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You are looking at a special edition BCSD program designed by Chris Piascik {}. In this you will find previews on some of the products available right now at the trade show and the layout to find your favorite companies and start shopping. Every company is going to have amazing deals along with some new releases, so get shopping. Once the trade show starts winding down the doors to the park will open at 3:00PM. Seating inside the park is first come, first serve. So if you want a prime spot in the bleachers or have another spot scoped out, you may want to start waiting in line.

The Bitter Cold Showdown is one of the premiere rollerblading events in the world because of each and every person that attends year after year. For 12 years, the Bitter Cold Showdown has grown bigger and stronger because of all the support from the rollerblading community. It has become a standard within the industry where every major manufacturer is represented at the trade show. It is the spot to unveil new products to the industry. It has become the contest to both attend and win. The Bitter Cold Showdown is unlike any other event because of your support. Thank you. Daniel Kinney Event Founder & Organizer

Photo: Jeremy Stephenson

ONE x BCSD XII / Interview by Ben Rogers / Edited by Justin Eisinger

The youth has always been vital in rollerblading. As much as old heads wish that they were the ones directing skating with a guiding hand, it is always the youth that invigorates us and pushes us in new directions. The owners of the Youth Co.—Jon Julio, Chris Haffey, and Chris Farmer—aren’t exactly youthful anymore. They have been involved in the rollerblading world since VHS tapes were the main method of dispersing our culture to the community. While many in Julio’s generation faded away from rollerblading, he stayed, and now as my generation begins to get to that age, Farmer and Haffey, two icons of the era, have joined with Julio to provide a company for the youth. We asked them some questions about the new company and their views about the youth in skating today. — Ben Rogers

Tell us about the Youth Co. What were your motivations for starting another frame company? Who came up with the name and why was it chosen; what does it mean to you?

You could say our first frame is a cluster fuck of all the past frames we’ve all bladed, but I don’t ever want to have another frame under my feet, until our next model.

Chris Farmer (CF): The blade game deserves a frame company that provides everything you need, and nothing you don’t. JJ came up with the name, and I would relate the name to song lyrics. Take what you want from it, plenty of meanings.

CH: I didn’t necessarily think there was much lacking in terms of technology, but I just felt like a lot of frame companies got comfortable just selling frames and stopped focusing on the image of the company or the team. I feel like we are going to bring a very solid product to the market, as well as be a company that you want to support based on the image and team.

Chris Haffey (CH): I think both Jon and Chris covered pretty well what the Youth Co. is. My motivations were pretty similar, in that I wasn’t happy in my current situation and was really pumped to work on a bigger project with Julio. As for the name, I think it has a lot of meanings, but to me I think it’s redefining what “youth” means in blading. In the past it was pretty rare to see pros continue blading much past 25. I think a lot of pros nowadays are getting a lot smarter about taking care of themselves off of skates to make it possible to stay on skates competitively longer, or at least skating in ways that are more sustainable. I think Julio, Farmer, and myself are all pretty good examples of that concept and therefore fit pretty well into the new definition of “youth” in blading.

JJ: Let’s be honest, we aren’t re-inventing the wheel here. Plain and simple, all three of us came together and said “let’s design something we all want to ride.” Between the three of us we came up with the “Airliner” frame. A frame that is simple, solid, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Who all will be riding for the Youth? There must be some new faces involved in a company called the Youth. Tell me about them. CF: JJ, Chris, and myself on the pro team, Jacuzzi on the Am team.  They’ll be additions soon enough… CH: I think this one’s covered!

Jon Julio (JJ): It was just a matter of time before we worked on a frame company. Time, money and the right people working together has fallen into place.

JJ: Myself, Farmer, Haffey and ‘Cuzzi. Mike Mcmullen is the brand designer. We are gonna add a new pro very soon.

The name spawned from a simple image that I saw on an art blog. It was a black and white photo with a bunch of kids running forward. There was text over the image that said “the Youth is changing.”

The youth has always invigorated us and pushed us in new directions. Where do you all see the youth of today taking skating?

Haffey and I were psyched on the name Youth and the black and white photo. We tossed ideas back and forth for days. For me the name clicks and makes sense—past, present, and future.

CF: Seemed like there were years when there weren’t young bladers around, but it seems like things have been changing as of recent. The young bucks are the future; our legs are bound to fall off at some point.

The Youth Co. is a start of a new era for me and it’s been great to finally work on such a big project with Farmer and Haffey.

CH: I have no idea and that’s what’s exciting about it to me. I am sure a lot of people didn’t see skating going the direction it did, or think it would be where it is now. I am just pumped to sit back and watch where the youth takes it!

Tell us about the frames. All three of you have skated for the most respected frame companies in skating’s history. What did you all feel was lacking in the frames currently on the market? What makes your frames different than what is already out there?

JJ: Andrew Jacuzzi.

CF: Give me a product and I’ll destroy it. If it can withstand days, if not hours, the shit is solid. We all believe that the total package is missing in the frame department; we plan on changing that.

What do you see them doing that our generations were never able to do or doing a lot better than our generations? What do you see them doing worse?

JJ: Youth is our brand and we will continue to work hard to make it live up to our own standards.

CF: All I know is that I never gave up on blading, and I hope others feel the same way.

What else can we expect to see in 2012 from the Youth Co.?

CH: Not really sure. I think comparing generations is a hard thing to do. I think that’s why you can never truly compare Kobe and MJ. They are both the best of their time. All the surrounding circumstances are so different that it completely changes what generations have the ability to do.

CF: Quality.

JJ: I think we all keep doing what we are doing. All generations need to keep blading and working on projects that continue to push blading and inspire. These things keep blading solid. Stay away from the bullshit and work on what you are most passionate for. When Chris Farmer left Create Originals he put out a statement praising the company for how they operated and how they treated their riders with respect. Being treated fairly by companies has always been an issue in rollerblading. What will the Youth Co. be doing to strengthen the relationships with their riders and help them improve their lives? CF: The Pres knows how to run things, plain and simple. Very fortunate and grateful that I was offered the opportunity to be a part of this project. CH: Like Farmer said “the Pres knows how to run things plain and simple.” 

CH: I hear we got some hover frames in the works. I mean, it is 2012. We are now living in “the future.” Expect to see flying cars and hover frames very soon. JJ: Establishing The Youth Co. in 2012 and then keep creating high quality products. A lot of work to do! To all 3 of you… predictions for Bitter Cold?   CF: Mitchell Goosen. CH: I predict that at least one hotel’s fire alarm gets pulled, the cops will get called to the Red Roof Inn at least four times, and karaoke at Bar Bar is going to go hard as usual.  Oh shit, did you mean for the contest?  JJ: We all win. Blading always wins. 

By Daniel Kinney & Noah Zipser

Witchcraft T-Shirt - $20

Kaspa, Psyko, - Booth #24 Kaspa has been quietly producing some of the most intricate, compelling and groundbreaking artwork that any rollerblader has had on their chest since 1996. Spearheaded by the artist and blader Jeremy Beightol, Kaspa largely focuses on simple black t-shirts as the canvas for their designs. Rarely will you find any other products in their catalog. Their artwork is often dark, macabre and undeniably attention getting. Many may also be familiar with Beightol’s work on products from 4X4, Psyko Clothing and Intuition Skate Shop. Their newest offering is the Witchcraft t-shirt that features a blonde haired woman splattered with blood adorning the carcass of a demonic wolf. Although the image is initially shocking, upon a closer look the crosses that adorn her neck, hands and arms along with the intricate distribution of flowers and the color temperature of the background suggest that it is all part of one beautiful sunset ritual. Whether that ritual is for good or evil is completely up to the owner of the t-shirt. Pick one up and decide for yourself at the Kaspa booth that will be shared by Psyko Clothing and

Bulletprufe Jeans - $40.00 - $55.00 Bulletprufe Skate Denim - Booth #6 If there is one single product that is as essential to every rollerblader as the blades, frames and wheels that are underneath their feet, it is jeans. Everybody likes adding some character to a pair of jeans with some wear and tear but no one likes a full on blowout. That’s where a pair of jeans made by a company called Bulletprufe may come in handy. Bulletprufe Skate Denim was first introduced to the rollerblading scene at the 2011 event and now they are back claiming to have what is the world’s most durable and comfortable skate denim; a promise that is well worth investigating. Head on over to the Bulletprufe booth to see for yourself.

TS Grade Pro Jeff Stockwell Bearings - $36 ThemGoods - Booth #11

No other blader is potentially known more for the rolling he does in between tricks than Jeff Stockwell. Whether it’s a pool, bowl, skate park or the streets of California, he cruises with a level of speed and flow that is unlike any other. If there is any rollerblader in the world that would be the absolute poster-child for bearings it is Jeff Stockwell. So naturally, his is the first name to endorse ThemGoods newly formed TS Grade bearings. The TS Grade shares the same bearing tolerances as Swiss bearings, the highest bearing class which provides better precision, efficiency and greater speed capabilities. At a price much less than its Swiss comparison the TS Grade sets a new industry standard for the tolerance and price of ball bearings. Do yourself a favor and head over to the ThemGoods booth to give your dirty, rusty, squeaky, winter-worn bearings a much-needed upgrade.

Unlock Ball Chain Necklace - $30 Trust - Booth #13

Trust introduced itself to rollerblading as a liner company at the 2010 Bitter Cold Showdown with Erik Bailey & Jeff Stockwell rocking brand t-shirts during the contest. Since then, it has actually been some of Trust’s accessories and soft goods that have made some of the biggest impressions at the trade show. In 2011, the Trust crew-neck and iPhone case were both very popular items. Now, for 2012, Trust has another great product that will surely be hanging around the necks of many. The Trust Unlock ball chain necklace is hand crafted and cast out of steel for that high quality heavyweight feel. The pendant is approximately 3” long, polished by hand, and flawlessly assembled with custom 28” ball chains complete with lobster clasps. Available in polished stainless steel and black. Head on over to the Trust booth to pick one up and check out the rest of their Spring 2012 line.

Old Tymer Reversible Hooded Sweatshirt - $40 Con.Artist Brand - Booth #17 Dan Fabiano has been producing “must have” trade show products since the very beginning of the Bitter Cold Showdown. Whether it’s beanies, hats, sweatshirts or jeans, Con.Artist always has the products that will keep you warm during the harsh Midwest winter. The Old Tymer hooded sweatshirt not only has a Con.Artist style crest logo on the right chest along with an intricate back print, it is also reversible. So wear it one day in black and the next in grey/ black stripped and no one will ever know. Plus the tagless neck print will allow the scheme to be even stealthier. Check out the Old Tymer reversible hooded sweatshirt at the Con.Artist booth along with the newly released Montguffery v.3 stretch fit denim jeans. Support those that have supported BCSD from the very beginning.

Razors SL UHMW Soul Plate $24.00 left or right ($48 per set) Sixwonsix - Booth #22

It’s fair to say that if you have bladed at any point between the nineties and now, you’re familiar with Sixwonsix. Sixwonsix is now offering aftermarket soul plates to increase the longevity and performance of your Razors SL blades. Minor downfalls associated with the stock Razors soul plates are the issues of chipping and cracking. Made out of virgin, black UHMW, the Sixwonsix system eliminates that. They’re rigid, sturdy and very reminiscent of the Night plates with their rugged look. The attention to detail on the grinding surface is on point with the addition of speed dimples, recessed bolts and Sixwonsix logo. These dimples reduce surface area and resistance on grinds to create a solid, fast and durable feel. Break-in time should be no longer than a few street or ledge sessions. Right off the bat, they slid fast and were barely affected by the gritty spots I went to. Another plus is that they will be available as right and left sets so you can buy what you need, as you need it. Some may not like the aftermarket look, but the bottom line is that it’s nice to have options. Stop by the Sixwonsix booth and check them out. Owner Mark Vanderboegh will also be available to answer any questions that you may have about them.

Jon Robinson Legend Wheel - $15 Scribe Industries - Booth #17

Although Scribe Industries, may be a new name to many rollerbladers, they are actually one of the oldest brands in rollerblading. Started in 1992 by Steve Thomas and Shannon Grendahl from Minneapolis, Minnesota, they developed many of the early technologies, including grind plates and anti-rockers, that helped make grinding a much larger part of rollerblading. After disappearing in 1997, Dan Fabiano decided to revive the brand in 2009. The Jon Robinson legend wheel honors one of Scribe’s original pro riders with a 58mm, hard wheel made from black urethane with a contrasting white core. It features the Scribe logo on one side and the phrase “Legends Never Die” on the other honoring the fact that Jon Robinson can still be found regularly shredding the parks of Minnesota. Although Jon may no longer be in the spotlight, this wheel honors the contributions he has made to the brand and rollerblading. Stop by the Scribe Industries booth to find out more about their history and check out all the products in their Spring 2012 line.

Billy O’Neill Pro Wheel - $20

Street Artist - Booth #14 Although Billy O’Neill has been plagued by a series of injuries over the past few years it is hard to argue the fact that when he is healthy he is one of the most exciting bladers in the world. Billy has a confidence on blades that only comes from growing up in the street skating capital of the world; New York City. As a tribute to the city that has given him so much, Billy organized the first NYC Street Invitational in 2011. The event brought rollerbladers from all over the world to Brooklyn for one of the most unique real street events since IMYTA. Many forget that Billy also walked away with the Bitter Cold Showdown title in 2005 at Vertigo Skate Park. If all of that is not enough to make you a fan of Billy O’Neill and want to pick up a set of his 58mm 88a Street Artist wheels. You may also want to head over to the Vibralux / Street Artist booth to pick up a copy of “Pariah” along with tickets to the premiere. Only 475 seats are available so act fast.

BCSD XII T-Shirt - $20 Print Brigade - Booth #19

The BCSD X Print Brigade t-shirt marks the seventh Bitter Cold Showdown inspired t-shirt available exclusively at the event. Chris Piascik, one half of the Print Brigade team and acclaimed illustrator, designed the shirt in his unique “hand drawn” style. Only 50 limited edition black t-shirts are available to commemorate the event. That means, if you are reading this far, they might already be sold out. So get to the Print Brigade booth right now to own a piece of BCSD history.







Saturday, February 26 Doors open 11:45PM Premiere 12:15AM Main Art Theatre 118 North Main Street Royal Oak, MI 48067

$20 for DVD + Ticket No single tickets sold 475 tickets available exclusively at the Vibralux Booth #14




BCSD XII Program