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The BC Export Awards annually pay tribute to the success and innovative approaches of B.C. export companies in a wide range of industries. The awards recognize achievements in 10 different categories and celebrate the contributions exporters have made to the provincial and national economies. The export awards program, which was conceived in 1982, has recognized more than 300 companies since its inception and reflects the growth and diversity of B.C.’s economy over the past 35 years.

Awards Leadership Clean Technology Professional Services Emerging Exporter Manufactured Products Natural Resources Advancing Technology & Innovation Digital Media & Entertainment Consumer Products Exporter of the Year

For more information about the BC Export Awards, please visit biv.com/bc-export-awards



Message from the Honourable Bruce Ralston Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology Exports are critical to the long-term economic success of British Columbia. It’s critical that we continue to diversify our trade portfolio, expand our exports and support B.C. businesses across the province as they compete in the global marketplace. The B.C. Export Awards recognize B.C. exporters for their exceptional achievements in innovation, job creation and contributions to the B.C. economy. The awards are the longest running export awards program in Canada, and span nine different categories, demonstrating the growth and diversity of of B.C.’s economy over the past 30 years. The more we export and expand our trade relationships, the faster we can grow our economy and create good paying jobs for people in B.C. We’re building stronger relationships with Asia and around the world, and we’re advancing this work through trade missions and by using our international trade and investment network. B.C. has about 65 trade and investment representatives based in 17 cities worldwide, connecting B.C. businesses with new markets and trade opportunities overseas and promoting our province as a stable and attractive place to invest. We’re also supporting small business exporters through the Export Navigator program, which provides personalized, step-by step advice so more entrepreneurs in rural regions and Indigenous communities get their goods and services to market. We’re proud of our leading exporters. On behalf of the B.C. government, I congratulate all finalists for their hard work and dedication, which contributes to the economic properity of everybody in B.C. I wish them every success today, and into the future.


Bruce Ralston Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology

On behalf of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), I would like to congratulate all of the 2019 BC Export Awards’ top exporters and to celebrate all of the local businesses selling high quality BC products and services around the world. CME is honoured to partner with Business in Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia, and other sponsors for the BC Export Awards to recognize the contributions that BC-based businesses make to create jobs, support our communities and grow our province’s economy. There are over 13,000 manufacturing establishments in BC generating over $55 billion in sales. There are over 174,300 manufacturing jobs in BC paying above average wages to a total over $11.7 billion. Our province is an export economy and manufacturing is a key contributor that represents 7.1% of BC’s GDP and over 60% of its exports. Nearly 150 years strong and one of Canada’s largest trade associations, CME continues to support industry as it faces both challenge and change. This year, BC exporters are looking at new opportunities in the ever changing global marketplace. CME is working to strengthen the competitiveness or our manufacturers and exporters. We are encouraging governments to find new ways to support the kind of capital investment that will assist our industry to be both clean and competitive. It is not up to just government however. We are also supporting our members through training and other programs that will improve productivity, as well as through focused events which provide the kind of export intelligence that gives them an edge. As the representative of manufacturers & exporters across the country, CME is pleased to support these awards that recognize BC’s significant contribution. I would like to once again thank all sponsors and supporters; and to congratulate this year’s nominees, finalists, and the winners of the 2019 BC Export Awards. Andrew Wynn-Williams Divisional Vice President, BC Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

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The Leadership Award recognizes an individual known for championing the cause of exporting in B.C. within his or her industry or field of expertise.

Zeeshan Hayat CEO and co-founder, Prizm Media

Zeeshan Hayat is CEO and co-founder of Prizm Media Inc., a health-care media and technology company that has helped over 20 million patients across North America connect to its network of health-care partners for cost savings and prescription fulfilment services. Hayat has established a passion-driven team of over 500 people worldwide, who are working towards making an impactful difference in the lives of patients. Through its media reach and proprietary platform RxToMe, Prizm Media has provided patient-centric solutions to improve access to care and treatment adherence, while helping health-care partners grow and scale their business through its predictive, results-driven marketing and patient management services. Hayat is equally passionate about giving back, serving over 170,000 meals to the homeless community in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside as well as providing free health services through his initiative 100 Meals a Week.


EXPORTER OF THE YEAR The Exporter of the Year is selected from the winning firms in all of the other categories. This award honours the “best of the best,” a company that has excelled in export success and significantly contributed to the B.C. economy through economic growth in its community, new investment and job creation.

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To be announced at the Awards Lunch The BC Export Awards recognize the innovative approaches and unique contributions of British Columbia export companies across all sectors and in all regions of the province, as well as the individuals who contribute to their success. Join us November 22nd to celebrate the best and the brightest in British Columbia’s export industry.



British Columbia’s specialists can work with you to take your creative vision, innovation and passion to new frontiers. We help export-ready companies achieve their transformation from local to global businesses, connecting them with programs, services and contacts to deliver international success. Market Advice and Strategy Trade Missions and Events Strategic Connections Trade and Investment Opportunity Guidance Export Development Specialists Overseas Trade Offices

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The Clean Technology Award is presented to a company in B.C. that exports and uses technology and/or a business model that lowers costs while reducing its environmental footprint or waste, and makes more efficient use of natural resources.

Aquatic Informatics

Ballard Power Systems Inc.


Aquatic Informatics provides software solutions that address critical water data management, analytics and compliance challenges for the rapidly growing water industry. Aquatic Informatics is the trusted provider of water management solutions to over 1,000 organizations around the world that collect, manage and process large volumes of water data.

Ballard is recognized as a leader in proton exchange membrane fuel cell development and commercialization. With $1 billion invested in product development over the past 35 years, Ballard has refined the fuel cell design to meet the demanding requirements of clean-energy motive applications. Ballard’s key export markets include China, Europe and North America.

Founded and headquartered in B.C., Clevest exports clean-tech workforce management software that connects the mobile workforce to office operations. Built for water and energy utilities, its innovative solutions optimize any field activity or process, improving outage response, worker productivity and safety, and help utilities reduce their carbon footprint.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES | FINALISTS The Professional Services Award is presented to a company that has provided expert advice, technical support or educational programs to international customers.

Presented by:

ARC Aviation Renewables Corp.

bioLytical Laboratories

Ecosign Mountain Resort Planners

Aviation Renewables is a system integrator focused on renewable power and LED lighting solutions for airports and heliports. As the premier solar-power and LED aviation lighting experts, Aviation Renewables focuses on areas of the world with expensive, unreliable or nonexistent power grids with over 70 countries served to date.

BioLytical Laboratories’ INSTI rapid diagnostic test products, including its unique HIV test, are the world’s fastest testing technology, providing accurate test results in as little as 60 seconds. With worldwide regulatory approvals including U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada, World Health Organization prequalification and CE mark, INSTI’s product line is exported to 68 countries.

Ecosign Mountain Resort Planners is an international planner of four-season resorts and associated development. Ecosign has worked on well over 400 different mountain resort projects in 42 countries and has gained prominence not only in the design of new resorts but also for the redesign and renovation of some of the oldest and most famous resorts.



Legendary Bambi Bucket

Heroic Bulk Aviation Transport Tank

SEI Industries is proud to be nominated in the Manufacturing category for the 2019 BC Export Awards and would like to congratulate all fellow nominees on their achievements. Operating since 1978, SEI manufactures niche products for the helicopter industry, including the legendary Bambi Bucket for extinguishing forest fires and the heroic Bulk Aviation Transport Tank (BATT) for reliable fuel transport.

Sei-ind.com | 604.946.3131 Pantone 158C


EMERGING EXPORTER | FINALISTS The Emerging Exporter Award is presented to a company that has made its initial entry into an export market and achieved notable success. The award acknowledges the company’s ability to overcome obstacles in order to expand its potential markets and grow its business through export. The Emerging Exporter Award goes to a company that has started exporting within the last three years.

Presented by:

Clarius Mobile Health Corp.

Portable Electric

Vitalis Extraction Technology

Clarius Mobile Health produces a hand-held portable ultrasound scanner that doesn’t compromise on image quality. It produces high-resolution ultrasound images that rival those of traditional ultrasound systems. Clarius scanners wirelessly connect to most iOS and Android devices, freeing clinicians of cables and cords. Clarius is currently available in over 50 countries worldwide.

Portable Electric creates power stations that deliver reliable, instant power. The VOLTstack is a battery electric generator with no fumes and no noise. The VOLTstack battery is revolutionizing the way major film and television productions use power with a silent, emissions-free option. Portable Electric is capable of replacing gas or diesel generators, striving to change the way we use power.

Renowned for industry-leading support, reliability and innovation, Vitalis Extraction Technology is a global leader in carbon dioxide extraction solutions. With operations across five continents, Vitalis Extraction has positioned itself to set the standard for quality manufacturing and customer service throughout the industry. Vitalis’ highly acclaimed CO2 extraction systems are a dominant mix of versatility and engineering, built to exceed industry standards for safety and continuous operation.

MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS | FINALISTS The Manufactured Products Award is presented to a company that has built an innovative system or value-added components, machinery or equipment for industrial and commercial use.

Presented by:

CDG Coast Dynamics Group Ltd. (SHOXS)

FPS Food Process Solutions Corp.

SEI Industries Ltd.

CDG Coast Dynamics Group designs and manufactures SHOXS, shock mitigation seating systems designed for extreme use on the water. SHOXS seats are used in all branches of the U.S. military and foreign military units as well as law enforcement and commercial vessels around the world. CDG primarily serves North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific through a global sales force.

FPS Food Process Solutions is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing the most hygienic industrial food freezing and cooling equipment. While providing innovative systems to ensure the highest efficiencies and to meet the most stringent sanitary demands, FPS exports to the U.S., Europe, Australia, Asia and South America.

SEI offers a lineup of over 45 products exported to countries across the globe, with two high-volume products being the Bambi Bucket and the Bulk Aviation Transfer Tank (BATT). The Bambi Bucket is supplied to firefighting agencies in over 110 countries. The BATT is manufactured for remote site operations and offers a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for customers.


NATURAL RESOURCES | FINALISTS The Natural Resources Award is presented to a company that engages in marketing, processing and primary production of natural resources.

Presented by:

Pacific Rim Shellfish Corp.

Paper Excellence Canada

SPF Precut Lumber

Located on Granville Island, Pacific Rim Shellfish offers a range of live Canadian shellfish including crab, geoduck, lobster, oysters, sea urchin, clams and mussels. As a result of having diversified market entry channels, Pacific Rim Shellfish has a strong export presence in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Europe and the U.S.

Paper Excellence Canada (PEC) manufactures high-quality softwood and hardwood pulps that are used to make packaging, papers, tissues, towels and other specialty products. PEC’s Catalyst facilities manufacture superiorquality specialty, printing, writing and packaging papers for retailers, commercial printers, publishers and customers who convert PEC’s products into their own, with over 90% of its products being exported to Asia, Europe and North America.

A remanufacturer and wholesale exporter of Canadian wood products, SPF Precut Lumber annually exports about 150 million board feet of sawn lumber to nearly 20 countries across the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Far East and the Americas. In 2020, SPF Precut Lumber will be celebrating 30 years of Canadian export excellence.

ADVANCING TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION | FINALISTS The Advancing Technology & Innovation Award recognizes a company that has added innovation to its business to achieve success and improve its processes.

Presented by:

Conair Group Inc.

Photon Control Inc.

Zymeworks Inc.

Established in 1969, Conair Group Inc. is the world leader in specialty aircraft operations, delivering a comprehensive range of purpose-engineered, aerial firefighting, multi-role aircraft and services worldwide. Conair manufactures modified RJ85 and Q400MR aircraft for use in aerial firefighting and transporting people/cargo in support of emergency response operations, with operations in Canada, the U.S., France and Australia.

Photon Control designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of optical sensors and systems to measure temperature and position. These products are used by the world’s largest wafer fabrication equipment manufacturers and end-users in the semiconductor and solid-state industries. Photon Control’s highquality products provide industry-leading accuracy, speed and quality in the most extreme conditions.

Zymeworks is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of multi-functional biotherapeutics. Zymeworks has two cancer therapies in clinical trials and nine pharmaceutical partners that license all three of its technology platforms, which have generated over $185 million in payments with almost $8 billion in potential future milestone payments plus royalties for Zymeworks.


DIGITAL MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT | FINALISTS The Digital Media & Entertainment Award is presented to a company that has successfully promoted and exported products and services for the digital media or entertainment industry.

Presented by:

DreamCraft Attractions Ltd.

Koolhaus Games Inc.


DreamCraft Attractions creates high-tech rides and attractions for some of the world’s largest theme parks, using virtual reality, augmented reality and projection mapping technologies. DreamCraft develops and integrates immersive software experiences together with real-time programming of mechanical ride systems, robotics, haptic systems and show sets to create thrilling and immersive attractions.

Koolhaus Games has developed over 65 digital apps and games for a worldwide audience since 2005. Developing both original and work-forhire digital entertainment products, Koolhaus has had six products achieve No. 1 chart status on the U.S. iTunes chart. Koolhaus believes in representing the integration of the four elements of making games: design, code, art and sound.

Monstercat is a new-age record label and music publisher with highly successful business units spanning music, events, licensing and publishing, merchandising, sync and gaming. Monstercat releases a minimum of four records per month globally through all major digital service providers. Monstercat boasts a global community in excess of 10 million fans with major events across North America, Asia and Europe.

CONSUMER PRODUCTS | FINALISTS The Consumer Products Award is presented to a company or organization that specializes in and exports end products for direct-to-consumer or retail markets.

Presented by:

Herbaland Naturals Inc.

Riversong Guitars

V.I.P. Soap Products Ltd.

Herbaland manufactures healthy nutritional gummis, which are sold across the globe under its own brand as well as for private-label consumers. With exports to over 30 countries, including China, the United States, Turkey, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, Herbaland is the largest nutritional gummi manufacturer in the world.

Riversong Guitars has shaken the traditional guitar market that has been relatively unchanged for over 170 years. The patented Riversong neck-through design opens up resonance, playability and ease of adjustment. With guitars found in 30 countries, Riversong is significantly increasing its production capacity, allowing further expansion.

V.I.P. Soap Products carries a wide variety of biodegradable and plant-based products, including laundry products, household cleaners and personal care products. The company has been exporting since 1997 and has shipped thousands of containers to more than seven countries, including China, South Korea, Japan and the United States.



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10:00 am - 12:00 pm Networking Tradeshow

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Gala Awards Luncheon

The Networking Tradeshow, held just prior to luncheon, is your chance to connect with the 2019 finalists and learn more about the companies who made this year’s list.

The BC Export Awards are the province’s most prestigious awards paying tribute to the success and innovative approaches of BC export companies. Extending across industries the awards recognize achievements in 10 different categories and are a celebration of the contributions exporters have made to both the provincial and national economy. Conceived in 1982, the program has recognized over 300 companies since its inception, reflecting the growth and diversity of BC’s economy over the past 35 years.

Visit biv.com/bc-export-awards for more info.

Congratulations to the nominees and finalists at the B.C. Export Awards. It is an honour to sponsor this event celebrating excellence. Peter Willson, Chairman

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Export Awards Issue 1564  

Export Awards Issue 1564