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Kronos Best of Vintage Keys 1-4 Sample Libraries with Program Presets Banks for Korg Kronos. The Best of Vintage Keys series provides the essence of no less than 28 real legends which wrote music history. All sounds were programmed on the original instruments and then carefully sampled for finest sound quality. This handpicked selection offers the typical sounds these instruments are famous for. And a decent Controller Assignment system allows a true rendition of the original performance control. Packed in the 4 titles “Best of Vintage Keys 1-4�, each with the focus on 7 instruments. Available separately and as complete bundle. Sophisticated Controller programming for Control Knobs 1-8, S1 and S2 switches, Ribbon, Joystick Each Program Preset provides the sound with standard Controller assignment which is the same for the most Program Presets, plus a ready-to-use Drum Pattern and one KARMA setting. Program Preset bank: location User-GG.

Best of Vintage Keys 1 Featured instruments: - Yamaha CS80 - Oberheim Matrix 12 - Mellotron

Kronos: Best of Vintage Keys 1 to 4 content  
Kronos: Best of Vintage Keys 1 to 4 content