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2 Secrets of Flipping Websites Flipping websites has become one of the profitable business ventures in the internet. People buy websites, improve them and sell them for profit. Some people think that doing this is very easy. However, this is far from the truth. Finding a website that has good potential for improvement is difficult, and so is finding some later to buy it at a price more than the original amount you paid for its purchase. Yet, if you know the secrets of doing this well, you will realize that this is indeed a good and profitable endeavor. There are two essential things that you know when you want to buy and sell a website for profit. •

Have a full understanding of a website’s perceived value

A person who buys a website in order to resell it for profit must know which aspects of the site he or she bought must be improved to increase its perceived value. Increasing its perceived value means that you create a new image of the product so that people see it as more valuable than it was before. When you flip a website, see to it that you are not merely reselling an old product. You must do something make it into a new product. In short, you should make improvements in such a way that the website that you bought looks new when you want to sell it. You can change the page design and background color, add fresh contents, monetize it and add some activities to engage the visitors. Remember that a business involving buying and selling of websites is like buying and selling a house. If you want to increase its value, you have to remodel it and make it look new. Repainting the house, mending the fence and replacing leaking faucets and pipes could add to the value of the property several folds. •

Know how much money you can get from the remodeled site

Knowing the value of your website is very important. If you are not good in estimating how much a website is worth. Consult a website broker. This person has the expertise in appraising the value of your real property. He or she will be able to help you set a price for your website. If you think that you cannot earn profit yet, you can continue on improving it until such time that you will be able to generate an income when you sell it. If you know how you can increase a website’s value, you can now easily engage in this business and earn profit no matter how difficult is the economic situation.

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2 Secrets of Flipping Website  
2 Secrets of Flipping Website