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5 Things You Can Do to Add Value to Your Site Buy-and-sell business is always about adding value to the items that you acquire to gain profit. This is especially true when you deal with real and virtual property like a website. If you want to gain more from this kind of business, the secret is to buy websites that are sold for low prices but have the potential of having their value increased by making some changes and improvements on them. Houses needs renovation and repainting before you can resell them and so do websites. To sell a website that looks great and shows high earning potential will be a breeze for you. Here are some ways to make your website get a price higher than the amount you spent for it. 1. Search engine optimization is very important if you want to sell your sight. A highly optimized site has keywords that search engines love and which put it at the top rank. This makes your website more visible to internet surfers who are looking for information that is related to your keyword. Once they enter a search phrase which contains your keyword, they will be led to your site. This means that you have more chances of having your site visited than those sites that do not rank. A website with a high ranking keyword is more valuable than one without. 2. Monetization will also add value to your site. One thing that people who want to buy a website are after is the earning potential of your website. The more sources of generating income your site has, the higher will be its value. There are many ways of making your site earn. You can increase traffic and make good income from pay-per-click. You can advertise your own products to earn by selling them. Or you can advertise other products of some companies and get a commission. If you have several income generating sources, your site will have higher value. 3. Improve the appearance of your pages. A change in the banner or logo design could be enough to attract more traffic. Get rid of clutters in your pages and make them easy to read and navigate. Your visitors would like to get information easily from your contents. See to it that they are highly informative and the knowledge that they want to share to your readers are clearly presented. Write in an engaging manner to grab your readers’ attention and make them want to stay longer to read more. This will decrease your bounce rate and increase the value of your website. 4. When necessary, make an overhaul of your pages. Find experts to do this for you if you think you do not have the skills to do it by yourself. Your extra expenditure will soon pay off once you are able to sell your website at a high price. 5. Use the services of a reputable website brokerage site. Being listed in these sites is a sign that you are legitimate and authentic. Buyers would rather pay high for an honest deal than pay low and get scammed. These are just a few of the things that you can do to add value to your site. Be creative and you will discover that you are sitting on a gold mine. With a few tweaks, your site can be valued several times higher than the amount you paid for it. BizBroker24 is a business broker specializing in online business acquisitions. To receive a FREE business valuation from BizBroker24, please CLICK HERE and fill in the required information. We will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. There is no commitment on your part and all information sent and/or discussed is confidential. Website Broker /Domain Brokerage +1 (786) 350 1560

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Five things you can do to add value to your site  
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