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Creativity in Business That Boosts Your Profits

Creativity in business can bring you great rewards… it can also lead to distractions that end up taking you and the business away from the outcomes you were wanting to achieve. In this video, Cameron shares with you how to bring creativity into your business in a way that adds to your bottom line.

In today’s episode I’m going to share with you how to bring creativity in business in a way that adds to your bottom line rather than taking away from it. On the weekend, in the AFL Geelong played another team and Geelong won by a pretty big margin, about 50 points. Now, Chris Scott is the coach of Geelong and Steve Johnson is a Geelong player and in the 3rd quarter, one of the commentators mentioned… “It looks like Chris Scott and Steve Johnson have a special kind of relationship… Stevie J has a creative license within reason.” And that was such a profound statement because it demonstrates a very healthy way in which you and your team can express your creativity in business in a way that adds to the bottom line. Let me explain… let me demonstrate how I’m going to draw up 3 parts to this: Strengths, Structure & Creativity Steve Johnson if you’ve seen him play is definitely a unique character and he has a lot of key strengths. Now, let me give you a couple of scenarios… All Strength, No Structure If he went and did anything he wanted without worrying about the structures that the team have set up to win, he would be in it for himself, not the team and his creativity would be detrimental to the outcome

All Structure, No Strength If he had to completely follow the exact structure and wasn’t able to play to his unique strengths and be creative in his approach, he’d become frustrated and probably look for another club in the future The same happens in your business, if you or your team are allowed to come up with whatever you want and do whatever you want without having the structure and strategy behind it, then your resources will be going into projects that will end up taking you away from the outcomes you’re wanting to achieve… or it will be hit and miss… it won’t be consistent.

On the other hand if you try to control everything that everyone does and don’t allow your team to really play to their unique strengths, then they’ll soon become disengaged and start looking for work somewhere else and in the meantime their productivity will drop way down. So it’s about ensuring the unique strengths of an individual are best utilized within the structures of the organization to get an even better result for the company. So that’s it for this episode. If you enjoyed it, please click like, share it with others in your network and post a comment below. Have a great day, kick some goals and I’ll speak to you soon. Cameron Brown

Creativity in business that boosts your profits