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Heliosphere Sample Library and Presets Bank for NI Kontakt sampleplayer and compatibles. This is the new flagship in the pad sound library category. Wide atmospherical scenes, plain pads, subtile modulations, moody lead lines. This sound library for NI Kontakt provides over 100 different instrument multisamples and one-shot samples for over 200 Programs and 100 Multi Instruments (layers) with a total amount of over 3.5 GB. Bank 1 Programs and Multis are mainly plain and straight sounds, Bank 2 are further shaped, i.e. with Filter, while both Bank 3 provide sounds with effects programming and huge Stacks (Multis).

Sample instruments content Programs Bank 1

20th Century Fox AbuElSharib AGuitar Vox Layer Aida Amazing Breath AnaDigiChoir Aurora Lights BabylonChoir Backstage BaliAgMandala Bellistic Big Breath BigStringPad Rs BL Stack BluePlanet Bright AnaStrings Brite Sphere Carpet in the Cave Chord Synth 1 Crumar Space Strings DecemberDreams DigiHiPass DigiVox Synth DreamerLyr Dreamsequence Echocave Lead EGrandStrings ElectroJungle EP Ohs L EPPadLyr EventHorizon Exodus Fat Blade FatSyBrass Stack Finale Flyer Pad FM Morph Pad Future ToyVoice GhostyVox GigaPlucker Heartrendering Heavy Rise HighVios Hybrid Synth IceHarp In the Air JaVox JayDay JD Type JP Strings Long Distance Call Love Hours MoWhy MPY PWMSC MS20 FattyPad MultiColor Chug Nylon Oohs P6 Strings

PadEcho Phasetronic PPluc Protonic Pulsar Pure Silver Romans coming SC Crystal Lyr SC Dark Pad ShadeRunner Silk Satin Space Lead SpaceRock Lead Sphinks Starfloe Sun Interval SW Bamboo SyncWaterfall SynOverture SynStringy The Tunnel TheBells Trekkisphere VangeLead Vivaldian VocRev 10 VocRev 18 VocRev 28 VocRev 35 VocRev 43 VocRev 50 VocRev 9 VoxPad VoxyLayer WellTunedSynth Wind Orchestra Woody Z1 BrassStrings Z1 ChorusPadOct Z1 DreamStrings Z1 GardenBellPad Z1 LunarDust Z1 MorphingVox Z1 Orchestra Z1 TheFilmStrings ZFX AirCompressor ZFX Airplane 1 ZFX Airplane 2 ZFX Beach ZFX Bicycle Bells and Noise ZFX Billiard Hall 2 ZFX Billiard Hall 3 ZFX Birdcage ZFX Bizarre Airlife ZFX Broken Mirror ZFX Bulldozer ZFX Car Wash ZFX Center Earth 2


Center Earth City Traffic 2 Conclusion Crickets Darkworld Docs Laboratory EchoPercuss Engine Fade Away Accent Flyby Noise Hitchs BirdScene Jurassical Mirage Mothership Interieur Powerplant SloMo Stalactite Unknown Signals Zee Scene 1

Bank 2 20th Century Fox soft 70s Stringer AbuElSharib soft Echo Chord Pad Cute Voice Dreamsequence 2 Dualist EchoMallets Emo Violins Far Away Voices Females Flimmering Pad GhostyVox 2 Harmonic Waves Heavenly StringPad Ice Area JayDay 2 JD Type soft Jewel Pad JP Strings soft Liquid Planet Lowland Choir Male Choir soft Mars Chronicles Monsoon MPY PWMSC 2 MS20 SoftPad Mutator Perfect Space Plain Paddist PrettyLead Pulsar Vox Pure Silver Pad RadioStrings Rotary Pad Sailor

Sample and Holds Schulze Smart Sympathetics Smooth Strings Soft String Resonance B Soft String Resonance SoftBrassy Pad SynPlucks SynVoices Tangerines Tears in the Eyes Thrill Strings TronLand Underworld Scene VioLead Watering WetPad Wonderland

Bank 3 70s SciFi Cat Type CS alike EbbTide Vios Finale 3 Full Zipperness Haunted Intimus JayDay FX Pure Glitzer Sparklings Stage Movement Thinest Vowelizer Washy

Multi Instruments (layer) Bank 1 AnaStrings Octave Arcona Pad Auroranean Babylon Times Beauty Breathy Bells Chord Moog Crimes DigiPad Endless Highlands EP on the Fly FilmString 1

Flimmering Desert Ghosty Plucks Holywoud Hymn Impressario Indiana Johnny Love Moments Mars Journey Mister Incredible Monumental Intro Moodsizer Moody Morphing Toys Movie Scene 1 New Worlds Night Crawlers Pathetic Orchestra Phasor Pompoes Save the Planet Sea at Night Sentimentaler Shadowmaker Shady Lead Soft Layer Song Intro 1 Star Collider Storyteller String a Pad Super Releaser Suspense Scene The great Aida Tribute VangeLeadPad Z in Motion

Bank 2 Accent LayerLead Ancient Pyramid AutoTalker Balladeer Bassics Breathy Layer Interval Drifter Ending Event Horizon Voices Evolver Choir Excellentor Lead Females Interval Fine Rotator Heaven on Earth HelioGen VoxPad Infinitist Intimes Island Voices Jewel Octave

LeadLiner Male Choir 2 Mallets on Acid Megalithicon Mister Edelstein Movie Intro Octaver Dreams PowerTronic Scene Rainbow Layer Release Stringer Soft Landing Place Songmaker Strings Soundtrack Strange Dreams SuperHarmony ThickStringer Tricky Lead Ultra BrassVox Vangelian 2 VioLead Release Water Sharin Bank 3 3VoxStack Accident Close Eyes Dark City December Dreamer EventStack Extremeties GraceLead Machomizer Metropolis 2070 Moviemaker Paramountains PercoBirds PowerSource SuperChord Tales from Satin

Produced by Klaus P. Rausch for Back In Time Records. Unauthorized copying prohibited, all rights reserved 2014. Contact: Sample library for NI Kontakt and compatibles. Content changes may occur without notice. Current version 1.0, released April 17, 2014.

Heliosphere content format ni kontakt  
Heliosphere content format ni kontakt