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March 2013


Confessions Of A Clutter Queen

One of our favorite types of clutter. Family. When I grow up I want to be a professional iPhone-ographer. Yep. I flip through my phone and realize I’m saving & cherishing hoarding out of focus, poorly lit images that are completely useless. But I save them... because I HAVE to... because they’re of my BABIES! I keep thinking my children will ask me years from now, “Mommy- why aren’t there any pictures of me when I was ___ years old?” BECAUSE YOU NEVER STOOD STILL! (for even 3.7845 seconds.) Found a super cute article by children’s photographer Erika Fitzgibbon. Here are a few of her tips: Grab That Grin: Fan your little one to bring out a bright smile- babies delight in an unexpected breeze on their face. {Cont. page 2}

Super cute Easter Treat (that isn’t candy!) Goldfish crackers make this ‘carrot’

Finding Easter in Bunnies & Baskets

The Easter story can be confusing to young children. Use the things popular culture associates with Easter today to teach kids about the real meaning of Easter.

At the store we find: •

baskets and eggs as the symbols of Easter, instead of a cross and an empty tomb • a bunny that brings candy instead of a Savior who brings life Bunnies, eggs, baskets and more can become tools that parents use to bring a greater understanding of the message of Easter. With just a little creativity, all these symbols that often replace the real significance of Easter can be the very things that make the holiday full and rich with spiritual meaning.

By Kim Wier {cont on page 2}

Egg banner made from paint chips!

Finding Easter in Bunnies & Baskets {continued from 1} Teach them about Jesus by talking about what a real Easter Bunny is

Use a rabbit picture, a stuffed bunny or even a real one (if you are adventurous) to teach some of the characteristics of Jesus that we should all try to have. By adding a Bible verse to each quality, you will create a true Easter Bunny. Real Easter bunnies: • • • • • • • •

are white as snow because Jesus takes all sin away (Isaiah 1:18b). are gentle, kind-hearted and forgiving (Ephesians 4:32). have big ears that are quick to listen (James 1:19). have big eyes to look carefully and choose what is good (1 Thessalonians 5:21). have no voice for complaining or arguing (Philippians 2:13). are quiet in prayer, but hop with thanksgiving and rejoicing (Philippians 4:4-6). have big feet to go tell others about Jesus so they can be like Easter bunnies, too (Matthew 28: 19-20). eat what is healthy by filling up on God's word every day (Psalm 119:11).

More awesome ideas & the full article can be found @ Focus on the Family:

Confessions Of A Clutter Queen Get Down On Her Level: If I’m shooting a baby smiling on her belly, I do tummy time right across from her so I can focus on her face- closer is better. Give Props: Recently, a client told me that her 6-month-old loves his Sophie giraffe teether, so we planned to make the toy part of the photo. To match the giraffe, the mom dressed him in a cream sweater, and I used a chocolate-brown background. During the session, the baby was so relaxed, he drooled all over his little giraffe and beamed from ear to ear. A few more tips from the web ( on capturing your kiddos... I. Get them involved: One of the things that I find extremely helpful when photographing children is to get them involved in the process. Plunking them exactly where you want them and saying, “now smile naturally” just doesn’t work. No really. I’m serious. It doesn’t. It’s far easier to get a natural picture of a child if you let them explore the setting that you want to have them in and if there’s something of interest to them within the setting of your shot. II. Show them in action: play games, red light green light, tag, etc III. Choose the best location, foreground & backgrounds. IV. Be quick. Seriously. Be super quick. V. Be patient. VI. Focus on the child VII. Bring a helper. (It’s not a bribe- they’re called “incentives”) VIII. Find some more great examples on the web: Pinterest, forums, facebook, etc

MAMA BLOGGER! My husband and my girls are the best. I treasure the times we can be together in our house laughing and having fun! coffee. very strong coffee... Scrapbooking.........I love to create! cleaning and organizing.......most of my friends think I’m crazy for this. I LOVE to clean and organize. Everything from WHO: Scrappy Chic the closets, to drawers, to shelves, to my WHAT: Blog scrapbook supplies! It's a great feeling to look at everything neat, tidy and all WHERE: Stevi Mama in a row! Cooking and gardening.........I WHY: Because she has some fabulous taste & super cute ideas! love to make and grow good, yummy food for my family.


Jennifer Hillman

1) Where were you when you first found out you were going to become a mommy? I was home alone when I took the test, my husband was out on a fire. He came into town and had stopped by the house for something. I told him just before he drove away to go back to the fire. 2) What is your favorite part of being a mom? My favorite part of being a mom is sharing new adventures with my son. He has started to say "it's so exciting" just like I say when we are going to do something new. 3) If you could do anything you wanted today {kidfree} what would you do? GO SKIING! 4) What's your favorite treat to sneak after everyone else is sleeping? Dark Chocolate and a little red wine! 5) What is your favorite children's book? It changes, but right now it is “Where’s My T-R-U-C-K”

1) Where were you when you first found out you were going to become a mommy? At home in my bathroom! 2) What is your favorite part of being a mom? Watching my babies grow and learn 3) If you could do anything you wanted today {kid-free} what would you do? Spa day 4) What's your favorite treat to sneak after everyone else is sleeping? Peppermint Patties 5) What is your favorite children's book? You are My I Love You

Awesome things to do this Cherry Hot Cross Buns

Buns 1 pkg regular dry yeast 3/4 c warm water 2 Tbs granulated sugar 1/2 c softened butter 3/4 tsp cinnamon 1/4 tsp nutmeg 1 1/2 tsp salt 2 eggs 4 c all-purpose flour 1 c dried cherries/berries 1 egg 2 Tbs cold water Powdered Sugar Icing 1 c powdered sugar 1 Tbs milk or water 1/2 tsp vanilla Step 1: In large bowl, dissolve yeast in warm water. Stir in granulated sugar, butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, 2 eggs and 2 cups of the flour. Beat with spoon until smooth. Stir in cherries and enough remaining flour to make dough easy to handle.

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Step 2: ••• Place dough on lightly floured surface; gently roll in flour to coat. Knead about 5 minutes or until smooth and springy. Grease large bowl with shortening. Place dough in bowl, turning dough to grease all sides. Cover; let rise in warm place about 1 1/2 hours or until double in size. (Dough is ready if indentation remains when touched.) Step 3: Grease cookie sheet with shortening or cooking spray. Gently push fist into dough to deflate. Divide dough in half. Divide each half into 8 equal pieces. Shape each piece into a smooth ball. Place about 2 inches apart on cookie sheet. Snip a cross shape in top of each ball with scissors. Cover; let rise in warm place about 40 minutes or until double in size. Step 4: Heat oven to 375°F. In small bowl, slightly beat 1 egg and cold water; brush over tops of buns. Bake 18 to 20 minutes or until golden brown. Step 5: Meanwhile, in small bowl, mix all icing ingredients until smooth and spreadable. Remove buns from cookie sheet to cooling rack. Cool 5 minutes. Frost cross on top of each bun with icing. Serve warm.

Total Time: 3hr Servings 16

Love as if

your life depended on it •••


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BitterrootMOPS Connection March 2013  
BitterrootMOPS Connection March 2013  

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