleachea mogantankamvaddoiat. 4. Firgojechim khatim asat tim odik mozbut ani jivall korat.

Tumchea ghoranim sirvidoram asat punn


igorjecho vaur kelear konn sirvidor zaina. Igo{e sovem

nhoich fokot duddhvancho punn dusre-i torecho adar korat. Ek mot'tem avhann mhollear


somudai suru korunk. Misacho vell porian vicharunk zaitim sezareank vicharinant punn igorjent sotaitat. Eka-mekachea sombondan jievop bhou



gorjechem. Poilim



kristanvam oxinch ekamekachea huskean ani mogan jielim. Somudai gorjecheo. Sadhea monanchim ani udar kall z acbim zaiat.


Aarisfr 1r[ews,..,..


-2011-2012 The closing day ofthe catechetical year 2011-2012 was celebrated on 4d March, 2012. A special liturgy marked the occasion. It was the second Sunday of Lent dedicated to the BiblicalApostolate in ourArchdiocese. The theme chosen for the mass was "Be thankful, Jesus loves you". The introduction exhorted the congregation to be thankful to God for His unconditional love and for the numerous blessings and graces received and to pray that the work of the Biblical Apostolate may flourish and be fruitful. Fr. Tomas in his homily emphasized that the Bible is God's love letter to human beings. It speaks about His loving plan for the salvation of mankind and hence it is important that we not only listen to the Word of God but also relate it to our day to day life and act on it. A short program followed the Mass. Abouquet was presented to Fr. Tomas.

of certificates to children from to deserving K.G Standard IX. Tokens of appreciation were handed out to the "Cherubs", the Catechists and the Cherubs exiting the choir this year. Tokens were alsopresentedto Fr. Tomas Lobo, Fr.Agnelo Gomes andBro. Kevin. Ms. Maria Dias, Coordinator, was also honoured for all her tireless effort in making "Celebrate God in Creation" a huge success. Fr. Tomas then addressed the congregation and thanked everyone for their constant support and help in making the catechetical year 20 I 1 -12 a fruitfu I one. The pro gram wound up with the distribution of sweets. The same evening at 4.30pm, the catechists had their annual evaluation and fellowship meeting at Deepti Sadan. It commenced with a prayer service. All the catechists placed their class worksheets at the foot of the crucifix kept on a table together with envelopes containing scriptural passages, Each catechist picked an envelope with the message God intended for them. After silent reflection on the passage of the Bible from which the message was taken, each one wrote down their response to God's Word for them and shared among those present. The sharing session was very touching. The messages with the individual responses were placed back at the foot of the Cross. The catechists then stood around the crucifix holding each other's hands in solidarity, for the final prayer of surrender. Maria Dias thanked all the catechists, particularly those who are exiting, for their services rendered to the Parish Community. The mood was lightened by playing a couple of amusing games, followed by refreshments in which Fr.Tomas, Fr. Agnelo and Bro. Kevin also joined in. Finally, Fr. Tomas thanked the catechists and expressed the need for more committed catechists after which the catechists bid farewell to one another and went The Annual report was then read, followed by presentation

homejoyful. -Sheila Furtado, Catechist






nly- Zg*LUCUSt

ZOt t- the following was the newly elected committee


-MatiasMenezes -Russelsantamaria -ValerieVaz -TtacYAnnD'Mello





lgTOBER.2qLL_clothes for adults and toys for children that were given by the parish, were givento the slumareainPorvorim. 208 !C:IQEER-20-LL-r4embers of the youth participated in a football toumament heldatDonBosco. 2.d

AC:IQEERJQLL-a movie titled "Mother Teresa" was screened for the parish. participated in the 3Qu lgTQBERJqLLmembers of the Holy Family Parish Youth Mapusa. College, St. Xavier's held at DAY MAPUSADEANERYYOUTH


206-NQLEMBE&-28-LL- the Holy Family Parish Youth gtoup along with the guidance and support of Br. Soccorro Rebello, conducted a talent show for the children of the parish.


t t - tne Holy Family Parish Youth group brought in carols intherespectivezones intheparish. singing ihe spirit ofthebirth of Christby 26*.2*-28*lAIuJARI20-1-1=ttre Holy Family ParishYouth, organized the prize and game stalls forthe respective fete days.

l-l*J3"=l-$* nECBtvtgBR.



the overall culturalprogramme was organisedonthe feast day.

21o F,EERUABX20 !2 - a party was held for the members by the youth animator,


I 6* I




to depict the death of Christ, the youth reenacted the way of the


ItS*ApnfI,.Z012-astreetbasketballtoumamentwasheldfortheyouthoftheparish. group visited theAuxilium of sacred I d.APBJLJO12- the Holy Family ParishYouth





5d au4_6u of Ir4,qy.



Mary ZO t

an old



Z- the Holy Family Parish Youth group had a retreat in Dasya

.o"a*t"aUv nutt "tt "tt"t. t Zs oJUaI2Ol2- choir members of the Holy Family Parish

f.* I I





took part in


Youth group including a choir compeiition held at the Parra Parish.

the HolyFamilyYouth group organised arosary.

["laafeOfZ- ,fre Holy Family Parish Youth group had a youth picnic to celebrate I -a *."pt.t" tt e year 20i l-2012. lU:-wev-UlZ- the Holy Family Parish Youth group had a youth forum which I

li"uotu"A voutn roembers sharing their opinions and suggestions related to all the I events taken place this year.

eV*'St. Augustine The life of St. Augustine is one of the most beautiful examples of God's unfailing love and unconditional mercy. Augustine, right from a tender age was subject to the various ways of the world which influenced him and led him down the paths of sin and comrption. Only something that is good is capable of undergoing comrption, for if it were not good then there would be nothing in it to be comrpted. Being a creation of God, Augustine was therefore good just as we are and hence was subject to the comrption of this world.

As we look into the life of St. Augustine we see that although he would become a great man of faith, he began just like any of us. Not only was he bogged down with the weight of sin but he experienced a great deal of pain and suffering in his life. He went through phases of severe depression and debilitating grief. In his book, 'the Confessions' he writes about his struggle with sin and especially with the sin of lust. This sin stems from the deep desire to love and be loved. He fell into this sin because as he describes, his soul was starving for inward food which he looked to others to satisfy. However, the food they provided was comrptible and only drew him deeper and deeper into sin.

He realized that neither in games nor music nor banqueting, neither in pleasures ofthe bed and couch nor in books or poetry could he find any rest and throughout his life up until his baptism, Augustine repeatedly comes back to this pewasive restlessness, this feeling ofnot being quite right or at home. On introspection into our own lives we realize that all our wants are within us while the things or people we look to, to satis$r these wants are outside us and cannot by any faculty of their own enter our souls. For this reason we are always restless because we are created by God and our hearts are restless until

theyrestinHim. This restlessness is manifested in various ways. The sin of sloth longs for rest

but what rest is there but in the Lord? Luxury parades as plenty and abundance but it is only the Lord who is the fullness and never failing abundance of pleasures that are incomrptible. Wastefulness presents a semblance of liberality but it is God who is the overflowing giver of good. Covetousness would possess many things but the Lord is the possessor of all things. Envy wrangles for first place but who can be before the Lord? Anger seeks revenge but who can avenge justly but the Lord? Fear jumps with alarm at the unexpected and sudden threat to things beloved and is wary of their

Securitybutwho can separate thoG you love from you? Augustine's story begins with the goodness of God's creation, takes a turn for the worse in his early life of restlessness, but by the grace of God he is wooed and finally won. It is so wonderful to hear his story to see how personally God works in our lives. The Lord took his gifts and kept them and redeemed his previous skills with words

and philosophy for His greater glory. He filled his amazing mind to overflowing with the Word. The Lord truly redeemed and answered this

prayer: to you, my source of sweet delight, and I thank you for your gfts. Keep glory my confidence. and my you will keep me' The talents you this way in them for me, for perfected, and Iwill bewithyou andbe have givenwill increase gift I exist"to me that since itwas your

"My God, I give thanks

AugUstine's conversion is a beautiful example of God's power to call us gently to Him, to ignite the desire of our wills toward Him so that the whispers of sin in our lives do not easily entangle us. Despite a few errors and wrong emphasis, Augustine sought the Lord and sought to obey Him. He prayed, "My entire hope is exclusively in your very great mercy' Grant what you command, and command what you wi11". Likewise we ought to pray that God will give us the ability to fuIfill His will in every area of our life and the wisdom and integrity to apply His truth to the most basic assumptions and even to the peripheral activities of our lives. The words ofAugustine turn our thoughts and hopes to the Father, Son and Spirit who

have loved us so much in creation, in redemption & in patient teaching, to walk in God's way. Let us pray that the ears, eyes, nose, mouth and skin of ourheartwill be opened to God more and more, that we mightknowHimmore closely and long for Him more dearly, that He might draw us to Him so thatwe may findrest in Him. -Erushka de Sousa, Zone 2C


ttlu Prayer I've got Jesus in my heart And He shows me the path, Each morning when I wake up to pray He listens to my prayer And guides me on my




When I am at school and at play He helps me when I am wrong And makes me see what's And that's my Jesus the light of my life.



Travis Dos Remedios Furtado

Zone 4

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Salinus A. Coutinho Treasurer, Parish Bulletin


Alto Porvorim, Goa.


of Iebruaryr2Ol2 orur childrents choir ttGherubs" pot up an angelic performance in the spiritual concert ((Celebrate God in Creation". The captivated audience had a lot to chare about the perforrnance and herebelow are solne of their appreciative cornrnents. . . . .. . . . . . . 19*


The spiritual concert presented by the 'Cherubs' of Holy Family Parish, Porvorim on 19* February 2012, was beyond doubt an enriching experience, "Celebrate God in creation" touched upon the very essence of man's relationship with the Divine Father. The melodious songs sung, the well choreographed dances, the meaningful skits .. . everything, just everything left me spell bound. I must congratulate every person on stage as well as off stage for putting together such a marvel. Indeed it was a tapestry of talents. Well done Cherubs! I appreciate and applaud all your efforts in singing praises to God. I look forward to more of such presentations inthe future! -Mrs. Sybil Rodrigues, Parishioner, Zone



The musical concert by the 'Cherubs'was indeed commendable, well reheaxsed and well co-ordinated, it provided a platform to showcase young talent. Even small details of passing the correct mic, exit and entry of participants from the stage was taken care of. The dances were very graceful and a delight to watch. The whole concert was entertaining and meaningful, spreading the Word of God through song and dance. In today's world getting a group of youngsters to come together and perform is a very diffrcult task. The efforts of the trainer need to be appreciated for the discipline that takes months of training and hard work. The songs were very catchy and withprofessional musical backing, apleasure to listen to. These are a few areas of improvement that can be kept in mind the future:


1) The dress was indeed elegant and modest but needed to be changed after a few,scenes. Watching the children with the same dress more than an hour was monotonous. Parents could have borne

the expenditure of costumes which is big deal in comparison to the amount of money they spend on their children for other things. After all, this concert also gave the kids an opportunity to exhibit their talents. 2) The star silger of each song should have come forward to sing making it easy for the audience to identifi the child rather than searching "to whom does that voice belong to?" Some ofthe singers were outstanding and deserved to be recognized. - Mrs. Ana Paula Fernandes,

Taleigao What would one expect from a concert put up by children? Well a lot of cute faces and entertaining items but not perfection. After all not

much is expected from children. However, "Celebrate God in Creation" proved this concept totally wrong! Being an ex-member of "Cherubs", I should have been on stage. But I am glad this time I got an opportunity to witness the concert as a part of the audience. I can sincerely say that it was three hours ofmy life well spent! What a concert! Spectacular! From the word go, one could tell that it definitely took a lot of hard work and umpteen number ofpractices. We literally had to have our'eyes-a- peel'to catch a goofup. Perfect coordination and entries and exits so graceful were the order of the day. Smiling faces with bold performances by the innocent children - real Cherubs. Every child played their role to perfection especially thbyoungerones. The costumes were well chosen. Initially I thought that a plain white satin costume was not the right choice but with so much of colour around during skits and dances, coloured costumes would have taken away the attention from the main acts. The costumes reflected best during the final song wherein the lit lamps combined with the light effects created a festival of colours. Congratulations to Oscar Mascarenhas for the light effects! The props were simple and explicit. The onstage movements were kept well in check so as to keep distraction to the minimum. The dance 'One World' used a prop of the earth which later on formed a part ofthe backdrop - really innovative. The Song T.{oah O Noah' had the children as such cute animals on the Ark. The PETA campaign would definitely benefit from using these little pets! The skit "Colours of The Rainbow" just showed us how perfect a skit

couldbe androles played confi dently if practiced well. Aditi (purple) even remembered to point to the Bishop ! 'Faith', quite a catchy tune again showed the finesse that practice can achieve with the simple turning of the placards F-A-I-T:-H' The touching testimony by Mrs. Eliza Gomes revealed the importance of faith and trust in our Lord God in every situation. The audience thought that there was a technical error when the lights came on before 'Devacho Mog' but when we all turned our heads to look behind; to our surprise we saw a procession of Israelite pilgrims led by Moses walking towards the stage' Such cute oldies were among the lotl The dance 'Fortress'was well choreographed with costumes that were synergistic to the flow of the dance. The Mime was very cute and conveyed a message on how we can play a role in protecting our environment. The wood-cutter especially caught our ittention, what a cute little fellow; I would certainly like to hire him! The Medley was the best sung part of the concert with everyone singing confidently. 'God Bless Goa'with a march-like beat would do well as a theme song for our State. The concert did not forget our dear Mother Mary. The song 'O Beautiful life' was dedicated to her. The soft glow of candles and scintillating colours of lights, was a treat to the eyes !

The compereHazel Faleiro and narrators Marsha, Trisha and Joel were good and apt in their respective roles. The Archbishop, Most Rev. Filipe Neri Ferrao's message was interesting and inspiring as always. The band too did a splendid job. And so the curtains came


meaningful, flawless, meticulously planned and executed concert! Congrats to Mrs. Iona Siqueira and her team of efficient volunteers who worked tirelessly back stage, the cast 'Cherubs', Fr. Tomas Lobo for training the children to sing so beautifully and of course to the Director Mrs. Maria Dias!

down on

- Samuel Soares


ng a part

of something always makes it that much more special, so here we have the Cherubs sharing what this performance meantto them. We must protect God's creation. They too have the right to be protected in the same way we humans want to be protected from all harm. - Rosevan Menezes A1l the Cherubs were fully confident of their roles and displayed their talents with great discipline and pride. Five months of sincere and dedicated practices finally bore fruits. I owe the success to our guide Ms. Maria Dias and the team of catechists who patiently trained us by placing their full trust in God. The concert was greatly appreciated by every individual. I will always cherish this unforgettable experience. The message I got: We must keep our environment clean.

-Rions Po

Awonderful concert. It made the vision of God clear to us and to the people through song and dance that Mother earth has to be kept clean and protected from all harm. My experience during this show was amazing. It helped me understand my duty towards my mother land. There was a lot of love, happiness and laughter shared among us 'Cherubs.' It was one big family. Even though we are in the darkest phase of our life there is always a small light that flickers and thus shows us the presence of God our heavenly Father. ...

-StffiFernandes I was happy to take part for the first time. We were going to perform before the Bishop and our parishioners. I was nervous and scared. But thanks be to God allwentwell evenmy solo singing

- Stella Fernandes

all the songs he had too boring but later on we were felt the songs we In the beginning, composed. to the beat of the and singing swaying loved We found them very interesting. mother earth in every to is save I received music by the band. The message me for choosing Maria, for little way that I can. Thank you Fr. Tomas and Tr. this concert. Itwas wonderful!

... An

awesome experience! Fr. Tomas taught us


Velishu Colaco

6n"u?;t"*::"; and gave me the chance to mix and interact with the other Cherubs of different

I also leamt the benefits of hard work. Specially singing 'Celebrate God in Creation', 'Faith', 'He is Lord', 'Follow Me' 'Canticle of the Sun'and'O Beautiful Life'brought me joy and a feeling of gladness. It also made me more aware not to waste water, food, litter the surroundings and to do my bit for saving our world. - Eden Heredia ages and form friendships.

After hard work and efforts of 'Fr. Tomas, Ms. Maria, the volunteers and participants 19* February 'l2finally arrived. I was thrilled. Everything went on smoothly and everyone acted out their roles very well. The message I received is God created the earth and all in it and with great love created man to take care of His creation so I shall try to do my part in protecting God's creation' Indeed I enjoyed myself very much


' -Muriu Fernundes

After practicing irresponsibly since Octobeq this concert turned out to be magnificent and overwhelming. I experienced: deep joy and satisfaction after praising God through His Word concert.


in this

- drawn closer to God, understand His love for me more deeply. - love and affection

from other'Cherubs'.

- the love Ms. Maria has for us even though she scolded us for our behaviour. Knowing our potential she wanted us to excel on the final day through being disciplined and responsible.

This concert gave me a second chance to praise and sing God's Word to others, the first being "Celebrate Jesus". It bestowed a deep message that: -

we should love God's creation and work to preserve it,

- our faith in Go d during hard time s or

diffrculties should be constant

- spread the Word of God to others.

-Pia Fernandes One fine day Ms. Maria called up and told me that there's another programme


'Celebrate Jesus'

in the offing. I was very

excited and ready to

praise God once again. Ms. Maria is a woman of strong faith, the foundation of our concert, the cause of our success. She would yell, which got me low, but I realised later that she did so in order to inculcate in us:


Worthwhile qualities of punctuality, respect for other peoples' time, responsibility, eamestness, hard work and obedience.

- Love for God and deep faith in Him & turning to Him at all times, for success comes from His hands ultimately.

We, senior Cherubs realised that we had our own responsibility towards the


The day of the performance was a blast; every participant was so professional in witressing to the great love of Our Almighty God. My participation in the group fusion dance 'Fortress' was mind blowing. The a drastic change in my life. Our endless number ofpractice sessions and prayers paid off. The concert was a great success. The crowd loved and enjoyed it. My thanks to Fr. Tomas who trained us to sing all his compositions and for initiating the concert thus giving us a platform to once again proclaim God's Word and message. I also thank the backstage volunteers, the narrators, all those who helped us in every little way. And of course, Ms. Maria! May God bless her abundantly and may she keep smiling! "We all love you Miss. . ."

whole prograrnme brought

-Plidon Fernandes The experience was awesome. The following is what

I learnt and


aware of:

- importance of creation to mankind, from the fish in the sea to the birds in the air, each object of creation is very important to us. - our modern

lifestyle has led to the degradation of creation.

- importance of prayer. We prayed at each practice session. Though some children made fun, God heard our prayers. - if one wants best results, hard work is amust, it leads to success. During the manymonths ofpractice, we lackeddisciplinebut Godwasmerciful to us. - to be

social by interacting with different children.

Now comes the performance part - my best experience -


many children gained self-confidence, over-came stage fright.

- the band, the dances, were awesome. The dances I took part in were 'One World'which educated us not to pollute the world, as we have only one world

to live in.'Forfress', revealed

to me that Jesus is our ForLress, keeps us safe and secure


byHis side. Our teacher tried her best to inculcate the virtue of punctuality - to respect the time of all involved, ours, Father Tomas'S, teachers', volunteers' and parents'. She didn't waste aminute! Fr. Tomas was a good example to all of us, with his cool and calm personaliry we leamt how to stay cool and calm even under tension. He did not say a word to anyonebut always motivatedus.

Everyone was sad when the practice sessions came to an end. I never expected in my wildest dreams that this concert would be spectacular. This whole prograrnrne woulfl not have been possible without prayers to our loving God. Thank you Fr. Tomas and Ms. Maria for giving me a very beautiful experience throughout this programme ! -Keegan Pinto

.Will always be a memorable one. I experienced: - unity and discipline helps achieve greaterheights. -became quite responsible and disciplined. - The tyrics of Father's compositions touched me a lot. 'O Beautiful life so chaste and so pure', 'what you need is faith and you can do marvelous things', 'we are a family living in harmony','we are one community' etc. - joy, fun, friendship and a sense of oneness - a bonding. - importance of having friends. One can trust and share with them on a personal level. - from Fr. Tomas to be peaceful and calm, even when we were up to our worst mischiefpossible - I like this quality! -thebandwas superb. - singing solo 'Fresh Fire' on such a gtand scale increased my self confidence. It was my best hymn ever. I received a lot ofpraise. My gratitude to you Ms. - immense sadness as I am going to miss all the fun, friends and you my dear Ms. Maria, as I am receiving my confirmation this July, it will be the time to leave my lovely little'Cherubs' choir. Ms., I am really, really going to miss you so much, my friends and all those who have helped me in my life to come up in this choir. I gratefully thank everyone forthis wonderful experience duringthis spiritual concert. - Osleen Ann Pinto ..


spiritual concert' Nice


man Perfect.


Practice makes




band made songs livelier. It was fun swaying to the music'



came together every day for one cause'

andhow - songs were meaningful. Made us aware of God's beautiful creation we shouldtake care of it. - forged new friendships and got to -

know the old ones better'

prayer is important.

to face - developed self confidence. overcame stage fright and nervousness crowd. we all had fun playing 'ring' on the day of our last practice. I am waiting for the next concert, hope we have it soon. - Charissa Lobo

After many months of hard work, we all felt that we performed.very well on I was the main day, The concert went on beautifully with no major mistakes. bless will and I know that God tiven this blautiful opportunity to participate in a te with many more zuch oppornrnities and each and every one ofhasusbeen who special way. Iiruly would like to thank our catechist Ms. Maria that we will benefits the exit, and entry actions, iJ""n*g rr. at-ost all of the to ail other Thanks dedicated. mentaily receive"if we afe spiritually and to Fr' thanks My us' train to off time catechists and volunteers who took beautiful his sing to us haining Torrru., for organizing this concert and compositions. God bless You all. - Selvin Solis

never than


felt more athome inmy own

the church, the hall. I have felt this is where I live.

During the concert I felt satisfied that "ok everyone is special, unique . . . each of us have olu own special talent; so in a way you helped us to believe in ourselves. I love to be known as a Cherub ofthe Holy Family Church. On the last day ofpractice, majority ofus were playing 'ring' in the compound

oblivious of the 'music' we would have to face when we trooped to the hall forty five minutes late! And face it we did with strait-laced faces. We were given a dressing down, good and proper, and detained for half an hour to make up for lost time. But playing together I felt, I had not one, not two, but twenty eightbrothers and sisters. I love this choir and the lessons it has taught me, - the thoughts, feelings etc, it evoked in me. It has given me new life, a new chapter I must follow. I feel God has shownme anewway ... -

Inica Fernandes

... Aunique experience.. I was asked to choreograph dances - a difficult task but took up the challenge of getting the groups together and training them to perfection. I.leamt how to: - get

along with all the younger cherubs.

-be committedand sacrifice mytime. -


- grow


one cohesive family.

spiritually closerto Jesus

- be aware that God has given us His beautiful world and it is my duty and responsibility to care and protect it in every possible way.

I thank Fr. Tomas and Ms. Maria for giving me an opporlunity to be part of this beautiful concert.


Padua-cho $ant Anton SantAntonicho zolm' Agostach0 I 5'u', 1 1 95 vorsa, Lisboa-k zalo. Tachem nanv Fernandu Martins de Bule6ix aslem. Tachea bapaichem nanv Vixent

Martins de Bule6ix ani avoichem Terez Paix Iiliii Taveir aslem. Fernand-achi famil girest asloli. Fernandan zaitem xikchem mhunn taka katedralachea iskolant ghatlo. Familichea khuxie add, Fernand Sant Agustinachea Kon'g-achea

ordichea somudaien (Canons Regular), Lisboantlea durgam bhailea Sant Vixentichea igorjen bhitor sorlo. Uprant Latim ani Teoloji xikpak Kuimbra-chea Santa Cruz Motthant taka dhaddlo. Padriponnachim poilim vorsam Fernandun padriponnachi makhnni 1219 vorsa ghetli. Abadia-nt (Abbey) ailolea soireanchea dasti gheupachem kam' Fernand-ak dilolem. oxem astanam, Elmerr'rib-ant (trtlorocco) moirank xubhvortoman porgoffunk vetolea panch Fransiskani Fradim (friars) lagim ollokh zali. Tanchea sadea jivitachea chalicho probhav Fernandacherpoddlo. Fuddlea vorsachea Febrer mhuinean te panchui Fradi martir zal'le mhunn Fernand-ak khobor mell'li. Apunnui roktsakxi (martir) zauncho mhunn Fernand-ak dislem. pap Saibachem utor gheun Femand-an Agustiani Kon'g-achi Ord soddun Fransiskani ordin bhitor sorlo. olivaix ganvant to gelo, ani thiiisorlea vortea santAntonik (saint Anthony the Great) bhettoil'lea kopelantlean, Anton nanv ghetlem. Elmerr'rib-ak vetanam Anton duent poddlo ani to Italiak Fransiskani ordichea mukhel kendrachea vatter laglo. viaj kortanam eka moddan tach ea taw ak S ichilia zunvear pavoilo. Mis'sin a (M e s s in a) xarant to denvun Tuskanchea vatter sorlo. Thriim taka ek konventan ghalo, punn tachea duent mukhamollak lagun taka tras zale. Xekim tachi vaitt bolaiki polleun, Anton-ak atamchea Italia desantlea, Romania (Rom a gn a) xehantlea (of the region), Forli lagsorlea San Pauluchea ospixant ghatlo. Thuim te kuz'nant vavurt ale, ani zaitovell taka magnneanim sarpak sondhi asli. Provochon anixikovop Ek dis padrichea maknnek zaite Dominikani Fradi ailole. Dominikani fradi provochon korpak fanki asle, ani te kortole provochon mhunn Fransiskani Fradi chinti. Punn Dominikani Fradi Fransiskani Fradi provochon kortole

mhunn chinti. Xekim Fransiskani


jem jiberutor ghalta nhoikarlem, punn vhoddilan aikolem nam. PovitrAtmo tem ulounchem, mhunn vhoddilan sangun Antonin boro xermanv dilo' Itali6Soglleam-nim chit diun (mon ghalun) aikolem. UprantAntonik ut'tor chea Lombardia xetrant dhaddlo. As'sizacho Sant Fransis, zo Fransiskani polleun, Ordicho vhoddil aslo, Antonichi khobor aikun, ani tachem sadeponn taka tornatteam fradi xikpak dhaddle. Igorjen Antonichea vixex Devan Tuluz dil'leam denneancho bore-bhaxen faido ghetio. Dokhim Fransantlea punn ani Montpelierachea universidadinim il'lo kall Antonan xikoilem, tachem soglleam poros vhodd boreantlem-borem provochon korpachem dennem aslem. 1226 vorsa uprant, Anton Novea Gregor Pap Saiba-chea

(PopeGregoryIX,s)IeralKapitulacho(GeneralChapter)dutzalo'Tachea provochonachi vhodd tust keli.

Moronn aniuPrant 1231 vorsa, Edema duensak lagun Anton Camposampiero gelo ani eka (room) bandli' Okroddiche a (Walnut) zhaddachea khandeam khal ek ktdd Anton Motthant, Padua-k portitanam, Archel'lachea Klarisachea ordichea Devaxim porot gelo, 123 i vorsachea Junachea I 3'u'. Tachi pirai (age) sou-tis roddlim ani (3 6) vorsanch asli. Anton melea uprant bhurgim ro steam-nakeanr Igorj eche6 ghanttd apunnuch vazle6. Sant Anton melea uprant, tankam ekach vorsant, Mai-ache 30'u' ,1232 vorsa, Saib Piu nemlo Pap saib Gregor Ix"*, Perujia xetrantlea Spoleto xarant. Pap Igorjecho Antonik baravean (Pius KI) 1946 vorsant, Janer-ache 16"*, Sant nemlo. Sant Antonichi kudd eka kopelant purli, zhiiim atam

Dotor mhunn Bajilikaasa.


Sant Anton sant Anton zarteamvostumcho ani ganvamcho askari Qtatron).

sanddleleam vostuncho, Amerikan

mull lokancho (American


zonavorancho, vanztteponn poisaupacho (barrenness), Btazllacho' Izraelzantteancho, Bhov Poviff Sonvskarantbhavartacho, Nistemkarancho, chittincho, Filistinantleam Fransiskanacho, Pikecho, Ghoddeancho, goribancho, tarvotteanch o (mariners), dhumallo diloleam lokancho, bi. bhukel'leanchoi en),ani gn w om purtugalacho, gorbest b ailancho Qt re ant - foshua De Mello Zone 2 D

TESTIMONY......,.,.... .. . . one is, as though nothing is a There are only two ways to live ... miracle . . . the other is, as if everything is.

-AlbertEinstein My family and I, along with our one year old son take this opportunity to share with you our experience of this beautiful journey with Jesus at the steering wheel. Quoting the famous scientistAlbert Einstein I'd like to tell you that as of today I believe that every day and every moment and everything is a miracle. My little sonEthan is apure sign of amiracle. Aliving example of our Creator's great deeds and healing power. In life you can never choose the experience you are going to have but you can always choose the way you are going to face it. And in our case, we have learnt

to face life's experiences and challenges with faith, faith in our Lord for we now strongly believe that faith is stronger than fear. And as it is said as faith grows, miracles blossom, Today as I look at it every day was

miracle for me, right from the time I was given the gift of Ethan all through the 'then'times when I thought I was in a

complete doubt and darkness and the 'now' times when I realize that God was, is andwillbe intotal control ofEthan's life. I still remember that fateful day of 13* April 2011 when my son Ethan was barely 26 days old, he was diagnosed with a complex congenital heart disease. Then, I wondered, I questioned and I doubted God. . . I thought the only thing that could save my son was the three stage surgery as mentioned by the doctors. But then again it was not all that simple. The doctors expressed the urgency of the first surgery for Ethan within that month and explained the risk factor of only 500/o chances of survival. This is when we turned to prayers, believing that 'what is impossible to man is possible to God'. Prayers by each one of us at home, prayers from relatives far and near, friends, neighbours, priests, prayil Broups, colleagues, retreat centres.''.a11 stormed heaven. A simple message from Psalm 138 " will do everything you have promised, Lord your love is eternal, complete the work that you have begun" was the first ray of hope and indeed when we went the second time to

fix the date for the surgery , miraculously we heard what yearning to hear. The doctors said that there was no need of the our hearts were surgery then as my son was doing well as the very reason for the operation was see the doctors to

naturally taking place. Sirach ch 2 'We place our destiny in the hands of Lord , not in the hands ofmen, because His mercy is as great Howthese powerful words hold so true in our life!


His Majesty"

The function of prayer is not just to influence God but rather to change the nature of the one who prays. we grow in faith, we grow to trust and we learn to believe in our creator's plan. But many a times we misunderstand the term 'faith', we stretch it to the point where we demand for all that we want, we want things to work out according to our plans and its only on the 30* of January }}lzllearnt that "faith is not the belief that God will do what you want, it is the belief that God will do what is right". That was the day when my son at 11 months underwent his heart surgery. That was the day when the surgeons told us that there was yet another risk, the lung pressures were high, surgery was "taking a chance, a dsk". That was the day the surgeons told us


if the operation was not successful they would have to revert back the

procedure after Zdays ofobservation and this could be fatal for Ethan. That was the day we battled again with our faith, but that was also the day when, once again, the Lord showed us the power of His mercy and after 8 hrs of arxious moments out of the operation Theatre, with prayers pouring from all over, we were finally told that the surgery was a success. Again, I mention miraculously his lung pressures were at an appropriate level because of which the sufgery was a success. Prayer truly releases the power of God into a


Now when Ethan is almost 14 months I think of how complicated a heart disease he has got and yet how by our Saviour's healing touch all is under control. Jesus truly is in fulI control of my son's life, and I see it in the way he breathes, in the way he sleeps, in the way he smiles, laughs' hops, crawls, walks and I thank God for His constant watch over my son.

"If the only prayer you ever say in life is "Thank you". . . today we are truly thankful to God for His countless and is enough.", that grateful to all those wonderful people who prayed for our uttd err"r blessings you Jesus for you and bless all who knocked say "Thank little Ethan. I would prayers for Ethan" ' you with poured at your door and I'd like to end by quoting Helen Steiner Rice, No matter how steep the Someone said that

mountain- the Lordis goingto climb itwithyou''

-Andrea Fernundes Zone IC


rPatfr to lesus 'Tl"lo*Uh^bW* Wfi.

mfur tfu. sw 'Tfu path untroddm tfu lorwlg one nwt's the ow, snehns to tnlu so mang options

7,o rwchhtnuens open gatcs

Auriaers gt"hlorth lanptntions wrge ,-frll attmpts are mnfu to drag gou off But gou must pirk yoursell up and remnm tnugh Resist allrtnt swaus Uou Srab allrtwtknds gou

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lew who will lw

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hnyyircs s unlimitel


gour cross lfur. flesus did %esistallrtwt sinfuts W(Ah olf fr* gour worldlg existcnce

jollow tlutoughpath


klen with ob stacles ,.-flnd. storc.s n sins wrath %nzw gour strngth k Zlitn t%nl.marchforroard evm whmtluhght k dhn Till gou rurh thr bnghtest lfut path

Wur e lnypttuss

is c ormtlzs s'

,-flylace whererc uw eaer do" fght


ylace to thank and yraise

,3men Maria Csrls De Melo Zone I A


of EOD

Bible. Wouldnrt it be betterifit could actually be alive like a person and do all those things that arewritten in it? Jnl:14: The Word of God became flesh and lived among us. Heb4:12: Indeed the Word of God is living and active sharper than any two edged sword.

Not only is the Word of God very much alive in our everyday lives but is so very powerful that it can judge our every thought and intention. (Heb 4: 1 3) So whatpower does thisWord ofGod actually have?? 1. Life Giving/Creative Power: Jnl:3: All things came into being through Him and without Him not one thing came into being.



have come so that you may have

life and have it in

abundance. In the book of Genesis, we read about the story of creation and how God created every living being on earth. We need to be thankful to God for this gift of life that He has blessed us with, all through the



powerofHisWord. Eternalpower: lPet1:23: You have been born anew not of perishable but of imperishable seedthrough the living and enduring Word of God. Seeds naturally die in the process of giving new life. Humans are given birth through a perishable seed. On the other hand, the Word of God as the imperishable seed gives new life and does not die. Here, an imperishable life refers to a purified life which God is asking us to achieve through His Word.

Cleansingpower: Jnl5:3:Youhave already been cleansedbythe Word I have spoken to you. Reading the Word of God cleanses us from all that is impure and not


ofChrist. Healingpower: :20: He sent out His Word and healed them Wis 1 6: 1 2: For neither herb nor poultice cured them, but it was your Word that heals all people. If the Word of God could heal the centurion's servant ( Lk 7:8), then why can't He heal you?? All you need is faith to believe in the healing power of God's Word. God says in Is 55:11 " My Word that goes out from my mouth, shall not return to me empty but it shall accomplish that purpose and succeed in that thing for which I sent it." Ps 1 07


Powertomakedecisions Is. 3 0:21 : And when you tum to the right or when you turn to the left,

your ears shall hear a word behind you s aying,"This is the way; walk in

it": Ps 1 09




05 : Your Word is a lamp to my feet

andalighttomypath. Powerto bespiritualfood: jer15:16: your words were found and I ate them, and your words became to me ajoy andthe delight ofmyheart. the the & salvation npnO:iZ, Take the helmet of which is the Word of God.

Powerto accomplish allJ,our needs: in me and my words abide in you, ask for whateveryouwish anditwillbe done foryou' So how do we make this Word of God workin our life? when you take the word of God inside you by.mqa-ns of reading and hearing it, you are as a matter of fact taking Jesus inside. you' You start becomlng'like Jesus. This is obviously not going to be pleasing to the devilHence tritries to take away this Word. This is why you feellazy,bored and tiredto readthe Bible. Once we begin reading the Word of God, God will send his Holy Spirit upon us to encourage us, tiguide us and to make that same Word of God really powerful and active in our day to day lives' iust like in the book of Genesis,-when God used his Word to dispel all darkness on the earth(Gen1:3) similarly the word of God dispels every


darkness that exists in our lives also. Just like the farmer who plants a seed, waters it and then watches it grow, the will seed of the Word of God has to be planted within our hearts by us. God

ihen water it with His Holy Spirit. The power of this implantedWord in our hearts is immense. Jamesi:21 says, "The implanted Word has the power to save your soul" ni"""ffy it must be said that God's Word is indeed livingand active and its po*"tir like no other. However, the Word of God cannot do anything for the person who doubts in its Power. iu-"r I :8 For the doubter being double minded in every way must not expect to receive anything from the Lord. foftefp yo"'troty"""derstand the Word of God which you. read in the Holy Bible, i suggest you start with this prayer: Lord, open my mind as you opened

yo* Oit.iftis'minds to understand if yon tr,ily lou" Jesus, you will (InI4:23) AMEN!!

the scriptures (Lk24:45)

-keep every WORD that He has spoken Ehrlson de Sousa Zone 2C

gtatefully Bro. Kevin Parish by aeknowledge the selfless service rendered to our Fernandes during his Regency from December 2011 to April 2012 & wish him God's choicest blessings in his future endeavour! 7 Parish Priest, Asst. Purish Priest & Parishioners

We also acknowledge the whole hearted support und untiring services of Fr. Agnelo Gomes, who assisted our Parish Priest during his 6 month tenure in our Parish and pray Almighty God bless him & give him good heatth to sewe in His Wneyardfor many iltore years to come!

Fr. Bonifaco Furtudo Judge at the Patriarchal of Gou and Daman to our parish and wish the Archdiocese of Tribunal Wb warmly welcome

him afruitful stay with us!

A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY \\"ould you like to advertise your firm/establishments/products? Then we have the right place for you. Alto Porvorim Parish bulletin offers you the space to do so. Kindly check the rates of advertisements and advertise on our bulletin. The rates of advertisements are as follows:-

Back cover page (coloured) Front/Back inside (coloured) lnside paper page (coloured) lnside full page (black & white) lnside half page (black & white) Inside quarter page (black & white) Stnp

Rs.3000/Rs.25001 Rs.20001 Rs. 10001 Rs. 6001 Rs. 3501

Rs. 100/-

Awaiting your co-operation.

Send your conhibutions in the form of articles, testimonies and poems to: Fatima Soares : fatinatT@ Suzette de Sousa :

A PILGRIMAGE TO SRI LANKA'PRIDE OF ASIA". BLESSED JOSEPH VAZ, son of Goa, Apostle of Kanara and Sri Lanka, Patron of Archdiocese of Goa and Daman since t610L12000 Fr. Eremito Rebello, the Parish Priest of Sanctuary of Blessed Joseph Vaz, Sancoale and also the Vice -Postulator for the cause of the Canonization Blessed Joseph Yaz organized a tour to Sri Lanka in collaboration with Mr. Paul Sequeira, the proprietor of ZionTours & Travels from 23t to 30'o April, 20l2.The main idea of this tour was to make the people of Goa aware of the works of Blessed Joseph Yaz in Sri Lanka in reviving Christianity and restoring the Churches from the clutches of the Dutch Calvinist Religion. I had a wonderful experience interacting with 25 co-travellers from different parts of Goa and experiencing their devout faith in Blessed Joseph Yaz. Fr. Valentine Alvares, assistant to Fr. Eremito accompanied us and celebrated mass everyday. Wewere also forhrnate to meetBishop Fernando.

On arrival at Sri Lanka on 2410412012, we were greeted by Mr. Lucky Edirisinghe, a Roman Catholic National Tourist Guide, Lecturer of Ceylon TouristBoard. He keptus well informed of all the works ofFr. JosephYazand 5 other Goan priests in Ceylon, one being his own nephew Fr. Joseph Carvalho.

Sri Lanka is lush green and beautiful as Goa was in the yester-years. We mainly visited the places where Fr. Joseph Vaz preached his ministry and was persecuted by the Dutch to embrace the Calvinist religion. We visited St. Sebastian Church inWattala, then Church of St. Mary in Bolawatte where lies the tomb ofFr. Jacome Gonsalvez, son ofDivar, Goa, a great musician, known in Sri Lanka as "Father of Catholic Literature". He mastered two local languages in Sri Lanka, namely Sinhala and Tamil and produced very rich Catholic literature of 42 books, composed prayers, hymns and passion plays which are used even today in many parts of the island. The Cross used by Fr. Jacome Gonsalvez has left an indelible mark in Bolawatte. This Cross is framed and kept for veneration. He was the most illustrious companion of Fr. JosephVaz. We visited many other places in Sri Lanka. The church adjoining the Joseph Vaz College at Wennappuwa in the diocese of Chillaw is the very first

?:,i:tT:Tifm I


In Maha Galgamuwawa, the church of Blessed Joseph Vaz is hidden among the jungles where he planted an ebony cross as protection from wild animals and snakes which were a threat to the people of the village. Ever since the Cross was planted in this place, the villagers have been spared from the fear of the wild animals. This place is name "Joseph YazP''tta" . The 'Ebony Cross' is framed and kept for veneration. Wahakotte is a traditional Catholic village from the time of the Portuguese, which Blessed Joseph Yaz had visited on foot to Kandyan kingdom. The statue of granite Cross andthe octagonal skucture sheltering the altar is believed to be the place where Blessed Joseph vaz celebrated Holy Mass. He presented a miraculous statue of St. Anthony to the villagers of Wahakotte which was presented by the King of Kandy who became his very close friend during his stay in Kandy. The church is dedicated to St. Anthony. Weuda is the site where Fr.Yazbroke journey on his way to Kandy from Puffalam but was arrested by the Kandyan Kings tipped off to be a Porfuguese spy and imprisoned in Kandy. But later, he was released realizing his innocence.

Fr. Joseph Yaz made Kandy the centre of his Apostolate in Sri Lanka and lived there for 20 years. During a drought, his prayers at the request of Kings of Kandy brought down miraculous shower of rain and also saved the people of a severe small-pox epidemic through his heroic charity. This brought many converts to the faith. The famous Kandy lake was builtbythe last SinhalaKing, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe in 1798. Ampitiya - The National Seminary of Our Lady of Lanka is situated here. Fr. Alex Dassanayaka is the Vice-Postulator of Blessed Joseph Vaz Secretariat in Sri Lanka. Visited a tea plantation and a tea factory where the best pure Ceylon Tea in the world is produced. Tewatte- Visited the replica of Basilica Church dedicated to Our Lady of Lanka which was built in fulfillment of a vow made during the Second World War in order to be freed from the invasion of Japan, by the Archbishop Jean-MarieMasson, O.M.I. (Archbishop of Colombo fromthe 13* of June, 1938 to the 28s of July, 1947) Agrotto of Our Lady of Lourdes stands by the side of the Basilica church. The remains of Fr. Marthurai are


ied inthe grotto. In Colombo- St. Lucia's Cathedral situated at Kotahena is the first oldest and largest parish Cathedral in Sri Lanka and the

of the Archbishop of Colombo. St. Lucia of Sicily is the protectress against eye trouble (Feast on Dec. seat



St. Anthony Church in Kochchikade, a national shrine is one of the best known Churches in the

Archdiocese of Colombo for Christians and non-Christians as well, that has devotees seeking for assistance of the Saint. In the city of Colombo, a 100 year old Clock Tower, British built colonial buildings, Victoria Memorial gives a British look to Colombo. This pilgrimage tour gave me a lot of insight and increased my faith in the works of God. May Blessed Joseph Vaz be canonized soon and get the honour of the Altar as a Saint of Goa, -Rose


Zone 2 D

{::r}[taci Fr€ddy:


{193261 (119{}3




Thank-you for the Music.........


Children, everybody loves music - right? We love to sing and we love to listen to music as well. 0ur first lessons in schoolwere Nursery Rhymes. We sing in School, in Church, at home, on the street and may be even in the shower. 0ur day begins with music and ends with music. Music is a part of creation. lt is a part of the atmosphere. But like everything else in life there is good and bad in music. Though music was invented by God and was designed to bring Him Glory, mankind has chosen to change it - to make it a part of his own selfish creation. God commands us to use music in only one way - 'We are to sing to the L0RD, for He has done gloriousthings, letthis be known to alltheworld". (lsaiah t2:5). Everysongtells a story. And, notall songs are bad. Somesongs have great lyrics that give us good messages like - Save the environment, words of appreciation to parenty' teachers and some carry messages of love. There are also songs of love, praise and worshi p to God. 0n the other hand, there are those songs that have a lot of worldliness in them. So, we have to be careful whatwe are listeningto orsinging because of the influence itcan have on us. We have to know what to look for in music. Don't listen to or sing songs just because they have catchy tunes. Listen to those songs that have a good message foryou. Proverbs 6, 7 & 8 says thatwe should listen to God and not to the world. So, if the music we are Iisten i ng to has words that are wicked, then knowthatGod will detestsuch music. ForGod detestswickedness. And if you listen to musicthatcarries a sinful message, itwould be a reflection of a

heart's desireforsin. So, be good children and choose your music wisely which will be pleasingto God. Here are the answers to the 0uizthat appeared in the March bulletin: - Exodus 5:1 (2) I will teach you to catch people - Mark 1:16,17 (3) For theywill inhedtthe land - Matthew 5:5 (4) Do not judge others so that God will not jud$e youMatthew 7:1,2 (5) Seven loaves of bread and a few small fish - Matthew 15:34 (6) Noah Genesis6:13-16 (7)Godrested-Genesis2:2,3 (8)Therainbow-Genesis9:12-17 (9)Aml my b rother's keeper? - Genesis 4:9 ( 10) J udas lsca riot - Luke 22:47,48 (1) Let my people go

Congratulations! lola Pinto of Zone 48, from Std. for getting all correct answers!!



here is a simple quiz foryou. An exciting prize awaits the lucky winner' Send in your answers to Fr. Tomas Lobo before the 3gh-guuly-20-12 mentioning your Name, Catechism class, Zone and Ward'



6. Who was known as the Man of Patience?

1.When you open the Bible, which book is found exactly in the middle?

a)Kings b) Chronicles c) Psalms d) Judges


c) Mark d) Job a) Elijah b) Samuel c) Japheth d) Daniel

8. What did King Solomon ask for from God? a) Money

c) Knee d) Foot 3. Who was Adam and Eve's

third son?

a) Seth

b)Wisdom c) Power

dlA long life


9. After Moses, who led the lsraelites

c) Shem d) Japheth

into the Promised Land?

4. How did David defeat Goliath? a) He threw a spear at him b) He won a sword fight a stone

from his sling

a burning torch at him

God ask Abraham to Him on Mount Moriah?

a) a ram b) a turtledove

c) his only son d) his wife



7. Who was thrown in the lion's den?

2,From which part of Adam's body did God create Eve? a) Head

c) He threw d) He threw 5. What did sacrifice to

a) Noah

alAaron b) Joshua c) Pharaoh d) David

10. When Lot's wife turned around and looked at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, what did she turn into? a) a stone statue b) a dove c) a pillar of salt d) a frog

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Kyrn Khanitta Kladthim Breitkopf - Joseph Edward Breitkopf and JuthathiP DursbY

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Abraham Joseph Gonsalves - Cynrs Gonsalves and Filomena Dowado Nathanael Diai - Anthony Baptist Dias and Zancy Clara D'souza Dias Jessica Edrea Abranches - Paul Nicholas Abranches and Janice Lucia Fernandes

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Socorro D'Mello Beckham Aushmar Cruz Dias Sapeco - Aushmar Inacio Santana Dias Sapeco and Maria Odette de Jesus Cruz

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Felicia Figredo - Wilson Figredo and Geeta Fi$edo PriyankaAshok Ganapatye - Ashok Madhusudan Ganapatye and Vandana Ashok GanaPatYe Jordan Anton Fernandes - Teodosio Lourds Xavier Sebastian and Arurie Prudencia Fernandes Valeshka Shanice de Souza - Victor de Souza and Maria Irene Savita



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Kaydn Rodrigues - Sunil Laurrio Rodrigues andZelda Rodrigues evityn Vtarttia Rodrigues - Roland Cajetan John Rodrigues and Maria Elena Pereira Rodrigues Mia Carla Gonsalves - Jesico Cajetan Freddy Gracindo Gonsalves and Marian Clare Femandes e Gonsalves Merlin Nelson - Nelson Thomas And Rosily Nelson Noah Jacob - C. Chacko and Valsamma

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Joseph Femandes and Charlene Judith Francis Almeida and Natasha





ff r^r,,r^t r/09?rt r,,,,*y Alto Porvorim

- Salvador do Mundo - Penha de Franca - Porvonm

Corrigendum: We sincerely regret the error in our last bulletin. -Aito Betim Dylan Femandes and 1211212011 Argentina Francisca Rina Ferrao - Ponda

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Yvonne Pinto Mctor D'Souza

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Maria Fernandes Constance Hodges


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o. a.

The Holy Family Church, Alto Porvorim Members of the Parish Pastoral Council Fr. Tomas Lobo, Parish Priest & President Fr. Bonifaco Furtado, Assisting Parish Priest

la 1b


(i) (ii)

Elected Ward Representatives Lavy Anaclet Pinto - Secretary Iona Pinto Carol D'Souza

lc Ida Mascarenhas 1d Elizabeth D'Mello 2a Cynthia Andrade - Vice Moderator 2b Michael Rodrigues 2c Alan Rocha 2d Claudio Freitas 3a (i) Dorothy D'Souza 3a (ii) Olga John 3b Maria Goretti Diniz 4a Rouchelle Rodrigues 4b Matias Menezes 4c Felix M. Ferrao 4d (i) Melanie Barretto 4d (ii) Jose Francisco Heredia 5a Dion Fernandes 5b Gordon Rosario 5c Joana Borges - Asst. Secretary 5d Bevaline D'Souza 6a Casilda Lobo 6b (i) Ismalia Pimenta 6b (ii) Edmond Lobo 6c Fertedinho Baretto 7a Deborah Dias 7b Catherine Fernandes 7c Tadeu Braganza 8a Francis Femandes 8b Liesl Maria Fernandes 9a Preetam Barros 9b Blanche Carneiro

Nominated Members

Herwin Furtado (4a) Sholet Abreu (7c) Oscar Mascarenhas (3a) - Moderator

Ex-officio members Cofre, Attomey Cofre, Treasurer Chapel Committee

Youth Catechist Couples for Christ

Catholic Charismatic Renewal Christian Family Movement Marriage Encounter Legion of Mary

Filipe Rodrigues e Melo (1a) Julieta Marta Pinto (5b) Prisca Fernandes (8a) Lyndon Pinto (1a) Dominic Dias (8a) Orlando Mascarenhas (3a) Malaquinha Fernandes ( 1 c) Armando (- Treasurer) & Marina Saldanha (6b)

Allan & Nataline Vaz (6b) Joy C. Viegas (4b)

Superiors / Representatives of Religious Communities Fr Anthony Castello, sfx Superior of Deepti Fr' Apollo Ca1d9z19! Superior of XCHR & Sr. Elsy Pulickal, IMJ, Superior of JMJ Fr. Lester D'Silva, CSsR Superior of Redemptorist Fr' Oscar Quadros Diiector of Clergy Sr. Escaline Miranda,ICM Superior of

Sadan TSKK Convent Fathers Home ICMSisters

'/arious Tncetings fre t{ in tfie Qarisfr

i Charismatic Prayer Meetings held every Tuesday in the church from 6.30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Intercessory Prayers held every Thursday in the church from 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. Family Movement(CfM) held every 2nd Christian Monday on rotation in homes at 6.30 p.m. Couples For Christ (CF'q held every Tuesday in rotation in homes from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Marriage Encounter( ME) held every 3rd Wednesday of the month in rotation in homes from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. held every Sunday in the church hall

pfter the 8 a.m. mass


every Monday in church at

&So p.m. Parish Pastoral Council(PPC) held on the Monday after the first Sunday of the month in the church hall at 7 p.m.


Communion For The Aged And The Sick

On Mondays after the 1st Friday inZones 1,2,3, On Tuesdays after the 1st Friday in Zones 4,5,6,7,8,9

-- r;t -* t{'r

.ld-sE *f * ,e. *or; { T F*iL, "j:€ *#.,

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