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The Make-a-Wish Foundation of South Florida’s gala at the InterContinental Hotel Miami was built around an “Imagine” theme. Event producer Bruce Sutka based the decor on the music of the Beatles, including “All You Need Is Love” and a circus scene for “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite.” Tribute band Beatlemania performed after a live auction called by Pamela Anderson, who later walked the runway with designer Richie Rich. More photos are on

MIAMI/SOUTH FLORIDA Volume 8, Issue 1 Spring 2010 © 2010 BizBash Media On the Cover To launch its newest A8 model with a big statement in an unconventional environment, Audi created a 45,000-square-foot temporary structure called the Art of Progress pavilion to showcase the car at Art Basel Miami Beach. Photographed by Elizabeth Renfrow for BizBash

FROM THE EDITORS 9 Conversation starters READERS’ FORUM 11 How do you recharge after a big event?


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25 What to do with summer associates VENUES 26 Miami restaurants with alfresco event space 27 Six of Orlando’s most anticipated new venues EVENT REPORTS 31 Super Bowl parties from Maxim, Gatorade, Tide, and more 34 Art Basel’s exhibitions, satellite fairs, and sponsored parties 36 Rally for Kids With Cancer’s fund-raising scavenger hunt 37 The two-part YoungArts Gala 38 From Las Vegas: The Consumer Electronics Show

40 From Los Angeles: Productionheavy Golden Globe parties 42 From Orlando: The Disney marathon 43 From Chicago: Second City’s 50th anniversary weekend 44 Coast to Coast: pop-ups from across the country 46 From Toronto: The Interior Design Show’s Italian-themed kitchen party

48 South Florida’s Top 100 Events A roundup of the region’s biggest annual undertakings 54 Break the Meeting Mold Innovative solutions for keeping meeting attendees energized THE DIRECTORY 59 New venues TED KRUCKEL 64 Rules for breakfast entertaining

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From the Editors


Conversation Starters In January, a lighting designer invited me to a breakfast with a few other event industry friends at one of the best-reviewed restaurants in New York. I agreed—he’s always funny and insightful, and the food would be excellent— although, on the night before, when I calculated how early I’d have to wake up to trek from Brooklyn to the uptown restaurant, I’ll confess to grumbling to myself. When I arrived, I found beautiful food This New York event and—even better—terrific got us talking around company. In addition to the office. The dog the lighting designer, our lovers on staff liked hosts were a top-notch how Purina used mini caterer and an endlessly hedges to keep canine inventive designer, both guests separated as people I have enjoyed they tried its Chef meals with in the past. Michael’s line of The rest of the table of 11 gourmet pet food in February. More photos was a mix of producers are on and vendors I had met a few times and had been meaning to catch up with, plus others whose years under his belt, and they compared notes names and work I knew, but hadn’t actually met about their banks. Several producers commiserin person yet. ated over the tightening of credit—how much The hosts explained that even though they tougher it can be to charge several thousand work with different people all the time, there dollars worth of materials for a client. In this were lots of prominent people in the industry relatively ego-free zone, I was reminded that they somehow had never met. While, for some of the best people in the field—by my example, caterers encounter various designers sights—are also some of the nicest. (Funny how and rental companies on jobs, they rarely have those things can go hand in hand, isn’t it?) reason to talk to other caterers. But who better Connecting people who work on events— to compare notes with—if you can put aside across markets, industries, and experience your competitive feelings? levels—has been one of the founding principles So we chatted. They were all nice and smart, of BizBash since we launched 10 years ago. and occasionally a little braggy (what would And we’re working on a new site that will help you expect?), but more often candid. Everyone people share information online in an even was positive, even while acknowledging the more direct way. rocky economy. It would be deeply ironic in For lack of a better description, this part our gilded private room, over truffled eggs of will combine elements of the served by waiters summoned unusually early Huffington Post, Facebook, and Twitter to (the place isn’t normally open for breakfast), create a new platform to exchange ideas, tips, for anyone to admit to financial trouble—and commentary—whatever you want to pass along not especially smart if you didn’t want word to to colleagues. (And we won’t make you get up spread quickly. early to do it.) As we go to press, the project What I found most interesting was a certain is still in development, but I expect it might generosity of spirit as they shared lessons be live by the time you read this, or shortly learned. The host caterer, with a couple decades thereafter. Stop by and join in the conversation, of experience, sat next to a caterer with fewer won’t you? —Chad Kaydo

Readers’ Forum

How do you recharge after a big event?

“By the time the post-event analysis and reports are done, so is my energy level. I recharge by taking a yoga class or going on a hike. I find that calming my mind, which both of these activities do for me, helps me recharge the batteries and hit the ground running sooner.”

“I usually try to take the day off to clear my head. That way, when I get back to the office, I’m able to focus on the post-event wrap-up that needs to be done, like final budgeting, deleting emails, and cleaning files.”

Cynthia Moricz de Tecso, president, Original Cyn, New York

Leila Marie Eid, assistant director of events, Northeastern University, Boston

“I like to treat my crew to a massage at the nearest spa or even just a good foot therapy soak and pedicure the next day. It does wonders for morale.” Suzanne Smith, owner, Suzanne M. Smith Designs, Orange County, California

“I buy myself a really amazing pair of shoes. Then I have a debrief with my team—hearing the feedback gives me great ideas for making next year’s gala even bigger and better.”


Monika Halarewicz, national director of special events, Outward Bound U.S.A., New York

“My team has a laid-back brainstorming session about what we loved about the party and need to repeat and what didn’t work. We find that a quick powwow is the fastest way to have a laugh, re-inspire each other, and recharge. Coffee helps, too.” David Turk, president, Indiana Market & Catering, New York

“As a fund-raising event planner, I can’t allow myself any fun, recharging luxuries until all the incoming money has been counted and acknowledged, all vendors paid, and results reported to the board. But once that is in process, I like to treat myself to a ticket to a fund-raiser that I don’t have to plan and enjoy the open bar.”

“I sleep! A hibernating-forthe-winter type of sleep. I pull down the shades, turn off my cell phone, and crash. Then I treat myself to a massage, lunch, and a few hours on the couch watching some frivolous show.” Jennifer Williford, senior development officer, Nontraditional Employment for Women, New York

Sharon Becker, assistant director of development, Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, New York

“Three Bloody Marys and about 12 hours of sleep.” Burke Giblin, hotel sales manager, New York

“I do a survey of my clients and the people who worked for me. The feedback recharges me and makes me want to do better the next chance I get.” Gloria Goldman, director, A Pampered Affair, Washington

“I always like to come up with some kind of fun project or activity. In running an event, I continually use one side of my brain—the strategic, logistical, organized part. After the event is over, I like to tap into my creative side and schedule a fun date with friends—organizing a wine tasting, going to paint pottery, taking a sculpting or art class, attending a sporting event, or planning a pub crawl. It’s a great break from the monotonous event planning that had preoccupied me for the previous months.” Jenn Shetsen, event planner, Evergreen Partners, Warren, New Jersey

Compiled by CLAIRE HOFFMAN spring 2010 11

MY NEW FAVORITE THING “My Design Assistant organizer bag ($99, assistantproductgroup. com, 513.522.4700) was created for interior designers, but I ďŹ nd it useful for my event design projects. The ďŹ le folders have grid paper for a oor plan. There are also magnetic furniture pieces. It has pockets for business cards, receipts, swatch and lighting gel samples, and photos. It deďŹ nitely makes a good impression and is a great tool.â€? Leslie Weekes, meetings manager, Association of American Universities, Washington

My Cool New Job


“I’m excited to extend The Washington Post brand into live forums. I think we’re uniquely positioned to bring together a wide variety of thought leaders to discuss the most critical issues of our day, and present it in a way that informs and engages our audience.�

WHAT INSPIRES ME “My favorite book is How Now: 100 Ways to Celebrate the Present Moment by Raphael Cushnir. As meeting professionals, we are always in planning mode. It’s a great little book full of inspiration and practical advice—it reminds me how important it is to live in the here and now.� Victoria Ascione, director of corporate meetings and events, Bacardi U.S.A, Coral Gables

BVS0Sab8]P0]O`RW\bVS0caW\Saa 47<28=0A>=AB8=0A53B0/19B=E=@9

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Tell us about your favorite new ďŹ nds: Email us at


BVS`S¸a/ 0SbbS`EOg

Jenny Abramson has been named the general manager of The Washington Postâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s conference and events business unit. She has been at The Post for several years, working in sales management and sports advertising, as well as overseeing the sports marketing group. Abramson has previously worked at the Boston Consulting Group and Teach for America. In her new role, she will continue to serve as general manager of The Washington Postâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s magazine, special sections, and TV Week group, and as publisher of FW.

In May, Cort Event Furnishings (888.710.2525, will release its Endless Seating line, a modular alternative to traditional banquettes. The collection, which comes in black and white faux leather, is comprised of ottomans and curved and square seat backs that planners can conďŹ gure into serpentine or circular shapes to seat 20 to 200 people. Endless Seating will be available in the U.S. and for large orders in Canada. â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Lisa Cericola


The Scout


For Rent

Cloths Optional Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no need for linens with these eight dining tables. By LISA CERICOLA

Illuminated communal table, $350, available in New York from Jersey Street Furniture Rental (973.779.7444,

Wood dining table, $250, available in New York from Jersey Street Furniture Rental (973.779.7444,

Triangle dining table, from $385, available across the U.S. and Canada from Lounge22 (888.822.2011,

Nate dining table, $200, available throughout South Florida from Room Service Rentals (305.757.7500, roomservice

Cube Table Pattern, $350, available across the U.S. from Taylor Creative Inc. (646.336.6808, taylor Parsons dining table in brown ostrich, pricing upon request, available in New York from Party Rental Ltd. (201.727.4709,

16 spring 2010

Mahogany table, $350, available in New York, Washington, and Boston from Something Different Party Rental (973.742.1779,


Crowning Jewel, $345, available across the U.S. and Canada from Fresh Wata (323.951.0617,

Idea File

Pick Your Picnic


Resources for three types of corporate summer gatherings By LISA CERICOLA • To-Go Ware’s colorful, reusable bamboo utensil sets, $6.15 for orders of 99 or fewer, (510.225.4045, dress up place settings, and staffers can use them at their desks when the party is over.



• Kitschy tiki drinks will get people in a party mood. Toronto-based Martini Club (416.778.9905, can make the Marikoriko, with rum, kiwi, mint, and lime; pricing varies. Alembic (202.558.2119, drinkalembic. com) in Washington can concoct hurricanes. Pricing starts at $100 for a consultation; on-site services are additional. • Barbecue-inspired passed hors d’oeuvres add a sophisticated touch but will keep guests sated. Design Cuisine (703.979.9400, designcuisine. com) in Washington makes mini BLT “cupcakes” out of corn bread. Calihan Catering in Chicago (312.587.3553, calihan serves tenderloin sliders with corn slaw.

• Add a summery vibe with a steel drum band, such as Los Angeles-based Nesta (310.666.3464,; rates start at $325 for a threehour steel drum soloist.

• Create a patio setting using lounge furniture with an outdoor feel. Props for Today in New York (212.244.9600, offers a beachy love seat for $450.

• A family-style spread makes for easy conviviality. New York’s Francis Louis Catering & Events (718.403.0033, frankies offers a threecourse meal including meatballs in marinara sauce and ricotta cheesecake for $37.50 a person.

• Hide a conference room table with a summery tablecloth like the Green Wave Organza, $20 for a 132-inch round, available in Toronto from ChairMan Mills (416.391.0400, chairman, or the Del Sol, $35 for a 90-inch square, available in the U.S. and Canada from BBJ Linen (847.329.8400,

DAY IN THE PARK • Offer a bird’s-eye view with a tethered hot air balloon ride. Central Florida-based Bob’s Balloons (877.824.4606, charges $500 an hour. Pennsylvaniabased Above & Beyond Ballooning (908.208.1869, will do balloon tethers throughout the Northeast for $1,250 per hour. Travel fees are additional.

• Hold a beer tasting. Through Beerology (, Toronto-based Mirella Amato educates people about Ontario’s craft beers. Guided tastings start at $25 per person. Washington Wine Academy (703.971.1525, wash now offers private beer tastings throughout the metro D.C. area, starting at $18 per person.

• Spice up a cookout with hot dogs and surprising toppings. New York’s AsiaDog (718.594.3254, piles on Asian condiments such as kimchi and seaweed flakes and Thai-style mango and cucumber relish. Franks, sides, and beverages run about $12 per person. Gastropod (, a Miami-based mobile restaurant in a vintage Airstream trailer, serves the Old Dirt Dawg, a short rib hot dog, with “stupid slaw” for $5 each.

• Branded folding chairs can be used as seating at the event and all summer long. Best Promotions (866.881.2378, bestpromo offers the classic striped beach chair, $20 each for orders of 36, plus a $65 customization fee.

• Keep kids (and adults) busy with a kitemaking station. Teambuilding Unlimited (510.845.3600, turns the activity into a competitive project.Facilitators are available throughout the U.S.; prices vary. Or, do it on the cheap with kits from a toy store. spring 2010 17

Verified Person’s bus at the society for Human Resource Management Conference

Meet global. 3 Ground Transportation 3 Excursions / Tours 3 Unique Venues 3 Team Building 3 Event Design & Decor

How do you entertain guests on a car or bus ride? Whether it’s a group of editors riding to and from a product launch or a sales team headed out of town for a meeting, travel time is part of the experience, for better or worse. Here are ways to entertain or inform people, or just pass the time. Educating passengers about their destination is a popular and useful touch. “When we’re transporting a group of employees to the airport for an incentive trip to another country, we hold brief language classes that teach 12 basic phrases they can use in the country they’re traveling to. Some buses have video capabilities so you can show instructional videos; most have overhead audio so you can use language tapes; or you can bring an instructor on board,” says Dominic Phillips, president and executive director of Dominic Phillips Event Marketing (415.986.7449, in San Francisco. “Leaning a language together helps employees get over a sense of initial awkwardness and serves as an icebreaker—they can test out their new phrases on each other.” On a similar note, Ronnie Davis, managing director of Great Performances in New York (212.727.2424,, uses videos in place of a tour guide. “We work with an outside agency to create a video that gives them information about where they are heading. We have done it for groups going to Ellis Island, West Point, and other historic locations,” he says. “The city is cracking down on alcohol on buses, so it’s not easy to do that anymore. This entertains everyone and is not a liability.” Games can work for certain types of groups, especially among passengers who might not know each other. “Guests can play a customized bingo game for fun prizes or a unique opportunity at the venue they’re heading to,” suggests Sarah Schnell,

A guest with Erik Estrada

senior program manager of Total Event Resources (847.397.2200, in Chicago. “You can customize the bingo board by changing the word or the numbers in the boxes to something more unique to the attendees, such as a corporate logo or a product’s major buzzwords. Have an M.C. or host facilitate the game from the front of the bus, and the employees can play either alone or in teams with their seatmates.” Bringing entertainers on the bus can make a long trip more enjoyable. “For our corporate and nonprofit clients, we’ve hired fortune-tellers, mentalists, and one time we worked with a contortionist,” says Lynda Webster, founder and chairman of the Webster Group (202.237.0090, websterconsult in Washington. Other options include hand or neck massages by staff from a local spa, stand-up comedians, or trivia hosts. To raise brand awareness during the 2008 Society for Human Resource Management conference in Chicago, Verified Person, a Memphis-based background screening company, shuttled attendees to the event from their hotels on a charter bus instead of purchasing a booth at the show. “We rented a luxury bus from Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. (773.648.5000, and wrapped it with our brand’s logo,” says Camille Gamble, vice president of marketing at Verified Person. “To create a conversation piece, we hired Erik Estrada to ride along on the bus with us. He autographed our marketing materials, offered passengers cold beverages, and presented a video about our company. For not very much more than having a booth at the show, we created a much bigger presence and grew our brand awareness at the same time.” —Jenny Berg & Lisa Cericola

Ask BizBash


Plan local,

Samples from the Perfume Studio

D.I.Y. Perfume Workshops The Perfume Studio (917.449.1134, scenterprises. com) offers workshops that allow participants to create their own custom fragrances. Sue Phillips, who helped launch scents for Elizabeth Arden and Tiffany & Company, leads the workshops, explaining top and base notes and providing historical tidbits on well-known perfumes such as ACTIV ITY Chanel No. 5. For a teambuilding approach, the sessions can also have groups design and market a product. Pricing starts at $135 per person, which includes the consultation and a 20-milliliter custom fragrance. Classes are available throughout the U.S. and Canada, with travel fees for events outside of New York. —L.C. Canvas palm trees

A GREEN ALTERNATIVE TO LIVE PLANTS For a tropical look without live foliage, the Canvas Nursery (800.226.3335, creates life-size palms, flowers, and other plants out of canvas. The botanicals can be painted for a realistic effect or left unpainted for a starker look. The plants are designed DE CO R for indoor use only, but the fabric has been treated with a sealant to resist stains and moisture. Pricing starts at $39 for plants and $120 for trees and does not include containers such as pots or vases. Based in Fort Myers, Florida, the Canvas Nursery ships throughout the U.S. and Canada. A rental program will be available in South Florida later this year. —L.C.








Trend Spotted


In December, the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s gala for A Streetcar Named Desire sported a lush New Orleansinspired setting with potted plants, Spanish moss, and ivy by Fleurs Bella.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, Sprint’s press event included a moss-covered bar designed by Fresh Wata.

Moss-covered bars, potted plants, and other types of foliage decorated these six events. By LISA CERICOLA A Comcast-hosted event for the Television Critics Association tour in January featured a “botanical library” theme with bars trimmed in greenery, botanical-print textiles, and potted foliage by R. Jack Balthazar.

A Louis Vuitton launch in November transformed Saks Fifth Avenue with five kinds of moss, life-size trees, and other leafy plants from David Beahm.

In November, the Museum of Modern Art held its annual film benefit with decor inspired by the evening’s honoree, Tim Burton. SPEC Entertainment created Edward Scissorhands-style topiaries that formed a makeshift garden throughout the space.

ON BIZBASH.COM 20 spring 2010

More photos and details from these events


The Obamas’ first state dinner at the White House had 12 electric chandeliers from Frost adorned with freshly cut ivy by florist Laura Dowling.

Strategy Session

A Man’s World


Ben Hindman gives e-newsletter Thrillist an offline life with parties that maintain the brand’s distinctive voice and boost advertiser exposure. By MICHAEL O’CONNELL Ben Hindman, 24 and fresh out of Vanderbilt University, was running his own tour company in Washington, D.C., when a few friends got the idea to plan a networking junket for the people doing work that interested them—namely new-media entrepreneurs. Dubbed the Summit Series, the first in a nowregular string of destination events brought the founders of enterprises such as Facebook, Zappos, and Daily Candy to New Mexico for a weekend in early 2009. Also in attendance were Adam Rich and Ben Lerer, the duo behind Thrillist, a growing online newsletter targeting men ages 24 to 35 with frat-boy humor and discriminating recommendations since 2005. “Toward the end of the summit, there was a point where, I believe, a van got lost,” Rich remembers. “And everybody came back with stories about Ben and how he was beatboxing and telling jokes to keep them feeling positive. The thing that was compelling was that he wasn’t just managing every aspect of a complicated, junket type affair. He stayed aware of everyone’s attitudes and kept a positive attitude while enacting all of the logistics. That is what we try to accomplish with our own events.” Rich and Lerer didn’t hesitate. They offered Hindman a position as Thrillist’s national event manager on the spot. Two months later, he had sold his company and was living in New York, where he hit the ground running at his new gig. “In about seven months or so, we’d thrown 45 events all across the country, with more than 30 sponsors, in 10 different cities where Thrillist now operates,” Hindman says. Before bringing him on board, Thrillist didn’t host more than 15 events in its first three years. Hindman helped the company look past the alcohol brands that had already co-hosted smaller cocktail parties (Absolut, Canadian Club, and Patrón among them) to focus on tent-pole events sponsored by the likes of Gillette, H&M, Macy’s, and Trojan, even in the doldrums of the recession. As readership and event participation have grown, so has revenue. While competing with more established men’s publications like GQ and Maxim for marketing dollars—and fostering a reputation among ad buyers as the new promotional vehicle to try—Thrillist has seen its annual revenues approach $10 million. It has been profitable since its second year. “Sponsors recognize the value of localized marketing, and you haven’t seen that go away,” Hindman says. “And it’s not just sponsors that have been eager to partner with us on these events. Venues, performers, and DJs are always approaching us to build relationships. I’m in a unique situation where my budget

can be much slimmer because we have the power of voice.” That playfully masculine voice, which bestows recommendations for restaurants, clothing, and any other consumable, is what Hindman strives to inject into every event—whether they’re open-bar nights for readers or weekend junkets in exotic locales. “Before I joined the team, we had a thing called Jet Vegas,” Hindman says of a 2008 partnership with Jet Blue to promote a new campaign. The junket, not unlike the Summit Series, took influencers and entrepreneurs on a free flight to Vegas. “It went so well that Thrillist started working with brands to create more comprehensive offline promotions.” Happy customer Jet Blue approached Thrillist to organize a launch event for a new route to Jamaica and, after seeing them bring on Jamaican brands such as Golden Crust, Myers’s Rum, and Red Stripe for the New York launch party, decided it wanted to do another flight. Hindman rounded up 150 tastemakers—journalists, new-media personalities, and consumers—for what was billed as a mystery flight, taking the unknowing guests to a weekend in Jamaica. In addition to getting the media types to spend the three days sharing news of the trip online, the reader spots on the flight generated unexpected interest. More than 30,000 people entered a contest to participate in Jet Mystery, at a time when readership was just over a million. (It’s now at 1.5 million.) As he enters his second year on the job, Hindman is working on larger, more integrated events while maintaining a commitment to the more traditional reader parties that have been there from the start. In the works for the rest of 2010 is a plan to temporarily rebrand a Miami property as Hotel Thrillist in May and host a fifth anniversary party that incorporates elements of past events in New York this fall. “When I came on board, Ben and Adam told me they wanted to create an offline voice that complemented what they already had online,” Hindman says. “The voice of Thrillist resonates through each of the events we do and, more than that, there’s the embedded notion of access. You can get the newsletter letting you know you can make reservations at a new restaurant, and then, with our events, it’s never out of the question that any of our readers couldn’t come and be a part of them themselves.”

Ben Hindman

Guests on JetBlue’s Jamaica junket played on a zip line. Thrillist’s Internet Week 2009 bash filled M2 Lounge in New York.

The annual Thrillist pool party took to New York’s Grace Hotel last year.


Spinach, ham, and Gruyère tarts, mini orange muffins with smoked turkey, strawberries with Devon cream and sugar, chocolate pots de crème with chocolate-covered coffee beans, and smoked salmon éclairs in a hatbox from Well Dunn Catering (202.543.7878, well in Washington

New on the Menu


Tarragon-crusted salmon with asparagus and lemon basmati rice from Stuart & Saladino Catering and Event Stylists (416.955.1360, stuart in Toronto

Box lunches can be satisfying—even impressive. Here are five ideas to keep attendees happy, whether they’re in a meeting or on the road. Lobster rolls, fried chicken, Caprese salad, frozen chipwich, roasted corn, and mint-flavored water in a picnic basket from Callahan Catering (212.327.1144, in New York

Chef’s salad with ham and turkey, Mediterranean pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts, roasted vegetables, and lavender shortbread from J&L Catering (312.280.7900, in Chicago

Seared ahi tuna and soba noodle salad with wasabimiso crème fraîche, marinated cucumbers, and a vegetable summer roll with soy dipping sauce in a steamer basket from Someone’s in the Kitchen (818.343.5151, in Tarzana, California

ON BIZBASH.COM A directory of local caterers




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Get direct access to the National Venue Guide online by visiting VENUES: It’s never too early to reserve space in the 2011 National Venue Guide! Contact Robert Fitzgerald at 646.839.6840 or now to lock in the lowest rates of the year! Boston Chicago Las Vegas Los Angeles Miami/So. Florida New York Orlando Toronto Washington 21 West 38th St., 13th Floor, New York, NY 10018 646.638.3600

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A private event designed by AnjĂŠ Soirees at the Alfred I. Dupont Building

Fresh Face

HIGH SCHOOL REUNION High school classmates Andi Dyal and Jennifer Schwartz went their separate ways to attend college at New York University and University of Florida, respectivelyâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;but both became event planners. After stints working on projects such as Fashion Rocks, CondĂŠ Nastâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s now-defunct annual fashion show and concert in New York, Dyal returned to Miami in 2006 to work as the Biltmore Hotelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s senior social events catering manager. The two women reconnected in early 2008, when Schwartz, the former marketing and special event coordinator at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami, began working with Dyal to plan a fund-raiser at the Coral Gables property. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When I was dealing with Andiâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;whom I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t realize I knew from schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;I kept thinking she was very professional and got back to me really quickly,â&#x20AC;? Schwartz says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It turns out she was thinking the same thing.â&#x20AC;? Once they ďŹ gured out that they knew each other (both had changed their surnames after getting married), they started talking about going into business together. In June 2008, the duo founded AnjĂŠ Soirees (786.514.7122,â&#x20AC;&#x153;Each of us came to this company with different backgrounds in terms of event experiences, which forms this great dynamic,â&#x20AC;? Dyal says.

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Jennifer Schwartz and Andi Dyal

Through their new ďŹ rm, the partners have organized monthly networking and cocktail parties for the Green Monkey Yoga Studio in Miami and coordinated Self magazineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Yogapalooza with Crunch Fitness in Lummus Park in September. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I told [Andi] what she needed to do, and she created a point-by-point checklist of what I said and made sure it was done,â&#x20AC;? says Self promotion director Mark Harnett. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I only had to explain everything once, and she had great follow-up, with pictures for me to send to our clients. AnjĂŠ turned out to be a great one-stop-shop.â&#x20AC;? AnjĂŠâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nonproďŹ t roster includes one of the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most exclusive charity galas of the year, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardensâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; ball. The event committee contracted the team in 2008 and 2009 to help plan the black-tie dinner on the historic property for 300 donors. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Their biggest strength has been their ability to work as a team and ďŹ&#x201A;esh out what needs to be done, then reduce it to paper so [the committee] knows what to do,â&#x20AC;? said Don Kress, president of the propertyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fund-raising organization, the Vizcayans. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They put in really long hours, and their ability to negotiate contracts with the caterers, musicians, and all related groups for an event is excellent.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201D;D. Channing Muller


After seven years of planning events separately in Miami and New York, former classmates Jennifer Schwartz and Andi Dyal reunited to form their own company.

PERKS AND RECREATION Here are new ways to entertain, feed, and treat summer associates and interns. In-Office Meals The owners of Buena Vista Bistro opened the more casual international eatery Buena Vista Deli (4590 NE Second Ave., 305.576.3945) in Miami’s design district in January. The menu consists of omelets, sandwiches, salads, and specialty panini for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Delivery is available throughout Miami-Dade County for orders serving at least 10 people.

Happy Hour and City Views The Webster, a hotel turned high-end boutique, opened alfresco happyhour bar the Roof (1220 Collins Ave., 305.674.7899) in December. The 1,100-square-foot space is outfitted with oversize lounge furniture and has views of the ocean and Collins Avenue. The Roof can accommodate as many as 75 for private events. Caviar Kaspia, a restaurant on the first floor, can provide French-inspired dishes like endive salad and croque-mademoiselle. After-Hours Fun and Games There are eight new teambuilding options for groups at Lucky Strike Lanes (1691 Michigan Ave., 305.532.0307) in Miami Beach. For instance, Lucky Bowling Bingo asks teams to mark off squares on a themed card as they complete tasks such as getting a spare or three strikes in a row. The cost is $45 per person for groups of 10 to 200, with a 25-person minimum for three hours of play. —D.C.M.


Miami Venues Mandolin Aegean Bistro D. Rodriguez Cuba

Here’s a look at the latest Miami restaurants to open with alfresco event space. By D. CHANNING MULLER & BRITTANY PEITSMEYER

For Bayside Dining The Grove Isle Hotel & Spa in Coconut Grove revamped its restaurant in late December, reopening it as Gibraltar. The seafood spot features a 2,200-square-foot terrace that overlooks Biscayne Bay; it seats 80 and can hold 150 for a reception. The dining room seats 60 and has floor-toceiling windows with views of the bay. (4 Grove Isle Drive, 305.857.5007)

Astor in South Beach. The 7,000-square-foot venue has a secluded terrace with hanging lanterns, abundant foliage, and lounge-style seating for 60. An additional 90 can be accommodated in the main dining room off the hotel lobby, and there’s room for 40 in the lowerlevel lounge. (956 Washington Ave., 305.673.3763)

A Bite on the Links The Doral Park Country

Club opened the 19th Hole Bar & Grill in late August. Although it’s on a members-only property, the 2,500square-foot eatery is opened in December in a formerly abandoned house open to the public and in Miami’s design district. The 2,600-square-foot Greek has a terrace overlookbistro has a 2,000-square-foot patio that can seat 30 ing the putting green or hold 75 for a reception. The dining room seats 20 that can accommodate and is decorated with reclaimed furniture and vintage 125 guests. Additionplates. (4312 NE Second Ave., 305.576.6066) ally, the indoor dining room can seat 65 or A Cuban Haven ON BIZBASH.COM host 110 for receptions. Cuban restaurant D. (5001 NW 104th Ave., Our comprehensive Rodriguez Cuba opened 305.591.8800) directory of Miami venues in December at the Hotel

Greek in the Garden Mandolin Aegean Bistro

26 spring 2010

A TROPICAL QUICK TRIP If you’re looking to head out of town for a meeting or company retreat, the Sheraton Suites Key West completed a multimillion-dollar renovation in November. The 180-suite hotel has two 30-seat boardrooms that can combine to accommodate twice as many. There is also a deck for groups of 50 and a restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating for 60. (2001 South Roosevelt Blvd., 305.292.9800)


Where to Dine Outdoors

A rendering of the Amway Center

Destination Report: Orlando


With the new year come new and renovated venues. Here’s a look at six properties set to open in 2010.

A rendering of the Peabody Orlando

The Orlando Magic’s new home, the 19,700-seat Improv Comedy Club and Fat Fish Blue restaurant to Amway Center, is scheduled to open in October. The its property this spring. The joint venture will span downtown venue will include six club areas that can 14,000 square feet and accommodate more than 700 be booked during basketball games and other events. guests. There will be a 300-seat theater, three private The 31,000-square-foot arena floor will also be availrooms, and a patio for 120. The New Orleans-themed able for meetings and trade shows. restaurant will serve specialty items like jambalaya The Peabody Orlando is slated to complete a $420 and gumbo, as well as burgers and salads. million expansion in October. The renovated 1,641Fusion Bistro Sushi & Sake Bar, an alfresco dining room hotel will feature 250,000 square feet of meetconcept, opened in Universal’s CityWalk in February. ing space, including more than 99 meeting rooms and The casual 1,500-square-foot eatery has a 10-person a nearly 55,000-square-foot ballroom. The property bar and seating for about 25. A robotic sushi-roll-makwill also add 13 new dining and entering machine can be used for off-site catering ON BIZBASH.COM and serves as many as 80 for receptions. tainment options throughout the hotel, convention space, and pool area. International Drive’s new Coco Key Hotel A comprehensive Outdoor entertainment complex and Water Resort will be the first outdoor directory of Pointe Orlando is planning to add version of the national water park chain. The Orlando venues

resort, slated for a May opening, will take over the space from a failed condo-hotel venture and reduce the room count from 400 to 373. Developers will also convert the meeting space into an arcade and add 20,000 square feet to the pool area to create a 70,000-squarefoot water park. Dining options and catering will be available. Residential development 55 West is scheduled to open Heat, an upscale restaurant and lounge, on the ground level of its north tower this spring. The 5,797-square-foot former T.G.I. Friday’s will begin renovations later this month and, once completed, will be able to accommodate about 150 people. A central clay oven will churn out a variety of fusion dishes ranging from Indian to French. —D. Channing Muller & Brittany Peitsmeyer spring 2010 27







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Mona Meretsky, C.S.E.P. President COMCOR Event and Meeting Production and COMCOR Consulting Services

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Bruce Sutka

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Super Sized After scaling back in 2009, Maxim returned to Super Bowl weekend with its usual highvoltage party, this year at the Raleigh.


ESPN the Magazine Classic Party Rentals created a 25,000square-foot pink clear span tent to house the publication’s sixth annual Next party for 2,800 people at the Fontainebleau hotel. Ne-Yo (pictured) and Keri Hilson performed.

Super Parties The Super Bowl’s return to South Florida brought a slew of parties from brands like Maxim, ESPN, Tide, and Pepsi throughout the week preceding the big game at Sun Life Stadium on February 7.






Mermaids from Zhantra Entertainment swam in the pool at the Sagamore during the Playboy event.

More photos and details from Super Bowl events

32 spring 2010


Following DirecTV’s Celebrity Beach Bowl flag football game, fans rushed the field for a 45-minute concert by the All-American Rejects.

Maxim Band LMFAO served as the headlining entertainment for Maxim’s party at the Raleigh hotel.


Mario Batali The chef teamed up with Emeril Lagasse, Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Buffet to host a Super Brunch fundraiser for children in need at the Viceroy hotel’s Club 50 lounge.

The Source


The hip-hop magazine hosted a birthday bash for rapper Rick Ross aboard Biscayne Lady Yacht Charter’s three-deck Venetian Lady yacht, where sponsor Magic Shave created a barber shop offering free shaves for guests such as Spike Lee.

The N.F.L. On Location hospitality program staged a cake decorating competition on Sunday at its official tailgate in the parking lot of Sun Life Stadium. Meanwhile, Phoenixbased M Group Scenic divided the league’s club-level hospitality areas into Eat, Drink and Play; the former included a wall of candy dispensers.

Gatorade Housed at the Super Bowl Media Center in Fort Lauderdale, Gatorade’s Sports Science Institute Performance Lab conducted physical endurance and stress tests on N.F.L. athletes, like New York Jets cornerback Darrell Revis (pictured) and celebrities.

Pepsi Pepsi hosted its annual Fan Jam concert on the sands of South Beach with performances by Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Timbaland (pictured).

Tide Tide promoted its new laundry detergent on the basketball and tennis courts atop the W South Beach with mini-sports activations branded with the company logo.

Santigold headlined New York-based Deitch gallery’s annual party, which took place in a tent on the beach behind the Raleigh hotel.

Art Stars

New York-based public art organization Creative Time commissioned Los Angeles artist Pae White to design Art Basel’s 40,000-square-foot oceanfront exhibit area.

Art Basel Miami Beach wrapped up in early December after four days of exhibitions at the Miami Beach Convention Center and nearly a week of satellite fairs and sponsored parties around the city.



Gucci’s Icon-Temporary, a sneaker store with a collection co-designed by Mark Ronson, stopped in the design district for two weeks.

To launch its newest A8 model, Audi called on EventStar to create a 45,000-square-foot temporary structure on the sand north of the Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach.

Tom Dixon installed “Light Light” in the exhibition area inside the Audi structure.

ON BIZBASH.COM More photos and details from Art Basel events

34 september/october 2009

At Converse’s “Art Is for Everyone” party at Awarehouse, guests filled in a paint-by-numbers design.

The Rubell Family Collection’s Old Fashioned installation consisted of a 60-foot wall of donuts, which guests were encouraged to eat daily, thereby changing the form of the exhibit.

Moncler hosted a private dinner at restaurant Casa Tua in Miami Beach to celebrate the brand’s partnership with Pharrell Williams.

Interview installed its “Semi-Automatic” vending machine filled with luxury gift items in the Mondrian lobby for most of 2009 as part of the magazine’s 40th anniversary celebration.

Photographer Jared Ryder created a series of photographs to be displayed in Club Nikki, the second-floor club at Nikki Beach, for the nightly performances of New York’s burlesque show The Box.

Synchronized swimmers performed at a 1930s-themed party hosted by Maybach and David LaChapelle at the Raleigh’s pool. Veuve Clicquot used champagne boxes to create the lighting fixtures on display in its exhibition area inside Design Miami’s 35,000square-foot structure.

Band OK Go performed nightly, playing custom Gibson Guitars outfitted with lasers, at Design Miami’s 35,000-square-foot structure in the design district. september/october 2009 35

Loren Ridinger’s house in Miami Beach. Each of the 21 local philanthropist drivers for the scavenger hunt had their own V.I.P. lounge area. Jason Kennedy of E! News helmed the celebrity navigator draft, in which the drivers—who each Local philanthropists paired up with had to raise at least $25,000—were paired with a celebrities to navigate the city on celebrity. The hunt began the following morning, a fund-raising scavenger hunt. after the Start Your Engines brunch at the Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach hotel, and made seven The Rally for Kids With Cancer Scavenger pit stops around Miami MIAMI Cup took place in Miami Beach in midRally for Kids With at spots including Solutions With Impact set up Cancer November. The event matched local fund-raisers American Airlines Arena the post-rally dinner around with celebrities such as event co-chair Eva Longoria and the Gibson Guitar Audiovisual Production, the pool of the Eden Roc. Celebrity Wrangling, Parker, C.S.I. Miami’s Eva La Rue, and former N.B.A. Showroom, where they Design, Management, PR player John Salley for a cityhad to perform a task in Solutions With Impact The draft party took place in the wide scavenger hunt aimed order to gain the clue to Decor, Flowers, Furniture garden of local philanthropist at raising money for children their next destination. Blooming Design & Events Loren Ridinger’s guest house. with cancer. Participants and Draft Party Toronto-based Solutions nearly 400 additional Catering Elite Catering, Thierry’s Catering, Lenore With Impact coordinated the supporters returned to Nolan Ryan Catering, two-day fund-raiser, which the Eden Roc that night Blue Martini Miami, included a Friday night draft for the Winner’s Circle SweetCakes Edibles, Pacific party, a kickoff brunch and scav- Jeans and Jewels Gala. Time, DeVito South Beach DJ DJ Joe Dert enger hunt rally on Saturday, Toronto-based auctionFurniture Room Service and a finale gala Saturday night. eer Jay Mandarino Hostesses The South Beach Founded by Solutions With led the live auction, Model Machine Impact president Joel Hock, which raised more than Rentals Atlas Party Rental Valet Gold Star Parking the event had similar incarna$174,000. The Gypsy tions in Toronto and Los Angeles Kings played a 25-minute Gala earlier in the year. set before the event Catering, Venue Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach The festivities began with wrapped up around Staging Off the Wall Sound a cocktail party at local philan- midnight. and Lighting thropist and entrepreneur —D. Channing Muller


Road Race

performances by 150 high school seniors from around the country. The night began at The YoungArts Gala relocated downtown, Gusman’s Olympia Theater, where YoungArts alumni trafficking guests between two venues. performed, and ultimately a For the dinner tables, group of 18 students walked The National Foundation for MIAMI Advancement in the Arts held its Avant Gardens created two into the audience and led centerpieces of different guests in a parade across the annual benefit on January 16 at two landmark heights using orchids, red-carpeted street to the venues in downtown Miami. Formerly held at the white hydrangeas, palm Dupont Building for dinner Fontainebleau hotel, this year’s An Affair of the fronds, and branches. and dancing. The cocktail Arts gala moved to the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts and Alfred I. Dupont Building and reception took place in the building’s north ballroom, where more actors, raised $550,000. dancers, writers, musicians, and cinematographers “Our office is downtown, so staged vignette performances reprewe felt a connection to our locaYoungArts’ An Affair of senting their artistic discipline. tion and wanted to make sure the Arts Gala Following the hour-long reception, people know we are here,” said Band The Valerie Tyson the nearly 400 dinner guests—perMegan Harmon, the organizaBand formers and the judges who detertion’s manager of special events Catering, Chairs, Linens mined the awards all week stayed only Chef David Schwadron and alumni relations. “We are a Catering & Event Design for the reception—made their way into national foundation whose home Equipment Rentals Studio the south ballroom for a dinner catered is in this city, and Gusman is one Instrument Rentals Inc. by Chef David Schwadron Catering & of the most spectacular theaters Event Management Chase Event Design. Marketing Group we have in the city, so why Flowers Avant Gardens After the award presentations, wouldn’t we use it?” Lighting, Sound, Staging the north ballroom reopened for Nearly 600 artists, dancGigs Up Productions dessert—a rice pudding bar with variAttendees walked a red carpet (complete with ers, writers, and patrons of the Props Prop Planet ous toppings, a chocolate fondue bar, faux paparazzi)across the street from the Venues Alfred I. Dupont arts attended the fund-raiser, Building, Gusman Center and passed confections. performance at the Gusman Center’s Olympia which was the culmination of for the Performing Arts —D. Channing Muller Theater to dinner at the Dupont Building. the YoungArts Week classes and


Arts Movement

Best in Show It’s hard to overstate the impact of the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest trade show of its kind. This year’s attendance held steady, drawing about 120,000 attendees to Las Vegas amid an optimistic mood. Here’s a look at 10 standout exhibits from the show’s sprawling halls.


The C.E.S. show floor can be dizzying, and Samsung’s exhibit took that fact to its literal extension. Mirrored ceilings created a kaleidoscopic look that allowed showgoers to see themselves and the crowd from multiple, unusual angles.

Panasonic built a theater into its crowded exhibit, which encompassed individual areas for many of its products. Multiple screens showed off its 3D technology.

The entrance to LG’s dramatic booth beckoned guests with bright wraparound screens made from three panels. Sleek white cabinetry marked the displays, and white panels overhead glowed with LED patterns. Sparks Los Angeles created the exhibit.

38 spring 2010


C.E.S. continues to be a forum where big brands come to entertain at dozens of offshoot events.

Miscrosoft’s round booth kept attendees flowing inward. Curved banners displayed the logo overhead, and a band of colorful LEDs cast a warm glow.

Broadcasts from NBC Universal’s booth included a Today segment and live shots for CNBC, MSNBC, and NBC stations.

Sprint hosted an event in a Venetian ballroom to announce its exclusive deal with Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless. Attendees visited demo stations set up as individual vignettes. Fresh Wata provided the decor for the four vignettes, which included a park with trees and concession stands, a dorm room with a cafeteria, an office, and a living room with a 16-foot-wide fireplace and a hexagonal video screen.

Polaroid brought in Lady Gaga, who it recently named creative director of a specialty line of products. Other in-booth activities included an exhibition of fine art photography and live celebrity portrait sessions by photographer Maurizio Galimberti. Samsung held a product launch for 700 journalists at the Venetian. Working with Cheil Communications and Barkley Kalpak Associates, S&M Display built a custom set that lowered to reveal three skinny new TV models then glided out into the audience.

2LK Design designed and the Taylor Group built the Intel booth, where LEDs illuminated fabric boxes in undulating, colorchanging patterns.

ON BIZBASH.COM More photos and details from C.E.S.

Wired set up a media lounge at Society Cafe Encore for about 500 guests. Director of brand and strategy Maya Draisin tapped Precision Event Group to produce, design, and manage the event. The space included three themed stations: “recharge,” with Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy shots, something called Perky Jerky, and candy; “refresh,” with fruity waters and smoothies; and “rejuvenate,” with Bloody Marys, trail mix, and homemade granola bars—all catered by the venue. spring 2010 39

Around the Globes

Although it probably came as no surprise to guests of In Style and Warner Brothers’ 11th annual after-party that the stars of the studio’s film The Hangover celebrated their best comedy win at the January 17 event, they probably did not expect to see a performance by the Dan Band, which makes a brief cameo towards the end of the film. “We’re at the [Beverly Hilton’s Oasis Courtyard] every year, and we have to strategize ways to make the party different so that it’s inspirational,” said Kelly Austing, In Style’s manager of creative development. Part of that strategy was to collaborate with Thomas Ford, who has worked on the event since its inception, to create an urban penthouse by lining the courtyard with images of high-rise buildings and hanging a 24-foot-wide crystal chandelier.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Golden Globe awards always inspire some of the most production-heavy parties of the year. Here’s a look inside a few of the week’s biggies.



Lionsgate The studio took to the Beverly Hills Hotel on the night before the Globes, hosting a party to fete its nominees—including Precious and Mad Men—produced by Benarroch Productions. DJ Mr. Best spun for the celebratory crowd. Gold cloths from Wildflower Linen and white flower arrangements of ranunculus and roses from Collage Floral Design topped tables for an Old Hollywood look.

Summit Entertainment NBC Universal/Focus Features The Beverly Hilton swarmed with the guests and staff of at least six major parties on Golden Globes night, and among the big-name returnees to the event landscape this year was the NBC Universal/Focus Features party, presented by Cartier, held beneath a clear-roof tent on the top deck of the hotel’s garage. Under the financial and creative direction of staff from the NBC Universal ON BIZBASH.COM entertainment divisions involved—including NBC Universal’s Hollace Davids, NBC’s Francine Spray, and Focus Features’ More photos and details from Golden Carlotta Florio—Angel City Designs created an updated take on old-school discotheques. Globes events

40 spring 2010

Town & Country supplied white, modern-looking rental seating indoors and black and white furnishings outdoors for Summit’s party, produced by Chad Hudson.


In Style/Warner Brothers

HBO HBO’s party at Hilton restaurant Circa 55 and its adjoining pool area had an informal theme of “sparkle, shimmer, shine.” HBO vice president of special events Eileen Rivard produced the celebration with longtime design partner Billy Butchkavitz. Partly inspired by the space race and James Bond movies, the look included Sputnik-inspired chandeliers and sculptures and a wall of copper paillette drapery around the perimeter.

In Style Beauty Lounge In Style presented its beauty lounge at the Four Seasons, where guests came for a range of pampering services. Caravents designed the space, which included a tent draped in luxurious white material for a feminine look.

Fox On Globes night, Fox—all six of its divisions—took its party for about 700 to Craft. 15/40 Productions handled the production and design, including creating chandeliers from Edison light bulbs that hung over bars, echoing the existing bulbs in the restaurant’s space.

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Adriano Bastos from Brazil won the men’s marathon title for the sixth consecutive year.

Runner’s High subscribetoday

The Disney Marathon drew a record number of runners, despite the freezing weather. The 2010 Disney Marathon Weekend took place in Orlando on January 9 and 10, with more than 55,000 runners participating despite freezing temperatures, which dipped into the 20s. The full marathon on January 10 served as the final of six races—including a half marathon and Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge—that took place throughout the weekend, and had the largest turnout in its history. “We changed the course for the 2009 race and [used that] as a test year to make sure it could handle more runners and then increased the capacity for this year,” said event manager Michelle Maready, who added that capacity, and participation, for the half and full marathons each increased from 17,500 in 2009 to about 23,500 this year. With sleet and even snow falling in Orlando on January 9, Maready and her team sent additional pre-race emails to all runners, alerting them to the forecast so they could prepare and made announcements at the related Fitness Expo on the two days leading up to the race. She worked with the teams at each of the medical stops along the race courses to ensure they had additional blankets and other supplies to combat the cold and hired 20 extra buses to transport runners from their hotels to the starting line. “We thought runners would wait longer to get to the start because of Disney Marathon the colder temperaWeekend tures, which would Power CAT Entertainment have taxed our bus Services team, so we tried Rentals, Tents Karl’s Event to anticipate that,” Rental Maready said. Transportation Mears Transportation Group —D. Channing Muller

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At Midway, actors were greeted with a red carpet, champagne, and “Welcome Home Alumni” signage.

Return Trip Second City lured alumni to a 50th anniversary weekend with performances, Puma, and late-night pizza. Chicago ticket scalpers allegedly got as much as $1,800 a pop for passes to Second City’s 50th anniversary celebration in December. Comprising panel discussions, performances, and parties, the three-day affair took over Old Town’s Second City Theater. There, classrooms became party rooms and green rooms, Puma hosted a temporary lounge, and famous Second City alumni such as Catherine O’Hara, Amy Sedaris, and Stephen Colbert appeared onstage. On December 11, Southwest Airlines sponsored a charter flight to bring 100 Second City alumni to Chicago from Los Angeles. That night, actors such as Martin Short and Eugene Levy performed in SCTV reunion performances, reprising the roles they played on the TV show, before a V.I.P. party. The next day began at 10 a.m. with hourly panel discussions and went on to include rehearsals, Second City’s red carpet interviews, 50th Anniversary an alumni open house Celebration and buffet, and the Airport Greeter Service nearly four-hour Second DST Chicago Catering Scoozi, Joe’s City alumni reunion Seafood, Prime Steak & show, and was still Stone Crab, Foodlife at going strong at 11 p.m., Water Tower Place, Hub 51, when alumni began a Eli’s Cheesecake, Cafe Ba Ba Reeba private show for their Flowers A New Leaf fellow actors. Later, the Jazz Pianist Scott group feasted on lateStevenson night snacks from local Limousine Service United Limousine restaurants. PR Dan Klores The celebration Communications ended Sunday, after a Rentals, Linens Tablescapes brunch at Hub 51 and Party Rentals Simulcasts Show several more screenDepartment ings and panel discusVenue Second City Theatre sions. —Jenny Berg



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Dunhill During New York Fashion Week, Dunhill used laser cut aluminum panels to recreate its founder’s ancestral home in a meatpacking district warehouse.

Pop Culture The combination of cheap spaces and tight budgets has been a boon to the beloved pop-up—here’s a look at how brands have used them in recent months. By MICHAEL O’CONNELL

The B.C. Dairy Foundation Milk pushers in Canada preached the necessity of dairy last fall with a series of Vancouver “Weak Shops” showcasing fake products for people with no energy—chair pants, wallet walkers—and suggesting that a glass of milk would do them just as well.

Nau Sustainable label Nau wanted a New York retail presence during the holidays, but rather than create just a store, the label decked its venue with repurposed decor and fixtures and built a stage and bar to make it an event space with a community-center vibe.

Diet Coke

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44 spring 2010

In New York, the soft drink pushed food pairings with an automat full of health-conscious snacks to complement the thousands of free bottles of beverage it passed out to locals on lunch breaks.




Max Fish To capitalize on the out-of-towners looking for a familiar watering hole during Art Basel Miami Beach, locally based O.H.W.O.W. Gallery teamed up with New York dive bar Max Fish to create a Southern outpost of the 20-year-old venue, with four nights of drinks, performances, and plenty of branded merchandise.

Hello Kitty Japanese brand Sanrio celebrated 35 years of its popular Hello Kitty character by renting L.A. gallery Royal/T to host a temporary café, shop, museum, and event space.

Where the Wild Things Are


Last fall, Warner Brothers filled Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles with elaborate costumes, set elements, and branded swag to promote its film adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book.

Following the success of a media-only pop-up in the fall, the online marketplace opened a consumer holiday pop-up store decorated with items bought on the Web site.

Target The retailer’s 2009 holiday outing featured three walk-up temporary stores in busy shopping hubs in New York, Washington, and San Francisco, all festively festooned and filled with cheap gift suggestions.

Clinique and Teen Vogue The partners kicked off an online marketing push by offering complimentary makeup styling and professional portraits at 10 college campuses and urban hubs across the country; recipients were encouraged to post the branded photos to social media sites. spring 2010 45

Potted herbs and tins of tomatoes filled with bread sticks topped two long tables covered in red and white gingham that flanked the main bar, which Heintzman decorated with Tag Vodka bottles and tomato tins bearing the Scavolini logo. “We have more than 600 pounds of tomatoes in cans. The Monk Lounge featured a PubliIt was very important to us that all of this food not Air inflatable dropped ceiling and a go to waste, so it’s all being sent to Good Shepherd The Interior Design Show opened with an sculpture of an organic coffee tree. [Ministries] afterwards. So decor becomes a donaItalian-themed kitchen party for 5,000. tion,” Heintzman said. Queen Street band the Calrizians performed To kick off the 12th annual Interior at the entrance to the show, and DJ Jojo Flores TORONTO Design Show, held January 22 to 24 played at the main stage and inside the Monk at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, organizers Lounge, where House & Home Media hosted a V.I.P. played up the “Ultimate” theme for this year’s event reception. The space, named for the jazz pianist and hosted 5,000 guests at an opening night party and composer Thelonius Monk, was designed by on January 21. “It’s an Italian home-kitchen party on a Rhed design director Match Restaurant served big scale,” event producer Del Terrelonge and creIDS 10 “Ultimate” risotto balls at a catering Marion Heintzman of ated by Templar, the Opening Night Party station on the show floor. Heintzman Productions development corporaCatering, Venue Metro said of the event, which tion behind the Templar Toronto Convention was sponsored by Dekla, Hotel Toronto, slated to Centre Catering Magic Oven, Scavolini, and House & open this spring. Rodney’s Oyster House, Home Media. The show, presented Cantine Restaurant In the main stage by the Chicago-based and Bar, Aphrodiziacs area, Heintzman built a Merchandise Mart Catering, Bagel World, The Cupcakery, La Bruschetta, 24- by 16-foot appliProperties Inc. and sponAme, Ferro Bar Café ance rack and hung it sored for the first time DJ JoJo Flores above the bar to display by Rado, returned to its Flowers Heintzman kitchen items like platoriginal home after being Productions Media Relations, PR ters, strainers, oven held at the Direct Energy Faulhaber PR mitts, graters, measuring Centre for several years. Heintzman Productions decorated Production, Rigging Spirit cups, and garlic strands. —Susan O’Neill the main bar, sponsored by Scavolini. Event Productions

Fort Lauderdale Convention Center April 28, 2010

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Not-SoLittle Italy


Anchors Aweigh for New York Planners on the Norwegian Gem


New York planners sailed through New York City Harbor as they participated in Norwegian Cruise Lineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Freestyle Cruise event on January 23. The event, sponsored by N.C.L., featured a lunch discussion on event trends and a tour of the shipâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s meeting and dining spaces. To learn more about freestyle cruising on the Norwegian Gem, which also docks in the Bahamas and Florida, visit incentives or call 1.866.NCL. Norwegian Gem MEET.

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Keynote speaker Colin Cowie will speak on the importance of customer service and bringing greater value to todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s events Keynote presentation by KARLA Conceptual Event Experiences

All of the incredible ideas and event trends youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve read about in BizBash will come alive when BizBash kicks off its ďŹ rst Florida Expo on April 28. Join more than 1,000 of the stateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s event and meeting professionals at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center for this spectacular day of expo action and leave bursting with new ideas and fresh inspiration. Conclude the day at the cocktail reception to connect with fellow event pros and talk about the exhibits you loved, the trends that popped, and the incredible takeaways that will make your events shine.

Kathy Dolci; Joel Dolci, president and C.E.O. of the New York Society of Association Executives; Lori Hart, corporate sales manager for Norwegian Cruise Lines; Kathy Weamer, director of business development for Bridgeline Software; and Michael Weamer, executive vice president of the American Heart Association

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TOP 100

EVENTS Every year, this region plays host to hundreds of corporations, nonprofit organizations, and institutions. Here’s a look at the annual events that stand out in their respective industries. By D. CHANNING MULLER The economic climate has made for a rocky year in the South Florida event community. The region’s corporate, nonprofit, and independent planners have been forced to retool their thinking and find new approaches to their annual benefits, festivals, and trade ON BIZBASH.COM shows. Despite the challenges, these 100 events have continued to hold Reports from many a strong presence within their industries and will continue to command of these events influence in 2010.

48 spring 2010

Dance, Music & Theater Events 1. Winter Music Conference This dance and elec-

tronic music festival and trade show stages five days of DJ performances, music and tech seminars, and sponsored parties in Miami Beach, attracting more than 70,000 people last year. The 25th anniversary conference is scheduled for March 23 to 27. 2. International Ballet Festival of Miami Each September, dancers, critics, and fans gather for 17 days of performances by principals from the world’s top ballet companies. About 9,000 people attended in 2009—2,000 fewer than in previous years, a change organizers attributed to the economy. The 2010 festival takes place August 27 to September 12. 3. Summer Shorts Festival Produced by City Theatre, this drama fest drew nearly 6,000 people to the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County and the Broward Center for 50 performances in four weeks. The 2010 shows are scheduled for June 3 to 27 at the Arsht Center. 4. Sunfest James Taylor headlined his five-day waterfront music and art festival in West Palm Beach in 2009. Produced by SunFest of Palm Beach County Inc., the event attracted 275,000. The 29th annual festival is scheduled for April 28 to May 2.



The Future Classic Festival

Fashion Events

1. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Coordinated by IMG Fashion, this collection of runway shows takes place at the Raleigh Hotel on South Beach each July. The fifth annual event attracted 20 swimwear designers—25 percent more than in 2008. Nearly 12,000 people attended the shows, and sponsors American Express, DHL, and Lycra returned. 2. Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach This semiannual four-day event combines fashion and music with runway shows. Founded by the owners of 3B Productions and EventStar, Funkshion attracted designers such as Nicole Miller and Custo Barcelona and 11 sponsors, five more than previ-

5. Ultra Music Fest Ultra draws more than 40,000

revelers to Bicentennial Park every March to witness more than 200 musicians and DJs perform on 10 stages. The 2009 event was named Best Festival by Village Voice Media’s New Times for the fifth consecutive year and Best Music Event by the International Dance Music Awards for the fourth time. This year’s festival will be held March 26 and 27. Miami Music Festival In its inaugural year, this three-day music festival staged more than 600 performances in 27 venues downtown and in Brickell. The event attracted nearly 19,000 people—4,000 more than anticipated. Organizer Irwin Kornfeld, C.E.O. of music magazine In Tune Monthly, and partner Will Edwards plan to bring back the festival in fall 2010. 7. Miami Salsa Congress Since its inception in 2002, this Latin dance festival has grown from 600 people to more than 5,000 salsa dance enthusiasts, an increase of more than 800 from the 2008 event. Headquartered at the Miami Beach Resort, the five-day event consists of dance performances, workshops, and parties. This year’s festival will take place August 4 to 8.

ous seasons, in October 2009. The fall/winter 2010 collections will show March 23 to 28 in the tents at Lummus Park. 3. Miami Fashion Week Founded by Sobol Fashion Productions Inc., this six-day run of runway shows takes place each March at Soho Studios in Wynwood and attracts more than 10,000 buyers, designers, and media. The 2009 event added the International Culinary Arts Pavilion, where local chefs cooked, and the International Buyers Salon, a forum for talks between buyers and designers. The 2010 shows will take place March 18 to 21 at the Shops of Midtown Miami. 4. SwimShow Produced by the Swimwear Association of Florida, this largest swimwear trade show is concurrent with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. The 27th annual exhibition took over 250,000 square feet at the Miami Beach Convention Center with 350 exhibitors. This year’s 28th showcase is scheduled for July 17 to 20.

8. South Florida Theatre Festival With performances staged throughout Palm Beach, Broward, MiamiDade, and Monroe counties, this event moved from spring to October in 2009 and was condensed from three months to two weeks surrounding the Theatre Communications Group’s Free Night of Theater. Performances will resume in mid-October.



Heineken Transatlantic Festival This nearly monthlong music festival showcases emerging artists at the North Beach Bandshell in Miami every April. Coordinated by nonprofit group the Rhythm Foundation, the 2009 event attracted nearly 5,000 attendees—1,000 more than in 2008.

5. Shecky’s Girls Night Out This shopping tour stopped in Miami for the third time April 30 to May 1. On the heels of six sold-out events in other markets, the semiannual traveling promotion at the Moore Building in the design district drew 3,000 people and another 3,215—a 14 percent jump—for its fall event in Miami Beach. The tour will return to Miami in the fall. 6. Rock Fashion Week This alternative series of fashion shows takes place twice a year, in March and October. The October 2009 run at the Eden Roc attracted twice as many people as the March shows—about 5,000. (Due to a legal dispute between 3B Productions and the event planners, the event has been canceled for March, but is supposed to return later this year.)


Gen Art’s Shop Miami This shopping event returned to the Moore Building on June 18. The event attracted a steady 1,000 guests and 48 designers, eight more than previous years. Smartwater, Citi, and Degree sponsored. The 2010 boutiques are being planned for summer.

Sponsorships increased 50 percent, with eight organizations contributing. 10. Future Classic Festival Music representation and promotional company Contagious Musiq’s inaugural festival attracted about 4,000 people to Soho Studios Miami on September 12. The event fused music, video games, dance, art, fashion, and skateboarding into a single gathering. Organizers had not announced a 2010 date at press time. 11. Coral Gables Bluesfest Held in February on the street outside Fritz and Franz Bierhaus in Coral Gables, this festival combines blues with German, Creole, American, and other international foods. The three-day event attracts about 2,000 people. The 12th go-round will take place April 26 to 28. 12. Florida Dance Festival Winterfest This weeklong dance fest combines classes, workshops, lectures, and performances. The most recent performances at the Colony Theatre and the New World Dance Theatre drew nearly 900 people. The next incarnation begins December 27. spring 2010 49

SOUTH FLORIDA’S TOP 100 EVENTS Film & Media Events 1. Miami International Film Festival Attracting more than 65,000 people during its 11-day run last March, this 26th annual festival is produced by Miami-Dade College and screened more than 250 features, shorts, and documentaries. The 2010 festival was scheduled for March 5 to 14. 2. Miami and Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Presented by HBO, this 10-day international festival took place April 25 to May 3 and showcased 100 films (nearly 30 fewer than in 2008, due to a drop in submissions) at seven venues in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Organizers scrapped the Centerpiece Gala due to budget cuts, but still attracted more than 11,000 people to the festival. The 12th annual event is April 23 to May 2.

3. Sunshine State Award Ceremony The South

5. Brazilian Film Festival of Miami The 2009

Florida chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists produces this award ceremony to recognize journalists across the state in 80 categories. The May 2009 ceremony attracted 25 percent more guests than in 2008, due to lower ticket prices and a move to the Art and Cultural Center of Hollywood. The 2010 event date had not been announced at press time. 4. American Black Film Festival Recognized as the leading film festival for African-American and urban content, this lineup primarily screens world premieres. HBO and Nickelodeon sponsor filmmaking competitions. The 2010 festival is scheduled for June 23 to 26.

edition of this festival expanded with screenings in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood. Part of the Inffinito Festival Circuit, which promotes film events worldwide, the fest screened 41 films made in Brazil to an audience of more than 18,000 people. The 2010 festival is set for August 13 to 21. 6. Miami Short Film Festival Presented by the University of Miami School of Communication, in 2009 this 10-day event showed more than 90 films from 27 countries, culled from a record 600 entries. The screenings took place November 13 to 22 and attracted 5,000 attendees, about 10 percent more than in 2008. The festival’s ninth outing is scheduled for November 13 to 20.

trade show displayed more than 1,000 cars at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The exhibit floor decreased by about 40,000 square feet in 2009—though attendance climbed slightly to 532,000. The 2010 show is scheduled for November 5 to 14. 4. Home Design and Remodeling Show This interior-design expo takes place twice a year in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, with 800 exhibitors at the Miami Beach Convention Center and 700 at the Broward County Convention Center. The 2009 shows attracted nearly 75,000 people each. The 2010 events are set for March 26 to 29 and September 3 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to 7 in Miami, and June 4 to 6 and December 3 to 5 in Billed as the largest boat show in the world, this event showcases an estimated $3 billion of marine Fort Lauderdale. transport hardware across three million square feet 5. Health and Fitness Expo This two-day event of space—on land and in the water—at six venues combines screenings, demonstrations, activities, and panel discussions at the Miami Beach in Fort Lauderdale. The 2010 show is scheduled for Convention Center. Presented by NBC 6 and October 28 to November 1. Telemundo 51, the fourth edition attracted more 2. Miami International Boat Show and Strictly than 50,000 people. The expo returns to the Sail This event brings together thousands of the year’s newest boats from more than 2,100 exhibi- convention center April 25 and 26. tors. Based at the Miami Beach Convention Center, 6. The Original Miami Beach Antique Show This five-day trade show is billed as the world’s largest with in-water displays at two marinas, the 2010 indoor antique show in the world—135,000 square show took place February 11 to 15. feet and more than 800 exhibitors from 22 coun3. South Florida International Auto Show tries. The 49th event took place January 21 to 25 and Organized by the South Florida Automobile attracted nearly 20,000 attendees. Dealers Association, the 39th installment of this


50 spring 2010


Exxxotica Miami Beach This trade show and expo is considered the largest in the adult industry based on attendance. The 2009 show at the Miami Beach Convention Center attracted 19,500 people and about 150 exhibitors; it returns May 14 to 16. 8. Seatrade Cruise Shipping Convention Every March this trade show for the cruise shipping industry brings together commercial shipping, cruise lines, and the yachting industries at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The show had 941 exhibitors from 119 countries and more than 10,000 attendees throughout its four days in 2009. 9. Graphics of the Americas This three-day expo and conference for the graphic communications industry is held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. In 2009, it attracted more than 10,000 attendees from 78 countries and 440 exhibitors. The show’s 35th outing took place February 25 to 27. 10. HD Boutique Hospitality Design magazine hosts this design trade show at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The 2009 event had 440 exhibitors and more than 3,500 attendees, down about 5,000 from 2008. The expo’s eighth installment returns to South Florida on September 13 and 14. 11. America’s Food and Beverage Show The 13th annual show, at the Miami Beach Convention Center, drew 306 exhibitors and more than 6,200 attendees from 63 countries, an increase of 48 percent over 2008. The show had an estimated $103.6 million in sales for 2009. The 2010 edition is scheduled for October 26 and 27.


Trade Shows, Expos & Conventions


Sports Events

Art & Design Events

1. FedEx Orange Bowl More than 73,000 fans flock to Miami each January to watch this college football game at Sun Life Stadium. The Orange Bowl Festival includes the Budweiser Tailgate Party, the AvMed Coaches Luncheon, and the Fan Fest in Bicentennial Park. It attracted roughly 150,000 fans, about 20,000 more than in 2009.

1. Art Basel Miami Beach A spin-off of the fair


Miami Beach Polo World Cup The fifth staging of this tournament returned to the sands behind the Setai from April 30 to May 3, attracting nearly 2,200 people during its four-day run. Event creator and producer Bruce Orosz, president of ACT Productions, added a one-day women’s tournament and increased sponsorships by 20 percent over 2008. The 2010 matches are scheduled for April 22 to 25. 3. U.S. Open Polo Championships The International Polo Club Palm Beach has been home to this four-week international polo tournament each April since 2004. The club’s nine fields host 15 matches, which attract nearly 40,000 spectators. This year’s tournament takes place March 28 to April 18.


Ford Championship Weekend Each November, Homestead-Miami Speedway hosts the conclusion of Nascar’s Craftsman Truck, Busch, and Nextel Cup series. The track sold out with more than 75,000 attendees in 2009. The threeday event includes concerts, driver meet-andgreets, and a parade of Nascar vehicles through Miami. This year’s races will be November 19 to 21.

5. Sony Ericsson Open Last year marked the 25th anniversary for this top-tier tennis event, which was voted the Association of Tennis Professionals Masters 1000 Tournament of the Year for the ninth time. The 12 days of matches from March 25 to April 5 attracted more than 290,000 people and drew attention with a stunt on Ocean Drive. The open will return to Key Biscayne from March 22 to April 4. 6. World Golf Championships-CA Championship This three-day tournament at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa is one of three World Golf Championship-sanctioned events and is organized by the International Federation of P.G.A. Tours. The 2009 event—won by Phil Mickelson— attracted 110,000 spectators. The tournament returned to Doral from March 8 to 14. 7. ING Miami Marathon Every January, ING sponsors the marathon and half marathon through downtown and Miami Beach. More than 18,000 people participated in the January 31 races. 8. Columbus Day Regatta Each October, nearly 1,000 boaters and sailors participate in this three-day water-sports event on Biscayne Bay. The Columbus Day weekend festivities combine music, boat parties, and sunbathing on the water near Elliott Key to attract hundreds of boats and thousands of people. 9. Miami Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival The sixth installment of this dragon boat race expanded to two days in April 2009. The event, which attracted nearly 25,000 spectators to Miami Marine Stadium saw 27 teams of 20 compete in signature 40-foot boats. The dates for this year’s races were not set at press time. 10. Sailfish Cup Tournament This competition serves as the kickoff for sailfish season in South Florida. The 2009 event welcomed 42 boats and awarded a purse of $400,000 for the top seven catches. This year’s tournament will take place November 15 to 18. 11. Dig the Beach Volleyball National Championships Coordinated by Executive Sports, this two-day tournament, held each September on Miami Beach, is the culmination of nine qualifiers in six Florida cities. The series saw a decrease in women’s teams from 25 in 2008 to 16 in 2009, but an increase in men’s participation from 32 teams in 2008 to 45 last year. The 2010 championships are scheduled for September 11 and 12. 12. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Turkey Trot On Thanksgiving Day, runners, walkers, and wheelchair racers take part in these 5K and 10K races in Tropical Park. Organized by Run Miami, the event attracted 3,650 participants in 2009, about 250 more than previous years.

in Basel, Switzerland, this event takes place in December at the Miami Beach Convention Center and elsewhere, drawing an international crowd of nearly 40,000. Multiple satellite art fairs were staged simultaneously around Miami, and brands like Viktor & Rolf and Maybach hosted parties. The 2010 fair will return to the convention center December 2 to 5. 2. Design Miami Timed to Art Basel Miami Beach, this four-day art fair is housed in a 35,000-square-foot temporary structure in the design district. With installations by 25 leading galleries, the fair was presented with HSBC Private Bank and sponsored by Audi and Swarovski Crystal Palace. 3. Art Miami Coinciding with Art Basel Miami Beach, the city’s longest-running contemporary art fair celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2009. Held in an 80,000-square-foot pavilion in midtown, the five-day event attracted more than 35,000 people, 10 percent more than in 2008. 4. Sleepless Night Audi sponsored this overnight contemporary arts festival comprised of more than 150 individual events held along a six-mile stretch of Miami Beach on November 7. More than 100,000 people attended the biannual array of installations, exhibits, galleries, and performances. 5. Art Deco Weekend Festival This event from the Miami Design Preservation League combines film, lectures, dance performances, antique shows, and guided tours in an effort to raise awareness for the preservation of the Art Deco Historic District. About 275,000 people attended the more than 85 events staged January 15 to 17. 6. Coconut Grove Arts Festival Each February this street fair attracts more than 150,000 patrons and showcases more than 330 artists’ works. In 2009, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida-sponsored event sold about $4 million worth of art in three days. The 2010 festival was held February 13 to 15. 7. Beaux Arts Festival This outdoor art festival raises funds for the Lowe Art Museum on the University of Miami in Coral Gables, where it was held January 9 and 10. The event attracts 100,000 patrons and more than 200 artists. 8. Arteamericas In 2009, this Latin American arts festival filled 100,000 square feet at the Miami Beach Convention Center, attracting about 14,000 people. The eighth annual fair is scheduled for March 26 to 29. 9. Artopia Presented by Miami New Times, this event combines music, art, fashion, and film. The 2010 event, on February 1, moved from Charcoal Studios in Wynwood to the Freedom Tower. spring 2010 51

SOUTH FLORIDA’S TOP 100 EVENTS Benefits the kickoff to Miami’s social season, the 15th annual gala took pace at the InterContinental Miami on November 7. Celebrity auctioneer Pamela Anderson helped raise more than $1 million for the charity from 800 attendees. The 2010 ball will take place November 6. 2. International Red Cross Ball The 53rd annual gala took place January 30 at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach. One of the most anticipated events of the Palm Beach social season, the gala saw a 35 percent increase in attendance and fund-raising compared with 2009. Best Buddies Gala The nonprofit for the mentally disabled hosted this ball on Miami’s Watson Island in November for 800 people. The Americana-themed benefit raised $1.3 million and attracted 50 sponsors. The 2010 event is scheduled for November 19. 4. Destination Fashion The Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis and event producer Barton G. took over the Bal Harbour Shops in Miami on March 7, 2009, for this biannual fund-raiser. Headlined by a Michael Kors fashion show, Seal, and the Pointer Sisters, the event drew more than 1,500 and raised $3.8 million.


crowd gathered at the Biltmore Hotel and raised $2.5 million. The 2010 ball will take place October 16. 7. Blacks’ Gala Hosted by local philanthropists Roy and Lea Black, this star-studded gala raises more than $1 million each year, with all proceeds benefiting the Bay Point Schools. The 14th annual gala was held February 27 at the Fontainebleau hotel. 8. Déjà Vu Ball Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County’s costume ball returned to the Bahia Mar Beach Resort and Yachting Center in October for the sixth year. The event sold out its 400 tickets nearly two weeks in advance and raked in $300,000— $100,000 more than in 2008—through table sponsorships alone. The ball will return to the Bahia Mar on October 9. 9. Diabetes Research Institute Foundation’s Love and Hope Ball As the organization’s largest fundraiser, the 2009 gala at the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa raised nearly $1 million and welcomed more than 800 guests. The ball returned to the Westin on February 13. 10. Baptist Hospital Ball The hospital’s largest fund-raiser took place November 21 at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa, where it garnered 550 guests—10 percent fewer than in 2008. Despite the decreased attendance, the event raised about $350,000, the same as in 2008. The 32nd annual ball is planned for November 20 at the Doral.

13. Miami Art Museum Ball This gala during Art Basel attracted nearly 500 people in 2009—down by 150 compared with 2008, which organizers attribute to the economy. Recognized as one of the art fair’s top social events, the ball at the Fontainebleau raised $550,000 in 2009. This year’s event will take place December 4. 14. MOCA’s Bohemian Bash The Museum of Contemporary Art’s 2009 fund-raiser attracted 800 attendees and raised $250,000. This year’s event was held February 20. 15. Deliver the Dream Denim & Diamonds Gala This charity for families facing serious illness or crisis, held its fifth annual gala at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa in Fort Lauderdale in October. About 450 people attended, raising $120,000. The event will return to the Marriott on October 30. 16. Florida Marlins’ Fish ’N Chips Fund-Raiser In 2009 the Florida Marlins Foundation lowered ticket prices from $250 to $100 per person for this casino night and nearly tripled attendance. Held at the Fairmont Turnberry Isle in Aventura in August, the event netted $45,000. This year’s party is scheduled for September 2. Pawpurrazzi This fund-raiser for the Humane Society of Greater Miami brings together philanthropists and their pets. Local benefactors Pat and Milton Wallace co-chaired the 2010 event, which took place at Jungle Island on January 22 and raised more than $500,000—a 30 percent jump—for the Human Society’s Adopta-Pet program. 18. March of Dimes Signature Chefs and Wine Extravaganza This nonprofit’s 12th anniversary food and wine event took place October 22 at Jungle Island in Miami. The fund-raiser had food stations from 28 local restaurants and chefs and nearly 700 guests, who raised $170,000 for the March of Dimes. This year’s event is planned for October. 19. Wild About Kids Gala This fund-raiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Miami-Dade county raised more than $100,000 in 2009. The gala committee locked in higher-level sponsors than in 2008 and saw big names like Bacardi, State Farm, and artist Romero Britto return as contributors. The 2010 gala is scheduled for November 13.



Zo’s Summer Groove Former Miami Heat basketball player Alonzo Mourning and teammate Dwyane Wade host this five-day fund-raiser for their namesake charities. The event consists of a golf tournament, a comedy show and concert, a block party, and an all-star basketball game, plus a benefit dinner that attracted nearly 1,000 people in 2009. Vizcayans Ball The Vizcaya Museum and The 2010 event is scheduled for July 14 to 18. Gardens hosts this November gala to raise money 12. An Affair of the Arts Gala The National for the restoration and upkeep of the house and Foundation for Advancement hosts this fund-raising gardens. The 2009 event attracted nearly 400 ball to support young artists, art education, and arts in people. The 2010 ball is scheduled for November 20. America. The January 16 event took place downtown 6. Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Diamond at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts and the Ball The charity’s largest fund-raiser, this benefit sold Alfred I. Dupont Building, where 600 guests (almost out in 2009, for the third straight year. A capacity twice as many as in 2009) raised more than $550,000.


52 spring 2010


1. InterContinental Make-a-Wish Ball Recognized as

watched live broadcasts. The 2010 parade is planned for December 11. 6. Florida Renaissance Festival This event’s 16th 1. Carnaval Miami This 17-day festival in Little Havana culminates with Calle Ocho, a 23-block street installment moved to Miami for the first time. The event took place at Virginia Key Beach Park on Key party that attracts nearly one million revelers and Biscayne from January 9 to 24 and included more big-name performers like Shaggy. Considered the top event in the Hispanic market, Carnaval 2010 took than 100 costumed performers and entertainment on 12 stages. A separate festival in Deerfield Beach is place February 26 to March 14. 2. White Party Week This weeklong gay and lesbian set for February 13 to March 14. event culminates with the renowned White Party at 7. Miami Book Fair International The 26th edition of Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. The 25th annual fund- the country’s largest book fair took place November raiser for Care Resource took place in late November 8 to 15 in downtown Miami, combining seminars, readings, and discussions with a two-day street fair. and attracted more than 10,000 people, raising In 2009, nearly 225,000 people attended over eight $155,000. This year’s celebration is scheduled for days, about 50,000 fewer than in 2008. This year’s November 24 to 27. fair is planned for November 14 to 21. 3. Delray Affair The 47th installment of this three8. South Beach Comedy Festival Combining big day fair, held the first weekend after Easter, takes names with up-and-coming entertainers at four place along 10 blocks in downtown Delray Beach. performance halls in South Beach, this four-day event More than 300,000 people stopped by and 840 attracted a steady 19,000 people in January. Comedy vendors participated in 2009. The next affair is Central serves as the event’s national media partner, scheduled for April 9 to 11. and Live Nation joined as a producing partner last year. 4. Urban Beach Week Held over Memorial Day 9. Miami-Dade County Fair and Expo This 18-day weekend on South Beach, this event has become a major attraction for young African-Americans, draw- event experienced a 5 percent drop in attendance to 560,000 people in 2009. Sponsorship dollars, ing as many as 500,000 people. Nightclubs around however, increased 39 percent, and Miami-Dade the beach host concerts put on by top promoters, Volkswagen Dealers served as the fair’s first presentwho in turn bring in celebrities and models. ing sponsor. The fair returns March 25 to April 11. 5. Winterfest Boat Parade On December 12, Kim 10. King Mango Strut The 28th installment of this Kardashian and Alonzo Mourning served as grand satirical costume parade took place in Coconut marshals for this parade of 100 decorated boats, sponsored by Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Grove on December 27, attracting about 5,000 people, including 500 participants. The 2010 event is Hollywood. Rain reduced the number of spectators along the 12-mile route, though six million Floridians scheduled for December 26.

Parades & Festivals


Food & Wine Events

3. Taste of the Nation This fund-raiser for Share

Our Strength fights hunger and poverty. The organization’s 2009 events in Miami and Fort Lauderdale attracted 1,800 people and raised $188,000. The Fort Lauderdale event returns May 13; Miami’s is planned for July. 4. Delray Beach Garlic Festival This unconventional food festival is recognized for its “Garlic Chef” competition between South Florida cooks. The 2009 event saw attendance increase by 8,000 people, to more than 35,000. The festival returned to Old School Square February 12 to 14. 5. The Great Taste of the Grove This two-day food and music festival in Coconut Grove, produced by the chamber of commerce, took place January 9 Food Network South Beach Wine & Food and 10 in Peacock Park. Attendance dropped almost Festival This four-day feast has a lineup of more 75 percent from 2009—to about 7,500 people— than 40 food and wine events at numerous venues, due to freezing rain and cold weather. including tents on the sand. Benefiting Florida 6. Pompano Beach Seafood Festival The 25th International University’s School of Hospitality and installment of this event took place April 24 to 26, Tourism Management, the event attracts chefs 2009, on Pompano Beach. Nearly 27,000 attended, from all over the country and across the Food an increase of more than 25 percent. Net revenues Network, more than 2,000 vendors, and 40,000 also doubled, raising $85,000 for local charities. The guests. This year’s festival was February 25 to 28. festival returns April 16 to 18. 2. Miami International Wine Fair This wine indus7. Deering Seafood Festival This day of cooktry trade show took place at the Miami Beach ing demos, Caribbean entertainment, and fresh Convention Center in late September. In 2009, the seafood takes place the last Sunday in March at eighth annual event attracted about 6,700 people the Deering Estate in South Miami. In 2009, a 10 and filled 70,000 square feet. The 2010 fair returns percent increase in attendance and a 20 percent October 16 and 17. jump in sponsorships brought a 10 percent increase


11. Junior Orange Bowl Parade Part of the celebra-

tion leading up to the FedEx Orange Bowl football game, the 2010 event took place January 2, with nearly 8,500 people from 65 organizations parading a mile through Coral Gables. 12. Miami Carnival This October parade and Caribbean festival marks the end of the Caribbean Carnival season, which begins in Trinidad and Tobago in February. The Miami and Broward events combined for the first time in 2009, attracting 40,000 people to Bicentennial Park for a calypso parade and Caribbean food, music, and culture.


The Great Grove Bed Race Local businesses compete as they race beds on wheels down a set course at this community gathering, which returned in 2009 after a six-year hiatus. Nearly 14,000 spectators—4,000 more than expected— and 42 bed entries, 17 more than anticipated, turned out for the Coconut Grove event. The next race is September 5.

in net revenue. This year’s event is planned for March 28. 8. New Times Iron Fork Competition More than 40 local chefs and restaurants compete in tasting and cooking contests coordinated by the Miami New Times. For 2009, the newspaper moved the event to the Bank of America Tower, filling it to capacity with 1,200 people and 44 participating restaurants—twice as many as in 2008. The competition returns in October. 9. Coral Gables Oktoberfest This beer festival takes place the first two weekends in October at Fritz and Franz Bierhaus. About 9,000 people come out for authentic German beers and music from Bavarian and Austrian bands. 10. Coral Gables Wine and Food Festival Sponsored by the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida, the 2009 event saw more than 30 local restaurants participate. The fund-raiser sold out all 1,600 tickets and raised more than $126,000 for the American Lung Association in Florida-South Area and the International Bronchitis Center. The festival returns April 10 on Miracle Mile. 11. Museum of Discovery and Science’s Wine and Culinary Celebration Each April this wine and food fair to raises money for the museum’s programs. Thirty local restaurants participated in 2009, drawing nearly 1,000 attendees and raising $100,000. This year’s event is scheduled for April 16. spring 2010 53

Break the Meeting Mold Many meetings face the same old problems. But inventive planners and new technologies are creating innovative solutions. Here are ideas for keeping attendees energized and on task. By LISA CERICOLA

Beat the Afternoon Blahs

ON BIZBASH.COM Comprehensive directories of meeting venues in nine cities

54 spring 2010

“During our training sessions we like to have quiz games after lunch that double as networking and teambuilding. We usually try to mimic game shows like Family Feud or Wheel of Fortune by using whiteboards or index cards, or by having attendees make buzzing noises. To raise the stakes, we have offered a prize of one extra paid personal day to the M.V.P. of the winning team or lunch in the executive dining room with a department head for the entire winning team. I find it to be a very successful way to recap earlier lessons, informally assess knowledge gained by attendees, and energize people in the afternoon.” Clifton Pierre, corporate coordinator, financial services firm, New York


To boost attendees’ energy during meeting breaks, Sentry Centers (730 Third Ave., 888.730.7307), a new New York-based conference center with eight meeting rooms, a rooftop terrace, four executive dining and function spaces, and an in-house kitchen, offers a mix of house-made sweet and savory snacks, including mini burgers, fried granola balls, yogurt and berry parfaits, crudités, and chocolate-dipped marshmallows.

Gifts That Won’t Get Left at the Hotel “For some conferences I hired a photographer for the entire trip to capture photos of the guests, which relieved them of having to remember their cameras. At the end, we sent them a CD with the images. Another time, the photographer pulled about 20 photos of each guest and we put them in digital frames that played a slide show when they got back to their hotel rooms. It was very personal and memorable.” Dawn Cooper, corporate events manager, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Chicago


“We usually try to shoot for two or three gifts with the same cost and allow our guests to choose which one they want. We’ve offered things like Bose stereo systems, blenders, a whiskey and vodka set. When they get back to their rooms, there is a sheet of paper with photos of the items, and attendees can check off what they would like and where they would like it shipped.” Tracy Wallach, senior meetings and special event planner, Southeast Toyota Distributors L.L.C., Deerfield Beach, Florida “Many speakers travel a lot, so we’ve given them business travel kits that include a wireless mouse, flash drive, and extension cord. We’ve also done shoe bags, as well as travel alarms. However, I prefer gifts that keep on giving. I’ve had a tree planted in a speaker’s name. We are all becoming so much more environmentally astute that no one finds fault with this, and I’ve received great feedback.” Annette M. Suriani, director of meetings, Meetings Management Group, McLean, Virginia

Let Attendees Set the Agenda Content-heavy meetings and conferences, by nature, are passive experiences. But some audience members might want to do more than sit quietly and take notes. At “unconferences,” attendees lead and go to sessions around a theme or purpose. There is no set agenda; participants create a schedule together on the day of the event. “Lots of people are freaked out by the word unconference, but people are already doing the same thing online,” says San Francisco-based unconference designer and facilitator Kaliya Hamlin ( “On blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, no one from a committee is telling people what to speak about or when. Unconferences bring what is online into the face-to-face world.” Here are a few things for planners to keep in mind.

Un-Conference, a one-day gathering on social media co-hosted by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum The PodCamp Foundation’s digital in Washington, Amelia Wong, media unconference in Boston production coordinator for the serve as a lounge where people can museum, put critical information on a have a cup of coffee and continue a blog for participants. She recommends discussion.” explaining how the format will work, what attendees can expect, and what is expected of them. “Have an online space Don’t overlap preprogrammed and where participants can fill out profiles open sessions. Some planners may want and encourage them to browse these to ease into unconferences by including before the unconference,” Wong says. an open block of time within a scheduled meeting. If you do decide to do this, Emphasize interactions over Hamlin warns against “parallel tracking,” presentations. “Unconferences are or scheduling programmed sessions at about talking to people rather than the same time as open sessions. “It fails at them. Instead of ‘Here’s another every time,” she says. “It can be hard for PowerPoint,’ we try to emphasize people who are used to traditional events conversations,” says Whitney Hoffman, to take the leap into unconferences, but owner of Philadelphia-based Hoffman when you do it, do it all the way.” She suggests having scheduled morning Believe in the wisdom of the attendee. Digital Media ( sessions, followed by an open afternoon Although some planners may be wary of and director of operations for the session where participants can decide the inexperienced people taking the stage, PodCamp Foundation’s digital media agenda. Hoffman says the format often uncovunconferences. ers up-and-coming talent. “Just because Small roundtable discussions are The “law of two feet” rules. If a someone doesn’t have a New York Times a popular format. “We gave people presenter disappoints, attendees are bestselling book doesn’t mean they don’t the chance to give five-minute projfree to walk out of sessions. Ideally, there have something to contribute,” she says. ect demos—lightning talks—during should be multiple seminars going on “We’ve learned that a CV is not always lunch, which kept that hour lively at one time so people can move around the best starting point for value.” and prevented grandstanding during until they find something useful. “If you sessions,” Wong says. are not learning or contributing, it is Prepare attendees in advance. To encourage networking in your responsibility to respectfully find Although agendas are not preset, hosts between sessions, Hoffman creates some place that you are. Follow your own should give people a sense of what to spaces where people can congregate. passion at an unconference,” Hamlin says. expect. When planning the Conscience “I usually rent an extra room that can

Connect People Before an Event Social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook can help attendees see who will be at an event and get conversations started before they even get there. Lindy Dreyer and Maddie Grant, co-owners of SocialFish (202.741.9372,, a Washington-based consulting firm specializing in social media strategies for associations, offer tips on how to integrate social media into event registration. Go where your attendees are already gathering. Well before the meeting begins, find out what tools they are already using, whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social space online. On the registration form, ask them to name the sites they use and include their usernames.

Communicate what you’re doing and why. Once you’ve decided the right sites to focus on, tell attendees early and often about what you’ve set up and why. For example, if you have a LinkedIn group, a Facebook event page, and a Twitter account and hash tag for the meeting, add prominent links to each on the meeting Web site. Put the links in your registration confirmation emails. Invite the most connected, motivated attendees to be the champions for your social media efforts and ask them to spread the word. Prepare your speakers. Make sure they know what you’re doing, especially if you have an active Twitter hash tag. Some speakers may be social media savvy and able to help people connect and market the event

to their fans. For the rest of your speakers, offer to walk them through your social media efforts, and provide a Twitter monitor to keep track of the hash tag during their session, in case of questions or feedback. Consider going private. Companies such as Groupsite (410.715.1400, group and the Social Collective (703.234.7910, set up private social networks, which offer a more branded, custom environment. Creating any private social network—one that people actually use—is hard work, but it may enhance connections, especially when the attendees need to discuss topics they wouldn’t feel comfortable posting on a public site or that the host company doesn’t want leaked. spring 2010 55

Make Virtual Meeting-Goers Feel Included

Prevent People From Skipping the After-Party “By holding the cocktail hour in the same space as the conference, we don’t have to worry about finding another venue, and it enables us to sell additional sponsorships. We transform a breakfast or lunch area into a cocktail space with dim lighting, a DJ, lounge seating, and signature drinks. We try to make the atmosphere loungey so people can spend an hour relaxing and talking about what they learned while unwinding with a drink. You will always get people who bolt the second a meeting ends, but there’s not much you can do. Other people will think, ‘I’m tired, but I could use a beer and I’m here already, so why not?’” Lauren Minardo, conference director, Advertising Age, New York

Breakfasts That Aren’t Boring

Social Media Week’s kickoff press conference in New York always repeated, that board work is in real time on the remote students’ screen, and that they are called on to participate,” DeFeo says. She also recommends adding extra virtual sessions in addition to the keynote and main sessions. “A live chat with a panel of executives or other experts creates takeaway value for the audience and emphasizes the idea of your live and virtual events being almost interchangeable.” To hold everyone’s attention and avoid confusion, Rathenberg says shorter 15-minute sessions are better than 90-minute presentations. Virtual meeting attendees like swag, too. Rathenberg suggests sending welcome kits with T-shirts or other branded items, or providing a catered lunch in a central location.

Mini breakfast of steelcut Irish oatmeal with berries; quiche lorraine with crème fraîche; sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit sandwich; and a cheddarpotato cake with pork belly, poached quail egg, and sabayon from Lorien Hotel and Spa in Alexandria, Virginia (1600 King St., 703.894.3434)

A custom-made smoothie with strawberries, bananas, oranges, soy protein, and honey from Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel (606 Congress St., 617.338.4111)

56 spring 2010


A party during Advertising Age’s Creativity and Technology Conference in New York

Sure, hosting meetings via a Web-based platform instead of in a hotel can save attendees travel time and money, but staring at a computer screen can also make them feel disconnected. Joerg Rathenberg, senior director of marketing for Unisfair (866.354.4030,, says virtual meeting platforms should make attendees feel like they are there in person, with the ability to collect contact information from other attendees, respond to questions via chat and polls, and interact with each other in other ways. “The environment should encourage them to explore, learn, and connect,” he says. “Attendees should not be jumping from one pop-up window to the next. Chat, polls, messages, and other components should all be part of the same platform, not a mash-up of different providers.” To improve individual sessions, Paula DeFeo, senior vice president and managing director of logistics for Jack Morton Worldwide (212.401.7409,, suggests training speakers, presenters, and moderators to acknowledge the camera and address virtual attendees as if they were in the room. “We ask that questions are

Boost Networking Time


Part of the value of faceto-face meetings is getting people into the same space to meet and interact. To keep attendees from using breaks just to check their email, Four Seasons Hotels in Chicago (120 East Delaware Place, 312.280.8800) and Las Vegas (3960 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 702.632.5212) offer “BlackBerry breaks.” During the 30-minute recess, attendees leave their PDAs at a charging station provided by the hotel and spend time talking over a menu inspired by the berry itself— items include ginger duck breast with blackberry compote served in chilled cucumber cups, blackberry citrus smoothies, and blackberry strudel.

Keep Speakers on Track As a way to encourage conversation, more meeting planners are inviting attendees to use social media to comment about meetings as they take place, so they can share ideas and let organizers know what’s not working. For example, attendees using Twitter are invited to tweet comments about a session as it happens by using a preset hash tag for the event. The hash tag unites all of the comments in one place so attendees can follow along on laptops or phones. Planners can even project these live social media streams—called back channels—on a screen behind presenters. Although back channels can open a floodgate of snarky comments and off-topic chatter, they have positive benefits as well. Josh Jones-Dilworth, founder of Austin, Texas-based public relations and marketing firm Jones-Dilworth (jones-dilworth. com), handles PR for the South by Southwest Interactive Conference’s Accelerator event, where attendees actively contribute to a back channel during sessions. “The value is primarily peerto-peer communication, not just a moderator or speaker controlling a one-way conversation. The audience

A panel of speakers at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference can interact with each other,” he says. This can be a little scary for planners, but it can help, too. “The real benefit of these things—which few people talk about because it’s still kind of new—is the benefit to the organizers and speakers. Such streams create a real-time focus group for the talks and panels. It’s an easy way for audience members to

Frozen hot chocolate, oatmeal brûlée, and “banana splits” from Loews Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada (101 Montelago Blvd., 702.567.6000)

ask questions, but more important, it is a great way for speakers to adapt on the fly,” Jones-Dilworth says. “More and more we’re seeing speakers, both solo and on panels, monitoring these streams during their talks as a way of gauging reactions, and steering the conversations and content in a direction that reflects the will of the audience.”

House-smoked bacon, chicken-apple sausage, Canadian bacon, and herbgarlic sausage from Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile (540 North Michigan Ave., 312.836.0100)

Oatmeal station with caramelized apples, dried fruit compote, golden raisins, brown sugar, and cinnamon-almond preserves from Montage Beverly Hills (225 North Canon Drive, 310.860.7800) spring 2010 57



31 0900/430 LINCOLN R.D, PH: 305 5 MI AM I B EA C H , F L 33 1 3 9



3 3 13 1

AL GABLES PH: 305 557 0900E.) CO1R A PL A ZA ( B E T W E E N P O N C E & 3 7 T H A V A L H AM B R

12 S , 3 31 3 4 T OW E R B U I L D I N G , C O R A L G A B L E A MB R A @ ALH


The Directory A selection of resources from our comprehensive online directory of event and meeting suppliers and venues

New Venues


floors and nearly 22,000 square feet of gardens. The house can accommodate groups of 50 to as many as 2,500 people. There are two parking lots adjacent to the house. (227 NE 17th St., Miami, 786.777.0808)


This 26,000-square-foot nightclub opened in the former Privé space in South Beach’s South of Fifth neighborhood in late December. The bilevel venue can accommodate as many as 1,200 people and has four private rooms. (136 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, 305.531.4643) MI-VI LOUNGE

This lounge opened in December in the space formerly occupied by the Sport of Kings Lounge at Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino. The lounge’s open layout features a 40-foot stage and six bars, and is able to accommodate groups of 400 seated or as many as 1,000 for receptions. (901 South Federal Hwy., Hallandale, 954.457.6464) PINKROOM

South Beach nightclub Pinkroom opened in mid-January. The 4,300-square-foot club accommodates as many as 350 people for events. The club also has two private mezzanines for 80 people each. The owners have said they will donate a portion of its nightly proceeds to breast cancer research. (737 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 305.534.7465)


The new Aventura Arts and Cultural Center is scheduled to open this summer. Managed by the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, the 14,864-square-foot facility will have a 324-seat theater with a 3,420-square-foot stage, full lighting and sound systems, and waterfront views of the Intracoastal Waterway. (3385 NE 188th St., Aventura, 305.466.8002) IN THE WORKS NEW WORLD SYMPHONY CAMPUS

The New World Symphony Campus in Miami Beach is expected to be completed this summer, and to open in January 2011 for events. The 106,350-square-foot campus will have 36,570 square feet of performance space and more than 30 multipurpose function rooms. (1672 Drexel Ave., Miami Beach, 305.673.3330)


Where to...


This 1,093-square-foot venue can seat 80 or hold as many as 200 for buyouts. As its name implies, the bar will switch its theme and cuisine every few months; it is currently serving a mix of Spanish and Italian tapas. (3008 Grand Ave., Coconut Grove, 305.441.1313)


Action Yacht Charters and Events recently added a new 78-foot catamaran to its fleet. The Caribbean Spirit can accommodate as many as 125 people. There is fixed seating for 93, rail seating for 32, and a trampoline net area for additional guests on deck. (6980 NW Fourth Ave., Boca Raton, 305.509.2044)


Take Art Aficionados Open since January in the Wynwood arts district, Cafeina (297 Northwest 23rd St., Miami, 305.438.0792) is comprised of a lounge, art gallery, and garden. The 1,560-square-foot indoor lounge has an eight-seat bar, while an additional 65 can sit on earth-toned leather loungers. A mezzanine seats 35. The 1,000-square-foot art gallery adjacent to the lounge showcases local artists’ works and can be used for events for as many as 200 people. The 5,000-square-foot garden holds 200 and can be tented.

Hotel Urbano is the latest addition to the expanding Brickell skyline. This 65-room boutique hotel has 1,650 square feet of meeting space among three rooms and holds groups of 20 to 60. The Cuban-inspired restaurant and the outdoor pool with private cabanas are available for events. (2500 South Brickell Ave., Miami, 305.854.2070)



United Kingdom-based brand Soho House will open its first Florida location, Soho Beach House, in Miami Beach in the fall. The private club will be on the former site of the Sovereign Hotel and have 49 rooms, including six suites, as well as a screening room, Cecconi’s Italian restaurant, two pools, and a spa. (4385 Collins Ave., Miami Beach)


This Cuban restaurant opened in December at the Hotel Astor in South Beach. The 7,000-square-foot venue has a secluded terrace with lounge-style seating for 60. An additional 90 can be accommodated in the main dining room off the hotel lobby. (956 Washington Ave., Miami, 305.673.3763 GIBRALTAR

The Grove Isle Hotel & Spa revamped its restaurant in December, reopening it as Gibraltar. The seafood spot features a 2,200-squarefoot terrace; it seats 80 and can hold 150 for a reception. The dining room seats 60. (4 Grove Isle Drive, Miami, 305.857.5007) Open since November, this Coconut Grove restaurant is located in the former Christabelle’s Quarter space. The three-floor restaurant and bar has dining tables and a lounge on the first two floors and a private club on the third floor. As many as 535 people can be seated throughout. (3159 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove, 305.600.5453)


The Peabody Orlando is slated to complete a $420 million expansion in October. The renovated 1,641-room hotel will feature 250,000 square feet of meeting space, including more than 99 meeting rooms and a nearly 55,000-square-foot ballroom. The property will also add 13 new dining and entertainment options. (9801 International Drive, Orlando, 407.345.4509) WESTIN LAKE MARY, ORLANDO NORTH

The Westin Lake Mary Orlando North opened in November. Halfway between Orlando and Daytona Beach, the 253-room hotel offers 14,000 square feet of meeting space, including a 500seat ballroom and a 16-seat boardroom overlooking a courtyard. (2974 International Pkwy., Lake Mary, 407.531.3555)

RESTAURANTS Opened in December at the Dellagio Town Center, this 11,000square-foot restaurant can seat as many as 315 or accommodate groups as large as 450 for receptions. There are two private rooms, the Atlantic and Pacific, that can host 100 and 75, respectively. (8046 Via Dellagio Way, Orlando, 407.615.8888) FOUR RIVERS SMOKEHOUSE

Winter Park welcomed Texas-style barbecue restaurant Four Rivers Smokehouse in November. The outdoor eatery seats 30 and can also cater off-site events—think Southern pulled pork and Black Angus beef brisket—for as many as 400. (2103 West Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park, 407.474.8377) FUSION BISTRO SUSHI & SAKE BAR

Open since February in Universal’s CityWalk, this casual 1,500square-foot eatery has a 10-person bar and seating for about 25. A robotic sushi-roll making machine can be used for off-site catering and serves as many as 80 for receptions. (6000 Universal Blvd., Orlando, 407.903.7253) OPENING SOON HEAT

Residential area 55 West is scheduled to open Heat, an upscale restaurant and lounge, on the ground level of its north tower this spring. The 5,797-square-footspace will accommodate 150. A clay oven will churn out a variety of fusion dishes, ranging from Indian to French cuisine. (54 West Church St., Orlando)

STADIUM/ARENA Scheduled to open in October, this new downtown venue will be home to the Orlando Magic. The arena floor will be usable for trade shows and special events, and there will be six club areas that can be booked during basketball games and other events. (400 West Church St., Orlando, 407.849.2000)


This restored 1920s house opened for private events in December. The venue has 8,500 square feet of indoor space over two

Just outside Disney World, the 750-room Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress completed a $45 million renovation in December. The 65,000 square feet of meeting space includes seven boardrooms. An outdoor area around the half-acre pool holds 1,000. (1 Grand Cypress Blvd., Orlando, 407.239.1234)





MaiTardi opened in October. Recognizable for its mosaic-walled courtyard, the Italian restaurant can seat 80 on the patio or host as many as 150 for receptions. For private events, the indoor dining room can seat 30. (169 NE 39th St., Miami, 305.572.1400) MANDOLIN AEGEAN BISTRO


This 323-room property opened in February. The hotel features 11,000 square feet of event space, an atrium restaurant, and pool deck for as many as 500. Groups may take advantage of the hotel’s partnership with Disney World by booking visits from Disney characters and complimentary transportation to the parks. (1805 Hotel Plaza Blvd., Orlando, 407.828.8888)


The Sheraton Yankee Clipper reopened in late January as the Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel, following a $30 million upgrade to its guest rooms, meeting space, and restaurants. The 492-room beachfront hotel has 7,000 square feet of indoor meeting space, and the pool decks have been expanded to 5,600 square feet. (1140 Seabreeze Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, 954.524.5551) The Sheraton Suites Key West completed a multimillion-dollar renovation in November. The 180-suite hotel has two 30-seat boardrooms that can be combined. There is also a deck for groups of 50 and a restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating for 60. (2001 South Roosevelt Blvd., 305.292.9800)






The JW Marriott Marquis Miami is set to open in July. The 313-room hotel will have 80,000 square feet of event space, including a 20,000-squarefoot ballroom. Each of the hotel’s 32 breakout rooms will be equipped with TVs and video transmission capabilities. (345 Ave. of the Americas, Miami, 305.350.0750)


International Drive’s new Coco Key Hotel and Water Resort, slated for a May opening, will take over the space from a failed condo-hotel venture and reduce the room count to 373. Developers will also convert the meeting space into an arcade and add 20,000 square feet to the pool area to create a 70,000-squarefoot water park. (Orlando, 407.351.2626)

This 2,600-square-foot Mediterranean restaurant opened in Miami’s design district in December, taking over a residential property built in the 1940s. The space can seat 20 inside and 30 on its patio. (4312 NE Second Ave., Miami, 305.576.6066)



This club is scheduled to open in Pointe Orlando in the spring in combination with Fat Fish Blue restaurant. The joint venture will span 14,000 square feet and accommodate 700 guests. There will be three private rooms and a patio for 120. (9101 International Drive, Orlando, 407.480.5233)


After two years of construction, the Tampa Museum of Art officially opened its new 66,000-square-foot facility in the new Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in February. The threestory venue has seven indoor galleries, 18,000 square feet of covered outdoor event space, and several private rooms. The main lobby holds 550, Reports on while an adjacent meeting room can hold 200. An outdoor sculpture garden holds 125. Also on site: an Florida’s newest 85-seat classroom and two 40-seat meeting rooms. event spaces (120 West Gasparilla Plaza, Tampa, 813.421.8379)

ON BIZBASH.COM spring 2010 59

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Rental Company Directory Airstar America

Atlas Party Rental Atlas Party Rental, a 25-year-old, familyowned and operated company offers a spectacular range of chargers, chinaware, glassware, flatware, specialty linens, and rental equipment. Providing fashion-forward and functional products with personalized customer service is the company’s foremost goal. Our catering equipment is always cutting edge, so clients can rest assured that they’re receiving the finest items in the market.

Airstar America, inventor and world leader of lighting balloons, offers portable powerful or ambient lighting for indoor and outdoor use. They can be personalized with temporary graphics or custom sleeves. Airstar also provides many unique decor items to create an original theme for any kind of event. Available for rental or purchase, assembly is 30 min. or less.

131 Commerce Road Boynton Beach, FL 33426 T: 561.547.6565 F: 561.547.6088 Service Area: South Florida, nationwide linen shipping

10255 General Drive, Suite 6A, Orlando, FL 32824 T: 800.217.9001 Service area: Nationwide

BBJ Linen


BBJ Linen has been setting your table with style, elegance and sophistication for 27 years. We are honored to provide you with the largest selection of fine table linen and outstanding customer service. Our innovative sales team is excited to help you. Visit our showrooms and see for yourself.

Introducing the new Gamer Collection by CORT, youthful furnishings targeting the fast growing video gaming and tech events market. Visit the CORT Event Furnishings website at to explore their new collections including Endless Solutions available in Spring 2010, a modular seating system suitable for any event space.

5450 NW 33rd Avenue, Suite 100 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 T: 954.414.9660 T: 877.454.8886

3455 West Sunset Road, Suite A Las Vegas, NV 89118 T: 888.CORT.YES F: 702.362.2729 Service Area: Nationwide

2491 Principal Row, Suite 400 Orlando, FL 32837 T: 407.857.6566 T: 800.978.8170 Service Area: Nationwide


Game Wars

EVENTLUXE provides one-of-a-kind luxurious furniture rentals that is unmatched in today’s industry. Services include: Custom design and fabrication, rentals, and retail.

GameWars is the premiere mobile video game entertainment company in South Florida. We are the experts in video game entertainment and offer a setup and variety that no other competitor can match. We bring our custom 42” HDTV GameWars stations to your event for night full of Xbox360, Wii, and PS3 video game fun. If you want a party or event done right make sure to use GameWars.

1295 Coral Way, Miami, FL, 33145 T: 786.953.5696 F: 786.953.5848 Service Area: Dade, Broward, Palm County

8331 NW 8th Terrace, Boca Raton, FL 33487 (mail only) T: 877.293.1436

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Rental Company Directory Luxe Event Rentals and Decor

Nuage Designs

Luxe Event Rentals and Decor offers an exclusive line of luxury lounge rentals and decor that go beyond standard rental items. Their exclusive collection includes the finest seating, tables, bars, lighting, and accessories — everything you need to create a sophisticated, modern, and sexy aesthetic.

Nuage Designs represents the next generation of couture linens and furnishings for special events. With a philosophy of constant innovation in design and décor elements, we provide only the finest selection of rentals to create unique environments. Our collection of linens and furnishings are available for rental nationwide and internationally.

5110 12th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219 T: 718.629.6909 F: 866.787.1097 Service Area: Nationwide

7201 NE 4th Ave, Miami FL 33138 T: 305.573.7840 T: 305.573.7840 F: 305.572.0079 Service Area: Nationwide

Over The Top Rental Linens

Panache: A Classic Party Rentals Company

Make your next event incredible with Over The Top Rental Linens. With our extensive selection of over 850 specialty fabrics and rental linens, unparalleled customer service and quick deliveries; we guarantee to make your next event shine.

Founded in 1992 as a full-service event rental company, Panache: a Classic Party Rentals Company, has earned an outstanding reputation for their exquisite selection of specialty linens and deep inventory of tables, chairs, fine china, flatware, stemware, and décor. Every member of our team, from the sales staff to delivery crew and inventory control to custom sewing department in our combined 200,000 square-foot facilities, are committed to our clients event success.

“Covering the best Events, Coast to Coast Since 1993.” 11880 State Road 84 #D5, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33325 T: 954.424.0076 F: 866.425.7848 Service Area: Nationwide

PowerSnaps Atlas Party Rental Digital Atlas Party Rental, a 25-year-old, familyPhotobooth owned and operated company offers a Rentals spectacular range of chargers, chinaware, Our Photobooths glassware, flatware, usespecialty professional linens, lighting and rental and digital equipment. cameras Providing fashion-forward and productsfor with personalized • Allfunctional pictures archived your client at the customer service end of your eventis the company’s foremost goal. Our catering equipment is always cutting • Up to guests a picture edge, so10 clients caninrest assured that they’re • Unlimited photo sessions receiving the finest items in the market. • Now offering Flipbooks 131 Commerce Road Boynton Beach, FL 33426 T: 561.547.6565 F: 561.547.6088 Service Area: T: 888.441.1596 South Florida, nationwide linen shipping

2009 NW 25th Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL 33069 T: 954.971.8484 T: 800.30.PARTY Service Area: Florida, the Caribbean, Nationwide

Premier Atlas Party Tenting Rental Solutions & Atlas Party Rental, a 25-year-old, familyEvent Rentals owned and operated company offers a Premier Tenting Solutions & Event Rentals spectacular range of chargers, chinaware, is a nationwide event rental company glassware, flatware, specialty linens, and specializing in innovative tenting solutions rental equipment. Providing fashion-forward and event rental products. Through and functional products with personalized flawless attention to detail, world-class customer service is the company’s foremost service, and one of the nation’s largest goal. Our catering equipment is always cutting and most varied inventories of cuttingedge, so clients can rest assured that they’re edge tenting products, Premier continues receiving the finest items in the market. to set the standard for tenting solutions throughout the United States. 131 Commerce Road 2820 SE Martin Boynton Beach, Square FL 33426Corp. Pkwy., Stuart, FL 34994 F: 561.547.6088 T: 561.547.6565 T: 888.34.PARTY Service Area: Service Area:nationwide Nationwide South Florida, linen shipping

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Rental Company Directory PrimeTime Atlas Party Rental Amusements

Production Atlas Party Rental and Air Power

SouthParty Atlas Florida’s Rental, Premier a 25-year-old, Video Arcade familyGame owned Company. Rental and operated We company cater to corporate offers a spectacular events, traderange shows of chargers, and your special chinaware, event glassware, arcade rental flatware, needs. specialty We’ll bring linens, the game and rentaltoequipment. room you! Choose Providing from pool fashion-forward tables, classic and functional games, dance machines, products with racing personalized simulators customer and more.service Customisdesigned the company’s arcadeforemost machines goal.available. are Our catering Callequipment us today!is always cutting edge, so clients can rest assured that they’re receiving the finest items in the market.

Our name Atlas Partysays Rental, it all.a For 25-year-old, over a decade familywe owned have provided and operated our clients company in theoffers speciala spectacular event industry range withofthe chargers, highestchinaware, quality in glassware, ultra silent generators, flatware, specialty power distribution linens, and rental and HVAC. equipment. We specialize Providinginfashion-forward this industry and functional understandproducts all of itswith demands personalized and customer service Challenges. We are is the there company’s for you 24 foremost hours a goal.7Our day, days catering a week. equipment is always cutting edge, so clients can rest assured that they’re receiving the finest items in the market.

5300 PowerlineRoad Rd. Suite 210, 131 Commerce Ft. Lauderdale, Boynton Beach,FLFL33309 33426 T: 305.770.GAME 561.547.6565 F:(4263) 561.547.6088 Service Area: Service Area:nationwide All of Florida South Florida, linen shipping

2780 NW 55th Court 131 Commerce Road Fort Lauderdale, FL 33426 33309 Boynton Beach, FL T: 561.547.6565 888.939.2468 F: 561.547.6088 Service Area: Service Area:nationwide Florida andlinen Nationwide South Florida, shipping

PTE Productions

PTE Productions stocks a diverse inventory backed by our rigorous quality control policy and 24-hour support staff. We feature many unique items including water screens and effects, lasers, cryo, low fog, inflatables, Lightspace 24’ interactive dance floor, plus industry standard audio, video and premium DJ gear.

Ronen Rental — Boutique Event Furnishings Ronen Rental — boutique event furnishings offers high end lounge areas for private, corporate and social events. The collection includes modern furniture and unique bars which are mostly designed in house with outstanding quality and attention to details. Contact our representative for any rental inquiries throughout south Florida.

T: 407.306.0871

12879 NE 14th Ave. North Miami, FL 33161 T: 305.758.0835 F: 305.893.9334 Service Area: South Florida including Orlando and Tampa

Room Service by AFR Event Furnishing

So Cool Events We are an event rental and décor company dedicated to making your next event extraordinary. So Cool Events specializes in ice sculptures, lighted tables, lounge furniture and event lighting including LED Lighting and Giant Projections.

Room Service by AFR provides world-class, professional customer service and limitless style, product and support to its ever-growing breadth of national clientele. As the most prolific rental company in the U.S., we offer a wide variety of sofas, chairs, ottomans, tables, bars, and accent pieces. 7322 Exchange Drive, Orlando, FL 32809 T: 407.608.5141 F: 407.608.5147

2632 NW 21 Terrace, Miami Fl 33142 T: 305.635.8088 F: 305.630.8523 Service Area: All of Florida

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Rental Company Directory Taylor Creative Inc.

Twilight Features

Taylor Creative Inc. offers an exclusive rental collection of modern furniture ideally suited for launch parties, greenrooms, media events, weddings, trade shows and private events. With offices in New York, Las Vegas and Palm Beach, we service events across the country.

150 West 28th Street, Suite 1001 New York, NY 10001 T: 888.245.4044 Service Area: Nationwide

Tents ‘n’ Events

Treat your audience to a remarkable night outdoors...featuring colossal screens, high quality projectors, & riveting sound! Celebrating over 5 years of excellence in outdoor cinema events & audio visual services. Our inflatable airscreens are available in 10 different sizes up to three stories tall! Call us today to schedule your next big event! T: South Florida: 954.323.2562 Central Florida: 407.362.7685 Toll-free: 800.230.7485 Service Area: Florida Peninsula — Gainesville to Jacksonville and South to the Keys

To advertise in BizBash advertorial directories, please contact Robert Fitzgerald at 646.839.6840 or

BizBash Florida 1450 NE 123 St. North Miami, FL 33161


Tents ‘n’ Events provides climate-controlled tents in hundreds of sizes and styles plus complete rental services including custom pool covers and bridges. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will assist in planning your special event and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you creating a memorable occasion for all.

Change Service Requested



201 S.W. 12 Ave., Pompano Beach, FL 33069 T: 800.349.0370 Service Area: South Florida

COMING SOON Miami/South Florida Venue Guide! It’s the issue you’ve been waiting for all year! Inside the Venue Issue you will fi nd hundreds of venues, from new and trendy to tried and true. Whether you need a stadium for thousands or an intimate proviate room for entertaining business clients, you are sure to find the perfect venue To ensure you receive the Venue Issue, subscribe online: or call 646.839.6835 To reserve ad space, contact Ann Keusch, Florida publisher at 305.808.3531


The Venue Guide Guerrilla Marketing Where to Stage Stunts in 6 Cities New Takes on Corporate Picnics Design-Minded Gifts

Advertising Deadline: May 7, 2010

Teambuilding Ideas

459 Event & Meeting Locations Across the State

Ted Kruckel

If you must burden the morning meal with business, follow these rules. When the BizBash editors suggested I write about entertaining at breakfast, I thought I could file my shortest column ever, just one word: Don’t! Does anyone besides me remember the era of “power breakfasts”? The idea was that you got a heavy hitter to meet you at some hotel, preferably with “Regency” in the name, and showed up all spit and polished at 7:30 a.m., ready to work the room. This unfortunate trend really took hold in the late ’80s and didn’t shake until the ’90s, and boy, was it miserable. Putting aside the hassles of getting up extra early, having to look your best before it was scientifically possible, and having to share a meal (and worse, conversation!) when all you wanted to do was grump and read the paper, there was the all-day power-breakfast hangover. This malaise was brought on by too much coffee and an overactive mind, so the whole time you sat there hearing about your colleague’s son’s clarinet lessons (it was bad form to bring up serious business until tons of personal data had been mined, a nod, I suppose, to the idea that you were giving up private time), your mind was racing with obligations and deadlines you could be meeting back at the office, if only you hadn’t scheduled this

godforsaken morning meal. And when you got to your desk, it was just 9 a.m., and your co-workers arrived all bright and cheery and wanting to start the day with their hemming and hawing. Honestly, it felt like quittin’ time would never come. But I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit that not only did I buy into this ridiculous ritual, I tried to capitalize on it with a series of morning events hosted by legendary editor Clay Felker, then of Manhattan, Inc. (Sigh.) He would interview some power broker in front of a crowd, and to make it really onerous, it was my big idea to host each one of these at some mind-blowingly important site, like the top of the World Trade Center or the balcony of Grand Central Terminal. This was before cell phones, so instead of ringing to find out why the sound guys had missed their 5 a.m. call time, I would just pace, smoke, drink coffee, and swear. But sometimes a breakfast event can’t be avoided. If you’re hosting a three-day conference, some people vie to be the breakfast speaker, believing that people pay more attention first thing in the a.m., which is only true of people who have nothing to do in the p.m. Trade shows also sport a lot of egg-based entertaining, busy schedules and all.

1. Buffets were invented with breakfast in mind, I’m almost sure, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have tons of staff on hand to pour coffee and juice, and even proffer seconds of bacon (why not!) at table. 2. Anyone who hosts a breakfast and doesn’t provide newspapers, even if it’s only USA Today, is an infidel, pure and simple. 3. Name tags: Are you serious? Ditto assigned seating.

the only choices are whole milk and half-and-half. Warning: These skim folks can get pretty ornery over this issue. I know—I am one. 8. If you serve both bready (pancakes, French toast) and eggy dishes, eventually, someone will put syrup and eggs on the same plate, which is nearly as gross as morning ketchup. By instructing the waiters to offer side plates when they see this happening, you are helping everybody. 9. If you are going to the expense of an omelet bar, why not have the cooks make fried and over-easy to order as well? And make sure you let people know there is an alternative to the chafing dish of scrambled.

4. Very few people are qualified to speak at breakfast. The morning orator requires one part wit and two parts brevity. If you are not super sure about both, you are risking the start of a very bad day for the whole room.

10. For so many reasons, fully crisp bacon is the only way to go. Also, the giant difference between fresh pepper and pre-ground is made more clear with eggs, yet so many people feel it’s okay to get away with shakers at break5. A lot of people subscribe to the notion fast. Have at least one grinder on hand that there’s nothing like some really for those who know. energetic music, say Bruce Springsteen 11. I’m okay with paper napkins at or Jay-Z, power-pumped into the rafters, breakfast, and in fact often prefer to get a crowd going early in the mornthem. Have some on hand even if ing. These people should not be allowed you’re at a swanky establishment. to plan morning events. 12. R.S.V.P. numbers for breakfast have 6. You may like ketchup with your the greatest margin of error for many eggs. But do you like it enough to risk reasons. Plan carefully for both high offending the whole room, for whom and low turnout. the sight of ketchup in the morning is 13. It’s not very green, I realize, but I … oh, never mind? Just keep the Heinz want coffee to go in a paper cup, not hidden. If someone asks, say the host is allergic. a mug or a cup and saucer, even if I’m staying on property. Little water bottles 7. It amazes me how many establishon the way out are also nifty, and I ments don’t offer skim milk in this day always grab one. and age. If you are a skim milk drinker, 2 ON BIZBASH.COM Bonus breakfast joke! Q. What do the French say at breakfast? percent just doesn’t Ted’s latest event cut it. Worse, often A. One egg is an oeuf! dispatches

Where Ted Likes Breakfast In New York, the Royalton Hotel’s long, dark lobby provides the business breakfast goer time to get his or her act together. Brasserie 44’s calm and cool tables complete the vibe.

64 spring 2010

I always feel like I’m in an I Love Lucy episode when I’m at the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Polo Lounge. Maybe Eve Arden will walk by!


Breakfast of Chumpions

So if for some reason you can’t abide my one-word admonition above, here are a few things I have learned about hosting a special event in the early hours.

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2/24/10 1:16:53 PM

Miami/South Florida Spring 2010  
Miami/South Florida Spring 2010  

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