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Special Meetings Report How Fresh Thinking and New Technology Can Solve Old Problems

The Best Ideas From Big Events The Golden Globes, Super Bowl XLIV & the Grammys

The L.A. Venue Report Our Annual Look at the Latest Locations 995 Places for Events & Meetings Plus: Dining Tables, Corporate Picnics, Boxed Lunches, Pop-Ups & More


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WHERE THE WORLD COMES TO CELEBRATE 20 unique event spaces for 100 to 20,000 guests Indoor and outdoor venues, hotels and restaurants 14 screen cinema featuring 806 seat premiere house Views from Downtown to Hollywood

Regal Cinemas

Target Terrace

Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE



NEW YORK & LOS ANGELES March/April 2010 © 2010 BizBash Media On the Cover Hosted by People and the Entertainment Industry Foundation, the SAG Gala was held in a tent that Time Inc.’s Cyd Wilson and Event Eleven’s Tony Schubert transformed with 5,000 yards of draping and a light installation. Photographed by Nadine Froger Photography

FROM THE EDITORS 11 Conversation starters


READERS’ FORUM 15 How do you recharge after a big event? Designers used a mix of tricks to get attention at the shows during New York Fashion Week. Lasers made dramatic shapes on the Y-3 catwalk. Cubism and Ben Okri’s The Famished Road influenced Arise magazine’s presentation of collections from three African designers. Lot71 crafted a whimsical setting for Isaac Mizrahi’s show; trees painted on cotton scrims created a canopy over a catwalk styled to look like a sidewalk. More photos are on

THE SCOUT 19 Flexible seating 20 Dining tables for rent 22 How do you entertain guests on a car or bus ride? 24 Resources for corporate picnics 26 From New York: Creative canapé caterers Isabel Kurth and Reiko Reid 28 Innovative box lunches 30 Trend Spotted: Greenery as event decor 32 From Los Angeles: Nonprofit event producers Chistina Murphy and Erin Preuss; Plus what to do with summer associates 34 Thrillist’s offline events VENUES 36 Recent additions to New York’s event-space landscape 38 Off-site options within a short drive of the city 47 50 52 54 56 58 60

62 From Los Angeles: Productionheavy Golden Globe parties 64 From New York: LG’s high-tech texting competition 66 From Washington: BET Honors weekend’s gala and after-party 68 From Orlando: Disney’s wintry marathon 69 From Chicago: Second City’s 50th anniversary celebration 70 From New York: Progressive Insurance gets with the Flo 72 From New York: Amfar’s gala decor goes Gaga 74 From Los Angeles: Metallic materials at the SAG Awards 75 From Toronto: IDS 2010’s Italian-kitchen theme party 79 The Los Angeles Venue Report A roundup of the newest spots for business meetings and more 90 Break the Meeting Mold Innovative solutions for keeping attendees energized THE DIRECTORY 97 New venues in New York 99 Los Angeles venues

EVENT REPORTS From New York: A man’s world at Hermès’s store opening From Los Angeles: The Grammy Celebration’s mysterious circus From Miami: Super Bowl parties from Maxim, Tide, and more From New York: Sherlock’s Victorian after-party Coast to Coast: Pop-ups from across the country From Los Angeles: Welcoming Valentine’s Day’s massive cast From Las Vegas: The Consumer Electronics Show

TED KRUCKEL 128 Rules for breakfast entertaining

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Intimate, beautifully designed event space in the heart of midtown Manhattan, TheTimesCenter is the centerpiece of Renzo Pianoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s iconic New York Times Building and the perfect place for your next event. Call 212.556.4300 or visit 242 West 41st Street, New York City






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From the Editors


Conversation Starters In January, a lighting designer invited me to a breakfast with a few other event industry friends at one of the best-reviewed restaurants in New York. I agreed—he’s always funny and insightful, and the food would be excellent— although, on the night before, when I calculated how early I’d have to wake up to trek from Brooklyn to the uptown restaurant, I’ll confess to grumbling to myself. When I arrived, I found beautiful food This New York event and—even better—terrific got us talking around company. In addition to the office. The dog the lighting designer, our lovers on staff liked hosts were a top-notch how Purina used mini caterer and an endlessly hedges to keep canine inventive designer, both guests separated as people I have enjoyed they tried its Chef meals with in the past. Michael’s line of The rest of the table of 11 gourmet pet food in February. More photos was a mix of producers are on and vendors I had met a few times and had been meaning to catch up with, plus others whose years under his belt, and they compared notes names and work I knew, but hadn’t actually met about their banks. Several producers commiserin person yet. ated over the tightening of credit—how much The hosts explained that even though they tougher it can be to charge several thousand work with different people all the time, there dollars worth of materials for a client. In this were lots of prominent people in the industry relatively ego-free zone, I was reminded that they somehow had never met. While, for some of the best people in the field—by my example, caterers encounter various designers sights—are also some of the nicest. (Funny how and rental companies on jobs, they rarely have those things can go hand in hand, isn’t it?) reason to talk to other caterers. But who better Connecting people who work on events— to compare notes with—if you can put aside across markets, industries, and experience your competitive feelings? levels—has been one of the founding principles So we chatted. They were all nice and smart, of BizBash since we launched 10 years ago. and occasionally a little braggy (what would And we’re working on a new site that will help you expect?), but more often candid. Everyone people share information online in an even was positive, even while acknowledging the more direct way. rocky economy. It would be deeply ironic in For lack of a better description, this part our gilded private room, over truffled eggs of will combine elements of the served by waiters summoned unusually early Huffington Post, Facebook, and Twitter to (the place isn’t normally open for breakfast), create a new platform to exchange ideas, tips, for anyone to admit to financial trouble—and commentary—whatever you want to pass along not especially smart if you didn’t want word to to colleagues. (And we won’t make you get up spread quickly. early to do it.) As we go to press, the project What I found most interesting was a certain is still in development, but I expect it might generosity of spirit as they shared lessons be live by the time you read this, or shortly learned. The host caterer, with a couple decades thereafter. Stop by and join in the conversation, of experience, sat next to a caterer with fewer won’t you? —Chad Kaydo


201.770.9950 888.DRAPE.ME


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Readers’ Forum

How do you recharge after a big event?

“By the time the post-event analysis and reports are done, so is my energy level. I recharge by taking a yoga class or going on a hike. I find that calming my mind, which both of these activities do for me, helps me recharge the batteries and hit the ground running sooner.”

“I usually try to take the day off to clear my head. That way, when I get back to the office, I’m able to focus on the post-event wrap-up that needs to be done, like final budgeting, deleting emails, and cleaning files.”

Cynthia Moricz de Tecso, president, Original Cyn, New York

Leila Marie Eid, assistant director of events, Northeastern University, Boston

“I like to treat my crew to a massage at the nearest spa or even just a good foot therapy soak and pedicure the next day. It does wonders for morale.” Suzanne Smith, owner, Suzanne M. Smith Designs, Orange County, California

“I buy myself a really amazing pair of shoes. Then I have a debrief with my team—hearing the feedback gives me great ideas for making next year’s gala even bigger and better.”


Monika Halarewicz, national director of special events, Outward Bound U.S.A., New York

“My team has a laid-back brainstorming session about what we loved about the party and need to repeat and what didn’t work. We find that a quick powwow is the fastest way to have a laugh, re-inspire each other, and recharge. Coffee helps, too.” David Turk, president, Indiana Market & Catering, New York

“As a fund-raising event planner, I can’t allow myself any fun, recharging luxuries until all the incoming money has been counted and acknowledged, all vendors paid, and results reported to the board. But once that is in process, I like to treat myself to a ticket to a fund-raiser that I don’t have to plan and enjoy the open bar.” Sharon Becker, assistant director of development, Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, New York

“I sleep! A hibernating-forthe-winter type of sleep. I pull down the shades, turn off my cell phone, and crash. Then I treat myself to a massage, lunch, and a few hours on the couch watching some frivolous show.” Jennifer Williford, senior development officer, Nontraditional Employment for Women, New York

“Three Bloody Marys and about 12 hours of sleep.” Burke Giblin, hotel sales manager, New York

“I do a survey of my clients and the people who worked for me. The feedback recharges me and makes me want to do better the next chance I get.” Gloria Goldman, director, A Pampered Affair, Washington

“I always like to come up with some kind of fun project or activity. In running an event, I continually use one side of my brain—the strategic, logistical, organized part. After the event is over, I like to tap into my creative side and schedule a fun date with friends—organizing a wine tasting, going to paint pottery, taking a sculpting or art class, attending a sporting event, or planning a pub crawl. It’s a great break from the monotonous event planning that had preoccupied me for the previous months.” Jenn Shetsen, event planner, Evergreen Partners, Warren, New Jersey

Compiled by CLAIRE HOFFMAN march/april 2010 15


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Farmland Fat Free Milk Granny Smith Apples 4-Pack

5 6 7

Fage TOTAL Greek Yogurt Farmland Whole Milk

Canada Dry Original Seltzer 14 Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice Original 15 Farmland Special Request Skim Plus Milk 16 The Laughing Cow Mini Babybel Light Cheese 17 Dannon Yogurt 18 19


Frito-Lay Variety Pack Red Seedless Grapes


Polly-O String Mozzarella

9 10

Leslie Weekes, meetings manager, Association of American Universities, Washington


Farmland Half & Half Coca-Cola Coke Classic


“My Design Assistant organizer bag ($99, assistantproductgroup. com, 513.522.4700) was created for interior designers, but I find it useful for my event design projects. The file folders have grid paper for a floor plan. There are also magnetic furniture pieces. It has pockets for business cards, receipts, swatch and lighting gel samples, and photos. It definitely makes a good impression and is a great tool.”

General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal

Strawberries 20 Coca-Cola Zero

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My Cool New Job Jenny Abramson has been named the general manager of The Washington Post’s conference and events business unit. She has been at The Post for several years, working in sales management and sports advertising, as well as overseeing the sports marketing group. Abramson has previously worked at the Boston Consulting Group and Teach for America. In her new role, she will continue to serve as general manager of The Washington Post’s magazine, special sections, and TV Week group, and as publisher of FW. “I’m excited to extend The Washington Post brand into live forums. I think we’re uniquely positioned to bring together a wide variety of thought leaders to discuss the most critical issues of our day, and present it in a way that informs and engages our audience.”

WHAT INSPIRES ME “My favorite book is How Now: 100 Ways to Celebrate the Present Moment by Raphael Cushnir. As meeting professionals, we are always in planning mode. It’s a great little book full of inspiration and practical advice—it reminds me how important it is to live in the here and now.” Victoria Ascione, director of corporate meetings and events, Bacardi U.S.A, Coral Gables

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Tell us about your favorite new finds: Email us at *Limited-time offer for fi rst-time office customers. $100 minimum order. Offer expires 8/31/10. May not be combined with any other promotional offer. Limit: one per office. All standard customer terms and conditions apply. Void where prohibited. Offer is nontransferable. See for details.



Coca-Cola Diet Coke Poland Spring Water



A A 4 4 A A






In May, Cort Event Furnishings (888.710.2525, will release its Endless Seating line, a modular alternative to traditional banquettes. The collection, which comes in black and white faux leather, is comprised of ottomans and curved and square seat backs that planners can conďŹ gure into serpentine or circular shapes to seat 20 to 200 people. Endless Seating will be available in the U.S. and for large orders in Canada. â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Lisa Cericola


The Scout

A FLEXIBLE SECTIONAL march/april 2010 19

For Rent

Cloths Optional Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no need for linens with these eight dining tables. By LISA CERICOLA

Illuminated communal table, $350, available in New York from Jersey Street Furniture Rental (973.779.7444,

Wood dining table, $250, available in New York from Jersey Street Furniture Rental (973.779.7444,

Triangle dining table, from $385, available across the U.S. and Canada from Lounge22 (888.822.2011,

Nate dining table, $200, available throughout South Florida from Room Service Rentals (305.757.7500, roomservice

Cube Table Pattern, $350, available across the U.S. from Taylor Creative Inc. (646.336.6808, taylor Parsons dining table in brown ostrich, pricing upon request, available in New York from Party Rental Ltd. (201.727.4709,

20 march/april 2010

Mahogany table, $350, available in New York, Washington, and Boston from Something Different Party Rental (973.742.1779,


Crowning Jewel, $345, available across the U.S. and Canada from Fresh Wata (323.951.0617,


Los Angeles . New York . Miami www.Luxe Event

Samples from the Perfume Studio

Verified Person’s bus at the society for Human Resource Management Conference

How do you entertain guests on a car or bus ride? Whether it’s a group of editors riding to and from a product launch or a sales team headed out of town for a meeting, travel time is part of the experience, for better or worse. Here are ways to entertain or inform people, or just pass the time. Educating passengers about their destination is a popular and useful touch. “When we’re transporting a group of employees to the airport for an incentive trip to another country, we hold brief language classes that teach 12 basic phrases they can use in the country they’re traveling to. Some buses have video capabilities so you can show instructional videos; most have overhead audio so you can use language tapes; or you can bring an instructor on board,” says Dominic Phillips, president and executive director of Dominic Phillips Event Marketing (415.986.7449, in San Francisco. “Leaning a language together helps employees get over a sense of initial awkwardness and serves as an icebreaker—they can test out their new phrases on each other.” On a similar note, Ronnie Davis, managing director of Great Performances in New York (212.727.2424,, uses videos in place of a tour guide. “We work with an outside agency to create a video that gives them information about where they are heading. We have done it for groups going to Ellis Island, West Point, and other historic locations,” he says. “The city is cracking down on alcohol on buses, so it’s not easy to do that anymore. This entertains everyone and is not a liability.” Games can work for certain types of groups, especially among passengers who might not know each other. “Guests can play a customized bingo game for fun prizes or a unique opportunity at the venue they’re heading to,” suggests Sarah Schnell,

A guest with Erik Estrada

senior program manager of Total Event Resources (847.397.2200, in Chicago. “You can customize the bingo board by changing the word or the numbers in the boxes to something more unique to the attendees, such as a corporate logo or a product’s major buzzwords. Have an M.C. or host facilitate the game from the front of the bus, and the employees can play either alone or in teams with their seatmates.” Bringing entertainers on the bus can make a long trip more enjoyable. “For our corporate and nonprofit clients, we’ve hired fortune-tellers, mentalists, and one time we worked with a contortionist,” says Lynda Webster, founder and chairman of the Webster Group (202.237.0090, websterconsult in Washington. Other options include hand or neck massages by staff from a local spa, stand-up comedians, or trivia hosts. To raise brand awareness during the 2008 Society for Human Resource Management conference in Chicago, Verified Person, a Memphis-based background screening company, shuttled attendees to the event from their hotels on a charter bus instead of purchasing a booth at the show. “We rented a luxury bus from Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. (773.648.5000, and wrapped it with our brand’s logo,” says Camille Gamble, vice president of marketing at Verified Person. “To create a conversation piece, we hired Erik Estrada to ride along on the bus with us. He autographed our marketing materials, offered passengers cold beverages, and presented a video about our company. For not very much more than having a booth at the show, we created a much bigger presence and grew our brand awareness at the same time.” —Jenny Berg & Lisa Cericola

D.I.Y. Perfume Workshops The Perfume Studio (917.449.1134, scent offers workshops that allow participants to create their own custom fragrances. Sue Phillips, who helped launch scents for Elizabeth Arden and Tiffany & Company, leads the workshops, explaining top and base notes and ACTI VIT Y providing historical tidbits on well-known perfumes such as Chanel No. 5. For a teambuilding approach, the sessions can also have groups design and market a product. Pricing starts at $135 per person, which includes the consultation and a 20-milliliter custom fragrance. Classes are available throughout the U.S. and Canada, with travel fees for events outside of New York. —L.C. Canvas palm trees

22 march/april 2010

A GREEN ALTERNATIVE TO LIVE PLANTS For a tropical look without live foliage, the Canvas Nursery (800.226.3335, creates life-size palms, flowers, and other plants out of canvas. The botanicals can be painted for a realistic effect or left unpainted for DE COR a starker look. The plants are designed for indoor use only, but the fabric has been treated with a sealant to resist stains and moisture. Pricing starts at $39 for plants and $120 for trees and does not include containers such as pots or vases. Based in Fort Myers, Florida, the Canvas Nursery ships throughout the U.S. and Canada. A rental program will be available in South Florida later this year. —L.C.


Ask BizBash

Idea File

Pick Your Picnic


Resources for three types of corporate summer gatherings. By LISA CERICOLA • To-Go Ware’s colorful, reusable bamboo utensil sets, $6.15 for orders of 99 or fewer, (510.225.4045, dress up place settings, and staffers can use them at their desks when the party is over.


• Barbecue-inspired passed hors d’oeuvres add a sophisticated touch but will keep guests sated. Design Cuisine (703.979.9400, designcuisine. com) in Washington makes mini BLT “cupcakes” out of corn bread. Calihan Catering in Chicago (312.587.3553, calihan serves tenderloin sliders with corn slaw.

• Add a summery vibe with a steel drum band, such as Los Angeles-based Nesta (310.666.3464,; rates start at $325 for a threehour steel drum soloist.

• Create a patio setting using lounge furniture with an outdoor feel. Props for Today in New York (212.244.9600, offers a beachy love seat for $450.

• A family-style spread makes for easy conviviality. New York’s Francis Louis Catering & Events (718.403.0033, frankies offers a threecourse meal including meatballs in marinara sauce and ricotta cheesecake for $37.50 a person.

• Hide a conference room table with a summery tablecloth like the Green Wave Organza, $20 for a 132-inch round, available in Toronto from ChairMan Mills (416.391.0400, chairman, or the Del Sol, $35 for a 90-inch square, available in the U.S. and Canada from BBJ Linen (847.329.8400,

DAY IN THE PARK • Offer a bird’s-eye view with a tethered hot air balloon ride. Central Florida-based Bob’s Balloons (877.824.4606, charges $500 an hour. Pennsylvaniabased Above & Beyond Ballooning (908.208.1869, will do balloon tethers throughout the Northeast for $1,250 per hour. Travel fees are additional.


• Hold a beer tasting. Through Beerology (, Toronto-based Mirella Amato educates people about Ontario’s craft beers. Guided tastings start at $25 per person. Washington Wine Academy (703.971.1525, wash now offers private beer tastings throughout the metro D.C. area, starting at $18 per person.

• Spice up a cookout with hot dogs and surprising toppings. New York’s AsiaDog (718.594.3254, piles on Asian condiments such as kimchi and seaweed flakes and Thai-style mango and cucumber relish. Franks, sides, and beverages run about $12 per person. Gastropod (, a Miami-based mobile restaurant in a vintage Airstream trailer, serves the Old Dirt Dawg, a short rib hot dog, with “stupid slaw” for $5 each.

• Branded folding chairs can be used as seating at the event and all summer long. Best Promotions (866.881.2378, bestpromo offers the classic striped beach chair, $20 each for orders of 36, plus a $65 customization fee.

• Keep kids (and adults) busy with a kitemaking station. Teambuilding Unlimited (510.845.3600, turns the activity into a competitive project.Facilitators are available throughout the U.S.; prices vary. Or, do it on the cheap with kits from a toy store.


• Kitschy tiki drinks will get people in a party mood. Toronto-based Martini Club (416.778.9905, can make the Marikoriko, with rum, kiwi, mint, and lime; pricing varies. Alembic (202.558.2119, drinkalembic. com) in Washington can concoct hurricanes. Pricing starts at $100 for a consultation; on-site services are additional.

Hnk\ZiZ[bebmb^lbg\en]^lmZg]Zk]%enqnkr Zg]:=:Ziikho^]k^lmkhhfngbml%eZobla k^lmkhhfmkZbe^k_Z\bebmb^l%aZg]pZla lmZmbhgl%mkZla[hq^l%]nfilm^kl%oZe^m l^kob\^Zg]pZlm^pZm^kinfibg`Zg]

ENQNKR P A > K >  RH N  E > : L M  > Q I > < M  B M

]blihlZel^kob\^l'P^hi^kZm^_khfl^o^g eh\ZmbhglZg]l^ko^\eb^gmlmakhn`ahnmGC% GR<f^mkh%Ehg`BleZg]%IabeZ]^eiabZ(^Zlm^kg I:Zlp^eeZlghkma^kg=>'

Lnkikbl^`n^lmlZmrhnkg^qm hnm]hhk^o^gmpbmang^qi^\m^] enqnkrZg]^e^`Zg\^Fk'Chag ikhob]^lZ_neeebg^h_m^fihkZkr k^lmkhhfl%_khfma^hk]bgZkrmh ma^^qmkZhk]bgZkr%mhlnbmZgr [n]`^mhkli^\bZek^jnbk^f^gm' ;gflY[l<]ZZa:Yc]j^gjYfg gZda_Ylagf[gfkmdlYlagfgfqgmj f]plhjgb][lYl/+*%./+%).,/gj \ZYc]j8ejbg`f&[ge


New York Fresh Faces

CANAPÉ AS CANVAS A tiny bird made of cream cheese and herbs perched atop a cucumber round. An edible piano with a lemon and chocolate cake keyboard. Sushi rolls that look like purple flowers. Reiko Reid and Isabel Kurth, partners in new catering company Flavor Palette (646.510.7755,, create hors d’oeuvres not typically found on party trays. Kurth, a biochemist, and Reid, an artist and co-founder of design firm Rfive Design, met through a mutual friend in 2008. The pair quickly discovered shared interests in food and art, and started collaborating on parties for friends. Reid sketched whimsical drawings of bite-size treats and worked with Kurth, a self-taught cook, to create edible versions of her ideas. “Using food to create art is great fun for me,” Reid says. “Every time I come up with

Isabel Kurth and Reiko Reid

an idea, I talk to Isabel and she comes up with a recipe. We create together.” Last fall the two began offering their services for events, crafting custom menus of hors d’oeuvres in their whimsical, extremely detailed style. “We do a lot of finger food. It’s great for shaping little objects,” Reid says. Their trademarks include items that look like animals, edible garnishes, and lots of fruits and vegetables. “Color is very important to us. We try to avoid artificial colors and experiment with natural foods, like blending parsley to add bright green,” Kurth explains. In October, the company catered Green Halloween NYC, an event promoting healthy ways to celebrate the holiday. To play off the party’s dramatic decor, Flavor Palette made skullshaped tomato, bacon, and Gruyère

patties with olive eyes, quail egg “ghosts” atop tuna rolls, and lemonalmond cakes shaped like bones. “We had three catering companies bidding on the job, but Flavor Palette completely stood out, with a very creative presentation of their food,” says Vincent Reverdy, creative director of Connected Productions L.L.C., which produced the event. “They created unique canapés that perfectly complemented the decor elements. Their food looks like art you can eat, and tastes good, too.” Reid says their goal is to create a memorable experience. “We like to design whole tables, including napkins, flowers, and little accents to go with the food. We don’t want to just set up canapés and leave. It’s art for us, so we set up everything.” —Lisa Cericola

Quail eggtopped sushi

Mini chocolate cupcakes


A private class at Brooklyn Kitchen Labs

Brooklyn-Based Cooking Classes Williamsburg-based Brooklyn Kitchen Labs (718.389.2982, is an offshoot of a store offering kitchenware and cooking classes. The new space is entirely dedicated to group cooking classes led by chefs from New York-area restaurants including Del Posto, Dressler, and ACTIV ITY Marlow & Sons. Housed in a former warehouse, the facility includes 1,500-square-foot and 1,000-square-foot classrooms, a research library with rare cookbooks, and a full-service custom butcher shop called the Meat Hook. Classes, which end with a meal, start at $1,000 for groups of 10 people. Groups can bring their own refreshments, including alcohol, if desired. —L.C.

26 march/april 2010

Mark Randazzo of Mark Joseph Cakes (718.643.8216, markjosephcakes. com) recently started making custom-designed, sculpted cakes and cupcakes for corporate events. Randazzo, who worked at Lespinasse, Fauchon, and Confetti Cakes, has crafted robots, alligators, and sports cars, but more traditional shapes are also CATE R I NG available. Flavors include Valrhona chocolate, Sicilian pistachio, and mocha. Cupcakes range from $5 to $7 each, while their full-size counterparts are $8 to $18 per serving. Delivery is available throughout the tri-state area. —L.C.


Isabel Kurth and Reiko Reid specialize in meticulously crafted finger food.

Spinach, ham, and Gruyère tarts, mini orange muffins with smoked turkey, strawberries with Devon cream and sugar, chocolate pots de crème with chocolate-covered coffee beans, and smoked salmon éclairs in a hatbox from Well Dunn Catering (202.543.7878, well in Washington

New on the Menu


Tarragon-crusted salmon with asparagus and lemon basmati rice from Stuart & Saladino Catering and Event Stylists (416.955.1360, stuart in Toronto

Box lunches can be satisfying—even impressive. Here are five ideas to keep attendees happy, whether they’re in a meeting or on the road. Lobster rolls, fried chicken, Caprese salad, frozen chipwich, roasted corn, and mint-flavored water in a picnic basket from Callahan Catering (212.327.1144, in New York

Chef’s salad with ham and turkey, Mediterranean pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts, roasted vegetables, and lavender shortbread from J&L Catering (312.280.7900, in Chicago

Seared ahi tuna and soba noodle salad with wasabimiso crème fraîche, marinated cucumbers, and a vegetable summer roll with soy dipping sauce in a steamer basket from Someone’s in the Kitchen (818.343.5151, in Tarzana, California

ON BIZBASH.COM A directory of local caterers




Trend Spotted


In December, the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s gala for A Streetcar Named Desire sported a lush New Orleansinspired setting with potted plants, Spanish moss, and ivy by Fleurs Bella.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, Sprint’s press event included a moss-covered bar designed by Fresh Wata.

Moss-covered bars, potted plants, and other types of foliage decorated these six events. By LISA CERICOLA A Comcast-hosted event for the Television Critics Association tour in January featured a “botanical library” theme with bars trimmed in greenery, botanical-print textiles, and potted foliage by R. Jack Balthazar.

A Louis Vuitton launch in November transformed Saks Fifth Avenue with five kinds of moss, life-size trees, and other leafy plants from David Beahm.

In November, the Museum of Modern Art held its annual film benefit with decor inspired by the evening’s honoree, Tim Burton. SPEC Entertainment created Edward Scissorhands-style topiaries that formed a makeshift garden throughout the space.

ON BIZBASH.COM 30 spring 2010

More photos and details from these events


The Obamas’ first state dinner at the White House had 12 electric chandeliers from Frost adorned with freshly cut ivy by florist Laura Dowling.

Los Angeles Fresh Faces

Double Time After stints at DreamWorks and U.S.C., Erin Preuss and Christina Murphy formed a firm with a focus on nonprofit programming.

Preuss and Murphy nization and willing to listen to the story of its came together to launch mission. For most nonprofits—particularly in event production and today’s economic environment—when they management firm L.A. commit resources to an event, they need to Glam (310.844.6982, know the event is going to raise funds, build a Erin Preuss and earlier coalition, and inspire people to get involved in Christina Murphy this year. The new commeaningful ways.” pany produces all types Wendi Littlefield, associate vice president of of events, with a focus on targeted, message-focused communications at Starlight Children’s Foundation, events for nonprofit organizations. knows Murphy from her work for the charity and “It’s one of our greatest strengths and what we plans to hire L.A. Glam for future work. “Christina is really love doing,” Murphy says. “We want to help our hyper-organized and a fantastic leader who guides clients with decor, catering, and other aesthetics but, her team with a firm but motivating hand,” Littlefield ultimately, we want to produce an event that allows says. “Most of all, she understands that an event in the organization to best communicate its message its most valuable and effective form is as an ultimate to the attendees.” opportunity for a high-touch relationship-building Preuss adds, “It’s a rare opportunity to have a experience between an organization’s leadership and room full of people who are interested in your orgaits constituents.” —Alesandra Dubin

PERKS AND RECREATION Here are new ways to entertain, feed, and treat summer associates and interns.

New York Burgers and Beers B.R. Guest’s Bill’s Bar & Burger (22 Ninth Ave., 212.414.3003) serves an inexpensive menu of hot dogs, milk shakes, wings, and burgers in the meatpacking district. The restaurant seats 75 or holds 100, and groups of as many as 60 can take over the back room for private events. A second, larger location is scheduled to open in Rockefeller Center this spring. Fresh Air and Sightseeing The Central Park Conservancy (212.310.6600, offers custom private tours of the park’s famous and lesser-known sites. Led by Sara Cedar Miller, the park’s official historian and photographer, tours can focus on art, architecture, history, and horticulture, among other subjects. The fee is $500 an hour. Culture and Fun For fans of the creepy clan created by legendary New Yorker cartoonist Charles Addams and brought to life in the classic TV series, the Broadway musical The Addams Family debuts on April 8. Bebe Neuwirth and Nathan Lane star as Morticia and Gomez Addams. Group tickets are available for parties of 20 or more by calling 877.233.2671. —Lisa Cericola

32 march/april 2010

Los Angeles Made-to-Order T-Shirts Give them something to remember you by: Los Angeles-based Family Industries (1640 North Spring St., 213.984.1826) brings live screen printing to any site to create custom shirts, tote bags, or other cotton items on the spot. Packages include four hours of screen printing (plus an hour each of setup and takedown), art consultation and creation of as many as four designs, and staff. In-Office Lunches Delaware-based chain Capriotti’s (9683 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.858.1383), opened its first West Coast location in January. Signature sandwiches include the Bobbie (roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayo) and the Capastrami (hot pastrami, melted Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and coleslaw). The shop offers catering and delivery options—including hot, cold, and vegetarian selections. Sandwich platters begin around $5 per person. Theme Park Fun King Kong 360 3D (Universal City, 800.864.8377), a new version of the ride created under the direction of filmmaker Peter Jackson, is slated to reopen this summer at Universal Studios. Guests don 3-D glasses as they enter a dark soundstage aboard Studio Tour trams and eventually encounter the 25-foot beast. All trams have been upgraded with flat-screen HD monitors that play commentary from filmmakers and actors. Movie and TV clips flesh out the journey. Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more, and are priced around $50 per person. —A.D.


Erin Preuss and Christina Murphy are old college friends—but not in the traditional sense. Preuss began her career at DreamWorks SKG, where she planned movie premieres, press junkets, and promotional screenings. She then moved to her alma mater, the University of Southern California, where she focused on events such as football tailgates, pep rallies, recruiting and alumni functions, homecoming, and commencement. That’s where she met Murphy, who has more than a decade of experience working with individuals, nonprofits, educational institutions, and corporations, handling events ranging from festivals for 75,000 to intimate dinners for high-profile guests. In addition to her work at U.S.C., Murphy has produced events for the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House, Starlight Children’s Foundation, and U.C.L.A. chancellor Gene Block. After independently choosing to leave the school,

The Starlight Children’s Foundation’s Stellar Night Gala

Strategy Session

A Man’s World

Ben Hindman

Guests on JetBlue’s Jamaica junket played on a zip line. Thrillist’s Internet Week 2009 bash filled M2 Lounge in New York.

The annual Thrillist pool party took to New York’s Grace Hotel last year.

34 march/april 2010

Ben Hindman, 24 and fresh out of Vanderbilt University, was running his own tour company in Washington, D.C., when a few friends got the idea to plan a networking junket for the people doing work that interested them—namely new-media entrepreneurs. Dubbed the Summit Series, the first in a nowregular string of destination events brought the founders of enterprises such as Facebook, Zappos, and Daily Candy to New Mexico for a weekend in early 2009. Also in attendance were Adam Rich and Ben Lerer, the duo behind Thrillist, a growing online newsletter targeting men ages 24 to 35 with frat-boy humor and discriminating recommendations since 2005. “Toward the end of the summit, there was a point where, I believe, a van got lost,” Rich remembers. “And everybody came back with stories about Ben and how he was beatboxing and telling jokes to keep them feeling positive. The thing that was compelling was that he wasn’t just managing every aspect of a complicated, junket type affair. He stayed aware of everyone’s attitudes and kept a positive attitude while enacting all of the logistics. That is what we try to accomplish with our own events.” Rich and Lerer didn’t hesitate. They offered Hindman a position as Thrillist’s national event manager on the spot. Two months later, he had sold his company and was living in New York, where he hit the ground running at his new gig. “In about seven months or so, we’d thrown 45 events all across the country, with more than 30 sponsors, in 10 different cities where Thrillist now operates,” Hindman says. Before bringing him on board, Thrillist didn’t host more than 15 events in its first three years. Hindman helped the company look past the alcohol brands that had already co-hosted smaller cocktail parties (Absolut, Canadian Club, and Patrón among them) to focus on tent-pole events sponsored by the likes of Gillette, H&M, Macy’s, and Trojan, even in the doldrums of the recession. As readership and event participation have grown, so has revenue. While competing with more established men’s publications like GQ and Maxim for marketing dollars—and fostering a reputation among ad buyers as the new promotional vehicle to try—Thrillist has seen its annual revenues approach $10 million. It has been profitable since its second year.

“Sponsors recognize the value of localized marketing, and you haven’t seen that go away,” Hindman says. “And it’s not just sponsors that have been eager to partner with us on these events. Venues, performers, and DJs are always approaching us to build relationships. I’m in a unique situation where my budget can be much slimmer because we have the power of voice.” That playfully masculine voice, which bestows recommendations for restaurants, clothing, and any other consumable, is what Hindman strives to inject into every event—whether they’re open-bar nights for readers or weekend junkets in exotic locales. “Before I joined the team, we had a thing called Jet Vegas,” Hindman says of a 2008 partnership with Jet Blue to promote a new campaign. The junket, not unlike the Summit Series, took influencers and entrepreneurs on a free flight to Vegas. “It went so well that Thrillist started working with brands to create more comprehensive offline promotions.” Happy customer Jet Blue approached Thrillist to organize a launch event for a new route to Jamaica and, after seeing them bring on Jamaican brands such as Golden Crust, Myers’s Rum, and Red Stripe for the New York launch party, decided it wanted to do another flight. Hindman rounded up 150 tastemakers—journalists, new-media personalities, and consumers—for what was billed as a mystery flight, taking the unknowing guests to a weekend in Jamaica. In addition to getting the media types to spend the three days sharing news of the trip online, the reader spots on the flight generated unexpected interest. More than 30,000 people entered a contest to participate in Jet Mystery, at a time when readership was just over a million. (It’s now at 1.5 million.) As he enters his second year on the job, Hindman is working on larger, more integrated events while maintaining a commitment to the more traditional reader parties that have been there from the start. In the works for the rest of 2010 is a plan to temporarily rebrand a Miami property as Hotel Thrillist in May and host a fifth anniversary party that incorporates elements of past events in New York this fall. “When I came on board, Ben and Adam told me they wanted to create an offline voice that complemented what they already had online,” Hindman says. “The voice of Thrillist resonates through each of the events we do and, more than that, there’s the embedded notion of access. You can get the newsletter letting you know you can make reservations at a new restaurant, and then, with our events, it’s never out of the question that any of our readers couldn’t come and be a part of them themselves.”


Ben Hindman gives e-newsletter Thrillist an offline life with parties that maintain the brand’s distinctive voice and boost advertiser exposure. By MICHAEL O’CONNELL


No Other Party Deck Has A View Like This!



Customized and affordable event packages


Scenic settings to host small receptions and large gatherings


Spectacular views of the Manhattan Skyline and Hudson River

For more information call 646.381.5301 or visit Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s never too early to book your Holiday Event. Book by June 1 and save 10% on the rental fee.

Pier 86, West 46th Street & 12th Avenue, New York, NY 10036


Make your next event Intrepid!


New, modern exhibits with a clean and fresh look



Wall Street’s Epicenter A designated landmark built in 1903, the New York Stock Exchange was previously only available as an event space to companies listed on the exchange. However, this year the global financial center opened up the trading floor and seventh-floor dining areas to outside parties for rental. The trading floor, marked by soaring 72-foot ceilings, broker booths, and computer screens in more than 20,000 square feet of space, is best suited for receptions for as many as 500. On the seventh floor, the main dining room seats 192 in a classroom setup, 170 theater-style, or 240 for dinner. (11 Wall St., 212.656.6098)


Hyatt’s New Downtown Hotel The first New York property from Hyatt’s Andaz division, Andaz Wall Street opened in mid-January with 253 rooms and public spaces designed by the Rockwell Group. In addition to restaurant Wall & Water’s 10-seat private room, the hotel offers five meeting rooms on its lower level. The largest of these spaces measures 953 square feet and is adjacent to a communal dining room where hotel chefs prepare made-to-order dishes. (75 Wall St., 212.590.1234)

An Expanded Latin-American Museum In October, Hispanic cultural institution El Museo del Barrio reopened after a $44 million expansion that added a new café, reconfigured the courtyard, and modernized the galleries. Now available for events, the courtyard and adjacent glassenclosed lobby combine to form 6,000 square feet that can seat 400 and hold 650 for receptions. Operated by Great Performances, the 2,000-square-foot El Café seats 100 or holds 300 for receptions. (1230 Fifth Ave., 212.660.7195)

A Roomy SoHo Loft Managed by Global Ventures partners Harvey Fung and John Hickey, SoHo landmark building 82 Mercer

ON BIZBASH.COM 36 march/april 2010

relaunched as a dedicated event space in mid-January. Originally home to manufacturers, the secondfloor facility was renovated and now comprises 25,000 square feet divided into three open-plan spaces. In addition to new bathrooms, lighting, and sound fixtures, the venue offers an 800-amp electrical supply, four stairways, four passenger and two freight elevators, and a capacity of 880. (82 Mercer St., 2nd Floor, 917.224.2774)

The latest venue news



New York


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Sparkling Pointe

A rendering of Maritime Parc

Bar Americain

New York Quick Trip Venues

OUTER SITE The metropolitan area is flourishing with big stadiums, restaurants from noted chefs, and event halls. Here are new places for functions within two hours of Manhattan. By ANNA SEKULA Sports Center The New Meadowlands Stadium, home to the Giants and Jets, is slated to open in April with 2.1 million square feet of space. For private functions, the $1.6 billion project will offer clubs designed by the Rockwell Group, the largest of which measures more than 30,000 square feet and seats 1,300 or holds 1,900 for receptions. For outdoor events, there are 280,000 square feet of plazas. (102 Route 120, East Rutherford, N.J., 201.559.1710)

opened last October on Long Island’s North Fork. The sparkling wine producer offers a French chateau-style facility with indoor and outdoor areas for events. The grand tasting room is a modern, airy interior with room for as many as 200 people. The lawn and terrace can be tented to accommodate 320. (39750 County Road 48, Southold, N.Y., 631.765.0200)

Casino Eats In November, Food Network star Bobby Flay opened his second Bar Americain, inside Connecticut casino Mohegan Sun. Much like the Midtown location, this 276-seat American brasserie was designed by the Rockwell Group and includes custom glass, wood, and metal wine towers and curved banquette seating. A 50-seat semiprivate dining room is available. (1 Mohegan Sun Blvd., Uncasville, Conn., 860.303.1562)

Players Club The members-only Space Port, a 32,000-square-foot entertainment venue in Paterson, New Jersey, doesn’t require membership for companies to use the facility for teambuilding activities or events for as many as 850. Spread across two levels, the venue includes glow-in-thedark bowling alleys, a large gaming arcade, and areas for paintball and laser tag. For groups that Historic House Following an extensive renovaneed privacy, Space Port offers two suites—each tion, the Chelsea Mansion opened last with access to a terrace—and three ON BIZBASH.COM penthouses. (301 Main St., Paterson, year for corporate retreats and private The latest venue news N.J., 888.817.7223) events. On the 550-acre Muttontown

Wine Country Retreat For wine enthusiasts, Sparkling Pointe, a 10-acre vineyard and winery,

38 march/april 2010

Waterfront Sights Scheduled to open in late May, the Maritime Parc restaurant and event space will occupy 30,000 square feet in Liberty State Park. Owned by Chris Siversen, former executive chef of the Glazier Group, the trilevel waterfront site will include a 90-seat eatery designed by Goto Design. The second floor will seat 450 or hold 600 for receptions and include a wraparound terrace. (84 Audrey Zapp Drive, Liberty State Park, N.J., 201.413.0050)

Preserve in Long Island’s Nassau County, the 40-room house designed by William Delano contains the 30-seat Wellington dining room, a 600-square-foot ballroom, and the 80-person Sert Gallery. The face-lift also restored the grounds, preserving the details created by landscape architect Umberto Innocenti; the courtyard can be tented and seats 300 or holds 400 for receptions. (34 Muttontown Lane, East Norwich, N.Y., 516.571.8551)


A rendering of New Meadowlands Stadium

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Outdoor Venue Directory 60 Thompson

Andaz West Hollywood

Set in the heart of Manhattan’s Soho district, 60 Thompson, a 100 room boutique hotel, offers 3 unique spaces for social and corporate events. Innovative menus, seamless planning and execution, and exceptional staff and service, create memorable events that will exceed your expectations. For space images and additional information, please visit us online, The icon of the West Hollywood hills features unique design details reflective of the locale. The hotel boasts vibrant spaces with spectacular panoramic views of the Hollywood Hills on one side and the Sunset Strip to downtown Los Angeles on the other. 60 Thompson Street, New York NY 10012 T: 212.219.2000

8401 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069 T: 323.656.1234 Service Area: Los Angeles


AVA Lounge

This chic venue is a hit! The art-deco interior is embellished with swooping wood adornments, crystalline chandeliers and velvet curtains. Unlike other retro bars, Delux feels convincing. The bar pulls off a tricky balancing act: it’s old yet new, swank yet comfortable, energetic yet chill. Private events and filming welcome.

AVA Lounge, a unique bi-level Rooftop hosts corporate & private events of 25-300 guests. Part Riviera with inflections of South Beach, it’s an oasis of contemporary elegance from a by-gone era with panoramic views illuminating Times Square’s city lights and starry skies over the Hudson River. 210 West 55th St., New York, NY 10019 T: 212.956.7020

1624 North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028 T: 310.424.5112 Service Area: Los Angeles



Situated in the Historic South Street Seaport, Bridewaters’ spectacular wrap around terrace boasts some of Manhattan’s finest views, from the majestic Brooklyn Bridge, to the tall ships in the Harbor, and the Wall Street Skyline. Clam bakes, cocktail receptions and barbecue menus are designed to offer a one of a kind experience.

Cecconi’s is a classic Italian restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as cicchetti. With a heated outdoor terrace that is fully coverable and a private dining room featuring a separate entrance, Cecconi’s is an inviting space to host meetings and events.

11 Fulton St., New York, NY 10038 T: 212.608.7400 Service area: Manhattan

8764 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, CA 90069 T: 310.432.2000 Service Area: West Hollywood, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills

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Outdoor Venue Directory Dodger Stadium

Chelsea Piers

Dodger Stadium is one of the most historic venues in Los Angeles. From its scenic location to its award-winning food selection, Dodger Stadium is sure to deliver an unforgettable event experience. There’s nothing like being at a Major League ballpark, especially when you have it all to yourself!

Transform our Golf Club’s 75,000 sq ft outdoor turf field into a number of event formats: fashion show, sports tournament or carnival. Chelsea Piers features reception spaces with open-air terraces overlooking the Hudson River. Options include: company BBQs, sports outings, team building, location shoots & promotional events.

1000 Elysian Park Ave., Los Angeles CA 90012 T: 323.224.1469 Service Area: Los Angeles

23rd St. & Hudson River Park, New York, NY 10011 T: 212.336.6777

Flatotel — Moda Loggia

The Foundry A uniquely restored and renovated 19th century metal foundry, available for special events, weddings, cocktail parties and film shoots. Featuring a one-of-the-kind ivy-covered courtyard with stunning views of the 59th Street bridge is available for tent setup. Original cauldrons and chimneys remain. Full caterers, kitchen and roof terrace.

When ordinary won’t do, host your event beneath a 30-foot glass canopy spanning a full city block in the heart of Midtown! Moda Outdoors at Flatotel is Manhattan’s most unique space. Party al fresco with up to 500 guests indulging in the finest cuisine, cocktails and service. For outdoor elegance, the sky’s the limit at Flatotel.

Christine Julian-Wells, Director of Catering 135 West 52nd St., New York, NY 10019 T: 212.887.9515 T: 1.800.FLATOTEL Service Area: New York City

42-38 9th St., Long Island City, NY, 11101 T: 718.786.7776 F: 718.729.0910

Hollywood & Highland Center

Honor’s Haven

Hollywood & Highland Center, the epicenter of Hollywood, offers numerous event locations including the 19,000 sq ft outdoor Central Courtyard. Home of the Kodak Theatre (Academy Awards® and resident Cirque du Soleil production in 2011), it attracts 18 million visitors annually and features upscale retail, dining and entertainment.

Offering timeless details in a classic mountain setting, Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa is the region’s premiere resort destination. Boasting 240 beautifully appointed lodging rooms, 15 multi-functional conference rooms and a charming assortment of resort amenities including championship golf, indoor/outdoor pools, tennis, basketball courts and fitness center.

6801 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028 T: 323.817.0202 F: 323.460.6003 Service Area: Los Angeles

1195 Arrowhead Rd., Ellenville, NY 12428 T: 845.210.3114

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Outdoor Venue Directory Hotel Shangri-La

L.A. Live

Hotel Shangri-La offers event space for events from ten to five hundred. From a poolside cabana to a roof top lounge with ocean views, this ocean side location has become the premier event location in Santa Monica. The hotel has hosted premiers, wraps and product launches, celebrity pool parties and fundraisers, anniversaries and wedding receptions.

1301 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401 T: 310.394.279 F: 310.451.3351 Service area: Los Angeles

Los Angeles County Museum of Art The Los Angeles County Museum of Art offers a unique setting to host your next corporate or non-profit event. The museum features nine distinct spaces to select from, as well as a full spectrum of services. As an additional benefit the museum provides exclusive opportunities for private exhibition viewings.

5905 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90036 T: 323.857.6039 F: 323.857.6021 Service Area: Los Angeles

Party under the stars in downtown L.A. at L.A. LIVE. Multiple outdoor venues for 100 to 5,000 guests boast views of the downtown skyline and the Hollywood sign and are surrounded by the lights and energy of L.A. LIVE. Paired with catering from Wolfgang Puck’s on-site kitchen, your event will be one to talk about. 800 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015 T: 213.763.5441 F: 213.763.5443 Service area: Los Angeles

Madame Tussauds Hollywood

Immerse yourself in the real Hollywood. Madame Tussauds gives you and your guests the experience of a lifetime right on the Boulevard of Stars. Picture your guests on our 6000 square foot rooftop terrace with the spires of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the glow of the Roosevelt Hotel Sign to remind you just where you are. This is Hollywood, old meeting new, in an unforgettable experience. 6933 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA, 90028 T: 323.798.1674 Service area: Los Angeles

Manhattan Steamboat

Marbella Hollywood

Ready to host your next sophisticated event! Offering discerning New Yorkers upscale setting, fine dining and top service aboard NY Harbor’s best yachts: the grand yacht STAR OF AMERICA and the classic yacht NOA DANIELLE.

Considered one of the lushest outdoor patios in L.A. this 4000-square-foot oasis in the middle of Hollywood is inspired by the beautiful city of Marbella in Spain. Candle lit cabanas surrounded by palm trees and overlooking a beautiful foliage filled courtyard, it’s the perfect space for your next event.

Chelsea Piers, Pier 59, West 23rd St. at Hudson River, New York, NY 10011 T: 212.355.8304 C: 917.686.1016 Service Area: NY, NJ, CT

Marbella Hollywood, 6757 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028 T: 323.864.9059 Service area: Los Angeles

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Outdoor Venue Directory Maritime Parc

Mr. John Company Mr. John offers temporary restrooms, from ordinary to the extraordinary, to suit any budget or special requirement. Our rentals include standard, luxury, and ADAapproved restroom units, lavish restroom trailer facilities, hand-wash sinks, portable showers, trash boxes, and dumpsters. We also offer valet service and wastewater pumping and disposal.

Maritime Parc offers 30,000 sq. ft. of private event space that boast stunning views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Executive Chef/Owner Chris Siversen redefines private event dining with seasonal New American menus. Maritime Parc features 10,000 sq ft of wraparound outdoor terraces for ceremonies and receptions.

200 Smith Street, Keasbey, NJ 08832 Debbi Baker, Account Executive/Special Events T: 800.628.8955

84 Audrey Zapp Dr., Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ 07305 T: 201.413.0050 F: 201.413.0079 Service Area: New York and New Jersey

NBC Universal Studio Special Events

The Outdoor Garden Terrace at Sentry Center Midtown East

Universal Studios is the perfect site for corporate events, bar/bat mitzvahs, press junkets, screenings and special occasions. The Studio offers a unique Hollywood experience on its scenic backlot venues, sound stages and famous Universal Grill and Café. Or with the “Make Your Own Movie” teambuilding event, your guests can create their very own film!

This stunning 5,000 sqft space accommodates up to 450 and provides spectacular views of midtown Manhattan’s dramatic skyline. Located atop a famed skyscraper, the Outdoor Garden Terrace also offers an environment that is completely private and secure. The space can be decorated to accommodate any type of event (tents welcomed) and is supported by on-site catering, tech support, and concierge staff.

100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608 T: 818.777.9466 Service Area: Greater Los Angeles

730 Third Ave., New York, NY 10017 T: 888.730.7307

Petersen Automotive Museum

Prudential Center

The largest automotive museum with the most unique car collection in the Los Angeles area. Five event spaces available. Less than five miles to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Downtown. Choose from the 1st floor or 2nd floor Galleries, an 18,000 square foot Pavilion and Promenade, or a 4th floor Penthouse with a view!

Prudential Center is the perfect place for your private event of any size. With our many premium meeting or dinning locations we make every event a memory. We host everything from an intimate meeting to a sit-down dinner for thousands in our unique arena setting. Our state-of-the-art facility makes every event unforgettable.

6060 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036 T: 323.964.6348 F: 323.930.6649 Service Area: Southern California

165 Mulberry St., Newark, NJ 07102 Service Area: New York-tristate Area

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Outdoor Venue Directory Rockefeller Center® Presents Two Extraordinary Venues

Stamford Tent & Event Services Stamford Tent & Event Services has provided thousands of satisfied customers with the ultimate setting for their special occasion. For 57 years we have been known for our ability to install awe-inspiring tent structures for corporate galas, elegant weddings and intimate gatherings at your home or special venue.

THE WEATHER ROOM provides an exceptional space, magical atmosphere and unrivaled views on two open-air terraces. 620 LOFT & GARDEN is a serene piece of paradise overlooking St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The adjoining loft space offers endless possibilities in creating your own experience. 45 Rockefeller Center, Suite 2920, New York, NY 10111 T: 212-698-2000

Taglyan Cultural Complex

The Taglyan Arts and Cultural Complex offers a dazzling combination of Old World opulence and cutting-edge audiovisual technology. Located mere blocks from the world famous intersection of Hollywood and Vine, Taglyan is the a prime location for lavish receptions, corporate meetings and non-profit events. 1201 North Vine St., Hollywood CA 90038 T: 323.978.0005 Service Area: Southern California

Universal Studios Hollywood Special Events From catering to decor to unique venues to flawless execution by a professional event management staff, Universal Studios Hollywood Special Events is your one-stop for excellence in events. Universal Studios Hollywood features the cuisine of “chef to the stars” Wolfgang Puck Catering and brings true Hollywood style to all events. 100 Universal City Plaza, 5511-6, Universal City, CA 91608 T: 818.622.7278 Service Area: Los Angeles

84 Lenox Ave., Stamford, CT 06906 T: 203.324.6222 F: 203.316.5116 Service Area: National

The Terrace Club The Terrace Club overlooking Rockefeller Center has private function rooms ideal for social events, corporate meetings and seminars. The Terrace and Terrace Club room provide a perfect year round indoor/ outdoor setting for corporate luncheons, dinners, weddings and other special events while enjoying a spectacular view of Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

25 West 51st St., New York, NY. 10019 T: 212.626.9308 F: 212.626.9393 Service Area: NY-tristate, Nationwide

Upstairs at The Kimberly Hotel This highly anticipated brand new roof-top lounge sits 30 stories high atop the Kimberly Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. The 4000 square foot venue boasts 3 separate indoor/ outdoor atmospheres featuring stunning design, 360 degree views, retractable glass ceilings and walls, ambient heated floors and a main room that promises to be as elegant and inviting in the winter months as it is sunny and sophisticated in the summer season. Super chic and very New York. 145 East 50th St., New York, NY 10022 T: 212.702.1685, Special Events Contact: Marko Kalfa

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Outdoor Venue Directory Victorian Gardens Amusement Park Complete with rides, games and an onsite full-service caterer, Victorian Gardens is NYC’s largest outdoor venue. Capable of holding up to 3,000 guests while providing spectacular views of the New York City skyline, our prime location within beautiful Central Park makes any event at Victorian Gardens a one of a kind experience. Wollman Rink in Central Park (at 59th St. & 6th Ave.) T: 212.982.2229

Water Taxi Beach New York Water Taxi Do it by the water. Throw a little sand in your event and get spectacular views at any of three Water Taxi Beaches — Long Island City, Governors Island or South Street Seaport. Perfect for black tie or casual. Need to get there? Our eco-friendly, yellow-checkered New York Water Taxi catamarans can pick up and drop off at 10 docks throughout the City. it is sunny and sophisticated in the summer season. Super chic and very New York.

Contact: Michael Fox, 499 Van Brunt, Section 8B, Brooklyn, NY 11231 T: 212.742.1969 x 212 F: 718.834.7320

It’s the one issue planners obsess over! Tear into the venue guide and you’ll find page after page of New York’s top venues for hosting events. Whether you’re entertaining business clients and need a private dining room for twelve, or orchestrating the largest gala of your career, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect venue. Make sure your subscription information is up-to-date by calling 646.839.6835 or request a new subscription online: Attention venue owners: Don’t miss this opportunity to keep bookings strong throughout the year. Contact Robert Fitzgerald at 646.839.6840 or


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Warner Bros. Special Events The world’s busiest motion picture and television studio can now double as your own private entertainment venue! Warner Bros. Special Events provides full service event production for 20 guests to 10,000; corporate meetings, product launches, teambuilding activities, holiday galas, and charity events. Let us roll out the red carpet for you!

T: 818.954.2652

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Sartorial Snacks For the opening of the Hermes men’s flagship store in New York, caterer Olivier Cheng created a masculine menu. march/april 2010 47

A carved wood bar under a white neon installation offered cocktails and draft beer in the game room.

The new store was covered in a giant orange tie.

Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki created an art installation of an LED horse—a nod to the brand’s heritage—with thousands of fiber optic lights aglow in Hermès orange. The game room housed vintage pinball machines, billiards, and Ping-Pong tables.

48 spring 2010

Mad Men


The 3,000-square-foot library had an aged plank wood floor, 20-foot ceilings, fullheight factory windows and a wall of shelves stocked with 8,000 hand-dyed books.

has limited rigging capability during winter due to the roof’s snow load, so everything had to be anchored to the floor. KCD built independent truss structures for each room to support the scene, lighting, and audio elements. The six-day construction— Hermès created a lavish, masculine more than a year in the planning—needed to be world for guests at the opening of its dismantled and removed in just 12 hours to accomMadison Avenue men’s flagship. modate a show the following afternoon. Each of the makeshift rooms—at least 3,000 square feet in size—hosted its own distinctive decor, After a peek at the world’s first dediNEW YORK cated Hermès men’s store on Madison activities, performances, and menu from caterer Olivier Cheng. The wood-paneled library was stocked Avenue on February 9, the venerable French luxury with 8,000 hand-dyed books, the game room housed goods house treated guests such as Katie Holmes, vintage pinball machines and pool tables, and the Martha Stewart, and John Slattery to an after-party travel room was designed to mimic a shipping pier at the Park Avenue Armory. with various stations of global fare. PR and event production firm KCD Worldwide “We focused on a masculine element of food worked in conjunction with production designer as it was meant to evoke the feeling of the Hermès Stefan Beckman, Hermès senior vice president of man,” said Cheng, whose team prepped the food over communications Susan Anthony and special events director Jessica Zaganczyk—along with their respec- a week’s time. “We were Hermès Men’s Flagship definitely thinking food tive Paris-based colleagues—to transform 20,000 Opening square feet of raw space into the Hermès man’s ulti- more masculine in feel … Audiovisual Production mate leisure spot, with four vignettes: a travel room, no salady things.” ADI Group As for the jazz club, a library, a game room, and a jazz club. Catering Olivier Cheng the focus of the room was “The Hermès man loves to travel and explore Catering and Events Design Stefan Beckman Inc. a stage, where pianist new things,” Anthony said. “It was a global celebraBarry Harris, French group DJ DJ Coleman tion for us, and we just really wanted to offer our Lighting Bernhard-Link Venus Gets Even, and local guests this unique lifestyle experience.” Theatrical Productions band Locksley entertained Lighting Design Jules A. “It was a complex event to produce because we Bowie with several sets throughhad to create the four independent environments,” out the night—before the PR ID Public Relations said KCD vice president of creative services Keith Production KCD Worldwide Baptista. Roughly 25 percent of the furnishings were remaining guests moved Security GSS Security to the venue’s atrium, custom made. “Each room had to have very specific Services Inc. Staging Creative Engineering, where DJ Coleman lured appeal for the audience with different soundtracks Kadan Productions Inc. stragglers onto the dance that could not interfere with the adjacent room.” Venue Park Avenue Armory There were also technical obstacles. The Armory floor. —Jim Shi

A raw seafood bar was among Wolfgang Puck’s vast catering stations.

In the Ring Fabric strips radiated from a central decor piece that hung overhead.

The Recording Academy’s official Grammy Celebration after-party, is traditionally an over-the-top affair that takes over a cavernous space within the west hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center (conveniently adjacent to the ceremony’s home at the Staples Center) for about 5,500 guests. Underscoring the party’s feeling of hugeness on January 31 was this year’s theme: an interpretive twist on a circus. The Recording Academy’s Branden Chapman, Rex Supa, and Clay Upton worked with Along Came Mary to produce the spectacle, backed by a giant team that included Wolfgang Puck for catering and Angel City Designs for decor. “Everyone always asks me where I get my inspiration [for the party], and every year it changes,” said Chapman, the academy’s vice president of production and process management. “A lot of people have asked me what I do as a producer, and I have described myself as a three-ring circus leader. Plus, based on some of the concert tours this year—like Pink’s and Britney Spears’s—we decided this year’s natural theme was surreal circus.” Chapman put the scale and budget on par with past events. “It was a circus Recording Academy’s theme but not in the true Grammy Celebration sense of the word—like Additional Staffing a circus in the ’30s, with Aramark a bit of a mysteriousness, Catering Wolfgang Puck Catering a bit of a dark side to it,” Design Angel City Designs said Along Came Mary’s Entertainment Lucent Mary Micucci. Acrobats, Dossier Experience stilt walkers, and conGuest Security Screening EventScreen tortionists roamed the Lighting, Video Production space, and additional acts ShowPro performed in each of the Linens Cloth Connection three-ring-style stages. Production Along Came Mary Events “It’s challenging when Rentals Classic Party you’re dealing with a Rentals space that large—75,000 Security Special Event square feet, or three footManagement Sound ATK ball fields—to make it Venue Los Angeles feel roomy but intimate.” Convention Center —Alesandra Dubin

Fabric-covered hay bales offered stylized seating.

Vintage-looking trucks and circus posters decorated the 75,000-square-foot hall.

A giant clown face formed the entrance to the jazz lounge.

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An army of aerialists and performers from Lucent Dossier Experience entertained the crowd.

50 spring 2010

The Recording Academy’s Grammy after-party was a “dark, mysterious” circus spectacle from the 1930s.

ESPN the Magazine Classic Party Rentals created a 25,000square-foot pink clear span tent to house the publication’s sixth annual Next party for 2,800 people at the Fontainebleau hotel. Ne-Yo (pictured) and Keri Hilson performed.

Super Parties The Super Bowl’s return to South Florida brought a slew of parties from brands like Maxim, ESPN, Tide, and Pepsi throughout the week preceding the big game at Sun Life Stadium on February 7.






Mermaids from Zhantra Entertainment swam in the pool at the Sagamore during the Playboy event.

More photos and details from Super Bowl events

52 march/april 2010


Following DirecTV’s Celebrity Beach Bowl flag football game, fans rushed the field for a 45-minute concert by the All-American Rejects.

Maxim Band LMFAO served as the headlining entertainment for Maxim’s party at the Raleigh hotel.


Mario Batali The chef teamed up with Emeril Lagasse, Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Buffet to host a Super Brunch fundraiser for children in need at the Viceroy hotel’s Club 50 lounge.

The Source


The hip-hop magazine hosted a birthday bash for rapper Rick Ross aboard Biscayne Lady Yacht Charter’s three-deck Venetian Lady yacht, where sponsor Magic Shave created a barber shop offering free shaves for guests such as Spike Lee.

The N.F.L. On Location hospitality program staged a cake decorating competition on Sunday at its official tailgate in the parking lot of Sun Life Stadium. Meanwhile, Phoenixbased M Group Scenic divided the league’s club-level hospitality areas into Eat, Drink and Play; the former included a wall of candy dispensers.

Gatorade Housed at the Super Bowl Media Center in Fort Lauderdale, Gatorade’s Sports Science Institute Performance Lab conducted physical endurance and stress tests on N.F.L. athletes, like New York Jets cornerback Darrell Revis (pictured) and celebrities.

Pepsi Pepsi hosted its annual Fan Jam concert on the sands of South Beach with performances by Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Timbaland (pictured).

Tide Tide promoted its new laundry detergent on the basketball and tennis courts atop the W South Beach with mini-sports activations branded with the company logo.

The Metropolitan Clubâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s seasonal wreaths and evergreens got a thematic boost from more than 100 pieces of 19th century furniture. â&#x20AC;&#x153;From the beginning, this party was going to be Warner Brothersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Sherlock Holmes Doormen and a period piece, so I hired a premiere nodded to Victorian England. drivers dressed in prop master in Los Angeles Victorian clothing to track down all of the greeted guests After a world premiere in London Victorian furniture,â&#x20AC;? said NEW YORK earlier in the week, Warner Brothers Along Came Mary founder with a horsedrawn carriage. continued to promote the Christmas release of and owner Mary Micucci. Sherlock Holmes with a North American premiere in Each item was sourced by New York on December 17. freelance prop master Jeff Bell from studios around The night included a festive red carpet for Los Angeles, including Warner Brothersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; own prop stars Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, house. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The furniture he found was Sherlock Holmes and Rachel McAdams; a screening for all different colors, but they blended Premiere 1,000 at Lincoln Centerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Alice Tully well.â&#x20AC;? Actors, Costumes Hall; and a party for more than 500 at Arrivals received a soundtrack of BongarBiz Acts & Artists the Metropolitan Club, where event classical music from a full band, but as Network Inc. producers recreated the ďŹ lmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Victorian soon as the party was in full swing, DJ Arrivals Production, aesthetic with antique furniture and David Chang played a mix of lounge Design, Management 15/40 Productions costumed actors. music from Diana Krall, Michael BublĂŠ, DJ, Sound DJ David Chang Warner Brothers vice president of and Ella Fitzgerald. Flowers Ron Wendt Design special events Courtney Saylor hired The buffet menu from the Lighting Bentley Meeker 15/40 Productions to produce and Metropolitan Club included classic Lighting & Staging design the arrivals area, which included Party Production Along English fare such as Yorkshire pudding Came Mary Productions a faux-brick facade on the step-andand triďŹ&#x201A;e, as well as a seafood Party Catering, Venue repeat, and Los Angeles event producers smorgasbord on an ice sculpture of Metropolitan Club Along Came Mary to take the lead on Londonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Big Ben clock tower and Screening Venue Lincoln Centerâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Alice Tully Hall the party. Tower Bridge.

Elementary, My Dear

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Between the venue and what we brought in, the party ended up feeling just so appropriate for this movie,â&#x20AC;? Micucci said. At the very least, it worked for Robert Downey Jr., who broke an unspoken celebrity code by lingering until 1 a.m. â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Michael Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connell




Yankee Stadium is also available for Game Day Events For more information contact 646.977.8900 or


Seafood was chilled on an ice sculpture of London landmarks Big Ben and Tower Bridge.

Dunhill During New York Fashion Week, Dunhill used laser cut aluminum panels to recreate its founder’s ancestral home in a meatpacking district warehouse.

Pop Culture The combination of cheap spaces and tight budgets has been a boon to the beloved pop-up—here’s a look at how brands have used them in recent months. By MICHAEL O’CONNELL

The B.C. Dairy Foundation Milk pushers in Canada preached the necessity of dairy last fall with a series of Vancouver “Weak Shops” showcasing fake products for people with no energy—chair pants, wallet walkers—and suggesting that a glass of milk would do them just as well.

Nau Sustainable label Nau wanted a New York retail presence during the holidays, but rather than create just a store, the label decked its venue with repurposed decor and fixtures and built a stage and bar to make it an event space with a community-center vibe.

Diet Coke

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56 march/april 2010

In Boston and New York, the soft drink pushed food pairings with an automat full of health-conscious snacks to complement the thousands of free bottles of beverage it passed out to locals on lunch breaks.




Max Fish To capitalize on the out-of-towners looking for a familiar watering hole during Art Basel Miami Beach, locally based O.H.W.O.W. Gallery teamed up with New York dive bar Max Fish to create a Southern outpost of the 20-year-old venue, with four nights of drinks, performances, and plenty of branded merchandise.

Hello Kitty Japanese brand Sanrio celebrated 35 years of its popular Hello Kitty character by renting L.A. gallery Royal/T to host a temporary café, shop, museum, and event space.

Where the Wild Things Are


Last fall, Warner Brothers filled Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles with elaborate costumes, set elements, and branded swag to promote its film adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book.

Following the success of a media-only pop-up in the fall, the online marketplace opened a consumer holiday pop-up store decorated with items bought on the Web site.

Target The retailer’s 2009 holiday outing featured three walk-up temporary stores in busy shopping hubs in New York, Washington, and San Francisco, all festively festooned and filled with cheap gift suggestions.

Clinique and Teen Vogue The partners kicked off an online marketing push by offering complimentary makeup styling and professional portraits at 10 college campuses and urban hubs across the country; recipients were encouraged to post the branded photos to social media sites. march/april 2010 57

Load-in started at about 10 a.m. for the 250-footlong arrivals line, which included a logo-inset carpet, 2,500 roses in heart-shaped clusters on the step-andrepeat wall, and 4,000 on the carpet itself. Roses spilled out of a Ford flower delivery van—as seen in the film— The whopping Valentine’s Day cast stationed at the end of drew an “unprecedented” red carpet New Line Cinema/ the carpet. Warner Brothers crowd and 20 V.I.P. cabanas. For the party, Valentine’s Day Premiere Hudson said, “We flew Bar Staffing Liquid Bar in over 30,000 stems of Valentine’s Day, the romantic Catering LOS ANGELES comedy from New Line Cinema and assorted red, white, and Bar, Catering Management Warner Brothers Pictures, showcases a massive A-List pink roses, hydrangea, Events in Motion Arrivals for lilies, and amaryllis from ensemble cast that includes Julia Roberts, Jennifer Catering Sushi Roku, Katana, the Valentine’s BOA Steakhouse, Delphine Holland and Colombia Garner, Ashton Kutcher, and so many more. A movie Day premiere Cupcakes Crumbs Bakeshop to construct fl oral chanwith names that big called for a premiere to match. got a holidayDesign, Production Chad Warner Brothers vice president of special events deliers. And we used Hudson Events appropriate look. over 5,000 yards of sheer Courtney Saylor oversaw the big-scale festivities DJ Afterburn Productions Floral Chandeliers, white voile chiffon to on February 8, tapping 15/40 Fabrication La Premier The Classic Party swag in a billow effect Productions to produce, design, Furniture Rentals Designer Rentals tent held 20 with gentle pleating to and coordinate the arrivals in 8 Event Furniture Rental, V.I.P. cabanas for the cover the walls and ceilfront of Grauman’s Chinese Town & Country Event Rentals movie’s giant cast. Theatre and Chad Hudson Events ing of the tent and create Photo Booth MVS the cabana-like feel of for production and design of Studio Inc. the V.I.P. seating areas.” a tented after-party on the El Red Carpet Arrivals, Innovative Dining Capitan Theatre parking lot. Production, Permitting 15/40 Productions “The premiere for Valentine’s Group catered the Security Special Event event with food from Day is virtually unprecedented Management its restaurants Boa, in the history of our studio, Lighting, Sound Kinetic Katana, Sushi Roku and and we created an event befitLighting Party Carpeting, Rentals, the new Delphine at the ting the film’s star power,” said Tenting Classic Party W Hollywood, as well manager of events Amanda Rentals Lamb, noting that the red carpet as set up sushi stations Party Venue El Capitan and robata grills outside drew the largest cast to attend Theatre Screening Venue Grauman’s the tent. a Warner Brothers premiere in Chinese Theatre —Alesandra Dubin decades—or perhaps ever.


Sweetheart Deal

Best in Show It’s hard to overstate the impact of the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest trade show of its kind. This year’s attendance held steady, drawing about 120,000 attendees to Las Vegas amid an optimistic mood. Here’s a look at 10 standout exhibits from the show’s sprawling halls.


The C.E.S. show floor can be dizzying, and Samsung’s exhibit took that fact to its literal extension. Mirrored ceilings created a kaleidoscopic look that allowed showgoers to see themselves and the crowd from multiple, unusual angles.

Panasonic built a theater into its crowded exhibit, which encompassed individual areas for many of its products. Multiple screens showed off its 3D technology.

The entrance to LG’s dramatic booth beckoned guests with bright wraparound screens made from three panels. Sleek white cabinetry marked the displays, and white panels overhead glowed with LED patterns. Sparks Los Angeles created the exhibit.

60 spring 2010


C.E.S. continues to be a forum where big brands come to entertain at dozens of offshoot events.

Miscrosoft’s round booth kept attendees flowing inward. Curved banners displayed the logo overhead, and a band of colorful LEDs cast a warm glow.

Broadcasts from NBC Universal’s booth included a Today segment and live shots for CNBC, MSNBC, and NBC stations.

Sprint hosted an event in a Venetian ballroom to announce its exclusive deal with Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless. Attendees visited demo stations set up as individual vignettes. Fresh Wata provided the decor for the four vignettes, which included a park with trees and concession stands, a dorm room with a cafeteria, an office, and a living room with a 16-foot-wide fireplace and a hexagonal video screen.

Polaroid brought in Lady Gaga, who it recently named creative director of a specialty line of products. Other in-booth activities included an exhibition of fine art photography and live celebrity portrait sessions by photographer Maurizio Galimberti. Samsung held a product launch for 700 journalists at the Venetian. Working with Cheil Communications and Barkley Kalpak Associates, S&M Display built a custom set that lowered to reveal three skinny new TV models then glided out into the audience.

2LK Design designed and the Taylor Group built the Intel booth, where LEDs illuminated fabric boxes in undulating, colorchanging patterns.

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Wired set up a media lounge at Society Cafe Encore for about 500 guests. Director of brand and strategy Maya Draisin tapped Precision Event Group to produce, design, and manage the event. The space included three themed stations: “recharge,” with Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy shots, something called Perky Jerky, and candy; “refresh,” with fruity waters and smoothies; and “rejuvenate,” with Bloody Marys, trail mix, and homemade granola bars—all catered by the venue. march/april spring 2010 61

Although it probably came as no surprise to guests of In Style and Warner Brothers’ 11th annual after-party that the stars of the studio’s film The Hangover celebrated their best comedy win at the January 17 event, they probably did not expect to see a performance by the Dan Band, which makes a brief cameo towards the end of the film. “We’re at the [Beverly Hilton’s Oasis Courtyard] every year, and we have to strategize ways to make the party different so that it’s inspirational,” said Kelly Austing, In Style’s manager of creative development. Part of that strategy was to collaborate with Thomas Ford, who has worked on the event since its inception, to create an urban penthouse by lining the courtyard with images of high-rise buildings and hanging a 24-foot-wide crystal chandelier.

Around the Globes The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Golden Globe awards always inspire some of the most production-heavy parties of the year. Here’s a look inside a few of the week’s biggies.


Lionsgate The studio took to the Beverly Hills Hotel on the night before the Globes, hosting a party to fete its nominees—including Precious and Mad Men—produced by Benarroch Productions. DJ Mr. Best spun for the celebratory crowd. Gold cloths from Wildflower Linen and white flower arrangements of ranunculus and roses from Collage Floral Design topped tables for an Old Hollywood look.

Summit Entertainment NBC Universal/Focus Features The Beverly Hilton swarmed with the guests and staff of at least six major parties on Golden Globes night, and among the big-name returnees to the event landscape this year was the NBC Universal/Focus Features party, presented by Cartier, held beneath a clear-roof tent on the top deck of the hotel’s garage. Under the financial and creative direction of staff from the NBC Universal ON BIZBASH.COM entertainment divisions involved—including NBC Universal’s Hollace Davids, NBC’s Francine Spray, and Focus Features’ More photos and details from Golden Carlotta Florio—Angel City Designs created an updated take on old-school discotheques. Globes events

62 march/april 2010

Town & Country supplied white, modern-looking rental seating indoors and black and white furnishings outdoors for Summit’s party, produced by Chad Hudson.


In Style/Warner Brothers

HBO HBO’s party at Hilton restaurant Circa 55 and its adjoining pool area had an informal theme of “sparkle, shimmer, shine.” HBO vice president of special events Eileen Rivard produced the celebration with longtime design partner Billy Butchkavitz. Partly inspired by the space race and James Bond movies, the look included Sputnikinspired chandeliers and sculptures and a wall of copper paillette drapery around the perimeter.

In Style Beauty Lounge In Style presented its beauty lounge at the Four Seasons, where guests came for a range of pampering services. Caravents designed the space, which included a tent draped in luxurious white material for a feminine look.

Fox On Globes night, Fox—all six of its divisions—took its party for about 700 to Craft. 15/40 Productions handled the production and design, including creating chandeliers from Edison light bulbs that hung over bars, echoing the existing bulbs in the restaurant’s space.

The stage was modeled after TV game show sets.

To keep the heads of the contestants and M.C.s from blocking the screens, the semicircular stage was divided into two tiers.

Following the check presentation, LG blasted the stage with confetti and streamers.

High Text LG needed some advanced technology for its first international texting contest. On January 14, LG hosted a battle of thumbs, assembling 26 competitors—in two-person teams representing 13 countries—at Gotham Hall for its first international texting competition. Designed to showcase the Korean mobile phone producer’s latest gadgets, the LG Mobile World Cup also included an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for fastest texting. The taped, two-hour contest was coordinated by LG’s U.S. mobile phones headquarters in San Diego and the global mobile phones headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, who brought in Barkley Kalpak Associates to design broadcast-friendly scenery and, in collaboration with Korea’s Eastos Marketing Communications Group, produce an event that could accommodate various technological needs. To pull it off, LG wanted something that matched


64 march/april 2010

its messaging of aesthetics and functionality while Adding to the event’s complexity was the presshowing off the brand’s technology. “First and foreence of staff from Guinness World Records, who most, as much fun as the event was, the LG Mobile judged the attempt to break the world record for World Cup was a legitimate competition determined fastest texting. “During planning for LG Mobile to find the world’s fastest and most accurate texters. World Cup, it dawned on us that we would have The technology to determine the winners had to be the fastest texters from around the globe in one perfectly synched to a team of monitors behind the central place. We invited Guinness to participate stage,” said Tim O’Brien, senior director of marketing and, by regulation, join the competition for judgcommunication for LG Mobile Phones. ing,” said O’Brien, adding that the handsets used Indeed, a back-of-house room typically used for had to be supervised and never out of the sight catering prep became the base of operations for a of the Guinness staff. Additionally, LG filmed the squad of technicians who controlled the images attempt to confirm that each participant adhered shown on the screens and synchronized the informa- to the guidelines. Pedro Matias, a competitor from tion sent to and from the contestants’ Portugal, broke the record, typing a handsets and monitors with the game 264-character text in 1 minute and LG Mobile World Cup server. Backstage also held soundproof 59 seconds. Championship booths for the interpreters, who LG proThe competition itself involved Audio E.S.P. New York Inc. vided to ensure a fair playing field for the PR Ogilvy Public Relations five rounds of furious texting— Lighting Design, Planning, non English-speaking participants. cheered on by a rowdy crowd armed Production Barkley Kalpak Up front, the producers looked to with inflatable noisemakers—after Associates Inc. create a visually appealing set that could which the Korean team emerged Stage Construction Bestek incorporate large video screens, displays as the winners, with 18-year-old Lighting & Staging for the contestants, and LG branding, and Venue Gotham Hall Yeong-Ho Bae and 17-year-old Mokstill have room for 26 individual competi- Video Projection MB Min Ha taking home the title and Productions tors and more than 200 spectators. $100,000 prize. —Anna Sekula


The lecterns incorporated letters and text characters and LCD panels that displayed each team’s score.

Professional. Creative. Affordable. Your tent choice is one of the most important decisions you will make in planning your event. It protects you from the elements. It sets the mood. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s where all the action takes place. Let us create the perfect environment for your event â&#x20AC;&#x201C; anywhere. Tents â&#x20AC;˘ Canopies â&#x20AC;˘ Dance Floors â&#x20AC;˘ Platforms Sub-Floors â&#x20AC;˘ Carpeting â&#x20AC;˘ DĂŠcor â&#x20AC;˘ Lighting Heating â&#x20AC;˘ A/C â&#x20AC;˘ Power Generation â&#x20AC;˘ Permitting Winner of Nine International Awards of Excellence

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At Saturday’s after-party, event designer André Wells fashioned the giant BET letters out of sequined velvet fabric.

The honoree dinner was held in a fabric-draped tent outside Meridian House, decorated with paper lanterns and clear plastic spheres dangling from the ceiling.

BET-branded acrylic stools lined up at the bar at the honoree dinner.

At the honoree dinner, André Wells installed sleek bars and bold floral arrangements.

66 march/april 2010

Honor Roll


A jazz band played during the cocktail hour before the honoree dinner.

and teals, creating a continuous look for the whole weekend. “We’re playing on shades of blue. It’s fun, definitely not stuffy at all,” Wells said. At Meridian House, blue uplighting, modern floral arrangements, and bright furniture in sleek shapes BET bookended its Honors weekend with a contrasted with the mansion’s traditional architecture. V.I.P. dinner and a late-night after-party. For dinner, Wells set up a heated tent that housed 19 tables draped in linens in varying shades of teal. Harpist BET celebrated its third annual Rashida Jolley and DJ WASHINGTON Honors, which recognize achieve- Adrian Loving provided BET Honors Weekend ments by African Americans, with a full roster of events entertainment during the Design, Planning, the weekend of January 15. The festivities kicked off Occasions-catered meal Production Events by André Wells on Friday with a 200-guest dinner at Meridian House of grilled beef tenderloin Draping, Furniture, Props celebrating this year’s five honorees, Whitney Houston, with a trio of lobster. A Vista Events Queen Latifah, Sean “Diddy” Combs, neurosurgeon Dr. With 2,000 guests, Flowers Volanni Keith Black, and Dr. Ruth Simmons, president of Brown Saturday night’s afterRentals Party Rental Ltd. University. The honorees were then feted the next day party marked a return to Honoree Dinner at the Warner Theatre in a four-hour ceremony (which 2008’s format, following Catering Occasions Caterers aired February 1), followed by an after-party at the last year’s scaled down Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. version that happened to DJs DJ Sixth Sense, DJ Adrian Loving Despite coinciding with the Golden Globes on coincide with the inaugu- Gifts Keith Lipert Gallery Sunday night in Los Angeles, BET still landed bigration and its glut of balls Lighting Frost Rentals Perfect Settings name talent, with performances by Jennifer Hudson, and parties. Although Tent Sugarplum Tent Stevie Wonder, Mary J. Blige, Patti LaBelle, and more celebrities were in Company Maxwell. “It’s getting better and better. More A-list town last year, this time Valet MarcParc Inc. talent comes every year,” said Tonya Railey, an event planners didn’t have the Venue Meridian House coordinator for BET. “Everything is V.I.P., and we give hassle of additional street After-Party everyone that V.I.P. treatment. We want to wow our closures and security. Audiovisual Production, Lighting, Sound, Staging guests, from the invitation to the parking, the red Shortly after the VSG Solutions carpet, the whole process.” honors ended at 11 p.m., Catering, Security, Venue In pulling together the weekend, BET’s Railey, guests walked the one Ronald Reagan Building & Natasha Bryson, Bobette Gillette, and Sarah Storrs and a half blocks over to International Trade Center DJs Beverly Bond, DJ D-Nice turned to event producer André Wells—for the third the Reagan Building for Organics Plants Alive Inc. year in a row—to create the look for the honoree the after-party. Security IMAC Group dinner and after-party. Wells chose fabrics in blues —Adele Chapin

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Governors Island

Adriano Bastos from Brazil won the menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s marathon title for the sixth consecutive year. South Street Seaport

Planning an event? Try one of our three Water Taxi Beaches. You can even charter a New York Water Taxi to get there from our 11 NYC docks. The food, the music and the views â&#x20AC;&#x201D; it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get any better than this. For more info, call Michael at 212.742.1969 x 212.

Sights. Sand. Fun. Events. With 3 decks and 2 bars, the ZEPHYR is perfect to give 450 people the event-ride of a lifetime. 212.809.0808 x212

eventsâ&#x20AC;ŚHOLLYWOOD STYLE Whatever the occasion, Planet Hollywood is a fun and memorable place to have your event. From the Hollywood atmosphere to the delicious food, we can make your next Breakfast Meeting, Cocktail Reception, Networking Event or party a success. Â&#x2021;6HDWLQJ)RU5HFHSWLRQFDSDFLW\2I








Runnerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s High The Disney Marathon drew a record number of runners, despite the freezing weather. The 2010 Disney Marathon Weekend took place in Orlando on January 9 and 10, with more than 55,000 runners participating despite freezing temperatures, which dipped into the 20s. The full marathon on January 10 served as the ďŹ nal of six racesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;including a half marathon and Goofyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Race and a Half Challengeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;that took place throughout the weekend, and had the largest turnout in its history. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We changed the course for the 2009 race and [used that] as a test year to make sure it could handle more runners and then increased the capacity for this year,â&#x20AC;? said event manager Michelle Maready, who added that capacity, and participation, for the half and full marathons each increased from 17,500 in 2009 to about 23,500 this year. With sleet and even snow falling in Orlando on January 9, Maready and her team sent additional pre-race emails to all runners, alerting them to the forecast so they could prepare and made announcements at the related Fitness Expo on the two days leading up to the race. She worked with the teams at each of the medical stops along the race courses to ensure they had additional blankets and other supplies to combat the cold and hired 20 extra buses to transport runners from their hotels to the starting line. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We thought runners would wait longer to get to the start because of Disney Marathon the colder temperaWeekend tures, which would Power CAT Entertainment have taxed our bus Services team, so we tried Rentals, Tents Karlâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Event to anticipate that,â&#x20AC;? Rental Maready said. Transportation Mears Transportation Group â&#x20AC;&#x201D;D. Channing Muller



Long Island City

Return Trip Second City lured alumni to a 50th anniversary weekend with performances, Puma, and late-night pizza. Chicago ticket scalpers allegedly got as much as $1,800 a pop for passes to Second City’s 50th anniversary celebration in December. Comprising panel discussions, performances, and parties, the three-day affair took over Old Town’s Second City Theater. There, classrooms became party rooms and green rooms, Puma hosted a temporary lounge, and famous Second City alumni such as Catherine O’Hara, Amy Sedaris, and Stephen Colbert appeared onstage. On December 11, Southwest Airlines sponsored a charter flight to bring 100 Second City alumni to Chicago from Los Angeles. That night, actors such as Martin Short and Eugene Levy performed in SCTV reunion performances, reprising the roles they played on the TV show, before a V.I.P. party. The next day began at 10 a.m. with hourly panel discussions and went on to include rehearsals, Second City’s red carpet interviews, 50th Anniversary an alumni open house Celebration and buffet, and the Airport Greeter Service nearly four-hour Second DST Chicago Catering Scoozi, Joe’s City alumni reunion Seafood, Prime Steak & show, and was still Stone Crab, Foodlife at going strong at 11 p.m., Water Tower Place, Hub 51, when alumni began a Eli’s Cheesecake, Cafe Ba Ba Reeba private show for their Flowers A New Leaf fellow actors. Later, the Jazz Pianist Scott group feasted on lateStevenson night snacks from local Limousine Service United Limousine restaurants. PR Dan Klores The celebration Communications ended Sunday, after a Rentals, Linens Tablescapes brunch at Hub 51 and Party Rentals Simulcasts Show several more screenDepartment ings and panel discusVenue Second City Theatre sions. —Jenny Berg




At Midway, actors were greeted with a red carpet, champagne, and “Welcome Home Alumni” signage.



on the




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86I:G>C<HE:8>6A:K:CIH:GK>8:H '&'#+%-#,)%% 7g^Y\ZlViZghÂ&#x2122;IlZcin;djg;^[i] LZhib^chiZg=diZaÂ&#x2122;I]ZGZVX]GZhdgi B^X]VZa?dgYVcĂ&#x2030;hI]ZHiZV`=djhZC#N#8# HIG>E=DJH:Â&#x2122;CZlNdg`8^inÂ&#x2122;=djhidc AVhKZ\VhÂ&#x2122;A^k^c\hidcÂ&#x2122;CVeaZhÂ&#x2122;@ZnLZhi lll#i]Z\aVo^Zg\gdje#Xdb

Three audition booths allowed guests to audition directly for Floâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;actress Stephanie Courtney. Flo watched the hopefuls with two casting agents.

Event producers Arnold Worldwide, who helped conceive the advertising campaign, designed the audition space to look like the insurance store seen in the commercials. country. This is our ďŹ rst time with in-person marketing, but the campaign has just become so successful, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re trying to have a good time with it.â&#x20AC;? The ďŹ ctional Progressive store was conceived with the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s advertising agency, Arnold Progressive tried event marketing Worldwide, so the Arnold team recreated the stark with the star of its commercials. white aisles for the tour. They also integrated plenty of room to audition in different ways throughout Marketers at Progressive Insurance the space. NEW YORK didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t intend to create an icon when In addition to the private booths where guests they aired the ďŹ rst commercial featuring the enthucould ďŹ lm and submit their auditions electronically, siastic character Flo in 2008. Now, two years and tens a stage with three recording stations was set up of commercials later, actress Stephanie Courtneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s at the far end of the mock store. Staffers escorted surprising group of fans has prompted the company hopefuls onstage, where they could deliver lines of to offer up a walk-on role in one of her ads. their own choosing to Flo and two casting agents. The talent searchâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;which includes online And since Flo has acquired a bit of a rabid fan base, submissions and events in New York, Miami, and many of them came with homemade versions of Los Angelesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;kicked off at Metropolitan Pavilion on her uniform and freestyle raps written in her honor. January 28 and 29, when more than 500 hopefuls Progressive didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want attendees to just audilined up to audition in front of Flo hertion and leave, though. To keep guests self. It also marked Progressiveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ďŹ rst interested in the brand experience, Progressive Insurance stab at event marketing. producers set up stations where Commerical Auditions â&#x20AC;&#x153;A lot of the people who see the guests could play Flo-inspired games PR Allison & Partners store on TV actually expect to see it and lounge spaces where they could Production Arnold Worldwide around,â&#x20AC;? said Progressive marketing take a load off. For those really in the StafďŹ ng EventPro business leader Chris Owen, â&#x20AC;&#x153;so we spirit, there was also ample informaStrategies thought it made sense to take that tion about the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s insurance Venue Metropolitan concept from the commercial, make a offerings readily available. Pavilion proper store, and bring it around the â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Michael Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connell

With the Flo


H:G>:H D; :K:CIH###





With floor-to-ceiling windows soaring 25 feet, the Weather Room at Top of the Rock provides an exceptional space for your special event. In addition to its magical atmosphere and unrivaled views, it offers access to two magnificent open-air terraces. This space accommodates up to 300 guests for receptions and seated dinners for up to 120 guests.

Offering the most dramatic outdoor views of midtown Manhattan, overlooking St. Patrick’s Cathedral, 620 Loft & Garden is a serene piece of paradise. The adjoining loft space has a crisp, clean design revealing a blank canvas on which to create your own experience. This space can accommodate receptions for up to 165 guests and seated dinners for up to 120 guests.

For details and availability, contact our Special Events Sales Office today at 212-698-2000 ext. 6

Going Gaga


After a performance by Rufus Wainwright (and a surprise Irish folksong from Meryl Streep), Lady Gaga took the stage and, eventually, the top of her piano.









Event designer Todd Fiscus brought Swarovski crystal orbs from his studio in Dallas to hang from the ceiling.

“Really, we started out with a completely different story and decor,” said Dallas event designer and longtime Amfar partner Todd Fiscus. “And then Lady Gaga signed on. We needed the atmosphere to take on a more modern look, so we switched to a palette of red, black, and white.” Gaga did her part to complement the decor by arriving on the red carpet covered head to toe in white makeup—provided, no doubt, by event sponsor M.A.C., for whom she’s now a spokesperson— with pearls glued to her face and body. Curiosity over what sort of spectacle the ubiquitous performer had planned and the tribute to late board member Natasha Richardson bolstered celebrity attendance and the event’s $1.2 million take, much of which will go to Amfar’s efforts in Haiti. “We added a small live auction and a cash call for a program we run in Haiti,” said Amfar vice president and director of development Gregory Boroff. “We lost 14 men in our support group for people with HIV, and the building is 100 percent gone. The director of The Amfar gala greeted Fashion Week with the program survived, Amfar Gala decor tailored to its marquee performer. so now we really just Flowers Fischer & Page Ltd. need to get a satellite Linens Cloth Connection, At the annual Amfar gala at Cipriani location up and runRuth Fischl Inc. NEW YORK 42nd Street on February 10, the likes ning. Fortunately, with Production Todd Event Design Creative Services of Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci, and Vanessa Redgrave all the ticket sales, we Rentals Signature Event raised money for the HIV and AIDS nonprofit’s dev- have our highest walkRentals astated Haitian outpost and took in a performance in-the-door total for a Catering, Venue Cipriani by Lady Gaga—whose addition to the program New York event yet.” 42nd Street prompted a change in direction for the designer. —Michael O’Connell

For most people, a banquet hall would do.

But you’re not most people.




Breathtaking venues. Remarkable service.

Dinner tables matched the set’s bronze and gold backdrop.

For Taittinger Champagne, organizers designed a new “Taittinger Moment” to kick off the festivities on the red carpet: Mad Men actor John Slattery joined two black-clad models, who unwrapped a gift-boxed threefoot-tall Champagne bottle before joining in a toast. SAG distributed its awards from a metallicAfter the award show, guests moved on to hued stage in front of glittery tables. the SAG Gala hosted by People magazine and the Entertainment Industry Foundation in a 100-foot-long With the exception of first-time tent nearby. Designer and producer Tony Schubert LOS ANGELES caterer Lucques and awards art of Event Eleven, overseen by Time Inc.’s Cyd Wilson, director Keith Greco of Greco Decor (a newbie at only transformed the tent with birch walls treated with a six years), the team behind the Screen Actors Guild blue stain and finished with baseboards and crown Awards show and dinner has been at moldings. Screen Actors Guild it for a decade or more. “Because we’ve The unusual paneling inspired Awards and People’s worked as a team for so long, the event the party palette of blues, greens, and SAG Gala After-Party is seamless and smooth,” said awards purples against gray vinyl-covered event supervisor Andrea Wyn Schall of A furniture (last year’s seating, recovered Decor Greco Decor Rentals Classic Party Wynning Event, who pulled the dinner to conform to SAG’s green initiatives). Rentals together with awards producer Kathy More than 5,000 yards of blue-green Subflooring Special Event Connell, and Benn Fleishman, the SAG mirror organdy draping covered the Contractors (S.E.C.) awards executive in charge of production. ceiling. Beneath the draping, 400 Award Dinner For the 16th annual SAG Awards at Edison light bulbs hung at varying Catering Lucques the Shrine Auditorium on January 23, heights, forming a wave pattern. Flowers C.J. Matsumoto Greco and Schall took their color cue Dotting the light installation were 27 & Sons Production A Wynning from set designer Joe Stewart’s glittery plexiglass globes filled with purple Event bronze-and-gold backdrop; they draped hydrangeas and orchids, dangling from Gala long tables for 1,200 guests in crinkled clear fishing line. bronze cloths and topped them with gold Catering Wolfgang Puck Guests cruised Wolfgang Puck’s Catering smoked-glass chargers and arrangebuffet of luxe comfort foods such as Design, Decor, Production ments of white orchids and roses in beef Wellington and mini turkey pot Event Eleven custom arched silver floral boxes. Guests Lighting Images by pies. By 10 p.m., the crowd was dancing, dined on Lucques’ plates of lamb, salmon, Lighting just in time for Uncle Kracker’s 30-minPR Slate PR chicken salad, and couscous with roasted Sound Goodman Audio ute performance to close out the night. vegetables. —Irene Lacher Services Inc.

Precious Metals


Hear More

More than 5,000 yards of blue-green mirror organdy draping covered the ceiling at the party.

Potted herbs and tins of tomatoes filled with bread sticks topped two long tables covered in red and white gingham that flanked the main bar, which Heintzman decorated with Tag Vodka bottles and tomato tins bearing the Scavolini logo. “We have more than 600 pounds of tomatoes in cans. The Monk Lounge featured a PubliIt was very important to us that all of this food not Air inflatable dropped ceiling and a go to waste, so it’s all being sent to Good Shepherd The Interior Design Show opened with an sculpture of an organic coffee tree. [Ministries] afterwards. So decor becomes a donaItalian-themed kitchen party for 5,000. tion,” Heintzman said. Queen Street band the Calrizians performed To kick off the 12th annual Interior at the entrance to the show, and DJ Jojo Flores TORONTO Design Show, held January 22 to 24 played at the main stage and inside the Monk at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, organizers Lounge, where House & Home Media hosted a V.I.P. played up the “Ultimate” theme for this year’s event reception. The space, named for the jazz pianist and hosted 5,000 guests at an opening night party and composer Thelonius Monk, was designed by on January 21. “It’s an Italian home-kitchen party on a Rhed design director Match Restaurant served big scale,” event producer Del Terrelonge and creIDS 10 “Ultimate” risotto balls at a catering Marion Heintzman of ated by Templar, the Opening Night Party station on the show floor. Heintzman Productions development corporaCatering, Venue Metro said of the event, which tion behind the Templar Toronto Convention was sponsored by Dekla, Hotel Toronto, slated to Centre Catering Magic Oven, Scavolini, and House & open this spring. Rodney’s Oyster House, Home Media. The show, presented Cantine Restaurant In the main stage by the Chicago-based and Bar, Aphrodiziacs area, Heintzman built a Merchandise Mart Catering, Bagel World, The Cupcakery, La Bruschetta, 24- by 16-foot appliProperties Inc. and sponAme, Ferro Bar Café ance rack and hung it sored for the first time DJ JoJo Flores above the bar to display by Rado, returned to its Flowers Heintzman kitchen items like platoriginal home after being Productions Media Relations, PR ters, strainers, oven held at the Direct Energy Heintzman Productions decorated Faulhaber PR mitts, graters, measuring Centre for several years. the main bar, sponsored by Scavolini. Production, Rigging Spirit cups, and garlic strands. —Susan O’Neill Event Productions


Not-SoLittle Italy

Pacific Electric Lofts

Located in the historic core of downtown L.A., the Pacific Electric Building stands as an historic monument and as an example of true architectural beauty. Originally designed as the transit hub for the Pacific Electric Railroad and home to the Jonathan Club Ballroom, it transcends time and transports the senses. Soaring arched ceilings, spectacular city views, and architectural details will make your next event one to remember.

• Over 10,000 combined square feet • Multiple upper deck viewing areas • Full kitchen facilities • 10’ High Chicago style windows • 40’ High Ceilings • City skyline views

610 S Main St, LA, CA 90014 213.627.5600 | 213.590.0755


Anchors Aweigh for New York Planners New York planners sailed through New York City Harbor as they participated in Norwegian Cruise Lineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Freestyle Cruise event on January 23. The event, sponsored by N.C.L., featured a lunch discussion on event trends and a tour of the shipâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s meeting and dining spaces. To learn more about freestyle cruising on the Norwegian Gem, which also docks in the Bahamas and Florida, visit or call 1.866.NCL.MEET.

INSIDE EDGE Celebrating 10 Years: BizBash N.Y. Expo Returns to the Javits Center on October 27 New York City planners will be ďŹ red up to celebrate events on October 27, as BizBashâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s N.Y. Expo & Awards returns to the Javits Center for its 10th year of spectacular expo action. From the main stage to the show ďŹ&#x201A;oor, this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s event offers attendees a 3 Visit bizbash. palette of outrageous com/newyork/ new ideas, tradeshow for innovative products, event information. eye-opening 3 To exhibit, contact entertainment, and Robert Fitzgerald the inside track on at 646.839.6840 industry trends New York or rďŹ tzgerald@ and issues in the The Javits Center conference program. October 27, 2010

Kathy Dolci; Joel Dolci, president and C.E.O. of the New York Society of Association Executives; Lori Hart, corporate sales manager for Norwegian Cruise Lines; Kathy Weamer, director of business development for Bridgeline Software; and Michael Weamer, executive vice president of the American Heart Association

ARIA Hosts BizBash Las Vegas Advisory Board Meeting


!29 *!.5!29&%"25

The Glazier Group congratulates Cheryl Kahn Brocco on her 20th year with the restaurant and catering group. After starting as a catering sales manager, she is now director of catering for various Glazier properties. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cheryl makes it possible for us to succeed not only in New York but to extend to other markets,â&#x20AC;? says Penny Glazier, Glazier Group director of communications.

Our upcoming issue is loaded with Ou venue solutions for plannersâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the ven New York Venue Directory will Ne quickly become your essential qu guide to the hottest N.Y.C. spaces, gu while our L.A. Quick Trip Venues w J^[BWj[ij will w  _d] ^j _dB_] highlight h 3 To subscribe, call the th 866.456.0517 or best spots in Southern Southe subscribe online California. at <M<EKJ D<<K@E >J D8IB<K @E> JKPC< JKI8K< >P @;<8J


Cheryl Kahn Brocco Celebrates 20 Years With the Glazier Group

BizBashâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s DeďŹ nitive Guide to N.Y. Venues "):"!3( .%7

Las Vegasâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s top event professionals convened for BizBashâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s biannual Las Vegas advisory board meeting in January at Aria, the MGM Mirage groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s newest convention space within the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eagerly awaited CityCenter. The gathering took place in a stylishly decorated meeting room, which lent an air of excitement to an agenda that covered MGM MIRAGE events director trends and recent additions to the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lenny Talarico and BizBash event and meeting offerings. president Richard Aaron


.EW9ORK ,OS!NGELES *!.5!29&%


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 i<hecFWhj_[i" ?ddelWj_l[?Z[W j_ediCeh[ 9edY[hji"7hj?dijWbbW

Also in this issue: â&#x20AC;˘ Cost-conscious catering tips to get the most out of in-ofďŹ ce meetings â&#x20AC;˘ Entertainment ideas to jazz up corporate events â&#x20AC;˘ The â&#x20AC;&#x153;Rock-Your-World Tech and App Guide for NonTechiesâ&#x20AC;?

subscribe 3 Advertising deadline: March 31, 2010 3 To advertise, contact Robert Fitzgerald at 646.839.6840
















23/2:7<3(/^`WZ'  Ag\]\g[]caeWbVbVSc\Sf^SQbSRZgW\\]dObWdS0Wh0OaV eWZZV]\]`bVSdS`gPSab]T1OZWT]`\WOQ`SObWdWbgW\bVS O\\cOZ3dS\bAbgZS/eO`Ra <3EB67AG3/@ AcP[Wb]\ZW\SObPWhPOaVQ][ZOacP[Wb EWbV'QObSU]`WSa`O\UW\UT`][0Sab<]\^`]¿b3dS\b 1]\QS^bb]0Sab<SeDS\cSbVS3dS\bAbgZS/eO`Ra ]TTS`[]`S]^^]`bc\WbWSabVO\SdS`b]PS`SQ]U\WhSROa O\W\\]dOb]` 4]``cZSa QObSU]`gRSaQ`W^bW]\aO\Rb]acP[Wbg]c` SdS\bdWaWbPWhPOaVQ][ZOacP[Wb]`QOZZ$"$&!'$&!

<M<EKJKPC<8N8I;J :]a/\USZSa:/;O`b8c\S' 

Picture Your Next Event. Hollywood Style. From intimate events to receptions for up to 20,000 of your friends, colleagues or clients, you can find classic style and glamour throughout the 45 unique event venues at Universal Studios Hollywood. SM

Surround yourself with mouth-watering cuisine from “Chef to the Stars” Wolfgang Puck Catering, amazing set-inspired decor and over the top entertainment. For opening & closing events, customer dinners, product launches & corporate meetings, only Universal Studios Hollywood can bring true Hollywood style to your next event. SM

©2004-2010 Wolfgang Puck Catering Inc. ©2010 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. 10-CON-9407







The Los Angeles Venue Report L.A. is known for its diversity—a characterization that describes the city’s event and meeting locations as well as its residents. Our annual report includes local spaces ranging from a towering new skyscraper hotel—the final component of downtown’s vast L.A. Live project—to a Hollywood wax museum to an intimate beachside restaurant. Here’s where to entertain now. Edited by ALESANDRA DUBIN

IN LA LA LAND The Dolce Group opened the new 4,200-square-foot Wonderland in Hollywood. Event Eleven’s Tony Schubert designed the space, which has an Alice in Wonderland theme and a capacity of about 400. In the dimly lit main lounge area, inverted mushroomshaped sculptures create the look of whimsical chandeliers against a gold-painted fauxgrass ceiling. A patio done in electric purple fabric, with walls adorned with a collection of mismatched mirrors and other objects, offers additional seating. (1835 North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, 323.957.1599)

ON BIZBASH.COM The latest news about local venues, plus our comprehensive directory march/april 2010 79

The Los Angeles Venue Report

Sony Pictures Studios

Make use of one of Southern California’s greatest assets—perpetual sunshine—at these spaces with outdoor areas.

Hotel Erwin

W Hollywood JW Marriott Hotel

Wolfgang Puck Catering is handling the food at new event spaces at Sony Pictures Studios (10202 West Washington Blvd., Culver City, 310.244.8042), unofficially called “the dining room” and “the park.” The indoor space has a modern, open eating area with warm woods and large windows; it opens to an extensive patio and adjoins a park with a lawn and fountain. The dining room seats 300 or holds 500, while the patio seats an additional 200 and the park seats 500 or holds 2,000 for a reception. Amenities include outdoor lighting, a large parking structure, built-in exterior power connections, and existing furnishings such as wooden patio tables, cocktail tables, and rounds. Eva Restaurant (7458 Beverly Blvd., 323.634.0700) opened in September in the former Hatfield’s space. It serves a seasonal menu in an intimate dining room and on a garden patio, which holds 25. A globally inspired menu includes linguini and clams, plus classic French dishes such as foie gras and onion soup. The restaurant’s cream-colored dining room seats 47. A small bar within the restaurant seats seven.

Rest Stops These four new properties offer lodging in two of Los Angeles’s most iconic locations. A Hollywood Newcomer Opened in January, the 305-room W Hollywood, at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, has 10,000 square feet of meeting space and 25,000 square feet of overall event space. The property also offers a pool with daybeds, cabanas, and a bar, and a variety of restaurant and nightlife offerings, including Drai’s Hollywood from Las Vegas nightlife impresario Victor Drai. (6250 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.798.1300)

his take on home-style cooking. The petite eatery seats 20 indoors and 34 outdoors and is available for buyout. On the Erwin’s rooftop is High, a long, narrow lounge that offers 360-degree views of the city. The space offers handcrafted cocktails and holds 98. (1697 Pacific Ave., 310.452.1111)

Downtown Convenience Years in the making, the L.A. Live complex downtown nears completion with the opening of the 878-room JW Marriott Hotel in February and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Los Angeles, slated to open in March. The 123-room Ritz offers a signature restaurant, a club lounge, and a spa. The 3,400square-foot club lounge also serves as the 23rd-floor check-in area. A small boardroom is adjacent. There is also an outdoor rooftop swimming pool and terrace. The Marriott has a 3,000-square-foot fitness center, a 7,000-square-foot spa, and an outdoor pool on the fourth floor. The hotels have a combined 75,000 square feet of meeting space. (800 West Olympic Blvd., 213.742.6855)


A Beachy Vibe Open since last spring, Venice Beach’s new 119-room Hotel Erwin is a Joie de Vivre property that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and beach below. It has 1,000 square feet of gallery-style meeting space. Its restaurant, Hash, uses seasonal, local, fresh ingredients, with chef Micah Fields delivering

80 march/april 2010

Museum Pieces Madame Tussauds Hollywood, the ninth location of the wax museum chain, opened in August. The venue occupies three floors with 18 themed areas filled with wax figures of celebrities in elaborate sets. Inside are more than 100 figures, including Beyoncé and President Barack Obama. Some 30,000 square feet of event space can accommodate groups of 50 to 1,200. Outdoor space includes a 6,000-square-foot rooftop garden terrace that holds 400. (6933 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 213.595.2756)




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The Los Angeles Venue Report

Voyeur Empire


NIGHT SHIFT Opened in October, Voyeur (7969 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.255.1111) is a 6,000square-foot West Hollywood lounge with a capacity of about 650. It has a designated DJ space, a 138inch pull-down screen, a large stage for performances, video capabilities, and Wi-Fi. There are also two bars, a full-service kitchen, an outdoor smoking area, and a private room for 50. Event menu options include tray-passed hors d’oeuvres like roasted figs, yellowtail tartare, and risotto balls. Once the Montmarte Café in Hollywood, Marbella (6757 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood,

82 march/april 2010

323.465.0447) opened in September as a giant Spanish-influenced nightclub and tapas restaurant. The space offers a 4,000-square-foot patio with wrought-iron accents; the interior decor is meant to invoke Spain and the ’20s. Touches include curtained cabanas, greenery, brick ceilings, a dance floor illuminated with LEDs, and private booths. The entire space holds 900 and is available for buyouts. SBE nightclub Mi-6 (9077 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.859.8369) opened in September in the former Foxtail space. The West Hollywood spot has booth seating, dual dance floors, stripes of light along the walls, and a layout on three levels. The space has a total capacity of about 400, with V.I.P. areas, multiple full-service

bars, and smoking patios. There is an AEW sound system and a DJ booth with a built-in Serato system. LEDs light the dance floor. Specialty cocktails use high-end and organic ingredients. Empire (1716 North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, 323.836.0854) also opened in September, on the Cahuenga corridor in Hollywood. Greek-style columns tower above, and brown and red tiered booths overlook the spacious dance floor. There are three bars, a ruby-jeweled chandelier, and an enclosed smoking patio, plus a ventilated smoking room with floor-length drapes. The space measures 7,800 square feet and has a capacity of 600; tenting the adjacent lot makes room for several hundred more.



Try these four new lounges for events or entertaining.


T. 212.691.5959 F. 212.691.9022 PIER 59, CHELSEA PIERS NEW YORK, NY 10011


T. 310.829.5959 F. 310.829.9550 2415 MICHIGAN AVE SANTA MONICA, CA 90404

The Los Angeles Venue Report


Street Eve on Nemo

Try these spaces for budgetfriendly, built-in decor. The new Chateaux (18912 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, 949.833.1900) opened in December in the former I Lounge space, which was remodeled and given a revamped menu. Decor includes white couches and chairs, chocolate-brown walls and tables with bronze accents, eight chandeliers, and six fireplaces. The venue holds more than 800 in 10,500 square feet and has seven areas that can be reserved for private events. Outdoor space is available. In October, David Judaken’s Syndicate Hospitality Group opened its first restaurant, the 5,000square-foot East (6611 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.462.3278), inspired by Asian cuisines. Dodd Mitchell designed two distinct environments—an indoor lounge and a glass-enclosed patio. The dining room, lounge, and main bar have low ceilings adorned with suspended leather bowls that double as soundproofing. On the large patio, amid textured stone walls, a canopy of trees, and floating four-foot

candelabra, a 65-foot skylight affords views of the heavens. Semiprivate areas hold between 16 and 160. Full buyouts can hold 330. Eve on Nemo (9045 Nemo St., West Hollywood, 310.278.8181) is a new multi-use venue with an indoor dining room that has red crystal chandeliers and wood-beam accents. The venue has a full kitchen, 1,300 square feet of indoor space, and a patio with a stone fire pit and potted topiaries. The space seats 70 or holds 130. Guests enter through a red iron gate, into a garden decorated with an antique birdcage and a mirror framed by live succulents. Chef Susan Feniger opened a restaurant devoted to street food from around the world, aptly named Street (742 North Highland Ave., 323.203.0500). The menu is a flavorful blend inspired by market and street-stand cuisines, served in a lively atmosphere. Large murals create dramatic backdrops. Menu items include Indian vada dumplings, Japanese shizo shrimp, and Hawaiian alanui poke. Available for buyout, the space seats 100. There is a small mezzanine with room for an additional dozen.

A Luxe Presentation Space The upscale movie theater chain Gold Class Cinemas opened a Pasadena location in December. The venue offers a lounge and bar, plus dining. Each auditorium has 24 to 40 plush reclining chairs in rows set eight feet apart for unobstructed viewing, and each chair has individual stowage, as well as a silent call button for cocktail or food service. Gold Class is available for corporate buyouts, making it a possibility for meetings, presentations, or screenings. The food is made from fresh, local, organic ingredients and does not require utensils, so that dishes may be eaten by hand during the movie. (42 Miller Alley, Pasadena, 626.639.2260)


84 march/april 2010



The Los Angeles Venue Report



Here’s where to go for hearty Latin-inspired cuisine after a long day at the convention center. Chef John Rivera Sedlar opened pan-Latin restaurant Rivera (1050 South Flower St., 213.749.1460) downtown in January 2009. The menu’s inspiration comes from Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, the American Southwest, Spain, and Portugal. The space is visually separated into several areas: The entrance features a glass-enclosed cave with wines on display; the Samba Lounge has a 40-foot-long video art installation. An Iberian-inspired private dining area seats 30, while an adjacent courtyard holds 250. Full buyouts can accommodate 300 for receptions. Open since February 2009, Yxta Cocina Mexicana (601 South Central Ave., 213.596.5579) is decorated in modern Mexican furnishings with artwork from

Mexico City. Fifteen flags crafted by artists from that country decorate a wall, a mosaic wall backs the bar, and handblown chandeliers hang over the bar and dining room. High ceilings, whitewashed walls, and exposed brick round out the look. The space features a full bar with 30 premium tequilas; specialty cocktails are made daily with house-made aguas frescas and sweet-and-sour mix. The venue is available for full and partial buyouts. The dining room holds 150, a patio 50, and the bar area 28. Casa (350 South Grand Ave., 213.621.2249) is an upscale Mexican restaurant that holds 200 and is available for full buyouts. Smaller areas within may also be booked individually. The space is anchored by an indoor-outdoor bar and patio with large rounded booths, known at the venue as “casitas.” The indoor space has dark wood tables with antique Mexican decor and cookware. Outside, there is a “social casita” with highboys and cocktail tables and room for 20. Other areas hold between four and 40 guests.

Yxta Cocina Mexicana

A STYLISH PRIVATE VENUE Open since March 2009, the Mark is a 7,500-square-foot event venue with room for 800, near the borders of Century City and Beverly Hills. Poko Event Productions designed the space with areas that can be subdivided for smaller events. The Wood Room has a wood floor that’s right for dancing, plus a full-length wet bar. The Glass Room is bright and airy with full-length picture windows, but can also be draped for privacy. The Beam Room features a trussand-beam ceiling with mini spotlights throughout. The space also offers a full kitchen for catering. (9320 West Pico Blvd., 310.247.2266)


86 march/april 2010


Downtown Dining


heartBEAT of L.A. LIVE

capacity: 2-2,300 flexible versatile VIP lounge state-of-the-art technology

For booking or information on corporate or private events call Stacy Huszczo 213.765.7000 x6


Room to Talk Bar Bouchon

La Cachette Bistro

These three new restaurants offer secluded spots for meetings. Here’s where to go in … Beverly Hills Thomas Keller’s newest Bouchon opened in Beverly Hills in November and has a private dining room for 16. It’s the third restaurant of this name serving Keller’s classic French country fare. On the first floor, Bar Bouchon seats 11 at the bar and 35 on the terrace. Upstairs, Bouchon seats 195 guests, indoors and on the terrace. The entire space is available for buyout. (235 North Cañon Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.271.9910)

includes its own bar and seats 38; the other, known as the chef’s table, seats 21 and allows guests a peek into the kitchen. The restaurant also includes a glass catwalk over a stream. This gourmet bistro and noodle bar is available for buyout and seatss 282 or holds 500 for receptions. The dining area measures 8,500 square feet. (3333 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, 714.557.5679)

Santa Monica Jean Francois Meteigner’s new La Cachette Bistro opened in August in Santa Monica. The design blends modern California and French styles with red banquettes, wood floors, hazelnut wood walls, and a green granitetopped bar and tables. A collection of rare original bistro posters and art from chef Jean Francois’s private collection deck the walls. A private room accommodates 18. (1733 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, 310.434.9509)


Costa Mesa The An family, owners of Beverly Hills restaurant Crustacean, opened AnQi at South Coast Plaza in December. Of the two private rooms, one

POUR HOUSES These two spaces have offerings suited to wine-focused events. A Private Wine Cellar Following buzz that started early last year, Philippe Chow’s restaurant with business partner Stratis Morfogen, Philippe West Hollywood, officially opened in October in the former Dolce

space in West Hollywood. The 5,000-square-foot venue seats 200 or holds 300 for a reception. A private room seats 80 or holds 125, while a wine cellar seats 14. Signature dishes include Peking duck, kung pao chicken, and spicy prawns with spicy sweet-andsour sauce. (8284 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, 310.951.1100) A Tasting Place A re-creation of the venue’s former Culver City location, Vinoteque on Melrose

88 march/april 2010

offers wine and international dining in a rustic atmosphere. It serves dinner and late-night fare, plus weekend lunch and brunch. The space is available for buyout, with room for about 80 outside and 60 inside. A communal wine table allows guests to open one of 350 wines for a pour. The restaurant also offers dining on a patio, which has its own organic vegetable and herb garden, and in a private cabana that seats 14. (7469 Melrose Ave., 310.860.6060)

Philippe West Hollywood


The Los Angeles Venue Report

Break the Meeting Mold Many meetings face the same old problems. But inventive planners and new technologies are creating innovative solutions. Here are ideas for keeping attendees energized and on task. By LISA CERICOLA

Beat the Afternoon Blahs

ON BIZBASH.COM Comprehensive directories of meeting venues in nine cities

90 march/april 2010

“During our training sessions we like to have quiz games after lunch that double as networking and teambuilding. We usually try to mimic game shows like Family Feud or Wheel of Fortune by using whiteboards or index cards, or by having attendees make buzzing noises. To raise the stakes, we have offered a prize of one extra paid personal day to the M.V.P. of the winning team or lunch in the executive dining room with a department head for the entire winning team. I find it to be a very successful way to recap earlier lessons, informally assess knowledge gained by attendees, and energize people in the afternoon.” Clifton Pierre, corporate coordinator, financial services firm, New York


To boost attendees’ energy during meeting breaks, Sentry Centers (730 Third Ave., 888.730.7307), a new New York-based conference center with eight meeting rooms, a rooftop terrace, four executive dining and function spaces, and an in-house kitchen, offers a mix of house-made sweet and savory snacks, including mini burgers, fried granola balls, yogurt and berry parfaits, crudités, and chocolate-dipped marshmallows.

Gifts That Won’t Get Left at the Hotel “For some conferences I hired a photographer for the entire trip to capture photos of the guests, which relieved them of having to remember their cameras. At the end, we sent them a CD with the images. Another time, the photographer pulled about 20 photos of each guest and we put them in digital frames that played a slide show when they got back to their hotel rooms. It was very personal and memorable.” Dawn Cooper, corporate events manager, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Chicago


“We usually try to shoot for two or three gifts with the same cost and allow our guests to choose which one they want. We’ve offered things like Bose stereo systems, blenders, a whiskey and vodka set. When they get back to their rooms, there is a sheet of paper with photos of the items, and attendees can check off what they would like and where they would like it shipped.” Tracy Wallach, senior meetings and special event planner, Southeast Toyota Distributors L.L.C., Deerfield Beach, Florida “Many speakers travel a lot, so we’ve given them business travel kits that include a wireless mouse, flash drive, and extension cord. We’ve also done shoe bags, as well as travel alarms. However, I prefer gifts that keep on giving. I’ve had a tree planted in a speaker’s name. We are all becoming so much more environmentally astute that no one finds fault with this, and I’ve received great feedback.” Annette M. Suriani, director of meetings, Meetings Management Group, McLean, Virginia

Let Attendees Set the Agenda Content-heavy meetings and conferences, by nature, are passive experiences. But some audience members might want to do more than sit quietly and take notes. At “unconferences,” attendees lead and go to sessions around a theme or purpose. There is no set agenda; participants create a schedule together on the day of the event. “Lots of people are freaked out by the word unconference, but people are already doing the same thing online,” says San Francisco-based unconference designer and facilitator Kaliya Hamlin ( “On blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, no one from a committee is telling people what to speak about or when. Unconferences bring what is online into the face-to-face world.” Here are a few things for planners to keep in mind.

Un-Conference, a one-day gathering on social media co-hosted by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum The PodCamp Foundation’s digital in Washington, Amelia Wong, media unconference in Boston production coordinator for the serve as a lounge where people can museum, put critical information on a have a cup of coffee and continue a blog for participants. She recommends discussion.” explaining how the format will work, what attendees can expect, and what is expected of them. “Have an online space Don’t overlap preprogrammed and where participants can fill out profiles open sessions. Some planners may want and encourage them to browse these to ease into unconferences by including before the unconference,” Wong says. an open block of time within a scheduled meeting. If you do decide to do this, Emphasize interactions over Hamlin warns against “parallel tracking,” presentations. “Unconferences are or scheduling programmed sessions at the same time as open sessions. “It fails about talking to people rather than at them. Instead of ‘Here’s another every time,” she says. “It can be hard for PowerPoint,’ we try to emphasize people who are used to traditional events conversations,” says Whitney Hoffman, to take the leap into unconferences, but owner of Philadelphia-based Hoffman when you do it, do it all the way.” She Believe in the wisdom of the attendee. Digital Media ( suggests having scheduled morning Although some planners may be wary of and director of operations for the sessions, followed by an open afternoon inexperienced people taking the stage, PodCamp Foundation’s digital media session where participants can decide the Hoffman says the format often uncovunconferences. agenda. ers up-and-coming talent. “Just because Small roundtable discussions are someone doesn’t have a New York Times a popular format. “We gave people The “law of two feet” rules. If a bestselling book doesn’t mean they don’t the chance to give five-minute projpresenter disappoints, attendees are have something to contribute,” she says. ect demos—lightning talks—during free to walk out of sessions. Ideally, there “We’ve learned that a CV is not always lunch, which kept that hour lively should be multiple seminars going on the best starting point for value.” and prevented grandstanding during at one time so people can move around sessions,” Wong says. until they find something useful. “If you Prepare attendees in advance. To encourage networking in are not learning or contributing, it is Although agendas are not preset, hosts between sessions, Hoffman creates your responsibility to respectfully find should give people a sense of what to spaces where people can congregate. some place that you are. Follow your own expect. When planning the Conscience “I usually rent an extra room that can passion at an unconference,” Hamlin says.

Connect People Before an Event Social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook can help attendees see who will be at an event and get conversations started before they even get there. Lindy Dreyer and Maddie Grant, co-owners of SocialFish (202.741.9372,, a Washington-based consulting firm specializing in social media strategies for associations, offer tips on how to integrate social media into event registration. Go where your attendees are already gathering. Well before the meeting begins, find out what tools they are already using, whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social space online. On the registration form, ask them to name the sites they use and include their usernames.

Communicate what you’re doing and why. Once you’ve decided the right sites to focus on, tell attendees early and often about what you’ve set up and why. For example, if you have a LinkedIn group, a Facebook event page, and a Twitter account and hash tag for the meeting, add prominent links to each on the meeting Web site. Put the links in your registration confirmation emails. Invite the most connected, motivated attendees to be the champions for your social media efforts and ask them to spread the word. Prepare your speakers. Make sure they know what you’re doing, especially if you have an active Twitter hash tag. Some speakers may be social media savvy and able to help people connect and market the event

to their fans. For the rest of your speakers, offer to walk them through your social media efforts, and provide a Twitter monitor to keep track of the hash tag during their session, in case of questions or feedback. Consider going private. Companies such as Groupsite (410.715.1400, group and the Social Collective (703.234.7910, set up private social networks, which offer a more branded, custom environment. Creating any private social network—one that people actually use—is hard work, but it may enhance connections, especially when the attendees need to discuss topics they wouldn’t feel comfortable posting on a public site or that the host company doesn’t want leaked. march/april 2010 91

Make Virtual Meeting-Goers Feel Included

Prevent People From Skipping the After-Party “By holding the cocktail hour in the same space as the conference, we don’t have to worry about finding another venue, and it enables us to sell additional sponsorships. We transform a breakfast or lunch area into a cocktail space with dim lighting, a DJ, lounge seating, and signature drinks. We try to make the atmosphere loungey so people can spend an hour relaxing and talking about what they learned while unwinding with a drink. You will always get people who bolt the second a meeting ends, but there’s not much you can do. Other people will think, ‘I’m tired, but I could use a beer and I’m here already, so why not?’” Lauren Minardo, conference director, Advertising Age, New York

Breakfasts That Aren’t Boring

Social Media Week’s kickoff press conference in New York always repeated, that board work is in real time on the remote students’ screen, and that they are called on to participate,” DeFeo says. She also recommends adding extra virtual sessions in addition to the keynote and main sessions. “A live chat with a panel of executives or other experts creates takeaway value for the audience and emphasizes the idea of your live and virtual events being almost interchangeable.” To hold everyone’s attention and avoid confusion, Rathenberg says shorter 15-minute sessions are better than 90-minute presentations. Virtual meeting attendees like swag, too. Rathenberg suggests sending welcome kits with T-shirts or other branded items, or providing a catered lunch in a central location.

Mini breakfast of steelcut Irish oatmeal with berries; quiche lorraine with crème fraîche; sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit sandwich; and a cheddarpotato cake with pork belly, poached quail egg, and sabayon from Lorien Hotel and Spa in Alexandria, Virginia (1600 King St., 703.894.3434)

A custom-made smoothie with strawberries, bananas, oranges, soy protein, and honey from Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel (606 Congress St., 617.338.4111)

92 march/april 2010


A party during Advertising Age’s Creativity and Technology Conference in New York

Sure, hosting meetings via a Web-based platform instead of in a hotel can save attendees travel time and money, but staring at a computer screen can also make them feel disconnected. Joerg Rathenberg, senior director of marketing for Unisfair (866.354.4030,, says virtual meeting platforms should make attendees feel like they are there in person, with the ability to collect contact information from other attendees, respond to questions via chat and polls, and interact with each other in other ways. “The environment should encourage them to explore, learn, and connect,” he says. “Attendees should not be jumping from one pop-up window to the next. Chat, polls, messages, and other components should all be part of the same platform, not a mash-up of different providers.” To improve individual sessions, Paula DeFeo, senior vice president and managing director of logistics for Jack Morton Worldwide (212.401.7409,, suggests training speakers, presenters, and moderators to acknowledge the camera and address virtual attendees as if they were in the room. “We ask that questions are

Boost Networking Time


Part of the value of faceto-face meetings is getting people into the same space to meet and interact. To keep attendees from using breaks just to check their email, Four Seasons Hotels in Chicago (120 East Delaware Place, 312.280.8800) and Las Vegas (3960 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 702.632.5212) offer “BlackBerry breaks.” During the 30-minute recess, attendees leave their PDAs at a charging station provided by the hotel and spend time talking over a menu inspired by the berry itself— items include ginger duck breast with blackberry compote served in chilled cucumber cups, blackberry citrus smoothies, and blackberry strudel.

Keep Speakers on Track As a way to encourage conversation, more meeting planners are inviting attendees to use social media to comment about meetings as they take place, so they can share ideas and let organizers know what’s not working. For example, attendees using Twitter are invited to tweet comments about a session as it happens by using a preset hash tag for the event. The hash tag unites all of the comments in one place so attendees can follow along on laptops or phones. Planners can even project these live social media streams—called back channels—on a screen behind presenters. Although back channels can open a floodgate of snarky comments and off-topic chatter, they have positive benefits as well. Josh Jones-Dilworth, founder of Austin, Texas-based public relations and marketing firm Jones-Dilworth (jones-dilworth. com), handles PR for the South by Southwest Interactive Conference’s Accelerator event, where attendees actively contribute to a back channel during sessions. “The value is primarily peerto-peer communication, not just a moderator or speaker controlling a one-way conversation. The audience

A panel of speakers at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference can interact with each other,” he says. This can be a little scary for planners, but it can help, too. “The real benefit of these things—which few people talk about because it’s still kind of new—is the benefit to the organizers and speakers. Such streams create a real-time focus group for the talks and panels. It’s an easy way for audience members to

Frozen hot chocolate, oatmeal brûlée, and “banana splits” from Loews Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada (101 Montelago Blvd., 702.567.6000)

ask questions, but more important, it is a great way for speakers to adapt on the fly,” Jones-Dilworth says. “More and more we’re seeing speakers, both solo and on panels, monitoring these streams during their talks as a way of gauging reactions, and steering the conversations and content in a direction that reflects the will of the audience.”

House-smoked bacon, chicken-apple sausage, Canadian bacon, and herbgarlic sausage from Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile (540 North Michigan Ave., 312.836.0100)

Oatmeal station with caramelized apples, dried fruit compote, golden raisins, brown sugar, and cinnamon-almond preserves from Montage Beverly Hills (225 North Canon Drive, 310.860.7800) march/april 2010 93

Full Service Production Lighting â&#x20AC;˘ Staging â&#x20AC;˘ Video â&#x20AC;˘ Audio We can help make your events memorable and unique

Theatrical Th T hea eatr eat tric tri icall Services SSer errvi vic iccees

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Discover Incredible Venues All in One Convenient Source BizBashâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2010 National Venue Guide Makes Finding New Spaces a Breeze t Research more than 800 venues t Find out whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s changed since last year in 18 event markets Locate the best venues for meetings and events in: Atlanta Atlantic City Boston Chicago Dallas Las Vegas

Los Angeles Miami New Orleans New York City Orlando Philadelphia

Phoenix/ Scottsdale San Diego San Francisco Washington, D.C.


Cruise Ships Golf Courses Toronto

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4"7& 8)&/:06+0*/


“Invite me to your meeting, and it’ll be a success.” With more than 6,000 square feet of meeting space and 7 unique rooms, we’re perfectly tailored for your next gathering. You’ll also be close to everything the city has to offer, and you can be sure I’ll keep close tabs on you. So call today, and tell them Carlton sent you.

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The Directory A selection of resources from our comprehensive online directory of event and meeting suppliers and venues


Basketball City, originally at Pier 63 on the Hudson River, will open a new facility in summer 2010 just north of the South Street Seaport at Pier 36. Six courts will be available for corporate events, as will on-site scorekeepers and refs. The 64,000-squarefoot venue will have electronic scoreboards, showers, and a fitness center. A 12,000-square-foot deck behind the building will also be available. (Pier 36, 212.233.5050 ext. 112) IN THE WORKS BOWLMOR LANES—TIMES SQUARE

Strike Holdings, the operator of Bowlmor Lanes, is planning to open a 90,000-square-foot outpost of the popular Union Square bowling alley inside the old New York Times building. The facility is expected to open in October 2010. (West 44th St., 212.352.9207) SPACE PORT

Opened in November, the Space Port is a, 32,000-square-foot entertainment facility in New Jersey. Spread over two levels, the 850-capacity venue includes glow-in-the-dark bowling alleys, a large gaming arcade, and areas for paintball and laser tag. For events there are two suites—each with access to a terrace—and three penthouses. (301 Main St., Paterson, N.J., 888.817.7223)

will be the 4,000-square-foot Gotham Ballroom, which holds 480 theater style. (300 West 44th St., 212.803.4500) IN THE WORKS JAMES NEW YORK

Slated to open in summer 2010 is the James New York, sister hotel to the James Chicago. The boutique, 20-story property in SoHo will have 114 rooms, a garden and lounge on the second floor, and an as-yet-unnamed restaurant. (27 Grand St.) IN THE WORKS NOMAD HOTEL

Scheduled to open in 2011, the 165-room NoMad Hotel is designed to be one of the city’s first renovated hotels certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Situated inside a 12-story French Renaissance-style building, the property will have loft-like guest rooms and suites with high ceilings and French bohemian decor. (1170 Broadway, 212.796.1500) THE STRAND HOTEL

This new Midtown hotel opened in December with 177 rooms furnished with modern pieces. The Strand Hotel also offers 2,500 square feet of meeting space and a rooftop lounge called Top of the Strand, a sister restaurant to Miami’s seafood grill A Fish Called Avalon. (33 West 37th St., 212.448.1024) TRUMP SOHO NEW YORK


Opened in mid-December, Provocateur is the new nightlife spot from Michael Satsky and Brian Gefter, who owned Stereo on West 29th Street. In the space that recently housed the Garden of Ono, the site offers indoor and outdoor space on the ground floor of the Hotel Gansevoort. (18 Ninth Ave., 212.929.9036)


Previously only available for event rental to companies listed on the exchange, in 2010 the New York Stock Exchange opened up its trading floor and dining hall—the old stock exchange luncheon club—to outside companies. Although the 500-capacity trading floor can only be used after business hours, the landmark building’s main dining area, lounge, and card room upstairs may be used during the day. (11 Wall St., 212.656.6098)


Scheduled to open in the spring, this outpost of Hyatt’s boutique hotel brand Andaz will have 184 room rooms designed by Tony Chi, two restaurants, and a bar. Situated opposite the New York Public Library, the property will also offer private dining and event space. (485 Fifth Ave., 212.601.1234) ANDAZ WALL STREET


Andaz, a new brand within the Hyatt Hotels group, opened its Wall Street property in January. The 253-room venue has loftlike guest rooms, complimentary WiFi, and a fitness center. Also on site is Wall & Water restaurant, a bar called Seven Five, and a spa. For meetings, there are five rooms—the largest of which has 741 square feet and holds 30 banquet-style—with audiovisual equipment as well as a lounge and communal dining area and prefunction space. (75 Wall St., 212.590.1234)

This joint venture between the Trump Organization, Bayrock Group, and the Sapir Organization is a 46-story, 391-room property. Amenities include the 190-seat Quattro Gastronomia Italiana restaurant, an 11,000square-foot spa, an event space on the top floor, and more than 12,000 square feet of meeting facilities. The hotel was scheduled to open in late February. (246 Spring St., 212. 965.0008) OPENING SOON W NEW YORK—DOWNTOWN

Starwood Hotels and Resorts will open this new property in May 2010. In the financial district, the downtown building will offer 217 guest rooms and 222 residential units. For meetings and events, the W New York Downtown will offer four separate rooms, three of which can be combined to hold as many as 120 seated theater-style or 144 for receptions. (123 Washington St., 212.385.1100)

and include wall murals from artists like Dan Clements and Mark Newgarden. (Rockefeller Center) COLICCHIO & SONS

Chef and restaurateur Tom Colicchio opened Colicchio & Sons, in January. Serving Colicchio’s signature farm-to-table fare and a selection of wine and artisanal beers, this 3,500-squarefoot west Chelsea restaurant features original vaulted ceilings, riveted steel columns, and expansive windows that overlook the surrounding neighborhood. (85 10th Ave., 212.400.6699) FAUSTINA

Chef Scott Conant, owner of Scarpetta, opened this restaurant in February. Situated inside the Cooper Square Hotel—the eatery replaces Govind Armstrong’s Table 8 outpost—Faustina serves casual Italian fare. In addition to the main dining room, a café and bar area seats 45 and an outdoor section will open later in the spring. (25 Cooper Square, 212.475.3400) OPENING SOON LAMB’S CLUB

Chef and restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian plans to open this new restaurant inside the Chatwal New York hotel. Expected to debut in spring 2010, the Lamb’s Club will offer 90 seats and a 2,500-square-foot lounge on the mezzanine. (30 West 44th St.)

Where to... Host Outdoor Events This Spring

Upstairs, the rooftop space of the Kimberly Hotel, is scheduled to open in April with 3,000 square feet of flexible space. Designed for the warm weather as well as the cold, the penthouse site will have a retractable ceiling, heated flooring, and 360-degree views of the Midtown East area. With the capacity for as many as 150 people, Upstairs will offer food and drink from Gwenael Le Pape, the chef of the hotel’s in-house restaurant. (145 East 50th St., 212.702.1600)


Accompanying Lincoln Center’s campus expansion will be a new Patina Restaurant Group establishment, slated to open in fall 2010 with chef Jonathan Benno—chef de cuisine for Thomas Keller’s Per Se—at the kitchen’s helm. Designed as a glass-enclosed structure with a sloping roof by architectural firm Diller Scofidio & Renfro, the as-yet-unnamed restaurant will offer outdoor terrace eating, an upscale dining area, and a private dining room. (West 65th St.) ROBERT

Situated atop the new home of the Museum of Arts & Design, Robert is a restaurant named for the late event designer, Robert Isabell. Operated by Ark Restaurants, the space is furnished modern sofas, glasstopped tables, and a color palette of yellow, pink, orange, and purple, and offers views of Columbus Circle and Central Park. (2 Columbus Circle, 9th Floor, 212.299.7730) IN THE WORKS STK MIDTOWN

The One Group, parent company of the STK eateries in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, is planning to open a second New York outpost of its modern steak house in fall 2010. The 9,000-square-foot location inside the Bryant Park-adjacent Grace Building will offer a seasonal menu from executive chef Todd Mark Miller as well as 3,000 square feet of outdoor dining space and takeout kiosk STKout. (1114 Ave. of the Americas)


In January, Global Ventures partners Harvey Fung and John Hickey opened this facility in SoHo. Designed specifically for events, the 25,000-square-foot second-floor site is inside a 19th century landmark building with 14-foot ceilings, brick archways, hardwood flooring, and cast iron columns. Comprised of three spaces—two 10,000-square-foot areas and a 5,000-square-foot section—82 Mercer holds as many as 880 people. (82 Mercer St., 917.224.2774)



The restaurant at the new Andaz hotel on Wall Street opened in late January. Designed by the Rockwell Group, the space is intended to evoke the menu of organic and locally sourced ingredients with bamboo and oak accents contrasted by glass wall sconces and marble flooring. For groups there’s a 10-seat private room and a 12-seat chef’s table. (75 Wall St., 212.590.1234)




Slated for a spring 2010 opening, this Midtown property from hotelier Vikram Chatwal’s father, Sant Chatwal, will have 88 rooms and a design courtesy of architect Thierry Despont. Meeting space for as many as 120 seated will be available as well as an on-site bar and restaurant from Geoffrey Zakarian. (130 West 44th St., 212.764.6200)

Earlier this year, the South Street Seaport Museum made available its Schermerhorn Galleries, a series of interconnected rooms on its fifth floor. Adding to the museum’s existing 30,000 square feet of exhibition, education, and event space, this section can be rented for daytime functions as well as evening gatherings. Although ceiling heights range from eight to 25 feet, each of the three front spaces measures about 1,000 square feet and seats 80 or holds as many as 250 for receptions. A larger gallery toward the rear measures about 1,500 square feet. (12 Fulton St., 212.260.1636)

The Whitney Museum of American Art will open a new café in fall 2010 as part of a partnership with Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group and its catering arm, Hudson Yards. Meyer’s operation will replace the Sarabeth’s outpost on the arts institution’s lower level, which closes on January 17. During the renovation of the space, Hudson Yards—now the exclusive caterer for all the museum’s events—will manage a temporary eatery. (945 Madison Ave.)


This, the sister property to the Hotel Gansevoort in the Meatpacking district, is scheduled to open in summer 2010 with 249 rooms. The hotel in Gramercy Park will also offer 13,000 square feet of outdoor rooftop space across three levels, an event space, and a 10,000-square-foot in-house restaurant. (420 Park Ave. South, 212.730.0100)





The Times Square location of the InterContinental is scheduled to open in July 2010 with more than 600 rooms and more than 10,000 square feet of meeting space. Designed to meet the criteria for LEED certification, the 36-story building will be located near the Port Authority and offer an inhouse restaurant from chef Todd English. Among the 11 function rooms at this hotel

Following the October 2009 opening of Bill’s Bar & Burger in the meatpacking district, Stephen Hanson’s B.R. Guest Restaurant Group will open a second outpost of the casual eatery at Rockefeller Center. Expected to open in May, the restaurant will occupy a 10,000-square-foot bilevel space

Spring 2010 will see the debut of the new home for N.F.L. teams the New York Giants and New York Jets. The $1.6 billion sports arena will have 82,500 seats in 2.1 million square feet of space—that’s more than twice the size of the old facility. In terms of areas Reports on available for private functions, there will be clubs designed by the Rockwell Group as well as New York’s newest 280,000 square feet of outdoor plaza space. (East event spaces Rutherford, N.J.)

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Hollywood & Highland Center • 18 million annual consumers • Located in the heart of Hollywood • 19,000 square foot Central Courtyard • Shopping, Dining, Nightlife, Events & More Located at one of Los Angeles’ busiest intersection and in the heart of all the action. Hollywood & Highland Center is the perfect location to ensure maximum exposure for your next concert, experiential marketing event, consumer product launch, sampling, filming or entertainment branding event.

Jennifer Orsi • Director, Special Events 323.817.0202 •

Los Angeles Venue Directory Activity Venues p. 99 Amusement Parks Arcades & Virtual-Reality Centers Bowling Alleys Cooking Schools & Tasting Venues Horseback-Riding Centers Pool & Billiard Halls Sports Venues Tours Wine-Tasting Spaces Bars, Lounges & Clubs p. 100 Bars & Lounges Clubs

Boats & Yachts p. 104 Conference & Convention Centers p. 105 Conference Centers & Auditoriums Convention Centers

Entertainment & Performance Venues p. 106 Music & Comedy Clubs Screening Rooms Theaters & Performance Spaces


There’s no fee to get into this Inland Empire amusement park— guests purchase ride tickets inside. The complex was built in 1976 and features a 200-game arcade; 35 rides, including an oldfashioned wooden-horse carousel, roller coasters, and bumper cars; and four 18-hole mini golf courses. A picnic pavilion holds groups of 75. (3500 Polk St., Riverside, 951.785.3000) PACIFIC PARK5

Pacific Park has a roller coaster, a wooden ship ride, mini golf, and the world’s first solar-powered Ferris wheel. The 1,800square-foot seaside cabana holds 200 for receptions. The entire park holds 1,800 for receptions, and partial park buyouts are available. (380 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, 310.260.8744) SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN5

Known for thrill rides with names such as Scream, Psycho, and Goliath, this park added its 17th roller coaster, Tatsu, in 2006. For groups of 100 or more, there are several private covered picnic areas and landscaped lawns. Event services include buffet-style setups, picnic-style games, and activity planners. (26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy., Valencia, 661.255.4500) UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD5

Adjacent to the movie studio, this theme park combines movie magic with thrill rides. The upper level offers five venues, including the Coke Soak, an outdoor area that looks over the Valley and seats 700, and the English- and French-inspired Streets of the World, which holds 2,500. Event planners can buy out the entire park for a minimum of 4,000 people. (1000 Universal Center Drive, Universal City, 818.622.3801)


Hotels p. 107 Independent Event Spaces p. 109 Mansions & Estates p. 110 Movie Studios & Sound Stages p. 112 Museums & Cultural Spaces p. 112


Art Museums Art Spaces Children’s Museum Historical & Cultural Institutions Science & Natural History Spaces

The Los Angeles location of this sports, dining, and entertainment complex is at L.A. Live. The entire space seats 700 or holds 1,200 for receptions. Attractions include the Sports Arena, with interactive games and arcade sports simulators; it holds 150 for receptions. (800 West Olympic Blvd., 213.765.7070)

Outdoor Spaces p. 114 Photo Studios & Raw Spaces p. 114 Private Clubs p. 115 Religious Spaces p. 115 Restaurants p. 115 Retail Venues p. 121 Social & Recreation Clubs p. 122 Spas p. 122 Stadiums & Arenas p. 123 Orange County Venues p. 124

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5= Venues that offer outdoor event space

Like an arcade for adults (because there’s booze), this branch of the entertainment-dining chain in the Westfield Shopping Center offers more than 200 interactive and video games, a clubby billiard and shuffleboard room, two bars, and a dining room. Private meeting rooms are equipped with audiovisual equipment. The entire venue holds as many as 2,000 people for receptions. (400 South Baldwin Ave., Suite 930-U, Arcadia, 626.802.6115) ESPN ZONE5


This Rainbow Harbor entertainment center holds as many as 3,000. The 40,000-square-foot facility features a restaurant and two bars, pool tables, cosmic bowling, and video and interactive games. There is another location in Ontario, and twelve more throughout the country. (10 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, 562.308.7529; 4541 Mills Cir., Ontario, 909.987.4263) ULTRAZONE

The laser-tag experience is all about strategizing with your teammates in dark, fog-filled hallways. The entire facility is available for 40 to 200 people and includes use of the lobby, the video game area, five private rooms, and the arena. (14622 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, 818.789.6620)



This chain location at Universal CityWalk has 10 bowling lanes with a retro lounge and five video walls, simulation and interactive games, a patio, two full-service bars, and a café with multiple big-screen TVs. The first floor holds 600 for receptions, while the second floor holds 300, including 40 in the V.I.P. area. (1000 Universal Studios Blvd., Universal City, 818.985.9213) LUCKY STRIKE LANES & LOUNGE5

When this alley opened at Hollywood & Highland in 2003, it was called the first “bowling alley lounge” in America. Now there are 19 Lucky Strikes all over the country, with four in California. The 12-lane alley sports retro signs and contemporary art; it holds 550. Another location recently opened at L.A. Live. The space has 18 lanes and Luxe Lounge, a private room with four bowling lanes and space for 110. The downtown location holds 550. (6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.467.7776; 800 West Olympic Blvd., 213.542.4880)


This 24-lane bowling alley is part of the Pickwick Gardens and Conference Center in Burbank and holds 500 people. It features foggy bowling lanes, lighted automated bumpers, computerized scoring, a fully equipped pro shop, a snack bar, and a video arcade. (1001 West Riverside Drive, Burbank, 818.845.5300) PINZ

Featuring glow-in-the-dark bowling, a dance floor, a full arcade with pool tables, and catering from nearby Jerry’s Deli, this 32-lane facility holds 500. The 10,000-square-foot club upstairs holds an additional 600. A V.I.P. billiard room is also available; it holds 60. (12655 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 818.769.7600)


Since 2003, Culinary Institute of America grad Eric Crowley has been teaching professionals and novices about kitchen skills, recipes, and the importance of mise en place. Attendees get to eat the fruits (and vegetables) of their labors. The intimate kitchen holds 16 people. (2366 Pelham Ave., 310.470.2640) CHEFMAKERS COOKING ACADEMY

This Pacific Palisades cooking school opened in 2004. A celebrity chef series brings L.A.’s top chefs face to face with students. A variety of cooking and baking classes are offered, as are corporate teambuilding events, for as many as 32 guests. (865 Swarthmore Ave., Pacific Palisades, 310.459.9444) CHEFS INC.

This culinary studio has eight fully equipped kitchen workstations. Classes range from basic skills to Iron Chef-style competitions, menus of appetizers or five-course meals, and wine-andcheese pairings. Classes and meals accommodate 10 people. (10955 West Pico Blvd., 310.470.2277) EPICUREAN SCHOOL OF CULINARY ARTS

Since 1985, this open-space facility has taught wannabe chefs and helped professionals bone up on their skills. The kitchen has five workstations and holds 12 people for a class or as many as 20 for events. (8500 Melrose Ave., 310.659.5990) SUR LA TABLE

This national kitchenware retail chain’s store at the historic farmer’s market offers classes to show home cooks how to use their new gadgets and cookbooks. Private cooking classes are available for groups of 16 people with hands-on instruction, or for as many as 40 for a demonstration. (6333 West 3rd St., 323.954.9190)


In the 88-acre Los Angeles Equestrian Center, this facility has landscaped fields and 80,000 square feet of event space. The Grand Prix Room has a wood-burning fireplace, rectangular chandeliers, and theater-style seating for 800. The Equestrian Ballroom seats 600 for banquets and has a terrace that overlooks the grounds. The outdoor Equidome seats 11,000 stadium style. (480 West Riverside Drive, Burbank, 818.972.5940) SUNSET RANCH HOLLYWOOD5

This Hollywood Hills ranch offers groups as large as 55 evening guided trail rides through Griffith Park to Viva Fresh, a Mexican restaurant in Burbank, where the group stops for refreshments before heading back to the ranch. Daytime guided trips are also available, including a lunch ride. Sunset dinner rides are not available on Fridays. (3400 North Beachwood Drive, Hollywood, 323.469.5450)



This 30,000-square-foot billiard hall has a restaurant, two patio gardens that hold 75 and 45, a sports bar with eight Sony Wega TVs, 28 pool tables, a private area, and two bars. The upstairs loft—which has its own bar, patio, and 12 pool tables—has unobstructed views of the Hollywood sign and holds 400. The entire club holds 1,165. (5750 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.465.0115) Q’S BILLIARD CLUB5

This club has 12 pool tables, booths with individual flat-screen TVs, two full-service bars, a restaurant, and three patios. The upstairs has two private rooms: One has a full bar, two pool tables, and a balcony and holds 100; the other has three pool tables and three plasma-screen TVs and holds 60. The entire club holds 400. (11835 Wilshire Blvd., West Los Angeles, 310.477.7550) march/april 2010 99

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Guests can simulate a mountain climb on 9,000 square feet of sculpted terrain and caves. Instructors lead groups through rope and nonclimbing performance challenges: Figuring out which hand and foot grip to use while dangling 10 feet above the ground flexes those mental muscles. After-hours group lessons are available, as is a separate nonclimbing event room. (11866 La Grange Ave., West Los Angeles, 310.207.7199) SPEEDZONE

This 10-acre park offers four types of cars to race, including Slick Trax cars on a custom-made polished cement track. The space also has two 18-hole race-themed mini golf courses, more than 120 arcade games, three meeting rooms, and a picnic pavilion. The facility holds as many as 3,500 for receptions and offers on-site catering. (17871 Castleton St., City of Industry, 626.913.9663)



Groups are led through historic areas of downtown Los Angeles to check out buildings such as City Hall, the Biltmore Hotel, Union Station, and Broadway’s theaters. It’s usually 15 to 20 people per docent, with as many as three docents per group, if necessary; the Union Station tour can accommodate groups of 250. (523 West 6th St., 213.623.2489) MONA NEON CRUISE5

Every summer, the Museum of Neon Art offers a citywide tour

of the best neon signs, movie marquees, and contemporary neon art installations from an open-air double-decker bus. In the winter, a beat poet hosts the cruise and goes through hipster hoods such as Echo Park and Silver Lake—with a few more bar stops. Buses hold 60 people. The museum reopened in July 2008, following a renovation. (136 West 4th St., 213.489.9918)


Trams took visitors through the back lot of Universal Studios for the first time in 1964. In 2006, this popular behind-the-scenes theme-park tour got new attractions, including looks at The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, King Kong, War of the Worlds, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and added virtual tour guides Whoopi Goldberg and Al Roker. Groups can use Universal’s numerous meeting facilities. (100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, 800.864.8377) WARNER BROTHERS V.I.P. STUDIO TOUR5

This tour takes you through the working studio lot where blockbuster movies and some of TV’s biggest shows are filmed. The trip starts with a short film about the history of Warner Brothers and its biggest stars; then groups load onto 12-person carts that meander through the back-lot streets, soundstages, sets, and craft studios. The tour ends at the Warner Brothers Museum. (3400 Riverside Drive, Burbank, 818.972.8687)


BottleRock’s first location opened in Culver City in August 2006. The hip wine bar and retail space is a little irreverent, but takes wine quite seriously. In May 2009, a second location opened downtown in the Metropolitan Lofts building. The new space occupies 4,000 square feet and offers a wine list of close to 1,000 bottles, an extensive beer list that includes a dozen different

microbrews on tap, and an open kitchen. Total seating capacity at BottleRock downtown is 175. (3847 Main St., Culver City, 310.836.9463; 1050 South Flower St., 213.747.1100) HERITAGE WINE COMPANY

Open since 2002, this wine shop and tasting room has become a social spot for wine aficionados. The store holds 60 at the wine bar, but the staff can coordinate with the Armory Center for the Arts next door or the Scott Pavilion across the street for groups of 200 and 250, respectively. (155 North Raymond Ave., Pasadena, 626.844.9333) SADDLEROCK RANCH5

Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains, the 1,000-acre Saddlerock Ranch is home to Malibu Family Wines. The vineyard can accommodate as many as 5,000 people in an outdoor setting (which can be tented), while Chateau Le Dome, a stone house in the middle of the vines, holds 100. An outdoor wine tasting area is available. (32111 Mulholland Hwy., Malibu, 818.889.0120) SAN ANTONIO WINERY & MADDALENA RESTAURANT

Established in 1917, this is the last of more than 100 wineries that lined the Los Angeles River basin. Run by the Riboli family, it’s the only producing winery in L.A. The former fermentation cellars were turned into a restaurant and private dining rooms, which can hold as many as 175. Guided wine tastings, tours, and receptions are available for groups of as many as 40. (737 Lamar St., 323.223.1401) SILVERLAKE WINE

After an expansion in late 2007, this 1,200-square-foot minimalist shop features weekly wine tastings and carries smallproduction artisanal wines from around the globe in all price ranges. The laid-back but passionate staff likes to keep things personal. The shop can accommodate groups of as many as 65 for private events. (2395 Glendale Blvd., 323.662.9024)

Bars, Lounges & Clubs BARS & LOUNGES



Separate from the famed Chateau Marmont hotel but also owned by André Balazs, this is still one of L.A.’s super-chic spots. Faux butterflies on the ceilings, ornate lamps and light fixtures— all turned low—and plenty of nooks and crannies create a boho vibe. (8171 West Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.650.0575)

The former El Marquez was turned into this swank, retromeets-modern 3,700-square-foot space with a private room that holds 50 for receptions. Another location, the lounge version of Air Conditioned, is in Santa Monica. (625 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, 310.230.5343; 2819 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.829.3700) AREA5

Sam Nazarian’s SBE Entertainment turned the former denlike Prey into a midcentury Modernist oasis with three bars, a DJ booth, and a patio. Reminiscent of a Palm Springs playground, it plays host to a bevy of A-listers, dealmakers, and V.I.P. celebrations. The club opened in 2006; it holds 500. (643 North La Cienega Blvd., 310.652.2012) BACARO L.A.

This wine bar from sommelier Santos Uy opened in April 2008. The bar has rustic decor with banquette seating. The menu is scrawled on the walls, which are faced with chalkboard paint. Bacaro L.A. serves all wines by the glass, with an emphasis on small-production Italian varietals. The 1,100-square-foot space seats 32. (2308 South Union Ave., 213.748.7205) THE BACKYARD AT THE W HOTEL WESTWOOD5

Adorned with lime-green and chocolate-brown benches and canvas umbrellas, this poolside lounge and restaurant offers innovative Mediterranean cuisine, with dishes such as lobster quesadillas with guacamole and Sonoma lamb sliders. The space, which also features private cabanas, seats 80 or holds 400 for receptions. (930 Hilgard Ave., 310.208.8765) BARBARELLA BAR

Named after the 1968 cult classic movie, Barbarella Bar opened in Silver Lake in February 2009. The 4,300-square-foot bar, restaurant, and lounge features a 60-foot handcrafted wooden bar fronted by plush suede stools with seating for 45, as well as an intimate lounge with tufted silver leather couches near the entrance. (2609 North Hyperion Ave., 323.644.8000) BARBRIX5

Barbrix is a wine bar built in a former house, creating a homey atmosphere. Patio seating offers views of the Silver Lake hills. There is a small, 40-seat dining room with rustic dark wood chairs and tables. An open kitchen in the back has counter seating so guests can view and chat with the chef, Don Dickman. With a capacity of 120, Barbrix is available for special events. (2442 Hyperion Ave., 323.662.2442) BARDOT HOLLYWOOD5


Established in Northern California in 1920, Barney’s moved to its West Hollywood location in 1927. With three pool tables and TVs everywhere, it holds 135 for events. There are newer locations in Santa Monica and Pasadena. (8447 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.654.2287; 1351 3rd St. Promenade, Santa Monica, 310.656.5777; 99 East Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, 626.405.9777) BAR NINETEEN125

In the Beverly Hills Hotel, this lounge features leather high-back chairs, plush jewel-toned fabrics, and the hotel’s famed palm motif. Outside, a Southern-style terrace overlooks a secluded garden. The terrace and a V.I.P. area hold 105; the interior bar holds 101. (9641 Sunset Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.273.1912) BAR PINTXO

For Spanish-style snacks, Bar Pintxo (pronounced “pincho”) is a tapas spot with a full bar. Joseph Miller is behind the intimate setting, which has a capacity of 30. Diners can eat at the bar or at the handful of tables in the back. The wine list is extensive: 65 varieties available in three portion sizes. (109 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.458.2012) NEW BAR210 AND PLUSH5

Bar210 and Plush opened in the Beverly Hilton in February. The adjacent spaces are a lounge serving small plates and cocktails, and a nightclub, respectively. Together, the spaces offer 7,000 square feet for groups as large as 400. There are multiple fullservice bars, an outdoor lounge area with a fire pit, and adjacent outdoor space that can increase the capacity to 2,000. Nightlife group (9876 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.887.6060) BEAUTY BAR

In 2000, this retro beauty-salon-themed bar opened on the Cahuenga corridor. Much of the decor is salvaged from a 1960s Bakersfield salon that went out of business. A fashionable clientele and excellent music are usually on hand, with the occasional rock star standing in as DJ. The space holds 200 for private events and can include the bar’s signature manicures and henna tattoos. (1638 North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, 323.464.7676) BIGFOOT LODGE

Bardot Hollywood took over the well-known Spider Club location in October 2008. On the second floor of the Avalon theater building, Bardot offers three spaces for events, with a total capacity of 350. Events can book the spaces individually or together. (1737 North Vine St., 323.462.1307)

This wacky lounge—which features national-park signs, fake fireplaces, wood paneling, big wooden booths, and references to Sasquatch, Smokey Bear, and Canadian Mounties—is right at home in its arty Eastside neighborhood. (3172 Los Feliz Blvd., 323.662.9227)



Sean MacPherson—owner of L.A. bars El Carmen, Jones Hollywood, and Swingers—partnered with his manager, Jared Meisler, to open this U.S.S.R.-themed vodka bar. Two rooms are lined with red walls, Russian posters, and shelves holding more than 200 kinds of vodka. The total capacity is 220. (7702 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.654.1234)

This divey Hollywood bar next to the Pantages Theatre is so noir it was featured in a scene in modern classic L.A. Confidential. An Al Hirschfield mural of old Hollywood stars is a highlight. (6245 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 213.462.5890)

100 march/april 2010


This 3,000-square-foot Santa Monica lounge has exposed brick,

polished concrete floors, and low-slung couches. The original Pasadena location, in the Paseo Colorado mall, opens to a patio that holds 40. (814 Broadway, Santa Monica, 310.394.3504; 260 East Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, 626.793.4300)


This independently owned brewpub is on the pool deck of the Westin Bonaventure Hotel. The large patio features rattan lounge seating for 126. The interior holds 150, and the entire restaurant holds as many as 1,600 when including the adjacent lawn. (404 South Figueroa St., Suite 418A, 213.236.0802) BORDELLO

The grungy Little Pedro’s has been completely renovated, and it reopened in 2006 as the flirty, seductive Bordello. There’s a new sound system, a large stage, and live music every night—from burlesque and blues to soul and swing. Bordello holds 275. (901 East 1st St., 213.687.3766) BOULEVARD35

Boulevard3 is Peter Famulari’s follow-up to the Mondrian’s Skybar. The 25,000-square-foot space includes a ballroom that holds 600, a garden that holds 250, and the library lounge, which holds 150. The bar in the ballroom transforms into a stage and remains open for drinks, and the adjacent parking lot can be tented. (6523 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323.466.2144) BRIX@1601

The 10,000-square-foot Brix@1601 offers more than 300 wines. The space, which opened in April 2008, features leather seating, brick archways, and multiple fireplaces. An adjacent retail space, named Brixwine, includes a tasting room, which is available for buyouts. (1601 Pacific Coast Hwy., Hermosa Beach, 310.698.0740) BROADWAY BAR5

Cedd Moses and Joe Baxley rolled out this ‘40s-era bar next to the historic Orpheum Theatre. Now they’re responsible for at least four more venues in the area. This one has a clubby vibe, with a 50-foot circular bar, antique decor, a front patio, and a mezzanine. The entire space holds 225. (830 South Broadway, 213.614.9909) CAFFE BRASS MONKEY

Although open for lunch and dinner, the wood-paneled pub tucked behind a Koreatown Wilshire corridor office building attracts celebs and other stylish guests for its nightly karaoke. Small groups can reserve sections or tables. (3440 Wilshire Blvd., 213.381.7047) CAT & FIDDLE5

The building that houses this popular Hollywood pub was built in 1929 and served as a commissary and wardrobe and makeup house for nearby studios. In 1985, the Cat & Fiddle opened, using many of the building’s rooms. There are several private rooms, all with tile floors, dark wood paneling, and antique-looking ceiling fans. (6530 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323.468.3800) CHALET

This kitschy spot feels like a comfy mountain cabin, but it’s not as Swiss Miss as the name suggests. It’s more like a 1970s lodge, with glowing amber lanterns, a fireplace, big circular booths with throw pillows, and cheesy landscape paintings on the walls. (1630 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock, 323.258.8800)


G]c`3dS\b1O\dOa7a/ZeOga1VO\UW\U 8]W\caT]`OaW\UcZO`ZgW\a^W`ObW]\OZO\RQ`SObWdSZg^`]RcQbWdSROgQSZSP`ObW\UbVSÂľO`b]TbVSSdS\baÂśOb bVS0Wh0OaV:/3f^]:]\UbW[SQc`Ob]`a]TbVSW\\]dObWdSO\R]cb`OUS]ca0Wh0OaVTSSRaOZZg]c`\SSRa eWbVOc\W_cS^S`a^SQbWdS]\b`S\RaO\ROZZbVW\UaT`SaVO\R\SeT]`[SSbW\UaO\RSdS\ba

@SUWabS`b]ROg ObPWhPOaVZOSf^]Q][ 8]W\0Wh0OaV7\6]\]`W\U=c` 6OZZ]T4O[S7\RcQbSSa 2S\\Wa1]`\SZZ Associate S.V.P., University Relations U.S.C. Chief of Protocol University of Southern California

2SPPWS6OeYW\a 1/31;> Owner of Association Management Specialists

;W\RgESWaa Owner & Principal Planner/Designer Mindy Weiss Party Consultants

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Los Angeles Venue Directory

Bars, Lounges & Clubs CHLOE

This bar from Laurie Mulstay and Ron Marino is a modern take on a 1930s French lounge, with mirrors, sconces, and velvety animal-print sofas. In the spot that used to house Voda, the venue is a cozy living room, blanketed in a color scheme of white, red, green, and gold. (1449 2nd St., Santa Monica, 310.899.6999) THE CLUB BAR AT THE PENINSULA HOTEL

With California-birch-paneled walls, leather-backed chairs, and gleaming brass detail, the bar at this Beverly Hills hotel feels like a private club—but you don’t need to be a guest to stop in for rare vintage wines or perfectly chilled martinis. The bar seats 50. (9882 South Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.551.2888) COPA D’ORO

Santa Monica’s Copa d’Oro features 50 signature cocktails created by mixologist Vincenzo Marainella, based on fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the local farmers market. The Spanish bar has two private areas that hold 10 people each, or the entire space holds 130 and is available for full buyouts. (217 Broadway, Santa Monica, 310.576.3030) CROWN BAR

Andy Fiscella and Chris Huvane (GQ’s West Coast editor) of Winston’s teamed up with Hardball Productions’ Matt Lavin and Charles Lew to open nightlife spot Crown Bar in May 2008. The entire space holds 250. (7321 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.882.6774) CT LOUNGE

This sports bar opened in April 2008. Designer Ana Henton of Mass Architecture & Design is behind the stadium-style atmosphere of the bold 60-seat space, which features vivid purple walls, red stools, and blue booths, and is available for buyouts. The menu includes more than 130 international beers. (1954 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock, 323.257.2245) DIMPLES SHOWCASE

Open since 1982, this bar near the Warner Brothers and NBC studio lots claims to have been the first karaoke club outside of Japan. There are multiple screens around the room, a video wall, and a live Internet stream of every evening’s performance. (3413 West Olive Ave., Burbank, 818.842.2336) EAST WEST LOUNGE

This spacious nightclub is like a sophisticated living room, with high ceilings, leather sofas, bamboo flooring, an earthy color scheme, and plasma TVs. For events, a private room holds 25 and a private mezzanine holds 15. The entire space holds 250. (8851 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.360.6186) ECCO ULTRA LOUNGE

Open since December 2008, Ecco is constructed entirely of ecoconscious materials such as recycled wood and concrete. The venue is certified organic and serves only organic cuisines and liquors. The space is available for full or partial buyouts with a maximum capacity of 300. A private room holds 30. (1640 North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, 323.464.2065) THE EDISON

became a historical landmark in 1991. The main room seats 110, a patio holds 80, and a deck holds 130. (7156 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, 323.850.9050) GALLERY BAR

This ornate bar and lounge in the Millennium Biltmore hotel has oak paneling, golden chandeliers, curved armchairs, and leather couches. The room can be used on its own or as a pre- or post-event meeting space combined with the hotel’s ballrooms. (506 South Grand Ave., 213.624.1011) GLOW5

The Marriott Marina del Rey entered the boutique-hotel-bar market with this outdoor lounge. Surrounded by tall bamboo, the space features cabanas, low-slung couches, a black-tented gazebo, fire pits, and flickering candles. The space holds 300 for receptions. (4100 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, 310.578.4152) GOLDEN GOPHER

This was the first foray into the downtown nightlife scene by the same group that opened Seven Grand and the Broadway Bar. The bar has gopher-shaped lamps, chandeliers, old-school video games, and a takeout liquor store. Large booths hold 24. The bar holds 210. (417 West 8th St., 213.614.8001) THE GREEN DOOR5

This lounge is reminiscent of an Old World French salon, with red velvet couches, antique chairs, wrought-iron tables, decorative mirrors, and dimly lit sconces filling nooks and corners. The front stone patio has table seating, and a circular salon in the back has two bars. The space holds 428 for receptions. (1429 Ivar Ave., Hollywood, 323.463.0008) THE GRIFFIN

This Atwater Village bar opened in 2007, bringing a medieval vibe to the neighborhood. It’s dark and spacious, with circular fireplaces, brick ceilings, red leather booths, lots of candles, antique wall sconces, and a hipster-friendly jukebox. (3000 Los Feliz Blvd., 323.644.0444) GUY’S BAR

Initially a members-only club, this swanky spot was so hidden you would almost miss it. Now open to the public, mostly for private events, the dimly lit space holds 200. An outpost, Guy’s North, holds 600. (8713 Beverly Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.360.0290; 12655 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 818.766.8311) THE HALL5

Palihouse Holloway’s sprawling central public space opened in February 2008. The Hall has a courtyard brasserie and lobby lounge, and food is served on a brick-lined patio. The venue holds 100, using both indoor and outdoor space. The lobby lounge holds 50. (8465 Holloway Drive, West Hollywood, 323.656.4020) THE HAPPY ENDING

An aging Acapulco restaurant was reborn in 2007; its 10,000 square feet include a dining area and bar, plus a private dining area on the second floor. There are lobster-claw machines and 35 flat-screen TVs. The space holds 225, and a large parking lot can be tented. (7038 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323.469.7038) NEW HAUTE LOS ANGELES

Haute Los Angeles is a new nightclub and lounge venue in West Hollywood. Couture fashion and style have influenced the decor and feel of the space, which caters to special events. It is the first Los Angeles venture from international hotelier Bert Hurstfield. (665 North Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.855.9232)

In the basement of the Higgins Building, this 14,000-square-foot space is a combination of bars, secluded rooms, and lounges, with room for 400. Smaller rooms—like the game room, with a private billiard table—hold 20. The lab holds 200, and the main bar holds 150. (108 West 2nd St., 213.613.0000)


Drawing its name from the Valley’s area code, this hip wine bar offers a wine list with more than 150 bottles, as well as a selection of cheeses, charcuterie, and tapas. A rear dining area with an adjacent patio, where a DJ spins on weekends, holds 50 for receptions. The whole venue fits double that capacity. (10151 Riverside Drive, Toluca Lake, 818.761.4243)




Mitchell Frank and designer Jeff Ellermeyer opened this hideaway bar in April 2008. The organic feel of the 1,000-square-foot spot is augmented with exposed brick walls and an L-shaped bar made of oak planks salvaged from old barns. (1805 West Sunset Blvd., Echo Park, 213.484.8609)

Modeled after a Parisian absinthe parlor, Holly’s has jade bamboo floors, black Venetian plaster, and sheer green curtains. Silhouettes of French burlesque dancers are painted on frostedglass panels, and suede V.I.P. booths are available. The entire space holds 140. (1651 Wilcox Ave., Hollywood, 323.461.1400) The sister lounge to Holly’s in Hollywood, Holly’s West is a cozy space embellished with red suede sofas, a black granite bar, and Venetian accents. The lounge, known for its exotic cocktails and lingerie-clad waitresses, holds 200. (2460 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.828.3304) HOLLYWOOD CANTEEN5

Opened by Bette Davis and John Garfield in 1942, this Art Deco lounge was a hangout for servicemen during World War II. There’s a large patio that holds 100, plus a 1940s Airstream trailer dubbed the Love Den. The space holds 300. (1006 Seward St., 323.465.0961)



Empire opened in September 2009. Greek-style columns tower above, and brown and red tiered booths overlook the spacious dance floor. There are three bars, a ruby-jeweled chandelier, and an enclosed smoking patio. The space measures 7,800 square feet and has a capacity of 600. (1716 North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, 323.836.0854)

The former Stork space transformed into H.Wood in February 2009. The new venue is a bilevel, loftlike speakeasy constructed of antique and reclaimed materials. The ambience is meant to take clubbers to another era: Servers are dressed in Depressionera uniforms complete with suspenders and newsboy caps. The lounge holds 632. (1738 North Orange Blvd., 323.462.3663)



In July 2009, Essex Public House opened in Hollywood. The main room features a wrought-iron bar, high-topped tables and banquettes, black and white tile floors, and old schoolhouse light fixtures. The venue is available for buyout and holds 125 for events. (6683 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.460.6608)

This club by über-promoter Brent Bolthouse and nightlife impresario Sam Nazarian debuted in 2006. The space is sexy and masculine, with earth tones, leather and crocodile details, and a vaulted copper ceiling. The club holds 150. (8029 West Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.655.8000)


This wine bar offers about 500 wines—mostly Italian— categorized on racks by flavor, and stocked in ascending order by region. A basement tasting room, which holds as many as 15, features candlelight, brick walls, and wrought-iron gates. (3111 Glendale Blvd., Atwater Village, 323.662.5556) FORMOSA CAFÉ5

A noir favorite, this Hollywood staple opened in 1939 and has been a watering hole for stars from Ava Gardner to Brad Pitt. It

102 march/april 2010


SBE’s latest incarnation of its Hyde Lounge property opened in Mammoth in January 2010. The space is close to 5,000 square feet and can hold up to 120 indoors and as many as 200 outside on its heated patio. (6201 Minaret Road, Suite 240, Mammoth Lakes, 760.934.0669) JOSEPH’S CAFÉ5

This Hollywood spot is known more as a lounge and dance club than as a Greek restaurant; it often hosts movie and TV show

wrap parties, record releases, and other industry celebrations. The inside dining area can be reconfigured as a dance club lined with banquettes and couches, the patio has a retractable roof, and there’s a Moroccan-inspired bar and lounge. The capacity is 350. (1775 North Ivar Ave., Hollywood, 323.462.8697)


This 25,000-square-foot space features rich, earthy colors, exposed brick walls, Ultrasuede furniture, high-tech lighting and sound, and a menu of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine from executive chef Oz Ramuco. Private cabanas on the 10,000-squarefoot patio are available. (1119 South Olive St., 213.746.7746) LES DEUX CAFÉ5

Celebrity haunt Les Deux closed in 2004, but it lives again, thanks to Dolce owners Lonnie Moore, Mike Malin, and Sylvain Bitton. It has a sexy, European look, with black leather sofas on the patio, peach-tinged mirrors, and sultry dim lighting. The patio alone holds 170, and the club holds 600 or 1,500 with adjacent event space. (1638 Las Palmas, Hollywood, 323.462.7674) LIBRARY ALEHOUSE5

Beer guru Leo Stanton brought his expertise to the Alehouse in 2001. The space is a true neighborhood public house, with Craftsman-inspired natural wood beams, shelves full of books, and no blaring TVs. In-house catering is available. (2911 Main St., Santa Monica, 310.314.4855) LIBRARY BAR

This cozy spot in downtown’s financial district has blue leather stools around a marble-topped bar, chalkboard menus, antique mercury glass mirrors, and a private room for small group gatherings. The space holds 100. (630 West 6th St., 213.614.0053) LOBBY COURT & PATIO5

The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza finished remodeling its lobby in February 2008, adding textured gold paint to the ceiling and oversize clusters of chandeliers. Seating is available at the central elliptical bar or in spread-out groups of couches. (2025 Ave. of the Stars, Century City, 310.228.1234) LOLA’S

This martini mecca (the joint claims to have created the appletini) has private dining rooms, a large back room with a four- by six-foot viewing screen, a smaller space with an antique pool table, and a bar and lounge. The martini list has more than 50 concoctions; the catering menu offers fried calamari, empanadas, and seared ahi-tuna tacos. The entire space holds more than 250 for receptions. (945 North Fairfax Ave., West Hollywood, 323.654.5652) MAGNOLIA LOUNGE5

Tucked among unassuming storefronts, this neighborhood lounge has a patio and bar centered around a giant tree. Two intimate rooms inside have maroon-flecked wallpaper, tin ceilings, and Philippe Starck Ghost chairs and velvet couches. (492 South Lake Ave., Pasadena, 626.584.1126) NEW MI-6

SBE’s new nightclub, MI-6, opened in September 2009 in the former Foxtail space. Mi-6 has a modern design with lighting along the walls in striped arrangements. The West Hollywood space has booth seating, dual dance floors, and a layout on three levels. The space has a total capacity of about 400, with V.I.P. areas, multiple full-service bars, and smoking patios. (9077 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.859.8369) MINX5

The peaked, tentlike awnings strewn across the old Rusty Pelican aren’t the only thing different here. Minx now features a restaurant and nightclub, along with a full-service dining room and a 975-square-foot lounge with a wraparound patio and private cabanas. The dining room holds 150, the lounge and patio hold 230, and the entire space holds 850. (300 Harvey Drive, Glendale, 818.242.9191) MISS T’S BARCADE

Once an underground club, this hidden Koreatown spot has dark rooms filled with vintage video games like Pac-Man and Joust—and they still cost only 25 cents to play. Kitschy posters from the ’80s line the walls, there are Lite-Brite and He-Man toys. (371 North Western Ave., 323.465.5045) MOUNTAIN BAR

This 16,000-square-foot, two-floor spot is in Chinatown. Each floor has its own sound and projection system, but can combine with other floors for large events. Downstairs, sculptural light fixtures hang from ceilings. Upstairs is like an opium den, with a bed and cushions strewn about. (473 Gin Ling Way, 213.625.7500) NIC’S BEVERLY HILLS

Nic’s has the Vodbox, a glass-enclosed room where 10 people can sip premium vodkas and eat caviar. A cocktail lounge just outside the Vodbox holds 25. The restaurant seats 140 or holds 250 for receptions; the martini lounge holds 80. (453 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.550.5707) OPERA AND CRIMSON

David Judaken and Tag Front designed this 10,500-square-foot multiroom space. Opera has handblown amber glass and arched zebrawood ceilings, while Crimson is a rock ’n’ roll-inspired lounge with faux chinchilla and python-skin walls and staff dressed as Catholic schoolgirls. The spaces hold 700. (1650 North Schrader Ave., Hollywood, 323.960.3300) PARC

Shereen Arazm opened this restaurant and lounge in 2007. The high-ceilinged space has a cool, feminine vibe with soft creamcolored leather booths, handcrafted mirrored columns, and a 14-foot tree dripping with 24 Swarovski crystal globes. Parc offers a small-plates menu throughout the night and holds 200. (6683 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.465.6200)


This sports bar-lounge combo opened in the former Cinch space in 2007. The two-story venue has a patio and rooms decked out in sports memorabilia, leather couches, and 50 TVs. The V.I.P. lounge holds 10. (1519 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.395.4139) PLAY LOUNGE5

Play Lounge took over the Red Buddha space in 2007. The silver-and-blue space has a raised V.I.P. area with three tables overlooking the room, and a dance floor and a pole surrounded by booths. The space holds 300. (6423 Yucca St., Hollywood, 323.309.2166) POURTAL

Pourtal combines the traditional wine bar concept with a self-service tasting room. The venue features 40 varieties for tasting and an additional 20 wines by the glass. The space is available for buyouts and can host tastings for 20. (104 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.393.7693) R BAR

This hidden spot in Koreatown has no sign, and you need a password (which changes) to enter. It is like the bowels of a ship, with wood paneling, crystal chandeliers, lanterns, wrought-iron fixtures, and oil paintings. One room is strewn with couches for lounging; the other has booths that seat as many as six. (3331 West 8th St., 213.387.7227) SAINTS & SINNERS LOUNGE

From the same folks who brought the Bigfoot Lodge to Atwater Village, this kitschy heaven/hell-themed spot has a fire pit in the front lounge, silver chandeliers over a curved bar, angel statues, and a back room with black-andwhite orgy wallpaper. (10899 Venice Blvd., 310.842.8066) S BAR

SBE’s lounge is meant to feel like an intimate artist’s warehouse gallery. Four canvases with painted scenes from Versailles create an expansive trompe l’oeil on one wall, and mismatched furniture fills the room. S Bar holds 100. (6304 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.957.2279) SEVEN5

This fashion-forward lounge took over the former ICandy space. The decor features raw woods, river-rock walls, sunken booths, shag carpet, and candles flickering everywhere. The club has two patios. (7929 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.822.0700) SEVEN GRAND WHISKEY BAR5

Cedd Moses and the 213 Ventures’ downtown watering hole opened in 2007 in the Clifton’s Building. The übermasculine space features antique mahogany paneling and a 50-foot bar with an extensive whiskey collection. A private room filled with stuffed jackalopes and a patio hold 70. (515 West 7th St., 213.614.0737) SHAG5

Shereen Arazm’s 5,200-square-foot space has Murano glass chandeliers white stone terrazzo floors, and glass beads lining the walls. The enclosed V.I.P. area has four circular booths, and a patio features white patent-leather chaises. The space holds 500. (1835 North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, 323.465.4400) SHEDDY’S

Vancouver native Jim Sheddy opened this red-hued pub in April 2008. Sheddy’s has church pews, a spacious booth, and three velvet-curtained alcoves. Tap and bottled beers are available, as are Spanish red and white wines. (361 South Fairfax Ave., 323.651.1442) SIDEBAR

This sophisticated lounge inside the Four Seasons, Beverly Wilshire Hotel is across from Wolfgang Puck’s Cut steak house. One half of the room is strewn with couches and lounge tables, and the other half is a bar with comfortable stools, all with the same Richard Meier style. Sidebar seats 58. (9500 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.275.5200) SKINNY’S

This hip spot brings some Hollywood cachet to North Hollywood, without the attitude that often accompanies venues in the former. Locals enjoy the retro decor accents, plenty of lounge seating, the small dance floor, and the stocked jukebox. (4923 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, 818.763.6581) SKYBAR5

In the daytime, the room has ivy and potted plants and comes across as a stylish poolside bar. At night a Sunset Strip clientele fills the tables and spills out onto the outdoor living room and pool area. Skybar holds 100; combined with the pool area, it holds 550. (8440 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.848.6071) NEW STATION HOLLYWOOD5

Innovative Dining Group opened Station Hollywood inside the W Hollywood in early 2010. This outdoor bar and lounge has dark woods and landscaping, plus a 600-square-foot outdoor screen that retracts from the entrance to the hotel for use for special events held in the space. (6250 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.798.1300) STONE ROSE LOUNGE5

This 5,000-square-foot lounge opened in the renovated Sofitel Hotel in 2006. The lounge is filled with burntorange and red hues, dark leather, and glowing light boxes. Plush velvet settees surround the U-shaped bar, and the private area features red sofas and patent-leather walls. On the patio are cabanas with room for 12 people each. The lounge holds 348. (8555 Beverly Blvd., 310.228.6677)

5= Venues that offer outdoor event space

Los Angeles Venue Directory

Bars, Lounges & Clubs SUEDE BAR & LOUNGE5

Suede Bar & Lounge opened at the Westin Bonaventure in 2008. The 2,000-square-foot space features a bright red palette, and seating arrangements include banquettes dressed up with pillows in shades of lime, tangerine, and turquoise. The space holds 140. (404 South Figueroa St., 213.489.3590) TATOU5

A reincarnation of the Tatou Beverly Hills, this lounge took over the space that once housed Prince’s Glam Slam club. The 35,000square-foot venue has two levels, two dance floors, a 40-foot stage, and a recording studio. There is a patio that holds 50. The entire venue holds 1,000. (333 South Boylston St., 213.784.4504) TEDDY’S

Dodd Mitchell’s redesign turned the former 2,500-square-foot Cinegrill at the Roosevelt Hotel into a clubhouselike space with arched ceilings and brown leather accents. The space holds 140. (7000 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.466.7000) TRADER VIC’S LOUNGE5

When the tiki-rific Trader Vic’s restaurant closed at the Beverly Hilton in 2007, the Hilton transformed a mostly unused poolside space into Trader Vic’s Lounge. The indoor portion of the lounge holds 70, and the outdoor area holds 500. (9876 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.274.7777) TROPICANA BAR5

During the day, this palm-lined patio is just another poolside venue at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. At night, the lounge chairs fill with clubgoers surrounding the David Hockneypainted pool. The space holds 600, with a V.I.P. area that holds 200. (7000 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.466.7000) VICE

This lounge took over the Star Shoes space in 2007. Now the venue has black walls, a sparkly ceiling, long black leather couches, and servers in ripped tees and red miniskirts. There is a glass-enclosed private lounge overlooking the dance floor. (364 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.462.7827)

with design by Tony Schubert from Event Eleven (who also designed Dolce’s Les Deux and Ketchup). (1835 North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, 323.957.1599) THE WOODS

Craig Trager’s funky pastoral-themed spot has deep warm colors and wood abound. Tree trunks, white cedar, birch, and teak are all used in the design, and elk antler chandeliers round out the decor. The space can hold as many as 125 for events. (1533 North La Brea Ave., Hollywood, 323.876.6612) XBAR5

This lounge at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza has an airy design with nods to the sun, sand, and sea. A 4,500-square-foot patio holds 296 and is filled with oversize lounge chairs and fire pits. The bar alone holds 172, and a private room holds 17. The entire space holds 500. (2025 Ave. of the Stars, 310.551.3332) THE YORK

Two Edendale Grill alums opened this Eastside gastropub in 2007. The spacious room has exposed brick walls, a large bar in the center of the room, burlap-covered banquettes and leather booths on one side, hightop tables on the other. (5018 York Blvd., Highland Park, 323.255.9675)


This nightclub and restaurant took over the historic 1920s Security and Pacific Bank Building in 2007. Owner Jason Feld restored the facade, original arched windows, and mahogany walls. The 12,000-square-foot venue includes a restaurant that seats 75, two full bars, and a V.I.P. area that can double as a greenroom. (5503 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, 818.760.1648) CABANA CLUB5

With shallow pools, footbridges, tented cabanas, and swaying palms, the outdoor portion of this club hosts many entertainment-industry events. The V.I.P. tent, which holds 75, has a Mediterranean theme; inside, there’s a dance club and stage. The entire club holds 1,200. (1439 Ivar Ave., Hollywood, 323.463.0005)



Open since October 2009, Voyeur is a 6,000-square-foot West Hollywood lounge with a capacity of 650. There are two fullservice bars, a full-service kitchen, and an outdoor smoking area. Voyeur has a private room with its own entrance and bar; it holds 50 for receptions or 40 for seated events. (7969 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.255.1111)

This opulent nightclub has multicolored swings with cushions in shades of pink and yellow hanging near the marble-topped bar. Bold, mismatched recliners in purple, red, and chartreuse enhance the space’s kitschy look. The entire venue holds 150. (755 North La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.659.7363)


After shuttering a Beverly Hills location in 2006, this live music venue opened at L.A. Live in 2008. The 15,000-square-foot event space—three times larger than the original—holds 1,000. It includes a dining room, dance floor, bar, and broadcast pod and editing bay. (800 West Olympic Blvd., 213.749.0445)

This neighborhood hangout features leather banquettes, heavy mirrors, and eclectic flea-market art. The space is co-owned by Andy Fiscella and Chris Huvane (GQ’s West Coast editor). (7746 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.654.0105) NEW WONDERLAND

The Dolce Group opened this 4,200-square-foot nightspot in September 2009. The space has an Alice in Wonderland theme,

Since 2002, this 3,200-square-foot venue has been known as much for its sexed-up servers in low-cut nurse dresses as for its eclectic music lineup. The red-hued lounge features pool tables, a stage, and a dance floor. Party busses are available. (12249 Venice Blvd., West Los Angeles, 310.390.1076) HEAT ULTRA LOUNGE

This 30,000-square-foot, multilevel venue at the top of the Hollywood & Highland complex contains a restaurant (Rise), a bilevel nightclub with dance floors, DJs, plush lounges, and balconies with views of the entire city basin. The club holds 1,400. (6801 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 433, Hollywood, 323.461.9800)

The former Mayan Theatre became a club and event venue in 1990. It was designed with pre-Columbian details like handcarved walls, a dramatic sun calendar, and exquisite chandeliers. The venue has a hardwood stage and a dance floor. The entire space holds 1,500 (1038 South Hill St., 213.746.4674)



This bar and restaurant is a popular local gay bar. After five expansions, it grew to 16,000 square feet and offers indoor and outdoor dining and drinking areas. Rooms can be rented separately (the largest holds 300), or the entire club holds 1,200. (692 North Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.289.8410)


This sexy Westside lounge is reminiscent of a sleek, upscale hotel lounge, with low-slung sofas, ottomans, and booths around a sunken dance floor (the largest in Santa Monica). There are two V.I.P. areas, two bars, a stage, and side rooms. (6364 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.829.1933)

This lounge in the W Hotel in Westwood has various rooms with low-slung couches and low lights. A patio with a bed cabana, can be partitioned off or used together. The space holds 450. (930 Hilgard Ave., Westwood, 310.443.8232)

James Sinclair’s club has a warehouse aesthetic, with exposed brick walls, low red couches, two stainless steel bars, and a patio that holds 250. The entire club is available for buyouts and can hold 1,000. Element has played host to parties for Us Weekly and CAA. (1642 Las Palmas Ave., Hollywood, 323.460.4632)





The Anaheim GardenWalk recently added Heat Ultra Lounge to its growing list of venues. The space, designed by Nikko Hendi, has deep red, slate gray, and dark wood tones. The 10,000-square-foot club holds 900 guests. (21 West Katella Ave., Suite 214, Anaheim, 714.776.4328)


This dimly lit lounge tucked away in the House of Blues corporate building pulls in Hollywood locals for cheap happy hours and a relaxed vibe. A square bar centers the room with booths and banquettes along the walls. There is a small private room. The space holds 160. (6255 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323.467.9355)

was once Rudolph Valentino’s basement speakeasy. The venue seats 159 or holds 300 for receptions. The gold room lounge seats 20, and the Valentino Room holds 12. A private stage, bar, and V.I.P. room can be rented, as can the entire space. (6533 Hollywood Blvd., 323.871.8634)



One of the latest concert spaces to hit town is the L.A. outpost of Crash Mansion, which debuted in 2008. The venue holds 1,300. The lounge doubles as a V.I.P. area that hosts DJ performances, and offers guests a separate bar and additional seating. (1024 South Grand Ave., 213.747.0999) THE DOHENY5

Nightlife impresario Cedd Moses opened the Doheny in 2008. Event spaces include a club room featuring reclaimed hardwood floors, a concrete ceiling, and toffee-hued leather booths, and a smoking patio set in a greenhouse with a gaslit fireplace. The venue holds 100. (714 West Olympic Blvd., 213.817.5321) 86

This intimate dining and cabaret space, which opened in 2008,



The 14,000-square-foot former Façade changed its name back to Ivar in 2008. There’s a 2,000-square-foot stage, a 2,400-squarefoot patio, and a glass-enclosed private room. The space holds 875. (6356 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.465.4827) LAX5

The name isn’t the only reference to L.A.’s international airport: A silver jet door leads to a metallic club, with airplane-shaped mirrors and red reflectors along the walls. The 5,200-square-foot club has a dance floor, a DJ booth, and two patios. The entire space holds 425. (1714 North Las Palmas, Hollywood, 323.464.0171) LEVEL 3

This 9,000-square-foot futuristic-style club has a 3,000-squarefoot dance floor, a performance stage with a retractable runway, a greenroom, three large video screens, a 50-foot bar, and a stage with four couches. The club seats 300 or holds 600 for receptions. (6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.461.2017) MOOD NIGHTCLUB

Owned by David Judaken (the owner of Opera and Crimson and MyHouse), this nightclub is a hot spot for celebrities. Decorated with African masks and ornate wood carvings, the club is available for private events. (6623 Hollywood Blvd., 323.464.6663) MYHOUSE5

In January 2009, the former Garden of Eden space was reborn as MyHouse, a club designed to look like a Hollywood estate. The venue is available for buyouts and holds 700. Partial buyouts are possible: The master bedroom holds 75, the living room 65, and the backyard 125. (7080 Hollywood Blvd., 323.960.3300) NACIONAL5

This 4,100-square-foot nightclub was inspired by the legendary Hotel Nacional de Cuba. The venue is reminiscent of the pre-Castro architectural style of the 1940s and has two bars, two lounges, a dance floor, and a patio. The space seats 122 or holds 280 for receptions. (1645 Wilcox Ave., Hollywood, 323.962.7712) NEW PLAYHOUSE

Muse Lifestyle Group opened this nightlife and performance venue in July 2009. The trilevel, 13,000-square-foot space offers a stage, four full bars, and a kitchen. The space has standing room for 999. It includes a main room, an upstairs lounge, and a 50-person restaurant. (6506 Hollywood Blvd., 323.656.4800) SUGAR

Blush tones and rock candy replaced the stripper poles in this expansive space behind Sharky’s. The room features ultramodern couches, three full bars, a dance floor, a stage, V.I.P. areas, and a photo booth. Sugar opened in 2007. (1716 North Cahuenga

Boats & Yachts This 130-foot three-masted schooner caters to school groups and corporate teambuilding retreats. The American Pride holds 100. It has 32 bunks, but can hold 56 overnight for groups that like to stay on deck. Catered cruises around Catalina are available. (Rainbow Harbor, Dock 3, Long Beach, 714.970.8801) BLUEWATER SAILING

Bluewater’s fleet of 17 crewed yachts range from 14 to 42 feet and are available for cruises around Santa Monica Bay, Catalina Island, and the Channel Islands. Capacity varies, but most boats hold 10 people. The Sea Brook holds 12. (13505 Bali Way, Marina Del Rey, 310.823.5545) HARBOR BREEZE YACHT CHARTERS & CRUISES

This company launches its fleet of luxury yachts from Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach. The 80-foot Caroline has table seating for

104 march/april 2010

100. The 70-foot Christopher seats 149 and has an upper deck. (100 Aquarium Way, Dock 2, Long Beach, 562.432.4900)


This six-boat fleet sails from Marina del Rey. The Entertainer is the largest boat, with a full galley and open-air observation deck, and holds 550 for receptions or seated events. The Dream On seats 150 or holds 250 for receptions. The trilevel Marina Hornblower seats 150 or holds 180 for receptions and has a dance floor. (13755 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey, 310.301.6000)

Bigger than the Titanic, this historic 81,237-ton ship is equal parts hotel, meeting space, and tourist attraction. The 80,000 square feet of function space includes 17 Art Deco salons with wood paneling, original paintings, and brass fixtures. The trilevel exhibit hall can be used as one or three venues. The entire ship can hold as many as 5,000 people. A three-acre picnic area next to the liner is available June through September. (1126 Queen’s Hwy., Long Beach, 800.437.2934)



This 80-foot yacht was built in 1947. The fully enclosed afterdeck is decorated in blues and greens and seats 12. The main salon has black walnut paneling, sterling silver accents, and contemporary furniture. There are three staterooms, two with full baths. The Mauretania holds 60. (210 Whalers Walk, Berth 31, 310.833.9955)

This company offers all-inclusive packages—captain, crew, yacht, food, beverages, and entertainment—on three yachts. The 90-foot motor yacht Spirit holds 149; the 65-foot Pacific Spirit holds 80; and the 90-foot sailing ship Spirit holds 100. (Port of Los Angeles, Berth 77, San Pedro, 310.548.8080)





This property has more than 21,000 square feet of meeting space: The Concorde Ballroom holds 425, the Lindbergh Ballroom holds 60, and the Earhart Room holds 50. There are gardens, a restaurant and patio, and a boardroom. (7277 Valjean Ave., Van Nuys, 818.997.7676) ANNENBERG AUDITORIUM AT U.S.C.

This 220-seat U.S.C. auditorium has an onstage lectern with a touch-screen computer to direct audiovisual presentations, plus a fully equipped projection room. No food or drink are allowed in the auditorium. (3502 Watt Way, 213.821.1593) BOVARD AUDITORIUM AT U.S.C.5

One of the oldest stages in L.A., this Italian Renaissance-style building opened in 1922 for church services. Renovations in 2003 included new seating layouts and stage design, upgraded theatrical systems and acoustics, and new lobbies. The auditorium seats 1,235, and an outdoor walkway seats 100. (3551 Trousdale Pkwy., 213.740.4211) BRADLEY INTERNATIONAL HALL AT UCLA

Named after Tom Bradley, the first black mayor of Los Angeles, this 28,000-square-foot building is home to multicultural student and community programs. The 5,270-square-foot International Room holds 600 and is divisible into six salons. Several meeting rooms, plus two galleries, can be used for breakout sessions. (417 Charles E. Young Drive, 310.206.8966) CENTER AT CATHEDRAL PLAZA5

Adjacent to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels, this facility has seven meeting rooms, plus the Cathedral Ballroom, which holds 1,000. Three conference rooms have built-in projection screens, and a plaza holds 4,000. Catering is available. (555 West Temple St., 213.680.5273) COTSEN AND MAGNIN AUDITORIUMS5

Part of the Skirball Center, this Jewish cultural center has two auditoriums: the semicircular 650-seat Cotsen Auditorium and the 350-seat Magnin Auditorium with surround sound, 35-millimeter and video projection, and Internet access. Additional meeting spaces seat as many as 330 theater style. Several courtyards and terraces hold 200 to 1,500. (2701 North Sepulveda Blvd., 310.440.4500) DAVIDSON EXECUTIVE CONFERENCE CENTER5

This U.S.C.-owned facility has eight meeting rooms; the largest holds 400. The vineyard is also available, with indoor and outdoor seating. Rooms feature ergonomically designed furniture, projectors, motorized screens, teleconferencing gear, and sound systems. (3415 South Figueroa St., 213.790.9366) DE NEVE PLAZA AT U.C.L.A.5

This facility on the U.C.L.A. campus has a 430-seat auditorium with an adjacent 3,700-square-foot meeting room that seats 220 or holds 400 for receptions. There are also three breakout rooms, two computer labs with 20 workstations each, and a courtyard. (351 Charles E. Young Drive West, 310.825.5451)

symphony shell. The west lobby holds 400 for receptions; the terrace seats 300 for banquets; and the Royce Lounge holds 125. (U.C.L.A. Campus, Box 951529, 310.825.4401) SAN GABRIEL MISSION PLAYHOUSE5

This Spanish-style auditorium, built in 1927, was designed to look like the Mission San Antonio de Padua in Monterey, California. The 1,380-seat theater has side boxes and chandeliers that resemble lanterns used on 19th-century Spanish galleons. A patio holds 100, and outdoor space around the property’s fountain holds 300. (320 South Mission Drive, San Gabriel, 626.308.2865) SANTA MONICA CIVIC AUDITORIUM

Open since 1958, this Modernist building has hosted the Oscars in addition to concerts and sporting events. The hydraulic floor can convert it from a 3,000-seat performance venue to a 27,000-square-foot exhibit space, with room for 149 booths (or 250 with additional tenting). (1855 Main St., Santa Monica, 310.458.8551) SHRINE AUDITORIUM AND EXPO CENTER

The Shrine has hosted many events—from MTV award shows to Miss Universe pageants—since opening in 1926 (the original 1906 building burned down in 1920). With 6,300 seats and a 54,000-square-foot expo center, it’s one of L.A.’s largest event spaces. (665 West Jefferson Blvd., 213.748.5116) SKIRBALL CULTURAL CENTER

This museum celebrates Jewish culture with exhibitions, music, theater, films, and literary programs. With the Santa Monica Mountains as a backdrop, the center offers indoor and outdoor spaces—including Ahmanson Hall, with a ballroom and courtyard for receptions for as many as 1,200—and 41,000 square feet of meeting rooms. The center has several courtyards and terraces, with reception space for 200 to 1,500. (2701 North Sepulveda Blvd., 310.440.4500) SUNSET VILLAGE AT U.C.L.A.

This center has views of U.C.L.A.’s campus. The 5,295-squarefoot Grand Horizon Room holds 650 and can be split into seven salons. Three meeting rooms hold 80 each. The 350-seat Northwest Campus Auditorium has teleconferencing capabilities. (330 De Neve Drive, 310.825.2075) U.C.L.A. LAKE ARROWHEAD CONFERENCE CENTER5

The main lodge and original guest cottages of this center were built in 1920. Upgrades in the 1980s and ’90s included the addition of two-story condos and more meeting facilities; the largest seats 200. An amphitheater seats 200, and 10 of the property’s 40 acres are available for events. (850 Willow Creek Road, Lake Arrowhead, 909.337.2478) VETERANS MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM

Since 1950, this 1,500-seat auditorium has been the centerpiece of the Veterans Memorial Park complex. There are 776 fixed seats, including 329 in the balcony; 824 folding chairs can be set up on the 10,000-square-foot main floor. Eleven meeting rooms of various sizes are also available. (4117 Overland Ave., Culver City, 310.253.6625)


Mainly used for meetings and trade shows, the 11,000square-foot upper auditorium seats 1,100 theater style or 750 banquet style. In the lower auditorium, a sunken floor with a vinyl surface and an adjacent conference room hold 700. Two kitchens are available, as is parking for 570 vehicles. (1401 North Verdugo Road, Glendale, 818.548.2787) LUCKMAN THEATER

The Luckman Fine Arts Complex was built on Cal State University’s L.A. campus in 1994. The auditorium seats 1,152 or converts to a 500- or 624-seat house. There are two rehearsal studios, a greenroom, and digital and projection screening capabilities. (5151 State University Drive, 323.343.6600) MARK TAPER AUDITORIUM

Home to the “Aloud” art, performance, and lecture series since 1993, this intimate auditorium in the Los Angeles Central Library holds 235. The lobby seats 50 or holds 75 for receptions. (630 West 5th St., 213.228.7025) PACIFIC PALMS CONFERENCE RESORT5

The conference center at this resort features 45,000 square feet of meeting and event space, including a 12,000-squarefoot ballroom. All 28 meeting rooms have views of the San Gabriel Mountains, ergonomic furniture, high-speed Internet access, drop screens, and sound systems. (1 Industry Hills Pkwy., City of Industry, 626.810.4455) PASADENA CIVIC AUDITORIUM

This 3,029-seat space has hosted Broadway musicals, the Emmys, the People’s Choice Awards, and American Idol tryouts. The floor has 1,922 fixed seats and 98 installable orchestra pit seats. The loge seats 560, the upper balcony seats 449, and the gold room holds 300. (300 East Green St., Pasadena, 626.449.7360) ROYCE HALL5

This 1,834-seat auditorium, with its two Romanesque-style towers, has served as the symbol of the U.C.L.A. campus since it opened in 1929. The theater has an orchestra pit and a

5= Venues that offer outdoor event space


This complex includes Long Beach Arena, an 825-seat theater, a 3,051-seat theater, and a convention center with 34 meeting rooms. The grand ballroom seats 1,200 or holds 2,272 for receptions and can be divided in two. The Seaside Ballroom holds 700. (300 East Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, 562.436.3636) LOS ANGELES CONVENTION CENTER

Adjacent to Staples Center, this convention center, built in 1971, was upgraded in 1993 and 1997. The center has 720,000 square feet of exhibit space and 147,000 square feet of meeting space, with 43 meeting rooms and a 299-seat theater. The south hall seats more than 22,000 theater style; the west hall holds 17,000. (1201 South Figueroa St., 213.741.1151 ext. 5340) ONTARIO CONVENTION CENTER5

This center has 225,000 square feet of event space. The column-free 70,000-square-foot exhibition hall can be split in two, and the 20,000-square-foot ballroom can divide into three. There are also 24 breakout rooms and a 12,000-squarefoot plaza. (2000 East Convention Center Way, Ontario, 909.937.3000) PASADENA CONVENTION CENTER

After a recent $150 million expansion, the convention center has 60,000 square feet of exhibit space, 25 breakout rooms, and a 25,000-square-foot grand ballroom. The complex’s 28,000-square-foot conference building offers 19 meeting rooms on two levels. The 3,000-seat Pasadena Civic Auditorium is adjacent; its gold room holds 250 for receptions. (300 East Green St., Pasadena, 626.793.2122 ext. 258) RIVERSIDE CONVENTION CENTER5

This facility has more than 45,000 square feet of meeting and exhibition space. The Ben H. Lewis Hall seats 1,250 or holds 1,500 for receptions, the Raincross Ballroom holds 750, and a plaza holds 1,500. (3443 Orange St., Riverside, 951.346.4700 ext. 4708)

Los Angeles Venue Directory

Entertainment & Performance Spaces MUSIC & COMEDY CLUBS AVALON HOLLYWOOD

The historic Palace Theatre underwent a significant makeover in 2003 and now functions as a music and event venue. The space has a balcony, an opera box, and four greenroom suites. The club holds 1,100. (1735 North Vine St., Hollywood, 323.462.8900) CAFÉ CLUB FAIS DO-DO5

This building was constructed as a bank in 1930 and was converted to a bar in the 1960s. The 2,045-square-foot main floor has a stage. There’s a mezzanine and a 1,400-square-foot patio. The venue holds 300. (5257 West Adams Blvd., 323.931.4636 ext. 13) CATALINA BAR & GRILL

This intimate supper club has long been considered one of the best jazz venues in town. For events, use of the stage, sound and lighting systems, and kitchen services is available. The entire space holds 235. (6725 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323.466.2210) CLUB NOKIA

L.A. Live’s Club Nokia has an interactive, high-tech lobby lined with 60 LED screens, where attendees can upload and share photos, texts, or videos with fellow concertgoers. The 59,000-square-foot club holds 2,300. (800 West Olympic Blvd., 213.765.7000) COMEDY STORE

Since 1972, comics such as David Letterman, Robin Williams, and Whoopi Goldberg have performed at this Sunset Strip club. There are three rooms—the largest is the 300-seat Best of the Comedy Store Room. (8433 West Sunset Blvd., 323.650.6268) EL REY THEATRE

Built in 1936 as a first-run movie house, this Art Deco theater with a 3,300-square-foot ballroom was turned into a live music venue in 1994. There’s a full bar, a private lounge, and a kitchen. The total capacity is 771. (5515 Wilshire Blvd., 323.936.6400) THE GROUNDLINGS


This complex has 14 auditoriums, which vary in size from 50 to 400 seats, and the geodesic dome, which seats 850. The balcony holds 400. The courtyard holds 900, and the adjacent parking lot holds 1,000. (6360 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323.464.4226) BRENTWOOD THEATRE

This 500-seat theater is on the Veterans Administration campus. The theater was built in 1942 as an entertainment venue for veterans and to serve as a shelter—the air-raid siren is still on the roof. (11301 Wilshire Blvd., Brentwood, 310.479.3003) CINESPACE5

Techy and swanky, this 8,500-square-foot restaurant, bar, and screening lounge offers three rooms equipped with individual sound systems, digital projection, LCD monitors, and a 30-foot theatrical screen. Cinespace holds 500 for events. (6356 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.817.3456) DIRECTORS GUILD OF AMERICA5

The DGA Theatre Complex is in the guild’s national headquarters. The private screening facility has three theaters, holding 38, 155, and 600. The lobby, atrium, and patio are available for events. (7920 Sunset Blvd., 310.289.2000) EGYPTIAN THEATER5

After $3 million in renovations, the 40,000-square-foot facility reopened in 1998 with a 616-seat theater, a smaller 78-seat screening room, updated sound and projection capabilities, a 6,700-square-foot courtyard that holds 750, and an adjacent retail building. (6712 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.466.3456) EL CAPITAN THEATRE

This theater’s cast-concrete Spanish Colonial exterior and East Indian-themed interior has wowed guests since it opened in 1926. The theater seats 1,000 and has three lobbies for receptions. (6838 Hollywood Blvd., 818.567.5590)

The Groundlings improvisational troupe opened in this 99-seat space in 1979. Saturday Night Live alums Will Ferrell, Phil Hartman, Chris Kattan, Jon Lovitz, Cheri Oteri, Maya Rudolph, and Julia Sweeney all got their start here. (7307 Melrose Ave., 323.934.4747)




Bud Friedman opened the first Improv in New York in 1963. This outpost opened in 1975 and has hosted such then-unknowns as Jerry Seinfeld and Andy Kaufman. The show room seats 200, and the bar holds another 100. (8162 Melrose Ave., 323.651.2583)

This 350-seat screening room and event facility hosts private film and television screenings and a variety of non-screening events. The lobby area, which includes a patio and a green room, can hold as many as 400. (7655 Sunset Blvd., 323.436.7204)


This club holds 1,500. The music hall holds 250 in a classroom-style setup or 1,000 for receptions. The 200-seat Porch restaurant holds 250 for receptions, and the Sunset Porch holds 20. (8430 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.848.5100) KEY CLUB

Open since 1927, this 90-foot-tall theater is filled with Chinese temple bells and pagodas. Lotus-shaped fountains flank the entrance.. (6925 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.464.8111)


Lacma’s Bing Theater is equipped for 35- and 70-millimeter film and video projections; it holds 600. There are multiple venues at the museum for pre- or postscreening functions; the central court seats 600 or holds 1,500 for receptions; the west penthouse holds 800. (5905 Wilshire Blvd., 323.857.6000)

This trilevel Sunset Strip club is high-tech and splashy. Rentable spaces include the 120-seat restaurant, the club that holds 300 for receptions, and a private room, Plush, which holds 120. (9039 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.274.5800)


Following the comedy club trend of the 1970s, Jamie Masada opened this spot in 1979. The bilevel main room seats 290. A private lounge seats 50, and the balcony holds 40. An outdoor area holds 100. (8001 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.656.1336)


Open since 1937, this club had its heyday in the ’80s and ’90s. It closed in 2003, but soon reopened with a new owner and a refurbished sound system and stage. The Mint holds 150. A back lot can be tented and holds 100. (6010 West Pico Blvd., 323.954.9400)



Since 1990, this 45-seat theater has screened movies for the Academy Awards and press screenings. A semiprivate hallway leading to the screening facility may be used as an reception area. (1401 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, 310.576.1831)


The SilverScreen Theater has 388 high-backed rocker chairs and digital film and audio equipment. There is a lobby for receptions. A 40,000-square-foot patio seats 1,400 or holds 2,500 for receptions. (8687 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, 310.657.0800)


This historic studio has two small screening theaters that each hold 35; a third holds 165. The soundstage in front of the bungalows holds 800. A courtyard holds 500, and a patio café accommodates 300. (5300 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, 323.960.3456)

This legendary nightclub opened in 1973. There’s comfortable booth seating, a full bar, and a dance floor. Upstairs, On the Rox is an after-hours venue with its own bar. The theater holds 350. (9009 West Sunset Blvd, 310.278.9457) SAFARI SAM’S5

Sam Lanni’s club seats 260 or holds 465 for receptions. The twostory space has a restaurant, two bars, a library, and an art gallery. The 1,440-square-foot second floor holds 130 for private events. A patio holds 90. (5214 West Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323.666.7267) VINOTEQUE

This Westside wine bar and live-music venue is a 1,900-squarefoot space that seats 80 and hosts blues and jazz nightly. The burgundy-hued lounge has glass-bottle lighting and an African cork ceiling. (7469 Melrose Ave., 310.860.6060) THE VIPER ROOM

Known for its famous investors (Johnny Depp, for one), this bilevel club opened in 1993. The main room has a DJ, a dance floor, booth seating, and a full bar. The club holds 250. (8852 West Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.358.1881) WILTERN LG

This Art Deco gem opened in 1931 as a Warner Brothers movie house and became a music venue in 1985. It holds about 2,300, depending on how the space is arranged. The balcony has 978 fixed seats. (3790 Wilshire Blvd., 213.388.1400)


The 14-screen Regal Cinemas at L.A. Live opened in October 2009. The 140,000-square-foot complex has 3,795 seats in all, with 100 to 290 per auditorium. The venue hosts events in the 818-seat “premiere house” with a private entrance, box office, concession area, and lobby.(800 West Olympic Blvd., 800.792.8244) SILENT MOVIE THEATRE5


At the Music Center downtown, the Ahmanson Theatre and Mark Taper Forum make up the prestigious Center Theatre Group. The seating can be adjusted from 1,600 to 2,000. The 750-seat Mark Taper Forum reopened in 2008 after a $30 million renovation. (135 North Grand Ave., 213.628.2772) ALEX THEATRE5

Built in 1925 as a vaudeville theater, this 1,381-seat venue was restored in 1993. The 100-foot-tall Art Deco neon tower, threedimensional marquee, and terrazzo floor were all restored. A forecourt holds 343. (216 North Brand Blvd., Glendale, 818.243.2611) DOROTHY CHANDLER PAVILION

Home to the Los Angeles Opera, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Master Choral, and Dane at the Music Center, this theater in the Music Center has one of the largest stages in the country. It’s the oldest and largest in the center, and it seats 3,200. (135 North Grand Ave., 213.972.7211) EDGEMAR CENTER FOR THE ARTS5

This 7,500-square-foot Frank Gehry-designed nonprofit arts center hosts art shows, theater events, an acting studio, and youth outreach and performing arts programs. There are two theaters— one seats 65, the other 99—and a courtyard for receptions. (2437 Main St., Santa Monica, 310.399.3666) FORD AMPHITHEATRE5

This 1,250-seat outdoor theater is one of the most intimate setups in town—no seat is more than 96 feet from the stage. Summer programs include world music, dance, film, and theater. (2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East, Hollywood, 323.461.3673) GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE

A $17 million, 18-month renovation created new sight lines and elevated seating, an extended mezzanine, and two new boxes in the 522-seat theater of this UCLA campus playhouse. A 117-seat theater was also added. (10886 Le Conte Ave., 310.208.5454) GIBSON AMPHITHEATRE

This indoor theater at Universal CityWalk was once an outdoor stunt stage for Universal Studios. For eventgoers, everything’s right here: 6,021 seats, restaurants, hotels, and the movie studio. (100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, 310.598.4076) THE GREEK THEATRE5

With 6,162 seats, a V.I.P. hospitality room, and an impressive lineup of performances every summer, this Griffith Park theater is a beloved L.A. favorite. A recent renovation added box suites to the venue. (2700 North Vermont Ave., 323.665.5857) HOLLYWOOD BOWL5

In 1922, the Los Angeles Philharmonic opened its first season under the stars at the Hollywood Bowl. The Bowl holds almost 18,000 people. The Patina Group is the exclusive caterer for the venue and will cater private gatherings on the property before a concert. (2301 North Highland Ave., 323.850.2000) HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM

Frank Sinatra and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra opened this 40,700-square-foot facility in 1940. When the floor is set for seated events, it holds 3,500. There are computerized bar stations and a sound system. (6215 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323.962.7600) KODAK THEATRE

Home to the Academy Awards, this 3,400-seat venue opened in 2001 at the Hollywood & Highland complex. The five-level lobby holds 400. The theater can be configured to have 1,200, 2,700, or 3,400 seats. The auditorium itself can be set for a 1,600-person seated event. (6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.308.6300) LOS ANGELES THEATRE

Once the French Baroque when it opened in 1931, this theater now seats fewer than 2,000. Features include a six-floor crystal and marble lobby, a three-tiered fountain, a glass-ceilinged ballroom with walnut paneling, and a restaurant attached to a private room. (615 South Broadway, 213.629.2939) NOKIA THEATRE5

Opened in 1942, this theater has been restored to its original Art Deco splendor. There are a coffee bar and photo gallery on the second floor that hold 30 for events, and a patio that holds 80. The theater seats 158. (611 North Fairfax Ave., 323.655.2510)

This 7,100-seat space opened in 2007. There are 4,340 orchestra seats, 1,516 seats on the loge level, and 1,244 on the mezzanine, plus 250 luxury suites. A two-level private club with its own patio holds 250, and the Nokia Lounge on the lower level holds 450. (777 Chick Hearn Court, 213.763.6030)



There are eight screening rooms on the Fox lot. The Zanuck Theatre holds 476, the Little Theatre holds 120, and the William Fox Theatre holds 53. A smaller room has room for 35. (10201 West Pico Blvd., 310.369.2406)

This 1,980-seat theater was built in 1926 and renovated in 2001. The lobby holds 335 for receptions, and the wood-paneled lounge holds 177. (842 South Broadway, 213.538.3831)


Open since 1930, this 2,703-seat Art Deco theater is home to theater subscription organization Broadway/L.A. and has hosted everything from the Academy Awards to Bruce Springsteen. (6233 Hollywood Blvd., 323.468.1700)

Owned by Richmark Entertainment, this 1,378-seat theater was built in 1939 in the Spanish Colonial mission style. The theater still has its original tile, windows, interior and exterior sconces, and stage floor. (11301 Wilshire Blvd., Brentwood, 310.479.3003) WARNER BROTHERS STUDIOS


Four screening rooms are available. The rooms seat 50, 113, 226, and 520, and each has a stage with audiovisual systems. Screening Room 5, with Beaux-Arts movie-palace decor, was Jack L. Warner’s personal room. (4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank, 818.954.3000)



This single-screen theater opened in 1940. After a $1 million renovation, American Cinematheque, in conjunction with the venue’s owner, Jim Rosenfield, reopened the 435-seat Aero in 2005. (1328 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, 323.466.3456)

This venue was once Italian producer Dino De Laurentiis’s personal screening room. The 43-seat theater includes five plush executive seats. Receptions can be held in the gallery next door; it holds 40. (8670 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.659.3875)

106 march/april 2010




This 3,051-seat theater at the Long Beach Convention Center complex is home to several local performing arts groups. The adjacent Center Theater holds 825. (300 East Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, 562.436.3661) WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL5

With its curving stainless steel exterior designed by Frank Gehry, the downtown home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic opened in 2003. The space features two outdoor amphitheaters that seat 120 or hold 300 for receptions. The hall has 2,265 seats. (111 South Grand Ave., 213.972.2000)


The 180-room Ace Hotel Palm Springs opened in January 2009. The event space at the hotel is dubbed the Commune; it features 4,000 square feet of room with walls that open to a circular pool and an amphitheater. The space can be divided. (701 East Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, 760.325.9900) AIRTEL PLAZA HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTER5

The Airtel features the Landings restaurant and its patio, which hold 170; for outdoor events, there’s a rock garden with a gazebo and fountains. Airtel offers 22,000 square feet of meeting space, with the largest of two ballrooms seating 500. There are also 18 meeting rooms. (7277 Valjean Ave., Van Nuys, 818.997.7676) ANDAZ WEST HOLLYWOOD5

Hyatt introduced its second property under the Andaz brand on the Sunset Strip in January 2009. The 14-story hotel has 5,500 square feet of indoor meeting space. Additional spaces include a rooftop deck and pool area for 100, and a 100-seat French restaurant. (8401 West Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.656.1234) AVALON HOTEL5

This hotel sits in a Beverly Hills residential neighborhood. The 450-square-foot Avalon Room seats 20. The hotel’s restaurant, Blue on Blue, offers lounge chairs and private cabanas around a vintage hourglass pool. Cabanas seat 12 or hold 25 for receptions. (9400 West Olympic Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.277.5221) BELAMAR HOTEL5

This boutique hotel opened in 2005 where Barnabey’s Hotel and Restaurant stood for 62 years. It offers six meeting rooms. The largest, Sunset, seats 180 or holds 200 for receptions. The 2,600square-foot, foliage-lined courtyard holds 200. (3501 Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach, 310.750.0300)


Known as the home of the Golden Globes and other entertainment-industry events, this hotel has 60,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor meeting space for as many as 4,000. The International Terrace overlooks the pool, and the penthouse-level Stardust Rooftop Terrace has a dance floor and a kitchen and holds 250. (9876 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.274.7777) BEVERLY WILSHIRE, A FOUR SEASONS HOTEL5

Pretty Woman immortalized this luxury hotel. More than 25,000 square feet of function space includes a ballroom that holds 880 and the pool area, which holds 250 for receptions. The 4,000square-foot penthouse is a retro lounge with fireplaces, a private dining room, and a rooftop terrace that holds 75. A terrace holds 250. (9500 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.275.5200) BURBANK AIRPORT MARRIOTT HOTEL AND CONVENTION CENTER

This hotel offers nearly 50,000 square feet of meeting space, including conference suites, the 15,015-square-foot Academy Ballroom, a junior ballroom, and four rooms that each seat 50 theater-style. The 488-room hotel has 79 suites. (2500 North Hollywood Way, Burbank, 818.843.6000) CASA DEL MAR

This hotel’s 4,800-square-foot Colonnade Ballroom, with Venetian chandeliers and windows overlooking the ocean, divides into three event spaces. There’s also a boardroom, the crimson room, the lobby lounge, and the library for smaller groups. (1910 Ocean Way, Santa Monica, 310.581.5533) CHAMBERLAIN WEST HOLLYWOOD5


The 13,600-square-foot Crowne Ballroom has a showroom stage and holds 1,030; it can also be divided into six salons. The mezzanine has an executive boardroom and three smaller meeting rooms. There are four restaurants, a spa, and a casino. (6121 East Telegraph Road, Commerce, 323.728.3600) CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL—LAX

With more than 15,000 square feet of event space, this airport hotel can host events for as many as 600. The Continental Ballroom is 5,876 square feet; it seats 450 or holds 600 for receptions. Smaller rooms can be combined to hold 40 to 100. (5985 Century Blvd., 310.642.7500) CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL—REDONDO BEACH & MARINA5

This beachside hotel’s 25,000 square feet of meeting space includes two ballrooms, which hold 1,000 and 500 for receptions; 15 meeting rooms; and an executive boardroom. The second-floor poolside harbor terrace can be tented. It holds 600. (300 North Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach, 310.318.8888) CUSTOM HOTEL5

This 12-story hotel is located near LAX. All 250 rooms have percale linens, Egyptian-cotton towels, iPod docking stations, and Wi-Fi. For events, the bilevel Hopscotch Pool Bar & Grill features four private cabanas, an outdoor fire pit, and stadium seating. It holds 350 for receptions or seats 150. (8639 Lincoln Blvd., 310.645.0400) DOUBLETREE HOTEL SAN PEDRO5

The former Marina Hotel San Pedro became a Doubletree in 2006 after extensive renovations of the guest rooms and the 15,000 square feet of event space. Ten meeting rooms range from 300 to 5,000 square feet. A courtyard holds 100 for receptions. (2800 Via Cabrillo Marina, San Pedro, 310.514.3344)


This 112-suite hotel’s event and meeting spaces include a 40-seat boardroom, a 456-square-foot patio and 2,268-square-foot rooftop pool deck with 360-degree views, and private cabanas for 50. (1000 Westmount Drive, West Hollywood, 310.657.7400)


This 35-room boutique hotel can be fully booked for events. The patio, Boe restaurant, and the lobby lounge blend into one another, creating space for 75. The private dining room holds eight. The patio and lounge share an indoor-outdoor fireplace. (403 North Crescent Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.247.0505)

This newly renovated hotel has 366 rooms, a business center, and 15,000 square feet of meeting space. The Crystal Ballroom on the main level seats 400 or holds 500 for receptions. The 3,640-squarefoot Penthouse Ballroom seats 230. The penthouse-level Horizon Ballroom, at 1,592 square feet, is also available. (21333 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, 310.540.0500)

This 12-story hotel has six meeting and banquet rooms ranging from 300 to 3,100 square feet. The largest ballroom holds 250 for receptions and can be sectioned off into three meeting rooms for as many as 50. A pool area holds 150 for receptions. (1150 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.553.6561)

More than 25,000 square feet of event space includes the Starlight Ballroom (which holds 900), the Jones Library and its patio, two bungalows that hold 50 and 80, and the garden. Space under the century-old fig tree in front can accommodate 1,000. (101 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.576.7777)

Beverly Garland’s husband built this 255-room hotel for the actress in 1971. The hotel has 13,000 square feet of event space, including the 5,100-square-foot ballroom, 10 breakout rooms, and a 157-seat theater. The Franciscan courtyard holds 200. (4222 Vineland Ave., North Hollywood, 818.980.8000)


This iconic hotel’s meeting spaces include the Art Deco Crystal Ballroom, which holds 1,000; the Crystal Garden for outdoor events; the celestial-themed Sunset Ballroom which seats 150; and the Rodeo Ballroom and its terrace, which seat 380. Recent additions include a boardroom for 12 and the Polo Private Room, which holds 120. (9641 Sunset Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.276.2251)





ANDAZ WEST HOLLY WOOD | 8401 W. SUNSET BLVD. WEST HOLLY WOOD. CA 90069 | T 323 656 1234 F 323 650 7024 | ANDAZ .COM

Los Angeles Venue Directory


This historic and exotic Middle Eastern-themed downtown hotel has nine event venues, including the dramatic Room Tangier and Club Fes. Other spaces include the pool area, the Veranda Bar and terraces, Rick’s Place, and the Rabat Ballroom—all of which can be rented individually or together to hold as many as 2,000. (939 South Figueroa St., 213.627.8971) FOUR POINTS SHERATON LAX5

This 563-room hotel has 16,500 square feet of meeting space that can seat 1,400 for events. There are 16 meeting and breakout rooms, including the California Grand Ballroom, which holds 1,000 for receptions or seats 500, as well as poolside event space. (9750 Airport Blvd., 310.645.4600) FOUR SEASONS HOTEL LOS ANGELES AT BEVERLY HILLS5

This posh hotel has 12 meeting rooms, including 14th- and 15thfloor boardrooms. The newly renovated ballroom has arched windows, Venetian crystal chandeliers, and a built-in bar, and can hold 500. The bougainvillea-lined Weatherly Garden holds 200. (300 South Doheny Drive, 310.273.2222) FOUR SEASONS WESTLAKE VILLAGE5

This hotel opened in 2007. There are 270 rooms and suites, a health center, a spa, and 40,000 square feet of event space. Gardens and manicured lawns hold 500. A full-service TV production studio, including a 7,000-square-foot soundstage, is on site. (2 Dole Drive, Westlake Village, 818.575.3000) THE GEORGIAN

Built in 1933, this Art Deco hotel has three basic meeting rooms that hold as many as 40. The tucked-away Speakeasy restaurant, rumored to have hosted Hollywood legends such as Clark Gable, seats 80. (1415 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, 310.395.9945) HILTON CHECKERS5

This hotel’s Checkers restaurant offers catering services and has a private room for 20 and a patio for 75. The rooftop deck has skyline views and seats 80 or holds 100 for receptions. The library holds 25. (535 South Grand Ave., 213.624.0000) HILTON LOS ANGELES AIRPORT5

With 1,234 guest rooms and more than 55,000 square feet of meeting space, this is one of the largest hotels in the airport area. Event space includes the International Ballroom, which holds 1,500. Three landscaped gardens hold 500 each for events. (5711 West Century Blvd., 310.410.4000) HILTON LOS ANGELES/UNIVERSAL CITY5

This Hilton, across from Universal Studios, has a 16,000-squarefoot ballroom that seats 1,300 or holds 2,000 for receptions. Twelve other soundproof salons are available for as many as 420. (555 Universal Terrace Pkwy., Universal City, 818.506.2500) HILTON PASADENA5

This 296-room Hilton has 30,000 square feet of function space, including the International Ballroom, which seats 1,000 theaterstyle. There are 19 breakout rooms. Trevos Restaurant seats 120. (168 South Los Robles Ave., Pasadena, 626.577.1000) HOLLYWOOD ROOSEVELT HOTEL5

This Hollywood staple’s event spaces include the Blossom Ballroom, which holds 500; the poolside Tropicana Bar, which holds 600; the two-story Spanish-Moorish lobby; Cinegrill, which holds 250; and an intimate library bar. (7000 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.466.7000) HOTEL ANGELENO

Hotel Angeleno’s four meeting spaces and one boardroom sit on the upper floors; the largest holds 75. The hotel offers shuttles within a three-mile radius to the Getty Museum and other attractions. (170 North Church Lane, Brentwood, 310.476.6411) HOTEL BEL-AIR5

This hotel’s Palm banquet room has a fireplace and a patio. An additional 2,400 square feet of meeting space includes two conference rooms that hold 50 each and the garden room, which holds 200. The terrace holds 26. (701 Stone Canyon Road, Bel Air, 310.472.1211) NEW HOTEL ERWIN

Venice Beach’s new Hotel Erwin, a Joie de Vivre property, is a 119-room property overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Its restaurant, Hash, uses seasonal, local, fresh ingredients, with chef Micah Fields delivering his take on home-style cooking. Seasonal specialties include hashes, buckwheat pancakes, and benedicts. The petite eatery holds 20 indoors and 34 outdoors. On the Erwin’s rooftop is High, a long, narrow lounge that offers handcrafted cocktails and holds 98. (1697 Pacific Ave., 310.452.1111) NEW HOTEL MAYA


The Hotel Shangri-La reopened in December 2008 after a $30 million makeover. Meeting spaces include a 300-square-foot rooftop meeting room, plus a 700-square-foot terrace. Hotel amenities include a courtyard with an elevated pool and cabanas, a restaurant overlooking the pool, and a rooftop bar. (1301 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, 310.394.2791) HUNTLEY SANTA MONICA BEACH

This boutique hotel underwent an $18 million upgrade in 2007 and fully restored its 5,000 square feet of event space in 2008, which now accommodates as many as 130. The rooftop restaurant and lounge, the Penthouse, offers 360-degree views of the coastline and the city. (1111 2nd St., Santa Monica, 310.394.5454) HYATT REGENCY CENTURY PLAZA5

This hotel has more than 100,000 square feet of meeting space, including a ballroom that holds 2,300. For outdoor events, there are seven acres of landscaped gardens that hold 2,000. The hotel also has the restaurant Breeze, which has two private rooms for 20 and 40. (2025 Ave. of the Stars, 310.228.1234) INTERCONTINENTAL LOS ANGELES CENTURY CITY5


This hotel offers 18,000 square feet of meeting space; there are conference suites with marina views, a 6,100-square-foot ballroom, the penthouse-level Bayview Room, and a rooftop patio and helicopter landing pad. Outdoor lounge Glow is available for events. (4100 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, 310.301.3000) THE MAYFAIR HOTEL

This downtown hotel’s glass etchings and lobby reflect the Roaring Twenties. The Regency Banquet Hall seats 200. The Orchid Garden restaurant has an Art Deco vibe and wall murals and seats 220. (1256 West 7th St., 213.484.9789)

Built in 1876, this hotel’s 20,000 square feet of event space includes 10 banquet rooms, two chapels, four restaurants, a spa, and two courtyards. Combined, the courtyards hold 140. (3649 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, 951.784.0300)

This historic 683-room hotel has 70,000 square feet of event space. The Crystal Ballroom has a 30-foot hand-painted ceiling, and holds 800. The 16,800-square-foot Biltmore Bowl Ballroom holds 1,000. (506 South Grand Ave., 213.624.1011) THE MISSION INN HOTEL & SPA5


This hotel’s rooftop garden and terrace hold 200. Inside, 6,500 square feet of function space includes the Golden Ballroom, which holds 650. Three restaurants are available, and a lounge holds 100. (120 South Los Angeles St., 213.629.1200)

Opened in December 2009, this seven-story hotel has 208 rooms, 12 suites (six hospitality and six luxury), and five meeting spaces with a total of 4,628 square feet of meeting space. Amenities include 46-inch LCD televisions, complimentary wired and wireless Internet throughout, and Japanese-style oversize baths and separate showers. (1381 South Western Ave., Torrance, 310.212.5111)

This landmark hotel sits on 23 acres. More than 50,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor meeting space includes three ballrooms and Clara Vista, a 1930s Mission-style mansion. Outdoor venues include the Horseshoe Garden, which holds 2,000, and Japanese gardens that hold 150. (1401 South Oak Knoll Ave., Pasadena, 626.568.3900)

Designer Philippe Starck turned an aging apartment building into this spot in 1996. The club, Skybar, holds 550. Restaurant Asia de Cuba holds 425. The penthouse has a private screening room and is available for small gatherings. The poolside area holds 200. (8440 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.650.8999)




Le Merigot has 10 meeting rooms, which seat 180 or hold 450 for receptions. Other venues include a courtyard, a pool deck, and 120-seat French restaurant Cézanne. (1740 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, 310.395.9700)




This eight-story hotel opened in November 2008. Event facilities at the Montage include a 5,000-square-foot Spanish-inspired ballroom. The Rooftop Conservatory offers alfresco event space for 40. There is more than 9,000 square feet of event space in all. (225 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.860.7800)


Warm colors, textures, and international influences make up the striking decor throughout this 49-room boutique hotel. The restaurant Hush seats 50 or holds 100 for receptions. (125 South Spalding Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.278.0303)

This intimate hotel offers 825 square feet of function space for conferences of as many as 40 in its salon. The rooftop pool area, restaurant Privato, and various meeting spaces are available for events. (900 Hammond St., West Hollywood, 310.855.1115)


This 154-room, all-suite hotel has two versatile conference rooms with private balconies, kitchenettes, fireplaces, and plasma TVs; they each hold 40. The rooftop sky deck and pool area holds as many as 100. The Mediterranean-style café seats 30. (733 North West Knoll Drive, West Hollywood, 310.855.8888)


Opened in April 2009, this 80-room hotel has multiple areas for events. The entire rooftop has a capacity of 100. Other areas include the 35-seat café, the fireplace for 40, and the garden with a capacity of 60. (8822 Cynthia St., West Hollywood, 310.854.1114) LOEWS SANTA MONICA BEACH HOTEL5

This 292-room resort has two 18-hole golf courses. The 45,000 square feet of event space includes 32 meeting rooms ranging from 252 to 11,760 square feet. Outdoor event space includes a gazebo for 500 and a tented area for 400. (1 Industry Hills Pkwy., Industry Hills, 800.524.4557)


The Palisades Development Group opened this boutique lodge in 2007. The property includes a fully furnished condos and hotel guest suites, a courtyard brasserie, an espresso bar, and a rooftop sundeck. (8465 Holloway Drive, West Hollywood, 323.656.4100)


This 17-story hotel sits atop Bunker Hill. Among the 22 function rooms is a ballroom which holds 1,000. The fountain courtyard of California Plaza holds 4,000. The 65-seat restaurant, Noé, has private rooms for 18 and 35. (251 South Olive St., 213.617.3300) PACIFIC PALMS RESORT5

This hotel has more than 17,000 square feet of event space, including the outdoor pool area, the restaurant Ocean & Vine, and the lobby and lounge. On the fifth floor, the Arcadia Ballroom holds 500. (1700 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, 310.458.6700)


This 200-room hotel opened in April 2008. All catered affairs are by chef Gordon Ramsay. Outdoor events can be held in the courtyard and rooftop pool areas; each holds 400. The 3,960-squarefoot ballroom can be divided. (1020 North San Vicente Blvd., West Hollywood, 866.282.4560)


This hotel has 55,000 square feet of meeting space and 42 meeting rooms. The pool can be used for outdoor events for as many as 400, and the Century Pavilion patio holds 250. The largest space, the Marquis Ballroom, is 12,000 square feet and holds 1,700. (5855 West Century Blvd., 310.641.5700)

This hotel sits on its own peninsula. Two ballrooms with floor-toceiling windows and eight meeting and banquet rooms are part of the 8,000 square feet of function space; the largest holds 300. A poolside space holds 180. (260 Portofino Way, Redondo Beach, 310.379.8481)



108 march/april 2010

This 385-room hotel sits on 26 acres and has a nine-hole golf course. There’s 45,000 square feet of meeting space, comprising 17 rooms—including the Manhattan Ballroom, which seats 600. (1400 Parkview Ave., Manhattan Beach, 310.546.7511)

This new 878-room hotel at L.A. Live shares a 54-story tower with the new Ritz-Carlton. The hotel offers 75,000 square feet of indoor meeting space, including the 26,000-square-foot Diamond Ballroom, two smaller ballrooms, nine meeting rooms, and two boardrooms. The hotel has a restaurant, a wine bar, and a rooftop lounge. (900 West Olympic Blvd., 213.765.8600)


This all-suite hotel unveiled a multimillion-dollar renovation in 2007. The hotel specializes in intimate meetings for as many as 25. Catered breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are available poolside or in the three conference suites. (849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, 310.393.0486) The Kimpton Hotel group took over the Doubletree Los Angeles in May 2008. The $23 million renovation includes updates to all the outdoor areas and 5,000 square feet of meeting space. There is a ballroom, a 16-seat boardroom, and four 850-square-foot meeting rooms. (10740 Wilshire Blvd., 310.475.8711)





Designed as a contemporary tribute to the classic Parisian inns of the last century, this 43-room boutique hotel is decked out in racy red, black, and gray. Bar Noir holds 40 for receptions and wine tastings. (140 South Lasky Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.281.4000)

InterContinental took over the Park Hyatt in 2007. The 363-room hotel has 12,500 square feet of event space, including a garden and manicured courtyard that holds 350. There are 21 meeting rooms; the largest holds 400 for receptions. The spa has four private villas. (2151 Ave. of the Stars, 310.284.6500)

In July 2009, Joie de Vivre unveiled Hotel Maya in Long Beach, next to the Queen Mary. An 11-acre waterfront property that underwent a $20 million renovation, Hotel Maya has 197 guest rooms, as well as dining and entertainment options. (700 Queensway Drive, Long Beach, 562.435.7676) HOTEL OCEANA5


This 469-room hotel has 25,000 square feet of meeting space, including four movie theaters and a landscaped pool area that holds 600. The largest ballroom holds 750, and the 3,875-squarefoot foyer is also available. Two private dining rooms seat 85 and 175. (333 South Figueroa St., 213.617.1133) This 88-room boutique hotel has 1,895 square feet of event space including the penthouse suite, which holds 150 on its balcony and 50 inside; a boardroom for 10; and in-house restaurant Café Rodeo. (360 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.273.0300) LUXE HOTEL SUNSET BOULEVARD5

On seven secluded landscaped acres, this boutique hotel has six event spaces. The largest, the Sunset Ballroom, holds 300. The adjacent garden and terrace can be used together or separately. On Sunset Restaurant and its patio seat 75 or hold 100 for receptions. (11461 Sunset Blvd., 310.476.6571)

This hotel’s largest meeting room holds 200 and has a garden terrace and foyer. The Magnolia Suite holds 60 and has French doors that lead to a patio. (9882 South Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.551.2888) PORTOFINO HOTEL & YACHT CLUB5


Tented rooftop terraces at this hotel hold 120. A terrace adjacent to the pool measures 1,800 square feet. Two ground-floor garden suites have open floor plans with private gardens. Jaan restaurant has a private room for 20. (9291 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, 310.278.3344) RENAISSANCE HOLLYWOOD HOTEL5

A cornerstone of the Hollywood & Highland complex, this hotel has a 25,000-square-foot ballroom. The Skyline and Crestview suites each hold 25. Outdoor space includes a pool terrace that holds 400. (1755 North Highland Ave., Hollywood, 323.856.1200) OPENING SOON RITZ-CARLTON, LOS ANGELES5

Scheduled to open this spring, this 123-room hotel will feature a 3,400-square-foot Club lounge, a fine dining room on the 24th floor, a rooftop pool, and a Ritz-Carlton spa. The hotel will offer 77,000 square feet of meeting space including three ballrooms. (900 West Olympic Blvd., 213.743.8800)


This hotel’s 18,000-square-foot ballroom level recently underwent a multimillion-dollar makeover. Meeting space includes a 7,980-square-foot ballroom, two smaller waterfront ballrooms, and a rose garden and marina court, which hold 150 and 600, respectively, for receptions. (4375 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, 310.823.1700) SHADE HOTEL5

The 38-room Shade Hotel opened in 2005. The Zinc Lounge holds 150 for receptions, while the Zinc Terrace holds 80. A boardroom seats 60 theater-style; the Skydeck, the intimate rooftop deck and pool area, fits 100. (1221 North Valley Drive, Manhattan Beach, 310.546.4995) SHERATON DELFINA5

Owned by the group that made the Viceroy Santa Monica a staple, this Sheraton underwent an extensive redesign in 2005. Ocean views from the top-floor ballroom and penthouse suite are impressive; the ballroom holds 300. The pool area holds 100. (530 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.399.9344) SHERATON GATEWAY LAX5

This 802-room hotel has French contemporary-style decor. The 50,000 square feet of event space includes 40 rooms; the largest ballroom holds 1,500. Event space includes the pool area with cabanas for 100. (6101 West Century Blvd., 310.642.1111) SHERATON LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWN5

After a $10 million renovation, this 485-room hotel is a nod to L.A.’s Art Deco past. More than 26,000 square feet of event space includes a 10,000-square-foot ballroom, three boardrooms with attached terraces, and a 26th-floor event space with 360-degree city views. (711 South Hope St., 213.488.3500) SHUTTERS ON THE BEACH5

On Santa Monica Beach, this hotel has two restaurants and a lobby bar with fireplaces. The Handlebar meeting room has ocean views and holds 100, and the Promenade Ballroom has a terrace and room for 150. The grand ballroom holds 400. Outdoor event space includes the Pacific Terrace, which holds 250. (1 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.458.0030) SLS HOTEL BEVERLY HILLS5

This hotel has 13 meeting spaces—the largest of which spans 4,375 square feet—and provides audiovisual production services and tips on hosting green events. The property has six private spa rooms and seven cabanas beside the rooftop’s two pools. (465 South La Cienega Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.247.0400) SOFITEL LOS ANGELES

As part of an $80 million renovation in 2006, this hotel added a restaurant, a spa, and a Rande Gerber-owned lounge. The 10,000 square feet of event space includes a ballroom that holds 300. (8555 Beverly Blvd., 310.278.5444) THE STANDARD, DOWNTOWN5

The rooftop pool of this André Balazs-owned property—with red vibrating waterbed pods and Astroturf floor—became a hit when it opened in 2002. Two meeting rooms hold 90. The mezzanine loft, with floor-to-ceiling windows, fits 130. The pool terrace holds 240. (550 South Flower St., 213.892.8080) SUNSET MARQUIS HOTEL AND VILLAS

In late 2007, this hotel wrapped up a $20 million renovation project. Forty new villas have been constructed, including the two-story, 3,200-square-foot presidential villa. A restaurant,

a spa, and a recording studio are also new. (1200 North Alta Loma Road, West Hollywood, 310.657.1333) SUNSET TOWER HOTEL

The original Sunset Tower was built in 1929 by architect Leland A. Bryant. There are 74 suites and rooms. The Terrace restaurant is available for private events, serves seafood and American cuisine, and seats 200 or holds 500 for receptions. (8358 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.654.7100) NEW TERRANEA RESORT5

This Mediterranean-style resort opened in June 2009. Terranea offers 60,000 square feet of indoor event space, split into 33 rooms. Terranea also houses a nine-hole golf course, as well as the 25,000-square-foot Spa at Terranea. (100 Terranea Way, Rancho Palos Verdes, 310.265.2800) THOMPSON BEVERLY HILLS5

After a $10 million renovation in 2007, Jason Pomeranc’s Thompson Hotel Group turned a Best Western into this 107-room property. The hotel has a BondSt restaurant and a rooftop lounge. There is a lounge and a private dining room for 10. (9360 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.273.1400) VICEROY SANTA MONICA5

The style here is English-colonial, with parrot-green walls, oversize cameos, and Regency furniture. The Bristol Room holds 120, the Dorset Room holds 60, and the library can host an intimate dinner. Plush poolside cabanas hold as many as 20. (1819 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, 310.260.7500) THE WESTIN BONAVENTURE HOTEL & SUITES5

This all-glass circular structure has starred in scores of movies and TV shows. The atrium houses 42 restaurants and shops. The 114,000 square feet of meeting space includes the city’s largest ballroom, which holds 3,000. The pool plaza deck holds 3,000. (404 South Figueroa St., 213.624.1000) THE WESTIN PASADENA5

This 350-room hotel offers 29 meeting spaces, the largest of which is 5,059 square feet. The 5,568-square-foot Fountain Ballroom has views of the San Gabriel Mountains; its terrace offers views of the City Hall dome. Together, the spaces hold 950. (191 North Los Robles, Pasadena, 626.792.2727) WESTLAKE VILLAGE INN

This 141-room hotel completed extensive renovations in 2008. A two-story, 1,500-square-foot villa features an antique boardroom table, a fireplace, and a private terrace. There’s more than 14,000 square feet of event space, plus a restaurant and lounge. (31943 Agoura Road, Westlake Village, 818.889.0230) WILSHIRE GRAND5

This 900-room hotel is in the midst of a $60 million renovation. It offers 50,000 square feet of meeting space, including 28 meeting rooms and four ballrooms. The largest ballroom, the Pacific, holds 1,300. The landscaped pool area holds 100. The hotel has four restaurants. (930 Wilshire Blvd., 213.688.7777) NEW W HOLLYWOOD

Open since February 2010, the W Hollywood has 10,000 square feet of meeting space and 25,000 square feet of overall event space. For downtime there is a pool with daybeds, cabanas, and a bar, and Drai’s Hollywood nightclub. (6250 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.798.1300) W LOS ANGELES—WESTWOOD5

This 258-suite hotel has 5,000 square feet of event space, with four meeting rooms and a terrace. Rande Gerber’s Whiskey Blue lounge holds 400; the outdoor Backyard restaurant seats 250; and the pool area, with its 10 cabanas, holds 200. (930 Hilgard Ave., Westwood, 310.208.8765)


This 30,000-square-foot facility was built in 1999. The main hall has a wall-size projection screen and seats 400. The 10,000-square-foot gymnasium holds 800. A rock-climbing wall, an activity room, and outdoor areas are also available. (27040 Malibu Hills Road, Calabasas, 818.880.2993) ALDERSGATE RETREAT CENTER5

Owned and operated by the United Methodist Church, this pastoral nonprofit retreat center features a three-story 19thcentury Craftsman-style home that holds 44 for events. There are also a chapel and a meditation garden. (925 Haverford Ave., Pacific Palisades, 310.454.6699) ALMANSOR COURT

This banquet and conference center is near Lake Alhambra and the Alhambra Golf Course. Seven meeting rooms combine to hold as many as 1,200 for receptions or seat as many as 550. The Palm Court Room has nightclub-style lighting. (700 South Almansor St., Alhambra, 626.570.4600) BARKER HANGAR5

This Santa Monica Airport hangar plays host to events of every sort,. With 43-foot-high ceilings, and enough space to fit a few small planes, it’s one giant blank canvas for planners. The open, column-free area holds thousands, and tents can be erected outside for more room. (3021 Airport Ave., Suite 203, Santa Monica, 310.390.9071) CALAMIGOS RANCH5

This 130-acre ranch and conference resort is surrounded by groves of oak, eucalyptus, and pine trees. Overnight accommodations include a five-bedroom cottage and three lakeside

5= Venues that offer outdoor event space

cabins. Fifteen indoor and outdoor meeting spaces are available and range from large banquet halls to tree-lined picnic areas. (327 South Latigo Canyon Road, Malibu, 800.821.2097) CASTLE GREEN5

Opened in 1898 as one of three buildings for the Hotel Green, this Victorian/Moorish/Turkish structure has dramatic domes, arches, pillars, balconies, and verandas. A ballroom holds 425 for receptions and 220 for seated events; the first floor and grounds can hold as many as 500. (99 South Raymond Ave., Pasadena, 626.793.0359) CATALINA CASINO

Never really a casino, this is the building that graces every postcard from Catalina Island. Built in 1929, the 12-story circular Art Deco building houses a ballroom and theater with arching 50-foot ceilings, Tiffany chandeliers, an elevated stage, and raised seating. The facility holds 1,400 for receptions. (100 St. Catherine Way, Catalina Island, 310.510.7497) CHURCH ESTATE VINEYARDS5

This nine-acre property became available for events in 2008. The 8,000-square-foot Normandy-style home is equipped with Le Cornue kitchen appliances and five 300-to-500-yearold European fireplaces. There’s also a 400-square-foot guest cottage, mountain views, four waterfalls, a vineyard, a 3,000bottle wine cellar, riding stables, polo ponies, a fully stocked fishing lake, a boathouse, and a red clay tennis court. The estate holds 500. (6415 Busch Drive, Malibu, 310.457.0600) COOPER DESIGN SPACE

This 22,000-square-foot 11th-floor loft in downtown’s fashion district has 22-foot ceilings, tall windows, and two freight

Los Angeles Venue Directory

Independent Event Spaces elevators. The structure was built as the Cooper Building in 1927 to suit L.A.’s clothing designers and manufacturers; it is now the home base for L.A. Creatives. The loft holds nearly 2,000 for receptions. (860 South Los Angeles St., 213.627.3754) CULVER EVENT CENTER5

This restored Arts and Crafts venue was a speakeasy in the 1920s. Now restored, it’s an all-inclusive hideaway for events. The main room—with a fireplace, a mezzanine bar, and French doors that lead to a patio—holds 150 receptions or seated events. (11948 West Washington Blvd., 310.721.3512) THE EBELL CLUB OF LONG BEACH

vaulted ceilings, arched windows, hand-pegged wood floors, and 1920s furnishings. The dining room and the fountain patio are available for events. (4730 Crystal Springs Drive, 323.661.7212)


The Haas Building reopened its doors in April 2009 after a multimillion-dollar renovation. It now features 10 floors of lofts, a community center, a health center, and LoftSeven, a penthouse and rooftop primarily used as an event space. LoftSeven is a bilevel private residence with 8,000 square feet of open space per floor. The rooftop includes a 25-person Jacuzzi, a smaller catering kitchen, and unobstructed views of downtown L.A. (219 West 7th St., 213.489.2259) HANGAR 8

This 15,000-square-foot structure at the Santa Monica Airport has 30-foot ceilings, an open floor plan, and huge rolling doors for loading. Hangar 8 has been used for TV, film, and music video shoots; product launches; and film premieres. (3100 Donald Douglas Loop North, Santa Monica, 310.392.9000)

Built in 1924, this event venue can seat 200 people for events in three rooms. The space has Spanish-style architectural elements, Corinthian columns, and a tiled fountain in the indoor courtyard. All food and beverages must be provided by Jay’s Catering. (290 Cerritos Ave., Long Beach, 562.436.4014)


This is one of the oldest and largest women’s clubs in the country, in a 75,000-square-foot Italian Renaissance-style complex. The garden, with its fountain, patios, and loggia, holds 400 for receptions. There’s a 1,270-seat theater, a 200-seat auditorium, and three ballrooms. The first floor—including the lounge, the art salon, and the dining room—holds 1,400. (743 South Lucerne Blvd., 323.931.1277 ext.124)


Considered the birthplace of the city of Los Angeles in 1781, this 44-acre park includes historic buildings, museums, a plaza, and the Olvera Street Mexican marketplace. Four of the 27 buildings around the plaza are museums, including the Avila Adobe, built in 1818. The area holds 15,000 people. (125 Paseo de la Plaza, Suite 400, 213.485.6855)

Home to the National Orange Show, this Inland Empire facility covers 120 acres and holds more than 40,000 people and 8,000 cars. Six buildings make up the complex, which also includes a quarter-mile speedway, an 11,000-square-foot dome for receptions, and 150,000 square feet of exhibit space. The banquet and conference center flanks a lagoon surrounded by lush gardens and lawns. (689 South E St., San Bernardino, 909.888.6788)




Eve on Nemo is a new multi-use venue that seats 70 or holds 100 for receptions. It has a full kitchen, 1,300 square feet of indoor space, and a patio with a stone fire pit—since L.A. winters often allow for alfresco events. Chandeliers, birdcages, and a livesucculent-framed mirror round out the decor. (9045 Nemo St., West Hollywood, 310.278.8181) THE FACTORY

This 15,000-square-foot space was built in 1929 and once owned by movie mogul William Fox. In the 1960s, Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack opened it as a private club. Now it has new lighting and sound systems, a kitchen, several bars, dance floors, and lounges. Two distinct areas can be used separately or together: The industrial-style Factory seats 250 or holds more than 800 for receptions, and the intimate Ultra Suede seats 150. (652 North La Peer Drive, West Hollywood, 310.659.4551) GRIFFITH OBSERVATORY5

This iconic observatory welcomes the public and corporate events with a theme compatible with its mission. In addition to upgrades to the structure itself, a 44,000-square-foot lower level was built to house new exhibits and a Wolfgang Puck-run café, and a number of rooftop spaces have become viewing platforms. (2800 East Observatory Road, 213.473.0800) GRIFFITH PARK CLUBHOUSE5

This clubhouse overlooks the Wilson/Harding Municipal Golf Course in Griffith Park. A fire destroyed the original structure; this one was built by Franklin Roosevelt’s Work Progress Administration in 1937. The Spanish Revival-style building has

Two venues are available at the village: the Renberg Theatre and the Davidson/Valenti Theatre. The Renberg seats 200, and has full theatrical lighting and Dolby digital surround sound. The Davidson/Valenti is a 50-seat traditional black-box space with a movable stage. (1125 North McCadden Place, 323.860.7324) The Mark is a new 7,500-square-foot event venue. Poko Event Productions designed the space, creating areas that can be subdivided for smaller events. The entire space holds 500. The venue, open since March 2009, also offers a full kitchen for event catering. The Markowitz family, the people behind Factor’s Famous Deli, operate the Mark. (9320 West Pico Blvd., 310.247.2266) N.O.S. EVENT CENTER5


388 for receptions. (891 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, 949.376.1555 ext. 106) NEW 650 NORTH

Opened in the former Republic space, 650 North is a newly remodeled venue in West Hollywood. The 14,000-square-foot property has two levels and a maximum event capacity for 1,200 guests with special event permitting, or 180 for a seated event. (650 North La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.360.1600) SMOGSHOPPE

This boutique event and production space opened in 2008. Constructed out of an old smog-check mechanic’s shop, the 6,000-square foot venue seats as many as 200 or holds 300 for receptions. The space is solar-powered and has several sustainable-design features. (2651 South La Cienega Blvd., 310.837.3610) SPIN-LA

Not only does Spin-LA rent vintage and rare classic cars, it also serves as an art gallery and event space. The 1,136-square-foot room holds 100, and the cars stored there can stay or go. The store features a retractable glass garage door in front. (525 Broadway Ave., 3rd Floor, Santa Monica, 888.852.7746) THE SPORTSMEN’S LODGE5

Like a mountain lodge but centered in the Valley, this facility has 10 event and meeting rooms, three terraces, lush gardens, and a pond. The main lobby has a two-story stone fireplace and a spiral staircase. The Empire Ballroom seats 800 or holds 1,000 for receptions. The Redwood Room and its adjacent patio seat 50. (12833 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 818.755.5000) STAR ECO STATION5

This environmental-education and exotic-wildlife rescue center offers space for events in an eco-friendly environment. Exotic Turtle Island seats 75 outside. The Environmental Village room has walls covered with a tropical forest mural and holds 55. Another room with bamboo walls holds 75. (10101 West Jefferson Blvd., Culver City, 310.842.8060) UNION STATION5

Opened in 1939, this station has inlaid marble floors, intricate tile work, and elaborate wood accents. The main concourse holds 1,000. The Fred Harvey Room, with Art Deco horseshoe banquettes, seats 200 or holds 350 for receptions. (800 North Alameda St., 213.617.0111)

This 30,000-square-foot Westside facility has eight meeting rooms and gardens. Most rooms have rich-colored carpets, dark wood accents, and marble foyers. The grand ballroom holds 1,000 for receptions or 550 for seated events; the Regency Ballroom seats 330 or holds 470 for receptions. The garden terrace, with a fountain and a recessed bar, is also available for receptions. (11301 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 204, 310.575.4585)



Built in 1894, this house filled with cherry-oak paneling, 19th-century books, and antique furniture was moved to its current location in 1973. The 15,000-square-foot house holds 400 indoors and an additional 900 with the gardens and lawns. (2640 Main St., Santa Monica, 310.392.4956)

Built in 1905 and renovated in 2005, this federal historic building has two ballrooms with 40-foot arched ceilings. The 5,500-square-foot ballroom holds 200, while the smaller room accommodates 90. A 5,800-square-foot retail/gallery space can be rented for 200. The venue has two kitchens, freight elevator access, and a loading dock. (610 South Main St., 213.590.0755) SANTA MONICA PIER5

This pier, built in 1909, features amusement park games and rides, a mini golf course, an arcade, restaurants, and, of course, beach. The Carousel Building seats 300 and holds 600. Pacific Park can be rented in its entirety. Rusty’s Surf Ranch and Marisol restaurant are available for day or evening events. (200 Santa Monica Pier, Suite A, Santa Monica, 310.458.8900) SEVEN DEGREES5

This event venue and art gallery has a glass facade and steel, glass, and granite decor. A hillside terrace, with canyon views, bamboo railings, and a waterfall, seats 200 or holds 300 for receptions. Indoors, a 4,500-square-foot space seats 300 or holds

This 35,000-square-foot space was once a cathedral. Dramatic archways, 45-foot ornate ceilings, stunning windows, and a lush garden make it one of the more unusual historic venues in Los Angeles. Vibiana holds 800 for receptions indoors and 400 outdoors. (210 South Main St., 213.622.4949) THE VICTORIAN5


This 10-acre gated community is available for events in its public spaces—but only to residents of the development. The grounds offer a Zen meditation garden, a resort-style pool with private cabanas, and a barbecue area. The two tennis courts are available for receptions for as many as 150, and the pool area holds 65. (6487 Cavalleri Road, Malibu, 310.457.8484) WESTERN JUSTICE CENTER FOUNDATION5

Four bungalows that once made up the Vista del Arroya resort hotel were renovated by this law organization. The first floor of the 1929 Italian Revival-style Maxwell House has hand-painted fresco ceiling panels and cathedral windows. A conference room holds 100. Several small meeting rooms and two patios are also available. (55 South Grand Ave., Pasadena, 626.584.7494)


Events are held outdoors in one of four areas: the formal garden, which holds 400; the inner courtyard, which holds 200 for receptions; the pool area, which seats 150; or the terrace, which seats 80. (905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.550.4796) THE HIDDEN CHATEAU & GARDENS5

Constructed in the 1930s, the Hidden Chateau was the stable for the horse of a silent-movie star’s wife. It is on 1.5 acres crisscrossed by stone paths. The chateau holds as many as 400. (23130 Sherman Way, West Hills, 818.610.3228) KELLOGG HOUSE POMONA5

Built in 1926, this was once the home of cereal magnate Will Keith Kellogg. On the Cal Poly Pomona campus, it has wrought-iron banisters and hand-painted ceiling details. Kellogg holds 150. A terrace seats 200. (3801 West Temple Ave., Pomona, 909.869.2187) LA VENTA INN5

Above the Palos Verdes Peninsula sits this refurbished 1920s Spanish villa. The venue has been managed by the New York Food Company since 1992. The inn and gardens hold 250. (796 Via Del Monte, Palos Verdes Estates, 310.373.0123) LINDLEY-SCOTT HOUSE5

This yellow two-story Georgian-style home built in 1911 added a carriage house and lawn last year. Fashioned to coordinate with

110 march/april 2010

the main home, this addition features a ballroom with cascading vintage chandeliers. The garden holds 400. (710 and 720 East Foothill Blvd., Azusa, 626.334.5215)


Although this two-acre oceanfront private estate’s grounds are available for rental, the Victorian home generally is not. All events are arranged through The lawn seats 400; the lower beach area holds 200. (Malibu, 310.376.9797) MARRAKESH HOUSE5

Designed in Moroccan motifs and with an emphasis on art, this 4,300-square-foot Culver City house was remodeled by Who Killed The Electric Car? filmmaker Chris Paine and a team of L.A.-based artists and designers. (Culver City, 704.576.9766) MAXWELL MANSION5

A Mediterranean-style Pasadena mansion, Maxwell is on the original grounds of the Vista del Arroyo Hotel. For seated events, the main dining room holds as many as 40, while the garden holds 60. (55 South Grand Ave., Pasadena, 626.584.7494 ext. 18) RANCHO SOL DEL PACIFICO5

This Mediterranean hilltop villa has a tile-and-brick courtyard that holds 450 and a passageway to a colonnade, where a waterfall cascades into a koi pond. Other amenities include a tennis court and a lighthouse. (12680 Yellow Hill Road, Malibu, 310.457.9295)


This Malibu mansion features landscaped terraces that step down to the edge of the property. Notable features include flagstone pathways under bougainvillea-draped stone arches, a leafy canopy of fruit trees, and a flagstone pool area. Stone Manor holds 175 indoors or outdoors. (Malibu, 818.753.9100) THE VICTORIAN5

A carefully restored example of Victorian architecture and landscaping, this mansion is more than 100 years old. The 15,000square-foot venue and its grounds hold 1,500. Catering is by Duck Duck Mousse. (2640 Main St., Santa Monica, 310.392.4956) VILLA DE LA VINA

This property is in the Santa Monica Mountains. The home itself is 9,000 square feet and holds about 300. A third building—a guesthouse with an 800-square-foot wine cellar—brings the total square footage to 15,000. (818.652.6971) WATTLES MANSION5

This turn-of-the-century mansion originally occupied 49 acres below the Hollywood Hills. With its black-and-white checkerboard marble floor and white stucco walls, the venue gives off an Old Hollywood charm. The garden seats 200 or holds 300 for receptions. Adjoining rooms seat 200. (1824 North Curson Ave., Hollywood, 323.874.4005)


IT’S JUST THE NEWEST GEM IN HOLLYWOOD The Taglyan Arts and Cultural Complex offers a dazzling combination of Old World opulence and cutting-edge audiovisual technology. Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, blocks away from the glamour of star-studded grounds imprinted with superstar and celebrity prints, you will discover remarkable beauty teeming with detail, quality and sophisticated style. At Taglyan each celebration is unique and each experience will be yours, distinctively. 10,000 square feet of event space, capacity for up to 750 — as big as your dreams


1 2 0 1 N o r th V i n e St . , H o l l y wo o d , C A 9 0 03 8 3 2 3 . 978 . 0 0 0 5 •

Los Angeles Venue Directory

Movie Studios & Sound Stages CBS STUDIO CENTER5

The New York street set at CBS Studios is where Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine roamed. There’s also a Central Park set and an every-city residential street available for large receptions. Forty acres include 18 soundstages, screening rooms, a newly remodeled 79-seat viewing room, and an executive dining room. (4024 Radford Ave., Studio City, 818.655.5000) THE CULVER STUDIOS5

One of the most prominent settings at this historic studio is the white-columned antebellum mansion from Gone With the Wind. Several of the 13 soundstages seat 500 or hold 1,500 for receptions. The lawn in front of the mansion holds 3,000 for receptions. (9336 West Washington Blvd., Culver City, 310.202.3400) GMT STUDIOS

This studio has six stages that range in size from 4,000 to 18,000 square feet; the largest holds 800. Three unique sets can be used for events: The prison set, used in Escape From Alcatraz, holds 300; the courtroom, used for the Judge Judy pilot, holds 200; and a police station room holds 100 for receptions. (5751 Buckingham Pkwy., Culver City, 310.649.3733) JIM HENSON COMPANY LOT5

Before Kermit and Miss Piggy called this lot home, it was used by Charlie Chaplin in the heyday of his career. The soundstage and courtyard hold 750 for events. The Henson Digital Performance System brings animated characters right into a party on a large screen. There is also a 30-seat screening room and a kitchen. (1416 North La Brea, Hollywood, 323.802.1587)

outdoor area holds 500 for receptions. (3000 West Alameda Ave., Burbank, 818.840.3223)


This studio has 31 soundstages that range from 6,000 to 35,000 square feet. The 28 back lots hold 2,500 for receptions. Settings include a city street lined with brownstones, the Old West, ancient Rome, or a European streetscape. Some can be combined for larger events. On-site catering is available. (100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, 818.777.9466)

Where to...


Raleigh Studios’ Hollywood location has 12 soundstages offering 5,000 to 16,000 square feet of space, holding 1,000 on the largest stage. Two theaters hold 38 each;another holds 160. The area in front of the bung-alows holds 700. Raleigh Studios Manhattan Beach has 13 soundstages. The loftlike studio café holds 500. Raleigh Studios Playa Vista is the newest property; two 25,000-square-foot open hangars with 45-foot ceilings hold 4,000. (Hollywood: 5300 Melrose Ave., 323.960.3456; Manhattan Beach: 1600 Rosecrans Ave., 323.960.3456; Playa Vista: 5600 Campus Center Drive, 323. 960.3456) REN-MAR STUDIOS5

Sample Handcrafted Cocktails Santa Monica’s Copa d’Oro (217 Broadway, Santa Monica, 310.576.3030) features 50 signature cocktails based on fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the local farmers market. The Spanish bar has two private areas that hold 10 people each, or the entire space holds 130 and is available for full buyouts.


Since 1915, this studio has housed film, TV, music, and video productions, from I Love Lucy to Ally McBeal. Five soundstages offer 5,000 to 25,000 square feet; the smallest holds 300 for receptions, and the largest holds 1,500. The grassy courtyard, with potted plants and Art Deco architecture, makes a cool backdrop for large events. (846 North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, 323.463.0808)


This film studio is a one-stop shop. There are nine soundstages: five in West Hollywood and four near Griffith Park. Most events take place at the West Hollywood campus at Stages 1 through 3, where two stages have indoor-outdoor space. The Fuller Studio holds 900. (1011 North Fuller Ave., Hollywood, 323.851.5030)


This enclosed, 20-acre campus has a three-block private street, two decks on top of the Beaudry Building with views of the downtown skyline, six 18,000-square-foot soundstages, the Flix Café with indoor-outdoor seating, and a 400-seat theater with surround sound. Events for 10,000 have taken place on the property. (1201 West 5th St., 213.534.3000)

room done in warm woods and large windows; it opens to an extensive patio and adjoins a park with a lawn and fountain. The dining room holds 300 for seated events, or 500 for a reception; with the patio, add 200 seated or 250 for receptions. The park area holds 500 for seated events or 2,000 for a reception. (10202 West Washington Blvd., Culver City, 310.244.8042)

Since the early 1900s, this studio has had several names, most notably United Artists and Warner Brothers. Now known simply as the Lot, it offers seven soundstages from 8,000 to 25,000 square feet. The parking-structure rooftop is rigged for tents and lights; it holds 2,200. The restaurant has space for 1,500. (1041 North Formosa Ave., West Hollywood, 323.850.2600)


This TV studio offers six soundstages, a commissary, a patio, a dining room, the midway, rehearsal halls, and a lawn for events. The commissary holds 235 for receptions or seated events, the rehearsal halls seat 120 or hold 240 for receptions, and the


Wolfgang Puck Catering is exclusively catering new event areas at Sony Pictures Studios, unofficially called the “Dining Room” and “the Park.” The indoor space has a modern, open dining


This is the oldest working studio left in Hollywood. Sixty-three acres include an outdoor area near a 950,000-gallon water tank with a blue-screen backdrop; the famous Bronson Gate, with its archway, fountain, and paseo area; a three-block New York street set that holds 5,000 for receptions; two parks; a 286-seat screening theater; and a restaurant for 300. (5555 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, 323.956.8398) SUNSET GOWER STUDIOS5

The original home of Columbia Pictures, this 16-acre campus has 12 soundstages; the largest holds 1,000. The Hollywood sign is visible from the studio’s main street,. Among new developments are landscaped gardens and the Stanley Kramer Theater—named after the Academy Award-winning director— with a 79-seat theater. (1438 North Gower St., Hollywood 323.467.1001) 20TH CENTURY FOX STUDIOS5

This studio lot has multiple areas for events, including nine screening rooms, soundstages that seat 1,300 or hold 4,000 for receptions, the commissary, and unique outdoor venues, such as a palm-lined thoroughfare. The New York City street scene was home to NYPD Blue, but can also look like San Francisco’s Chinatown or the streets of L.A. (10201 West Pico Blvd., 310.369.3140) WARNER BROS. STUDIOS5

Funny Girl and Batman were filmed on this studio’s brownstone street. Also available: a 520-seat theater, an elegant 150-seat dining room, the Warner Brothers Museum (with a cocktail reception room for as many as 200), and a lobby with vaulted arched ceilings, a built-in bar, marbled floors, and a capacity of 275. The entire studio can host events with as many as 10,000 guests and offers exotic back-lot streets, a jungle, and private screening rooms. (4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank, 818.954.3000)


The museum has moved to a new Wilshire Boulevard home. The main gallery features exhibitions on architecture and interior, landscape, fashion, and product design, some of which can be a backdrop for events. The north wall has floor-to-ceiling windows. With its 2,000-square-foot courtyard, the entire museum holds 500. (6032 Wilshire Blvd., 323.932.9393) BROAD CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM5

On the Lacma campus, this 72,000-square-foot contemporary space showcases artwork from the collection of Eli and Edythe Broad. The canopied 8,100-square-foot BP Grand Entrance holds 700, and the north piazza holds 900. Groups renting the museum’s spaces have after-hours access to the galleries. Event planning, staffing, and security are among the offerings at the new venues. (5905 Wilshire Blvd., 323.857.6000) FIDM MUSEUM & GALLERIES

In conjunction with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, this 10,000-square-foot space features the annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibit; events take place among the exhibits, which include over 12,000 costumes, accessories, and textiles from the 18th century through the present day. (919 South Grand Ave., 213.623.5821) HAMMER MUSEUM OF ART AND CULTURAL CENTER5

This museum hosts lectures, symposia, and cultural events. The tree-lined courtyard seats 500 or holds 900 for receptions. The Wilshire Lobby, decorated with murals and a marble bar, seats 60 or holds 334 for receptions. The Lindbrook Terrace, which holds 350, offers a bird’s-eye view of the courtyard. (10899 Wilshire Blvd., Westwood, 310.443.7000) LONG BEACH MUSEUM OF ART5

Overlooking Long Beach Harbor and the Pacific Ocean, this museum’s oceanfront garden, nestled between the historic Anderson House and the gallery building, seats 250 or holds 300 for receptions. The Anderson House dining room has ocean views and a fireplace; it holds 100 for receptions. (2300 East Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, 562.439.2119)

112 march/april 2010


The central courtyard and the penthouse in Lacma’s 1939 Art Deco building each hold 1,000. The tranquil Pavilion for Japanese Art seats 50 or holds 100 for receptions, and the Director’s Roundtable Garden holds 100. There’s also a 600-seat theater and a 116-seat lecture hall. (5905 Wilshire Blvd., 323.857.6000) MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART5

The lobby of this Grand Avenue building holds 125 for receptions and opens onto the Arco Court, which holds 300. The 5,600-square-foot Sculpture Plaza seats 200 or holds 500 for receptions. On the seventh floor, surrounded by skyline views, the roof terrace holds 150. A 28-seat boardroom is also available. (250 South Grand Ave., 213.626.6222) MUSEUM OF LATIN AMERICAN ART5

Built in 1996 to house contemporary Latin American art, this museum recently completed an expansion project. The 15,000square-foot sculpture garden, filled with succulents, agaves, and palms, seats 375 or holds 1,000 for receptions. The Balboa Studio seats 350 or holds 750 for receptions. Conference rooms, a theater, and Viva restaurant and its patio are also available. (628 Alamitos Ave., Long Beach, 562.437.1689) PASADENA MUSEUM OF CALIFORNIA ART5

This museum is dedicated solely to California art, architecture, and design. The rooftop terrace, with views of the San Gabriel Mountains, holds 200. The adjacent Founder’s Gallery holds 200 for receptions. (490 East Union St., Pasadena, 626.568.3665) STUDIO PALI FEKETE ARCHITECTS5

Open since 2005, this venue has a 2,000-square-foot gallery and covered patio that hold 500 for receptions. Sublime restaurant is the suggested caterer. Events may combine the gallery and restaurant spaces. (8609 Washington Blvd., Culver City, 310.558.0902)


This 20,000-square-foot community arts center, in a former National Guard armory, features hardwood floors and skylights.

One studio holds 200 for receptions, the mezzanine gallery holds 75, and the community room seats 50. (145 North Raymond Ave., Pasadena, 626.792.5101) GALLERY 825

This exhibition space for the Los Angeles Art Association opened in 1958. There are four individual gallery spaces. The 2,000-square-foot building holds as many as 250 for receptions. (825 North La Cienega Blvd., 310.652.8272) THE GEFFEN CONTEMPORARY AT MOCA

Near MOCA’s main downtown building, this former police-car warehouse holds some of the museum’s largest exhibitions. One building has 26,791 square feet of gallery space and holds 1,000 for receptions. A second building seats 500 or holds 800 for receptions. (152 North Central Ave., 213.621.1745) JAMES GRAY GALLERY

The former BGH Gallery at the Bergamot Station Art Center is now a 5,000-square-foot contemporary art gallery showcasing paintings, sculpture, and photography. More than 250 people can be accommodated in 5,000 square feet of event space. Parking is available for 500 vehicles. (2525 Michigan Ave., Bldg. D4, Santa Monica, 310.315.9502) MADERA DESIGN

Leila Fakouri debuted her 3,600-square-foot design house and gallery in March 2009. Madera Design showcases rotating expositions and design projects and has room for 300. Spaces include a 600-square-foot gallery, a 600-square-foot sitting room, and two stage areas. A wooden dining table seats 20. (1503 Central Ave. [phone?]) STEPHEN COHEN GALLERY

This gallery exhibits vintage and contemporary photography and art from the United States, Europe, and South America. The space seats 100 or holds 250 for receptions. Grace restaurant, next door, often holds dinner events here. (7358 Beverly Blvd., 323.937.5525) TRACK 165

This gallery at Bergamot Station showcases art and Americana, and offers more than 6,000 square feet of event space. Through



a hidden door there’s a 45-foot-long diner, circa 1929, complete with red-and-chrome stools; and vintage neon signs hang above the Brown Derby bar. There is also a 600-square-foot patio. (2525 Michigan Ave., Bldg. C1, Santa Monica, 310.264.4678)



Even adults can appreciate this museum on 2.2 acres of parkland. Events take place in the Digging Deeper Gallery, the Celebration Center, under the wisteria-covered pergola, in Bugsy’s Diner, or in the amphitheater. Wolfgang Puck Catering is the exclusive caterer. (480 North Arroyo Blvd., Pasadena, 626.449.9144)


This impeccably restored facility was once Fire Station 30, one of two segregated fire stations in Los Angeles between 1924 and 1955. The building has its original floor tiles, poles, vintage engines, uniforms, and firefighting paraphernalia on display. The museum can seat 120 or hold 250 for receptions. The side yard can be tented to hold 300 for receptions. (1401 South Central Ave., 213.744.1730) CALIFORNIA AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSEUM5

This 44,000-square-foot museum in Exposition Park holds an extensive collection of African-American art and memorabilia. There are three full-size exhibition galleries, a 13,000-squarefoot sculpture court, and conference facilities. The glass-ceilinged sculpture court seats 600. The 3,000-square-foot conference center has access to a full kitchen and a patio. (600 State Drive, 213.744.7432) GRAMMY MUSEUM5

The Recording Academy and AEG’s Grammy Museum opened in December 2008. The second floor features a small stage—known as the Grammy Sound Stage—designed for intimate shows such as acoustic sets. The 12- by 20-foot stage is surrounded by 206 seats. The facility handles staging and sound. Wolfgang Puck’s food and beverage service is available on the Target Terrace, which can hold about 350 guests. The museum holds about 600 total. (800 West Olympic Blvd., 213.765.6800) HERITAGE SQUARE MUSEUM5

This museum’s Victorian village contains several historic homes and courtyards. The Perry House, built in 1876, holds 50 indoors. Events are generally held on the lawns in front of the homes; each lawn seats 150. The whole space holds 350. (3800 Homer St., 323.225.2700 ext. 221) THE HUNTINGTON LIBRARY, ART COLLECTIONS, AND BOTANICAL GARDEN5

Established in 1919, this 120-acre property features landscaped

theme gardens, fountains, three art galleries, and a library with photographs, maps, and rare books and manuscripts. Event areas include a hall for 375, a covered garden terrace overlooking lush lawns, a loggia for 90, and the more contemporary Erburu Gallery loggia for 60. Nonprofit groups and individuals and corporate groups with memberships of a certain level can hold events at the space. (1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, 626.405.2100)


One of the largest ethnic arts and cultural centers of its kind in the country, Little Tokyo’s J.A.C.C.C. offers 10 conference and meeting rooms, an 880-seat theater, gardens, and courtyards. The annual Nisei Week Japanese Festival takes place in the plaza, which holds 2,000. (244 South San Pedro St., 213.628.2725) JAPANESE AMERICAN NATIONAL MUSEUM5

In Little Tokyo, this museum blends traditional Japanese influences with contemporary Western design. The central hall holds 350 for receptions. A stone and water garden holds 75; the adjacent café seats 40. A plaza holds 1,500 for receptions. (369 East 1st St., 213.830.5687) LOS ANGELES CENTRAL LIBRARY5

Built in 1926, the main branch of the L.A. library system is a haven for bookworms and art lovers. In the east wing, the atrium landing holds 500 for receptions, and the Thornton Courtyard holds 200. The west wing features two smaller meeting rooms and the rotunda, which holds 400. The garden holds more than 500. (630 West 5th St., 213.228.7000) MADAME TUSSAUDS HOLLYWOOD5

Open since August 2009, Madame Tussauds Hollywood is the ninth location of the international wax museum chain. The venue occupies three floors with wax figures of celebrities placed in elaborate sets. There are more than 100 figures, including Nicole Kidman, Shrek, and Kobe Bryant. The venue offers 30,000 square feet of event space and accommodates groups of 50 to 1,500. Outdoor event space includes a 6,000-square-foot rooftop garden terrace that holds 550. (6933 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 213.595.2756) MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAN WEST5

Part of the Autry National Center, this Griffith Park museum celebrates the people, open spaces, and mythologies of the country’s West. Surrounded by murals and exhibits, the 1,800square-foot lobby holds 200 for receptions, the 2,200-squarefoot Heritage Court holds 500, and the 8,300-square-foot plaza holds 750. The Pine Meadows Lawn seats 2,000 for banquets. (4700 Western Heritage Way, 323.667.2000) PACIFIC ASIA MUSEUM5

This Chinese Qing Dynasty-inspired building holds more than 15,000 pieces of art and artifacts. The courtyard garden seats 120

or holds 300 for receptions. The Garden View Gallery seats 40. A 100-person auditorium and the 15-seat Blue Room are also available. (46 North Los Robles Ave., Pasadena, 626.449.2742)


Formerly the Museum of Television & Radio, this museum—like its flagship in New York—has libraries, screening and listening rooms, and galleries showcasing all things TV and radio. There’s a 200-seat theater; a gallery for rotating exhibits, which seats 90 or holds 225 for receptions; and the roof garden, which has sweeping views and seats 100 or holds 200 for receptions. (465 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.786.1000) PASADENA MUSEUM OF HISTORY5

This two-acre estate consists of the 1906 Fenyes Mansion, the 1915 Curtain House, and a contemporary building that houses a research library, two galleries, and a conference room. The mansion’s garden holds 200 for receptions. The Giddings Conference Room seats 70 for meetings, and the drawing room in the Curtain House seats 60 classroom style. (470 West Walnut St., Pasadena, 626.577.1660) PETERSEN AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM5

It’s the building with a car jutting out of its side on Museum Row. The first-floor streetscape holds 600 for receptions. Surrounded by world-class cars, the grand salon on the second floor holds 600 for receptions or seats 340. The all-glass penthouse on the fourth floor holds 300 for receptions or seats 140. The 17,000square-foot outdoor pavilion seats 1,000 or 3,000 for receptions. (6060 Wilshire Blvd., 323.964.6331) SKIRBALL CULTURAL CENTER5

This museum celebrates Jewish culture with exhibitions, music, theater, films, and literary programs. The center offers indoor and outdoor spaces—including Ahmanson Hall, with a ballroom and courtyard for receptions of 1,500—and 41,000 square feet of meeting rooms. The center also has several courtyards and terraces. (2701 North Sepulveda Blvd., 310.440.4500) TRAVEL TOWN MUSEUM5

Best known for kiddie train rides, this outdoor railroad museum sits in the northwest corner of Griffith Park. Two full-size passenger cars have been restored and are available for rentals; each holds 40 people. The areas around the cars are also available for spillover, as are the picnic areas. For larger events, the museum can be rented after-hours. (5200 Zoo Drive, 323.662.5874) U.C.L.A. FOWLER MUSEUM OF CULTURAL HISTORY5

This museum on the U.C.L.A. campus showcases art and artifacts from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and the Americas. An outdoor amphitheater holds 400 and can be used with the 326-seat auditorium. A terrace holds 200 for receptions, and a courtyard holds 150. The galleries and a seminar room are also available. (308 Charles E. Young Drive North, 310.825.4361)

Audrey Magazine

Classic & Unique! Rooftop Penthouse with a View

Fashion Show

Outdoor Receptions

“Cars & Fashion” Exhibit Premieres in 2010!

Cars and Fashion Cocktail Reception


ine among a huge collection of automotive exotica and mingle in an era of bygone luxury. The Petersen Automotive Museum boasts an 18,000square-foot exhibit and event Pavilion in addition to four other venues that can host from 50 to 3,000. Call (323) 964-6348 or email:


6060 Wilshire Boulevard @ Fairfax, Los Angeles

Dining amongst the Classics

Los Angeles Venue Directory


Near the other Exposition Park museums, the science center is full of interactive exhibits. More than 260,000 square feet of event space includes the Disney Court, which holds 700 for receptions and has a simulated space-docking; the Rose Garden Gallery, with a high-wire bicycle and room for 375; and the 7,500-square-foot Donald P. Loker Conference Center, which seats 760. (700 Exposition Park Drive, 213.744.7523) GEORGE C. PAGE MUSEUM AT THE LA BREA TAR PITS5

In Hancock Park at the La Brea Tar Pits, this museum is the world’s only active urban excavation site containing Ice Age

fossils in rich asphalt (tar pit) deposits. Events are set among mammoths, saber-toothed cats, and wolves. The main gallery surrounds a tropical atrium and holds 400 for receptions; a terrace overlooking the Pleistocene Garden holds 400; and three theaters each hold 60. (5801 Wilshire Blvd., 323.934.7243)


This wavy, oceanlike facility facility holds more than 12,500 ocean animals. The first floor—with the three-story Blue Cavern exhibit and several other galleries—holds 3,000 for receptions. Overlooking Rainbow Harbor and the Seal and Sea Lion Habitat, the second floor holds 150 for receptions. Outside, the area surrounding the Shark Lagoon holds 400, and Harbor Terrace holds 200. The great hall can seat 3,000 for banquets. Catering by SMG is the exclusive caterer. (100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, 562.951.1663)


There are several unique venues on this 133-acre property in Griffith Park. Treetops Terrace, atop a small hill near the center of the zoo, holds 1,000 for receptions. Mahale Mountains, near the chimpanzee habitat, holds 300 for receptions. The 36,870square-foot Winnick Family Children’s Zoo holds 225. Koala Corner and Tiger Plaza hold 80 and 200, respectively, for receptions. (5333 Zoo Drive, 323.644.4200) NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM OF LOS ANGELES5

This Exposition Park museum has 35 million specimens and artifacts. The rotunda, which holds 250 for receptions, has a glass ceiling and statues of the Greek muses. The grand foyer features dinosaurs and holds 250 for receptions or seats 120. The north entrance holds 500 for outdoor receptions. (900 Exposition Blvd., 213.763.3221)


starts here. The beach stretches almost two miles and features volleyball courts, a playground, and gymnastic equipment. Easy access from the parking lots makes it a popular spot for table-and-umbrella events. (17700 Pacific Coast Hwy., Pacific Palisades, 310.305.9503)


Where the Los Angeles River and the Arroyo Seco meet, this secluded event center sits behind ivy-covered walls and is filled with flowers, fountains, and courtyards. The main courtyard— with a fountain and reflecting pool and surrounded by pepper trees, roses, and oleander—seats 400 or holds 500 for receptions. Indoor meeting facilities and smaller patios are also available. (570 West Ave. 26, 323.221.9939 ext. 220)

This three-mile stretch of beach has fire rings for bonfires on the sand. There are volleyball nets; a paved cement path for biking, blading, or jogging; designated picnic areas; and the county’s only beachfront RV park. (12000 Vista del Mar, Playa del Rey, 310.305.9546)




This park offers a 1.5 mile-long beach for swimming, surfing, windsurfing, and surf fishing, plus tide pools, coastal caves, and reefs for exploring. Giant sycamores shade the main campgrounds, and group sites are available for picnics and overnights. The park also features backcountry hiking and free Wi-Fi. (35000 West Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu, 310.457.8185 ext. 1)

This lush, secluded garden contains one of the largest displays of camellias in the world. The Craftsman-style rose pavilion is surrounded by more than 4,000 rosebushes; it holds 140. There are also three indoor areas available to rent, as well as two other gardens, which each hold 75. (1418 Descanso Drive, La Cañada Flintridge, 818.949.4200)





Malibu Creek meets the sea at this beach, creating wetlands and flower gardens in the park. A grassy area and covered pavilion head a path to the beach, and the historic Adamson House looks out over the pier; both are available for events. (23200 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu, 310.457.8185 ext. 1)

This seven-acre garden allows events for 200 people in different parts of the garden. Exposition Park is home to the Natural History Museum, the Science Center, Memorial Coliseum, and the California African American Museum. (701 State Drive, 213.763.0114 ext. 214)



Dedicated as parkland in 1886, this once-grassy plaza was filled with trees and a central fountain. In the 1950s it became the roof over a subterranean parking lot. In the early ’90s, the square was redesigned as a paved event space and is managed by the Department of Recreation and Parks. (532 South Olive St., 213.847.4970)

No dogs, alcohol, or fireworks are allowed on this two-mile stretch of wide beach, but it’s still considered one of the most popular in the area. Easily accessible from the Santa Monica Pier, it’s known for blading, biking, and volleyball. The parking lots can host tented events. (Pacific Coast Hwy., 818.880.0363)

With 4,210 acres of chaparral-covered terrain, landscaped parkland, and picnic areas, Griffith Park is the largest municipal park with an urban wilderness area in the U.S. It’s home to the Autry National Center, the Greek Theater, the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, the L.A. Zoo, Travel Town, and the Griffith Observatory. There are four golf courses and five designated picnic areas. (4730 Crystal Springs Drive, 323.913.4688)



One mile from the coast, this park comprises 141 acres of oak and sycamore canyons in the Santa Monica Mountains, with ridgetop views and access to trails. There are picnic tables, meeting rooms, and an auditorium. The Woodland Terrace, a wide lawn surrounded by trees, is adjacent to the Craftsman-style Woodland Hall, which has a floor-to-ceiling slate fireplace and seats 150. (15601 Sunset Blvd., Pacific Palisades, 310.454.1395)


A mile and a half of wide-open beach is certainly a draw, but the parallel boardwalk filled with an eclectic mix of artists, tourists, tan bodies, and musicians definitely helps. The famous Muscle Beach is here, plus skate parks, playgrounds, and restaurants, along with a 1,310-foot pier packed with fishermen. (3100 to 2700 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, 310.305.9546) WILL ROGERS STATE BEACH

The five-mile bike path along the Los Angeles County coastline

This 127-acre property has five gardens, historical buildings, fountains, and lots of peacocks and peahens running around. There are several function halls, plus the educational greenhouse. A Victorian cottage, a rose garden, and an adobe home are in the historic section. Events often take place on the landscaped lawn. (301 North Baldwin Ave., Arcadia, 626.821.3204)

Designed by Rios Clementi Hale Studio, this 40,000-square-foot plaza at L.A. Live can host special events, community gatherings, and live performances. The space can seat 2,000 or hold 4,000 for receptions. Exclusive catering is provided by Wolfgang Puck. (800 West Olympic Blvd., 213.763.5483)

This San Fernando complex features 2.5 acres of flowering gardens with fountains, trees, and winding paths, in addition to a bowling alley and ice rink. Six meeting and banquet rooms are available inside; the largest holds 550. (1001 Riverside Drive, Burbank, 818.845.5300) TEMESCAL GATEWAY PARK

Photo Studios & Raw Spaces AREA 101

The five adjacent spaces that share the same hallway—three stages, one art gallery, and a boxing gym—at Area 101 can be rented separately or together for a total capacity of 500. The largest area, the 2,000-square-foot Stage B, holds 250. (1051 North Cole Ave., 323.464.4467) 5TH AND SUNSET5

These five studios have textured decor in plywood and brushed steel. The smallest studio is 1,400 square feet. The largest is a 3,000-square-foot space with a kitchen. A fully restored 1950s Airstream trailer is parked on the 3,000-square-foot roof. (12322 Exposition Blvd., 310.979.0212) HOLLYWOOD LOFT5

Studio A, a loft space with bright white floors, brick walls, and skylights, measures 2,500 square feet, plus a 2,000-square-foot roof deck. It also has a kitchen, a restroom, and a 37- by 35-foot stage. This studio offers unobstructed views on three sides. (6161 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 400, 323.957.9398) KEVIN BREAK PHOTOGRAPHY

This studio, once a handful of converted lofts, offers sweeping views of downtown. The 2,000-square-foot space holds 40; there is also an adjacent roof area with a pool. The studio gives off a Gothic feel, with dark colors and hundreds of religious icons. (600 Moulton Ave., Suite 205, 323.221.5129) THE L.A. LOFTS

In Hollywood’s film and photography district, this venue contains four lofts with hardwood floors, skylights, and large windows. Each loft has a full kitchen, a bathroom, air-conditioning, and a sound system. Lofts 1 and 4 each measure 2,500

114 march/april 2010

square feet, Loft 2 is 3,000 square feet, Loft 3 is 1,500. (6442 Santa Monica Blvd., 323.462.5880) LIGHTSPACE STUDIOS

This sunny 5,000-square-foot studio has six skylights and two west-facing windows. The exposed-beam ceiling measures 22 feet high. A kitchen and a makeup and wardrobe room are also included. (8755 Washington Blvd., Culver City, 310.280.0082) MARVIMON5

Built in 1924, Marvimon was one of L.A.’s original automobile showrooms. Offering 7,000 square feet, it has brick walls and 17-foot bow-trussed wood ceilings. There is an adjacent 2,500square-foot courtyard. The entire space seats 150 or holds 300 for receptions. There’s also a 50-person dining table and a private suite. (1411 North Broadway, 310.837.3610) MIAUHAUS

This space has a 4,000-square-foot parking lot with high walls and holds 500. The three studios—Whitehaus, Treehaus, and Playhaus—are 3,000, 2,000, and 2,000 square feet, respectively. The spaces can be used in tandem for parties. (1201 South La Brea Ave., 323.933.6180) PIER 59 STUDIOS WEST

This 27,000-square-foot photography and multimedia studio at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica features one daylight and three dark studios with custom poured-concrete floors, three private lounges, a column-free space, and an audio system. (2415 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica, 310.829.5959) SMASHBOX

This photographic rental complex is in a renovated 25,000-square-foot bow-truss warehouse in Culver City. There is

also a daylight studio in Santa Monica. Each studio has a bathroom, private lounge, and rolling walls. (Main location: 8549 Higuera St., Culver City; Stage 1: 8538 Warner Drive, Culver City; Daylight Studio: 1903 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica, 323.851.5030) SOLAR STUDIOS

Made up of five lofts, this facility brings the look of SoHo to Glendale. Built in the 1930s, Solar kept the building’s original architecture intact. Studio One, an 8,000-square-foot groundfloor space, has brick walls, arched windows, and an 85-foot cyclorama. (1601 South Central Ave., Glendale, 818.240.1893) STAGE 52905

This building was a print shop until Trevor Pearson bought and renovated it. The spacious studio, which offers 4,300 square feet of event space, holds 200 people. The studio also features an enclosed and gated parking lot with a patio, a picnic table, lounge chairs, and a basketball net. (5290 West Washington Blvd., 323.937.2310) STUDIO C2

This space offers two stages, a private conference area, and a client lounge equipped with a wide-screen HDTV, a Sony game system, and a full kitchen. Stage 1 measures 60 by 100 feet and has 24-foot ceilings. Stage 2 is 50 by 80 feet. (1605 Mahalo Place, Rancho Dominguez, 310.761.1767) STUDIO 12895

With room for 100, this space has a swimming pool, a Moroccan deck, two large gardens, and a 19th-century Chinese opium bed. The daylight studio has a 150-square-foot pyramid skylight over the 24- by 45-foot shooting space with 18-foot ceilings. There are also a kitchen and a piano. (310.289.5030)


This club opened on the California Institute of Technology campus in 1930. Events take place in wood-paneled rooms filled with art, chandeliers, and upholstery, or on the portico. Four private rooms seat 30 or 40. (551 South Hill Ave., Pasadena, 626.395.8264) BEL AIR BAY CLUB5

Built in 1927, this club has 14 acres of beachfront property. The 60,000-square-foot space can hold as many as 800 for events. An award-winning French chef is the exclusive caterer, and nine hotel rooms with ocean views are available to rent. (16801 Pacific Coast Hwy., Pacific Palisades, 310.230.4700) CITY CLUB ON BUNKER HILL

This 26,000-square-foot club on the 54th floor of the Wells Fargo Center offers five rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, walnut accents, and California art and sculptures. The Angeles Room seats 70 or holds 140 for receptions. The La Cima Room seats 220. (333 South Grand Ave., Suite 5450, 213.620.9662) JONATHAN BEACH CLUB5

The sister property to the downtown Jonathan Club sits on the beach; meals are served on the terrace. Much of the decor has

an understated, beachy vibe. A double staircase leads to the Catalina Room, with tall windows, French doors, and ocean views. (850 Palisades Beach Road, Santa Monica, 310.393.9245)


This waterfront condominium community has boat slips, tennis and racquetball courts, and a spa. In the Center Tower, the third floor seats 300 or holds 400 for receptions. The space has floor-to-ceiling windows, Art Deco decor, views of the marina, and two dance floors. (4333 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, 310.822.0611)


This Italian Renaissance-style building was built in the 1920s. The Tap Room is a tavern with a 50-foot bar. A summer jazz series takes place on the Tuscan Terrace on the 13th floor. There are several intimate meeting rooms and 71 suites for overnight guests. (545 South Figueroa St., 213.624.0881)

9900 CLUB

Formerly known as the Friars of Beverly Hills, this private show-business club, started by Milton Berle in 1947, moved to its current location in 1961. The walls are lined with memorabilia of philanthropic events and ceremonial dinners. The main dining room holds 300 for receptions. Small members’ rooms on the third level are available for intimate gatherings. (9900 South Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.550.8444)


Founded in 1880, this was the city’s first private club. Today, the 1912 building has athletic and spa facilities, two restaurants, two bars, conference space, and guest rooms. The dining room seats 300 or holds 600 for receptions. A rooftop terrace holds 150. (431 West 7th St., 213.625.2211 ext. 3301) MALIBOU LAKE MOUNTAIN CLUB5


Established in 1924, this lakeside retreat is bordered by Malibu Creek State Park and the Paramount Ranch National Park. The clubhouse holds 400 for receptions; its main room has a fireplace and piano. The lawn seats 400 or holds 1,000 for receptions. (29033 West Lake Vista Drive, Agoura Hills, 818.889.1211)

This private club on a quiet, tree-lined street near Old Town has traditional, wood-paneled rooms filled with original art and comfortable furnishings. The main dining room seats 250. The garden courtyard seats 125. A lounge is also available. (175 North Oakland Ave., Pasadena, 626.793.5157)




This Byzantine-style Greek Orthodox church was built in the 1950s. Now central to the Byzantine-Latino Quarter, the church throws the annual L.A. Greek Festival. The vaulted nave features 21 crystal chandeliers and seats 1,200. The parish center seats 425. (1324 South Normandie Ave., 323.737.2424 ext. 444)


This historic hotel and resort has two chapels that can be used for concerts, ceremonies, and lectures. The St. Francis of Assisi Chapel, which holds 150, has high-beam ceilings, ornate wooden doors, Tiffany-designed stained-glass windows, and the 18-karat gold-leaf Rayas altar. Near the Spanish Art Gallery, the St. Cecilia Chapel holds 15. (3649 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, 951.784.0300)

This Gothic-style church with 80-foot vaulted ceilings and stained-glass windows was founded in 1888. The sanctuary and its chapels can be used for events. The largest has a 4,000-pipe Skinner organ and seats 1,750. The Westminster Chapel seats 225, and the Chichester Chapel seats 125. Seven meeting rooms are available. (3300 Wilshire Blvd., 213.389.3191)

This multidenominational church sits on a hillside with views of a canyon and the ocean. The main hall has a grand piano and a sound system; it holds 225 for receptions. The patio leads to a meditation garden. The outdoor area can seat 250. (5621 Montemalaga Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, 310.378.9449)

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles opened this cathedral (known for its large pipe organ) in 2002. The property includes a café, gardens, and a courtyard. An adjacent conference center has a ballroom and outdoor space for 1,000. (555 West Temple St., 213.680.5200)



Dedicated in 2002, this 25,000-square-foot building is a hub for U.C.L.A.’s Jewish population. Event facilities include the Spiegel Auditorium, which seats 250 and can be divided into three smaller rooms. There is a foyer on the third floor that holds 150 for receptions. The center keeps a kosher kitchen. (574 Hilgard Ave., 310.208.3081 ext. 211)


At this Brazilian steak house, waitstaff in traditional gaucho garb circulate about the dining area with sword and skewer in hand, carving select cuts of meat tableside. The restaurant holds 35 in a semiprivate room off the main dining room. A patio seats 20. (1830 Main St., Irvine, 949.222.9910) NEW AGURA

Agura West Hollywood opened in a former church in November 2009 with room for 150 for seated events. A giant custom-made gold Buddha nods to the religious history of the space. It also includes luxe furnishings and offers private dining rooms, with booth seating for 20 and patio seating for 45. (514 North La Cienega Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.289.1940) AKASHA

Caterer Akasha Richmond opened her eponymous restaurant in February 2008. Akasha combines the original architecture of the historic 1920s building, like wood-beam cathedral ceilings, with green materials. The bakery and eatery uses artisanal and organic ingredients. (9543 Culver Blvd., Culver City, 310.845.1700) AMARANTA COCINA

l.a.’s most artful venue more than 100,000 pieces of art ˜ten stunning spaces ˜ catering from patina ˜full-service planning

This colorful restaurant in the Westfield-Topanga Mall features classic Mexican cuisine and more than 400 varieties of blue agave tequila. Tequila tastings are held once a month, and private tastings for small groups are available. The restaurant holds 175. (6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Canoga Park, 818.610.3599) AMARONE KITCHEN & WINE

This 42-seater’s menu features dishes from owner Alessandro Polastri’s native Bologna, including rustic pasta dishes and a superlative pomodoro sauce. The wine list is extensive. (8868 West Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.652.2233) ANIMAL

Animal, the first restaurant venture from Food Network personalities Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, offers a porkheavy menu often determined by what’s available at the farmer’s market. The chefs can re-create menu staples for catered events. (435 North Fairfax Ave., 323.782.9225) visit for a schedule of exclusive exhibitions and venue information. to speak with an event planner, e-mail or call 323 857-6039.

Los Angeles Venue Directory

Restaurants ANISETTE

This partnership between Alain Giraud, Mike Garrett, and Tommy Stoilkovich opened in May 2008. Set designer Monte Hollis did the design, a classic brasserie look with antique mirrors, mosaic floors, and a zinc bar that runs the length of the room. (225 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.395.3200) A.O.C.5

Lucques owners Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne opened this spot in 2003. Its small-plates menu, charcuterie and cheese bar, and wine cruvinet system have inspired a wave of artisanal restaurants. There are two dining rooms and a patio on the second floor. (8022 West 3rd St., 323.653.6359) ARROYO CHOPHOUSE5

This restaurant, open since 1997, is a classic steak house—clubby, with dark woods and big booths. The dining room holds 100, the patio holds 30, and the private dining room (available Sunday through Thursday) holds 55. A second private dining room holds 30. (536 South Arroyo Pkwy., Pasadena, 626.577.7463) ASIA DE CUBA5

In 1999, the Mondrian Hotel debuted this Philippe Starckdesigned, Jeffrey Chodorow-owned restaurant. The space has white-on-white decor and oversize terra-cotta planters on the patio. The inside dining room seats 150; outside holds 130. The entire space holds 400 for receptions. (8440 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.848.6000) BALEEN LOS ANGELES5


Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken’s Latin-inspired eatery has a bar and two dining rooms with colorful retro-modern murals. The upstairs room seats 43 or holds 50 for receptions; the main dining room seats 150 or holds 200 for receptions. The entire space holds 300. (1445 4th St., Santa Monica, 310.451.1655) NEW BOUCHON BEVERLY HILLS

Thomas Keller’s newest Bouchon opened in Beverly Hills in November 2009. It’s the third Bouchon restaurant serving Keller’s classic French country fare. Bar Bouchon, a wine bar also serving small plates, opened in mid-December. (235 North Cañon Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.271.9910) THE BOULEVARD LOUNGE5

The short-lived Mix went from a cheery yellow to a rich blue when it became this indoor-outdoor lounge and restaurant, still owned by Michael Bourseau. The majority of the venue is outdoors. It seats 88 or holds 150 for receptions. (1114 North Crescent Heights Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.654.6686) BRIX 42

This restaurant and brewery specializes in traditional American cuisine. In its own brewery, Brix uses fresh ingredients—and no preservatives—to create its beer menu. The venue has a lounge that holds 50, a dining room that holds 180, and a private room for 10. (42 South De Lacey Ave., Pasadena, 626.405.9114) BUCA DI BEPPO

This chain of family-style Italian restaurants opened in 1993 in Minneapolis. It now has several locations in Los Angeles County, and 89 nationwide. Restaurants can be bought out for events, and several locations offer off-site catering. (612.225.3400)

This restaurant in the Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club looks out to the marina. The main dining room seats 72 or holds 144 for receptions. The patio seats 32 or holds 64 for receptions and is adjacent to a dining room with the same capacity. The lounge fits 72. (260 Portofino Way, Redondo Beach, 310.379.8481)


This restaurant has a large, sprawling bar and patio with lowslung couches, movable ottomans, angular lines, and an earthy palette of toasty orange and black leather. A fire pit anchors the patio, which holds 60. The dining room seats 70. The indoor lounge holds 90. (822 Washington Blvd., Venice, 310.448.8884)

This 250-seat waterfront restaurant got a face-lift in 2005, pairing a more modern look with its modern fusion cuisine. A private dining room seats 60 or holds 75 for receptions. The lounge has room for 100. Exterior tenting for as many as 3,000 is available. (4451 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, 310.823.6395)


This eatery’s dining room seats 75 or holds 100 for receptions. A patio has room for 250; a private dining room seats 45 or holds 100 for receptions. The entire venue seats 210 or holds 450 for receptions. (1520 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.450.8600) CAFE DEL REY5



The Dolce Group’s second Italian restaurant is a cozy space with high ceilings, exposed brick, circular brown leather booths, and a long banquette. The space seats 75 or holds 100 for receptions. (1708 Las Palmas Ave., 323.468.8815)

After 16 years, the dramatic La Bohème closed for renovations in 2007 and reemerged later that year as a more relaxed, informal restaurant. Chef Christine Banta still offers seasonal California cuisine, but with Japanese influences. (8400 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.848.2360)


This import on the Sunset Strip fuses Japanese pop culture with Cal-Asian fare. Japanese animation streams across video screens, and original manga drawings hang on the walls. A private room holds 100. (9229 Sunset Blvd., 310.887.3848) BLT STEAK5

In the former Le Dôme space, this 3,800-square-foot steak house offers booth seating for 130 in the main dining room. A bar and lounge seats 26, and a patio—with views of the strip—holds 38. The private dining room (with a wine cellar) seats 20. (8720 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.360.1950) BLUE ON BLUE5

This restaurant and bar inside the Avalon Hotel has neutraltoned furniture facing floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the sparkling pool. Outside, low-slung couches and private cabanas dominate; cabanas hold 20 people each. (9400 West Olympic Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.277.5221) BLUE VELVET5

This Tag Front-designed restaurant and lounge is on the first floor of the Flat, a residential development. In the lounge, a marshmallowlike light fixture hangs over a 12-seat table. The red room has a separate bar and fireplace. The poolside lounge holds 100. (750 South Garland Ave., 213.239.0061) BLVD 16

This earth-toned restaurant and bar opened in May 2008 at the Hotel Palomar Los Angeles. The space seats 92, and the wine list includes more than 120 labels. Chef Simon Dolinky’s menu emphasizes seasonal produce and sustainable seafood. (10740 Wilshire Blvd., 310.474.7765) BOA STEAKHOUSE5

This steak house has a wall of windows that look out toward the ocean and an indoor tree that mimics those in Palisades Park across the street. The main room seats 100 or holds 145 for receptions, the patio seats 45, and the semiprivate dining room holds 10. (101 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.899.4466) BOCA AT THE CONGA ROOM

This restaurant serves pan-Latin cuisine with South American, Mexican, and Caribbean influences by chef Alex Garcia. The space, decorated with red chandeliers and hardwood floors, is closed from Sunday through Tuesday. (800 West Olympic Blvd., 213.749.0162) NEW BOHO

In March 2009, chef Andre Guerrero and restaurateur Adolfo Suaya opened BoHo adjacent to the Arclight Cinerama Dome. In the space, thrift-store finds sit next to art pieces, and antique pianos border a reclaimed bar and tabletops. BoHo seats 175 or holds 400 for receptions. (6372 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323.465.8530) BONDST

Jonathan Morr’s Japanese restaurant opened in SoHo in 1998; in January 2008, he brought a West Coast outpost to the new Thompson Beverly Hills hotel. BondSt incorporates the hotel’s sleek design, and serves sushi and Japanese tapas and traditional fare. (9360 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.601.2255)

116 march/april 2010


Managed by the Patina Group, this glass-enclosed 180-seat restaurant looks out to the leafy Maguire Gardens. The Skyroom Terrace overlooks a fountain and seats 40. With the garden, it seats 800 or holds 3,000 for receptions. (700 West 5th St., 213.239.6500) CAFÉ SANTORINI5

This Mediterranean restaurant took over a historic building in 1993. Exposed brick and white linens, twinkle lights, and a second-floor patio set the scene. The mezzanine seats 30. The Rococo Room seats 150 or holds 175 for receptions. (64 West Union St., Pasadena, 626.564.4200) CAMDEN HOUSE5

This cavernous space holds 315 for receptions, split into a main dining room, a lounge, two bars, a private screening room, and a patio. A private room holds 36. The menu offers Mediterranean-inspired fare. (430 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.285.9848) CAMPANILE5

In 1989, Mark Peel and Nancy Silverton took a 1928 building built for Charlie Chaplin and turned it into one of the most venerated restaurants in town. Campanile’s patio holds 75. Two private dining rooms are available; one seats 35, the other 18. The entire space seats 220 or holds 400 for receptions. (624 South La Brea Ave., 323.938.1447) CANAL CLUB

Frank Gehry designed this space. The 36-seat Lagoon Lounge has a steel wave wall, fish-shaped tables, and giant paper lanterns. The 50-seat Cabana Room has an original wooden gondola from the Venice canals and a thatched hut with lights over the bar. A private room seats 20. (2025 Pacific Ave., Venice, 310.823.3878) CATCH

Just off the Hotel Casa del Mar’s Verandah lobby bar, Catch has dark wood floors and tables and sea-inspired silver and blue accents. Sushi chefs work at the sushi and crudo bar in the center of the room. The space seats 76. (1910 Ocean Way, Santa Monica, 310.581.7714) CECCONI’S5

The first U.S. location of London-based Cecconi’s opened in West Hollywood in February 2009. Inspired by the original location, the outpost’s design features its signature blue, black, and white. Large windows in the dining room look onto a spacious patio. (8764 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, 310.432.2000) CHA CHA CHA5

This festive, colorful café has been serving sangria and Caribbean and Latin specialties to the Eastside since 1986. The Silver Lake restaurant has a small private room and patio and holds 300 for receptions; a tent can be used in the parking lot for larger events. (656 North Virgil Ave., 323.664.7723) CHAPTER 8 STEAKHOUSE5

This restaurant and lounge has red leather booths, polished black surfaces, chandeliers, and an overall swanky (and shiny) look. The private dining room seats 16. Full buyouts are available

for the restaurant and the adjacent nightclub, which holds 300. A patio holds 65. (29020 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills, 818.889.2088) CHARCOAL

This collaboration from restaurateur Adolfo Suaya and nightlife impresario Michael Sutton anchors a corner of the ArcLight Cinemas complex. The menu features a mix of straightforward fare, like filet mignon with mushrooms and char-grilled salmon with fennel slaw. The 5,000-square-foot space seats 126. (6372 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323.465.8500) CHAYA BRASSERIE5

Open since 1983, this early pioneer of California-Pacific cuisine has gardens of giant bamboo that shoot up to geometric skylights in the dining room. A patio has retractable ceiling awnings. The restaurant can hold 20 for semiprivate events or 1,000 with a full buyout. (8741 Alden Drive, 310.859.8833) CHINOIS ON MAIN

Wolfgang Puck opened this California-Asian fusion spot in 1983. The colorful space was designed by Barbara Lazaroff and has an open kitchen. A private room with a built-in sound system and a plasma TV seats 50. (2709 Main St., Santa Monica, 310.392.9025) CITIZEN SMITH5

This Thomas Schoos-designed Hollywood spot features soaring ceilings, tree-trunk tables, dramatic lighting, and a couch-filled patio. Two bars hold 15 and 20, a lounge holds 80, and a patio holds 100. The entire 6,000-square-foot space holds 380 for receptions. (1600 North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, 323.461.5001) CIUDAD5

Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger’s 250-seat restaurant is known for its colorful fiesta-evocative decor and Latin-inspired fare. The fountain courtyard and the bar each hold 75, and the main dining room holds 175. A private dining room seats 40. The neighboring Union Bank Plaza holds 1,000. (445 South Figueroa St., 213.486.5171) COAST BEACHFRONT CAFÉ & BAR5

Replacing Pedals at Shutters on the Beach, this café sits along the Santa Monica beach bike path. The classic cottage aesthetic was updated with blue-and-white-striped booths, flower-covered trellises, and a heated floor for cooler nights. A private room holds 90 for receptions. (1 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.587.1707) COBRAS & MATADORS5

The newest outpost of Steven Arroyo’s Spanish tapas restaurant replaced his hastily opened-and-closed Goat in May 2008. A small selection of Spanish wines is offered, and the restaurant seats 65. The patio seats 12. Cobras & Matadors has two other locations in Los Angeles. (7615 Beverly Blvd., 323.932.6178) COMME ÇA

Sona chef David Myers opened this modern French brasserie in 2007. Toward the back, two rooms can be sectioned off for private dining; one has a gas fireplace. The restaurant seats 142. (8479 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, 323.782.1104) CRAFT5

Tom Colicchio’s L.A. outpost of his popular modern American restaurants opened in 2007. A large wraparound patio strewn with heavy wood tables and lounge cabanas overlooks a pear orchard and a grassy lawn. The patio seats 80, and a private room seats 40. (10100 Constellation Blvd., 310.279.4180) CRUSTACEAN5

The An family owns this Euro-Vietnamese restaurant, which features an aquarium-lined walkway that leads through the cocktail lounge to the main dining room. A stage can be set up. Two patios seat 12 and 15, and the entire restaurant seats 250. (9646 Little Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.205.8990) CUBE

Divine Pasta shop’s café, with bright red walls, is a haven for artisanal foods like imported cheese, charcuterie, honeys, crackers, marinades, and olives. The menu includes fresh pasta, salads, panini, and wood-fired pizzas. A private dining room seats 12. (615 North La Brea Ave., 323.939.1148) CUT

Wolfgang Puck’s modern steak house at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel attracts some of the biggest names in Hollywood on a regular basis. The open-plan, Richard Meier-designed room is perfect for celeb-watching—there’s no place to hide. The restaurant seats 104. (9500 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.276.5200) DAKOTA5

There’s a lot of black and brown leather, dark woods, and ambient lighting in this Dodd Mitchell-designed steak house at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The restaurant holds 134. A patio seats 38. (7000 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.769.8888) DANNY’S DELI

Just a stone’s throw from the Venice Beach boardwalk, this bar and full-service restaurant has high-backed booths, vaulted ceilings, exposed brick, and Venice memorabilia. A private mezzanine with its own bar holds 30, and another area in the space’s west wing holds 50. (23 Windward Ave., Venice, 310.566.5610) DAN TANA’S

This little yellow house is an institution, though it’s nothing more than a kitschy red-sauce Italian joint and steak house. Old Chianti bottles hang from the rafters, and red-and-whitechecked linens cover the tables. The restaurant seats 76. (9071 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.275.9444) DAR MAGHREB

Ornate tiles, low sofas, goatskin cushions, and belly dancers moving around the courtyard fountain make this Moroccan restaurant feel like a palace. Private rooms hold as many as 18. The entire space holds 120. (7651 West Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.876.7651) NEW DELPHINE

With the opening of the much-anticipated new W Hollywood

room for 25. Specialties include the turkey dinner sandwich and the country kurobuta pork chop. (800 West Olympic Blvd., 213.747.4555)

Hotel & Residences in January 2010 came the debut of Delphine restaurant from the Innovative Dining Group. The classic French menu at Delphine offers Provençal cooking with Mediterranean influences. (6250 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.798.1355)


Open since November 2008, this restaurant in Los Feliz Village serves California-Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant seats 180 or holds 300 for receptions. A private dining room holds 40, and a patio seats 25. Off-site catering is also available. (1700 North Hillhurst Ave., 323.666.1166)

Seasonal bistro Fig, in Santa Monica’s Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, opened in February 2009 with chef Ray Garcia in the kitchen. A communal table seats 12. Two semiprivate tables seat four each. A private dining room seats 12 and has two built-in plasma TVs. (101 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.319.3111)

This old Rat Pack haunt reopened in 2004. The main dining room features black-and-white tile floors and sepia-toned family pictures on the walls. Out back, herbs line the brick patio. The entire space seats 140, and the patio alone holds 100. (8715 Beverly Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.652.2335)

This charming bistro is a mostly tented structure, surrounded by herb gardens, grape arbors, and twinkle lights. The restaurant seats 120 or holds 150 for receptions; a small parking area can be tented for room for an extra 100, and sidewalk seating is available for 24. (1009 El Centro St., South Pasadena, 626.441.2443)






Celestino Drago’s 120-seat restaurant has been a Santa Monica mainstay since 1991. The rooms are simple and sophisticated, with suede chairs, warm rustic tones, and local artists’ works on the walls. There’s a private room that seats 24 and a semiprivate room for 28. (2628 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.828.1585)

At L.A. Live, this steakhouse has seven rooms available for private dining, including the 12-seat Champagne Room, the 24-seat Cabernet Room, and the 75-seat Bordeaux Room. Fleming’s offers 100 wines by the glass. (800 West Olympic Blvd., 213.745.9911)


This all-you-can-eat Brazilian churrascaria is an upscale space, with high ceilings, Craftsman-style decor, and murals of gauchos on the range. A private room seats 30, and a semiprivate room holds 80. The entire restaurant seats 260. (133 North La Cienega Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.289.7755)

Known for the kitschy lounge act performed by the couple known only as Marty & Elayne—and for making a cameo in Swingers—the Dresden opened in 1954, and its white booths, Venetian chandeliers, and wood paneling haven’t changed since. (1760 North Vermont Ave., Hollywood, 323.665.4294) DUKE’S MALIBU5

Open since 1996, this beachside spot pays homage to surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku, with picture windows overlooking the ocean and surfer memorabilia throughout. The Barefoot Bar is on the patio, which holds 60. A private room seats 260. (21150 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu, 310.317.0777) NEW EAST

In October 2009, David Judaken’s Syndicate Hospitality Group— which has specialized in nightlife and entertainment like MyHouse and Opera and Crimson—opened its first restaurant, East, inspired by Asian cuisines. Chef Keven Alan Lee heads the kitchen, and Dodd Mitchell designed the space. (6611 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.462.3278) EAT ON SUNSET5

Joachim Splichal transformed his former Pinot Hollywood restaurant into this cool, contemporary space. Two private rooms hold 16 and 26, the lounge holds 150, and the patio seats 100. The entire restaurant seats 250 or holds 350 for receptions. (1448 North Gower St., 323.962.0800) EDENDALE GRILL5

This 300-seat restaurant is in a restored 1924 firehouse. The Mixville Bar is the real attraction—it’s in the fire-truck bay, has skylights and a 38-foot mahogany bar, and holds 100. Two patios are available; the back holds 100 and the front seats 50. (2838 Rowena Ave., 323.666.2000) EL CID5

This landmark is an authentic replica of a 16th-century Spanish tavern. With its winding staircase, courtyard, high wood-beam ceilings, colorful antique bricks, and 50-seat patio, it’s the backdrop for flamenco shows and other live acts, tapas, and brunch. (4212 Sunset Blvd., 323.668.0318) ELEVEN5

Richard Grossi opened this 6,000-square-foot restaurant and nightclub in 2007. The mezzanine dining room has a fireplace lounge; after dinner, it transforms into a nightclub. The venue holds 500; the patio alone holds 125. (8811 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.855.0800) ENCOUNTER5

The bar and restaurant at LAX was recently renovated. In addition to structural work on the outer arches, the interior got a new coat of paint and new furniture. Wraparound windows look out onto one of the country’s busiest airports. (209 World Way, Los Angeles International Airport, 310.215.5151) ENOTECA DRAGO5

Celestino Drago combined the aesthetics of an Italian wine shop, trattoria, and osteria for this spot (next to his brother’s restaurant, Il Pastaio). A private room has a pull-down video screen; it seats 40 or holds 90 for receptions. The patio seats 20. (410 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.786.8236) E3RD STEAKHOUSE & LOUNGE5

This arts district project from Zip Fusion Sushi’s Jason Ha is a renovated 1920s garage with its original trussed-beam high ceiling, metal accents, and custom light fixtures. The dining area seats 100, the patio seats 40, and the lounge seats 40. (734 East 3rd St., 213.680.3003) NEW EVA RESTAURANT

Eva Restaurant opened in September 2009, offering a seasonally changing menu in an intimate dining room. A globally inspired menu includes linguini and clams, plus classic French dishes such as foie gras and onion soup. The restaurant’s cream-colored dining room seats 47. A small bar has seating for seven, and the garden patio holds 25. (7458 Beverly Blvd., 323.634.0700) FALCON5

In a restored Craftsman-style bungalow, this restaurant and lounge was designed to evoke old Hollywood glamour. A private room seats 22 or holds 40 for receptions. The patio holds 150. The entire space holds 400 inside or 600 with the back parking lot tented. (7213 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323.850.5350) THE FARM OF BEVERLY HILLS AT L.A. LIVE5

This comfort food haven’s newest location at L.A. Live has an indoor/outdoor fireplace in the bar, a patio, and a private dining

5= Venues that offer outdoor event space



Ford’s is a convivial neighborhood bistro and pub. Owner Ben Ford (son of Harrison) uses organic and artisanal ingredients in his comfort cuisine. The main dining room seats 70, the side patio seats 35, and the front patio and bar seat 30. (9531 Culver Blvd., Culver City, 310.202.1470) THE FOUNDRY ON MELROSE5

Chef Eric Greenspan opened this place in 2007 in the former Café Luna space. The restaurant and lounge have cement floors, handcrafted wood accents, cork, antique lamps, and white-linen-topped tables. There’s also a back patio for dining that seats 50. (7465 Melrose Ave., 323.651.0915) FRAICHE5

This spacious, Mediterranean-influenced spot has a large patio out front. Inside, a long banquette lines one wall. Chef Jason Travi puts out seasonal fare. The dining room seats 45, and the patio also holds 45. The indoor bar holds 25. (9411 Culver Blvd., Culver City, 310.839.6800) FRIDA MEXICAN CUISINE5

This restaurant opened at Glendale’s Americana at Brand complex in June 2008. A 1,500-square-foot bar constructed from iridescent, blown-glass bricks provides seating for 60 people. The main dining room has a total capacity of 130, and a patio seats 80. (750 Americana Way, Glendale, 818.551.1666) GEISHA HOUSE5

This sushi restaurant and lounge has a mezzanine dining area, a roof patio, a sushi bar and lounge, and an anime-inspired bar and lounge. A semiprivate alcove in the main dining room seats 10. Together, the 85-seat roof and the restaurant hold 500. (6633 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.460.6300) GEOFFREY’S5

Tropical plants, candlelight, and fire pits line this restaurant’s patio. Areas available for events include the garden, which seats 50, and a semi-enclosed dining room that seats 60. The entire restaurant seats 160. Set-menu events are available for groups of 15 or more. (27400 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu, 310.457.1519) GLADSTONE’S5

This oceanside restaurant has views from the Malibu cliffs to the Santa Monica Pier. Known for its seafood and beach access, it has two indoor private rooms that seat 70 and 100, plus a deck that seats 200. The beachfront accommodates groups of as many as 500. (17300 Pacific Coast Hwy., Pacific Palisades, 310.454.3474) GONPACHI5

This traditional Japanese restaurant opened in 2007. Gonpachi has several private rooms, including a sake-tasting room, a garden, and two Zen rooms. The patio seats 24, and the entire restaurant seats 255 or holds 1,000 for receptions. (134 North La Cienega Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.659.8887) GORDON RAMSAY AT THE LONDON WEST HOLLYWOOD

Following the arrival of the London West Hollywood, chef Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant opened in May 2008. The restaurant has two main dining rooms, five private rooms, a cocktail bar, and a ballroom that holds 400. (1020 North San Vicente Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.358.7788) GRACE

Iron Chef challenger Neal Fraser offers modern American cuisine in this earthy 115-seat restaurant. A private dining room seats 35 or holds 45 for receptions. Events can also use the Stephen Cohen Gallery next door, which holds 200. (7360 Beverly Blvd., 323.934.4400) THE GRILL ON THE ALLEY

This L.A. original opened in 1984, even if it looks like it could’ve been an original in the ’40s. Deals go down at the bar, along with martinis and Scotch. Classic American fare like Cobb salads, prime rib, chicken potpies, and lobster martinis goes down in the dining room. (9560 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills, 310.276.0615) THE GRILL ON HOLLYWOOD5

Open since 2001, this clubby, Deco-influenced American grill is in the Hollywood & Highland complex, adjacent to the Kodak Theatre. There’s a full-service bar and a patio, which seats 50, overlooking a courtyard. The entire restaurant seats 170. (6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.856.5530)


Chef Eddie Brik opened this sushi spot in 2007. Hadaka means “naked” in Japanese, and that overtly sexual theme is prevalent, with cheeky names for menu items and a bordello vibe. A small lounge and a patio each hold 40. The entire venue holds 200. (8226 West Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.822.2601) NEW HAKOBE

Owner Asako Lisa Batten opened Japanese restaurant Hakobe in July 2009. The eatery serves entrées such as almond shrimp with sea salt and lemon alongside specialty cocktails. Hakobe has a spacious area adjacent to the main dining room that can be sectioned off for private events. There is also patio seating out front. (14 North La Cienega Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.652.0007) HAMPTON’S5

At the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, this 130-seat space offers an elegant and comfortable setting for chef de cuisine Jelle Vandenbroucke’s healthy haute cuisine. A private room holds 18, the patio seats 50, and a chef’s table in the kitchen seats eight. (2 Dole Drive, Westlake Village, 818.575.3000) HIDDEN5

The partner behind Via Veneto opened this fusion concept in the former Schatzi’s on Main space in 2007. The indoor-outdoor space has exposed brick and stonework, cabanas, and Missoni carpet. The entire restaurant holds 300, and the patio holds 100. (3110 Main St., Santa Monica, 310.399.4800) NEW THE HIDEOUT

The Hollywood Heights Hotel has opened its new bar and restaurant, the Hideout. With a total capacity of about 100, the venue is divided into a bar and lounge at the front and, in the back, a dining room that can be sectioned off for private events. Events can also take over the adjacent patio. (2005 North Highland Ave., Hollywood, 323.876.8600) HOKUSAI

The former Continental in Beverly Hills is now this Japanese spot, named for an impressionist painter and wood engraver. In the middle of the dining room, a mirrored tower is etched with Japanese words for the elements and seasons. The entire space seats 90. (8400 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 323.782.9717) HONEY

This late night bistro, adjacent to Avalon Hollywood, is decorated with dark wood, leather booths, and a DJ. The space seats 50 or holds 150 for receptions. (1733 North Vine St., 323.462.3000) IL CIELO5

Open since 1986, this Italian restaurant is known as one of the most romantic restaurants in Los Angeles. Owned by executive chef Pasquale Vericella, the restaurant has several private rooms, as well as audiovisual capabilities and custom menus. (9018 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, 310.276.9990) IL GRANO

This Italian mainstay got a slick new look in 2005, creating a more contemporary setting for Salvatore Marino’s authentic cuisine. Crisp, with dark wood outlines, the main room seats 55. A small private room holds 18, and the entire restaurant seats 71. (11359 Santa Monica Blvd., West Los Angeles, 310.477.7886) IL MORO5

After a renovation in 2006, the design of this Italian mainstay is urban European meets L.A. casual. One private room holds 20, another holds 30, and the patio garden seats 142. The restaurant holds 700 for receptions. (11400 West Olympic Blvd., 310.575.3530) ISLA5

A retractable roof lets Isla patrons soak up the sun as they smoke cigars (a humidor is on the premises) or sip a drink made with one of the cantina’s 125 tequilas. The space holds 110 and has a DJ booth and customizable light displays. (8788 West Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.657.8100) IVAN KANE’S CAFE WAS5

This French bistro and piano lounge was created by nightlife impresario Ivan Kane in September 2008. The space has several areas for private events, including a mezzanine bar that holds as many as 50 people and a communal dining room for 25. Groups as large as 350 can take over the entire restaurant, which includes a large patio. (1521 North Vine St., Hollywood, 323.466.5400) JAMES BEACH5

This Venice mainstay’s dining room seats 90 or holds 150 for receptions. A converted bungalow—with a fireplace, a private bar, a foosball table, a sound system, and bay windows that overlook a garden—seats 50 or holds 90 for receptions. A patio holds 150. (60 North Venice Blvd., Venice, 310.823.5396) JAR

This modern steak house and haven for haute comfort cuisine has a large zinc bar and a room that takes design cues from 1940s supper clubs. There is a semiprivate alcove near the bar for smaller groups. The entire restaurant holds 120 for day or evening events. (8225 Beverly Blvd., 323.655.6566) JER-NE RESTAURANT AND BAR5

The Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey restaurant has wood floors, red accents, and a teak deck overlooking the boat-filled marina. There’s a 14-foot cream-onyx communal table in the middle of the dining room. The entire restaurant seats 158; the patio seats 60. (4375 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, 310.574.4333) JIAN

Two human-size robots and a colorful array of pinball-machine screens create a whimsical look at this Korean barbecue joint. Diners can cook rib eye steak, tuna belly, spicy pork, and vegetables on smokeless tabletop grills, or let the kitchen staff prepare dishes like chicken dumplings and rice cakes in a seasoned beef broth. (8256 Beverly Blvd., 323.655.6556) march/april 2010 117

Los Angeles Venue Directory

Restaurants JIRAFFE

The use of fresh seasonal ingredients is one reason Jiraffe has been successful since 1996. For group dining, the loft offers a picturesque semiprivate area that overlooks the main room and holds 45 people. The main dining room holds 45. (502 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.917.6671) JOSIE RESTAURANT

The farmer’s-market-inspired menus from chef and owner Josie LeBalch are sophisticated and relaxed. The rooms are soft and inviting, with sandblasted wood-beam ceilings, a stone hearth in the front room, and a quiet bar in the back. The entire restaurant seats 85. (2424 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.581.9888) KATANA5

The people behind Sushi Roku brought this Japanese robata and sushi bar to a historic Sunset Strip building. A private dining room seats 30, the patio overlooking the strip holds 200, and the entire restaurant seats 225 or holds 500 for receptions. (8439 West Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.650.8585) KATSUYA BRENTWOOD5

Combining the talents of Sam Nazarian, chef Katsuya Uechi, and designer Philippe Starck, this restaurant and lounge is a display of style and substance. The restaurant seats 160. A small patio seats 16. (11777 San Vicente Blvd., 310.207.8744) KATSUYA DOWNTOWN5

With a menu by sushi chef Katsuya Uechi and a design by Philippe Starck, this Japanese restaurant is in the center of the L.A. Live promenade. The space can hold as many as 300 guests, and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. (800 West Olympic Blvd., 213.747.9797) KATSUYA GLENDALE5

This Japanese eatery, part of Americana at Brand, opened in May 2008. The main floor includes a patio facing cocktail and sushi bars, while the second floor houses the main dining room, a cocktail bar, and a 10-seat private room. The entire venue holds 300 for events. (702 Americana Way, Glendale, 818.244.5900) KATSUYA HOLLYWOOD

The venue holds 200, while the bar seats 50 and a patio also has space for 50. (260 South Raymond Ave., Pasadena, 626.356.4444)

burgundy room holds 16, and the entire eatery holds 150. (1104 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.395.0881 ext. 110)



Santa Monica got a branch of La Grande Orange in May 2009. The location’s menu focuses on American cooking, with fresh ingredients that emphasize seasonal organic cuisine from the local farmer’s market. (2000 Main St., Santa Monica, 310.396.9145)

The desert-chic look of Doug Arango’s was wiped clean by owners Chris and Julie Bennette, who opened this more casual spot in 2007. The space has white banquettes, dark furniture, and earth tones. (8826 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, 310.278.3684)


This coffee-focused space features custom-made French wallpaper; faux crocodile, ostrich, and sharkskin chairs; and black Lucite tables. Providence chef Michael Cimarusti designed a menu including pumpkin soup with coffee maple Urfa chile crème fraîche. (1636 Silver Lake Blvd., Silver Lake, 323.663.4441) LAWRY’S CARVERY5

Run by the same owners as Lawry’s the Prime Rib in Beverly Hills, this casual restaurant has three locations. The South Coast Plaza space has two dining areas and a patio for events of as many as 80 people. There are also offshoots in Century City and at L.A. Live, next to the Staples Center. (South Coast Plaza: 3333 Bristol St., Suite 2601, Costa Mesa, 714.434.7788; Century City: 10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Century City, 310.432.0101; L.A. Live: 1011 South Figueroa St., 213.222.2212) LAWRY’S THE PRIME RIB

Its location has changed since this restaurant opened in 1938, but the menu is still the same. The main dining room has a domed ceiling and murals and holds 240. The Vintage Room seats 36. The Oak Room, with a fireplace and wood-beam ceilings, seats 80. (100 North La Cienega Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.652.2827) LIBERTY GRILL5

This patriotic-themed American restaurant opened in 2006 in a historic mission-style building. The small front dining room is lined with pictures of Old Glory, Abe Lincoln, and the Liberty Bell. A patio with umbrella-covered tables and fire pits holds 200. A balcony holds 14. (1037 Flower St., 213.746.3400) LIFE RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE5

The former Level One lounge is a hot happy-hour spot for the Wilshire corridor crowd. It has white stone walls and columns, leather sofas and ottomans in the center, and a 50-seat patio. The entire restaurant holds 300. (6311 Wilshire Blvd., 323.651.5433)

The Hollywood outpost of this Japanese restaurant opened in 2007. The soaring place has suspended sushi knives, red kimonos, and oversize photos of geishas. The entire space seats 180, in the dining room, lounge, and two private rooms that seat eight each. (6300 Hollywood Blvd., 323.871.8777)


This Patina Group restaurant in the Music Center offers rustic French cuisine in a dining room filled with fringed lamps and oversize Toulouse-Lautrec murals. A private room holds 14; the boardroom seats 100. The bar holds 75 for receptions, and the patio seats 28. (135 North Grand Ave., 213.972.7322)

Wooden doors open to a courtyard with linen-topped tables and flowers. Inside, various rooms of this historic house have been transformed into private dining nooks. One has bright blue walls, mutton-rug seats, and wood-beam ceilings; it seats 30. The patio seats 70. (8164 West 3rd St., 323.951.1210)



This Dolce Group restaurant riffs on the classic American diner with a Hollywood twist. The all-white space is punched up with tomato-red accents and, in some cases, real tomatoes. The restaurant holds 250; a separate lounge holds 50. (8590 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.289.8590) KITCHEN 24

This classic all-night diner with a contemporary spin, from the owners of Cinespace, opened in May 2008. The restaurant— decked in chrome, white seats, and dark walnut tables—has DJs and a full bar. The design came from Kris Keith. (1608 North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, 323.465.2424) THE KRESS5

The 1930s S.H. Kress department store building is a registered landmark. The lower-level lounge holds 320. The restaurant holds 280, including 32 on an enclosed patio and 130 on the mezzanine (which houses the sushi bar), plus a private room for 12. (6608 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.785.5000) KUMA SUSHI

This Atwater Village sushi restaurant is awash in cool white and tan stone, dotted with colorful flowers and bronze Buddha statues. A private dining room with projection and audio capabilities seats 30. (3179 Los Feliz Blvd., Atwater Village, 323.661.5555) KUMO

Kumo means “cloud” in Japanese, and the space evokes its namesake with an all-white interior and blue carpet throughout. The chef comes from sushi restaurant Hamasaku and has created an upscale Japanese menu with French and Italian influences. A private room seats 12. (8360 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, 323.651.5866) NEW THE LAB

This 20,000-square-foot spot offers gastropub fare from associate executive chef Thomas Moran in a setting reminiscent of a science lab, with slate-topped tables, beakers as vases, and bookshelves that house science textbooks. The Lab also has a private dining room wired for full audiovisual capabilities. It holds 18 guests for a seated event or 30 for a reception. (3500 South Figueroa St., 213.743.1843) NEW LA CACHETTE BISTRO

Jean Francois Meteigner’s La Cachette Bistro in Santa Monica opened in August 2009. The dining area has room for 60 for seated events, a private room accommodates 18, and a 1,000square-foot bar area seats 40. The private, glassed-in patio has room for 80 for seated events. (1733 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, 310.434.9509) LA GRANDE ORANGE CAFÉ5

This restaurant opened in March 2008 in the renovated 1935 Santa Fe Railway Depot. Kristopher Keith of Spacecraft designed the space, which includes dark wood and Batchelder tile accents.

118 march/april 2010

An offshoot of Dominick’s, Little Dom’s has a front room with leaded windows, marble-topped tables, and a vintage bar. The back room has framed ’50s black-and-white glamour shots and red leather booths. (2128 Hillhurst Ave., Los Feliz, 323.661.0055) THE LITTLE DOOR5


Originally built as a seafood shack in the 1920s, this now tony restaurant at the top of the Santa Monica Pier has glass on three sides and an open-air deck with panoramic views of the ocean. The restaurant seats 150. (1602 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, 310.458.9294) LOCANDA DEL LAGO5

This restaurant serves dishes from Northern Italy’s Lombardy region in a room with high ceilings and painted ivy-covered trellises. There are semiprivate areas for groups of as many as 50; the patio seats 45. The entire restaurant seats 145 or holds 260 for receptions. (231 Arizona Ave., Santa Monica, 310.451.3525) L’OPERA5

Set in a historic downtown Long Beach building, this Italian spot has majestic vaulted ceilings, a colorful mural, and jade marble columns in the main dining room. Two private rooms seat 80 and 90, and the lounge holds 50. The entire restaurant holds 600 for receptions. (101 Pine Ave., Long Beach, 562.491.0066) LUCQUES5


The Melting Pot opened in Santa Barbara in January 2009. The space encompasses more than 4,700 square feet, with seating for 145. The restaurant also features a patio and bar, as well as a private banquet room that can accommodate groups of 32. (608 Anacapa St., Santa Barbara, 805.845.4444) MICHAEL’S5

Michael McCarty is considered one of the founders of California cuisine. The flower- and foliage-filled garden holds 72, the terrace holds 38, and combined they hold 110. Three private rooms hold as many as 40. The entire restaurant holds 250. (1147 3rd St., Santa Monica, 310.451.0843) MINX5

Minx’s 100-seat dining room and the 4,000-square-foot lounge feature natural woods and clean lines; fountains, water ponds, and private cabanas fill the wraparound patio. The dining room seats 100, the lounge and patio hold 400, and the entire space holds 700. (300 Harvey Drive, Glendale, 818.242.9191) NEW MIXT GREENS

Mixt Greens is a family-owned, healthy food chain that originally started in San Francisco, and has opened another location in downtown Los Angeles. The dishes are served in an ecoconscious manner with gourmet sensibility. (350 South Grand Ave., Suite D6, Los Angeles, 213.587.7970) MOJITOS

The former Xiomara, a longtime Old Town Pasadena favorite, has new owners and a new contemporary look. The back room and atrium hold 150 for receptions. The menu features Latin and Cuban cuisine and mojitos made with hand-juiced sugarcane. (69 North Raymond Ave., Pasadena, 626.796.2520) MONSOON CAFÉ5

This bustling Third Street Promenade restaurant has a sushi bar, live music, and tropical decor. Individual areas seating as many as 50 are available, including several private rooms; or the whole restaurant (which holds 400) can be bought out. The patio seats 25. (1212 3rd St. Promenade, Santa Monica, 310.576.9996) MOONSHADOWS5

Since 1971, this beachside spot has attracted everyone from surfers to celebrities. An indoor dining room filled with blond wood furniture, the Blue Lounge, and the wood deck hold as many as 400. (20356 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu, 310.456.3010) MORELS FRENCH STEAKHOUSE AND BISTRO5

The wraparound patio gives full view of the outdoor mall shoppers; inside, it’s a theme-park version of a bistro, with waiters in white shirts and vests. A less casual steak house is upstairs. A private room seats 35, and the patios together seat as many as 275. (189 The Grove Drive, 323.965.9595) MORTON’S, THE STEAKHOUSE

The Beverly Hills outpost has a private dining room called the boardroom; it seats 68 or holds 110 for receptions. This link the Morton’s chain opened in the mixed-use Warner Center development in late 2007. Three boardrooms are available for dinner meetings; they can accommodate groups of 10 to 100. (435 South La Cienega Blvd., 310.246.1501; 6250 Canoga Ave., Suite 302, Woodland Hills, 818.703.7272) MURANO RESTAURANT & LOUNGE

This Mediterranean spot opened in the former Game space in 2007. Custom-designed red Murano-glass chandeliers contrast the all-white decor; ottomans and more dramatic chandeliers fill a separate lounge. The space seats 150 or holds 300 for receptions. (9010 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, 310.246.9118) MUSSO & FRANK GRILL

Suzanne Goin and Carolyn Styne turned Harold Lloyd’s former carriage house into a dining room with exposed brick, woodbeam ceilings, leather booths and banquettes, and a fireplace fronted by leather sofas. The menu includes seasonal and classic artisanal cuisine. (8474 Melrose Ave., 323.655.6277)

Although most of Hollywood’s old glamour restaurants have come and gone, its oldest eatery has the clubby decor, leather booths, and whiskey-soaked ambience that have attracted everyone from Charlie Chaplin to George Clooney. The space holds 300. (6667 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.467.7788)

The Malibu Pier Club expanded its event space in July 2009 with the opening of the Beachcomber Café. Outdoor space includes the 2,100-square-foot pier neck with ocean views, and a boatlaunch area that seats 50. Upper decks at the foot of the pier hold 45 for receptions. Sister property Malibu Pier Club, which boasts an 11-seat beachside bar and a 58-seat outdoor area, opened in April 2008. (23000 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu, 310.456.9800)

Two formal private dining rooms seat 40 and 20. The patio seats 60 or holds 125 for receptions. Semiprivate areas in the main room are available. The entire restaurant seats 250 or holds 550 for receptions. (1100 Glendon Ave., 310.824.2255)



Steven Arroyo and several Silver Lake entrepreneurs opened this hipster haven for chips and spicy homemade salsa, ground beef tacos with pickles, and margaritas. The space holds 100 for receptions, and has a 60-seat patio. (4326 Sunset Blvd., 323.664.1011) NEW MARBELLA

Once the Montmarte Café in Hollywood, this giant Spanishinfluenced nightclub opened in August 2009. The tapas restaurant portion of the space opened in September 2009. Marbella offers a 4,000-square-foot patio with wrought-iron accents, meant to invoke both Spain and the ’20s. The entire space holds 900 and is available for buyouts. (6757 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.465.0447) MÉLISSE

This restaurant’s 70-seat main room, with hues of green and taupe, is a fitting setting for chef-owner Josiah Citrin’s Frenchinspired seasonal fare. The private Olivia Room holds 50, the



This contemporary take on the classic steak house is the scene of power lunches and pretheater dinners. The Prime Room, with dark brown suede banquettes and a terrace, seats 28. The Bacchus wine room holds 12. The patio holds 250. The entire restaurant seats 300. (330 South Hope St., 213.972.3028) NIRVANA RESTAURANT AND LODGE5

This Indian eatery has a back lounge with three poster beds made for dining and a six-foot Buddha head, while an alfresco dining room is available with more traditional seating. The patio holds 35, and the whole facility seats 125. (8689 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.657.5040) NOBU WEST HOLLYWOOD5

Nobu Matsuhisa’s eponymous celebrity-magnet Japanese spot opened in the former L’Orangerie space in February 2008. There are three private rooms: a patio that holds 150, an atrium for 40, and a main dining room that seats 290 or holds 150 for receptions. (903 North La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.657.5711) NOE AT THE OMNI5

This third-floor restaurant at the Omni downtown features chef

Glen Ishii’s eclectic contemporary cuisine in a romantic, globally inspired room. A private room seats 20, and a semiprivate room holds 25. The patio overlooking the downtown skyline holds 150 for receptions. (251 South Olive St., 213.356.4100)


The Norton Simon Museum includes a fine private collection of European, Asian, and American art in a 1969 building. The outdoor café is in the museum’s sculpture garden. The Patina Group caters meals for special events. (411 West Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, 626.844.6970) THE OAK ROOM

Former Los Angeles mayor Richard Riordan opened this dinneronly establishment in March 2008. Executive chef Douglas Silberberg prepares seasonal California cuisine, including duck cassoulet and aged hanger steak. The entire space holds 76. (1035 Swarthmore Ave., Pacific Palisades, 310.454.3337) O BAR & KITCHEN

The Orchid Hotel’s new eatery opened in March 2008. Chef Vahan Tokmadjian’s serves New American cuisine with Mediterranean influences. The venue holds 150 and has a brick wall canvassed with nature-inspired photographs. An adjacent bar seats 10. (819 South Flower St., 213.623.9904)

sits today. Peanut shells cover the floors, and diners eat giant shrimp cocktails and drink mojitos. Adirondack chairs sit on the beach, shaded by thatched umbrellas. Groups can use the beach and pier for events. (28128 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu, 310.457.2503) PATINA5

When the Walt Disney Concert Hall opened, Joachim Splichal was there with Patina. The restaurant features curved woodpaneled walls and an earthy palette. The main dining room seats 150; a private room, separated by a glass wall, holds 30; and the patio, with the striking silver hall as a backdrop, holds 55. (141 South Grand Ave., 213.239.2508) THE PENTHOUSE

The Huntley Santa Monica hotel’s top-floor restaurant has 360-degree views of the ocean, city, and mountains. The 7,500square-foot space is filled with silvery blues, chocolate browns, and a subtle seashell theme around an oval bar. Gauzy curtains separate indoor cabanas, and a fireplace lounge sits in a corner. The restaurant seats 144 or holds 319 for receptions. (1111 2nd St., Santa Monica, 310.393.8080 ext. 1) NEW PHILIPPE WEST HOLLYWOOD

O! Burger uses all-organic ingredients for everything from the whole-wheat buns and grass-fed beef to the ketchup. The restaurant is available for private events. An outdoor area holds 18, and the dining room holds 20. (8593 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.854.0234)

Philippe opened in West Hollywood in the former Dolce space at the end of September 2009. The eatery includes multiple areas that hold from about 14 to about 300. Philippe is the eponymous restaurant of chef/owner Philippe Chow, who headed Mr. Chow for 27 years before opening his own New York flagship with partner Stratis Morfogen. (8284 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, 310.951.1100)

This contemporary restaurant in the Loews Santa Monica Hotel has a large fire pit in the main dining room, and several pits on the spacious terrace. Semiprivate spaces on the patio can hold 75, and in the restaurant bar, a private banquet room seats 100. (1700 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, 310.458.6700)

This Hollywood landmark first opened its doors in 1927. The front dining room and bar hold 130, and the private back room, with its own bar and seating area, holds 60. The entire space holds 300 for receptions. A patio holds 30. (6714 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.463.0000)




For its 10-year anniversary, the Avalon Hotel added new Italian restaurant, Oliverio, which took over the former Blue on Blue space in October 2009. Decor includes gilt ceramic columns, floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase Oliverio’s poolside dining area, Cippolino tables, and 1960s Warren Platner gold metal chairs. Poolside cabanas offer private dining. Oliverio’s total capacity is 143. (9400 West Olympic Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.407.7791) ONE PICO5

Boutique hotel Shutters on the Beach renovated this restaurant in March 2008. Designer Michael Smith created a beach-resort look for the 85-seat restaurant and hung a collection of antique boat hulls from the rafters to maximize the high ceilings. A terrace holds 200. (1 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.458.0030)



Rock ’n’ roll meets Mexican funk at Harry Morton’s third outpost of this cheekily named spot in the Century City mall. A spacious wraparound patio is filled with umbrella tables and colorful murals. Inside, it’s a mishmash of lucha libre art, custom-designed low-rider bikes, tin lights and hubcaps, wood booths and tables, and lights strung along open-beam ceilings. The entire restaurant seats 300 and holds the same amount for receptions. (10250 Santa Monica Blvd., 310.854.3366) PINOT BISTRO5

Since 1992, this popular Valley spot has served traditional bistro fare amid its French-farmhouse decor. The Art Deco Man Ray Room holds 52. The fireplace room holds 86. The café, with its

wine cabinet, wood paneling, and a standing divider, holds 24. The patio fits 14. The entire restaurant seats 188 or holds 300 for receptions. (12969 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 213.239.2508) PIZZERIA MOZZA

Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali opened this eatery in 2006. Pizzeria Mozza features playful place mats that educate patrons in the art of speaking “real” Italian—through the use of seven key hand gestures, that is. The private Jack Warner Room holds 16. The entire restaurant seats 60. (641 North Highland Ave., 323.297.0101) THE POLO LOUNGE5

Talk about the breakfast meeting—this place has done it since the 1940s, when its name was changed from El Jardin Restaurant in honor of celebrity polo players Will Rogers, Spencer Tracy, and others. The bougainvillea-lined patio seats 100. The entire venue seats 150. (9641 Sunset Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.276.2251) PROVECHO AND REMEDY

Restaurant Provecho and lounge Remedy opened in December 2008 in downtown’s financial district. The eatery specializes in Mexican cuisine, while the lounge offers small plates and signature drinks. The 5,100-square-foot restaurant seats 158 and has floor-to-ceiling windows, handblown Italian chandeliers, a glass waterfall, and a ceviche bar. The 2,900-square-foot Remedy holds 150. (800 Wilshire Blvd., 213.489.1406) PROVIDENCE5

The decor at chef Michael Cimarusti’s house of seafood haute cuisine offers subtle nods to the sea. The private Sonoma Room holds 14; the cellar room, with a window into the wine cellar, holds 20 and has audiovisual equipment. A terrace holds 20. The entire restaurant seats 100 or holds 200 for receptions. (5955 Melrose Ave., 323.460.4170) RED PEARL KITCHEN5

After success with Red Pearl Kitchens in Huntington Beach and San Diego, Tim and Liza Goodell replaced their Hollywood restaurant, Meson G, with this pan-Asian eatery. It has a bar that holds 35, a lounge for 75, a dining room that holds 150, and a 30-seat patio. (6703 Melrose Ave., 323.525.1415) RED SEVEN5

Wolfgang Puck opened his seventh Los Angeles restaurant at the Pacific Design Center in 2007. Orange and red banquettes line the lounge, tree branches cast silhouettes against white walls, and slat walls surround intimate dining rooms. The restaurant seats 80; the patio seats 60 or holds 400 for receptions. (700 North San Vicente Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.289.1587) REDWOOD BAR AND GRILL5

This former J.F.K. and Nixon hangout now has a pirate theme, with weathered wooden planks, sails on the walls, and barrel


Next to the historic Wiltern Theatre, this spacious restaurant and bar provides seasonal, market-driven fare. The 1,682square-foot dining room holds 150, the enclosed patio holds 80, and the bar and lounge hold 75. The entire venue seats 250. (3760 Wilshire Blvd., 213.738.1600) ORTOLAN5

Christophe Eme’s contemporary French restaurant seats 100 and has a 20-seat patio. Off the main dining area, a rustic room with a custom-designed communal table seats 12. In the back, a lounge with a fireplace is available for dining or receptions. (8338 West 3rd St., 323.653.3300) OSTERIA MOZZA

The sister restaurant to Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton’s Pizzeria Mozza next door is a high-ceilinged space with the vibe of a New York bistro. The private room, Primo Ministro, seats 30. (6602 Melrose Ave., 323.297.0100) PACIFIC DINING CAR

Founded in 1921 (it moved to its current location in 1923), this is one of L.A.’s oldest continuously operating restaurants. The 24-hour spot has wood paneling, antique luggage, and green velvet chairs in the main room. The restaurant seats 175. A second location opened in Santa Monica in 1990. (1310 West 6th St., 213.483.6000; 2700 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.453.4000) PALATE FOOD & WINE

The restaurant and wine store from Octavio Becerra and Gary Menes took over the ground floor of a 1928 poured-concrete building in May 2008. The 3,000-square-foot main dining room includes a curving zinc bar that seats 10 and a communal table for 10. Bordeaux-hued leather banquettes seat 72. (933 South Brand Blvd., Glendale, 818.662.9463) THE PALM

One block from Staples Center, the downtown location of the Palm has three private rooms upstairs and two downstairs, all of which seat as many as 140. The West Hollywood location opened in 1975 and recently refurbished its private room, which seats 60. The entire restaurant seats 190 or holds 300 for receptions. (1100 South Flower St., 213.763.4610; 9001 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.550.8811)

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Another Drago family restaurant, this one owned by Giacomino, Panzanella is a cozy and elegant neighborhood spot. Three private dining rooms are available separately—in one, wine bottles line the walls—or can be combined to seat 80. (14928 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, 818.784.4400) PARADISE COVE BEACH CAFÉ5

Bob Morris’s family owned this property back when Gidget and Beach Blanket Bingo were filmed on the sand where the café



Los Angeles Venue Directory

Restaurants lids for tabletops. The kitschy venue serves homey fare like fish and chips and mac and cheese. Buyouts are available; the front bar and back room hold about 150; the patio seats 20. (316 West 2nd St., 213.680.2600) RITUAL5

The former White Lotus was transformed into a Zen-inspired space with reds, golds, earthy colors, and leather banquettes. The patio remains the place for Andy Pastore’s Pacific Rim menu. The adjacent lounge has 12 plasma TVs with separate feeds, sound, and video mixing equipment. The dining room seats 100, the lounge seats 80, and the entire space holds 700. (1743 North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, 323.463.0060) RIVERA5

Chef John Rivera Sedlar opened his pan-Latin-inspired restaurant, Rivera, in early January 2009. The venue features an Iberian-inspired private dining area for 30, and is available for full buyout with a capacity of 300 for receptions. An adjacent courtyard holds 250. The restaurant also offers off-site catering for special events. (1050 South Flower St., 213.749.1460) ROBATA BAR AT SUSHI ROKU

Innovative Dining Group opened this Japanese-style pub next to its existing Sushi Roku location. The menu features robatayaki prepared over Japanese-imported binch-tan charcoal, ceviche, IDG’s signature Red Sun beer, and an extensive sake selection. More than 5,000 tassels hang from the ceiling. The restaurant seats 50. (1401 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, 310.458.4771) ROCK ’N FISH5

The L.A. Live offshoot of this popular Manhattan Beach seafood restaurant offers two areas for private dining: a 50-seat mezzanine overlooks the main dining area, and a patio seats holds 70. The bar serves more than 300 wines. (800 West Olympic Blvd., 213.748.4020) ROCKSUGAR PAN ASIAN KITCHEN5

Restaurateur David Overton partnered with chef Mohan Ismail to open this eatery in 2008. The ornate 7,500-square-foot space has a saffron and plum color scheme, and the main dining room includes booth and rattan seating for 221. A courtyard features wall fountains, while the 1,850-square-foot patio holds 99. (10250 Santa Monica Blvd., 310.552.9988) ROMANOV RESTAURANT & LOUNGE5

There’s nothing subtle about Studio City’s Russian-themed restaurant, from its onion-dome exterior to its crystal chandeliers, rich fabrics, and massive imported vodka menu. The private library room, which seats 10, has 24-karat gold-leaf ceilings, hand-carved chairs, shelves filled with Russian literature, and an ornate fireplace. There is also an adjacent patio. The entire space seats 200. (12229 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 818.760.3177) NEW ROSA MEXICANO5

Open since mid-August 2009, the first West Coast location of this popular Mexican chain is in the L.A. Live complex. The brightly colored space seats 205 and has additional seating on the patio. (800 West Olympic Blvd., 213.746.0001) ROYAL CLAYTONS

In a former toy company headquarters, this 2,800-square-foot restaurant serves modern comfort food in a space filled with English Gothic decor. There are 14-foot-high mirrors, 200-yearold stained-glass windows, and original columns from an 18th-century English manor. The space seats 70 or holds 130 for receptions. (1855 Industrial St., 213.622.0512) ROY’S

Celeb chef Roy Yamaguchi’s innovative Hawaiian-fusion cuisine is a welcome alternative to the steak houses and Italian spots that dominate the Figueroa thoroughfare. In addition to the main dining room, there’s a large bar, a sushi bar, and three private rooms that, when combined, seat 100. (800 South Figueroa St., 213.488.4994) R23

The owners of one of downtown’s first arts district restaurants have taken over the adjoining gallery space, doubling the sushi restaurant’s size and adding two 25-seat private areas. The restaurant now holds 120. R23 has exposed brick walls lined with Gauguin-inspired paintings by Japanese artist Shiho Amano, Frank Gehry-designed chairs, and kiln-fired ceramic platters that serve as art. (923 East 2nd St., 213.687.7178) RUSTIC CANYON WINE BAR AND SEASONAL KITCHEN

Combining neighborhood charm and a market-fresh menu in a convivial, almost communal atmosphere made Rustic Canyon a hotspot from the get-go. Guests gather in a small wine bar while they wait to be seated. An arched white ceiling is offset by hunter-green walls and natural wood accents. The restaurant seats 80. (1119 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.393.7050) SADDLE PEAK LODGE5

With plenty of trophies, fireplaces, and wood accents, this offthe-beaten-path spot is reminiscent of a secret mountain lodge. The library seats 45; the loft seats 20; the den seats 18; and the main dining room seats 80. The tree-lined patio with stone walkways and mountain views holds 110. (419 Cold Canyon Road, Calabasas, 818.222.3888) SALT CREEK GRILLE5

The fifth outpost of this semilocal chain opened at the Plaza El Segundo in the South Bay in 2007. The space is reminiscent of an Arts and Crafts-style bungalow (albeit a large one). The 7,500square-foot restaurant seats 200. There are waterfalls on the patios, and the bar has a baby grand piano and a hand-carved communal table. The patio holds 30. (760 South Sepulveda Blvd., El Segundo, 310.335.9288)

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In February 2009, Santa Monica Seafood moved from its historic Colorado Street location to a new space at Wilshire Boulevard and 10th Street. The airy retail venue and café features a modern design and expanded seafood and menu offerings. The café holds 36 and includes a patio. (1000 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.393.5244)



The Canejo Valley got its very own contemporary Japanese hotspot when the owners of P6 and Chapter 8 opened Suki 7. The sushi bar has celadon-colored leather swivel chairs and tree-trunk lanterns overhead. Modern Japanese cuisine, sushi, and robata-grill specialties make up the menu. Sliding doors can create private rooms that hold groups of eight to 200. (925 South Westlake Blvd., Westlake Village, 805.777.7579)

Restaurateur Joseph Tahanian’s new eatery opened in April 2008. The 2,800-square-foot space has tufted brown leather booths, mirror-topped tables, and multitonal lighting displays. A lounge, which seats 30, contains a DJ booth backed with a gold leather acoustic wall. The venue holds 106 and serves modern Italian cuisine. (555 West 7th St., 213.223.0777)

The 3rd Street Sushi Roku was the first in Innovative Dining Group’s empire. Dodd Mitchell incorporated natural materials such as volcanic rock, koi ponds, and fire into the design. The restaurant seats 98 or holds 150 for receptions. The patio alone holds 20. (8445 West 3rd St., West Hollywood, 323.655.3372)


At the far west end of the South Bay boardwalk, this waterside spot blends Polynesian, Victorian, and contemporary architecture. Private dining rooms have views of the marina or the garden. Outside, there’s a large brick terrace on the water and another lined with bougainvillea and tall trees. The entire space seats 500. (13813 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey, 310.823.4522) SHOJIN

This organic vegetarian Japanese restaurant opened in March 2008. The 1,700-square-foot space seats 26 and has a neutral palette that includes brown leather chairs and Asian-inspired accessories. (333 South Alameda St., Suite 310, 213.617.0305) SIMON LA5

Celebrity chef Kerry Simon brings his Hard Rock Las Vegas style to the newly renovated Sofitel Hotel. The space has a green color scheme and high ceilings. Banquettes reminiscent of a 1930s supper club line one wall. There are two private rooms, each with room for 20. There are also two patios; one holds 40, the other holds 30. (8555 Beverly Blvd., 310.228.2189) NEW SOI 56

Thai street food is the concept at Soi 56, the fifth restaurant by Boon and Supa Kuntee. Chris Rusay at Rusay Design created the look of the space, with a mix of materials like laser-cut acrylic and recycled lumber from 1800s-era barns and homes. Soi 56 has room for 100 and has a semiprivate area for events and groups. The venue is available for full buyout. (1556 North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, 323.962.5656)



This Echo Park neighborhood spot is the oldest family-run French restaurant in Los Angeles. The first location opened in 1927; it moved to its current spot in 1962. Many of the staff have been there since then. Six private rooms are available: The smallest holds 20 for receptions, and the largest holds 200. (1911 Sunset Blvd., 213.484.1265) TAKAMI SUSHI & ROBATA AND ELEVATE LOUNGE5

A patio wraps around this entire Tag Front-designed 21st-floor restaurant and nightclub. Japanese silk fabrics, natural stone, and low-slung lounge furniture fill the inside. Walls move so space can be readjusted, and glass doors and walls give an open feel. A sushi bar, a robata grill, fire pits, and a lounge are also on site. (811 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2100, 213.236.9600) TANZORE

This Indian restaurant opened in 2007. The lounge features white marble accents, and Bollywood films play on high-def TVs. An Egyptian tub ripples in the middle of the main dining room. The menu features contemporary updates on the classics. The private dining room is all-white, with flat-screen TVs, and seats 49. The adjacent Gaylord, an event-only space, holds 200. (50 North La Cienega Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.652.3838) NEW TAR PIT

The Tar Pit is a luxe, art deco-inspired restaurant and bar with ornate chandeliers, mirrored walls, and leather banquettes. It serves artisanal cocktails, bar food, and a full dinner menu. (609 North La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, 323.965.1300)



Designed by Aurora Milstein of Interiors by Aurora, this Southern-inspired eatery has rustic decor. The large, curving bar is backed by brick, as is a private room with a 20-foot-long leather sectional that seats 25. A second private room holds 30 and offers audiovisual capabilities and a Nintendo Wii hookup. (3001 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.828.9988)

Taste Pacific Palisades opened in March 2009 with a palette of cream, chocolate brown, dark wood, and splashes of bright red. Bold graphic fabrics drape the windows, and works by photographer Paul Robinson show city life, scenery, and the European countryside. Taste’s menu consists of traditional American dishes with global influences. The venue holds 82. (538 Palisades Drive, Pacific Palisades, 310.459.9808)

Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant opened in this location in 1997. Original artwork and jeweled details surround the dining rooms, and a landscaped garden patio is available year-round. The restaurant offers two private dining rooms with a separate bar for receptions and functions; combined, they hold 125. The entire restaurant seats 250 or holds 600 for receptions. (176 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.777.3711)




This restaurant’s Beverly Hills location has three floors: The garden level is a classic yet contemporary bistro with circular booths and travertine floors; the second floor has 20-foot vaulted ceilings and wood floors; and the third floor holds the intimate Blu Lounge. The entire space holds 300. The Studio City location has an upstairs wine room available for private events that seats 50 or holds 75 for receptions. There is a third location in Huntington Beach. (9575 West Pico Blvd., 310.277.0133; 11801 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 818.623.8883; 300 Pacific Coast Hwy., Huntington Beach, 714.960.0996) STEFANO’S DA VINCE RISTORANTE5

Stefano’s is a multilevel space with soaring ceilings and aviationinspired art (a nod to Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machines). The patio holds 120; three private rooms hold 20, 60, and 100; and a glass-walled wine room is on the second floor, next to a cigar lounge. The building also houses a private hangar that holds 1,000. (2801 East Spring St., 3rd Floor, Long Beach, 562.685.8119) STK

This steak house opened in February 2008. The main dining room seats 120 in booths, and three private rooms seat between 50 and 75. ICrave Design Studio is behind the high-ceilinged space with white brick walls—one covered with dozens of steer horns. An outdoor bar in the atrium offers cocktails, and a DJ booth and private bar are off the atrium. (755 North La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.659.3535) STONE FIRE PIZZA5

The group behind the Belmont and Spanish Kitchen opened this wood-oven pizzeria in early 2007. Chefs stoking the oven for the thin-crust pizzas are visible from most of the large leather booths and seats at the pizza counter. With two indoor rooms and a large heated patio, the restaurant holds 130. (829 North La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.659.8848) NEW STREET

Chef Susan Feniger opened a restaurant devoted to street food from around the world. The menu is a flavorful blend inspired by market and street-stand cuisines. Architect Neil Denari designed the interior and with artists Huntley & Muir, who have a history of collaboration with Feniger, created large-scale murals that give Street dramatic backdrops. The space seats 100 and is available for buyout. There is a small upper mezzanine with room for an additional dozen. (742 North Highland Ave., Los Angeles, 323.461.7813)

Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne, the partners behind Lucques and A.O.C., opened this Brentwood Village restaurant in May 2009. Staying true to its name, the restaurant has a British gastropub vibe, with modern touches. The 100-seat main dining room is a glass-roofed atrium with natural light, wood floors, long tufted sofas, gray upholstered chairs, and zinc-topped tables. An additional room holds 36, and the entire space holds as many as 200. (11648 San Vicente Blvd., 310.806.6459) TENGU WESTWOOD

Seeing as this contemporary, hip neighborhood spot was named for a mischievous spirit, it’s only right that it has some of the most potent cocktail concoctions around. The Zen-inspired space has a small lounge, a main dining area, and a sushi bar. The entire restaurant holds 225. (10853 Lindbrook Drive, Westwood, 310.209.0071) THE TERRACE5

With a creamy neutral palette, the Terrace is the Sunset Tower Hotel’s only large venue for events, holding 500. The dining room has lush acacia trees; tables and chairs can be removed to create a more open area. The terrace has sweeping views behind a limestone-lined pool. The menu features American bistro fare. (8358 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.654.7100) TERRONI5

Shereen Arazm teamed with her former bosses from a Torontobased pizzeria to open this spot in the Authentic Café space. It has high ceilings, butcher-block-inspired tables, shelves filled with tins of amaretto cookies and olive oil, and an open kitchen. Sporty orange leather stools surround an espresso and wine bar. There’s outdoor seating, as well as a few communal tables inside. (7605 Beverly Blvd., 323.954.0300) NEW TIATO5

Slated to open in May 2010, this restaurant from chef Helene An (also of the notable Crustacean restaurant) will serve global fusion cuisine. The restaurant will have over 9,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, including a garden patio and a wine bar. The entire restaurant will hold 500 for events. (2700 Colorado Blvd., Suite 190, Santa Monica, 323.460.2645) TONY’S STEAKHOUSE5

Prime Hospitality Group’s Tony Riviera opened this economical steak house in February 2009. The entire space seats 300 amongst rich leather banquettes, Edison lamps, and flickering candles. Outdoor dining areas, including a lounge and a fire pit, can be rented, and the restaurant provides catering for larger events at the adjacent outdoor area of the Sunset complex and Caffe Primo. (8570 Sunset Blvd., 310.289.1145) TOSCANOVA5

Restaurateur Agostino Sciandri opened Toscanova in the Westfield Century City mall, where it joins other entertainingappropriate restaurants. Toscanova features Northern Italian

cuisine in a casual, family-style setting. Architect Ralph Gentile designed the space with a patio with porphyry tiles, ironwork seating, full-length curtains, custom upholstery, and planters. (10250 Santa Monica Blvd., 310.551.0499) NEW TRADER VIC’S5

In May 2009, tiki restaurant and bar franchise Trader Vic’s opened an outpost at L.A. Live, with a main dining room that holds 170 guests for a seated event or 240 for a reception; the Outrigger Room, which holds 60 guests seated or 75 for a reception; and the bar, which holds 70 seated or 150 for a reception. The patio seats 35 or holds 50 for a reception. (800 West Olympic, Suite A120, 213.785.3330) TRANQUILITY BASE5

This 3,100-square-foot restaurant is housed in a mixed-use building and offers a menu of gourmet pan-Asian fare and European small plates. Both the cuisine and the color scheme shift with the seasons, and an LED lighting system illuminates the room with different shades every half hour. The venue also offers a patio with a fire pit. (801 South Grand Ave., 213.404.0588) TRAXX

Since 1997, Traxx has served modern American fare in downtown’s historic Art Deco Union Station, and it caters events at the restaurant and throughout the station. The bar seats 30 or holds 85 for receptions. Surrounded by jacaranda and tangerine trees, the patio seats 350 or holds 600 for receptions. The Fred Harvey Room, which holds 300, and the concourse are also available. (800 North Alameda St., 213.625.1999) 25 DEGREES

This restaurant in the front of the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel is an upscale burger joint. The intimate space has patterned red walls, crystal chandeliers, and red leather booths. The entire space seats 55. (7000 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.785.7244) TWIN PALMS5

This restaurant is a 425-seat indoor-outdoor venue for private events, after-work drinks, or live music. A veil of retractable white sails soars over the main patio, which holds 200. The adjacent semiprivate terrace holds 120. A fully covered dining room holds 100 and has access to audiovisual equipment for meetings. (101 West Green St., Pasadena, 626.577.2567) TYPHOON5

This pan-Asian Santa Monica airport dining spot offers views of planes taking off and landing. Its menu features an exotic selection of dishes like Taiwanese crickets, Singapore-style scorpions, and White Sea worms. For the less adventurous, there are insect-free entrées representing a variety of countries from the Pacific Rim. The patio seats 40, and the entire space seats 140. (3221 Donald Douglas Loop South, Santa Monica, 310.390.6565) URASAWA

Space is limited at Urasawa, where a Cyprus-wood sushi bar—sanded every night for a smooth finish—seats a mere 10 privileged guests, for whom chef Hiroyuki Urasawa prepares a custom 29-course meal, which might include sashimi presented in a carved block of ice, caviar topped with flakes of gold, or a blowfish dish. The restaurant also offers a private room for eight. (218 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.247.8939) UWINK

This interactive 199-seat eatery opened at the Hollywood & Highland Center in 2008. The 7,300-square-foot space has touch-screen terminals on each table that serve as a unique way for guests to order meals, and also double as digital game consoles. Wall projections display revolving imagery, and game offerings include Truth or Dare, Speed Unscramble, and Trivia Live. (6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.466.1800)



Piero Selvaggio’s flagship restaurant in Santa Monica has been a Wine Spectator award winner since 1982; Valentino carries more than 100,000 bottles. The 250-seat venue offers four dining rooms, which hold as many as 65. At the entrance is a lounge named Vin Bar that seats 30 for casual dining on small, affordable plates. (3115 West Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.829.4313) VERMONT5

This restaurant serves American bistro fare in a contemporary dining room and crowded bar. The space has a large picture window, a vaulted ceiling, and tall columns. The private dining room, which holds 50, and the entire restaurant, which seats 200, are available for events. A patio for 200 is also available. (1714 North Vermont Ave., 323.661.6163) VERTICAL WINE BISTRO5

The Vertical offers more than 20 flights of wine from a 400-bottle list, plus a small-plates menu. The rooms are dressed in taupes and browns and are separated by a glass-encased wine-storage wall. The space seats 65 or holds 150 for receptions. The lounge seats 35 or holds 65 for receptions, and a small patio holds 25. (70 North Raymond Ave., Pasadena, 626.795.3999) VIBRATO GRILL

Jazz great Herb Alpert opened this modern American restaurant with the Smith Brothers, who own Pasadena’s Arroyo Chophouse and Parkway Grill. The room was designed with live music in mind: There are sound-absorbing panels on the walls, and every seat in the house has a view of the stage. The main level seats 120. An upstairs private room and balcony seats 50. (2930 Beverly Glen Cir., Bel Air, 310.474.9400) NEW VILLA BLANCA5

Restaurant Villa Blanca opened in late April 2009. The menu is mostly comprised of classic Mediterranean, Italian, and European dishes with Asian influences. Decor is influenced by the restaurant’s name, with multiple white floral arrangements and a mostly white palette for chairs, linens, and lighting. (9601 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, 310.859.0067) THE VILLAGE IDIOT

This English-style pub and restaurant is in a Melrose Avenue space that once housed Chianti Cucina. It has high ceilings, an open kitchen, a central bar that seats 20, and dark wood furniture. The Village Idiot seats 80 or holds 120 for receptions. (7383 Melrose Ave., 323.655.3331) VILLA SORRISO5

This Mediterranean villa includes one of the area’s first outdoor martini lounges. Two private dining rooms hold 60 and 90 guests. The upstairs lounge, with custom furniture and a private bar, holds 50. The garden patio, with fountains and foliage, holds 100. The entire restaurant holds 400. (168 West Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, 626.793.2233) NEW VINOLIO

Vinolio opened in September 2009. Exposed brick walls, rustic wooden tables, and antique embellishments give the eatery an Old World feel. The space is available for buyouts, and holds as many as 200 people. A private dining area is available on the back patio, which holds 50 for seated events. (1634 North Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, 323.856.0888) THE WAFFLE

This whimsical diner is open from 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. on weekends. Fred Sutherland designed the interior, creating a classic-looking counter and a patio with brightly colored groupings of tables and chairs. The menu includes decked-out waffles, vegetarian selections, and other hipster diner food. (6255 West Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 323.465.6901)

The 17th-floor restaurant and lounge at the Hotel Angeleno looks out over the 405 and toward the ocean. The menu is a modern take on an Italian supper club; there are small plates for sharing or robust steaks and homemade pastas. (170 North Church Lane, 310.481.7872) NEW WESTSIDE TAVERN

This eatery’s divisible private space has a large walnut bar, cork walls, and a wall covered in lateral slices of tree trunks—for an appropriately wintry look—and the rooms connect to hold as many as 100 people for a seated event. Westside Tavern offers American comfort food made from California ingredients. (10850 West Pico Blvd., 310.474.5902) WHIST5

The Viceroy hotel’s super-stylish restaurant was the flagship for Kelly Wearstler’s whimsical, European designs. Guests have the option of dining in the restaurant or in the lounge-style alcoves or reserving a private poolside cabana for 25. The dining room holds 101 people, and the patio seats 78. (1819 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, 310.260.7511) WILSHIRE5

The former Knoll’s Black Forest Inn has three private rooms that seat eight, 12 and 30. The indoor bar holds 60; the outdoor bar holds 100 for receptions; and a lounge outside seats 20. The indoor dining area seats 40; and the patio dining area seats 100. The entire restaurant seats 200 or holds 400 for receptions. (2454 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.586.1707) WOLFGANG PUCK BAR & GRILL5

At the L.A. Live complex, this fine dining restaurant was designed by Tony Chi and offers a menu by chef John Lechleidner. The space offers several areas for private dining, including a patio. (800 West Olympic Blvd., 213.748.9700) WOLFGANG’S STEAKHOUSE5

After 41 years as a headwaiter at New York’s Peter Luger Steak House, Wolfgang Zwiener launched this chain of steakhouses. This 300-seat location opened in 2008, with walnut floors, suede walls, Italian chandeliers, and a mosaic tile ceiling. A glassenclosed wine room seats 24, while a private room seats 120. (445 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.385.0640) YAMASHIRO5

This replica of a Kyoto palace has a restaurant, a 600-year-old pagoda, Japanese gardens, and koi ponds high in the Hollywood Hills. In the center of the property, a landscaped courtyard and the glass-enclosed Skyview Room hold 260. With panoramic views from most rooms, the entire restaurant holds 1,000 for receptions. (1999 North Sycamore Ave., Hollywood, 323.466.5125) YARD HOUSE

Known for its extensive selection of draft beer, this restaurant chain has 13 locations in Southern California. Its Los Angeles location at L.A. Live has a transparent keg room and 250 beers on tap. (800 West Olympic Blvd., 213.745.9273) YXTA COCINA MEXICANA

Open since February 2009, this space is decorated in modern Mexican furnishings with artwork from Mexico City, a wall with 15 flags, a mosaic-tiled wall backing the bar, and handblown chandeliers. The dining room holds 150, a patio holds 50, and the bar area holds 28. (601 South Central Ave., 213.596.5579) ZUCCA RISTORANTE

This Patina Group Italian restaurant’s main dining room features rough-hewn wood floors, vaulted ceilings, and handblown crystal chandeliers; it seats 112. There are three private rooms, plus a courtyard that seats 200 or holds 600 for receptions. (801 South Figueroa St., 213 972 3028)

Retail Venues AVITA CO-OP

This 2,000-square-foot eco-friendly boutique specializes in using recycled, organic, and earth-friendly materials. The store is modern, designed by a feng shui practitioner, and has high, loftlike ceilings and white walls. The second floor has space for a DJ, and the sales area can be used as a bar. Avita Co-op holds 250. (8213 West 3rd St., West Hollywood, 323.852.3200) BEVERLY CENTER5

The rooftop terrace at this shoppers’ haven at the crossroads of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood offers views of the L.A. skyline, including the Hollywood sign, and holds 150. The center works with groups for makeovers, shopping sprees, and mall tours. (8500 Beverly Blvd., 310.854.0070 ext. 137) COMPARTES CHOCOLATIER5

This small storefront has sky blue walls with brown trim, framed dried fruit, and a viewing window into the factory. It has couches and custom-designed furniture and holds 100 for events. Chocolatier Jonathan Grahm will make personalized candies and offers chocolate tastings and factory tours. The venue also includes a patio with seating. (912 South Barrington Ave., Brentwood, 310.826.3380) D’VINE WINE OF CALIFORNIA

In Pasadena’s Paseo Colorado mall, this Tuscan-themed winery and wine bar lets customers play winemaker. Guests select what kind of wine they’d like, the staff helps pick the appropriate grape juice (which they have shipped in from around the world), and

5= Venues that offer outdoor event space

then they take care of the fermentation, aging, and bottling. After a few weeks, customers can take home their signature blends with custom-designed labels. Groups of as many as 40 can use the store for winemaking, parties, and tastings. (260 East Colorado Blvd., Suite 221, Pasadena, 626.793.8898)


This outdoor center is both an upscale shopping destination and an event venue. It offers the Park, a 2,500-square-foot lawn adjacent to a dancing fountain, for seated events, concerts, or receptions. The sprawling roof of the venue’s parking structure features views of the Hollywood Hills and the downtown skyline. (189 The Grove Drive, 323.900.8080)

Lanes, and the Stork, all of which have meeting and event space. The complex also has a grand ballroom that seats as many as 1,800 for receptions. The Governors Ball takes place there after the Academy Awards, and Wolfgang Puck oversees the catering. (6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323.817.0201)


This couture floral-design studio and boutique has an eclectic feel, with ivy-covered walls and a Buddha statue outside, and Spanishstyle architecture inside. The meeting space and lounge each seat 40. The patio and parking lot can be tented for outdoor events. The entire space holds 300. (340 South La Brea Ave., 323.930.2600) MADAM CHOCOLAT

Chocolatier Hasty Torres’s Beverly Hills shop is reminiscent of The furniture showroom in the 1931 Helms Bakery Building the age of Louis XVI of France, with gold-leaf ceilings, a dramatic is expanding its facility to 150,000 square feet. More than 50 chandelier, sage-colored walls, and decadent handcrafted treats furniture manufacturers show in the retail center, everywhere. Guests can see into the stainless steel making for an eclectic backdrop for events. The chocolate factory. The space holds 100. (212 North store holds 2,500, and the warehouse—more of a Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.247.9990) 7TH & FIG5 blank slate—holds 100. (3225 Helms Ave., Culver This outdoor mall has an Arnie Morton’s steak City, 310.558.8900) To get the latest HOLLYWOOD & HIGHLAND CENTER5 house, a California Pizza Kitchen, and George’s news and to search This 460,000-square-foot facility is home to 75 Greek Café, which has a banquet hall for 500. The shops and restaurants—plus the Kodak Theatre, for all kinds of event 10,862-square-foot lower atrium is surrounded Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the Renaissance by twinkle-light-wrapped palm trees. The landspaces, check out Hollywood Hotel and Spa featuring Spa Luce, and scaped plaza hosts large events, including a nightlife spots the Highlands, Level 3, Lucky Strike our Venues section. summer jazz concert series. A 42,000-square-foot H.D. BUTTERCUP

ON BIZBASH.COM march/april 2010 121

Los Angeles Venue Directory

Retail Venues former department store is also available for rental. (725 South Figueroa St., 213.955.7150) SUSS DESIGNS

This little shop offers everything for knitting fanatics. Owner Suss Cousins redesigned the store in 2007, when she added new furniture, a large sitting area, and four long tables that seat 20. There’s also a small area for food and drinks. The store offers knitting classes. Suss Designs is closed on Sundays. (7352 Beverly Blvd., 323.954.9637)


These three blocks of public space in downtown Santa Monica attract almost 50,000 people every weekend, from tourists to street performers to locals shopping, dining, or hitting a movie theater. It’s available for large public events, or there are three courtyards (two 16 by 16 feet and one 24 by 24 feet) to keep things contained. The Bayside District Corporation manages and coordinates all events. (Third Street, Santa Monica, 310.393.8355) TWO RODEO5

This promenade at the end of Rodeo Drive is reminiscent of a European street, with flower-lined window boxes, tiled walkways, and retailers such as Versace and Tiffany & Company. Often used

for fashion shoots, the main thoroughfare seats 150 or holds 400 for receptions. (210 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.247.7040)


Universal CityWalk, an entertainment complex adjacent to Universal Studios Hollywood, has more than 65 restaurants, nightclubs, and retailers. Planners can hold events at any of CityWalk’s 13 restaurants or five nightclubs, the 19-screen CityWalk Cinemas, or the Gibson Amphitheatre; or go for unique entertainment experiences at FLY Hollywood Indoor Skydiving or Jillian’s Hi-Life Lanes. Restaurant dine-arounds (for as many as 2,000 people) and CityWalk street parties (for as many as 5,000 people) are also available. (100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, 818.622.9841)

Social & Recreation Clubs ALTADENA TOWN & COUNTRY CLUB5


Built on a former dairy farm, this club opened in 1910. The 27,000square-foot clubhouse, set against the San Gabriel Mountains, has several banquet rooms available: The Victorian Room and veranda hold 280, the Mendocino Room holds 200, and the terrace room holds 110. The south lawn holds 280 for outdoor events. (2290 Country Club Drive, Altadena, 626.794.7163)

Open since 1957, this 18-hole private golf course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. The club has hosted numerous S.C.G.A.and P.G.A.-sponsored tournaments. There are tennis courts and swimming pools, a fitness center, a dining room, a snack bar, and a cocktail lounge. (18300 Tarzana Drive, Tarzana, 818.654.3000)


The largest municipal park in the country has four public golf courses; the 18-hole Woodrow Wilson and Warren G. Harding courses are the most popular. The historic Spanish Revival-style Griffith Park clubhouse hosts private events, and the courses are close to the Los Angeles Zoo, Travel Town, and the newly reopened observatory. (4730 Crystal Springs Drive, 323.664.2255)

This private golf course and club opened in 1926 near UCLA’s main campus. The scenic and hilly 18-hole course is a hub for the entertainment industry, with many high-profile members. It’s also the course where Howard Hughes once landed an airplane on a fairway to impress Katharine Hepburn. The Spanish-style clubhouse is open for lunch, dinner, and private events. (10768 Bellagio Road, Bel Air, 310.472.9563) BEVERLY HILLS COUNTRY CLUB5

Founded in 1926, this was a haven for the early entertainmentindustry elite such as Humphrey Bogart. The 34,000-squarefoot clubhouse now includes three levels with several rooms for events. A terrace seats 275. The Chandelier Room seats 100, and the boardroom and card room each hold 20. A 150-seat main dining room is also available. (3084 Motor Ave., 310.836.4400) BRAEMAR COUNTRY CLUB5

This country club in the Santa Monica Mountains has 20 tennis courts, two 18-hole golf courses, two swimming pools, two bars, and private dining rooms. The 7,745 square feet of meeting space in the clubhouse, which has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the valley and mountains, includes six dining rooms and a veranda for 400 people. (4001 Reseda Blvd., Tarzana, 818.345.6520) BROOKSIDE COUNTRY CLUB & GOLF COURSE5

This club and 36-hole golf course opened in 1928 next to the Rose Bowl. The Spanish-inspired Mediterranean Room features views of the golf course and a patio shaded by an olive tree; it seats 300 or holds 400 for receptions. The main dining room seats 130. (1133 North Rosemont Ave., Pasadena, 626.585.3598) CALABASAS COUNTRY CLUB5

Before the club was founded in 1968, this property was the filming site for such movies as National Velvet and Robin Hood. The dining room, cocktail lounge, and patios overlook the manicured fairways and hold 250 for receptions. (4515 Park Entrada, Calabasas, 818.222.8111 ext. 773) CALIFORNIA YACHT CLUB5

This club opened in 1922 near San Pedro, but relocated to Marina del Rey when the man-made harbor was constructed. The waterfront Fireside Epicurean Room, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a fireplace, holds for receptions. Overlooking the marina, a 45-foot-high tent and adjacent lawn hold 300 for receptions. (4469 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, 310.823.4567) CHEVY CHASE COUNTRY CLUB5

The original golf course where this club sits was established in 1925 in the verdant Sycamore Canyon near Glendale. In 1960, with the addition of a pool, it became a country club. The airy dining room, with windows overlooking the greens and patio, holds 200 for seated events. (3067 East Chevy Chase Drive, Glendale, 818.246.5566)



Open since 1920, this 18-hole golf course sits near Century City office towers and the 20th Century Fox studios. It’s one of the most difficult to gain access to, but the championship course— with its rolling fairways, numerous bunkers, and skyline views—is worth it. There are tennis courts and a members-only restaurant. (10000 West Pico Blvd., 310.553.8911) LA CAÑADA FLINTRIDGE COUNTRY CLUB5

This golf club was established in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in 1962. In the 25,000-square-foot clubhouse, the main ballroom has floor-to-ceiling windows and seats 300. With a wraparound patio, the La Cañada Flintridge Room holds 170. A more intimate room overlooking the pool holds 80. (5500 Godbey Drive, La Cañada Flintridge, 818.790.0611) LAKEWOOD COUNTRY CLUB5

This now-public course was a private club when it opened in 1933. The clubhouse ballroom seats 350. The smaller 120-seat Hacienda Room has a cathedral ceiling, and the Fireside Room has a decorative hearth, Spanish tiles, and seating for 90. All three rooms have access to the patio. (3101 Carson St., Lakewood, 562.429.9711) LOS SERRANOS GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB

In the foothills of the Inland Empire, Los Serranos’s two 18-hole golf courses host more than 800 group tournaments a year. When played from the “Jack’s Black’s” tees, the south course is the longest in California, at 7,587 yards. The clubhouse banquet room seats 300. (15656 Yorba Ave., Chino Hills, 909.597.1711) LOST CANYONS GOLF CLUB5

Surrounded by the Santa Susana Mountains, this 36-hole public golf course opened in 2000. Outside the 20,000-square-foot Western-style clubhouse, a patio overlooks the ninth green and holds 400. Inside, the Grille and Oaktree rooms are also available for events. (3301 Lost Canyon Drive, Simi Valley, 805.306.3805) MALIBU WEST BEACH CLUB5

This private beach house overlooks the surf and sand in Malibu. The clubhouse dining room seats as many as 150. The deck extends to a private beach and holds another 100. The space has a list of preferred vendors. (30756 West Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu, 310.457.7725 ext. 2) MOUNTAINGATE COUNTRY CLUB5

Next to the Getty Center Museum in the hills of Bel Air, this 27-hole golf course and club is considered one of the most challenging and picturesque in L.A. The clubhouse ballroom has a

fireplace and a marble waterfall. The terrace holds 500. (12445 Mountain Gate Drive, 310.476.6215 ext. 230) OAK QUARRY GOLF CLUB

Open since 2000, this public golf course winds through the historic Jensen Quarry. Crafted by Dr. Gil Morgan and Schmidt-Curley Design, the course is for golfers of all levels. The 7,200-square-foot clubhouse holds 200 and offers views of the greens, jagged hills, and wildflower-strewn terrain. (7151 Sierra Ave., Riverside, 951.685.1440) PORTER VALLEY COUNTRY CLUB5

Established in 1967, this San Fernando Valley club is surrounded by the Santa Susana Mountains. Two dining rooms offer views of the golf course and the lake and are decorated in soft colors with crystal chandeliers. Both lead to a large terrace. The 4,000 square feet of event space holds 600 for receptions or seats 350. (19216 Singing Hills Drive, Northridge, 818.360.1071) RIVIERA COUNTRY CLUB5

The founders of the Los Angeles Athletic Club established this golf course, which opened in 1927. The Spanish-style grand ballroom has a terrace, views of the coastline, and space for 300, while the Crystal Ballroom holds 240. A wood-paneled banquet room holds 72. (1250 Capri Drive, Pacific Palisades, 310.454.6591) SHERWOOD COUNTRY CLUB5

Lake Sherwood, at the heart of the exclusive Sherwood community, is the oldest man-made lake in California. The Jack Nicklaus-designed golf courses feature valleys, waterfalls, running streams, and unique rock formations. The 14,000-square-foot clubhouse has three private dining rooms, a casual grill, and a wine cellar. (320 West Stafford Road, Thousand Oaks, 805.496.3036) TRUMP NATIONAL GOLF CLUB

The Donald purchased this course on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in 2002. The 45,000-square-foot clubhouse offers views of the ocean and the fairways. The grand ballroom holds 300, and Trump’s, a private room in the club’s restaurant, seats 65. (1 Ocean Trails Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, 310.265.5000) VALENCIA COUNTRY CLUB5

This club opened in the Santa Clarita Valley in 1965. The 45,000-square-foot clubhouse has a ballroom with golf course views, an attached private bar and lounge, and a wraparound terrace. It seats 200. A smaller room also has a private terrace and course views. (27330 Tourney Road, Valencia, 661.254.4401) WILL ROGERS POLO CLUB

Originally founded in 1926 as the 186-acre private estate of Will Rogers, this is the only remaining polo field in L.A. In the hills of Pacific Palisades, the club has an open park setting. Black Tie Catering & Events is the exclusive caterer. The entire space holds 1,500. (501 Will Rogers State Park Road, Pacific Palisades, 818.509.9965) WILSHIRE COUNTRY CLUB

This private club was established in 1919. The 18-hole, regulation-length golf course was designed by Norman Macbeth and has a natural stream running throughout. The club has hosted many tournaments, including the L.A. Open, the Senior P.G.A., and L.P.G.A. competitions. The clubhouse’s event areas are for members only. (301 North Rossmore Ave., 323.934.1121)


Allen Edwards is an L.A. spa veteran. His places are known for an elegant garden ambience, knowledgeable staff, and snappy services for clients on the go. In addition to the usual suspects, services include chiropractic treatments, electrolysis, and permanent makeup. (216 26th St., Santa Monica, 310.394.2878; 12050 Ventura Blvd., Suite C101, Studio City, 818.763.4005; 20855 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills, 818.593.7094)

Pasadena, 626.578.3404; 260 East Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, 626.529.0381; 189 The Grove Drive, Suite C, 323.297.0310; 1555 Simi Valley Town Center Way, Suite 180, Simi Valley, 805.579.1576)


Executive Stress Break. The 1,916-square-foot spa has six treatment rooms, as well as a hydrotherapy tub, private pool cabanas, and steam rooms and saunas for men and women. (9641 Sunset Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.887.2505)



Paul Fortune, House & Garden’s West Coast editor, designed this 6,600-square-foot spa, which includes 2,300 square feet of patio, private cabanas, and spa suites outfitted in cool beige and blond wood. Specialties include ScrubWraps and the Argyle signature milk bath. (8358 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.623.9000)

Not only has Amadeus been named best day spa by Los Angeles magazine, but the spa has appeared in Legally Blonde 2, Bringing Down the House, and Meet the Fockers. (799 East Green St.,

This spa offers the Swiss luxury skin-care line’s cellular facials along with treatment packages such as Jet Lag Therapy and


122 march/april 2010


Bliss’s 7,000-square-foot spa includes a high-tech mani-pedi lounge with individual flat-screen TVs. Other perks include aromatherapy-infused steam showers, poolside massages, a brownie buffet, and the company’s own line of products. (930 Hilgard Ave., Westwood, 310.208.8765) Spa patrons can peruse more than the signature line of skin-care

Spas products available at this Silver Lake spa’s in-house boutique. Local artists, including Stacie B. London, have exhibited their work at the spa, which may be booked for art shows, private corporate events, or spa parties. A treatment room for two is one of seven rooms in all. (3037 West Sunset Blvd., 323.663.1533) BURKE WILLIAMS DAY SPA

Burke Williams is a mini empire in the L.A. spa industry, with seven locations in Southern California and one in San Jose. In addition to a minimalist environment, it provides a wet area— whirlpools, steam rooms, saunas, misting rooms, and cold plunges—that can double the pleasure for spagoers with extra time. (39 Mills Place, Pasadena; 1358 4th St., Santa Monica; 2733 Pacific Coast Hwy., Torrance; 8000 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood; 15301 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks; 866.239.6635 ext. 2764) CHECKERS SPA AT THE HILTON CHECKERS HOTEL5

Checkers Spa offers an oasis of calm in the middle of Los Angeles’s busy downtown. Specialties include spa parties on the venue’s deck, as well as its signature doubles spa services for couples, offered in one cozy room. The spa can host events for as many as 100 guests. (535 South Grand Ave., 213.624.0000) DTOX DAY SPA

This 6,200-square-foot Atwater Village haven has exposed brick walls, 20-foot vaulted ceilings, wood beams, and polished concrete floors with eco-friendly decor elements of earth, water, fire, and air throughout. Chaise lounges and cozy chairs fill the atrium, which features a giant Buddha sculpture. (3206 Los Feliz Blvd., 323.665.3869) EXHALE SPA

At the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, this spa has a relaxation lounge and a spa pavilion that specializes in therapy and fitness programs and nail care. Exhale also has a yoga center in Venice. (101 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.319.3193; 245 South Main St., Venice, 310.450.7676) FREDERIC FEKKAI SALON5

This Beverly Hills salon and spa caters to celebs during the day, but after hours, the newly renovated café and garden rooftop terrace become a charming event space that seats 40 or holds 200 for receptions. Although most events take place outside if the weather permits, the spacious reception area inside holds 100. (440 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, 310.777.8700) GLEN IVY HOT SPRINGS SPA5

This spa offers 16 pools, spas, and mineral baths; a red-clay mud bath; and a grotto for group spa treatments in which guests are coated with sea kelp and aloe vera before relaxing en masse in a hydrating chamber. A designated event area holds 100. National Geographic Traveler has named Glen Ivy Hot Springs one of the 24 best spas in America. (25000 Glen Ivy Road, Corona, 888.453.6489) IDUNA MEDICAL AESTHETICS

Named after the Scandinavian goddess of rejuvenation, this spa allows guests to choose from a team of acupuncturists, massage therapists, and nutritionists, as well as physician-supervised staffers qualified to give specialized treatments like Botox injections and laser hair removal. The mythical goddess’s ice palace is channeled in the lobby—the reception desk looks like an iceberg. Six theme treatment rooms are available. (2709 North Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach, 310.546.3634) KELLY’S SPA

Kelly Roberts’s spa at the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa offers such treatments as a neroli and mandarin body polish, as well as a signature facial using organic honey and collagen. Private parties for 100 can take over poolside villas for treatments. (3649 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, 951.341.6725)


Kinara is the brainchild of partners Olga Lorencin, a Yugoslavian skin-care specialist, and Christine Splichal, one of the city’s top restaurateurs. The interior incorporates Indian, Balinese, and French textures in a streamlined, modern structure. The spa uses its own skin-care products and can accommodate groups of 20. (656 North Robertson Blvd., 310.657.9188) LA BLUSH SPA

This Tuscan-style spa sets about the task of helping clients relax—as soon as they walk in, guests find a waterfall tinkling inside the intimate space. La Blush’s signature treatment is the Swiss luxury facial; the spa also offers a selection of chemical peels, a gentleman’s facial, permanent makeup, and skin-tightening, as well as Botox and other medical services. The spa can be rented for the day for groups of 20. (11670 San Vicente Blvd., 310.820.2950) LANGHAM, HUNTINGTON HOTEL & SPA5

Formerly a Ritz-Carlton, this hotel is in a country-clublike setting in leafy Pasadena, adding to the get-away-from-it-all experience. During the summer, the spa offers manicures and martinis by the pool bar. Popular treatments include Java Rejuvenation, in which a blend of ground Arabica beans and Dead Sea salt exfoliates while detoxifying, regenerating, and improving blood flow. (1401 South Oak Knoll Ave., Pasadena, 626.568.3900) L.A. VIE L’ORANGE HAND & FOOT SPA

As its name suggests, the spa has a special mission, which is to focus on compensating for the daily travails of hands and feet. The airy spa on a busy shopping street offers a wide array of treatments, the most luxe of which include grape-seed paraffin treatments and reflexology. Private events for 200 can take over the entire spa. (638 1/2 North Robertson Blvd., 310.289.2501) MIYAKO INN & SPA

This authentic Japanese spa at a hotel in Little Tokyo is newly renovated. It offers massages until midnight as well as individual Jacuzzis and dry and wet saunas. After a massage, guests can relax in the lounge the way Japanese businessmen do, by trolling the Internet with complimentary green tea. (328 East 1st St., 213.617.2000) MURAD MEDICAL SPA

Dermatologist Howard Murad’s spa offers filler injections and laser treatments in addition to a complete list of services. His philosophy also includes incorporating internal supplements and the healing power of touch into his clients’ beauty regimens. (2141 Rosecrans Ave., El Segundo, 310.726.0470) NEIHULE

mattresses, pillows, and curtains. The entire spa can hold 30 for private events. (119 North San Fernando Blvd., Burbank, 818.848.4772) RECESS NAIL SPA

Recess nail spa offers manicures and pedicures using organic and biodegradable products in a space constructed in accordance with LEED guidelines. The 2,000-square-foot spa holds 100 and has a kitchen, a central bar, and two LCD screens. (8408-B Beverly Blvd., 323.782.9919) SKIN HAVEN5

Tucked behind the Michael Kohn gallery, this spa has a subtle Zen aesthetic in its lounge, which has sofas, rotating art shows, and three treatment rooms. The lounge holds 75 for receptions, and the courtyard parking lot can be tented for events. (300 North Crescent Heights Blvd., 323.658.7546) SKIN SPA

This is the Victoria’s Secret of spas: Its menu of treatments features names like Satin Mist and Endless Courtship. The latter includes two and a half hours of couple time over a cornmealpineapple facial treatment, a privacy soak, and face masks for two. (17401 Ventura Blvd., Encino, 818.995.3888) THE SPA AT THE BEVERLY WILSHIRE

In 2007, the Beverly Wilshire unveiled an elegant overhaul of its 8,000-square-foot spa, built around a large amethyst crystal geode in the middle of a curved water wall. Treatments represent a fusion of European, Thai, Indian, and Balinese techniques. (9500 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.275.5200) SPA AT FOUR SEASONS WESTLAKE5

This 40,000-square-foot spa’s 28 treatment rooms have private patios; four are suites with a fireplace and a private plunge pool. Landscaped gardens surround the spa pool, which has 10 poolside cabanas. Two cabanas hold groups of 10. (2 Dole Drive, Westlake Village, 818.575.3000) SPA 415

Spa 415 offers the personal attention of its Texas-belle owner and nutritional consultation for those interested in vibrant skin and weight control. The plush spa and its courtyard are available for events for a few hundred guests. (415 North Crescent Drive, Suite 110, Beverly Hills, 310.817.6912) SPA LAS PALMAS

A pool with underwater music and Javanese treatments using yogurt rubs and frangipani-scented moisturizer are offered at this spa at the Rancho Las Palmas Resort. The 20,000-squarefoot spa recently underwent a $35 million resortwide renovation. (41000 Bob Hope Drive, Rancho Mirage, 760.568.2727)

A Bose surround-sound system, a wine bar, and an all-white interior lend Neihule a sleek, nightclub vibe. On the first floor of the 4,000-square-foot full-service salon, a chandelier hangs over custom-made style stations. (607 South Olive St., 213.623.4383)


After a $5 million face-lift, the Peninsula has one of the lushest spas in Beverly Hills. After treatments, guests can dine on spa cuisine and herbal teas at the nearby roof garden. Groups of 20 can book events. (9882 South Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.551.2888)




Peponi is a cozy alternative to the hotel spas, located as it is in a 1919 Craftsman home in Venice. Nonetheless, it offers some of the perks of larger spas, such as its own men’s skin-care line and a nice selection of mani-pedi options. Peponi makes part or all of the 1,900-square-foot venue available for events for 50 and has an event-planning staff. (853 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, 310.450.7195)

Full-service pampering in the form of massages, mud wraps, and microdermabrasion is offered amid shabby-chic comfort at this inconspicuous Calabasas spa. (23945 Calabasas Road, Suite 100, Calabasas, 818.456.0763)



Chris Haas opened this downtown Burbank spa in 2007. The 4,000-square-foot facility has six large treatment rooms, a couples suite, a Thai massage room, and six lofts strewn with

A neutral palette dresses this 6,400-square-foot space at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. The venue can hold 50 for private parties with treatments. An adjacent pool deck holds 547. (1755 North Highland Ave., Suite 401, Hollywood, 323.491.1376) Aida Thibiant has been an aristocrat of the local spascape for more than 30 years. She offers treatments using creams, scrubs, and mud made at the company’s own research lab. The spa holds 50. (449 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, 800.825.2517)


This 15,000-square-foot spa opened in 2007, combining a contemporary design with an array of Russian, European, and Asian treatments. A 30-seat café is available to spa guests, and a conference area holds 60. The entire spa holds 190 for receptions. (7700 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 323.654.4411)


This two-mile Nascar racetrack in the Inland Empire hosts car shows, marathons, and TV and movie productions. The grandstand has 92,100 seats and 28 skyboxes, plus corporate hospitality areas—some that hold as many as 1,000 guests. The Pit Road Terrace Suite holds 60 people, and the skyboxes hold 50 each. (9300 Cherry Ave., Fontana, 909.429.5000) DODGER STADIUM5

Since it opened in 1962, the Dodgers’ home has hosted eight World Series, portions of the Olympics, and Pope John Paul II. During games, the Dugout Club features a buffet and two full bars (one in the martini lounge) and can hold as many as 350 for receptions. The entire stadium and its facilities are available for events. (1000 Elysian Park Ave., 323.224.1500) THE FORUM

This is where the Los Angeles Lakers and the L.A. Kings hockey teams played before they had Staples Center. Seating as many as 18,000, the venue can be split in half. The parking lot has 3,500 spaces. (3900 West Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, 310.330.7300) HOME DEPOT CENTER

This 125-acre sports venue, which opened in 2003, consists of a 27,000-seat major league soccer stadium, an 8,000-seat tennis

5= Venues that offer outdoor event space

stadium, a 10,000-seat track and field, and a three-mile jogging trail. Event suites hold as many as 31 people, with private entrances, indoor-outdoor seating, and personal concierges. (18400 Avalon Blvd., Carson, 310.630.2020) LONG BEACH ARENA

This 13,500-seat arena is part of the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center. It has 46,000 square feet of exhibit space, including 29,000 square feet on the concourse. A full-service business center, audiovisual staff, and catering services are available. (300 East Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, 562.436.3636) LOS ANGELES MEMORIAL COLISEUM AND SPORTS ARENA

This stadium opened in 1923 and has hosted two Olympics, two Super Bowls, and one World Series. Now the 92,000-seat venue is home field for the U.S.C. Trojans football team. The adjacent 16,000-seat sports arena opened in 1958; it has two luxury suites. (3939 South Figueroa St., 213.747.7111) ROSE BOWL5

Built in 1921 and known for the Tournament of Roses football game, this stadium is home to U.C.L.A. football. The structure has 92,542 seats, plus several 18-person luxury suites and a media center that holds 300 for receptions. (1001 Rose Bowl Drive, Pasadena, 626.577.3101)


More than 1,500 trees, flowers, fountains, antique sculptures, and lush greenery surround this thoroughbred racing park. The 320-acre complex has grandstand seating for 18,897 and a large infield. The Turf Club and Art Deco clubhouse are available for events; outside, the grassy infield features picnic facilities and a playground, and holds as many as 10,000 for events. (285 West Huntington Drive, Arcadia, 626.574.7223) SAUGUS SPEEDWAY5

Car shows, swap meets, flea markets, food shows, and movie productions are among the events that take advantage of this 35-acre complex. With a paved asphalt track, rustic wooden stands, black-and-white checkered snack bars, and plenty of parking, it’s available for groups of as many as 13,000. (22500 Soledad Canyon Road, Saugus, 661.259.3886) STAPLES CENTER

Home to the Lakers and Clippers N.B.A. teams, concerts, conventions, and the X Games, this complex also has six meeting rooms and five restaurants for events. The Lexus Club hosts sit-down dinners for as many as 130; the Arena Club, with views of the arena floor, holds 530; and the Fox Sports Sky Box holds 300. (1111 South Figueroa St., 213.763.7767) march/april 2010 123

Orange County Venues ACTIVITY VENUES




A punk club in the ’80s and ’90s, this lounge now has an earthy green palette, paper lanterns, low-slung couches, and brushedsteel trim. DJs and live bands perform, and there’s a dance floor. A lounge with two pool tables seats 20, and the entire club holds 250. (843 West 19th St., Costa Mesa, 949.642.0600)

This company’s three yachts include the 100-foot Royal Princess, the 128-foot Ambassador, and the 150-foot Majestic. The newest in the fleet, Ambassador holds 150. The Majestic holds 250 on her main deck and 400 on the whole yacht. The Royal Princess holds 149. (3404 Via Oporto, Newport Beach, 949.673.8545)

This $6 million facility has 40 lanes, three private suites, and a meeting room. For receptions, the Strike Zone Suite holds 45, the Kingpin Suite holds 80, and the presidential suite holds 130. The entire facility holds 1,000. (3364 East La Palma Ave., Anaheim, 714.666.2695) DAVE & BUSTER’S

This branch of the entertainment-dining chain (there’s another in Arcadia) in the Block @ Orange offers more than 200 interactive and video games, a billiard and shuffleboard room, two bars, and a dining room. The entire place holds 2,500. (20 City Blvd. West, Orange, 714.769.1515) DISNEYLAND5

There are plenty of venues to choose from at this mega-amusement park: An after-hours safari tour in Adventureland holds 750, Aladdin’s Oasis holds 250 for receptions, and the Golden Horseshoe Saloon in Frontierland seats 200. There’s also a 1,000seat arena, and the spacey Tomorrowland holds 4,000. The three resort hotels also have 186,000 square feet of meeting space. (1313 South Harbor Drive, Anaheim, 714.956.6556) DISNEY’S CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE5

This park celebrates all things California, from Hollywood to condors to wine country. Designed like a real movie studio, the Hollywood Pictures Backlot holds 4,000 for receptions. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror serves as a creepy backdrop for 400. (1313 South Harbor Drive, Anaheim, 714.956.6556) DROMO ONE

This indoor racing center has a 1,000-foot track and go-karts with custom-built Honda engines. Groups can participate in a grand prix, a teambuilding endurance race, or a mini grand prix. (1431 North Main St., Orange, 714.744.4779) ESPN ZONE

This 36,000-square-foot sports bar in the Downtown Disney district features a full-service restaurant, an arcade, and a bar. The adjacent screening room seats 175 or holds 225 for receptions. The entire facility holds 1,200. (1545 Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, 714.300.3776) FLIGHT DECK AIR COMBAT CENTER

In an industrial park near Angel Stadium, this authentic military flight-simulation center gives civilians a chance to feel like real F-16 jet-fighter pilots without having to rack up the air time. Fliers get gear, training, and in-flight instruction. (1601 South Sunkist St., Suite A, Anaheim, 714.937.1511) HUNTINGTON CENTRAL PARK EQUESTRIAN CENTER5

On 25 acres overlooking Huntington Central Park, this center is surrounded by 185 acres of public trails. For large groups, the outdoor areas host horseback riding, polo matches, or games. The garden holds more than 300. There is an indoor conference room. (18381 Goldenwest St., Huntington Beach, 714.848.6565)



A 100-foot mahogany and copper-topped bar is the centerpiece of the room, augmented by red leather booths, exposed brick, and a patio. There’s a second location in Orange. (121 McFadden St., Newport Beach, 949.673.4470; 223 West Chapman Ave., Orange, 714.639.7777)

This 149-passenger yacht has been sailing through Newport Beach since 1988. The spacious upper deck can be used for seated, banquet-style events or for receptions. (P.O. Box 3355, Newport Beach, 949.650.7878)



This wine bar at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel serves 50 wines by the glass from a 1,500-bottle library. Eno seats 36, and a private room holds 10. (1 Ritz-Carlton Drive, Dana Point, 949.240.2000)



This barnlike space is primarily a venue for country-western DJs, but because it’s so large and open, with multiple bars and a huge dance floor, it has also hosted its fair share of raves and afterhours parties. (1401 South Lemon St., Fullerton, 714.441.1666) IREZUMI5

This sushi lounge from the MOR Project restaurant group opened in 2008 and has a 20-seat patio, while the lounge’s interior holds 45. The venue has 20-foot ceilings and a wall decked with graffiti interpretations of traditional Japanese tattoo art. (901 South Coast Drive, Costa Mesa, 949.999.5463) SHARK CLUB5

This 12,000-square-foot club features a 2,000-gallon shark tank surrounded by three mahogany and rosewood pool tables, two dance floors, fireplaces, a large patio, and lounges (including one for smoking). (841 Baker St., Costa Mesa, 714.751.6428) SUTRA BAR5

This space has Moroccan-inspired upholstery and couches. It has hosted events for Playboy and FHM. The 10,000-square-foot space features a private room for 30 and a patio that holds 75. (1870 Harbor Blvd., Suite A200, Costa Mesa, 949.722.7103) TENTATION ULTRA LOUNGE5

The Ten Restaurant Group’s spacious lounge is decked out with South Beach-inspired details, including a 48-foot waterfall. There are five private cabanas, 20 plasma TVs, a 50-foot bar, and a patio with gazebos, water features, and fire pits. (4647 MacArthur Blvd., Newport Beach, 949.660.1010 ext. 203) TIA JUANA’S5

Set in a historic lima-bean warehouse, this 150-seat Mexican restaurant by day becomes a hopping nightclub when the sun sets. A private room with audiovisual capabilities holds 60, and a patio holds 50. (14988 Sand Canyon Ave., Irvine, 949.551.2998) YARD HOUSE

This complex, along with the Disney theme parks, makes up the 1,100-acre Anaheim Resort. The glass building has 200,000 square feet of prefunction space and 813,607 square feet of exhibit space. Hall D holds 15,000. There’s also an 8,700-seat arena. (800 West Katella Ave., Anaheim, 714.765.8950) RANCHO LAS LOMAS5

The hillside villas, bungalows, outdoor theater, and chapel were all designed with a Craftsman and Portuguese aesthetic. The semiprivate 32-acre estate has a hacienda-style conference center for 280 and an open-air theater for 400. The entire facility holds 500. (19191 Lawrence Canyon, Silverado, 949.548.2444) SAMUELI LECTURE HALL AND CONFERENCE CENTER5

This facility is part of the Ocean Institute. The main hall overlooks the ocean and seats 200. The courtyard holds 100. (24200 Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point, 949.496.2274 ext. 328) UNIVERSITY CONFERENCE CENTER

On the Fullerton campus of California State University, this center has 20 conference and meeting rooms, plus a 146-seat theater. The Portola Pavilion holds 1,200. (800 North State College Blvd., Fullerton, 714.278.5867)


Budd Friedman opened the first Improv in New York in 1963. When this outpost opened in 1991, it drew some big names, including Jeff Foxworthy, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jamie Foxx. The club seats 300; full buyouts are available. (120 South Brea Blvd., Brea, 714.482.0700) THE COACH HOUSE

This is one of Orange County’s top music venues. Artists such as B.B. King, Ray Charles, Shawn Colvin, and Uncle Kracker have performed here. Seating is arranged around large tables, smaller cocktail-style tables, and the bar. The Coach House seats 480. (33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, 949.496.8930)

This chain is all about classic rock, sports on TV, and beer. The 15,200-square-foot restaurant and bar in the Irvine Spectrum Center has high ceilings and a huge bar with hundreds of beers on tap. Other O.C. outposts include Brea, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach. (71 Fortune Drive, Irvine, 949.753.9373)




This facility offers professional cooking classes, instruction for home cooks, cheese and wine tastings, and a retail store. The classes hold 10 people. For private events for as many as 24, classes may be split in two; half can cook and explore the kitchen while the other half learn about wine and cheese. (845 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, 949.474.0745)





The cooking school teamed up with a venerable kitchen-design firm to offer 10-person classes in Le Gourmet’s 5,000-squarefoot showroom facility. Classes run the gamut: seasonal cuisine, romantic dinners, hors d’oeuvres, global dishes, and a threepart basic cooking series. (541 West Chapman Ave., Orange, 949.494.0745)

More than 25 yachts make up this fleet; some hold as many as 500. Joan Crawford used the Legend; the boat has teak decks and mahogany accents, seats 40, and has overnight accommodations. (2901 West Coast Hwy., Suite 190, Newport Beach, 949.673.4453)


The Knott family opened a berry farm on their property in 1928, began serving fried-chicken dinners during the Depression, and opened Ghost Town in what would become the first theme park in 1940. (8039 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, 714.220.5200)


This company has a fleet of three boats. Endless Dreams holds 450. Just Dreamin’ has teak and granite details and holds 130. Dream Maker’s open bow makes it popular for sunset receptions; it holds 90. (3101 West Coast Hwy., Suite 209, Newport Beach, 866.872.7313)


This bowling alley at the Block @ Orange was the second in the Lucky Strike franchise. There’s a 40-foot bar and lounge, a 75seat dining room, and two patios. The whole place holds 750. (20 City Blvd. West, Orange, 714.937.5263)

This family-owned company at the Pacific Coast Yacht Club operates the Icon, a 120-foot luxury cruising vessel. The main deck offers a dining area and several seating areas. There’s a baby grand piano, a fireplace, a bar, and walk-around decks. The Icon holds 150. (2527 West Coast Hwy., Newport Beach, 949.515.1950)



This location of the climbing-venue chain allows guests to climb on 12,000 square feet of sculpted terrain and caves. Instructors lead groups through rope and nonclimbing performance challenges. After-hours group lessons are available. (1300 Logan Ave., Costa Mesa, 714.556.7625)

There are five yachts in this Newport Beach fleet, including the 140-foot Crystal, with a 325-person capacity, four decks, three granite-topped bars, and a baby grand piano. Electra, a fully restored 1930 fantail yacht with stained-glass skylights and mahogany accents, holds 150. (3439 Via Oporto, Newport Beach, 800.952.9955)



This lounge on Brea’s downtown Birch Street Promenade blends contemporary and Art Deco design, elements of a sports bar and nightclub, and cigar- and martini-bar vibes. There’s a large dance floor, a wraparound patio, circular booths, plasma TVs, and pool tables. (330 West Birch St., Brea, 714.256.9986)

This Newport Beach fleet includes seven yachts. The Entertainer, the largest yacht in the O.C., has two fully enclosed decks and holds 550. John Wayne once owned the Wild Goose, a former World War II minesweeper, and converted her into a luxury yacht in the 1960s. She holds 150. (2431 West Pacific Coast Hwy., Newport Beach, 949.646.0155)



Chateaux opened in mid-December 2009 in the former I Lounge space in Irvine. Decor includes white couches and chairs, chocolate brown walls and tables with bronze accents. The whole venue holds 800, and has seven different areas for private events. (18912 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, 949.833.1900)

The luxury motor yacht Legend has three staterooms that hold six overnight guests. The yacht holds 49 and launches from Newport Beach, Marina del Rey, Huntington Beach, Dana Point, and San Diego. (3419 Via Lido, Suite 214, Newport Beach, 949.635.9433)

BAR 3305

124 march/april 2010

This 199-seat performing arts theater showcases musical, dramatic, and comedic performances, including self-produced plays and touring productions. The theater has a 1,300-squarefoot stage and lighting and sound equipment. The lobby can host small receptions. (1 Civic Center Cir., Brea, 714.990.7213) This spot offers a mix of entertainment, from comedy to rock, Latin, and country music. Three private spaces include the 12,200-square-foot main room and a terrace. The entire venue holds 2,200. The 250,000-square-foot parking lot is also available for events. (2200 East Katella Ave., Anaheim, 714.712.2700) HOUSE OF BLUES ANAHEIM5

This music venue in Downtown Disney holds 1,500. The Southern-style restaurant inside the club holds 150, and its terrace holds 275. The restaurant’s Bourbon Street Patio, which overlooks the crowded streets, seats 90 or holds 125 for receptions. (1530 South Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, 714.520.2379) IRVINE IMPROV

Jerry Seinfeld was the opening act the night this club opened in 1987. It has a restaurant for preshow dining, and diners get first dibs on seats. The club seats 350; full buyouts are available. (71 Fortune Drive, Suite 841, Irvine, 949.854.5455) OC PAVILION PERFORMING ARTS CENTER

Owner Michael Harrah purchased the Bank of America western regional headquarters and created this multifaceted venue in 2005. The Vault V.I.P. Lounge in the basement holds 68. The theater has 419 leather seats. Ambrosia Restaurant holds 75. (801 North Main St., Santa Ana, 714.550.0880 ext. 230) SEGERSTROM CENTER FOR THE ARTS

In 2006, the Orange County Performing Arts Center opened the $200 million, 2,000-seat Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall, along with the 500-seat multiuse Samueli Theater and an education center. These venues connect by way of a plaza to the existing Orange County Performing Arts Center, with its 3,000seat Segerstrom Hall and 250-seat Founders Hall. (600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, 714.556.2122)



Opened in 1958, this lodge tucked into a canyon is 365 yards from Aliso State Beach. Eighty scenic acres include a golf course that plays into the canyon,. The Tee-Room has an 18-seat round table, and the Terrace Ballroom 194. (31106 Pacific Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, 949.499.2271)




This hotel opened its new 27,000-square-foot Platinum Ballroom in 2007. The hotel now has more than 81,000 square feet of meeting space in 44 event venues, including four ballrooms. The 25,636-square-foot Marquis Ballroom holds 3,662 for receptions. (700 West Convention Way, Anaheim, 714.750.8000)


Furnished by Versace, this seven-bedroom, 10-bath home rests atop one of Orange County’s highest hills. In front is a turnaround driveway with a fountain; in back, a large pool and Jacuzzi overlook the ocean and city. The grounds hold 125. (Anaheim Hills, 714.651.9656)

The 15-acre Bay Club has been hosting the boating set since 1948. Indoor event space includes a 7,000-square-foot ballroom that holds seats 500 or holds 1,000 for receptions. (1221 West Coast Hwy., Newport Beach, 888.445.7153)


Behind black wrought-iron vintage Viennese gates lies a 972foot drive lined with more than 100 rosebushes—all leading to this city of Orange landmark. The estate, built in 1881, offers a courtyard, an adjacent water-tower building, and a wine cellar. The space holds 200. (349 North Renee St., Orange, 714.744.1608)

This Mission-style hotel has adobe walls and rounded roof tiles. Seven acres of gardens surround it. The 2,000 square feet of event space includes four rooms, and the foliage-lined pool area holds 150. (1030 West Katella Ave., Anaheim, 714.905.1050) ANAHEIM MARRIOTT



This 745-room resort looks like an early-20th-century Craftsman home—a large home. Twenty thousand square feet of meeting space includes the Sequoia Ballroom, which holds 1,700; a treelined courtyard for 200; and a lawn that holds 1,600. (1600 South Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, 714.956.6556) DOUBLETREE GUEST SUITES ANAHEIM

This 252-room hotel has a heated rooftop pool, two restaurants and a bar, and a lounge. The 7,500 square feet of meeting space includes the Tuscany Ballroom, which holds 550 or can be divided. (2085 South Harbor Blvd., Anaheim, 714.750.3000) FAIRMONT NEWPORT BEACH

The Fairmont hotel group took over this 440-room property in 2005 and spent $35 million renovating all facilities. Event space includes two ballrooms, two boardrooms, and 17 meeting rooms. The Orchid Terrace, a glassed-in room by the garden, holds 150. (4500 MacArthur Blvd., Newport Beach, 949.476.2001) HILTON ANAHEIM5

Orange County’s largest hotel is undergoing a $60 million renovation and recently reopened its twin California and Pacific ballrooms. The next phase of the 1,572-room hotel’s makeover is an update of its 51 meeting rooms. (777 Convention Way, Anaheim, 714.750.4321) HILTON ORANGE COUNTY/COSTA MESA5

This Hilton has a seven-story, palm-lined atrium lobby and 48,000 square feet of event space. The 12,160-square-foot ballroom holds 1,200; three executive boardrooms have their own entrance. The terrace holds 300 and has a fountain. (3050 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, 714.540.7000)

All 532 rooms at this hotel got a $70 million face-lift in 2005. The 40,000 square feet of event space includes a ballroom that seats 620 or holds 1,000 for receptions and 27 meeting rooms. Outdoor venues include a pool patio, a rose garden, and a terrace. (900 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, 949.640.4000)


This Laguna Beach Vacation Village hotel recently opened the Pacific Edge, a beachfront rental property, for events. Pacific Edge has a great room, four bedrooms, a fully stocked kitchen, meeting space, and a private wooden deck. It holds 65 and sleeps 12. (647 South Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, 323.465.7500)


The four-story Mediterranean-style building has 26,224 square feet of banquet space—including 18 function rooms for groups of two to 900—and 54,000 square feet of outdoor space, including garden courtyards and oceanfront lawns. (1 Ritz-Carlton Drive, Dana Point, 949.240.2000)


This 489-room, castle-themed hotel is right next to Disneyland. English-named banquet rooms and meeting spaces include the Kensington Ballroom; it seats 750 or holds 1,200 for receptions. Outside, the rose garden holds 300 and the pond courtyard holds 400. (900 South Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, 714.778.1700)




This 490-room hotel, formerly the Coast Anaheim Hotel, completed a $40 million renovation in 2006. The 11,000-square-foot ballroom seats 650 or holds 1,400 for receptions. The Tiffany Terrace holds 875. (1855 South Harbor Blvd., Anaheim, 714.750.1811) ST. REGIS RESORT MONARCH BEACH5

This is one of Orange County’s largest venues, with more than 30,000 square feet of indoor meeting space and 60,000 square feet of outdoor space. The largest ballroom has pastoral wall frescoes and holds 1,200. (1 Monarch Beach Resort, Dana Point, 949.234.3200) SURF & SAND RESORT5

Five buildings feature rooms with private balconies a few feet above the sand. There’s a conference center, the 2,652-squarefoot Pelican Ballroom (with a terrace), and several meeting rooms and executive boardrooms. The Aquaterra Courtyard holds 200. (1555 South Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, 949.497.4477)



This center consists of the Muckenthaler home (built in 1924) and nine acres of landscaped lawns and verdant gardens. Indoor spaces hold 200 for receptions. The various outdoor areas hold 600. (1201 West Malvern Ave., Fullerton, 714.738.6595)


This 100,000-square-foot museum features 270 shiny classic cars, antique gas pumps, and an antique radio and telephone collection. The banquet facility holds 1,500 and offers access to the museum. (1045 South East St., Anaheim, 714.502.9494) THE BOWERS MUSEUM OF CULTURAL ART

Orange County’s largest museum has an extensive collection of Californian and international art. In 2007, it doubled its exhibition space with the opening of the 30,000-square-foot Dorothy and Donald Kennedy Wing, which includes two 5,000-squarefoot galleries, a 300-seat auditorium, and an atrium that holds 500. (2002 North Main St., Santa Ana, 714.567.3623) CASA ROMANTICA CULTURAL CENTER AND GARDENS

This historic Spanish Colonial Revival estate was the home of San Clemente founder Ole Hanson. In 1927, Hanson built a seven-bedroom, seven-bath home on lush gardens. The space holds 160. (415 Avenida Granada, San Clemente, 949.498.8720) DISCOVERY SCIENCE CENTER5

The Discovery Science Center has an interactive dinosaur adventure, virtual volleyball, a musical floor, and a bed of nails. Outdoor space is available for 70 under the 10-story Solar Cube. The entire 59,000-square-foot facility holds 1,500. (2500 North Main St., Santa Ana, 714.913.5038)

In addition to 406 RV hookups and 450 marina slips, this 100acre resort has 14 cabanas on a private beach; each has two picnic tables and holds 20. A 14,000-square-foot tent has French-window sidewalls with water views; it seats 600 or holds 1,200 for receptions. (1131 Back Bay Drive, Newport Beach, 949.729.3863)


When it’s not hosting the annual Orange County Fair, this venue’s meeting spaces and exhibit halls are available for events. The largest building, at 36,000 square feet with a 34-foot peaked roof, holds 5,000; the smallest holds 750. There’s an 8,000-seat amphitheater, a 5,000-seat grandstand, and lawns that hold 750 booths. (88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, 714.708.1500)


This resort has a lagoon-style swimming pool and a pedestrian bridge to the beach. Function space includes the grand ballroom. Two courtyards have fountains and gardens, and hold 400 and 200. (21500 Pacific Coast Hwy., Huntington Beach, 714.698.1234)

This private event facility has modern Spanish decor, several private dining and meeting rooms, and three adjoining reception rooms. The lawn near the rose garden seats 600 or holds 800 for receptions, and the rose garden terrace holds 200. (1570 Scenic Ave., Costa Mesa, 714.540.0500)

This 250-room Craftsman-style resort on 30 acres is known for its 21,000-square-foot spa and its restaurants. Meeting space includes a 7,500-square-foot ballroom with tapestries and chandeliers, a 3,200-square-foot junior ballroom, and three meeting rooms. (30801 South Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, 949.715.6000)

Awash in earth tones, this 536-room hotel has more than 30,000 square feet of indoor meeting space, including a 14,700-squarefoot ballroom, 25 meeting rooms, and a theater that holds 125. The garden pavilion holds 480 for receptions. (17900 Jamboree Road, Irvine, 949.975.1234)

This is one of the largest German social clubs in Southern California. The main ballroom has 30-foot ceilings and a stage; it holds as many as 500 guests. Outside, the permanent, 11,500-squarefoot Festhalle tent holds 700. (1340 South Sanderson Ave., Anaheim, 714.563.4166)


The lobby has a waterfall and tropical plants; on the second floor are a pool, a patio, a lounge, and a restaurant. More than 21,000 square feet of meeting space includes a ballroom for 600, the 5,000-square-foot pavilion room, and a courtyard with a gazebo. (21100 Pacific Coast Hwy., Huntington Beach, 714.845.8000) HOTEL MÉNAGE5

This 250-room hotel opened in 2007. It has polished concrete floors, unique lighting, and custom-designed furniture. Event space includes a 2,500-square-foot ballroom and six theme meeting rooms, with names like Tuscany and New York Loft. (1221 South Harbor Blvd., Anaheim 714.758.0900) HYATT REGENCY HUNTINGTON BEACH RESORT & SPA5



Although this hotel has 26,000 square feet of indoor meeting space, its outdoor venues stand out. The rose garden with twinkle lights holds 100, a pavilion-style patio holds 400, the amphitheater holds 1,000, and the garden patio with fire pits holds 140. (1107 Jamboree Road, Newport Beach, 949.729.1234) THE ISLAND HOTEL

This former Four Seasons has a tropical theme. The 30,000 square feet of event space includes the 7,000-square-foot Palm Garden Room, a junior ballroom, five meeting rooms with balconies, and meeting suites for as many as 18. (690 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, 949.759.0808) LA CASA DEL CAMINO5





This downtown cultural center, which opened in 2007, has an exhibit hall, museum space, and a history center. The current exhibition, “State of the Blues,” features portraits of the musical greats of the Mississippi Delta. (241 South Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, 714.956.8936) ORANGE COUNTY CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ART

This museum houses an impressive permanent collection and attracts world-renowned exhibits. With soaring ceilings, dramatic columns, and an adjacent outside court, the pavilion holds 270 for receptions; the courtyard holds an additional 230. A 108seat auditorium is available, and there’s a conference room for 40. (850 San Clemente Drive, Newport Beach, 949.759.1122)


On the grounds of the Festival of Arts, which has been running since the 1940s, this outdoor chapel sits along a wooded hillside. It’s filled with plants, flowers, and hanging stained glass. The nondenominational chapel holds 250. (650 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, 949.494.9650)

5= Venues that offer outdoor event space


This facility has several meeting rooms and patios for 1,340. The large, rectangular Rose Ballroom holds 330. Carnation Hall holds 280, the Azalea Room holds 70, and the Spring Tea Garden holds 60. (501 North Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, 714.447.0579)


This Victorian resort has 75 acres of gardens, lawns, and statebeach parkland. The Richard Henry Dana Ballroom has 14-foot ceilings and holds 700. The Pacific Learning Center has a 65-seat tiered amphitheater. Three outdoor venues looking out to the ocean hold 600. (25135 Park Lantern, Dana Point, 949.661.5000) This posh, 262-room Craftsman-style resort on 30 acres above Laguna Beach is known for its views, 21,000-square-foot spa, and restaurants. Meeting space includes a 7,500-square-foot ballroom, a 3,200-square-foot junior ballroom, and three additional meeting rooms. Five lawns are available; the largest holds 550. (30801 South Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, 949.715.6000)


This artist-operated community gallery is part of Santa Ana Artists Village and has exhibited more than 2,500 artists. The 5,000-square-foot warehouse space has open wooden roof trusses, cement floors, movable walls, and a kitchen with a commercial refrigerator. (117 North Sycamore, Santa Ana, 714.667.1517)

This 10,000-square-foot venue is in the heart of Disneyland’s California Adventure. High-tech lighting, audio, and visual systems, a built-in production booth, a movable stage flanked by hanging video screens, and a food-preparation area make this a one-stop shop for seated events for 600 or receptions for 900. (1313 South Harbor Drive, Anaheim, 714.956.6556)


A flight of swallows famously returns every March to this mission, founded in 1776. Ten acres of gardens, koi-filled fountains, original adobe buildings, and the Great Stone Church hold 800 for receptions. All fees go to the preservation of the mission. (26801 Ortega Hwy., San Juan Capistrano, 949.234.1317)

This multipurpose space showcases original art and supports artists-in-residence. A hillside terrace holds 300. Inside, the 4,500-square-foot blank-slate media lounge seats 300 or holds 388 for receptions. (891 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, 949.376.1555 ext. 102)

This 38-room boutique hotel was built in 1927 as a getaway for Hollywood stars. The rooftop garden, with views of the ocean and teak furniture, seats 120 or holds 140 for receptions. The Catalina Room also has views, and holds 35. (1289 South Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, 949.497.2446 LAGUNA CLIFFS MARRIOTT RESORT & SPA5

A $30 million car collection, memorabilia, trophies, and photographs of racing legends serve as a backdrop for events here. The main museum seats 300 or holds 500 for receptions. The 2,000-square-foot veranda houses the motorcycle collection. (1302 Industrial Drive, Tustin, 714.258.3001)



This Mediterranean-style building has a sloping red roof, an ornate entry gate, and a courtyard surrounded by palm trees and gardens. Inside, there are pressed-tin ceilings, stained-glass windows, antiques, chandeliers, and a fireplace. There are meeting rooms for 60, all with audiovisual amenities. The entire facility holds 250. (721 West 1st St., Tustin, 714.669.0506)



This 52,000-square-foot museum has galleries, theaters, and Nixon’s 1910 birthplace. The East Room is a replica of the White House’s East Room; it holds 500. The First Lady’s Garden features more than 1,400 rosebushes and holds 450. (18001 Yorba Linda Blvd., Yorba Linda, 714.993.5075)


This three-mile beach between Seal Beach and the Huntington Beach Pier is popular for surf fishing, grunion runs, and birdwatching. Four picnic areas—two covered and two uncovered— are available for events, and grassy areas for extra setups. (17851 Pacific Coast Hwy., Huntington Beach, 714.846.3460) DOHENY STATE BEACH

This was California’s first state beach, designated in 1971. It has a five-acre lawn with picnic facilities and volleyball courts. Picnic areas hold 25 to 500 people; some pavilions have sinks and elec- march/april 2010 125

Orange County Venues trical outlets, and most have grills and fire rings. The Palapa, the beach in front of the snack bar, is available in low season. (18000 Pacific Coast Hwy., Huntington Beach, 949.496.6172) FRANCISCAN GARDENS

On the street level of the Provincial Building, this outdoor space seats 200. The Spanish-style courtyard can be configured for any type of seating, surrounded by flower beds and rose trees. (31815 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, 949.248.1586) FULLERTON ARBORETUM

On the Cal State Fullerton campus, this 26-acre botanical garden has four major gardens, waterfalls, ponds, and a historic home built in 1894. The gentle sloping South Lake Lawn hosts large groups. The wisteria-covered arbor near the Heritage House holds 200. (1900 Associated Road, Fullerton, 714.278.3579) HUNTINGTON STATE BEACH

This beach is a nesting ground for two California endangered species—the least tern and the snowy plover. The event space has partly shaded picnic areas. Large events with tents are allowed with permits. There are 200 fire pits on the beach. (22300 Pacific Coast Hwy., Huntington Beach, 714.377.5691) LAGUNA NIGUEL REGIONAL PARK

This 236-acre park has a 44-acre lake. There are hiking trails, four tennis courts, two sand volleyball courts, jogging trails, a gazebo, and plenty of shaded areas. Most picnic facilities hold 50; the large group shelter holds 250 for receptions. The amphitheater holds 100. (28241 La Paz Road, Laguna Niguel, 949.923.2240)


The MOR Project restaurant group opened this eatery in April 2008. It serves Spanish and Italian fare with a focus on seafood from chef Nick Weber, and staffers prepare crudo tableside. In two rooms connected by a waterfront patio, Blanca seats 150. (3420 Via Oporto, Newport Beach, 949.673.0414) BLUE CORAL SEAFOOD5

Bill Allen and Paul Fleming, who founded Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, opened this restaurant at Fashion Island. It offers top-notch seafood and an impressive vodka list. A private dining room has its own music controls and seats 70. A patio holds 80. (451 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, 949.856.2583) CATAL RESTAURANT & UVA BAR5

This Downtown Disney eatery serves a Mediterranean menu and features floor-to-ceiling windows and a view from its second-story location. The outdoor bar seats 140 or holds 200 for receptions. The entire restaurant seats 330 or holds 500 for receptions. (1580 Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, 714.774.4442) CHAKRA CREATIVE INDIAN CUISINE5

The colorful palette here creates a stunning backdrop for modern Indian cuisine. Two patios with cabanas, mandarin orange trees, and a central fire pit hold 100. There’s also a bar and a private lounge. The restaurant holds 300. (4143 Campus Drive, Irvine, 949.854.0009) CHARLIE PALMER AT BLOOMINGDALE’S SOUTH COAST PLAZA

This 11,000-square-foot eatery opened in 2008 on the ground floor of Bloomingdale’s, serving Palmer’s New American cuisine. A main dining area, a bar and lounge, and two private rooms are available. Natural materials and textures such as reclaimed wine barrels and carpeting that resembles stone slabs on moss make up the decor. (3333 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, 714.352.2525) CHIMAYO AT THE BEACH5

This park overlooks Dana Point Harbor from a grassy bluff. There’s ample lawn space, picnic tables, a basketball court, and a playground. The park holds 250, and an amphitheater holds 100. (25111 Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point, 949.248.3530)

This rustic villa-type restaurant is on the Huntington Beach boardwalk. The semiprivate side patio has water views and seats 50. The main patio has full ocean views and seats 100. Inside, the lower dining room seats 50. The entire restaurant holds 350. (315 Pacific Coast Hwy., Huntington Beach, 714.374.7273)



Below the Ritz-Carlton resort in Dana Point, this long beach is a popular surfing and picnic spot. Groups of as many as 300 are allowed in the park. A separate reservable area holds more than 500. (33333 South Pacific Coast Hwy., Dana Point, 949.923.2280)

This 9,000-square-foot venue takes inspiration from earth and water, as well as Mediterranean and Asian influences—much like the global menu designed by executive chef Christian Felippa. Code seats 188. Smaller events for 50 can take over the champagne room, or groups of 70 can book the dance floor. (4221 Dolphin Striker Way, Newport Beach, 949.660.0888)



This 350-acre reserve features a mountain arbor, two large patios, and a conference room. The park, known for its hiking trails, picnicking, and nature programs, holds 150 for receptions. (2145 North Windes Drive, Orange, 714.973.6620) SHERMAN LIBRARY & GARDENS

This intimate estate started as a nursery and old adobe house. By 1974, the two-plus-acre property opened the library, which organizes and preserves materials pertaining to the history of the Pacific Southwest. Combined, the central patio room and garden seat 250. (2647 East Coast Hwy., Corona del Mar, 949.673.2261)



Established in 1985, this 16,000-square-foot club has a sculpture and water garden with works by Swedish artist Carl Milles, plus six event spaces for as many as 200. The garden court seats 180 or holds 200 for receptions. Two rooms indoors seat 60, the library holds 16, and the gallery, with an Impressionist art collection, holds 12. (650 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, 714.662.3414)



Opened in 1980, this 2,890-seat church has more than 10,000 windows of tempered silver-colored glass. Near the pulpit, two 90-foot doors open for natural light. Events (for nonprofit groups only) take place in the art gallery, which holds 225; the arboretum, which holds 530 for receptions; and a courtyard, which holds 375. (12141 Lewis St., Garden Grove, 714.971.4000)



This edgy tapas-style restaurant in the Camp shopping center has sleek, chic decor and an Asian-Latin-inspired menu, with silly names for the dishes, like “Mi-so Vegan” and “Curry Up and Eat Your Salad.” The dining room and patio seat about 90 combined. (2937 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, 714.751.7099) ANAHEIM WHITE HOUSE

The Anaheim White House occupies a lovely 1909 home with 11 dining areas for groups of 20 to 150. The menu features fresh seafood and specialties influenced by proprietor Bruno Serato’s frequent trips to his hometown of Verona, Italy. (887 South Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, 714.772.1381) NEW ANQI

The An family, owners of the Beverly Hills restaurant Crustacean, opened a new space at South Coast Plaza in December 2009. The gourmet bistro and noodle bar seats 282 or holds 500 for receptions. The dining area measures 8,500 square feet. AnQi also has two private dining rooms. One includes a private bar and has room for 38 for seated events. The other room, known as the chef’s table, seats 21. (3333 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, 714.557.5679) BEACHCOMBER CAFÉ AT CRYSTAL COVE5

This converted cottage has retained its original 1930s beachresort ambience. The restaurant, nearby cottages, and beach are all available for groups, including the 2,100-square-foot promenade, which holds 200; and the cultural center and deck, which holds 150. (15 Crystal Cove, Newport Coast, 949.376.6900)

126 march/april 2010


The Fashion Island location of this chain has the familiar cherrywood accents, leather seating, and a 100-wines-by-the-glass program. Private rooms range from the wine cellar, which seats 54, to the Bourdeaux and Sonoma rooms, which combine to seat 75. (455 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, 949.720.9633) FLIGHT BISTRO & SOCIAL LOUNGE5

This restaurant and lounge features two semiprivate rooms, V.I.P. sections, patios, two dance floors, a DJ booth, and a large projection system. A contemporary American menu incorporates Asian and Italian influences and showcases local and organic ingredients. The space seats 280 or holds 400 for receptions. (8082 Adams Ave., Huntington Beach, 714.374.8300) FRENCH 75 BISTRO

The former Rouge Bistro features stamped-tin ceilings, vintage posters, scrolled iron accents, and original antiques. The semiprivate Rouge Bar seats 25. The private Cannes Room features banquettes and seating for 80. The entire restaurant holds 170. (327 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, 949.640.2700) GREENLEAF GOURMET COOKSHOP

In addition to serving dishes prepared with locally grown vegetables and farm-raised meats, this eatery nods to eco-friendliness right down to the takeout packaging. Tables made from bamboo butcher blocks seat 34, and there is space for eight outside. (9671 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 310.246.0756) HARBORSIDE RESTAURANT

This space inside the Balboa Pavilion overlooks Newport Harbor. The Victorian building was built in 1905 as the terminal for the Pacific Railroad Red Car line. The menu offers steaks and seafood. A ballroom holds 500 for receptions. (400 North Main St., Balboa, 949.673.4633) KANTINA5

This Latin restaurant on Newport Bay has natural woodwork, subtle colors, and floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the water. A winding staircase leads to a loft lounge and patio. Several boat slips are available. Kantina holds 250. (2406 Newport Blvd., Newport Beach, 949.673.1400) LEATHERBY’S CAFÉ ROUGE

This modern American restaurant is in the Segerstrom Concert Hall. The room is minimalist, awash in tans, greens, and blues. Two private rooms overlook the landscaped grounds. One room seats 12, the other 40, and they can be combined. (615 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, 714.429.7640) MARCHE MODERNE5

This modern French bistro in the South Coast Plaza Mall opened in April 2007. The rooftop terrace has wicker furniture, citrus trees, potted herbs, cabanas, and a tall wooden fence for privacy. The dining room is clad in leather and rich fabrics. (3333 Bristol St., Suite 3001, Costa Mesa, 714.434.7900) MASTRO’S OCEAN CLUB5

The group that brought the clubby Mastro’s steak house to Beverly Hills opened this equally clubby, almost Vegas-ish space in 2005. Several dining rooms are outfitted in crisp white linen tables, with oversize leather banquettes; the patio has a fireplace. (8112 East Coast Hwy., Newport Beach, 949.376.6990)


Several areas are available for events, including the Protea Room, which seats 50 and has audiovisual capabilities. The garden seats 50, and the terrace holds 80. (1740 South Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, 949.715.7777) NAPLES RISTORANTE E PIZZERIA

This Downtown Disney restaurant serves Southern Italian classics and thin-crust pizzas in a carnival-inspired environment. Events can include pizza-making parties. The venue holds 124 for receptions. (1550 Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, 714.776.6200) NIRVANA GRILLE5

This eatery opened its second location in March 2008. Chef Lindsay Smith-Rosales created a menu with offerings such as chicken-and-wild-mushroom risotto and grilled filet mignon crusted with blue cheese. For private events, the main dining room holds 100, and an outdoor dining area seats 10. An upstairs patio holds 100. (303 Broadway, Laguna Beach, 949.497.0027) ORANGE HILL RESTAURANT5

This hilltop restaurant offers clear views out to Catalina Island. The Evening Star Room has a private patio and a fireplace and seats 200. The Star Light Room seats 140, and the Fireside Room holds 50. (6410 East Chapman Ave., Orange, 714.997.2910) OYSTERS5

Adjacent to Fashion Island and blocks from the beach, this CalAsian seafood spot features live jazz on the weekends. A glassenclosed garden room seats 45, the covered patio holds 15, the bar holds 35, and the main dining room holds 50. (2515 East Coast Hwy., Corona Del Mar, 949.675.7411) PALM TERRACE RESTAURANT & LOUNGE5

The Island Hotel’s restaurant reopened in June 2009. The new motif is still tropical, with greens, celadon, and bronze hues. A private room seats 24. Chef Bill Bracken, formerly executive chef of the Peninsula Beverly Hills, creates contemporary cuisine. (690 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, 949.760.4920) PANINI GARDEN BISTRO5

This Tuscan-inspired space is part of the Ten Restaurant Group’s 25,000-square-foot complex, which also includes Ten Asian Bistro and Tentation Ultra Lounge. Decorated in earth tones with a trellis-covered patio, its main dining room and patio seat 75. (4647 MacArthur Blvd., Newport Beach, 949.660.1010) PINOT PROVENCE5

This restaurant is at the Westin South Coast Plaza. Its decor is French-inspired, and its cuisine is French-Mediterranean. The entire restaurant seats 135 or holds 300 for receptions. A patio features antique planters and seats 26 or holds 50 for receptions. (686 Anton Blvd., Costa Mesa, 714.444.5900) PIZZERIA ORTICA

This is chef David Myers’s first Orange County restaurant. The venue has a private dining room that seats as many as 36 and holds 50 for receptions. The patios hold 14 each. Myers intended for his first Italian restaurant to evoke the spirit of a traditional Italian neighborhood pizzeria, with aged frescoes and red Tuscan tile floors. (650 Anton Blvd., Costa Mesa, 714.445.4900) RA SUSHI5

A fourth Southern California outpost of this Asian-fusion franchise opened at the District shopping center in 2007. The 4,500-square-foot restaurant features a sushi bar, an 86-seat patio, and a large dining area, bar, and lounge. The decor has a contemporary edge, with red hues, stained woods, and bamboo canopies. (2401 Park Ave., Tustin, 714.566.1700) RENDEZVOUS

This New American bistro is divided into several private rooms with architectural details from the space’s past life as a train depot. The 80-seat main dining room has booths, black leather chairs, and white linens. The 1927 Pullman train car holds 10 in the front and 12 in the back, with four booths in the middle. (26701-B Verdugo St., San Juan Capistrano, 949.496.1006) ROYALL/T

Takaya Goto and Lesley Chi of Goto Design designed this 10,000-square-foot mixed-use space, which opened in April 2008. It features concrete floors, plexiglass walls, and an open floor plan. The café seats 36, and the entire space holds 260. In the café, servers wear Akihabara-style maid uniforms. (8910 Washington Blvd., Culver City, 310.559.6300) SAPPHIRE LAGUNA5

This spot is in the Old Pottery Place, where the landmark Pottery Shack, a community hub and purveyor of art, stood for 60 years. The dining room seats 58, and the terrace seats 42. (1200 South Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, 949.715.9888) SAVANNAH STEAK & CHOP HOUSE5

This contemporary American steak house features a warm, clubby decor with ocean views from the patio. The main dining room seats 100. The private dining room has its own fireplace and holds 60. The side patio features a fire pit and seats 100. The entire restaurant holds 300. (32441 Golden Lantern, Laguna Niguel, 949.493.7107) SAVANNAH SUPPER CLUB & LOUNGE5

Known for its sultry supper-club atmosphere, this French steak house, formerly Chat Noir, features an ultra-lounge with a live DJ. The semiprivate burgundy room seats 40. The Left Bank covered patio has fireplaces and banquettes and seats 90 or holds 120 for receptions. The entire restaurant holds 300. (655 Anton Blvd., Costa Mesa, 714.557.6647) SORRENTO BAR & GRILLE

This two-story rustic villa has high ceilings, a dining balcony, fireside tables, and an exhibition kitchen with counter seating. The Martini Bar draws a late-night crowd. The private wine room seats eight; the entire restaurant holds 100. (370 Glenneyre, Laguna Beach, 949.494.8686)


In the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort, Michael Minaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s New American tavern, designed by Tony Chi, feels like a sophisticated dining room. The private dining room has a ďŹ replace and seats 22. (1 Monarch Beach Resort, Dana Point, 949.234.3318) TANGATA5

This Patina Group restaurant at the Bowers Museum has contemporary decor with glass walls, skylights, and two patios surrounded by the museumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mission-style courtyard. The entire restaurant seats 120 or holds 175 for receptions. (2002 North Main St., Santa Ana, 714.550.0906) TEN ASIAN BISTRO5

This Asian-themed eatery is a part of the Ten Restaurant Groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 25,000-square-foot triplex, also home to Panini Garden Bistro and Tentation Ultra Lounge. Ten has two patios with ďŹ re pits and a working waterfall; the main room seats 150, and each patio holds 50. The three combined spaces in the complex hold 1,000. (4647 MacArthur Blvd., Newport Beach, 949.660.1010) TOKYO TABLE5



Now managed by the city of San Clemente, this beach club opened in 1928; the pool was the site of the 1932 Olympic tryouts. The second-ďŹ&#x201A;oor meeting room has an adjacent terrace overlooking the ocean and holds 175. A ďŹ rst-ďŹ&#x201A;oor room holds 50. The lawns alongside the building are also available for events. (105 West Avenida Pico, San Clemente, 949.361.8264)




This semiprivate club opened in 1924. Clubhouse renovationsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;20,000 square feet were added, including a ballroom and a service corridorâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;were completed in 2006. Only residents and property owners in Palos Verdes Estates can apply for membership, but the clubhouse is open to the public for dining and events. (3301 Via Campesina, Palos Verdes Estates, 310.375.2533)

Botox injections are the most requested procedure at Dr. Lorrie Kleinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Laguna Niguel medi-spa. Other offerings include laser hair therapy. The spa offers a discount for parties of 10 or more, and a sauna and steam room are on site. (30201 Golden Lantern, Suite A, Laguna Niguel, 949.495.4500)


This South Coast Plaza venue has marble detailing and a eucalyptus steam room, an alpine sauna, a saltwater swimming pool and sundeck, and aromatherapy showers. Treatments include a cold-and-warm stone facial massage and nail treatments with lactic acid to provide intense exfoliation for aging extremities. (695 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, 714.850.0050 ext. 130)

After more than two years of refurbishing, two Tom Fazio-designed, 18-hole golf courses overlooking the ocean opened in 2007. The resort includes bungalows and villas, a spa, and a pool. (22651 Pelican Hill Road, South Newport Coast, 949.760.0707)

Dream Dining, parent company of Tokyo Table, opened an Irvine location of the restaurant in September 2008. Its patio holds 18. Dark woods, deep leather booths, and ambient lighting from a large geometric ďŹ xture decorate the space. A wooden screen interwoven with pine, bamboo, and plum tree branches separates the bar. (2710 Alton Pkwy., Irvine, 949.263.0000)


Tortilla Joâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s is a Mexican restaurant in Downtown Disney featuring indoor dining space and terraces that overlook the bustle below. There are more than 100 tequilas on the menu. The entire ďŹ rst ďŹ&#x201A;oor holds 250, and the second ďŹ&#x201A;oor seats 22. (1510 Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, 714.535.5000)

Tom Fazio designed this 300-acre course. The 53,000-squarefoot main clubhouse has both formal and casual dining areas, a small private meeting room, and outdoor areas. (100 Shady Canyon Drive, Irvine, 949.856.7012)

TORTILLA JOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S5


This steak-and-seafood restaurant offers six private dining areas, including the wine cellar, which seats 60. The Sunset Room has ocean views and seats 62. The clubby Alley West holds 60. The entire restaurant seats 200 or holds 250 for receptions. (2100 West Oceanfront, Newport Beach, 949.673.2100) THE WINERY RESTAURANT & WINE BAR5

This restaurant has a 5,000-bottle cellar. The menu has a seasonal, California-wine-country focus, and the chef will create custom tasting menus for the Napa Room, a 24-seat private room that has a ďŹ replace and patio access. The Sonoma Room seats 32. (2647 Park Ave., Tustin, 714.258.7600) ZOVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BISTRO

Zov Karamardian has been serving Mediterranean-inspired fare in this space since 1987. A private room seats 56. Zovâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also has locations in Newport Coast and Irvine. (17440 East 17th St., Tustin, 714.838.8855; 21123 Newport Coast Drive, Newport Coast, 949.760.9687; 3915 Portola Pkwy., Irvine, 714.734.9687)

This private golf and tennis club in Huntington Beach, a quarter mile from the ocean, opened in 1966. The clubhouseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dining room and lounge offer views of the fairways, lake, and coastline and hold 150. A ballroom seats 250. Executive catering packages are available. (6501 Palm Ave., Huntington Beach, 714.536.8866) SHADY CANYON GOLF CLUB5


The clubhouse for this 18-hole public course is known as the Big Red Barn. The country-inspired venue seats 350. For smaller groups, the restaurant and veranda seat 100. A conference room, with a boardroom table and audiovisual amenities, holds 20. (11 Strawberry Farms Road, Irvine, 949.551.2560) TIJERAS CREEK GOLF CLUB5

This 18-hole public course is surrounded by tree-covered hillsides. The Spanish-style clubhouse, with its stone columns and hanging lanterns, seats 120; inside, the main dining room with vaulted beam ceilings seats 80, and the adjacent patio holds 40. (29082 Tijeras Creek, Rancho Santa Margarita, 949.589.7435) TUSTIN RANCH GOLF CLUB5

Open since 1989, this 6,800-yard, 18-hole public golf course features man-made lakes, fountains, and tree-lined fairways. The clubhouse offers ďŹ&#x201A;oor-to-ceiling views of the greens and seats 230. There are several patios and lawns for outdoor events. (12442 Tustin Ranch Road, Tustin, 714.734.2111)

Burke Williams has been a big name in the L.A. spa industry for years, and it has turned into a mini empire, with seven locations in Southern California and two further north. (20 City Blvd., West Bldg. C3, Orange; 27741 Crown Valley Pkwy., Suite 211, Mission Viejo; 866.239.6635 ext. 2764)


SPA GREGORIEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S

Spa Gregorieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s provides an extensive array of Eastern healing services, including an â&#x20AC;&#x153;acu-face-lift.â&#x20AC;? An Orange County Register readersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; poll voted it best day spa in 2005. (200 Newport Center Drive, Suite 100, Newport Beach, 949.644.6672; 22342 El Paseo, Rancho Santa Margarita, 949.858.9455)



Built in 1966, this ballpark and its home teamâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheimâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;have gone through many name changes. After renovations in the â&#x20AC;&#x2122;80s, the venue became a baseball-only stadium, seating 45,257. There are club- and dugout-level suites, a game pavilion, landscaped courtyards, and three restaurants. (2000 Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, 714.940.2425) THE DIAMOND5

This 6,066-seat facility is the home of the Lake Elsinore Storm minor-league baseball team. In addition to ďŹ xed seating, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a grass berm for 2,000. The Diamond Club has a three-tiered terrace with full views of the baseball diamond and holds 175. (500 Diamond Drive, Lake Elsinore, 951.245.4487 ext. 224) HONDA CENTER

This 650,000-square-foot arena formerly known as Arrowhead Pond hosts everything from the circus to the N.H.L.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Anaheim Ducks. The venue seats 17,000 and has 83 luxury suites. With the addition of curtains and custom-designed crystal chandeliers, Honda Center becomes a 7,000-seat theater. (2695 East Katella Ave., Anaheim, 714.704.2400)


This Tuscany-style facility holds 80 for private dinners and wine tastings. It also hosts wine-making eventsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the winery buys grapes from all over the world and shows groups how to make wine, bottle it, design a label, and drink it later. (21064 Bake Pkwy., Suite 100, Lake Forest, 949.297.3656)


The clubhouse of this Nicklaus Design 18-hole golf course features a room that holds 300. The enclosed patio at Jackâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Grill is available for small gatherings. A new 36,000-square-foot clubhouse opened in 2008 and seats 150. A conference center and aquatic facility were recently added. (25002 Golf Drive, Aliso Viejo, 949.598.9200) ANAHEIM HILLS GOLF COURSE5

Set on rolling O.C. terrain, this city-owned, 18-hole public course features a natural spring, oaks and sycamores, and a 30,000-square-foot Mediterranean-inspired clubhouse. The Sycamore Ballroom seats 384 or holds 520 for receptions; it also divides into three. The terrace overlooking the fairways holds 625. (6501 East Nohl Ranch Road, Anaheim Hills, 714.998.3041)

630 Second


630 Second Avenue at 34th Street



Although this course and its 20,000-square-foot clubhouse sit on a former Shell oil ďŹ eld, the views and facilities are pristine. Two salons offer views of the fairway and the waterfall on the 18th green; together they hold 300. The lawn holds 300. There is also a 16-seat boardroom. (17681 Lakeview Ave., Yorba Linda, 714.961.0060 ext. 117) COTO DE CAZA GOLF & RACQUET CLUB5

This private club is in an exclusive gated community pictured on The Real Housewives of Orange County. The property has a 36-hole golf course, 10 tennis courts, and a 45,000-square-foot clubhouse. Near a waterfall, the indoor-outdoor pavilion overlooking the 18th green holds 600. A newly opened 13,000-squarefoot Life Enrichment Center includes a ďŹ tness center and a spa. (25291 Vista del Verde, Coto de Caza, 949.858.4100) DOVE CANYON COUNTRY CLUB5

This Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course and Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired clubhouse sit in a secluded gated community. The clubhouse lounge and ballroom hold 300 for receptions. There are also two adjacent patios and an 80-foot waterfall nearby. (22682 Golf Club Drive, Dove Canyon, 949.858.2800) OLD RANCH COUNTRY CLUB

This Seal Beach country club opened in 1967. The clubhouse has several remodeled rooms, all with views of the golf course, lake, fountains, and mountains. The largest ballroom holds 340; the smallest seats 10. (3901 Lampson Ave., Seal Beach, 562.596.4425)


Ted Kruckel

If you must burden the morning meal with business, follow these rules. When the BizBash editors suggested I write about entertaining at breakfast, I thought I could file my shortest column ever, just one word: Don’t! Does anyone besides me remember the era of “power breakfasts”? The idea was that you got a heavy hitter to meet you at some hotel, preferably with “Regency” in the name, and showed up all spit and polished at 7:30 a.m., ready to work the room. This unfortunate trend really took hold in the late ’80s and didn’t shake until the ’90s, and boy, was it miserable. Putting aside the hassles of getting up extra early, having to look your best before it was scientifically possible, and having to share a meal (and worse, conversation!) when all you wanted to do was grump and read the paper, there was the all-day power-breakfast hangover. This malaise was brought on by too much coffee and an overactive mind, so the whole time you sat there hearing about your colleague’s son’s clarinet lessons (it was bad form to bring up serious business until tons of personal data had been mined, a nod, I suppose, to the idea that you were giving up private time), your mind was racing with obligations and deadlines you could be meeting back at the office, if only you hadn’t scheduled this

godforsaken morning meal. And when you got to your desk, it was just 9 a.m., and your co-workers arrived all bright and cheery and wanting to start the day with their hemming and hawing. Honestly, it felt like quittin’ time would never come. But I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit that not only did I buy into this ridiculous ritual, I tried to capitalize on it with a series of morning events hosted by legendary editor Clay Felker, then of Manhattan, Inc. (Sigh.) He would interview some power broker in front of a crowd, and to make it really onerous, it was my big idea to host each one of these at some mind-blowingly important site, like the top of the World Trade Center or the balcony of Grand Central Terminal. This was before cell phones, so instead of ringing to find out why the sound guys had missed their 5 a.m. call time, I would just pace, smoke, drink coffee, and swear. But sometimes a breakfast event can’t be avoided. If you’re hosting a three-day conference, some people vie to be the breakfast speaker, believing that people pay more attention first thing in the a.m., which is only true of people who have nothing to do in the p.m. Trade shows also sport a lot of egg-based entertaining, busy schedules and all.

1. Buffets were invented with breakfast in mind, I’m almost sure, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have tons of staff on hand to pour coffee and juice, and even proffer seconds of bacon (why not!) at table. 2. Anyone who hosts a breakfast and doesn’t provide newspapers, even if it’s only USA Today, is an infidel, pure and simple. 3. Name tags: Are you serious? Ditto assigned seating.

the only choices are whole milk and half-and-half. Warning: These skim folks can get pretty ornery over this issue. I know—I am one. 8. If you serve both bready (pancakes, French toast) and eggy dishes, eventually, someone will put syrup and eggs on the same plate, which is nearly as gross as morning ketchup. By instructing the waiters to offer side plates when they see this happening, you are helping everybody. 9. If you are going to the expense of an omelet bar, why not have the cooks make fried and over-easy to order as well? And make sure you let people know there is an alternative to the chafing dish of scrambled.

4. Very few people are qualified to speak at breakfast. The morning orator requires one part wit and two parts brevity. If you are not super sure about both, you are risking the start of a very bad day for the whole room.

10. For so many reasons, fully crisp bacon is the only way to go. Also, the giant difference between fresh pepper and pre-ground is made more clear with eggs, yet so many people feel it’s okay to get away with shakers at break5. A lot of people subscribe to the notion fast. Have at least one grinder on hand that there’s nothing like some really for those who know. energetic music, say Bruce Springsteen 11. I’m okay with paper napkins at or Jay-Z, power-pumped into the rafters, breakfast, and in fact often prefer to get a crowd going early in the mornthem. Have some on hand even if ing. These people should not be allowed you’re at a swanky establishment. to plan morning events. 12. R.S.V.P. numbers for breakfast have 6. You may like ketchup with your the greatest margin of error for many eggs. But do you like it enough to risk reasons. Plan carefully for both high offending the whole room, for whom and low turnout. the sight of ketchup in the morning is 13. It’s not very green, I realize, but I … oh, never mind? Just keep the Heinz want coffee to go in a paper cup, not hidden. If someone asks, say the host is allergic. a mug or a cup and saucer, even if I’m staying on property. Little water bottles 7. It amazes me how many establishon the way out are also nifty, and I ments don’t offer skim milk in this day always grab one. and age. If you are a skim milk drinker, 2 ON BIZBASH.COM Bonus breakfast joke! Q. What do the French say at breakfast? percent just doesn’t Ted’s latest event cut it. Worse, often A. One egg is an oeuf! dispatches

Where Ted Likes Breakfast In New York, the Royalton Hotel’s long, dark lobby provides the business breakfast goer time to get his or her act together. Brasserie 44’s calm and cool tables complete the vibe.

128 spring 2010

I always feel like I’m in an I Love Lucy episode when I’m at the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Polo Lounge. Maybe Eve Arden will walk by!


Breakfast of Chumpions

So if for some reason you can’t abide my one-word admonition above, here are a few things I have learned about hosting a special event in the early hours.




NY & LA March/April 2010  

Features: Special Meetings Report The Best Ideas From Big Events The L.A. Venue Report

NY & LA March/April 2010  

Features: Special Meetings Report The Best Ideas From Big Events The L.A. Venue Report