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Hi there, Barney Bizinka here again and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to Bizinka. As you can imagine, we’re all really chuffed that you have decided to sign up for a Bizinka Boost to your online business. We look forward very much to working with you. Now we're ready to begin, it’s time to start getting your online business looking great, working great, and ready to roll. There are just a few things we need from you to get the ball rolling. Once we have this information, we can prepare your very own personalized Bizinka Business System. Hey!



The Bizinka Business System is a unique web management system that allows you to maximize your online sales and also provide an easy, enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. In short, The Bizinka Method puts YOU in control of your online business. Take a look at some of the main features of your Bizinka Business System. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGER (CRM) Naturally, one of the key elements of your online business is keeping in touch with your customers. And this is the part of the Bizinka Business System that helps you deal with that all-­important customer interaction – the CRM. Web Messages – Anything that relates to customer interaction with your site goes here. It also features an e-­mail auto responder that automatically emails your customer (once you have set them up in the E-­mail section of the Bizinka Business System). The great thing about this is that you are always in communication with your customer. You can also add any information or notes, set times and dates to keep track when speaking to your customers. Customer Follow Up – Following on from web messages, the calls section will allow you to keep track and communicate with your customers at all times. You’ll be able to log notes, add follow up calls and reminders, and also be able to send e-­mails from your templates, reducing your time in writing an e-­mail to each customer. E-­mail Manager – we’re really proud of this section of the Bizinka Business System! Here you can set any and as many e-­mail templates as you like to send to various demographics. You can also send your customer database any e-­mail scheduled automatically – even while you sleep! This alone, via any other software system, usually comes at a very high cost. Vital Statistics – Here you can keep track of your current revenue week-­by-­ week, for up to 30 days from the current day. This section also indicates your best selling products. There is an important ‘Visitors’ section here too, which will help you with the day-­by-­day stats on unique visitors, number of visitors, and page hits.

BIZINKA PRODUCT MANAGER The Bizinka Product Manager lets you upload all your products (including images and descriptions), manage your web content and also set and adjust what products, categories, descriptions etc. you would like to see on your website. If you have some technical expertise (and enjoy fiddling about with techie stuff), you can upload all your products, categories, images and descriptions in bulk. We will supply a special Excel file to help you do this. BIZINKA SITE MANAGER Site Graphics and Home Page Banner – From here you can upload the images for the general design of your site. These images can be anything from logos, scrolling banners (special offers, for example), and general images to improve the website’s look, feel and functionality. ‘What’s Hot’ and ‘Special Offers’ – Once you’ve uploaded all your products, you’ll have the opportunity to add your ‘best sellers’ and special offers onto your homepage, so that your customers see them when they log on to your home page. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) -­ This Bizinka Business System facility enables you to take full control of your SEO settings and keywords, so search engines like Google find your website more easily. The great thing about all this is your online business will enjoy a head start by allowing you complete control of your keywords – without paying a penny extra!

“This alone, via any other software system, usually comes at a very high cost.”

ADMINISTRATION MADE EASY This section of your site helps you take care of all the day to day running of your business – invoicing, dispatching, VAT adjustment, postage costs, discount codes and much more besides. The big advantage is that you can keep track of EVERYTHING order related. You can also manually input your orders to create your invoice, and then e-­mail these invoices to your customers at the click of a button? The Bizinka Business System also allows you to set up quotes and ProFormas for your customers. Every order generated will have its own unique order ID, so when dealing with any customer questions or queries, this ID number can be used to reference their order. The result? You can deal with your customers more easily and efficiently something your customers will appreciate. Suppliers -­ Adding your suppliers into this section is really easy. Just set up the e-­mail you normally use to liaise with each supplier, along with their company name, and everything will be added to the list. What’s more, if your suppliers have a web service for automatic dispatch of products and constant stock updates, it can easily be added to the Bizinka Business System. Discount codes – Discount codes can be easily edited at any time. Whether it is a simple percentage or a set amount of money off discount, you enjoy complete control. Order export – The Administration section of your site also features an 'order export' facility. This allows you to export all your invoicing into Sage Accounting Software at the click of a button, without you duplicating any of your work.





FROM YOU YOUR DOMAIN NAME We will need you to supply us with a web address (your ‘domain’). If you don’t already have one, no problem, simply choose one and suggest it to us. For example, our domain name is LOGO DESIGN AND COLOUR SCHEME If you don't already have a logo for your business, we’ll design one for you FREE. (I know, we’re a bit mad here at Bizinka). We’ll create up to 4 different designs for you to choose from. If you have any ideas, like corporate colours, type of logo style etc., don’t be shy, just tell us. Failing that, you can just leave it to our design team's skill and experience. YOUR ONSCREEN BANNERS Onscreen banners are very noticeable on a website, and therefore very important. We are happy to create some banners for your homepage, and you can amend these whenever you see fit. The information in the banner will automatically change after several seconds, so just initially tell us what information you’d like to see here, and we’ll create the banner for you, Then you have the option to update them any time you like.

PRODUCTS FOR YOUR HOMEPAGE Take a look at the screenshot on the back page and you will see 2 categories of products, 'What's Hot' and 'Special Offers'. Simply supply us with 6 products (your best sellers would be ideal) and we’ll position them in the ‘What's Hot’ section to make it easy for you to upload products when you wish. The same goes for your ‘Special Offers’ section – supply us with 6 products and we’ll put them on your website too. To do this, we will need the following from you: • The name of each product for sale you want us to upload • A description for each product • The codes you use for each product • The price you wish to sell each product at (please tell us whether this includes or excludes VAT) • The images for each product (preferably at 600x800 pixels and in PNG or JPEG format) • The name of the supplier of each product Once you have collected all this information together, send it over to us in an e-­mail and then we will get started.

If you’re not sure how to use photo-­editing software to recreate images in the same style, don’t worry -­ we will supply you with a USB Flash Drive with 4 alternative images for you to upload whenever you like. The great thing about the Bizinka Business System is, YOU enjoy the power to choose what you want these images to contain. On the screenshot you can also see that we have utilised these boxes to promote offers. But you can also use these to make your customers’ shopping experience more enjoyable by including such things as Competitions, Promotions, details of free delivery etc. etc. The choice is yours. Don’t worry, we’ll go through what you think would be the most useful images to promote your online sales. And that’s brilliant because you don’t have to keep coming back time and time again just to change one single image. Every image is so easy to change yourself. Just think of the freedom that gives you!






£4 A DAY

OUR SETUP FEE The initial set up of your website (including all our services mentioned by Barney in the ‘Welcome to Bizinka’ section) is £397*. We think this is very good value indeed as it includes setting everything up for you – from use of the complete Bizinka Business System to the professional design of your website. OUR MONTHLY FEE You then simply pay a monthly service fee of just £97*, which works out less that £4 a day). What’s more, you are not tied down to any long term contract. With Bizinka you can choose one month, two months, six months… as many months as you like. However, don’t forget, if you sign up for a minimum of 12 months, we’ll give you a very sexy iPad 2 – FREE! OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE We also offer an attractive Social Media Package. This way we’ll set you up a Facebook account with a Fanpage, a Twitter account, and a Google+ page. All of these will be set up with graphics to match your Bizinka-­designed website, so they'll look equally Bizinkatastic! This special extra package costs a one off fee of £197*.

...AND NO HIDDEN CHARGES WHATSOEVER! We’re an obsessive bunch here at Bizinka (especially Barney!) so we’re always striving to up our game. This is good news because, we could end up eventually adding more and more attractive, state-­of-­the-­art features to your site! And guess how much it will cost you? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. This means that you will benefit from keeping up to date with the very latest features and tricks of the techie trade to ensure you maintain an advantage over your competitors. And it’s all free! WHAT IF YOU WISH TO LEAVE? If at any time you wish to leave, it’s not a problem (we’ll be really disappointed though). We will cancel your subscriptions, although obviously you will not be able to keep any of the data previously supplied to you by Bizinka. * Excluding VAT at the current rate.

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Bizinka Media Unit 7 The Gallery, Furness Avenue Formby, Merseyside L37 3NP 01704 834 522

Bizinka Welcome Online 2012  

Bizinka Welcome Online 2012

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